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Tuesday, 24 May 2005


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Ngang Roland

Good we now have people who are ready to die for their right, but I don't think the best method to manifest this right is to go through hunger strike. I beleive it is not fair in the face of mankind. I wish to advice the detainees to forbide such act. This will instead cost them loosing their lives.
Ngang Roland

Ayuk Manfred

Groups like the SCNC are just evil. The ring leaders of the SCNC are happily going on with their lives while these blind followers have lost all their possessions, family and even their lives. What have these poor followers achieved in God sake? How have their suffering advanced the goal of the SCNC? OR what has the so called depressed and suppressed population of Cameroon gained from this? Please, do not be fooled by any of these selfish, mindless, power hunger leader of the SCNC, life is short, there is no reason for you to risk the well being of your dear family and your own little self in the name of whatever political movement or party. Is the SCNC paying for the school fees of the detainees' children? Are they taking care of their rents? What a mess! What is the guarantee plan for all these innocent souls that get involve in all the so called freedom manifestations? May God bless their souls and families. This should serve as a lesson to the ignorant and thoughtless anglophone population. Everything changes with time. More so, nature has a way of dealing with its problems. My mom used to say: We are solely responsible for everything that happens to us and that we are in total control of all the external influences and forces that can affect our lives. The only thing that controls our level of success or failure is our mind. Be it fear, courage, love, belief, politics, tradition or what knows I, our personal way of thinking and reacting about it will determine the outcome of our lives. Destiny is a direct outcome of your mind set. Poverty is directly linked to ignorance. There is nothing more important that knowledge and courage. This deadly pair is the key behind any successful person or nation, not politics or freedom.


Thank very much Mr. Blesta, that is exactly what I was talking about. Mr. Patriotic, can you go and take the place of one those detainees in kodengui? I thought you will talk about the charity organization you have created to help their children or your plan of action to remove them from prison. Evil man, can you in your poisoned mind measure the degree of suffering these ignorant people and their family are undergoing? I am very convinced you can not see it. I accept to be stupid, if and only if, not getting in the way of trouble is being stupid. Sacrifice is great, but can you or any leader of the SCNC preach by example. May GOD almighty bless those detainees and their suffering families and may HE enlighten the rest of my anglophone brothers and sisters not to be victims of deceivers of your type. Show me a single thing you have done for that country and will uplift you patriotism or you are just one of those "what has the country done for me" guys.

Mado  Tukov

Ayuk Manfred or whatever you call yourself,I think you are suffering from "SOUL LOSS".If you have had some bribe from the Government of La Republique or if your parents are living on "30%", just eat your share of the nasty cake and stay quiet.Keep your nasty ideas to yourself.I can see you are a first class traitor.I can assure you of one thing "Anglophones shall one day get out of the yoke of La Republique".God being our helper.All Anglophones including the Detainees still have hope in God!!!!!

E  F

Not everybody who speaks English in Cameroon is an anglophone. Surely also not evrybody who writes has a sound mind. It's no supprise therefore to read responses like those attacks directed at the leadership of the SCNC. I know justice for sure in Cameroon is an illusion. Those comrades embarking on hunger strike are indeed heroes. In civilized societies, going on hunger strike is something the leadership of a country take seriuosly,but then I know for sure the vampires in Yaounde will certainly not be worried. We as humans all have one thing or the other we are willing to die for. The difference between heroes and villans is in what they are willing to die for.heroes like those comrade in prison fight for justice and freedom even when it means paying for it with their live. You are my heroes comrades!!! Aluta contiua victora asserta!!!

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