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« Njeuma Orders UB Students:Resume Classes Today Or Never | Main | One Dead, Five Wounded In UB Strike »

Tuesday, 24 May 2005


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Uche Eze Nkatta Idika

God Bless our Souls

Stephen Joseph

My Southern Cameroons' compatriots, let us stay calm and use the evidence Jacques Chirac of France and the junta he supports and protects in Yaounde,who are bent on the complete neutralisation of the Southern Cameroons and its incorporation into Franceafrique to our advantage. Let us note that GOVERNOR THOMAS EJAKE MBONDA from a foreign country with her international borders has been piloted into our land, he has invited foreign troops from La Republique du Cameroun, with arms and amunition from the FRANCE OF CHIRAC, to put the natives in their place. He has DECREED IN OUR SOIL that no group of 5 human beings should gather! When they do, GOVERNOR THOMAS EJAKE MBONDA, UNDER DIRECT INSTRUCTIONS FROM FRANCE VIA HER ANDASSADOR AND THEIR PUPPET-TYRANT BIYA orders their execution! At the SAME TIME, they (FRANCE, through her Ambassadoe in Yaounde and their puppet-tyrant Biya) are inviting NIGERIA to allow another 300,000 Africans in Bakassi to come under the colonial ravages of FRANCE. My friends, let us stay calm, let us use these pictures the French-backed junta in Yaounde has provided us to inform our host countries, inform the people of Bakassi, inform the people in Cross River State, Nigeria, ask the regime in Abuja to NEVER CEDE another group of Africans to the genocidal instincts of FRANCE and her colonial appendage, LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN. Let us be calm and use these pictures, this de-humnization of our brothers and sisters to engage in the most virulent of public diplomacy about a culture of death in our homeland in particular and Africa in general under the authorship of THE FRANCE OF DEATH!


These are the same French tactics that have culminated in mass exterminations in other parts of Africa. Watch out, we are at the precipice, and it is starting at the last place one would have expected.

Ambe Johnson

When the UNIYAO strike action was suspended at UNIYAO, the President of ADDEC, advanced two reasons for the suspension (1) Government had complied with 9 of their 11 demands and (2) the suspension was a strategic move to forstall outside elements who had infiltrated the strike movement and were about to use the strike for political and other surreptitious motives.

In Buea, however, the hastily formed Student Union has shown that it has lost control of the student protest movement, that is, if it ever had any control. As a result, outside agitators are currently forcing clashes with security forces and unleashing an orgy of violence and destruction in Molyko.

My advice to the strike leaders: make a strategic retreat at this time; maintain the strike but suspend ALL demonstrations around the campus or in Molyko UNTIL effective steps to ensure that demonstrating students are under control and have not been infiltrated by agitators on both sides of the Political divide are put in place.

Without such a strategy more violence will occur and at some point in time, the army will intervene in full force making May 1991 at Ngoa-ekele look like a picnic. At some point, no matter the legitimacy of their demands, the residents of Molyko will get fed up with the social and economic paralysis of the area, and of the continuous destruction of property - for which no one will be compensated.

Learn from the ADDEC team at UNIYAO. A strike is primarily about strategy and less about who will blink first. In this case, strategy has been completely missing. Once again, the strike movement is paying the price for its spontanuous origins without a clearly defined leadership.

Yes, the administration must be blamed for instransigence, lack of tact and strategy, and a propensity to fuel the flames. I hope Njeuma and co. are fired ASAP. But they are not the ones in the line of fire.

So I am focusing on the students only.

Please be smart and design a workable crowd control/management plan before going again into the streets.

I have participated in the most violent student protests in Cameroon so I know what I am talking about.

A word to the wise...

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Several years ago, I was a student in one of Nigeria's premiere universities. A student strike was in process. Overnight, armed policemen were airlifted into the campus. At about five a.m, they stormed the hostels and opened fire on the students. Several students were killed. When a commission of inquiry asked the the Vice Chancellor who requested the police airlift, he said he did not know. When asked what he did on hearing gunfire going on in the campus, he said he could not differentiate gun fire from fire crackers. He was subsequently relieved of his post.
This is the typical behavior of African academic administrators. They over-emphasized their academic achievements over real life problems.
Mrs. Njeuma has a chronology of falty utterance on her resume. A few years ago when her faculty called a strike to protest non payment of salaries, she went on record by stating publicly that she felt sorry for non tenured faculty joing in the strike knowing full well they could be fired anytime. The one weapon at her disposal is intimidation.
During the current strike, she pointed out that there is hatred and self-centered cliques within the university community aimed at destroying her. Before the situation got that bad, where was the learned lady? The university has known but one chief executive, the learned Mrs Njeuma.
She said she never asked to be appointed Chancellor, nor has ever asked not to be removed. Has she ever heard of the phrase, "stepping down voluntarily?"
Mrs. Njuema, please, you are running and academic institution, not a correctional facility. You are scared of speaking to your own students, but will opt to have them silenced by bullets? Are you real or just outright senile and stupid? You have been around long enough to retire and enjoy your blood money. As a vice minister of education, you professed publicly that anglophone students were woefully ill trained in the sciences, and that was to explaine their high drop out rate at the university of Yaounde. Such utterances failed to take into account the language barrier that was an impediment to these students. Many left Yaounde, went overseas and came back as doctors, pharmacists etc. and came to serve the same government that has classified them as failures. Do not over protect your job to the point where you become slave to your own ideals. Would you allow your own offsprings to study under the prevailing conditions you have cultivated in the University of Buea?

Ambe Johnson

In a comment made this afternoon, I lamented the fact that the student union had failed to manage its strike movement and as a result, it had allowed the movement to be hijacked by outsiders. I also predicted that the result would be a military crackdown akin to that which took place at UNIYAO in May 1991.

It has not been up to a day and the Minister of communications just announced that today's events were the work of "outside agitators" and that in the coming days in Buea "order shall be restored by all means necessary".

We can ignore that statement at our peril.

If the students don't make a strategic retreat now, then we can start writing their eulogies in advance...

Interview with the VC

Le vice-chancellor Dorothy L. Njeuma s’exprime sur la crise à l’ université de Buéa.

Les étudiants vont-ils reprendre les cours aujourd’hui ?

J’avais déjà demandé aux étudiants de reprendre les classes. Certains sont venus, d’autres, la plupart, ne sont pas venus. Nous avons eu 121 le premier jour. Sur 8 600. Le lendemain, 200 sont venus s’inscrire, soit 321. Deux fois de suite, on m’a assuré que les mesures de sécurité étaient prises. Les étudiants sont venus et ont été brutalisés. Faut-il une troisième fois ? La reprise des cours dépend des conditions de sécurité. La plupart des étudiants veulent revenir pour ne pas perdre leur année. Mes collaborateurs et moi nous préparons à les recevoir pour continuer à travailler avec eux afin que nous achevions l’année avec succès. Cela dit, j’ai des craintes parce que les étudiants et même les enseignants sont traumatisés et la plupart ont quitté la ville.

Est-ce qu’il ne s’agit que d’une question de sécurité ?

Je ne sais pas ce que vous voulez que je dise. Je leur ai demandé de venir le 16, le 23. Très peu sont venus. Le problème est en dehors du campus, à Molyko.

Pourquoi le dialogue avec les étudiants n’a t-il pas été établi ?

En ce moment, 6 personnes se présentent comme étant les représentants du Universty of Buea Student Union. Ils se sont autoproclamés et n’ont été élus par personne. De ces six, cinq vient du même département. Et il ne faut pas croire que les étudiants ne sont pas organisés ici. Les étudiants sont organisés en associations au sein des facultés. Il existe également des représentants de clubs soit 700 étudiants élus pour représenter les 8 600 étudiants. Je ne peux pas concevoir que ces six puissent mieux représenter leurs camarades que les 700 dûment élus. Nous ne traiterons qu’avec les étudiants régulièrement élus par leurs camarades, les étudiants qui viennent d’une manière organisée et pas avec des voyous. Et nous travaillerons avec eux dans le campus et pas dans la rue. C’est ici le campus et pas dans les rues de Molyko.

Certains pensent que vous n’avez pas été assez souple…

Pourquoi me demande-t-on la souplesse devant des étudiants qui ont cassé, injurié ? Pourquoi ? Est-ce cela qu’on apprend dans les universités ? Si votre enfant à la maison vous demande quelque chose. Vous lui dites, j’examine ta demande. Il commence à casser la maison. Est-ce que c’est normal ? Non. On a cassé, on a brûlé. Est-ce que c’est normal ? Des étudiants sont venus me voir le 14 mai pour que je les rencontre tous. Il n’y a pas de salle qui puissent contenir 8 600 personnes. Je leur ai demandé de se concerter et de désigner des délégués et de revenir me voir le lendemain 15. Ils ne sont pas venus. Nous sommes disposés à dialoguer avec eux mais on semble oublier que c’est eux qui ont refusé le dialogue dès le premier jour, préférant agir par la brutalité.

Votre opinion sur les dessous de ce qui n’est plus seulement une affaire au campus ?

Les étudiants, les 27 et 28 avril, étaient extrêmement violents. Nulle part ailleurs, on n’a vu cela. Je veux croire que dans une institution comme celle-ci, nous faisons des étudiants des adultes responsables pas de se comporter comme des vandales. Je ne sais rien sur qui pourrait les manipuler mais leur comportement n’est pas normal. Les étudiants de Buea ont engagé non pas une grève, mais ont été pris de fureur, en solidarité avec leurs camarades de l’université de Yaoundé I. Mais ceux-là ont repris les cours et ils n’ont pas fait de casses à ce que je sache. Je ne comprends pas que les miens continuent avec des tactiques de guérilla.

Ephanga pete

May the souls of those who fought for our rights during the strike Rest in Peace.Their dreams were met though in dear absence...

Mokube Innocent Ngoe

I would like to first of all disagree with the views expressed by Mr Peter Esoka that Students must respect university authorites.Our anglophone origin is based on respect for elders.So I do not think anglophone students of up to university level are insurbodinate.
The real problem in the university of Buea is Lady empress Dr Mrs Dorothy Njeuma who had run the university like a nazy concentration camp.She did not only help sow hatred in the students caucus but she did fragment, politicize and tribalize the students.So words like Settlers,SDF,SCNC WERE COMMONLY USED BY HER TO DENOTE THOSE STUDENTS WHO DID NOT OBEY HER BAD DOCTRINE.
She gave no room for freedom of opinion,expression,association etc. and she had been deceiving herself that she had tamed the students into cowardice.Little did this iron Lady know that the human spirit can never be caged nor bottled.Her repressive administration could fine no other expression than through a rebellion which again she failed to manage.
I think it is very risky to keep Dr Dorothy again in that possition as VC.She is unfit to rule and the best place for her is for her to be sacked , arrested and charged for murder.


I am writing to express my grief for the University of Buea that has been reduced to a perfect example of what a University is not suppose to be.NJEUMA DOROTHY will not go unpunished for this.This is the worst of tyrants I have ever known in the guise a VC.Infact with the kind of spirit she is exhibiting,it is very clear her time has over due.She was suppose to be in her village relaxing and waiting for the moment when she will depart to the land of her ancestors,rather than messing up a university that is suppose to be run by a seasoned and veritable professor.
Hope she ask for forgiveness from God because posterity will never forgive her for this inhumanity.

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