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Saturday, 28 May 2005


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I once studied in Cameroon and now i am a student Finanacial Analyst, studying at the most prestigous University at the lake site region of Sweden(märlaren).
Once more thanks to the delegation led by Angwere Walter. To me i think its a good fight for a better and properous UB. One thing keep striking me all the time, why is it that this lady call Dorothy .L. Njuma, is so hard even to levels that the president Paul Biya can't usher her from the university of Buea? to me she is a bad administrator and the state has to see into it that she is changed with an immediate effect.I can recall in my good days at the UDS(University of Dschang)every Restor were changed with the exception of Ma limunga Doroty Njuma. I read through the updates and i do not see any thing fruitful coming out from her in other to put this strike to an end. It's no idea keeping such an administrator with an "outdated PhD" (PhD with out any reference) on seat and people keep killing themselves all the time. since from birth, i have known Cameroon to be one of the most peaceful and God fearing nation. Today with all sort of curruption the Biya regime is driving us to war and more troubles. i shall support this on going strike with 2,000,000 frs CFAC.
special thanks to Walter Angwere Onekon, Orock the photographer, my man Ndakwe Ndakwe Bandolo and clovis Atah more tips shall be yours soon.
Njuma Dorothy its high time you learn from great guys like Prof Sammy Viban Chumbu the Rector i admire most. copy his example and change the state of things.Else better step down. You are even to old to run afairs of the state. Try to have a rest!!!

William Ade

I see some people are already playing the ethnic positioning game. It took a long while, but the name of Prof. Chumbow, the "elephant in the room", has finally been mentioned; the person whom some amongst us believe should "rightfully" be VC of UB. And we think this was all about toilets??? Nope, ethnic players on both sides of the Anglophone divide have exploited this situation to the fullest.

In the coming months the full story of what happens in Buea will come out. And then we will discover that Njeuma, Ejake Mbonda, and the UBSU are not the only criminals in this sad drama


Mr. Ajong,
I don't think we really need to know your academic records. And what do U mean by outdated Phd? You'll probably want to know how prestigous your present institution really is. Go to:
Happy to hear calm has returned to Buea. God bless Cameroon.

Dr A A Agbormbai


That university classification looks highly skewed and unreliable. Top institutions like Caltech and Cambridge have only humble positions. I can't even remember seeing Imperial College. Besides, the criteria are not included.


Academic rankings of 2004 may help clear some of your doubts.


Webometrics = dubious. The African rankings for example. Something that ranks University of Ibadan way below Yaounde must be something of a joke. What are the criteria?

Roland Ngong

Ethnic posturing, or the NW/SW divide as it is described in some quarters, is one of those convenient excuses, a con game invented and intended to hide the real problem or problems. It is the mother of all smokescreens. Bad toilets, caution fee, lecture halls etc.. have nothing to do with ethnicity.
If you have a case and it is weak on the law, you can focus on the facts. If it is weak on the facts, you can focus on the law. If it is weak on both facts and law,you look for a scapegoat. For instance, you can blame your mum or your teacher, the nkwaman or the graffiman, in fact you can blame just about anyone for your predicament.That, I submit, is the case with this NW/SW thing.It has no basis in law or in fact, so the tendency is to grab the first convenient excuse and let loose vengeance and anger on it. It is cheap, easy and populist.Being born a northwesterner or southwesterner is an act of God. Human influence is insignificant and inconsequential.So why blame anyone for being born anywhere? Populist vociferations do not resolve real problems.Anyone indulging in propagating such a doctrine may score a few marginal and essentially ephemereal points but in the long run, the real problems still come to haunt us all. Governor Ashu tried and for a time was succesful with his "come-no-go" campaign. Now, to put it mildly , he has been relegated to the dustbin of history, where, in my view, he rightfully belongs. Let us deal with the real issues. They have nothing to do with one's birthplace or province of origin.


Hahahahahakikikikihohoho, lol, lmfao and all types of laughter. Boni are you sure someone really ranked the university of Yaounde ahead of that of Ibadan?
I am not sure Boni or if so then the person ranking it will rank his/her small brother ahead of him.
It is so funny to hear that Boni when the University of Yaounde has no Political Science dept,no engineering dept,no veternary medicine dept,not even a coordinated post graduate school,no animal science dept etc etc.
Infact the University of Yaounde is not a complete university.Period


You may want to check the link out for yourself:

It says Unibadan is no 77 in Africa and Uniyao is no 70. I would have thought Ibadan should rank among the top 10-15 universities in Africa. That is why I think that website is dishing out wrong information. It claims to rank most universities in the world.

George Kuma

Ranking criteria is diverse. I also do not see the famous Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with one of the strongest departments of mechanical engineering on earth. Caltech, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford do not come close to faculty strength at RPI.

To a reader in Cameroon, he/she must bear in mind that top western universities have huge budgets that ocasionally exceed the national budgets of some African States, including Cameroon. These schools are ocasionally hosts of national science laboratories with vast Government subventions. There is no fair comparison with African schools.

Geore Kuma

Muma Johnson

Western schools place little emphasis on arts, beyond law and business. Very rare to find a department of geography or history.

These schools are driven by science and engineering. Yaounde I is an arts school and the sciences taught there, excluding medicines, are still sterile because of the underdeveloped industrial base.

Science and engineering drive the industrial base in the West. It is common to find language graduates from Yaounde in the United States and Europe, for example starting to read sciences from scratch, in order to train as nurses and pharmacists.

Above all, brothers and sisters in Cameroon, do not study French at the expense of English. French is a political fix of convenience to the current political rulers who are heavily disadvantaged. French has little or no relevance to aspiring young people and should be dumped.

English remais the King and Queen !! Every non English native in the World is studying English and not French (a local European tongue of no greater significance than Portuguese). Spanish has more reach than French.

Muma Johnson
New York


You make me laugh again with joy and pride.hahahahahohoho, lol. Look here in Germany we find French speaking Cameroonians who are really regreting for not knowing a single word in English. Even here in Germany the Germans respect one when you express yourself in English and even some courses here are being taught exclusively in the Queens toungue. That wise one doesnt need to compulsorily pass German before studying such courses.
There and then you can hear the francophones openly saying English is really important in the world and all....I mean alll are calling the juniors back in Cameroon to take English more seriously.
Muma guess what we normally tell them........
"Bro you people use to abuse us that English is the 'last kontri talk' need knowing it so you people can use French and if not Mbouda french can favour you(them)"
hahahahahahhaha Johnson did I hear you joining me to laugh?

Dr A A Agbormbai

Muma and Massamoyo

Having said that, in Europe (and the UK in particular) speaking one or more European languages (French, German, Italian, or Spanish) in addition to English gives you a distinct advantage in the job market. With the European Union there is a lot of collaborative business going on all over Europe.

I know of one Cameroonian student of mine (from the Western province) who was particularly helped by his bilingualism (as well as my reference) in getting a job in Computing. He has been doing well ever since.


Good exchanges.someone also told me here to learn him english .that shucked me.Knowing french also is good and other languages.We can also promote and develop our own languages and tranform it into one.


Dr. and P its true knowing many laguages improves ones probability to have a good job as well as to interact with many people.
What I and Muma is trying to say here is that the french speaking Cameroonians are like they are coming out from the dark ages after thinking they were Lords with their french.
We are just trying to tell them that no condition is permanent in this world except.....except my grand mom's breasts which are flattened.
One day we shall survive


A shrine at the university? This old lady you guys call Njuema is out of control. I guess the killing of students goes to enhance the capability of what she gets out of what rituals she performs in the shrine. She has aged badly and has such a pathetic attitude for what she gets paid to do. If the shrine has worked in the past, today it is old glory. Could she please invite the Governor and a few more official who won't fire her for piss poor performance to the shrine for a night cap?


Hello Dr agbormbai. I wish to get in touch with you. Can I use the email address on this comment section? Something to do with intellectual communion. I am an avid reader of yr comments. Thanks.

Dr A A Agbormbai


You can use my email address in this forum. That is the reason why it was given.


Dear Muma,
True what U've said about English, but all wrong what U feel about French.
While any language will be useful for some jobs or for some regions, French is the only foreign language that can be useful throughout the whole world. French as a foreign language is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English. It is spoken as an official language in 40 countries (and spoken in 60 others) around the world and is the only language other than English spoken on five continents. Therefore, French and English are the only two global languages.

I will strongly advise that when deciding on a foreign language for work or school, French is the language that will give you the most choices later on in your studies or your career.

French, along with English, is the official working language of:

-The United Nations


-The International Monetary Fund

-The International Labour Bureau

-The International Olympic Committee

-The 31-member Council of Europe

-The European Community
French is one of the official languages of:

-Postal services throughout the world

-The International Red Cross
French is the dominant working language at:

-The European Court of Justice

-The European Tribunal of First Instance

-The European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg

-The Press Room at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium

Please, don't role out French. But coming from New York, I can actaully see your preference for Spanish over French.


The shrine thing maffles me a great deal. I am shocked it took such an important place in the UB strike.My worry is that it appeared as if the shrine had just been built but conversly that shrine has been there.I donot disagree with the existence of such a shrine EXCEPT its orginal purpose has been defeated. By 1996 the University of Buea was seemingly under a spell. Students died like mud fish in a pond and sometimes under very myserious circumstances. Apart from divine intervention, traditional methods we requested and employed. The shrine had been there to keep the area free from evil spirits. This may sound strange to "believers" but quote me such things exist.Libertion is done to the shrine annually to appease the gods thanking them for their custody,this is done even in the bamilike highlands.There is no dennying here that libertion is still being done in the bamenda airport, so the shrine shouldnt have been the focus here.Why was one of the student demands not on removing the shrine? I am sorry that one Dr Mbutum said he has also heard there is a shrine on campus, as if for all his years in UB, he did not drive pass the famouse triangle near the newly built imfimary. This is cheap talk in an expensive situation. There is plenty of vodooism in UB and innocent students could become victims.The shrine is suppose to be a shield.I hope it has since then been so.


The shrine thing might muffle many who are not in the position to know the truth. Its true it was put in place to appease the gods for numerous deaths in those days but the fact in issue is what the njeuma fellow has turned it into. Students cries about the shrine are not fabricated, why did this not come up when the shrine was first put in place? It is crystal clear that njeuma has turned it into something else


It is imperative to know that the strike action has just been suspended for promises have been made to be fullfilled but have not been implemented owing to the fact that some die hard lecturers still insist their courses will not come for resit examinations. They should be aware that any such action will draw the students attention to them particularly and action will be personal

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