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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


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Che Sunday (Dr.)

We can not purify democracy, bottle and put it on display as a flawless entity. We have to take it in its entirety.Democracy comes with freedom of speech or expression. It is therefore not a sign of disrect to the president if disgruntled youths take the May 20th ocassion as their avenue to convey their points of view to the head of state.
So long as their actions were not derogatory, caused no bodily harm to anyone, they should be given the chance to state their point. Its a free country, and should be governed as such.


Since,there are pretensions on the reality of issues in Cameroon,I think those youths sent out a clear message.
Cameroonians in authority pretend all is well.They seem not to see,and hear the plights of others.
It was a unique occasion for them to show to the World,they are neglected.
Whoever finds it absurd,should tell me the meduim by which these youths would have raised concerns over their plights.
Action speaks louder,than words.

Na ngeme

i want to give a shout out to all the folks at home and in the diaspora following their comments on the UB crises
my question is whether or not the Prime minister is on seat in cameroon. is Inoni Ephraim alive or Dead. Obviously he is a parvenu and will not want to loose his position and recommendations from the queen of epassa moto.

Tabufor Maurice Tabufor

I don't really know what is really wrong with paul Biya,Dorothy Limunga Njeuma and Ephraim Inoni.
I hope all of them are dead because if they were alive they could not sit down and see the only Anglosaxon University of Cameroon strike while the other five states universities are schooling.
It seems as if the North west and south west provinces are not part of the Republic of Cameroon.
Just because they have been neglected
1)the only university of the anglophone zone is on strike and nobody from the government like the 3 persons i have mentioned above see into the matter of the striking students.
2)Paul Biya , Ephraim Inoni and Dorothy L. Njeuma are not capable of managing the country and the university respectively they should go away for their time is up and i think the porpulation of Buea and Cameroon in generally needs them no more.
3) How can a president just sit down and change the name of a country from the united republic of Cameroon to the Republic of Cameroon, it therefore means that there is only one cameroon which is La Republique Du Cameroon and if the entire anglophone zone see with me , *** We(THE ANGLOPHONE) MUST BE NEGLETED including the only university of the anglophone zone.
I bet you the Anglophone people let not just sit down and watch our children from our only University continue striking we should do something on their favour either to take to the street with them and ask the Gov't to see into their problems or ask "Miss UB 12 Years"(dorothy) to step down.
If the fees you parents pay for this academic year 2004/2005 does not pains you people then lets fold our arms and looking at our university striking children.
Long live for the people who also voted for mr paul Biya as for me and my family paul biya is not our president.
God bless u all.


I agree with you Tabufor,what is going on is far to bear anymore. I think we the Anglophone people Southern CAmeroonians should seize this opportunity come out in our numbers both in the North WEst and South West and give this children a support. To the leaders of the strike do not give up go ahead. And to the entire UB students if you can not come out for sit down strike stay indoors no school untill this perpertrators of evil see into your demands. TAke care God bless U.

Ndi Manjong

It is shameful that Dorothy Njeuma and Chief Inoni are playing "nyungo" with the lives of students at the University of Buea in payment for their positions. How can Inoni explain his silence when the students from Yaounde University come protesting at his office and he pleads with them to go back to the university while those in his home town, Buea protest and the police are called from Douala to shoot them down. Shame on them as we all await the day of reconning.
Ndi Manjong (Massachusetts, USA).


Mr. Manjong, Mr. Inoni can explain his silence by the fact that he is well aware that, as an Anglophone, he cannot get away with being responsible for the death of Francophone students. However, he knows he can get away with impunity with the death of Anglophone students. Mr. Inoni did not get to where he is by being stupid or principled, you know! He knows who he answers to, and it certainly is not to Anglophone Cameroon.

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