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Monday, 23 May 2005


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This is another opportunity for the CPDM and Abel Ndeh to squeeze money from the Urban council accounts.99 days for the thieves are still being counted. 10 millions for a single occassion to welcome an embezzler! The engels of death will strike you all without mercy.thieves

Roland Ngong

Why squeeze a willing woman to death? The people are willing to receive the Prime Minister in a manner befitting his status, but there is no money. Government tax hikes have literally taken the wind off their sails (emptied their resources). Is the Government that insensitive to the plight of the people? Unless he is playing the game of the ostrich the Prime Minister must know this. He claims to be from the Anglophone part of the country after all.

six- london


the angels of death is actually behind them


We know them. We know their aims. We know where they are driving to.How does Mr Inoni himself think of the poor people who have been denied factories, firms, local industries poor roads etc to raise 10million? Did I hear 10million? Heh where will this 'dough' come from.
I have not much to say but to thank Ngwani that the angels of death is not only behind them but also behind their families.


The Angle of Death makes no sense in our today Society.Its was long ago when such slang was used to frighten People unneccessarily.All of us are condem to Death welther we like it or not, and curse will never have an effect in anybody.Take for example George Bush and Toni blair and John Howard who wage the Irag war and many women went naket in Australia as a curse to this people.What happen all 3 have been reelected and their families are living extremely well.
Keep away your nonsense fears and try to remove the traditional intutution thats is guiding these fears.Its time Fon get elected by People in a particular area not by People who call theself Elite,Nobody is the owner of the world.Anybody born anywhere Can lead the people at anytime.
Stop tribebalis,northwest/southwestism and even Francophone/Anglophonism .Fight against those systems that divide us.Because together we can live a happy and better Life


Mr Felix or what is the name every society has a tradition and that for the northwest is we never elect our fons. And it shall remain like that. Felix if your history can ring its bell or if you never had any history I want to history your head that 'THE ENGLISH SPEAKING AND FREENCH SPEAKING CAMEROONIANS SIGN A TREATY OF 30 YEARS AND THAT IF AFTER THIS YEARS THE ENGLISH SPEAKING CAMEROONIANS ARE HAPPY WITH THE FRENCH SPEAKING COUNTERPART, THEN THE MARRIAGE CONTINUES. IF NOT THEN THERE SHOULD BE DIVORCE.' PERIOD.


Felix, thank you very much for countering the blind religiosity and medieval superstition which characterises discusssions on this forum. I guess it as much a reflection of our mentality as the story reported on this site about villagers thinking appearance of a whale in the prime minister's village means good fortune to the prime minister, or something to that effect! And we wonder why the development of the country heading back to the Dark Ages rather than the 21st century? If you think like a medieval peasant you will live like a medieval peasant, and quite deservedly so.

kelvin kaba Kumbringu

Can any realistic person tell me what is going on in Cameroon. The government talks of economic growth, and the population are worse off than in the previous years. I still can't understand the economical indices used in coming to such conclusions, and if a real data collection mechanism can go operational in Cameroon. This is Inoni, after showing his expertise during the "operation Antelope" which revamped the economy in the mid 80s is here today joining Beti clan of economic waste. I guess he must have been 'brain washed'. North West is the poorest province South of the Cameroon and with Inoni's visit money must be curtail to foot the bills. Where has his economic values gone to? Must he visit at this time of the year? In Cameroon words speak loader than action. Where has he gone with the inspections at the ministries, that has died down and people are back to their groundnut eating in offices and coming to work at 11 am. Inoni don't worry too much, you can't have any influence on Cameroon 'cos you are just one of them or you have just joined the 'band wagon' of the 'chop broke pot' clan.

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