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The Post Online (http:www//postnewsline.com) is a completely free service provided to readers through a collaboration between The Post Newspaper of Buea, Cameroon and Jimbi Media of the United States of America. The website was launched on July 14, 2004, and has since developed a reputation as the premier resource for quality information from home for English-speaking Cameroonians, especially for those in the diaspora.

Our plan is to improve even more, providing you with more stories, more photographs and more in depth analyses and investigative reports. However, in order to do this, we need your financial support, because improvements cost money: to hire more staff, and to update and to add equipment. You do see some ads on the website. They yield very little. Not to worry, we are not about to turn this into limited paid subscription service.

All we ask is for you to look into your heart and make a voluntary donation to the post. Click the button below. It will allow you to donate with your credit card, echeck or through a paypal account. The payments will go to Jimbi Media LLC, which shall pass ALL of your money over to the Post. The Post Online is going to continue to be free whether or not you contribute to The Post's operations.

Even better, voluntarily subscribe to the post by sending us an automatic monthly payment of $7.99. Why $7.99? It sounds like a nice number, and definitely something that would cause no hardship for most readers abroad but would go a long way towards keeping your favourite publication alive.