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Monday, 30 May 2005


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Arrey Austine

I am sad and disappointed to hear that much praises were given to Dorothy Njeuma by Anoma Ngu and others despite the fact that the University is in such a mess. It is also rediculous to hear from Ma Njeuma that no lecturer has added any beauty to the University of Buea. That aspect on the part of Dorothy Njeuma shows the highest arrogancy from one holding such good office.

How does she think those of hierachy could be respected when her attitude represents rudeness and disrespect for subordinates.I will want Dorothy Njuema to know that respect is reciprocal and not one way.

I have also come to realized that no matter how mad we are, the system has a few people they trust and the wishes of many is not taken into consideration. Dorothy
Njeuma,s action and choice of words at the meeting should have been a confirmation to the pro chancellor, and the Minister of Higher Education to politely asked her to resign. Supporting and encouraging her actions is a mistake thereby making the weak to become weaker and the strong to become stronger. What country in the name of Cameroon

Austine arrey( Ossing]


"In response to Dr. Anyi, the Vice Chancellor said there are some people in the University who could go to the extent of killing others because of posts. According to her, to have a position, one must be hard working and respectful to hierarchy before one is proposed."

Please readers help me read something into or out of this statement.


These jokers (Anomah Ngu, Njeuma, Fame Ndongo) are living in another world, circa 1870. Patronising and threatening university lecturers and students in the way they do, makes you wonder whether they are trying to run a kindergarten, rather than a university (in the real sense of the word). If this is the blind acceptance of "authority" that passes for a university, which should encourage critical thought, is it any wonder we live in a dictatorship?

This whole University of Buea crisis is very, very, sad, because it has revealed how downtrodden and browbeaten the staff and students of this institution (probably a better word for the place than a university) are. To call this gulag a university gives real universities all over the world a bad name.

For these politicians to come and patronise the lecturers...the cheek of them! Who teaches the students, the raison d'etre of the institution, if not the lecturers? I would have thought they are the ones doing the most important job in the place!


Dear Prof Anomah Ngu,
U are a role model to many and generations to come but if u would say, "Most of them(students of UB) have not been well brought up and trained", candidly, i am not at ease with that statement for it doesn't befit u. No, not Prof! I personnaly think there could be a benign euphemism. All the name, i still hold u with unparallelled esteem and u still remain my icon. God be with u.

paolo rossi

njeuma dorothy have been minister, have been there
for pver 3o years in government, it ponders me. do people not retire at a certain age?else where in the
world there is an age and term on any post in gonernment
how came these old outdated useless brains still think they are usefull in this age. they should retire and let their children of new generation fix things the
modern way they world is run, the anglosaxon way.


It's rather shameful to hear the so-called professor ANOMAH NGU voice out that most of the students of UB are from poor homes hence not well trained. I really wonder what goes wrong with some of our intellectuals at times.NGU, we don't just talk because god gave us mouths.I believe one's choice of words especially in public should be highly considered.What about guys from wealthy homes who indulge in malpractices like theft??????? Ngu, if you are addicted to drugs, better watch your tongue.Your statement is a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!

elali effoe

The statement from Anomah Ngu is worthy of someone like him. So poor people can no longer bring up their kids rightly ? Njeuma should know better.You need to make adjustments all the time. She claims it is all those who respect the hierachy who get promoted.Thus she surrounds herself with 'YES MEN AND WOMEN' which means she will never get the a clear picture of what is happening at the various deparments.We all know what happens when you make someone too powerful in Cameroon, they catch the MENDO ZE fever. It is time she realises that not everyone who wants change is a rebel. The teachers bring up leaders of tomorrow and you can not underestimate their contributions. Dr. Herbert Nganjo Endeley at the start of the strike mentioned that people pay 20,000,000 million in American Universities.Thus 50,000 should not be a problem. I think he got it all wrong. Cameroon is not America. A statement like that proves that the person is not living with the Cameroonian reality.I thibk I will have to applaud the government for trying to make payments on two installments of 25,000. It took Fame Ndongo and Mbella Moki to end this strike. But Njeuma and T.E Mbonda are still there. Will the Ministers willingness to listen to the students be followed by Njuema's openess towards the students. After all she works for them.

Samuel Batumbu

It is a shame to see Dorothy Njeuma address the university lecturers in that manner. Those guys are really sacrificing with their meigre salary. If somebody studies up to PHD and work under such circumstances what do you want him or her to do again before you know they are contributing to build the university.When i read scientific journals over the internet i see the works of people like Samuel Wanji under research in onchocerciasis and i really feel proud of my lecturers. They are trying their best eventhough the government is not encouraging scientific research yet a Dr turned politician and so called vice chancellor can not appreciate the fact. Even if njeuma and co are working hard but they are stealing harder. Where is our 8000 frs caution fees you stold from students in 1995-96 academic year. My poor mami e moni go rotten for your belle. Thief woman.


"THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY". That sounds like a phrase lifted from a book or speech and stated without pondering over it. How can objection to Njeuma´s Command-and-Control be termed lack of respect? And why do we talk of "Constituted Authority" in an academic circle? That kind of power belongs in politics. The problem is that the administration in UB has been ´politicised´. Politicians dont belong in academic circles. They always tend to use political power in administration. The amazing thing in all this is that all those top individuals in the "self-constituted authority" studied in universities abroad, where power belongs to everyone and to no one. They learned everything, except that.


Is Prof. Ngu himself from a wealthy home? Poverty or wealth does not determine how one behaves in society. The student's strike in Buea went out of hand bc of poor crisis management by the UB and SW administration. The earlier the prof. retires as Pro-Chancellor and conventrate on his medical research the better for him. This is really a disgrace from someone who constantly propagate the philosophy of 'moral rearmament', nay, moral disempowerment.


Is Prof. Ngu himself from a wealthy home? Poverty or wealth does not determine how one behaves in society. The student's strike in Buea went out of hand bc of poor crisis management by the UB and SW administration. The earlier the prof. retires as Pro-Chancellor and conventrate on his medical research the better for him. This is really a disgrace from someone who constantly propagate the philosophy of 'moral rearmament', nay, moral disempowerment.


Is Prof. Ngu himself from a wealthy home? Poverty or wealth does not determine how one behaves in society. The student's strike in Buea went out of hand bc of poor crisis management by the UB and SW administration. The earlier the prof. retires as Pro-Chancellor and conventrate on his medical research the better for him. This is really a disgrace from someone who constantly propagate the philosophy of 'moral rearmament', nay, moral disempowerment.

Emmanuel F.C.

Duress is no substitute for truce.
The inability to manage the problem in Buea is a perfect reflection of a tainted leadership system.
"He who breaks pays". Let this saying go to all in authority in this country, especially to the leader, Mr. Biya. I wonder if he is conscious of these happenings.
All efforts of solving this problem will be futile unless primary defaulters are identified and alienated.


l think that professor Anoma Ngu is very right when he says that most students from UB lack proper upbringing. The poor sense of judgement of some of my colleagues is alarming and l personally fear for the Cameroon of tomorrow with such a poor mentality from students. l do not personally think that poverty has as much to do with it as an inability to be groomed and to have respect for the truth. lets face it our country is being crippled by corruption.What is the UB community really trying to camouflage? Why can they not accept the truth of the pace setting leadership that Dr. Njuema has provided UB making it the place to be? You may not like this truth but you cannot contest it because it is Known world wide and Dr. Njuema was well known as a pace setter way back in her student days before she ever held public office in Cameroon. The British and the Americans will be the fiest to tell you that the lady is a born pioneer having been the first Female from Amglophone Cameroon to graduate with a PHD from a British institution of higher learning and having been the only female to have featured among the top ten African Graduates of the ASPAU Programme when she graduated from Brown University in 1966. She is naturally intelligent and has proved her dedication to the pursuit of excellence.
like it or not Njeuma has left her foot prints in the sands of time with UB being one of her hallmarks. Do many Cameroonians know that this great lady was made a Vice Minister of National Education at the tender age of 28 and has been a house hold icon for education ever since then? How many UB students will be ready to hold such a postion at that age and with such tenacity and efficacy.
Since the Minister of Higher Eduaction and Mbella Moki are motivating the students with money instead of a realistic handling of the issues, UB had better watch out that the credentials of the next VC are not culled from the alter of "bribery and corruption".
Bravo Dr. Njeuma, bravo for a job well done. A time will come when the credentials of UB students will be judged by your era in the institution. God will always continue to bless you richly for your dedication to hard work and your personal integrity.


Thunder fire you Noela,
who told you that Prof Anomah Ngu must always be right? This is not a test on HIV aids.Is he himself of good manners when he argues that he will leave when madam leaves. Was his appointment tied to madams in anyway. Besides he is too old to figure out complicated matters like these. The students now look like the mokeys he uses in testing his aids virus.
Dam shit.My parents brought me up well thats why i have the courage to stand up and say no.
Everyman earns his respect and no one said such is not irreversable.Go tell it to the post.hahahahahaah mein Gott


wona want make Prof Ngu bite de fingers dat feed him?!

Haba Contri pipul!

Most of his HIV patients (customers) are ministers and important people in the gov't. and na gov't de pay dia bills. the pakage is huge mehn... he is angry because the poor can now obtain anti retroviral drugs for themselves at reasonable prices! How poor pipul no go be badly brought up?!

Prof, i no blame you! chop for ya sabi.

Oliver Tayu

The Buea crisis is very sad indeed.We need some one to whip out the entire Paul Biya `s regime plus the axillary offices like those of Dorothy.She is a disgrace to academic corps.


Hey Neola, if u dont have something better to say, shut off ur dirty mouth. what do mean by all the acheivements of njeuma at early age? do u think if given also the chances she got, many cameroonians wont be able to do something better than that? its due time njeuma leaves regardless of what she has done. u call her an intellectual but she wasnt able to handle the strike issue. this shows somehow her cowardness to identifying and solving the problems facing the university. its high time she leaves and if the so-called pro chancellor wanna follow, fine for they are not the only ones who are qualified. by the way, they were only politically hand-picked by the almighty in yaounde.
to hell with njeuma. let her allow UB to be itself rather than her possesion. long live UB, its students and the lecturers


Hey Neola, if u dont have something better to say, shut off ur dirty mouth. what do mean by all the acheivements of njeuma at early age? do u think if given also the chances she got, many cameroonians wont be able to do something better than that? its due time njeuma leaves regardless of what she has done. u call her an intellectual but she wasnt able to handle the strike issue. this shows somehow her cowardness to identifying and solving the problems facing the university. its high time she leaves and if the so-called pro chancellor wanna follow, fine for they are not the only ones who are qualified. by the way, they were only politically hand-picked by the almighty in yaounde.
am sure u will definitely bring up ur kids in an obscure manner by simply looking at the way u think and write. may God save the poor kids before they are born
to hell with njeuma. let her allow UB to be itself rather than her possesion. long live UB, its students and the lecturers


I don't know if there are any terms and conditions for posting comments on this site or are people allowed to let off all their steam ? If so then permit me to fire on...

To Njeuma, regardless of what you have done, be aware that its takes stormy times like these to completely obliterate those precious footprints you have made in the sands of time to make way for others. As painfull as it may seem to you this was the ultimate test and you failed woefully. No one forgets your past acheivements, to stay in the game you have to maintain yourself in top form untill the end, I'm afraid you are no longer up to the task.
Don't think that the outside world is blind to the problems facing Cameroon and UB in partituclar, you may go about praising UB but I can tell you there are very few people abroad who think much about UB. What insitute of higher education goes on for years and years without academic seminars on campus, students go through an active science discipline such as Physics without ever going into a lab, yet you and the administration go about in the flashiest cars around ! In what university will an administrative staff advice a student to come for an additional year because of inneficiencies in the student score registration process ? Tell me you don't know about this and I'll laugh in your face. IF you want to be respected, respect others too yes even your subordinates after all the Dr and Profs you like to call yourselves are just names on papers which any one can get if they have the same chances you had.

You say you have cut off internet services from the science department because of missuse, tell me if there is anyone watching how you use your own internet connection, stop ridiculing your colleauges in public and worst of all STOP COMBINING ACADEMICS AFFAIRS AND YOUR ROTTEN POLITICS !

To my comrades of the strike action, please be warned that there should be no victor or vanquished. Do not fall into the temptation of celebrating with the money the government has offered you. That is bribery and corruption on one of its many forms !. Use that money wisely and never forget your overiding goal for one moment! Returning to class is a wise decision

I still go on to talk about the praises people are raining on UB, if UB is recognised as what it is today, it is due to the huge effort of the students themselves, let Anoma Ngu and co rethink their statements, it is embarassing to hear such utterance from an academician held in high esteem. Can you prove to me how ones financial background contributes to his behaviour ? That is an insult to all students lets not take that lying down.

Then of course, shout as we might there is still the big guy in Yaounde who has the yam and the knife which means if Njeuma and Co fart in our faces and push us around like pawns in a chess game , there is no darn thing we can do about ! Such madness in the name of a government.

But friends don't get me wrong, we will get there lets keep up the fight !


"He pleaded that lecturers should take note of the fact that most of the students who enrol in the University come from poor backgrounds. "Most of them have not been well brought up and trained," Anomah Ngu reportedly said."

BullS*(&$*!#&*()t and....., these guys are getting old and senile. WHAT ?? Poor background is now to blame for bad manners, eh ?. You're a doctor, researcher and all of that crap so show me the studies to back up this nonsense. I don't even want to continue reading and for all I care, go ahead and resign right now and don't forget to take the little old lady with you. It will be better for the University... Tofiaqua!!!!!!!

Chris, Tennessee

Most of you are acting on sensation rather than reason. Reason why you've also decided to expose your own lack of basic home training. From some of your choices of words, I can immediately tell the type of homes you were brought up in. Going by the names you give here, kaje and the others, Dr Dorothy Njeuma is just a human being like us all (not God) and a Lady with some integrity, and not a caword! It is not by submitting to pressure mounted by destructive minds that should have made her a queen, she mainly used her own approach to handle a situation. This woman is a patriote, most of you would not appreciate this, but I know some day things would come to light. The Image UB has nationally and internationally is because of her, I don't want to belabour the point! Call her any type of name, but she remains a Lady worthy of the name. If you like go ahead and insult me too, you have the right to express your lack of tact and emptiness, by attacking people's personality and not issues.


Strange that anyone with a knowedge of the university can claim to be building one single-handedly. Let someone tell me whether the 180 SYNES members are lecturers of UB. Is a university's acclaim not determined by the output of its lecturers? Until proven otherwise, I think this is the case and not how well the lawns are manicured! Only insecurity can begin to explain some of these rantings. Victory, it is said has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan! Let Njeuma take not only the credit(which she must share with the staff) but also the blame


Don't mind Anomah Ngu...he ain't gonna resign under any circumstances. It's all a game. He defending his buddy Njeuma. Resignation ain't Cameroonian. What is truly Cameroonian is keeping your snout in the honey/money pot until your last breath.


well,i really appreciate what some of the lecturers said.but on the part of ma njuema i will like to say this'ma u have served too long a term. if you did a good job before, every bit of it is being soiled with your refusal to step down for a younger person to take over. donnot forget that an English person by heart and thought, will also be one by action. and what every reasonable english persaon will do when faced with a situation of constant oppsition, will be to step down.this is a food for thought. reconsider your actions before you die and go to hell.'AS for our dear dr prof anoma ngu,i will like to say, doonot pledge a kind of allegiance you cannot keep. this is not the most adverse situation on campus.the worse is still on it's way so if you feel like resigning just do that and don't go tying yourself to ma's apron.
mr minister, could you kindly inform our president to do something on the issue of changing the v.c please because from all indications she is not only hated by the students but by her staff too.remember rectoral posts are not political but competence if he MR BIYA wants the students to study peacefully he should keep cpdm out of it and do the right thing.
AS for joyce endeley i will say'u know the numerous hearts you have broken and the many futures you retarded,so ur fear is not unfounded. you are not only afraid of students being rude to u but of what you will incurr if you do the nonesenses you did in our time.the period of dectatorship is over in u.b not even you hubby can save you now so beware of how you treat people's children[u know u don't have any].


I think so called Prof Anomah Ngu will do better in anti-retroviral research or did he research on the correlation of poverty with good moral standards lately?

"I would continue as Pro-Chancellor and will only leave when the Vice Chancellor leaves"

Interesting to know that Prof Victor is Pro-chancellor because Dorothy is VC and will leave when she leaves...and it is even more interesting that he can say that in public.


I think so called Prof Anomah Ngu will do better in anti-retroviral research or did he research on the correlation of poverty with good moral standards lately?

"I would continue as Pro-Chancellor and will only leave when the Vice Chancellor leaves"

Interesting to know that Prof Victor is Pro-chancellor because Dorothy is VC and will leave when she leaves...and it is even more interesting that he can say that in public.

God safe Cameroon!

hon, chief Dr.

Endale don't worry take it easy.
i have to meet great guys like osama to fit me with some explosive and i shall get this old brain guys in cameroon. Infact all of etudi, i shall take control.
agama agama Ngu Victor Your mami pima idiot. i be feel say you get sense pass bookshop! but i come to realize that you are leaving because Njeuma protects from her shrine on campus. i will not one to comment much but i learned from the reading that we are having tirants in Cameroon in the name of administrator. Post na me i write!! Holland boy


Noela and Chris,
Noela you just mentioned that njeuma was a vice minister of national education and so on and so forth and Chris is there trying to defend her also. May I ask the two of you this question;
Eh Chris and Noela tell me


Prof. Anoma Ngu, this is a disgrace to your personalility. You might be a scince text book but when it comes to common sense, I'll not advise anyone to look up to you.


Citing with Njeuma's acts only ridicules you. It is better to go on RETIREMENT NOW. If you went on retirement a day before this meeting, you would have been an IDOL to many.



Prof. Ngu or what do they call you again? You seem to be a puppy in Njeuma's bedroom. When Njeuma sneezes or coughs you catch fever following your statement. You as a Pro-Vice Chancellor who could even break through the ice and as a man feed some brains into Njeuma's head, you instead run and hide yourself under Njeuma's gown(akaba) for refuge, what sort of man are you? It is really a disgrace if you opened your large mouth and said, you will leave UB if only Njeuma leaves. People like you don't seem to have a soul and if I were you at this time, I'll gladly resign as earlier said to gain back my popularity. But because of long-throat and greed, it is hard for you to do so because you people think as appointees in UB you'll never fall from where you're hanging. Don't forget that all of you, your days are numbered and the catastrophe shall be graveous. You guys should prepare your coffins and graves before dying because even your families will disown your corpses. I've even forgotten that you are a scientist and should as well know when you'll die as you are all Mr/Mrs know all. May God be on your sides forever!


MR. BROWN, TAKSON AND MASSAMOYO, l have to weep for any children who will be your offspring. Whom do you think you are you scruffy idiots? l can just see from your hatred of the truth that you want to destroy our beautifull Cameroon. Do you think l have to hate somebody just because you say so? Massamoyo you have been striking even before l was born , so tell me where you now? Are you a better person and better Cameroonian for it? Your hateful complicity against Njeuma, a patriotic and hard working lady will not work you ingrates !!!
Njuema njuema njuema what has has done to you with your block heads !!! please carry your stupid rudeness to you homes where l am sure even your own parents are fed up with you that's why you are looming the streets to disturb the peace. It is really a shame that big pa's like yourselves will be waiting to be begged to study with stupid bribes from people who should know better. l think that must of you had better stay in Cameroon because if you dare come overseas with that hooliganistic mentality of yours you will be killed before you know it. Remember the UB student who was killed recently in washington because he was caught roaming around at night with a knife?. if you want to be lawless then think again the world is getting too small for you.

Njuema is no ordinary Cameroonian, She is a lady with class, and vibrant qualities and needs to bribe no one for her qualities to be recognized ... this is what sets her apart from other CORRUPT Cameroonians. The UB strikers on the other hand have just proven the frailty of their demands by accepting to be corrupted with cheap money ... so this is what the strike was about? money? You ought to be ashamed of your selves. Close your rotten disrespectful mouths and pray for your evil souls and just remember one thing as you stand begging in the streets that with the kind of dirty minds you have you will never make it to the heights of Njeuma and Anoma NGU. From your writings l can see that you just do not have the sterling qualities and integrity that will propel you up there. Please go and wipe the shoes of Mbella Moki to have more money!!!


Pr. Effange of the Chemistry department made a very good point,it semms the government is only waiting for actions(strikes) before they can act.If that be the case be prepared for more strikes.Changes must be made in all fields not only in the universities.

Dr.Daniel Nkemzi is very right,I think the police officers were the cause of most of the damages,their entry requirement really has to be reviewed.

I didn´t expect someone well respected as Pr.Anoma Ngu to react the way he did.Anyway I´m not sure he meant all what he said,probably that must be his own approach of easing the tension.

Concerning Njeuma,shifting the blame to lecturers will not help,hope after pointing outothers weak points you will come to yours latter( I AM WAITING).

Those are now bygones,lets hope for brighter days and more changes.


you write so rash,one would easily take you for an invalid.You have such difficulty in coherently expressing your views because your mind is SO void of objectivity.And you can't help but struggle to make the world know that you live in the US.That doesn't make you any smarter.
Stop mis-informing people,the Cameroonian was not slain because he got a knife,and was roaming the streets!Do your homework.Besides,there's no other country jammed with hood-lums like the US.
As the renegate angel that you are,you neither know the truth,nor the purpose of your sojourn in America.Do i need to remind you that there's something called the 1st Ammendment here in America which gives everyone the right to express his views?EVEN 2ND GRADE kids know that.If you think people who criticise Mrs.Njeuma must have dirty minds,then am sorry to tell you that you must FIND A BETTER reason,for you might just be living in a world of your own.The American society is founded on constructive criticism,and this has the might to bring down even the President of the United States.How can you underestimate the power of strike action?Have you forgotten that it is one very efficient manner to influence government policy in the US?Anyway,i don't know how long you have resided here,but your ignorance bespeaks of your absolute shallow-mindedness.If you know so little,ask to be taught,and you will be.You need to acknowledge the fact that Mrs.Njeuma's administration has fallen short of the purpose of making that university a better place by eradicating antagonism,and enhancing dialogue.


OH! Pr. Anoma Ngu dee suffer from old age,wo na no blame ye plenty,aa beg.

As for that nyagoo in the name of Noela;
if you continue for reasonso,thunder no go only follow you for daytime you go add craz on top.

Abi mine your steps.....before ee be late oh!

Elias Tayong E

To The Posts Newspaper

Please help us publish all these articles in your upcoming editions.I suggest the title to be something like this: ANGRY CAMEROONIANS IN THE DIASPORA CALL ON INONI TO APOLOGISE FOR INSULTING THEM

You are our own voice in Cameroon. I dont know whatever happened to The Herald newspaper.
Please do us this favour
Thanks to all fellow conutrymen in the diaspora
God save our nation .Amen

Dr A A Agbormbai

Noela and co.

Please don't forget the Post's plea that this forum should be used only for constructive criticisms, issues, and solution proposals, and not for rants, insults, and unco-ordinated remarks.

Therefore, can we all please tone down our commentaries so that they look much more like contributions than as episodes in a street wrangle.



You must be one of those who's old age brings dullness or you must be too young to understand the present. If this present Njeuma and Anoma Ngu are your Idols, them you must be moving in the reverse direction.


I don't know if this forum is meant for insults cos some gals and guys are just throwing insults here and there.I wonder what kind of Cameroon u are pretending to build when you can't simply advice and talk well with your fellow Cameroonians.It is true, there was a strike and we as Cameroonians should see how to resolve this by looking at both sides;the administration and the students.No one from my point of view should be an island on this cos it concerns us all.Please we should give opinions not insults and Laura, if u ain't opportuned to be in the Us or if you are there stop talking as though there is some jealousy somewhere.Just be yourselves and control your tongues.


Noela remember I didnt insult you in any way but just to remind you that the very G.C.E that made you(if only you did succeed in passing) was nearly destroyed by Njeuma.
SO Noela do you mean to say Njeuma was trying to do the right thing to change the anglosaxon styled G.C.E to the Baccauleuratte styled G.C.E?
Thats my simple question to you.
Noela over


Hey Buddies,
Much "direct-attack" is going on here for no reason. I am not the moderator or editor but clearly, we are taking our comments beyond contructive critism.

Why bring on personal issues? Franklin, ur contribution can start big time trouble and reactions. Just tell me u are not a Cameroonian then i would reply. If u are my beloveth countryman, why then divide the lovable SW and NW provinces? Please, some of us need to apologies for comments made.

I won't be surprise if this comment page is withdrawn again. Please, Please and please, mind ur tone and choice of words. They could spark fire. God bless ur thoughts before they are made words and expressed on this site. Amen.


MASSAMOYO, TO SAY THAT DR. NJEUMA TRIED TO DESTROY THE G.C.E is disinformation and regrettable. What she proposed was that to be considered as having succeeded in the G.C.E a student must have at least four papers including English and this is what is obtainable now. Those who rallied against her in this decision couldn't come up with a better option. Even the British seem to have since oriented the G.C.E examination from a mere subject oriented examination to the indication of a standard whereby one could be considred to have passed the exam as a whole with key subjects that constitute that pass.

In the same vein MASSAMOYO l have not heard you complain about or even mention the role of Mrs Njeuma in bringing about the Cameroon G.C.E as Vice Minister of Education, which has made us less dependent on an external system of evaluating our secondary and higher school students.

Finally, l agree with those who have suggested that if we have to be constructive in this forum we have to be more tolerant of each others ideas and discuss on the issues rather than the denigration of people who have held public office more or less successfully amidst difficult times . In civilized circles people discuss issues rather than hurl abuses at people whom whether you like it or not have contributed their own quota in moulding our society. You may not like what they have done surely no one is perfect but constructive criticism looks at the pros and cons of a persons contributions and how best to forge ahead. This has not been the attitude in this forum thus far. Some people have been so negative that it is almost edictable what comes out of the Post and l do not personally believe this renders justice to the mobilizing efforts of this journal in grooming a forum for the constructive exchange of ideas in view of national development. Those who want merely to critisize and abuse must bare in mind that put in a similar situation they will not pass public scrutiny and therefore a fair assessment is one that is constructive and forward looking.


Holland Boy,Chief Dr, you are as stupid as an iguana. I'm not sure you have ever gone to school, else you will not post such nonsense here. If you are in Holland, keep plucking your tomatoes and stay quiet. Shit head!!



Wow this is great you have realised yourself and writng constructively. Nice hearing you talking of constructive contributions when you actually insult some of us here.
Thats great and I appreciate that and hope you dont backslide.

That said I will like to inform you that before what Njeuma wanted to do, English language and maths were considered important in the GCE even in the UK.
She wanted us to be writing our GCE and taking orals like in the bacc.

Secondly I recognised her being one of the architechs amongst Pa Ngu, Fonlon etc of Cameroon GCE but that doesnt mean she was the originator who initiated the idea.
Noela since she is your antie you can even call her and ask.



Neola, i think this is not really a forum for you to talk. if u dont have something better to say again, better leave and go back to cameroon so that ur so-called njeuma can give u maybe a teaching assistantship at UB (iff u are qualified either)
this forum is meant for sensible comments and not the obscure way u think and write. may God guide ur reasoning and that of njeuma



I would like to congratulate The Post for this wonderful job. I should, however, give a word of advice.

As we condemn others for the wrong things they say or do, we should, sincerely, put ourselves and our conscience under cross examination. We should remove the mess that we have in our eye before we point our fingers on the mess hanging on other people`s eyes.
When people brought a woman to Jesus and wanted Jesus to pass Judgment on her for a sin they believed she committed, Jesus asked anyone in the crowd who was `clean`to throw a stone at the woman. Everyone ran away, because they knew they were not clean. Although they had wanted to nail Jesus on the cross, they, at least, had a conscience.
Some of us are using this forum to teach others good morals. Yet we forget how mean we are. We have asked people to sacrifice their time, money, energy and resources to do us important services back home, but when the services have been faithfully done and delivered to us, we stupidly, arrogantly, and selfishly refuse to leave to our obligations. People do not pick money in the streets in Cameroon and even if they do, we must make sure we keep to our promises. Yet we condemn others as if we `straight`.
I will like to quote a section from the very first contribution under the topic we are currently discussing:

"I am sad and disappointed to hear that much praises were given to Dorothy Njeuma by Anoma Ngu and others despite the fact that the University is in such a mess. It is also rediculous to hear from Ma Njeuma that no lecturer has added any beauty to the University of Buea. That aspect on the part of Dorothy Njeuma shows the highest arrogancy from one holding such good office."
Dorothy Njeuma might have done wrong and the Pro-chancellor might have been defending her for administrative or selfish reasons, but are we, THE CONDENMERS clean?
Is it not arrogance to keep that which does not belong to you and then turn around to tell others how arrogant they are? Is it not arrogance to have a mechanic repair your car for you and then you carry your neck high inside the car without paying the mechanic for the service rendered?
We need to re-examine our conciences and judge our inner selves before we point our fingers at others.
Some times we go so low, instead thinking that our selfish and our desire to keep monies that do not belong to us will instead make us richer. We ill go on touring the world as economic adventuerers.
The world is very small and as we point our fingers on others we should make sure that other readers are not laughing at us.
God should help Anglophones!


Dr A A Agbormbai


The comment you just made applies equally to you. By criticising others you are contradicting the very standards that you set out to achieve!

You just said: "The world is very small and as we point our fingers on others we should make sure that other readers are not laughing at us".

I don't think in your comment you have made sure that other readers are not laughing at you. Besides immoral conduct should always be criticised, regardless of who portrays it.

At the same time when we criticise others we should make sure that we do not contradict ourselves or make a fool of ourselves.

Mat Tezock

The VC DL Njeuma was overtly tactless in her negative remarks against colleagues, notwithstanding her personal reasons. Effective management communications persuade, inform and motivate subordinates.

What is more, effective communications earn Management the respect and credibility needed to advance and build strong relationships with co-workers and colleagues for ever increasing performance levels.

However, it takes training and maturity in a challenging environment to develop skills that nurture and sustain higher levels of performance and co-operation.

The VC has probably dealt, for the most part in her civil service career, with sycophants and submissive yes-men/women, and therefore has not been ripened by the heat of creative tension and challenge. No country can jump stages of development. A set of fine interpersonal skills is the ultimate leverage to both academic and political capabilities.

The question of respect to "constituted authority" is double-edged! Respect is an elastic concept. It is my experience in overseas campuses that students automatically respect school authorities. There is an unwritten but assumed requirement for the “constituted authority” to discharge its duties readily, dispassionately and with deliberate impartiality.

In a free society, respect should be consciously denied where it is openly solicited by a “constituted authority”. The cardinal function of "constituted authority", elected or appointed, is to serve. Serving mandates humility which in turn earns its keep. In developed countries, the relationship between servers and the served is well-defined by Laws to avoid abuses and the cultivation of personality cults.



Mister so called Prof. Ngu I held u in high esteem little did I know that know that u are just like the others. What got into u to echoe such stupid words. Remember that everyone in Cameroon today no matter your present financial/educational standing, was once like the poor u are today insult.

Truly education is not humility for if was then, you would have been humble. Your statement warrants an appology or better a resignation. To hell with u and madame.

Nkemzi you deserve an applaud for your remark about the police fueling the violence. This shows that you did not just passed through the university in UK but the university passed into you.

Dallas, TX, USA

Dr A A Agbormbai

Please we have insulted Prof. Ngu enough. Can we now give him a break? He made an unguarded statement which I am sure he now regrets.

Even the best, from time to time, slip up. Does that mean we should disregard all his previous achievements? If his achievements in the attempt to treat AIDS is really important, he could be a Nobel laureate. Please don't forget that.

Can anyone tell me that he has never slipped on a rainy muddy day and fell to the ground? Does that mean he is stupid?



I see nothing wrong in what Torbrampton wrote, to the point that you will want to tell us that he is a fool. Torbrampton did not support the mess in the university of Buea, but he was merely giving us an advice. Besides he did not point his finger to any particular persons or contributors. He merely quoted a section of the very first contribution on the topic we are dealing with - that sent in by a certain Arrey. If you feel that his humble advice touches you, then you should merely cross examine your conscience as Torbrampton says.
At times it is important people write their true names when sending in contributions. The fact that you are "Agbormbai" and the person whose contribution was quoted by Torbrampton is "Austine Arrey" goes a long way to confirm that you have cross examined your consciences and sensed that you are not correct - the way you want others to be. Is it a mere coincidence that the "A A" in your name is similar to the initials (A A) of the person whose article was coincidentally quoted? Old women are never happy when dry bones are mentioned in proverbs.
I have been following all contributions very closely, and I have observed that you want to correct everyone. Even when The Post decided to take away some older contributions, you reacted as if you are the one to tell The Post and others want to do.
I hope the title of "Dr" you put infront of your name does not give you an additional authority in this forum. Using such academic titles here, instead, make you a fool. Such titles mean nothing to The Post and its readers. Besides we never take such titles into account, becuase we have "Doctors" who are specialized only in noise making or dish cleaning. There are many doctors in the West doing what I should not name here. So do not make your self mean! We want reasoning and not titles! Why not take your "Dr" to assist in the university of Buea?
Those who have abandoned the fight in Cameroon, gone to Europe to eat, transported back to Cameroon and are now feeding on tax payers`money elsewhere should respect what The Post and others are struggling to do.
Torbrampton has done nothing wrong.


Dr A A Agbormbai


I can see that you are one of those people who would rather have the post close down this commentary section. I can see that to you constructive remarks make no sense. However, to most people who care about the fate of Cameroon it is much more useful to have this forum open.

The fact that everyone is allowed to contribute to this forum does not mean that everyone is the same. Therefore, I shall ask you to start respecting titles if you have never done that in your life. There is a great deal of meaning and hardwork in those titles. But I can understand why you would not know such things. Until you have experienced it you would never know!

Good day and behave better next time, so that the Post is not forced to close down this forum.

Dr A A Agbormbai


If you have an axe to grind against Ph.D's I think you should better go elsewhere. This is not the place to do so. This forum is for intelligent people who want to contribute ideas to Cameroon's development. You don't need to check my credentials to know whether my ideas make sense. If you cannot tell what is good from what is bad without knowing credentials then you are not a good judge, and you should therefore hide your ignorance rather than make a fool of yourself to the world.

Good day!


Esther and Noela,

From what I can see from the first writeups of Noela and Esther, it seems when our humble sisters fall bush especially to Etas they behave like the american ladies who speak uncontrolably as we see them here in Europe.
'You cant tell me what to do' is the ring word from these ladies. Im not saying that ladies shouldnt talk but all of you know how in 'pays' our sisters talk in public.
I wanted to aquire my 'kwali' through one of the etas ladies but their manner of arguing with their hubbies is deplorable and even the Bible says the man is the head of the roof so as all of you know our cultural heritage of how our ladies contribute in 'njangi' houses for example with caution and respect, this has not been seen with Esther and Noela.
Thank God from Noela's 2nd writeup she has soften her way of talking and I was very happy and I wish Esther to do same when writing next time.
I do not appreciate Esthers contribution to Dr Agbormbai.
I thought I will look for my humble bush faller wife from 'pays' but in etas but I am upset except someone will convince me these two tongues slide abit and that our sisters havent change their way of talking there in etas because here in Europe our sisters still have that respect and maintain the way they contribute their talks in society or njangi.
'Na true say one bad cocoyam fit spoil the whole put?'



last word there is 'pot' not 'put'


I respect The Post and I respect those who manage the good services we are using. However, I will use all my strenght, energy and ability to fight those people who think women should always be in the background. How can these "MEN OF BAD FAITH" twist and divert the ideas contained in my contributions? How can they forget what I have written and are now wanting to kill me simply because I am a woman and according to them, a woman living in the USA?
I had advised the so-called Dr. A. A. Agbormbai not to base his reasoning on sentiments. I still tell him that the title of Dr does not add any additional weights to his contributions. It is not because someone from his tiny village is called to order that he should reason through his legs. I think he should consult with a true medical Dr. to ensure that he is normal. Not surprisingly he is having support from others who think that life is best in Europe. These are people who went to europe as a last ressort after struggling to go elsewhere. These are people who went to europe and especially Germany simply because no fees are paid in universities. How many of them even go to university? They end up either making contract marriage or washing the pants of european women to get papers. Some of them even send out their wives for prostitution so as to obtain papers for the entire family.
To show how blind they are to realities, these bush fallers in europe are concluding that I am in the USA. Sorry! And even if I am in the USA, does this make them better than I? If life is better in europe then most of them would not be streaming into the USA and Canada. Why have they been struggling to send their pregnant wives to the usa, to give birth, so that the child should be american? They started by sending their cheap pregnant wives to Northern Ireland to deliver so that they all can obtain cheap Irish nationality. When the Irish government uncovered this nonsense, these alcoholic Cameroonians in Europe started entering north america. In doing all this they are bringing their bad european habits into north america.
These economic runners from europe are immorally polluting cities like Atlanta, Washinton DC, California, Toronto, etc. with their primitive and grude behaviour. They are very mean and since europe is closer to hope, they work all summer and during winter they carry cheap second hand cars, things they pick from the streets (refrigirators, out-dated computers, tenth generation photocopying machines, nine meter long mobile phone, and even frying pans to Cameroon to deceive and dupe our parents junior sisters. While in europe, most of them feed on pig legs and beer, six in tiny rooms that they share with rats and cochroaches. They do all types of illigal activities - drugs, prostitution, etc. They even encourage their wives to prostitute so as to obtain "kwaliThe fact that more Cameroonians are leaving europe to North America is clear testimony that you people are in hell. And you people praise your wives? Women whose waists do not function again because of cleaning jobs." for the family. These are the breed of Bush fallers who have made bush fallers a laughing stock in Cameroon.
I want to sound this warning to the man nicknames Dr, A A Agbormbai and his company of druckards: If dare continue to attack my sex again; if you dare try to give the false impression that you are fine in europe than others; if you dare touch me the least, then I will make you understand that it is not because you are of the masculine sex that you can say nonsense. If you try again you will hear more! Village peopl!


Njei Moses Timah

From my understanding it appears Dorothy Njeuma expects to be feared and not 'respected' as she wants us to believe. Her speech to the staff seems to betray that.


Esther, your barely coherent rant against Dr. Agbormbai makes one fear that the weeds may
have taken over the garden in this forum--that trivial, boring, cross, and obsessive responses are driving out more serious and thoughtful contributions. The Post's
experiment in free speech has sadly failed, and we are reverting to what looks more like a street fight amongst ourselves. Is this really what this forum is about?

The last thing we want to do is endanger constructive debate on this unique forum. To continue the gardening metaphor, our challenge as contributors is to control the weeds while letting even wild flowers flourish. A little light banter certainly adds spice to the debate, but vulgar confrontational language against other contributors to the forum should be treated with the contempt that it deserves. Such language tells us all we need to know about the person using it than the person it is aimed at.

Please, let us not let the metaphorical lunatics amongst us take over the asylum.


You are extremely crude, but I must confess quite hilarious, engaging in a taxonomy of bushfallership! And a sordid tale of Camerounians pushed to the depths of degradation by poverty and the need to impress their peers. Please, do not do this often, because it quickly becomes unfunny and distracting.

BTW: Dr Agbormbai is the only character here using his real name, so treat him with respect, or you will be exposed. You remind one of a certain self-styled Mukete.


It is sad that issues at an institution of learning puppeted to be controled by intellectuals issues can't be resolved maturely. There is no better testimony to their inadequacies as leaders than the situation today in buea. With all due respect to Prof NGU i think he owes an apology to buea students and their parents. Its normal in situations like this for poeple to slip and make irrational statements (it is so awefull i can't even repeat it but there is yet a study to tell us children from poor homes don't know how to behave). Great men like him have done it before and being true to their greatness they bite the nail and apologize. It does not make you a lesser man to admit a mistake we all do. Enough to the honorable Prof.
I can't resist the temptation to reply to a posting by Noela. I really don't know this kid but i can imagine ignorance oozing out of every orifice on his body.Her criteria for greatness are so lame i just pray she has better goals for herself than what she sees in Njeuma. IF she feels oblaged to praise Njeuma then my advice to her is that Njeuma's achievements ( of which there are none) as vice minister would be better news than telling us she filled the post at 28, her contributions to UB as an acedemic institution (leaves much to be desired) would be better news than telling us she is pioneer vice chancellor.
I would'nt even dare into the inexhaustable list of Njeuma's indifficiencies as vice chancellor a lot has been said about it already for the deaf to hear.Njuema is the postal child for everything bad about UB.
It is in the interest of UB, Its students, faculty, Cameroon's future that the honorable prof. and Njuema should save themselves the embarrassement and resign. Their ideas are Obsolete and they can't handle the numbers, diversity in opinion, dynamism and progressives on todays Universities.They have this last chance to bow out with some semblance of honour and i hope they sieze it.



In fact I have no word to say to you but to ask you to continue with your insults.
Thanks very much and please if you dont have anything to contribute constructively here, dont react on others ideas because yours isnt constructive arguementation but lavishing insults.

Therefore Esther please dont react on any of my writeup or Dr. Arbornbai's writeups again and concentrate on others.

I dont care if Dr disappointed you in marrage and we dont want to know any of your personal problem with Dr Abornbai here.


Chokwe and others!

May I know the creteria you have used in stating that, "Dr A A Agbormbai is the only character here using his real name, so treat him with respect, or you will be exposed".
What do you say about the well known Charles Taku for example (although he does not use his title here)? Do you want me to quote other names to prove that you may be having something to defend? You see how you want to claim to know when you know nothing!
To those who are now critizing what I have written, I would like them to do same to those who want to bush me to the background simply because I am a woman. These attackers even go as far as giving me the impression that because I am a woman, I just need to stay quiet. If that is what men have been practicing in Cameroon, I will want you to know that woman in cameroon are now changing these primitive mentality.
In short, if I have to defend my sex it is not for a man to tell me how I should do it. In short if these people continue, I will expose them in this forum.Telling me what I do not understand about a certain Mukete that I do not even know will not stop me from standing up for the Cameroonian woman.

To The Post, I will like you to encourage women to participate in this forum and to discourage those who do not want to read from us.


Ex UB Student

To Noela

My dear lady, i must say i respect uour views. You have the right to do what pleases you, and i respect that. But one thing i need yopu tro know is this, in as much as we live in a democratic world, we must not make silly statement in the face of critical situations. I must admit I'm saddened at the fact that you could condone actions from Dr. Njuema and Prof Anoma Bgu. That's the most controversial issue of the year. I hope you make it to the HALL OF FAME. How could you condone words as these ""Most of them have not been well brought up and trained,He stated that in good universities, there are mentors who groom students but that this cannot be done in Buea, because of the huge number of students." You insane or what. Like one person sais just 2 positions can address you either you are toooooooooooooo old or are tooooooooooooooooooo young to understand. If i were you i'll keep my goodfor the trash remarks to myself. PLEASE GROW UP, YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN MUMMS,S DAUGHTER BUT YOU GOTTA BE SOME ONE. HAve you ever been to UB. It appears you passed through UB and UB nevewr passed through you. Watch out lady or your progression would towards history.
TO the Post.
Please try and let the general public know what others feel thought not on the spot to get a feel of events. Please we all love our country and will stop at nothing to make it a better place. we all want a better Cameroon. Thanks for this forum. I'll be back. JKust got wing of it. Sorry for the late comments, hope they count. I'll be back. THanks. '



Please if you may go again and have a look at my first reaction to your insults to Dr Arbornbai, you will notice that I did say "Im not saying that ladies shouldnt talk but all of you know how in 'pays' our sisters talk in public."

I didnt mean either that you should not criticise someones writeup but whether he uses Dr or Prof. has nothing to do here. Try to criticise his writeups not his position.

People have their various ways of appreciating their achievements so if Dr Arbornbai sees it to express his title here, all is left to him.

The way you talk Esther is as if you are jealous of his title or you see yourself never to have such. A joke. LOL. NOOOOOO
Esther you will be a Dr even a Prof tomorrow I bet you.

So forget about the title and attack his ideas not his personality.
That will make many to respect you Esther.

Esther please calm down, calm down and bringup your own ideas and contributions for a better Southern Cameroon or a better Cameroon(which one you are for)

Esther calm down OK?

Its all over


njeuma,u are a bastard.


Noway, Njeuma is not a 'bastard'. She comes from a very respected, and accomplished intact family. If you disagree with her say in what way. No need for personal insults.

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