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Monday, 30 May 2005


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Achebe wrote that when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb old women feel uneasy. Yet, it is not wrong to react anyway when scorn is spat on them. The Prime Minister's contention that those who go abroad are unpatriotic is not only an insult but a myopic appraisal of the state of affairs and a betrayal of the delusion that they in power have that all is fine in Cameroon. Usually the down trodden have only one way of consolation: "Na God go pay you." But there are those who prefer not to sit there nursing wounds of defeat with the hope of divine justice. Those who have chosen to go abroad are not different from the pilgrim fathers who had to leave England with the hope that the harshness of the new clime would offer them a solace better than the incarceration they got from their own compatriotes. What does he expect from a people who have consistently seen all avenues of success blocked by a regime that seems to have no idea that the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow? Please, Mr Inoni, understand that many of those who've chosen to "fall bush" have in one way or the other put a brick on the wall of nation building but have sat just there and seen their efforts rebuffed by those same people in power who think talent and will should be sacrificed for tribalism, nepotism and all the other -isms you know just too well.You seem well read, so i will recommend to you Albert Camus' "The Rebel." It can give you a better insight into the minds of those who have chosen to walk on rather than sit there and rot in the absurdity of trying.


"To those Cameroonians who have "fallen bush" or those still thinking of doing so, the Prime Minister described them as unpatriotic. "We have no other country we can truly call ours."...............I want cameroonians to reflect on this staement very well.I am in europe and will tell you that there is a lot of differences. The prime minister and all the cpdm tif are there to destroy the nation other than building it.Asked the where their own children are? I will tell you that all their children are out of the country. How do you expect to be in your own country and being killed by policemen who were meant to protect you and the government do nothing about it? There are lots of university graduates who end up sell petit petit things in the market to earn their livings while over here just being the age of 18 makes you responsible because you know where to go. How can a president in a country be for 14years without visiting one of his 10 provinces and people still open their bighead and vote for him.
John Begheni Ndeh where are your children? All of them are abroad that is why you don't feel for other parents who are struggling with theirs back home. You try to convince them to join cpdm.power hunger will kill you lot in cameroon one day.There is time for everything and I thank God for showing a great example although some of you don't learn.See what happen in Iraq!!!!!!!!!!one day it will be you.Thanks to the post for letting people express themselves although they cannot do that because of fear of the precident and his wolves.


Your Excellency:
Your statement about the unworthiness of those who seek opportunities elsewhere is not true. People, it is your human right to reinvent yourself, change your name, change your nationality, shave your beard or keep one as long as Moses's. It is your right to get 5 PhDs or to be a stark illiterate. The entire planet is yours, inspite of what nationalists say. That is for starters.

If you chose for sentimental reasons, loyalty or whatever to serve the land of your birth that is up to you. It is a good thing, really. That is why people abroad read these pages at the rate of 1000-10,000 hits a day. They care, but take care, do not be blackmailed. American citizenship or British citizenship or whatever in the west gives you a lot of mobility and power. Third world citizenship locks you up and restricts you. So you can do more for your African country of birth with your American passport than with your african passport.

Furthermore, China, India, Taiwan, South Korea and now Ghana are all growing in leaps and bounds, thanks to the efforts of their expartriate citizens who have repartriated businesses, finances and ideas. The old school Africans are truly afraid of you. If you are not using your power already, open your minds. You can move mountains.

Do not be blackmailed by such statements as uttered by the Prime Minister.

Ghogah Hosia

"To those Cameroonians who have "fallen bush" or those still thinking of doing so, the Prime Minister described them as unpatriotic.''My goodness!!! This is a devastating statement. You will agree with me that the honorable PM INONI is party to a regime that has built on sterile promises for 23years. I daren't start talking of all the negative -isms or I'll lose my mind.
How can he continue to preach this type of doctrine by telling people that politics is a game of hope? Well, let's keep hoping until death insues? How many youths have lost their lives hoping for a better tomorrow under this present political dispensation? Who is he fooling? Mr PM fails to look at reality in face and keeps telling lies to the people? Oh, like master like servant. It couldn't be any different.
Bob Marley had once sung ''emancipate yourselves from mental slavery...''So why should we keep expecting a regime that is plagued with all evils to deliver any goods? Have the chief barons finished stuffing their bank accounts in foreign lands that they can now give you a chance?
May Mr. PM never treat those living abroad (me inclusive) as unpatriotic because when every hope of this world was gone when most of us left Yaounde university,God delivered us from the hands of a dictatorship. I still have those sad memories of those catastrophic days building up to the 1992 presidential elections when we were still in the university. God forbid. And what happened after the elections? More of the of the same ills. I even read a few days ago that Dr. Mr. President Biya wants to revise the constitution in order to rule forever. May he never die.
Mr. INONI should leave us alone and continue stealing his own share.''Goat di chop for place weh them tie yi''If we did not leave Cameroon we would have perished with our loved ones. In fact, we're toiling wherever we are to sustain our families back home while they in government are stuffing the country's hard currency abroad instead of operating companies at home from which the youths can benefit. Mr. INONI and his corrupt regime should solve the real problems and stop chasing the wind.


I think that the PM's comment was ill-advised. Cameroonians living abroad didn't flee to the West. They were chased away by the very regime in power. There is a simple way to get them to come back...fix the country and take care of those that are still there. What will Inoni do if all of us abroad were to go back home? How will he feed us...and our families? We have made the burden easier for them by supporting our families back home.
Since charity begins at home, may be Inoni should start by bringing back his own kids from abroad. I believe that Inoni is the right man for the job of PM but he should not get power-drunk and start infuriating many of us who admire him for his good works and dedication to the motherland. Peace.


Prime Minister Inoni, the irony is distinct. Who are the "unpatrotic"? The passivity of your government shows how unpatrotric it is. As I will quote BB. "It is the beauty of your (Bushfallers) exile that shows how urgly we(Cameroon goverment) are". Cameroonian living abroad will bear with me, the economic situation in Cameroon has been alleviated by "bushfallers". They didn't "fallbush" to bank Taxpayers money but to gain knowledge or work. Money sent home is not a loan but an aid without strings.



Mr. PM, your going to Bamenda was not aimed at bushfallers, so shut up and keep quiet. Steal your own share of the national cake and go away as others in have been doing peacefully and never call bushfallers as "Unpatriotic" citizens. Your gov't forced us to escape from the country, showing the world how you people have made the country to be an unsafe and corrupted place to live in. Killing people in peaceful strikes and rigging elections are what you want us to stay in. You are making a mistake and if I may ask you, where are your own children? Are you sure anyone of them in back there in Cameroon? Your going to Bamenda was to go and blindfold Ndeh and the rest, allow bushfallers in peace and preach the gospel of CPDM to those inclined to it. 99 days for a thief and only one day for the owner. We needn't reckon so much on this. Mark you for your tongue!

Dr A A Agbormbai

Mr Inoni and Mr Biya

If you feel that some Cameroonians are unpatriotic (a poll on Cameroon Tribune seems to suggest that most Cameroonians are unpatriotic!) it is because you and your government have exemplified a lack of patriotism.

1) When Paul Biya uses Cameroonian money to build facilities for its people he makes them believe that he is doing them a personal favour. Instead of telling them that it is the country and the people that have done these for them, he makes them believe that it is himself and his family who have done them these favours. As a result he develops a personality cult through bribing his people, but he also exemplifies bribery and corruption to the people. How can he then reproach them when they practise what he himself does rather than what he preaches?

2) Monopolising power, and not thinking about the best interests of Cameroon and its people, is the most glaring example of Biya's lack of patriotism. His strategic skills are not devoted towards constructive progress in Cameroon, but are devoted towards his selfish protection of power (which he achieves through dividing his people, promoting ethnic clashes, and corrupting weak-bellied opposition leaders). Instead of using that powerful position to set up a long lasting democratic system in Cameroon, which safeguards the political future of the country and which is water-tight against the animalistic dictatorial tendencies of his successors, he does the exact opposite by exploiting and manipulating the system to serve his own selfish, dictatorial, and weak-bellied ends.

3) Biya's immature indulgence and grotesque extravagance, especially in the 1980's, is another glaring manifestation of his lack of patriotism. He did not care that Cameroon was a poor country and could not really afford all the expenditures. He did not care to think about the impact of his actions on the Cameroonian people. Can you imagine that he incurred Cameroonian debt at a rate many times that of Ahijo just to spend on trivial issues. Take London, for instance, where I can still remember the sumptuous celebrations for non-events. I was even complaining to my confidants that this is not the way a small and poor country like ours should be living (like rich developed nations?). I predicted the end of the scholarship system well before it happened because I did not think we were managing our finances well. It was only a few years later that everything turned on its head and the economic crisis in Cameroon began.

4) The selfish decision making that Biya engages in has curtailed economic progress in Cameroon and is another show of the lack of patriotism from the old man. His strategic planning is based not on taking thoughtful decisions (such as building strategic all-season communication links to economically promising cities in the North and South West, as well as elsewhere, in order to boost the economic infrastructure) but is based on meting out punishments to ethnic groups he does not like.

5) As an exemplary of the people, Biya's insistence on creating a personality cult image of himself among the Cameroonian people places himself above the country, and thus encourages Cameroonians to do likewise. Yet one of the golden rules of patriotism is that no man (including the President) is greater than his country!

Mr Inoni, you can criticise Cameroonians abroad for any other reason but not for their patriotism. Because, as I believe you have seen, your President and government are not patriotic. They are the epitome of Cameroonian 'unpatriotism'. In fact, all that you will achieve is incite moments of inspiration from among the patriotic and critically-alert Cameroonians to open up the rotten bellies of your government in public - i.e. to disgrace you!


There is no one more unpatriotic than those who suppress the truth and clap for murderers and thieves. Does Inoni know that the children of most ministers and even those of that shameful John B. Ndeh are all abroad? They deny people any opportunity at home and leave them with no option but to flee. And when they do so, they turn around to insult them. People like Inoni and his CPDM cohorts are the worst enemies of Cameroon. They claim to still believe in a president with a most formidable track record of broken promises.

If Inoni wants people to saty let him tell us the rate at which the government creates jobs in Cameroon?


I am not in any case surprised by the Comment;'Bush fallers are unpatriotic'.
Mr.Inoni,should know that in life,when all doors are closed the windows are big enough for people to pass through.
The same people he calls bush fallers are the same people who've tried to build the nation to what it is today.But,as you all know,the regime is still fighting tooth and nail to block these illustrous citizens.
Take a person like Ebini Christmas Atem,an economist,filled with knowledge,was hunted in all parts of Cameroon for no reason.
Just because,he sought for audience with Biya.Did they know what was in his mind?What he had for Biya,was it not in the interest of the Nation?
Cameroonians wether at home or abroad,have shown greater Patriotism.
See them sponsoring projects,aiding Gov't Schools,hospitals etc.Is that not Patriotism?
Well,there is an old adage that;'He who can not give to people would not like to see them have it.'
The Gov't don't want to give to the youths.They should not cry when they take the alternative in life.
Above all,the Gov't and Mr.Inoni know that,those bush fallers have seen and come to know the truth.
They are just too fearful of what they might return one day and do.
Don't complain when People take the right course.


I challenge PM Inoni to ask his son in Germany to come back home.He should prove his point right by creating jobs for cameroonians abroad to return home and occupy. His government should create a peaceful environment for free speech victims they have harrased. Bushfallers have recently used their stay abroad to put pressure to bear on this regime thats why they hate us.Let him stop the stealings at the port so that savings abroad can come home through fix capital which is investment.Mola has began to blunder by using the wrong words.Liar, he began his career in Bamenda and only return when forced by duties to see Bamenda. Bakingili man.


His Excellency!

Tell Inoni Jason(your son) to go back home and I will personally supervise the going back of hundreds....Maybe u meant to say the reverse if not I hereby humbly ask u to step down...




My goodness! Why are you and your cohorts so dishonest. Mr PM. when you guys plunder the country and render it so hostile to its citizens avoid putting salt in to injusry by paying unnecessary lip service to your pay master. If the enormous resources of Cameroon was distributed (not necessarily equittable) such that every Cameroonian can afford for the minimum to keep life going, I would assure you that 'bush falling' would not be fashionnable. Unfortunately it remains fashionable because you the leaders of that country have proven for more than 20 years that you are only interested in your stomarchs and those of your immediate families. It is shameful to imagine the number of Cameroonian academics out here who left because your government does not care about the country and its future. Mr. PM, let your government provide avenues for employment and real freedom and you would find Cameroonoans in the disapora rushing back. No body hate their country. It is doubtful if those of you in power really love that country.
Better keep stealing and milking the cow until when the arm of the moral universe will decide otherwise and give retributive justice a CHANCE!!!!!

Elias Tayong E

The Prime minister should immediately be brought to order and should openly apologise to all the Camerroonians in the diaspora.He was in the North West to listen to the grievances of the people and not to insult fellow countrymen who are keeping the flag of this unfortunate nation fying abroad.

Where did he undergo studies in political sciences to define going abroad as unpatriotism? .The Prime minister actually lacked what to say to the angry northwesteners and decided to appease them by throwing insults at those in the diaspora. Inoni is an ardent hypocrite, having his son in Germany and insulting people for going abroad.

Inoni and his clique have tribalised entry into the public service, bedeviled ENAM,frustrated the anglophones from entering ENS, ramsacked ASMAC,masqueraded POLTYTICNIQUE, hijacked GOVT, impregnated politics with tribalism and vodooism,assasinated political opponents, choked off genuses, recruited illitrates to control the nation, sold the nation to AMORC,privatised state treasury, looted the forests,live like Lords while ordinary citizens beg in their own country, ,stiffled any attempt for genuine change, promoted corruption with Cameroon topping the chart again,pay lazy and jobless soldiers to maintain them in power yet school teahers go for months unpaid,

handpicked handclappers into the parliament who vote bills without even reading the text,live in glass houses while others live in huts and swamps, and you name the rest, yet he goes tongue lashing intellugent and nation builders fighting (some with thier blood) to bring the nation to the forefront of globalisation. Mr Prime minister , you have to apologise to all the Cameroonians you have insulted.

Please, THE POST, publish this article for we are all waiting for an apology from the Pm .Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely but mind you, the stubborn fly is often buried with the dung and one day a miracle might happen and the streams begin to move uphill.
Almighty God save our nation,Amen


Mr PM, put off the fire burning down your house instead of chasing the mice. What has bushfalling got to do with your seemingly worthless trip to Bamenda? Anyway you might just be exposing your ignorance of the Cameroonian reality.I`ll not like to spark the debate about bushfalling because some people like you can cause one to strangle his computer.
Maybe it was a slip of the tongue, there, you still need to apologise and i`ll personally see to it that you seek pardon for such an irritable blasphemy against the patriots we`re.
Thanks all writers above,you said it all. This respectable guy surely took some `chaa` which made him talk like a Bolshevik instead of talking as a chief cpdm warden.


Mr Inoni,

Your comments stating that 'bush fallers' are unpatiotic in my openion is total and utter nonsense. Does your boss's ( Biya ) being in power for 23 years and stealing make him patriotic?

You can only make such comments in Bamenda. Your visit there had no liaison with 'bush fallers' yet you brandished them as being unpatriotic.

The government you serve forced us out with misery, lact of delivery and wanting to kill us with poverty. Our country benefits from our bush falling more than it does with your policies. We support our families who were for years left hungry by your bottle neck regime.

I think it is better to end with one more question for you.

Where are your children and those of your ministers and directors? Are they all in Cameroon? if the answer is no, does that make you yourself Patriotic? Besides if the answer is yes, that justifies the lies you tell Cameroonians everyday.

Mr prime minister stop running your mouth and making more mess of your unworthy government.


Guys, guys, guys, chill out will ya! You are not taking any of the pronouncements by Ndeh, Chafah or Inoni seriously are you? These sycophants know they are lying through their teeth, but they gotta put food on the table of their families and a roof over their heads. They live with the reality of Cameroon everyday, they might not feel the pinch, but sure as hell they see it all around them. And all their assertions in this circus called a prime ministerial visit flies in the face of the reality around them, and they know it!

To quote Charles de Gaulle: "Since a politician never believes what he says, he is surprised when others believe him."

If Ndeh, Chafah and Inoni were to read the readers comments on this website, I am sure they all will find it very funny, and burst out in laughter, that anyone actually takes their pronouncements seriously! They know themselves they are are lying bastards, they probably expect us all to know that at this stage. They will certainly think it hilarious that were could think otherwise.


PW: I am sure the politicians and the majority of politicians are cynical, but those who could be gullible need to learn and not be taken in.


Mr Inoni, Your son Jassa and daugther Sheila(atleast the ones i know through common law marriage) are in Florida why don't they return home to show their patriotism.
Instead of going to ceremonies to show off why don't u sit down and resolve the crises we have in our universities and economy.


I wonder what account these people shall give of themselves in heaven. gov´t delegate, how much money have you stolen from the urban council treasury because of this visit? Mr PM, I was driven from my own home country, by the leaders of the present regime in cameroon. God bless us all!

Hilary awoo ndole

The gansteric Biya regime in general and the PM in Particular, mind you that people who live in glass houses don't through stones. Before i go ahead i will like the learned PM to reconsider the defination of the word patriotism and withdraw his statement. . "We have no other country we can truly call ours.

Remember that adopting other nationalities is no solution but a rather shameful admission of lack of courage to confront our difficulties. We must, therefore, learn to build our national pride, be patriotic, develop a true national character and let our objective be our country, our whole country and nothing but our whole country."So you think you and you regime are more patriotic than any other cameroonian. How do you classify your act of taking a whole nation hostage? In the night you send your children abroad but in the day you go round to condemn others. The axe-head boy from Ikwaibom state of Nigeria has forgotten that his children are also "bush fallers". Call them back home and we shall also come back. Worst of it, their "bush falling" was sponored with stolen state funds. He has also forgotten that the economy of Cameroon owe alot to bush falling.
When the fire was too hot the pilgrim fathers had to board the May Flower to the New foundland to make what is now considered the land to be.The U S of A. Unfortunately for Cameroon, most of her so called "bush fallers" are from the cream of the population. Since they don't want to make use of us others will do in exchange of a better life. It is better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.
To crown it all molar you had nothing to tell the people as you speesh was very scanty and all you had to say was uncalled for. So if he who has nothing to say should stay quite for it will help him.


In fact After reading the PM remarks I actually wept. Thats true. I contended my anger by trying to call Inoni Jarson here with me in Germany to ask when he'll be going home for good, but surprising he didnt know his dad's remarks.
I lack words but tears tears tears surpases what if I had meet this PM man I will ask him by 'mob'

Pahtem  emmmanuel

I have a question for John begheny nde. He says only the cpdm can help the northwesteners to archieves the aspirations. I think he is not refering to all northeners but to foools like the fon of BALIKUMBAT who
can murder a in broad daylight and archieve freedom from arrest owing to the fact that he is the only cpdm parliamenterian in the north west. And turning to the pm ... what does he expect from us when his fellow cpdm members kill SDF members in broad day light as John Kohtem was murdered in Balikumbat by fon doh who is not even being arrested till today? Or is it a different government ???????????

Jake Itoe


You are PM today for one strategic reason, to serve as a bulwark against Southern Cameroons nationalist forces. Paul Biya - an accomplished bloodhound and murderer of Irene Biya does not care about you and your people.

Remember that La Republique du Cameroon, herself the pre-beneficiary of resolution 1514 (XV) guaranteeing the principle of self-determination of all peoples, has become the modern colonizer of the State of Southern Cameroons.

This colonialism shall be reversed, God willing.

Jacob Itoe

Elias Mukom

Pa John Begheni Ndeh needs to shut up. What does the CPDM cult stand for? What do we have to do with a man (Paul Biya) who has a child with his wife's sister and later killed his wife ? The Northwest does not need his visit. A dirty heart brings ill-luck.


Grand Robby

Inoni and the bad luck(BIYA)

PM Inoni,are u really in your senses?,what does your visit in NorthWest,got to do with us abroad?.So,that is what your Master Biya told you to come and say in North West?,may be he have got a message that most of the "bush fallers" come from the wsetern cameroon.Yes of course it may be true,because if a father neglect his literate son or daughter,let him don't think that the son/daughter will be helpless.H must have something or somewhere to go and continue life as a literate man.
PM Inoni,you said bush fallers are not patriotic,you and your CPDM leaders,are you patriotic?,as it is said"The eye that sees,never see's itself".Instead of you to say what brought you to NW,you can't say,just to go out of topic and mention things that are not important concerning your visit to Norht West.
Yes,so call Biya,claiming to be the Lord of Cameroon,you want to rule for life,please am praying that you should live like Lord's people in the Old Testament in the Bible for hundred of years and don't die ok?.But it will surprise you one day that wherever you think will let the country cameroon to reach with your bad attitudes,it will not,because our Almighty have a plan for our nation.It seems you were not believing that you can one day become president.As it is said"Those who are not expected to reach at the top,when they reach there,they become crazy,foolish and don't want to leave".But if the people in the country can't make you leave,nature will make you leave.Who was thinking whether POP JOHN PAUL II,will ever leave the place as a POP?,but nature took him away,so one day to you Monster Biya.Don't worry,time will tell.
Inoni,you are a wizard number one,may be you took some indian herbs,before mentioning bush fallers.

Colinza Coolman

Mr. Inoni!
Have you ever paused for a while and take stock of the achievements of the CPDM government over the years? Describing diasporians as unpatriotic is not only absurd, but also an insult. Can you tell us the criteria you used to come out with the hitherto misleading statement that 'Bushfullers' are unpatriotic?
Do you know that those who have fallen bush realized that there was nothing they could do to make ends meet at home? What the hell of a country wherein youths don't have a future? Yet you bigwigs of the regime often utter loud sounding speeches that the youths are leaders of tomorrow.
Mr.'re a good leader, but without a vision and respect for others. I urge you to reflect and think twice before uttering statements that are frivolous, misleading, misconcieved and can't be backed up by emperical evidence.
Bushfallers are the pride of their respective families. They're out here working tirelessless to carter for the welfare of their families back home, the government have neglected and wouldn't even pay their savings. I know you motive going to the N.W was to appease the chiefs and continue reiterating the unfulfiled promises the government has been making for over 20 years. Thank God the economy of the N.W is growing thanks to the efforts and contributions of the bushfallers.
Before the sun sets you'd find yourself dumped into the political dustbin. You're still eating the fresh food of the New Deal tree...we are waiting for the day that you'll fall from the new deal tree like an over-ripe orange.
Mind your words...and think twice before talking!


I think inoni drink some stale milk befor making funny statements.I will advice him to shut that mouth of his,while sending some blood money to his children abroad.i mean that nigga is out of his mind.think before you speak inoni and not speak before you think.I aint mad at u,member of the best gang the world has got.
Even the poor need some love.So u label your own son unpatrotic,just to attract agaents to your gang.
I feel pity for your but await judgement day.


Conratulation Country men!
You've expressed your rage in a nice and constructive manner.
If,a forum like this was opened,it was for the voiceless and the supressed.
It is absurd that 'An Anglophone' like Inoni,should stand on An anglophone soil to spank at fellow anglophones.
His wants to project himself as a nationalist.But sorry,he is not.
Standing next door to the grave of;A.N.Jua,Muna,Foncha,Benard Fonlong etc.
What did it mean to him.
He must realize that we don't recognise him as a nationalist.
He should rethink the history of Cameroon.
Again,Guys you're great,and Patriotic.


thank you inony should know that we also pass the entrance to ENAM like him.but because of people like him who look for money and tribe we were force to leave the evil land for evil men like him and biya.the orals were for the rich and influencial tribes.sir we had to go because we had to.please ask your son to came back and you will see us follow.remember you people will give an account oneday.please you can use the money to buy dead so that it should not come.stop chasing the shadow and face the objet sir.bush faller ere the only people cameroon can count on.dont worry we ere caming back when dictators like biya and you shall die.OR you will not die ,yaaaaaaa you don forget massa dead.= your bos thinks he will not die.pray that he should live and see what bush faller will do for cameroon.when we shall came back that country will be a place to live and not a place to cry .papa [ you go school na for wosie i de like you go scool na for palace you no even no globalisation/ because say even cheacher them for palace dem know.continu di tif your money leav we .we di try for hellep we mama dem wei chop no de.] please sir speak with some reason.


Hi all,
It is great to know how Cameroonians are sensitive and keen to issues of national interest.Indeed God is the answer to our problems.

It is funny to see how people with the ages(not intellegence even)of those who made speeches when the PM was visiting to be begging their servant-the president to visit them.And when he uses state money to do things for them, they will be showering him with praises.when some one is appointed to a position they send to the head of state, congratulatory messages thanking him for the position.What do they even think the president will think about them and will turn to do and behave- of course,make a mokery of the people and become a dictator. that implies they(those appointed) are not even sure of what to be doing in those jobs.

What a shame.Even, the PM too is not too sure of what to be doing.he will be singing the same song to the president. when are going to change? They are have their children abroad and advice others to keep theirs in Cameroon.

The evil that men do live with them!!You never learn from the simple past tense.They all think those it happen to just yesterday were not like them if not better but still it did.He will use you and dump you.You will all live to see for yourself the damage you are doing to the YOUTHS.

Look at Ghana.Picking up, integrating itself into the vibrant global economic family and the government is encouraging its nationals to come back home and join in nation-building not just by provoking them but by creating an enabling environment for economic and legal fairness to all!And the Ghanaians are responding because the government is not telling lies! and deception!!

When is Cameroon going to change!Douala and Yaounde are amongst the dirtiest towns of economic and political strength in Africa.No football pitches.I spoke to A few Cameroon international players herer in the UK and they are just very sad about the mess in the country and surprisingly enough one of them told me he ahd given millions for the stadium in Y'de to be renovated but the money vanished and nothinig was ever done in that regard.What a shame man!!

How can they be killing students for no just reason and the head of state not personally say anything about it on a day like the 20th May with its significance to the nation.Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow they will say and they will clap!!

If you are below 40 years in cameroon except you are from the elites class forget about holding a ministerial position.A country talking about youths becoming leaders.In past regime they who are in power got most of those positions not even in their 30s but 20s.They trust that they were better and think these youths of today are not.Shame forgetting that the youths are even more learned and full of steam than those wine drinkers had ever been. Cameroon is not dynasty.
One day you shall go maybe not too long.Remember the simple past.

So, God Help Cameroon!!


Hi all,
It is great to know how Cameroonians are sensitive and keen to issues of national interest.Indeed God is the answer to our problems.

It is funny to see how people with the ages(not intellegence even)of those who made speeches when the PM was visiting to be begging their servant-the president to visit them.And when he uses state money to do things for them, they will be showering him with praises.when some one is appointed to a position they send to the head of state, congratulatory messages thanking him for the position.What do they even think the president will think about them and will turn to do and behave- of course,make a mokery of the people and become a dictator. that implies they(those appointed) are not even sure of what to be doing in those jobs.

What a shame.Even, the PM too is not too sure of what to be doing.he will be singing the same song to the president. when are going to change? They are have their children abroad and advice others to keep theirs in Cameroon.

The evil that men do live with them!!You never learn from the simple past tense.They all think those it happen to just yesterday were not like them if not better but still it did.He will use you and dump you.You will all live to see for yourself the damage you are doing to the YOUTHS.

Look at Ghana.Picking up, integrating itself into the vibrant global economic family and the government is encouraging its nationals to come back home and join in nation-building not just by provoking them but by creating an enabling environment for economic and legal fairness to all!And the Ghanaians are responding because the government is not telling lies! and deception!!

When is Cameroon going to change!Douala and Yaounde are amongst the dirtiest towns of economic and political strength in Africa.No football pitches.I spoke to A few Cameroon international players herer in the UK and they are just very sad about the mess in the country and surprisingly enough one of them told me he ahd given millions for the stadium in Y'de to be renovated but the money vanished and nothinig was ever done in that regard.What a shame man!!

How can they be killing students for no just reason and the head of state not personally say anything about it on a day like the 20th May with its significance to the nation.Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow they will say and they will clap!!

If you are below 40 years in cameroon except you are from the elites class forget about holding a ministerial position.A country talking about youths becoming leaders.In past regime they who are in power got most of those positions not even in their 30s but 20s.They trust that they were better and think these youths of today are not.Shame forgetting that the youths are even more learned and full of steam than those wine drinkers had ever been. Cameroon is not dynasty.
One day you shall go maybe not too long.Remember the simple past.

So, God Help Cameroon!!



If you consider bushfallers unpatriotic,can you tell us what your kids are doing abroad.
I see you are really in love of your fatherland,how did your children find their way out?

Ýou and your government are the main cause of all the bush falling.It´s not a matter of being patriotic or not.It´s time you start thinking of the future generation.







Hear J.B Ndeh.
We are, indeed, golden militants, because, many of us suffered severely in the hands of our opponents, as our property was burnt down and destroyed".
Mr.B.Ndeh has tranfered from a golden psycophant to a golden militant.What promotion!!!

PETAIN Inoni has mustered Dutch cojones and cross over to Bamenda,Ambazonia to provoke the hapless Families and their Masses without recourse as unpatriotic.Flanked by his side were his comrade quislings-cum Local Cronies of the Colonial boys in Y'de
.He went on by saying
"I am glad to be once more with you people; to have come to where I started my career and to inform you that the seed that was planted here has grown manifold."
This is contrary and absurd.Infact,he is glad to be back
where he planted the seeds of Psycophancy,corruption,
pilfering,browbeating,plutocracy,extortion,state ambush,
extra-jucicial killings,forced dissappearances,rape,
banditry,masochism,bootlicking,siphoning,etc etc.Grown manifold it has,indeed.Why don't you tell your gov't to
open talks with the restorationist of Ambazonia.As a window dressing,Petain Inoni has no leverage except to anger the masses of Ambazonia to appease his Master,and to secure his toady tenure.What else could he?As he has opted to serve the colonial boys,and is not able to claw
on the masses to follow his ruse,he will go only to them to make an opprobrious crescendo noise against them as unpatriotic.Aided an abeted are the so called chiefs and fons who have forgotten their left and right,and can offer their mother-in-laws for any itsy-bitsy sum,without pondering.A cleansing force is there and will come at the time of his chosen to do it job efectively,whoever ought to be cleaned will get just that.There is time for everything.The IRONY is that Robber Barons are all having dual nationalities and unimpeded residents abroad,and can escape at any moment when they see the thunderbolt coming to biff them.Hog-wild Petain Inoni and his Local cronies are humbugging themselves,not the hoi polloi.Everyone is been watch for their actions.They can only deify the famlah cpdm in exchange for chicken change and handouts.What are the local colonial cronies doing daily for the masses?You ask this.



Country peopo,
A thank wena plenty for contributions and the post for this Ngumba house weh them open'am for we.
As Inoni sey we no be patriotic,make e call back all e pikin them home and we go line up for them back like ants,who be don see ants wey them di go for war??
may be ee check sey Bamenda peopo no know sey ee family de abroad,foolish thieve man. na last time be time.


When they ASKED INONI TO COMPLETE THE RING ROAD HE SAID CAMEROONIANS LIVING ABROAD ARE UNPATRIOTIC, Nice answer to a nice Question. Like when a Journalist whose trousers was soaked in Blood with bloody fingers from carrying injured Students in Yaounde asked Kontchou a question he said "ZERO MORT" That is cameroon,


HOW MANY TIME DOES BIYA FALL BUSH IN A WEEK? WHO IS MORE UNPATRIOTIC by INONI'S OWN YARDSTICK? Permanent resident of Europe. Occasional visitor to Camerounia, absentee landlord.


they say fall bush, Which minister in Cameroon did not fall bush in his early days? Paul biys spends his week like this


Guys let us calm down! After taking kaikai and Lob, "him head don begin heeb breeze".

mbonde ivo

mr inoni,
i can see you lack something doing and maybe you need serious attention. instead of you going to bamenda to talk about your useless political ordeals killing the country, you go run your nasty mouth on those who've escaped from the clutches of you and your tyrant biya. anyway, you're now eating the drinking blood money with your master so you can likewise say anything. look at you talking about patriotism? oh! what a waste of time and energy. for your information i look forward adopting an AMERICAN NATIONALITY as soon as possible. does this make you happy? your excellency, you either love it or hate it the choice is yours son of a gun.

mbonde ivo,
seattle, washington,
united states

Sama Anthony

Lets just forget about Inoni cos he is a first class tosser who knows not why he has been appointed PM.Wanker!!!!!What is Inoni's son doing abroad. Inoni be careful!!!! you are warned ,you toothless bull dog.Instead of you appologising to the people of Bamenda about the molests and killing you commited in UB you are telling them about their children who have escaped your cruelty to look for bright future elsewhere.Does Inoni think he is patriotic?We are waiting for development ok.Inoni, Njeuma , the governor of the SW province are all Murderers and may all what they do turn back to them one day.

Why do you want us to stay in cameroon? have you opened up Job opportunities for graduates, or you want us to stay in state universities and receive bullets from twart policemen? Mr Inoni you should not run your mouth ok. All you should do is get a share of what you want to grab from Paul Paul before he sacks you as we know thats all about administration in Cameroon.

I know you did not know how to embrace your problem when you went to Bamenda so you resorted to saying trash to our parents..If next you say this rubbish i think they should just look for means of killing you.

Well good enough the stranded whale showed you a negative sign about your regime and if you dont adjust fast, then sorry for you. Inoni....You Boscanistical idiot. Article of no commercial..

Father Pipe,


I strongly beleive Mukete is Inoni's "John the baptist". He has been echoing these things to you guyz before long. In The Gambia where I live we call them Semesters, in Cameroon - bush fallers, and in my home country Sierre Leone Just Come. I have come to realize that they are all the same people.
You're probably misinterpreting the PM. After the quality education abroad, why not come back home and implement it there. There are so many of you (bush fallers, semesters, JCs, ...) with 3 - 4 bachelor degrees. Do you want to die studying? One of your country men; Mukete; had earlier warned U. The situation, as I said before; is not different from here in The Gambia, nor in my home country. You people are just the same - arrogant, full of yourselves and proud for nothing.
Bush fallers, re-examine yourselves.


At the risk of incurring the wrath of my fellow graffis on this forum, I cannot help thinking how appropriately dressed Inoni and his fellow gangsters are in the photo published by The Post. They are appropriately dressed for the occassion, which is a circus performance to pay homage to a dictator rather than principled politics.

They look like a circus or vaudeville troupe, which is what they are. That graffi outfit is, I am sorry to say, seemed to have been invented for jokers like Inoni and his gang. Can you really take anybody seriously who is dressed like that and telling you barefaced lies?

Sama Anthony

Lamin Fuck off. There are no jobs in Cameroon for graduates what do you expect us to do.I am advising my fellow brothers to travel if they can and live a peaceful and healthy life abroad.Cameroon is corrupt so much so that if you dont have a God father , no job for you.

Petit pays mentioned this in his album 'Emboutteillage' that if you dont have a God father you cant get hold of a job in Cameroon.INONI IS AN UTTER JOCKEY KNOB.TOSSER!!!!

I cant jeopardise my degree by coming to Cameroon and work with incompetent and corrupt people who dont want to develop the country.

Lamin you dont even know what we are talking about so stop telling us about fuckn Gambia and sierra leone.You dot even have a sense of popurse.Inoni wants to rule by divide and rule system.

EPHRAIM INONI how can you want to divide cameroonians abroad from the ones at home and you say you are a PM? You dont have any charisma in you, this portrays your incompetency and how corrupt you went to that position of PM.You dont have a corperate vision in you.

Crazy Prime minister. Very soon Inoni will telll Bamenda people not to eat fufu corn because it is not good.Do you think you are patriotic more than me INONI..

You are just money minded and you think that you can say any ASS HOLE cos you are prime minister..

If you dont start thinking responsibly then biya is going to kick out in couple of months.I wish to have that idiotic bastards phone number and tell him off.

Sama Anthony'

Sama Anthony

Inoni is disgracing himself and graffi outfit.Look at Angwafor and the rest walking behind him like goats that are going to slaughter house.

Tradaitional rulers who dont know anything are walking behind corrupt Inoni who does not think about developing the Country but insulting those of us abroad.Look at his stomach going ahead and cameroon coming behind.This old man so called Inoni has disgraced himself and his children.He lacks insight and did not know what to promise bamenda people.Look the bulky belly full of tax payers money.
sama anthony ,



Is our president trying to say that he has not learned a single word in english, for 23 years as president, to be able to talk to the other part of the country?
Let him at least visit his second home; Bamenda.


We don nak number popo one.
I tell wona sey eh,,,fever and catarh go hold dem fine fine.La Piro bi sey eh,my country no well.I try for waspital,e no waka,may bi kandak sitik go helep.
Mr.P.M no well!!! Heke,him want us for stop for dat country weh boullot no dey,so dat we all die like we broder dem for Buea die.
Him no sabi self,sey for him village popo self,young boy dem tif na C.D.C mbanga only for drink garri.Move dutty for you eye,dem kom move ma own.
Heeeeeee,,,Bob Marley sey,if you bi big sitik,we get small axe,for chop you for don.Natural mystic going down the road,E go Kacth dem countrypeople.
Fine fine pikin dem inside fine fine country,but wowoh Gov't.
Longue ma broder talkam finisham,wana sellam all,but wana keep wi Dat Wa BIG BIG HOUSE for corner yewonde.
Countrypeople a salut wanna for strong number



Mr Lamin I will like to inform you that Inoni was trying to immitate the Ghanain govt to lure bush fallers to come back but didnt know how to do it well.
In Ghana the economy is really improving and all my Ghanain friends are going back home because of guaranteed jobs. This is interesting because they have been inviting me to join them in Ghana with some good secured job.
While in Cameroon I bet you Lamine graduate do their masters degree in 'soya' shops roasting meat, grilling pork and selling 'okrika'(2nd hand clothes and shoes) of which him mr Inoni will even send his policemen and gendarmes(mobile policemen) to seize these good from these poor graduates in the name of keeping the city clean. At the far end these graduate will finally not have their master certificates of selling soya and okrika.
Lamine so this is mr Inoni aim for us to go home and be frustarated like our bros and sis.
Hope this will clear you further from what my other abled bros were trying to tell you.
Lamine thanks anyway for your contribution


Mr.Inoni is in pain,real agony.I mean these are some of the people who used to think that the future belongs to them and their progeny!They thought they had it all.But today wretched farmers,primary school teachers,and even taxi drivers have managed to have their off-springs over-seas!Isn't that wonderful?
Some of us had to skip that macabre place because we were robbed of hope in a nation we thought was ours!After a thwarted attempt at getting into that obselete nursing school called CUSS,i had to leave that country,and i had to escape quick.Hordes of people thought i was crazy,and some preached to me to stay.But i had to leave,i was so burning to escape that i was feeling sorry for myself as every blessed day passed by.Today,am reaping the fruits of my greatest choice to escape from that country that did nothing else but squeeze my testicles.If i convert the much am making today after my illustrious education abroad,i really don't know if i shall ever return.I can pay ministers,i can buy me palaces,i can sleep with angels,and ofcourse i was offered my new citizenship by a country that makes good usage of my skills.Return home?Return to what?
I thought i was the last to leave that shit hole of a country,but after all these wonderful years abroad,i still see youngsters fleeing.That makes me truly glad,for am praying that everyone gets this opportunity to travel abroad.There's not so much for the youth in Cameroon.
A process has developed which promises within our generation to make our families rich too,and though Inoni may not like this,he can't help but cry foul.Away from home,those children of ministers we used to know back home are absolutely no where to be found.Most of them have become beggars whilst the children of teachers and farmers have become kings.Life has spattered the bright surface of their old dreams with mud.
I'd like to encourage parents to exert themselves and send their children away from Cameroon,that will be an investment they will never regret.Life abroad gives you a taste of heaven

Celestine Nke Fosung

In politics people make mistakes when speaking. This is acceptable should that person apologise. But politics is one last area were political apologise are rare. In cameroon it is the more harder to apologise. Unfortunately, one of ours has demonstrated again the lack of leadership which cameroon needs. I have been saying the problem in cameroon is lack of leadership. Yes, the PM is not all wrong in saying there is lack of patriotism in the country, but to single out those who have travelled abroad as the most unpatriotic is an unfortunate political statement. We must realise that if a prime minister can make such a statement, then for true there is a problem. I remember the speech by veteran Peter Esoka at the convocation ceremony in UB, then another by his Eminence cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi in the same institution. Both men dwelt of the problem of leadership in Cameroon. I will agree with the prime minister of the lack of patriotism in cameroon. It is time our fathers and leaders aggressively tackle the problems they have created in cameroon. This same Inoni, Peter Oben Ashu, Most of the traditional rulers of cameroon, former prime ministers, John Ngu Foncha, Solomon Tandeng Muna, and their masters have always tried hard to secure their political future through divide and rule. It is time cameroonians especially the youths realise they have a part to play to earn this dramer. It is time we realise, we have to work for the common good. It is time we let Inoni, Biya, Ndeh, Achidi,Musonge, know that we will hold them responsible for dividing the country, corruption, and bad governance. While we laucnh our critique, i challenge the youths to understand there is hope in the cameroon of tommmorrow. We must work hard in whatever we do to prepare and confront these tyrants tommorrow. Each time there is debate between my colleaques, i notice there is openness between cameroonians from across the country. We must not give up, but understand the regime has failed us, but they lack the genuine intellect and leadership .


A LETTER FROM PAUL BIYA(Translated from French)
Dear comrades I am pleased to imform you that I can now speak English but some sentences are still difficult for me to express myself.Next year when I finish studying it I will visit Bamenda and Buea.For these past 23 Bamenda and Buea are very special places in my mind.I ask the those who are leaving abroad 'bushfallers' to come back home not to stay for soo long abroad.I have a 7 year 'New Deal' plan for you.But you have just one thing to do:To support my party the CPDM.I want to hand over to the youths in 7 years time when I will retire so please come back home.....Don't mind what Inoni was saying he was just confused on how to explain to you.He wanted to say we need support from you as members of the the ruling party counts on you....I have asked all the ministers to send home their children too.The country is fine now.For the past years the students have been happy with only 8 strikes per university.Do you know those going abroad have drastically reduced too 20.000/year and those coming back have increased to 100.....I still beg you to forget about that my new prime ministers speech...if he continue like that I can bring back Achidi Achu....How can he go and say I have plans to open a university in Bamenda!When did I say this!Up to he saying I will make a ring-road...this are things I will do but not now.Mafany told me Roads are bad in North West and south west but we can contruct these roads in our 7 years New Deal government plan...Me,my wife and children will visit you people this week in Germany,England France and the week to USA and Asia,so that we can discuss these things....I am very angry with the PM for calling you UNPARTRIOTIC...because I know how you come with money and help your families here and bring different kinds of Mercedes Benz.....I will sign a new that ENAM and other state professional universities will not have interviews again.....and I will reduce the salaries for military personel....then help students in UB who are angry with me....But take note I don't like SCNC and SDF....How the can PM talk Foncha and Fonlon without talking about Endeley too or my friend NN Mbile...I prefare bushfallers because they don't care about politics or to become Bin Ladins so Inoni is a crazy to say you are not partriotic.See you when I come abroad tomorrow we will dine and wine as usual..." Signed 30th May Etoudi

Oh my God! this is a good letter to the PM.....Pa Chief Mola Hon Dr Mr Inoni take care don't bite the finger that feeds you.....You can learn much from us than to criticise us.So beware....!!!

Dr A A Agbormbai

"I want to hand over to the youths in 7 years time when I will retire so please come back home....."

A revealing and welcome statement from President Biya, but there is still a problem!

The issue here is not the fact that Biya is leaving; it is the fact that the system will stay the same. Therefore, Biya's successor will simply have his own opportunity to monopolise power for another 20-30 years - and not being accountable, to the people, we will be back to square one (mismanagement, corruption, economic retardation, etc.).

Mr Biya, in the next 7 years, please try to set up a democratic system along Western lines so that Cameroon has a stable and everlasting democracy that can withstand the test of selfish, dictatorial Presidents who would want to manipulate this system to stay in power forever.

The economic progress of Cameroon requires a democratic system that recycles its leaders so that stale material is continually removed while high quality, proven, material is continually pushed to the top.

This kind of meritocratic system (which transcends tribal matters) ends up with the best people at the top and the worst people at the bottom. This is the equilibrium organisational point that drives all success stories. The West has mastered this, which is why the West is successful.

To build that democratic system that I recommended I would advise Mr Biya to set up a team of Cameroonian experts to investigate the problem by studying a number of Western democratic systems and analysing them with a view to formulating a system appropriate to Cameroonian needs.

These experts would normally be academics of Political Science as well as of any other relevant fields. Finally, let two Western experts analyse the final system for their water-tightness (against political manipulations) and thus for their longevity.

Mr Biya, please do me a personal favour by also constructing high-grade tarred roads linking Mamfe to Kumba, Mamfe to Bamenda, and Mamfe to Nigeria. These are strategic economic roads that will develop Cameroonian business with wealthy Nigeria and other West African countries. Mamfe has huge economic potential as a major source of income for the country, yet it has been abandoned for as long as I can remember! It is one of the worst developed cities in the country.

Long live Cameroon.

Metuge E.

you think the Biya regime doesn't know all these?Your homework is quite thoughtful,but then again i need to let you know,i mean remind you that the political realm of Cameroon is so complex that no theories for success can ever be formulated.And by the way,bear in mind that the politics of good governance in Cameroon has been ursurped by a despondent bunch of kleptomaniac adventurers who are incessantly bent on bringing progessive national growth to a clanking halt.

Aline  Benem

Excellence mr le PM
Depuis votre passage au Minefi et juste avant l`heure de votre declaration sur le manque de patriotisme des camerounais de la diaspora, vous aviez jusque la gagne mon estime. Mais helas votre point de vue sur les camerounais de l`Etranger vient de balayer completement d`un revers de la main cet estime.
Puisque desormais vous etes devenu un professeur emerite des " Sciences patriotiques", la toute 1ere "lecon" magistrale serait d`inscrire vos enfants a l`universite de BUEA qui est a quelques "miles" seulement de votre village. Que viennent-ils donc faire dans les universites americaines et allemandes?
D`autre part, sachez que le soutien materiel que j`apporte presentement a ma famille elargie du cameroun est substantiel. J`aurai ete pratiquement incapable de le faire si je restais au cameroun avec mon salaire de misere ( pourtant a l`indice 1005 a l`epoque).
De grace mr le PM, que cette nouvelle promotion ne vous rende pas ivre.



I left Cameroon when as a reseache officer, I was reduced to selling Palm oil and eggs in the market because I could go for a year without a salary and nobody cared. Cameroonians love their home that is why they go back to visit and carry out development projects in Cameroon but they need to earn a living. The prime minister should ensure this. Talking about the prime minister-- He is responsible for quelling corruption. They should do something about Cameroon customs. It drives away development. I visited Ghana and The custom officer took out a book that listed custom dues for articles brought into the country. I paid just that. Not a cedi more. It does not make sense that articles imported into Togo from France and then into Cameroon are cheaper than those imported directly from Cameroon


"BUSH FALLERS" "BUSH FALLERS".I just wanna believe that it was due to lack of enough words for ur speech that u had to ejaculate words from ur mouth such as Bush fallers are unpatriotic.It's true mr Inoni that there is no place like home.But what do we do when u and ur government have deprived us of our own motherland.
U are kind of asking bush fallers to return home,what about ur kids?It has also come to our notice that some of u after exporting the entire Simple family, are now sending out your grandmothers and grandfathers out of the once peaceful country which u have turned into a battle field.Believe us that we are happy where we are and we stand a better chance of helping our families back home though ur increasing appetite for money still doesn't allow them to enjoy the little we send.
If it means coming back home to be patriotic,then start by bringing back ur children and ur grandparents from the different foreign countries where they are presently enjoying heaven before God Calls them.
may God have pity over u and ur family.
From the people's Republic

mulango masango samuel

dont come to china. my dear cameroonians it is not good here pls . this is mulango


Some one occupying such a position in a country with such ignorance.
What is the greatest economy sector of the country where he is the socalled PM? That is the Cameroonians in the diaspora, without it the country will cease to exist in its present form, is he acting a drama?

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