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Monday, 23 May 2005


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i agree with you my brother. but as for the last paragraph, the UB intelligentia has already failed wholefully in democratic negotiations. The military have been prooving that since the strike started till date.

*shakes head*

i am dissapointed honestly. i am not even proud of those who gave me the dgree i got for that university.

jude agho

Dear readers
I would first like to congratulate the post newspaper for this forum whichs permits intelligient ideas and comments to be unblocked.
The UB crisis as to say its now taking a different turn.I would blame this onthe inefficiency of the UB administration which as of now has proven without reasonable doubt that it is not capable of managing the affairs of students.It should be noted that this strike actions were just to solicit or assist the UNIYAO students.Sadly to say in the event of soliticiting with our dear brothers we lost two of our own.
I also doubt the myopic nature that some politicians are saying as to what might have cause the strike.This I mean when they say it is Bamenda students or an anglophone segregation sect that promotes it.I advise that we should apply a more holistic approach.Rather than looking for the cause lets see how we can solve the problem.Nobody is happy not to be in school neither is anyone happy to be haunted with armed policemen.
I believe this strike action can only be solve through dialogue.By this I mean that all of the participating parties should be given equall chance to narrate their story.Let it not be that because you are a student you have limited ideas.
What I will also like to comment on is the Oslavian phylosophical approach which the University administration is using to manage its affairs.By this approach the exist 2 fundamental parties ;
1)The Rulers(UB authorities)who decides what is good for the subjects(students) and decides when they best need it.The subjects are assumed not to know what they want or need.This approach is the main cause of the strike.To evate this the rulers should dialogue as much as possible with the subjects to understand their immediate needs and then find ways to proveide.


The UB crisis is the outcome of patriotic negligence not only by the nation's leaders that be but by every "reasonable" Cameroonian whom have selfishly and ignorantly embraced verbal politics to reality. While the government pioneers the role of educating her citizens, it is the nation at large that assist the government in pruning and practically modifying the quality of education the students receive in higher institutions of learning. Here i am specifically addressing industries, companies and business magnates that are operating businesses on the our motherland. What attempt or contribution have they ever put in place to shape and fortify the quality of university education in Cameroon, as i have witnessed in many countries around the world where industries, companies and business corporations flood universities centers to advertize and campaign for graduate labour based on academic excellence. This is a motivational and assuring policy and of course reciprocal as far as building a strong economy and or nation is concerned. We have indusries and corporations and or companies like GUINNESS CAMEROON SA, BRASSERIES DU CAMEROON, CRTV, SONARA, SONEL, COTTON, WOOD and many others that can even go as far as awarding scholarships to the deservings. Cameroonians should adopt problem-solving methods rather than criticizing. We waste valuable time in criticizing individuals instead of seeking practical solutions to problems affecting us.


I want to fisrt of all thank The Post for this opportunity.

It is rather unfortunate, more so, total and utter nonsense that UB which was classified a few months ago by the highest authority in Cameroon's Education as the best in Cameroon, to be in what I call a *stagnant mosaic* to higher education.

If this kind of place (UB) known as the best in Cameroon with such inabilities and deficiency, then what siganals does this send about the situation in other universities in Cameroon which are not 'the best'?

The belittlement and distrust the so called UB crisis has caused to higher education in Cameroon is catastrophic in the eyes of any rightful thinking person. It is a disgrace to all Cameroonians, especialy those abroad and further reinvigorates the quest for many young cameroonians leaving high school to cherish studies abroad rather than in their home country. Situations like this rubbish the appetite of Cameroonians abroad who might want to return to their country to study or work.

Let us pray for change, that which will come with the 'will' to effect the change.

Once more, thank you * The Post* for the opportunity to express my percepts on this issue.

gorden ndamukong

Great coverage. keep up

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