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Monday, 30 May 2005


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Heh na wao ooooo


overtake don overtake, overtake.

Ambe Johnson


Washington Post: Thursday, November 18, 2004

Jury Convicts Md. Woman of Enslaving Girl

A federal jury in Prince George's County convicted a Silver Spring woman yesterday of forcing a Cameroonian girl to work as a domestic servant for two years in the late 1990s, beginning when the child was 11.

The woman, Theresa Mubang, 42, beat the girl, Evelyn Chumbow, now 18, with a high-heeled shoe, a metal broom handle, a cable and her fists, according to federal prosecutors and court testimony.

For more on the story see:

Press Release - Attorney General of Virginia - October 1, 2002:

ALEXANDRIA: Another joint investigation involving MFCU, the Alexandria FBI Office, the IRS, DMAS and the Alexandria U.S. Attorney’s Office, resulted in the largest healthcare fraud conviction in Virginia history. Theresa Mubang, the president of Prime Time Medical Transport Inc., a company that provides transportation services to Medicaid recipients, was convicted of fraudulently billing the Virginia Medicaid program $1.4 million. As a result of this investigation, $1.4 million in assets were seized and returned to the Virginia Medicaid program. Mubang was sentenced to 37 months in prison and ordered to repay the Virginia Medicaid program $1.4 million. Mubang was also ordered to pay a fine of $375,000.


Mubang, that's the beginning of your end-time.When will you enjoy your riches!!!!All because of wickedness.I suggest that Theresia's wealth be transferred to the poor 18years-old girl and leave mubang to perish in jail.The wages of sin!!!!You've bitten more than you can chew.Ashia!!!!

Dr A A Agbormbai

A good lesson for everyone engaged in this kind of business!


Cameroonians are not stupid.The lady is brave and tough.

Enoh Roy

She seams to be pretty brave... But she had just shrown part of her braveness into a pit. Any where it sounds really hard, a good lesson to learn sxpecially to those who think they cant get reach by exploiting other people because of their situations, not to talk of children. Well, I was once in such a situation during my youthful age and I faugt my way out. Fortunate for that one that the law in our country does not lay emphasis on this kind of enslavement.

Ajong Michael (Kumba)

Bush fallers,

I hope you have now seen the perils of taking foreign citizenship. Cameroon does not have an extradition treaty with the US, so if Mubang had been Cameroonian, she would have stayed peacefully in Bamenda and "chopped" her money peacefully. However, since she had taken up American nationality (thereby losing her Cameroonian citizenship), all the Government of Cameroon could do was to assist the US apprehend an American criminal, albeit of Cameroonian origin.

So before you take up that foreign citizenship, think it out carefully.


Mr Ajong:
You must be assuming that people would take American citizenship in order to become criminals! If that is not the case, what other disadvantages can you come up with? I guess certain people around the world want to harm Americans. What else?


aahhhhhhhhhh Cameroon.....if you do the crime you do the time

Dr A A Agbormbai

Ajong Michael

You seem to be condoning the crime!


you guy are sliding your libs .But when the bush fallers come home and are spreying the money ,none of you refuse to drink or eat it .you don't even bother they get the money.So stop the nasty noise


What ever be the case, I salute her braveness! She too tough! Where she blundered is having returned so soon to Cameroon. How could she live in US that long but still ignore America’s intelligentsia potentials? She had better remained in Ghana and traffic every docky she had “since she’s a pioneer in the issue”. I may regret only the fact her crime is related to a compatriot, had it been to a white it would have been a jubilation, for the whites owe us much. Let people say I’m racist. What next? Damn!Ashia Ma MUBANG!!

Dr A A Agbormbai

Please, stop praising a criminal!


Mubangs have been noted for stealing. This is a crime family. Elizabeth Mubang and husband were involved in same business and got in trouble with the law, Same with the sister in Delaware Margaret Mubang Awamukala she too was indicted by the law together with husband John. Joe Mubang and the doctor John Mubang all are in the mess. I think they are a crime family. Their brother died in jail in the US and was buried like a dog. It is interesting how people can join to cheat the government and it is alright. I am happy that she got caught this particular Mubang has been a thieve for a very long time and now things are coming out. The US is a country that appears to be lenient but don't be fooled. I would want everyone in Bamenda to examine how Pa Mubang came by his money. Why was he so deep in the catholic church. The church should be careful how it interacts with so call rich Parishioners. I know times are hard but church watch out! Again Margaret Mubang opened a nursing assistant ( the equivalent of ward maid in Cameroon) school in Delaware and guess what the state closed it because she was stealing from the state. The husband who used to be a big shot in Dupont Company sells in a clothing store. How low! this is an upright man who has been dragged in to the Mubang crime family. Cameroonians used to be honest what happened


Ever..If the bush fallers themself dont bother how they get their money (such as Ma Mubang) how do u expect others to bother?


"Bushfallers" is a stereotype word created by jealous people. What do you call people who have emigrated and have no further use for Cameroon. They do not return, they don't send money, they don't communicate with other Cameroonians even abroad. Yes, there are such people. With the jealous attitudes and rotten country, I do not blame them at all.


Goodluck miss road. Let her serve her time. Its too latet o teach her a lesson. God will teach her the lesson later.



That´s just the start


MORE ON THE MUBANG FAMILY (cursed or unlucky?):

Psychologist on deadbeat dad list bagged
By Jules Crittenden
Wednesday, May 5, 2004

A Harvard-trained psychologist from Cameroon is the latest alleged deadbeat dad bagged out-of-state with a past due child-support bill of more than $100,000. Joseph Mubang, also known as Joseph Mubang Forbinya, 45, was arrested in Virginia, after a tip and a records check...
Tuesday, May 4, 2004 2:52 PM

Man on state's most-wanted deadbeat parent list arrested in Va.

(Boston - AP) — Cross another alleged "deadbeat dad" off the state's most wanted list.

The Department of Revenue says 45-year-old Joseph Mubang has been arrested in Virginia.

Officials say he owes 103,000 dollars in unpaid child support for his 14-year-old son, who lives in Boston.

DOR spokesman Tim Connolly says Mubang was living under an alias in Vienna, Virginia, near Washington DC.

A speeding ticket in February alerted authorities to his whereabouts and he was arrested.

Connolly was also arrested in 1997, but the case was dismissed after he made payments.

Connolly says Mubang again stopped paying at the end of 2001.

(Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)


kai... impossible n'est pas CAMEROUNAISE!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa

Cameroon o'boso! we need people like dis to kick biya out of etoudi! lol

that crime na small matter for pays. she did the usual thing in the wrong place lol


I tire life!


ohh,Mrs Mabung.Well,that is a crime and she has to pay for it eventhough I personally find the punishment big.
A word to those talking about bushfallers,in Cameroon crimes are committed,even worse.But we let them go with little or no punishment.
Those who are jealous about bush fallers,can you even tell me why someone should go to Europe and work for you?
Eventhough I am poor here in Cameroon,I dont think its an obligation for someone to go abroad and work for you.
Anyway,jealous people,don´t go off topic and accuse bushfallers,lets always try to concentrate on a news item please
G.B.H.S Limbe

charles Taku

I am concerned that no matter the nature of the crimes alleged, there ought to have been some form of due process in a Cameroonian Court.
The US herself has in the past resorted to this procedure against several Nigerian drug barons and other criminals in Nigerian courts.
The Rwandese government resorted to the institution of extradition proceedings against colonel Bagosora and several Rwandese citizens who sought refuge in Cameroon in the aftermath of the April 1994 massacres.
This surender of national soverignty over a citizen or even an alien on Cameroonian national territory shows that no government exists in Cameroon.
The rule of law and due process are fundamental human rights recogized by civilised countries the world over
I am afraid that if this trend is encouraged, abduction for any purpose whatsover will become the order of the day in Cameroon.
Contray to what some dreamers may think, it has been held in the case of Albert Mukong against Cameroon by the UN Human Rights Commission that no mecanism for redress for persistent abuse of human rights in Cameroon.
This is surely a proper case for the victim and her family to pursue the Cameroon government for adequate reddress and compensation so as to discourage this emerging trend.
the US supreme court has endorsed the right of the US to use this method to hold accountable violators of American laws.The South African Supreme Court has held to the contrary, also the house of Lords in Britain.
I do not by this view encourage crime in any form. I am just concerned about the rule of law and due process and its impact in a country where the US state department has held to be one of the worst violators of human rights in the continent.
This action gives this oppressive regime a free hand to violate the rights of its citizens with impunity since there will never be due process.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Charles Taku

Good point!


That was pretty good from B Charles Taku.WE could not wonder if it is Cameroun.Cameroun Authority itself is abducting people from Ambazonia her colony and frog-marched them to Yd'e were they are given a travesty trial emanating from trump charges.It is utterly against Fourth Geneva Convention.These dou are reputed for violating international law flagrantly again,and again.


Well it is but Normal, this is what the useless regime of Biya Pushes our citizens to. I quote " A very Bard Criminal would have been a very Good Citizen if he/she was given a positve orientation from childhood like good basic education." when students are killed no one goes to school. When you "tie heart" to go, teachers are on strike now, what option? u are hungry for example. Do not blame her it is from The Government system we have. It is same like paul Biya. Do we remember a Presidential plane of the republic of Cameroon was once held in the usa for carrying "Cocaine" drugs? The HEAD of STATE, HEAD OF SUPREME MAGISTRACY, COMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES, FON OF FONS, TANYI, LION MAN, ZERO MORT, WHAT HAVE YOU? IS NUMBER ONE CRIMINAL. Bush is UNJUST if he sent CIA to Cameroon it should be for the LION MAN,(PAUL BIYA AND CHANTAL BIYA IF THERE IS SPACE IN THE CRAFT ADD NJEUMA, NGOH ETC). He just pluged a branch (Mubang) from the Giant tree. the seeds are still germination and the fruits spreading, very soon it will be a cameroonian has eaten the flesh of another fellow brother just to survive, oh Cameroon, POOREST oil producing country in the world and even if there was another place apart from the world it will still be POOREST. The South West Province with 65% GDP and no single Road, We Anglophones always best in GCE EXAMS UNIVERSITY and never appointed into position of responsibility. Our National Logo is either the Fire, For destruction of Anglophones and a Lion to eat the ravished Anglophones. Brothers do not blame us Bushfallers we take off because there is no hope and we leave really battered that we have just one prayer, "DON'T ALLOW US SAVIOUR TO GO BACK EMPTY HANDED"

ERNESTO, Salut les gars


Well it is but Normal, this is what the useless regime of Biya Pushes our citizens to. I quote " A very Bard Criminal would have been a very Good Citizen if he/she was given a positve orientation from childhood like good basic education." when students are killed no one goes to school. When you "tie heart" to go, teachers are on strike now, what option? u are hungry for example. Do not blame her it is from The Government system we have. It is same like paul Biya. Do we remember a Presidential plane of the republic of Cameroon was once held in the usa for carrying "Cocaine" drugs? The HEAD of STATE, HEAD OF SUPREME MAGISTRACY, COMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES, FON OF FONS, TANYI, LION MAN, ZERO MORT, WHAT HAVE YOU? IS NUMBER ONE CRIMINAL. Bush is UNJUST if he sent CIA to Cameroon it should be for the LION MAN,(PAUL BIYA AND CHANTAL BIYA IF THERE IS SPACE IN THE CRAFT ADD NJEUMA, NGOH ETC). He just pluged a branch (Mubang) from the Giant tree. the seeds are still germination and the fruits spreading, very soon it will be a cameroonian has eaten the flesh of another fellow brother just to survive, oh Cameroon, POOREST oil producing country in the world and even if there was another place apart from the world it will still be POOREST. The South West Province with 65% GDP and no single Road, We Anglophones always best in GCE EXAMS UNIVERSITY and never appointed into position of responsibility. Our National Logo is either the Fire, For destruction of Anglophones and a Lion to eat the ravished Anglophones. Brothers do not blame Bushfallers we leave because there is no hope and we leave really battered and we have just one prayer, "DON'T ALLOW US SAVIOUR TO GO BACK EMPTY HANDED"

ERNESTO, Salut les gars

Dr Wiliams

It is unfortunate that the territorial intergrity of a sovereign state like Cameroon can be so brazenly breached without the so called government giving a toss! Mubang is a Cameroonian by birth. Even if she has a piece of paper which says she is an American,
the government of Cameroon owes her a duty to let an extradition case be heard in a law court in Cameroon before she is deported to America! This is what happens all over the world, particularly where there is no bilateral extradition treaty. To my knowledge, none exists between Cameroon and America.
The fact that a "covertly" open CIA operation can be allowed to take place in Cameroon makes me agree with the appelation which America refers to a "country" like Cameroon. "banana republic" or "rogue state".
In any stretch of the imagination, this action by the Cameroonian authorities is enough cause for the President and all his Ministers to resign or be booted out!

I regret being born in a country which is ruled by a bunch of nonsensical baboons!!!

R DeSouza

Before rushing to blame the Cameroon government for playing 'messenger' to the US (which of course is done most of the time), let us examine these particular circumstances closely. Cameroon is a signatory and participating country of Interpol, and therefore has to collaborate in extradition of criminals if conditions based on international treaties to that respect are met. (cf In this issue, I think Madam Mubang is a fugitive who deserves to be returned to jail to duely serve her sentence. She does not meet any condition for refusal of extradition by the Cameroon government.

Even if we don't jail criminals in Cameroon, some countries do! And by the way, she deserves to be jailed for her foolishness. How can you escape from prison and go to your home town? Where is the first place any police force would start looking for a fugitive?


Biya has nothing to do with this issue. You learn values from home (parents). In cameroon people steal, cheat all because there is no accountability to the prisident or to its people. Cameroon need transparency. Ministers need to declare their platform and in 2 yrs during their term, each outline what they have achieved and how the people have benefited. Forexample, whoever brought about the telephone boots and made phones so accessible to all. That is an achievement..


Mr DeSouza, you are one of the few people who make sense here. It is unfortunate that some people are so much against our Gov't that they would foolishly support such a criminal. This lady was born in Cameroon who lost that citizenship when she went down to an immigration office, or SS office, raised her right hand, and sworn to respect the laws and values of America. She committed a serious crime which may not seems as such a big deal in our unfortunate country (Cameroon) where lawlessness and unaccountability reigns, but it is indeed a very big deal in America to 1) committ such a massive fraud against a gov't institution which was setup to provide health support for the people who need this help (mostly elderly people, children and expectant mothers). More over, this crime is not just against the state of Virginia, but against everyone who works and pays for medicaid in the state of Virginia. Not only should this woman pay back the money, but she should go to jail for at least 10 years where she can reflect on how such thievery eventually leads to the crippling of our society. This is an example of how one person's "langa" can affect the whole community. If we would only enforce our laws in Cameroon, people like these back home would be behind bars for eternity. Her other offence of enslaving and abusing a young woman is also very serious. Unfortunately, only people who have experienced such situations can truely know how inhumane it is. We need to stop condoning such behaviour. Anyone who brings cousins, and neices to the US to babysit their numerous and badly raised American children is committing a felony. These young women most often are not allowed to go to school or get jobs because of the fear that they will become independant and leave. The fact that usually their "docky" is not straight means that they can not go to the authorities to report violence and sexual abuse for fear that they would be deported. If we all started to take a closer look at what goes on arround us maybe we can prevent such crimes. People like these should go to jail and receive the harshest allowable sentence. I don't see any reason why the Cameroon gov't should not speedily extradite a US fugitive.


Nkuta, you are right. Barrister Taku I beleive you do not know the whole story of Ms. Mubang and her operations. She is an American citizen who is a fugitive. For your information if any one in the US disregards the law they are hunted down to send a message. I do not think an experienced crook like her should be allowed in a naive country like Cameroun. What would be her next step trafficking cocain or killing for money. This is a dangerous ruthless woman who has cheated the poor in this country. She should roast in hell. I do not respect thieves and I am happy Cameroun government cooperated with the Americans. I live here and would not like people like Ms Mubang to cast dout on my hard work. She is a thieve, she deserves to be in jail. Barrister Taku do you want her as a client too late now. I guess you do not want to be paid with stolen money or you want her ass which you big shots in Cameroun love to do. Too bad the ass belongs in jail. Work on something else Ms. Mubang is a thieve let her serve her time. Due process does not work for a fugitive like Ms. Mubang. Let her serve her time and let the rest learn a lesson

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Lets not fall into the trap of finding excuses for criminals and crime. The mubangs could have learnt from their father's hardwork. He founded a school which generated the funds for their education. despite all the wealth they have accumulated from theft, none has gone into improving or making the school any better than what their father built. Biya has nothing to do with such repugnant behavior. A thief is a thief and the Mubangs family is making a good effort to be known as a family of thieves. With or without Biya's coming to power, they will have still become criminals.


It is surprising that people like Devilmaycry,Alen,Dr A.A.Agbormbai,Ajong Michael,Boni,with a host of other commentators,need to be banned from posting wrong ideologies to the people.Why do you always forget the problem atstake in this matter and go out of topic!Why do you always like condemning BUSHFALLERS!What crime has Mrs Mubang committed to merit such punishment?Don't be a scape goat who wanted to go to bed with the mother.When you point at someone four fingers point at you.There are far more heavier crimes committed there in Cameroon that needs to be redressed:Human Rights abuse is a canker worm in Cameroon.Many parents,uncles,aunts suffer their children,nephews,and nieces.The number one person is Popol Etoudi who needs to be given even death sentence.His crimes far out weights that of miss Mumbang who helped to remove her family from poverty and hunger...yet her crime is "forcing a Cameroonian girl to work as a domestic servant for two years.....when the child was 11"

and that she "beat the girl, Evelyn Chumbow, now 18, with a high-heeled shoe, a metal broom handle, a cable and her fists, according to federal prosecutors and court testimony".Go to Kondengui and take a look at Peter or James who stole a chicken to eat.Go to New Bell and see the poor living condition of those who were arrested for political reasons yet we sit and speak of BUSHFALLERS.I think we should imprison all those parents,uncles and aunts too for life jails for their crimes against innocent children.Please lets face realities I left the country for fear of persecution just for my SCNC opinion but I prefare to wash dishes here and have the salary of a high ranking civil servant in Cameroon.I thank my uncle instead for giving me the visa though I was in similar situation but I couldn't take him to court.People let's be realistic.....if it was in Cameroon do you think she would have had upto this sentence?If the answer is YES then today sue all the parents,uncles in Cameroon now!!


Hello Kiki-USA:
Ms Mubang broke US law. Let her answer for it. Nothing to do with the dysfunction in Cameroun. And you are right, parents in Cameroun should not maltreat their kids or other people's kids, and I hope someday Cameroun catches up. Meanwhile, let people learn what it means when a country is serious about upholding its laws. Why should our poor people in Bamenda be hosts to a potentially dangerous criminal. Let America take care of its mess.


People have enslaved relatives other peoples children before. The practice is wrong. You cannot subject children to conditions you would not allow your own children to live in. Ms. Mubang I would say again is too sophisticated for Cameroon society. Given enough time in Cameroon and the money she stole she would have become the head of a mafia crime family. Given the way Cameroun is corrupt she would make life impossible for the feeble in Bamenda and who knows where. This is a dangerous woman. She has the DNA of crime embedded in her genes. She is a sociopath and a psychopath. May be the American society would contain such a dangerous person. Imagine someone like her running a drug ring in Cameroun or human trafficking. This is some one worth writing a criminal thesis on. The Mubangino Family mafia in America. A few months in the ghettos of Italy or New York york would have fine tune her modus operandi.

Mola Ejoke

17 years is too much for that crime I gess there is more to that case. The problem I mola have with Mrs. Mubang is that she was hartless to that child knowing very well that that child had no body else in that part of the world (not good atall) All of us do ponish children but not to that extend. she must remember that all of us have been children some have younger one's and some have their own children(wonder if she have one) The are so many ways to ponish a child not by that her own crude method.
Pray she will change for the better when she is out.


As one of his last acts in office, Bill Clinton pardoned a multi-millionaire convicted felon who fled from justice in New York and lived happily in Switzerland. Dred Scott was a slave who ran from his master to freedom in another state. The US Supreme Court in an infamous decision ruled that the black man had no rights that the whiteman was bound to respect. Dred Scott was sent back into slavery. Blacks were considered as property back then. Things have changed somewhat for African-Americans. Even within the USA, extradition hearings are held before criminals are exchanged between states. I agree that Ms. Mubang's Due Process rights guaranteed under the constitution of the United States have been violated.
As for her crime, Jesus said whoever messes with children would be better off with a stone tied around their neck and tossed into the sea. In Cameroon, the food and service you receive in large towns may have been prepared and rendered with slave labor.

mbonde ivo

keeping bushfalling issues out of this, this lady committed a serious offence here in the states and she had to be fetched at all cost. she should've been old enough to understand that no one messes with america's funds and goes scott free, and besides human rights violation is a terrible crime here. maybe she never also understood the implications by renouncing her cameroonian citizenship and swearing to SERVE, ABIDE, AND PROTECT THE INTEREST OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. some may say it's paper work, but it's a serious bussiness with great implications in a developed nation like this. the cameroonian gov't on the other hand acted in a mannerly way by helping to sought her out. i can say with absolute sincerity that this is an act of justice cameroon has done that deserves an applause for once in a life time. this is the truth and nothing can change it. it's either we learn to hit the hammer of justice on the heads of criminals irrespective of whether they're our fellow citizens, tribesmen, or whatsoever, or remain blinded with corruption and ills.

mbonde ivo,
seattle, washington,
united states.

Dr A A Agbormbai


You can make your point without insulting Barrister Taku. Please, can we all confine our remarks only to the constructive aspects?

Dr A A Agbormbai


You sound like a criminal yourself, who is yet to be caught. If you were a person of principle you would realise that a crime is a crime (no matter how small or large) and must be punished.

The unpunished crimes in Cameroon are no justification for condoning another crime.

The crime of enslavement, which is widely practised in Cameroon yet goes unpunished, is a most serious crime - even more serious than the crime of financial embezzlement.

It is a microcosm of the larger slave trade for which Americans went to war, in order to put an end to. Enslavement psychologically dements a victim making him feel subhuman or second class - it is a restriction of the person's freedom to unacceptable proportions. Anyone who has experienced this would tell you that it is worse than death.

So please don't use one crime to justify another!


Many of you people have made some very provocative analysis and remarks regarding the Mubang's case. In fact, some of you even fall short of putting all “Bush fallers” in the same category as the Mubang’s. Well, beginning with the case of the little girl who is allege to have been enslaved, it is clear to anyone who has lived or lives in the US to see double standards that reflects the American society and Constitution. Should Africans now go back and ask America and Europe to pay for all damages that were caused in the days of slavery? America is guilty of the same crime they have charged Mrs. Mubang. Secondly, those of us who see Mrs. Mubang’s act as a crime may need to talk to our parents or grandparent about this long-standing tradition of taking a child from a poor family to help in a well to do home as house cleaner. Honestly speaking they will confirm that most children who were subjected to this life style ended up being very successful people in the society. I know things have changed, but are we getting any better in Cameroon. As we speak if you visit, the Ministers and Directors including Chiefs of Services, a good percentage of them have extended families or relatives living with them; who are subjected to the same circumstances and may equally fall under the slave category. I am surprised that even some of us who live in the US fail to understand that “live in” (when you go and live with another family in order to take care of either a handicap, sick, child, and or elderly who can not do or perform their daily living activities.) is tagged with some elements of slavery. All these activities are seen in the American society, but because of the double standards, some people by virtue of color and origin become victims that America must use to highlight its statue. If you are objective and know America like I do, then you will actually see that the picture that was painted against the Slavery charges do not make any sense. It is part of our culture in Cameroon, to help bring up the disadvantaged in exchange for domestic activities.
People have dressed Mubang’s family in all seizes of robes, but generally I think most of it is pure jealousy. Look, my friends’ stealing is a profession but don't get caught. If caught, it is simple. “ pay the price”. I do not really, care about what people say. If you make yourself banana monkeys will sure make a fiesta out of you. For one Cameroon is a lawless Country. What have we done to Ministers who have embezzled public funds and still live in Cameroon without any question from the Government? The Ministers do not even use the money to develop the Country in any way. This poor woman was even trying to reopen the defunct school his father used to operate, which will in turn benefit Cameroonian to an extent. If the American Government wants to show or prove, their judicial might let them go to Saudi Arabia arrest OSAMA, bring him to justice or make ENRON and HALLIBURTON pay for defrauding the American taxpayers. Our judicial system in Cameroon is terribly flawed and handicap. Our Government is pregnant with corruption so much, so that the American Government sees no need to follow due process under the law as it is well enumerated in Article 14 section 1 of the American constitution. Although the legal ramifications in the extradition treaty between Cameroon and America are ambiguous and unclear, we should first try to examine our own legal system and how it operates. If your own Government can arrest you with no probable cause and throw you in jail for the rest of you life, what makes you think that they can question any government, who walks in to the Country to pick up a fugitive irrespective of his nationality? It is very unfortunate that some of us do not realize or see the dangers our own Government has bestowed upon us. Cameroonians used to be good people, but the system has made then despicable. We have become bush fallers with no plans of coming back to meet the same government who striped us off our Civil Liberties.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Mbianda Denis,

You wrote:

"I am surprised that even some of us who live in the US fail to understand that “live in” (when you go and live with another family in order to take care of either a handicap, sick, child, and or elderly who can not do or perform their daily living activities.) is tagged with some elements of slavery. All these activities are seen in the American society, but because of the double standards, some people by virtue of color and origin become victims that America must use to highlight its statue. If you are objective and know America like I do, then you will actually see that the picture that was painted against the Slavery charges do not make any sense. It is part of our culture in Cameroon, to help bring up the disadvantaged in exchange for domestic activities".

In this quotation you are equating 'slavery' to 'living in' with some superior, regardless of the purpose or the way the subordinate was treated. I think you have got your arguments muddled up somewhere.

Slavery equates to the abuse, exploitation, and animal-like treatment that a subordinate gets when living and working for a superior. The superior takes advantage of the subordinate, severely restricts his freedom, dehumanises him, and makes him feel very inferior especially when compared to the superior's own children or kins.

You can live and work for your uncle without being treated as a slave! When this works out no one can tell the difference between you and your uncle's kids.

But if most people who visit your home can see that you are the fool of your uncle's house, the person whom all your uncle's kids can spit on and kick about as they like, the person who takes all the blame when things go wrong, the person whom all visitors can insult without your uncle doing something about it, the person who does all the dirty work at home while your uncle's kids can show off their high life, or the person who eats from the remains of your uncle's family, then you are a slave! This is what your uncle must serve a long prison sentence for.

You also said that: "It is part of our culture in Cameroon, to help bring up the disadvantaged in exchange for domestic activities".

You must be naive to think that whenever an aunt asks a disadvantage nephew to live with her and help her domestically in return for sponsoring him and making a man out of him, this always works out as the aunt promised. These slave masters and mistresses tend to be wolves in sheep's clothing. They come with a smile and big promises and, once they have got their way, the wolves or tigers in them begin to show through.

You also wrote: "Look, my friends’ stealing is a profession but don't get caught".

Shame, for this to come from you! You are encouraging people to steal as a profession. Would you then call yourself a model citizen? Please, think carefully!


Dr. Agbormbai, thanks for your excellent synopsis of a problem with the African psyche which I think is at the core of all the problems that Africa has today. Essentially, it is this notion of hanging on to medieval values termed "our culture" which are totally incompatible with living a fulfilled life in the 21st century.

A lot of what we call "our culture" today will be very familiar to Europeans 300 years ago. What is different between Europe and Africa today is that, Europe moved on from those values, Africa hasn't for reasons too complex to delve into here. We cannot have our cake and eat want to enjoy the best opportunities of what the 21st century world has to offer you got to lose the 17th century values. Otherwise, you are caught in a time warp with a schizophrenic sort of existence, struggling to cope with the 21st century using 17th century intellect.

You also finished you commentary perfectly with the urge to think. That is something a lot of us Africans, if you pardon the pun, do not think a lot about. We got to think, think, think and think about our values. Blind acceptance of "our culture" might be very convenient, but it is not a recipe for a fulfilling life in the 21st century. The consequence of "our culture" is everywhere in Africa for all to see.


The gov't itself is not save and cannot save anyone.


Mbianda, stealing is not a profession nor a trade. Could you tell me one institution that turns out thieves as professionals. I believe some of us are confused as to what a profession is. you can support the actions of Ms. Mubang without giving it a save title like profession. If Ms Mubang was a doctor or a banker would you trust her? I understand your emotions but an honest person who does have shame and intergrity would not dare call stealing a profession. May be she was going to open a school for thieves eventually and make you one of the professors.

Secondly Dr. A A my comments on Barrister Taku was for laughter. Are you interested in Ms Mubang also. Too late now.

Court ney Eko

As thick as thieves indeed! She comes right back home ,does not go underground and thinks she has beaten the system.I wonder who it was who did the billings for her before submission for payment?! She made it too easy for her captors.Thieves are indeed thick.Chickens always come home to roost.


sister Terry na waho, ashia, no forget for take your bible when you go. Salute Kavin Nanji for me. Una like fot treat people them pekin like them no be pekin. I sorry for you, but you deserve watin you get. I hope plenty people go learn from this.

Ambe Johnson

Convicted woman is returned to U.S.

By Matthew Dolan (Baltimore Sun)

Silver Spring resident was found guilty of forcing girl into servitude

Originally published June 2, 2005

A Maryland woman who fled to Cameroon after being convicted last year for her role in the forced detention of an 11-year-old girl has been expelled from her native African country and returned to the United States to serve the prison sentence she skipped out on, federal officials announced yesterday.

Theresa Mubang, 42, a naturalized U.S. citizen, was returned to the United States on Saturday after being detained in Cameroon last week. Last year, a federal jury in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt convicted Mubang of involuntary servitude and harboring an illegal alien for financial gain.

The Silver Spring woman had been allowed to await her sentencing hearing at home to care for her children. She removed her electronic monitoring device and fled.

On Feb. 28, Mubang was sentenced in absentia to 17 1/2 years in prison and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution to the victim, who is now 18. "This case shows that human trafficking remains a 21st-century crime," Marcy Forman, director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Office of Investigations, said in a statement.

Because the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Cameroon, Mubang's return required cooperation between the countries.

Prosecutors said Mubang used a false passport in 1996 to bring Evelyn Chumbow from Cameroon into the United States. Mubang told Chumbow's family that the child would receive a better life and an education in American schools.

Instead, according to court testimony, Mubang cut off communication between Chumbow and her family, and forced the child to work as a cook and maid in Mubang's home. Mubang forbade Chumbow to attend school or make friends with other children. She used a high-heeled shoe, a metal broom handle, a cable TV wire and her fists to beat the child, according to court testimony.

Chumbow escaped the Mubang home while Mubang attended a conference, prosecutors said

John Ekema

Hi Charles Taku:

We can make a supposition that the law enforcement officials were executing an arrest warrant presumably against an American citizen who is a convicted felon and a fugitive from justice. There is, therefore, due process in this matter. The Attorney General (sic)implicitly recognized this fact by acknowledging the letter from the US Embassy.

I think the Nigerian and Rwandese situations are distinguashable from the Mubang case. The drug barons being Nigerians, their government could not extradite them to the USA without a Court order. Because Cameroon does not recognise dual nationality, Mubang has renounced her Cameroonian citizenship once she becomes an American national. As a result the USA is better placed than the Cameroon government to deal with her nationals. However, irrespective of nationality each individual is entitled to human rights protections.

In the case of the Rwandese, these persons were perpetrators of genocide. This is a far more serious crime than that committed by Ms. Mubang. The international community was observing whatever measures Cameroon was going to take in the matter. It was, therefore, important for a semblance of due process to be used especially because the Rwandese had powerful friends in the circles of power in Yaounde.

It was not so much a situation of "surrender of sovereignty", rather the walls of sovereignty are coming down. This case demonstrates this evolution in International Law.

Further, the case of Late Albert Mukong(RIP)against the Cameroon government was before the treaty based Human Rights Committee and not before the Charter based UN Human Rights Commission. These bodies are different and you should not confuse them.

If indeed Ms. Mubang is a US citizen who has been arrested under circumstances the media has informed us about, she has no cause of action.

Note also that it is because the walls of sovereignty are becoming lower that enables the US government to issue annual human rights country reports. These reports, inter alia, serve to orientate American foreign aid policies to support countries that promote and protect human rights.

Let us not forget that the US is also accused of violating human rights especially within the context of the fight against terror. The Abu Gharib scandals and the Guantanamo Bay detention centre bear testimony to this assertion. Presently, the Amnesty International report accuses the US of being a perpetrator of human rights violations. Of course the US government through the President, Vice President, Defense Secretary and other government officials are dismissive of the Amnesty report. Cameroon and the US are all countries engaging in human rights violations albeit to varying degrees. This is certainly a vicious circle.

John Ekema


Slave-keeper returned to U.S.


A naturalized U.S. citizen from Cameroon who fled last year to her home country after being convicted in Maryland of enslaving an 11-year-old girl has been returned to the United States to serve a 17-year prison sentence.
Theresa Mubang, 42, was returned Saturday after being detained in Cameroon at the request of the U.S. government, said Manny Van Pelt, spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
"Cooperation between Cameroon and the United States has ensured Mubang will serve the prison term she earned," said Marcy Forman, who heads ICE's Office of Investigations.

A federal jury in Maryland convicted Mubang in November of involuntary servitude and harboring an illegal alien for financial gain. She fled shortly after her conviction.
Mubang was sentenced in absentia Feb. 28 to 17½ years in prison and ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution to the victim, Evelyn Chumbow, who was 11 in 1996 when Mubang illegally brought her from Cameroon to the United States.
Mr. Van Pelt said Mubang's return was coordinated through the U.S. Embassy in Cameroon, and the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service.
Before sentencing, Mubang said she had to care for her children, and a federal judge released her on the condition that she wear an electronic home-detention device, Mr. Van Pelt said. She removed the device and fled to Cameroon, leaving her children in the care of her severely mentally handicapped brother.


Could you compare the little girl's life in Cameroon and the USA... maybe in the future she can become Magdalene Ulbright (refugee from Yugoslavia who knows... No one will remember how ahe got to the US. Cameroonians, be very careful who you help to climb up, for those same people will help you climb down... I hate to say this, but compare the girl's life in CAM and US, only then can you make a ratonal conclusion... Poor Mubang, I could have located you in your parent's house which know prior investigative knowledge.

The courts are not always right...



John Holt said:"The test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do". Ms. Mubang felt to apply this basis knowledge and put herself in the deep hot trouble water. How she will survive in today's USA, I don't know but I wish her well. I will not have such behavoir, knowing the context our daily life is here in USA. What she did, it is similar as FEYMENIA, new Cameroon, as a cameroonian born and citizen that is A BIG SHAME. Time for those like her to learn that: When you surender your national citizenship you better respect the essence of Law in your new Country, the rule of law and due process are fundamental in our civil world.
J'espere que beaucoup de gens apprendront pour cet acte a respecter les lois des pays hote. Je n'ai rien contre Melle Theresia Mubang mais je suis tres decu de son comportement "beliqueu" si l'expression m'est permise. Ne soyez pas surpris qu'il y a beaucoup comme elle la dehors qui jour apres jour detruisent l'image et la moralite de tout camerounais.

Benevoi/Silver Spring/Maryland-USA

Nameless face

I was a victim of child abuse to a lesser extent than was alleged in the Mubang case. It took more than a decade to regain my perception of dignity. My attitude and self-confidence are still bearing the scars of a a couple of years of this abuse. I am a doctor with a gross anual salary in excess of $500.000. I have many good things going, but I will always have the one bad thing - the pain of being violated.

There is no life greater than another. We are all simply and fundamentally human, and as civilized humans we have the obligation to safeguard the fundamental liberties of each other.

Please don't be desensitized to the crime of child abuse because it is not being prosecuted in Cameroon. Short of taking away the life of a child, the worst thing is to take away his/her dignity. Entire nations have been progressively desensitized, and in them we have seen the worst treatment of man by man; e.g. Nazi Germany and the holocaust, the genocide of the natives in America, genocides in Rwanda, etc.
If you would like to live in liberty, then you must fight even for the liberty of your enemies. Start by protecting the children you see every day. You don't have to be Malcom or Mandela to bring change, although to the child you save, you will be greater than Malcom and Mandela. Why don't you start right now in your little corner of the world? When we are all done in little corners, wouldn't it already be a better world?


The face without a name.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Nameless face,

The psychological effects of child abuse can be so severe that when the child grows up he/she can live like a living dead - deep inferiority complex, mental instability, clumsiness, and a general downward spiral.

Some people cope by taking it back on society as different grades of criminals - how many times have you heard on British and American TV how the backgrounds of major criminals have involved periods in which they were abused as children?

The greater the amount of abuse the more courage it takes to work yourself over it in later life, and even then the symptoms never seem to go away completely!

The world is not very kind to people who were abused or enslaved as kids. I am glad you were able to overcome your plight sufficiently to become so successful.


I am happy a few sane people can stand up and describe abuse. There is a distinction between culture and abuse. If a child who is beaten mercilessly in Cameroon that is our culture, pepper put in the eyes and genitals that is our culture, sexually molested house girls that is our culture, suggestive language like "My woman" that is our culture, touching teenage girls breast, that is our culture, sleeping with your late brother's wife that is our culture, disvirgining young innocent girls that is our culture. You know what, we have to think what is culture and what is a cop out when there is abuse. Please do not allow abuse to be masked by the blanket word culture. Culture does not hurt does not leave emotional and physical scares, does not regard people as second or third class citizens. Have you asked yourselves why abuse is never addressed in our Country especially when is coming from the rich and powerful. Please treat your children other people's children, relatives and the helpless with respect and love. All humans need love and validation. The evil that men do live after them. What did Pa Mubang do to die and things like this are happening. No disrespect for the late man but some one needs to look closely at this family. Why steal when you were raised in wealth. Why enslave any one when you where not enslaved. This was a Godly family. After they stole they go infront of God for forgieness. why was Teresa in church that morning. Who was she praying to God or Satan. It is interesting how people play with God. Well God is just and fair,he handed her to the right place to settle her sins then she can serve him better.


Hi Charles (Mr. Taku),
I am glad that you are thinking about the fundamental liberties of the criminal. Even as a criminal (convicted), she must not be alienated from her fundamental liberties. Your argument, however; fails to show me how her rights were violated.
It is amazing to me though that you didn't mention the rights of the victim. You seem to have the mentality of a criminal defence attorney. Lets keep it real. Defend the weak and you will be stronger.


Aunty Laa

Hey girl! what'z up with the doh? Any remains?

Paddy man

I se i don hear wanderfull, from mami to papa down to all pikine them thief ppipo,this one na wahalau.Mami you for come so for Bamenda you go see da big big papa them the cut you small thing for your bag, da pipo for come so you pass for them corner them no di see you.

Sama Anthony

Its not a matter of bush faller. She is a wicked lady.It happens everywhere even in Cameroon some people do maltreat their house servants.

Stop pointing fingers at bush fallers.


massa wonders shall never end i lack words,a good leason for all criminals who thing God will cover them,may GOD help the intepol to discover thoes still hiding in our cameroon goverment,if all criminals are brouth to the light stealing and enslavemen will come to an end,GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY
J_LO Bamenda


Nico: That is a valid point. No one has mentioned the victim. No body should be above the law. Think of a situation where Ms. Mubang had her way she would enslave the weak, the poor, and the hadicapped. If she can leave her children in the care of her hadicapped brother then she is to be feared. I do not want to beleive she did that but if she did that is another case of abuse. Her children should be taken away because she portrays the characteristics of an unfit mother. I still have my doubts on that information. My advice is for them to think as a family come clean and star afresh. God would protect them if they are honest with society this time.

Mola Ejoke

Let’s be real here mola, I have not head any talk about the husband? Is there any man in this family? If yes then this questions, where, who, how, what, when have to be asked. If there is a husband in this family is he a man or has she transformed him to houseboy too? mola tell me if this woman will think about anything else than money and her personal self. she is hartless even to her own biological kids, Mola this kind woman no fit keep husband o. Mola you have to know that one new screw-up fuckup all ninety nine old good days.

Keats Labule

Let's us not rejoice on somebody's problem, let's pray for the family.The world is round.


Dr. A A Agbormbai there is no instance where I hailed Mrs. Mubang neither do I conform to her actions. However, you do not expect all Cameroonian Citizens to be role models. If she chooses to be what she is, let her bear the consequences of the lifestyle she has chosen. I wonder if you have children. If yes then be the role model that you are to them and let all of them come out to be role models in Manyu. Let us not be judges, because your own closet harbors dirty laundries. Let us not sit behind our keyboards, and pretend to be saints. Back home we believe that beating a child is the right thing to do, when the child does something wrong, but in a modern world like the one you live in, it constitutes abuse. We also believe that it take a village to raise a child. I cannot count the number of times Mr.Ashumbai, who was our neighbor gave me snake beatings because I did something wrong around the quarter. We are raised this way. How many people have we punished in Cameroon for beating children? Beating is just a part of our upbringing, and we can fairly say it is our culture.
When a child is not a natural member of a family, there is bound to be some natural barriers, as to the extent in which that child operate and respond to normal upbringing. Slavery is not limited to physical maltreatment. The most devastating part, which destroys an individual, is the psychology. Just for the simple fact that an individual knows that he/she does not belong to a particular family leaves many questions to answer, and therefore the question of emotional deprivation that by far suppresses physical deprivation comes to play. My comparison to “live in” did not have any thing to do with the physical aspect of Slavery; because I know, what happened to that little child does not level with enslavement.
My arrow is directed towards the dirty Cameroon Government who has deliberately without conscience plunged and subject its Citizens to this horrible way of life that has open the window for good people to seek dishonest ways to make ends meet. Are Cameroonians properly groomed to be able to practice and accept justice, and transparency?
Charity begins at home. What examples have your Government shown as to these kinds of accusation of abuse, slavery, and theft charges brought against Mrs. Mubang?
I will never work for a woman like Mrs. Mubang; neither can I hire a person of her type to serve in my Cabinet; however, I will rather deal with her as a devil I know than you whom I do not know. She could be a perfect candidate for your President Mr.Biya. Doctor with your clean report card, when do you plan to go back home and help teach Manyu people Civism 101? You should have been in Cameroon not in America to fight this good fight with Biya and his group of bandits. I fought my part, but I am preparing for round two.
Thank you.

Uche Eze Nkatta Idika

God bless Cameroon. I can't make any conclusion 'coz I don't know the crux of the matter. But in my opinion, 17 years is too much for the crime. But then, I don't know if that is the law in America.
What ever be the case, I pray God intervenes and do what He think is right.

Uche Eze Nkatta Idika
Department of Political Science
University of Buea


It might look like it is too much in your eyes because you do not know as you rightly say the whole story. This lady has been a crook for a long time. She lived in Boston, left Boston because of her crook activities went to Atlanta, from Atlanta she dissapeared for a short while reappeared in Washington DC area started another operation which landed her in this hot water she is still bathing as we speaking.

The United States is a very linient Country when it comes to overlooking petty crimes, but when you want to act smart ( what it termed beat the system ) the Government decends on you like ninjas. Do not forget Ms Mubang stole money from Medicaid a government organization that oversees the care of sick and poor people. She stole millions of dollars from there and was flunting it around. She was picked up tried and jailed. While in jail she did not stop, she kept her activies up and when she left jail she got tried again for slavery. Instead of serving her time and as usual the government would reduce the sentence and release her, she took off her electronioc bracelett and flee to Cameroon. when you run away as a fugitive from the US it is not taken lightly. The US does not want it citizens to think you can commit a crime run away and that is all. Oh no! some time bounty hunters are used to bring back fugitives. Did the US not go to Panama arrest the president and put in jail in the US. Did the US not bomb Gardafi. What about Saddam.

The people who are preaching law should know the powerful in this world would use their power to get what they want. The only bad thing is that Ms. Mubang cannot bribe her way out. No matter what the law says if you are on the shit list of the US you will be hunted down and put in jail, it does not matter what your crime is. The mere fact that she took the electronic bracelet is a cause for the security in the US to teach her a lesson especilly being an African. She would do some time there is no doubt about that. If Cameroonnians were united there could have been some noise but how do you make noise when the woman is a seasoned ciminal.
People like her are the ones who mess up society. I believe she should pay for what she did and on top of that have six solid strokes of the cane from a trained professional for acting stupid.

Le Baron

Its a drama in real life.So where is the brightside of her life.Enslavement is a terrible crime and i think 1/3 of her wealth should be given to the victim.She is worth the trouble.Its a hard leson to learn.

Le Baron.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Mbianda Denis

Thanks for your extended reply. My fight is not really against Biya, as personally I have nothing against him and I have never even met him.

If you have been reading my commentaries you would have found that I am only interested in getting that country to work the way it should, so that we can all go back and apply all the knowledge and experience that we have gained abroad to build a truly dynamic and productive Cameroonian society. We cannot do this in the current climate.

You would also have found that I am suspicious of the dictatorial ambitions of all potential leaders and I am looking for a Western style democratic system that prevents dictators from taking over for ever.

In general my fight is against any leader who does not set good examples for his subordinates or against citizens who make it a profession to exploit other citizens and cause undue problems for them.

Furthermore, while we all agree that the world is not perfect (I have never ever claimed that I am perfect) it is grossly irresponsible to appear, in a forum like this one, to be supporting immoral activities such as theft as a profession.

If we can support such activities on this forum, on what basis then would we be reproaching the Cameroon Government for perpetrating such immoral practices? It is such consistency that is required to be a principled person, and these are the types of person that we need to run Cameroonian affairs.


It is sad when we laugh at the downfall of anybody.
I am sure when all these things were happening, neither Theresa Mubang (TM) nor Evelyn Chumbow (EC) knew that it would one day explode to become the worldwide news it is today, with Mrs Mubang fleeing, and FBI arriving in humble Bamenda to "catch" her for 17+ years of jail - if she survives jailtime, by the time she comes out she will be 60+ years; Meanwhile EC has a greencard and certain US citizenship to come, but she has scars and memories that cannot be erased for her lifetime.

I hear that TM and EC are even from the same village in Cameroon. Cameroonians have been known to be peaceful people, so how come the villagers did not intervene early enough so that things do not get out of hand?

Surely, some villagers or friends or family members of either TM or EC or both would have have known that things were not going right; why did somebody not say anything and put a stop to it there and then.

Shame on us for letting this happen; shame on the parents who gave away their child at such a tender age without proper follow-up; shame on TM for treating somebody's child like that.

Whether a child grows up in Africa, or any western country, they need love and support to enable them grow up to be useful citizens.

Silence kills, teach yourself and your children to speak out.

Finally, TM's tif tif is another story. If any of you think you have not benefitted from any stolen/ill-gotten money or things in your life, raise your hand.
Where do you think you rich uncle got the money to pay for your school fees? How did you father all of a sudden get "lucky" in business? Ey, ey, you sef? That Christmas chicken of 1974, where did you think it came from?
Judge not, lest ye be judged.


Dear Cameroonian Bretheren,it is often said"War is to man as Birthrate is to a child"I could see good number of people keep lamenting on bushfowllers.Well,you guys are not wrong in the sence that many people are out of Cameroon doing all sourts of things to make a nice name back there at home.We should not lay blaim to our brothers but lets look back on our leather.Mr Biya the so call president of the socall Republic of Cameroon for how long he has been there?just few questions to ask
.....Are there no crime in Cameroon that are worser the this?
.....How manmy ministers have embasle the fund in the Country but today are set free?
.....In a day,the 500frs(five hundred frs) that the police men will collect from the poor taxi drivers,are those money not morthan what she collected from the US govenment for manu years?
.....Theressa did not asl for any brib before coming to Cameroon but she gave brib befor entered in to the country so you tell me who is the head to all these derty games that are taking place in to the lives of Cameroonians?Sometimes I thought of never coming back to that Country but the fact is one shold learn to be patrotic.Not that I am in favour of what Theressa did,but I want is Cameroonians to lay blaim where is should be laied lets look well on our selves then to the socall leather who is not able to keep his Country klean.I am home base in China a Country that Cameroon in times of His Exelency Late Amodu Ahijou was feesing them with foreighn Aid but today china is morthan Eirope as far as infastrictural development is concernd where is Cameroon?are Embassy is the worst amongs all the Embasseis in the Embasseis street ib Beijing China thus a father to sun Dinassty, very helpless to Cameroonians in China the socall Ambasedor will go to France at will while the sund stays thewr demanding for money from Cameroonians before any help is beeing rendered Camerooninas will not even want to help their own brothers out here,some are asking for money before could even give you a place to lay your head for one night all they think is about negative among them selves then where are we heading to?we should stope singing the name of a green snake, while there is a viper on our sleeping bed.
Well! without much fuss,lat this be food for thought....Howmant times the socall head of state in Cameroon had left the Country with the Countreus Air craft and retun home with another Coutry's passengers flied whe ours had been siced?I am just convenced that Theressa did what most Camerooninas are doing but in the wring place couz the USA is not out to let go any he or she that goes ahainst her rule first you sight at their Logo"IN GOD WE TRUST"WELL u AM SORY IF THIS WILL HURT ANY cAMEROONIAN BUT THE TRUTH IS JUST WHAT MATTERS.


WOW..... How interesing when you do a search engine on someone from your past. I was shocked and amazed to see this....

When I was her brothers wife in Mass (Joseph)in about 1983,I lived in her home for a period of time. She struck me as a vindictive type at times yet somewhat friendly... A somewhat changable personality and also flamboyant....

I remember that they liked to TALK BIG.... So sad to see a story like this.... wow I am glad these folks are 20 + years in my past.... The world is so big yet so small.. Which brother was it that died in jail? I knew (2) of the brothers and they were both very, very nice people... Amazed in the DEEP SOUTH, USA


Let the evil that men do live after them.My friend soffer because of this lady .i hope she suffer the same way my friend did.The rich should know that what ever you do their is a time for payment.I hope my friend is happy now .Ma mubang let the evil that men do live with the So don't pretend.Na wa ho|


Let the evil that men do live after them.My friend soffer because of this lady .i hope she suffer the same way my friend did.The rich should know that what ever you do their is a time for payment.I hope my friend is happy now .Ma mubang let the evil that men do live with the So don't pretend.Na wa ho|


The Mubang family have fooled people for years.
The so-called great Pa Mubang married two wives, (yes, Pa was a polygamist), who produced his children side by side. Somehow (Pa is said to have been involved), the first wife died and the family changed all the birthdays of the childern to appear as if the Ma Mubang had all the 12 children. Ma Mubang and her 12 fake apostles - fake identities, fake lifestyles, fake all the way. All that "tang-haa" children are claiming to be younger than the really are, and also pretending to be all from one mother. Decades of lies. Liars, liars. Ask any Takengbeng and they will tell you horrible stories of this family.

Pa made most of his money by bullying other families and also taking land from innocent and usually undereducated families. Pa is mostly remembered for his crude ways with the english language, be it pidgin english or proper english. Pa used to "kaush" the students of PCC and the town of Bamenda real bad - he should have been sued for child abuse, those kids were teenagers then!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other people make money and educate all their families; Pa only educated his own children, he did not care for his brother's or sister's children. Na so di pikin them learn langa wey he turn to tif as expected.

Pa Mubang went crazy for a while and then turned round and supposedly became number one christian in anglophone Cameroon just because he "dash plenty money for church". Njangma!!!!!!!!! Knowing what we know about the catholic church today, they took the money and gave Pa knighthood and also steered the congregation and people of Bamenda to respect this thieving family. The whole family has manipulated the church for their worldly gains - be it material or social.

Pa's children are proud and boastful; they are very mouthy, abusing people anyhow. They have been stealing all this while, and finally some have been caught in the US, many have been in and out of jail. From the grapevine, it seems as if more of them will be going to jail for their criminal activities especially for helping their sister to run away from the US law. We hear another brother, who was living in Boston after defrauding Medicaid in Delaware, also ran away to Cameroon before his criminal case was tried - he will be picked up one of this days and brought back to the US - only then will justice be served.

This time, the Mubangs really need prayers; and I hope that God will see them for what we all have been seeing since this family gained prominence, or should I say notoriety, in Abakwa. Boasting tif tif, lie, lie people. Their own tif too much.

Their title of a book on this family will read " THE MUBANG FAMILY - International Liars and Thieves"

Alice Muka


You double speak. On June 6, you asked others not to judge. On June 12, you transformd into a chief justice on the Mubang scandal.

Spare us from this. Let the "Mubangino Family" settle their internal matters in peace.



I believe that Madame Mubang maybe regretting evil she has committed but one thing is clear, a thousand days for the theive and one day for the own(which is usually a very very very bad day indeed). I guess this lady had cultivated this bad habit and at the same time thinking she was wise...but one question is 'how wise can you get with sin' it was just a matter of time before she got caught... I just pray that she learns her lesson, and tries to be a better citizen when she leaves the prison.
paul biya cannot be blamed for this, US cannot be blamed either... life is lived by the choices we make... and through these choices there are consequences... Mubang chose this road and so she must bear the consequences

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Thank you for revealing! The goal of your blog is to report your life and give your thoughts. Several concept are usually specific with me but rather different. What you would like to deliver to the modern-day community, I believe I have already been known that. As long as many of us do very well and think that.


i find interesting that this story being re-released on cnn and i came across this blog. even more interesting is how many people are defending someone who enslaved another... from her own homeland no less? A Cameroon enslaving a Cameroon?.. it is insulting to all people that some of the individuals in this blog are saying it is unfortunate she could not bribe her way out and that the US will hunt her down to teach her a lesson for taking off her ankle bracelet because she is an African? outrageous. if she did this someone in her town she would do this to you.

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