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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


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Neville Forlemu

A blank year is certainly not a good thing for the students of UB, nevertheless it will be even more detrimental to the so called UB authorities, who are champions in figthing for their stomachs rather that the welfare of the leaders of tommorow. It is shameful for a so called leader of an institution in a so called modern democracy to, not be able to address her students,and kids as she puts it, in times of need,trouble, but instead pushes them into more trouble by condoning to their killing,arrest, and sufferings. Nevertheless one good turn deserves another, and please fellow students stand for your rigths, defend them,and have faith that God will not only solve your problems but he will solve them your way.


This "iron lady" posturing on the part of Professor Njeuma will only lead to more tragedy.

Courtney Eko

Can someone please explain to Madam Njeuma that she will not lose any points if she goes out of her way to meet the students.It is perfectly OK.Please come down from your high horse and do the right thing.I will be the first to oppose being held ransom by striking students;reason why I think many of their demands are ludicrous to say the least.The students cannot decide who should be the VC.There is also nothing like re-sits in proper Anglo saxon universites.If you fail in June,you go home,get a job and come next June loaded with quids(they drive the most flashy cars!) and re write your exams.
We need some level headedness in this sordid affair.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Mrs Njeuma, talk to the students for God's sake! You cannot run an institution without communicating with your subordinates or clients.

A gentle, yet resolute and flexible, approach to dealing with people gets you more points and more success than adopting a hard line.

Giving orders only creates more problems, not resolve them.

If the students strike it is because they are under tremendous pressure, which has been caused by a lack of dialogue in the university.

They have grievances that have not been dealt with adequately over a long period of time. All such pressure points are the things that dialogue is designed to prevent, as they can build up to a critical point leading to strikes and violence. The students are only being human!

I am writing to you in this tone because I am an experienced university lecturer myself and I know precisely how to avoid or deal with such problems. I encounter them everyday with my students.

Students treasure teachers or leaders who can explain to them in a reasonal manner why things are the way they are. They need to be given a voice and to be listened to. Above all they treasure honest speaking and honest practices.

You will not resolve this problem if you feel too high to talk to your own students. What then is your role in the university? To cause problems for students and instigate strikes, and then pick up a big salary for it?

Can you then say that you are exemplifying commendable standards to your students? Would you then have a basis for reproaching them when you find them doing wrong?

And what about your own credibility? Isn't it damaged forever, already? And if so, is it not time to pass on the burden to someone else who can dialogue with the students and produce a better working and studying environment for the university?

Remember: a university cannot be successful if it engenders a climate of suspicion. How can students be expected to concentrate on their studies and perform well when the university environment is full of distractions and divisions?

Personally, I feel that the whole university system in Cameroon is a shambles. They do not cater for the needs of the students, the country, and the world at large, and then society blames the graduates when they seem completely ill-at-ease with the challenges of life.

If university education does not teach you how to cope with life afterwards, but instead teaches you dry, abstract, and meaningless stuff how can you then be blamed if you fail afterwards?

I wish I had the means to do something about this. However, it seems that you must be President of Cameroon to get anything done in that country.

Hitler(Ambe Jearim)

After all your students are dead,who are you asking to return to school,corps or human beings. Buea has experience an educational revolution and things will never be thesame again. I can see better days a head as your days are numbered.

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