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Saturday, 28 May 2005


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Just reading this article, i feel a lot of madness in the air. Students and now diverting from the reasons for this strike and turning it into something else. In like manner the troops are mad, and whosoever is giving them orders must be eqully crazy.

What has Dorothy N to say about this? What is going to happen to students who have to graduate this year with lectures suspended now for weeks? Why can't money be given to equip libraries, laboratories, amphi theatres etc? Why can tuition amount not be maintained , i mean why can some one not use even "propaganda" to silence satisfy this students? Infact, if Cameroon government wont spend on education, what will dey spend on?
It easier to carry billions of CFA abroad but when it comes to using that for the betterment of the country, accounts are frozen.
It is a disgrace that Cameroon for example has only one medical school (CUSS), and because of high competition, students who wish to persue medical careers, end up in Buea and the likes, reading biology and who will blame them if they wish to travel abroad?
I have never seen where a soldier opens fire on a crowd without guns, there are many ways to gush rebellion and bullets and death is hardly a solution especially among crazy youths.

Cameroon military men, do you have any idea what is means to kill a student at Masters Degree level? some of you ended in primary 5 and have been placed in the military by "god fathers". It is a disgrace, i am so ashamed of Cameroon.
I suggest big madame Dorothy considers resigning, she has even over stayed her welcome there.

If i were in her shoes, i will try my best to make sure that Buea has every good thing a university can dream of, instead she is there playing politics and taking sides. She thinks they will promote her to parliament next, let her start drawing her retirement plan.
It is commonly rumoured that because of the funny system in the other french universities and the need to learn English to fit into global trend, Francophones are taking up all places in the university of Buea.
Dorothy you have work to do! As for you Mr. South West governor, if i had magic, i will ensure you dont sleep at night!All your children must be grown ups or somewhere in the WEst, why will you care how many people get killed? Let God have mercy on us all!


The Vice Roy ordering troops to dispersed demontrators without remorse shows just how callous he is and his lack of acumen in resolving a stalemate.The entire political bigwigs and others have been very shtummed while students blood is been shed by death squad without rational.And the so called Njuema feel too old to come out and talk to students.If she does not want to be humble,let her go.Has she been tied with a rope on that position.Why is she to old to come out and adress students.Is this leadership.Who will atone for the fallen students eventhough they are somewhat recording a pyrrhic victory? The entire antedilluvian system will be brought to thier knees catch-as-catch-can.There is a more ponderable powder keg than meet some of our eyes.A Junta has no place now a days in this globe,this is just the tip of the iceberg
.Militarizing the territory of Ambazonia will not browbeat them from their terminus ad quem.Any form of blitzkrieg will neither help the Junta nor will it palpitate the defendants.They have a choice between dialogue and confrontation ie pay him back in coin.

Rizzotto Family Trust

As a contributor to both students and the university, we have watched this issue intently. Originally we learned of one student who became unable to continue his education because of family finances, quickly developing a charity for the benefit of Bueas underfinanced students and have since then paid hundreds of thousands of francs for tuitions, room rents and food costs in an attempt to change one future at a time, for the benefit of all mankind.

We watch now as young men and women see their future slip away as those entrusted with their education make threats and indeed, kill them for what at first was a peaceful demonstration against lack of human necessities. Our hard earned money has been wasted thanks to a small but vocal administration. Recent emails to Dr. Njeuma as well as several in the Ministry of Education have gone unanswered, most likely ignored as those in the wrong will, especially to those an ocean away whom they feel are of no consequence.

Administrators, we are a consequence! Your dead and bleeding youth in the streets tonight are a consequence! Bullets fired by an anxious police force are a consequence! The under educated adults of your future are indeed, a consequence! The young are the future for both our countries and although we are but a small group of businessmen and women, we are a loud voice in your ear. We give this money to your universities from our hearts. We are the finances of your future and we stand behind the entire population of Cameroon and pray God’s blessings on each student and family.

Have the courage to lay down arms, sit in dialogue with the student representatives and have the decency to return an email. Your position in life can only be elevated.

David Rizzotto
The Rizzotto Family Trust


Its very sad what is going on in Buea and very rediculous that students are being ambushed in Buea and the so call Prime minister is heading to Bmaenda.Please can some one tell the PM that there is fire on the moutain?At least the moutain is so high that every one can see the fire burning but the PM is blind he is fighting corruption may be some told him he neds to continue with the fight there in Bamenda.Is that a way to escape from Dorothy or what? what is at stake right now?What should be given priority?Bamendas will always be there for the PM visit.At least for the sake of peace why can some one not just tell the PM or the president about the fire on the moutain.Oh i forgot we have just no PM nor president.The truth is that Cameroon has been privatized completely and how cna the PM intervene with Dorothy's property? That is why she has her srine right there on campose.
If they could at least stop killing poor students and also allow the poor gendarms to stay with their families it will be better.I have never seen where people are forced to go to school.If the students don't want to go to school and the so call administrator does not want to dialogue then why kill them.That will not slove the problem.When the first two students were killed last time the administration said the students started the voilence which was a lie.I wonder what they will say this time.When we all know that this ass hole who calls himself a governor actually instucted the police to be voilent on the armless students who are only fighting for their rights.
Well when they would have killed all the students as they are planing to i am pretty sure that Dorothy will contuinue to be the VC and Dr victor julius Ngoh will be the student so that she can continue with her devilish intentions.At least its easy for these so call administration to come to a compromise with the students if they want real dilaogue.But they have choosen the path of voilence because they are blood thisrty they want to kill.In Cameroon when you kill you are promoted.So i can see why the so call Governor is trying to make himself famous by killing.At least he will attract some admiration from the very brutal regime leader who himself is blood thirsty.
Well the truth is that their time is fast drawing close.And we all know that Biya is playing prolongation or what we can call extra time.They will keep killing people and rigging elections and finally they will rig themselves out of power just like that.
Dorothy does not want to resign its her farm let her stay and watch how people nare being slain on daily bases she does not want to dilaogue either afterall, the more blood they shed the more the shrine on campose will protect her.I pray that some day this old woman will find God.

malaka moses

As we will read in next Monday's issue of the Post and agreement was signed between the Minister of Higher
Education, UBSU and the UB administration putting an end to the strike.

Classes resume on Monday May 26th.

Peace has been restored and lives saved.

Now is the time to dispassionately analyze the role that all parties, the UB admin, the students, the Fako/SW administration, played in this disheartening event.


I am most greatful with the minister's action as concern the strike in UB. if i have learned some thing new, then i cherish the Lord Mayor of the Buea Rural Council for his brilliant ideas.
'Gratis och tack att på din bra arbeta i Buea'( congratulation for his work well done in the Buea municipality.i give a vote of non confidence to the Governor Thomas Mbonda, Dorothy Njuma and Herbert Endely.l'homme de la suede
student Financial Analyst Mälardalens University Västerås.
i shall convert the 2,000,000FCFA offered to suport the strike now to be use to equipe the student union office.
homage to those who loose their lives in the realization of the student goals on campus and every were, there maybe represented.
long live Walters Angwere,
long live the student Union,
long live the university of buea,
long live the Lord mayor Mballa Moki Charles
Long Live the minister of Higher education
long live Cameroon.
Ndakwe Ndakwe Bandolo my able man you are not left out.
When ever i think of Nti Valantine, it brings to me a fresh memory of the first ever creat student union on campus that had a significant impact on him and other students. On a contrary, when i think of Njuma and her gang i feel i should vomite. I hope a similar situation will not happen to the student union this time around.
A piece of Advice to you Njuma. Ma, i know you are a dictator in your own right but keep it to your self and do not ack like sadam H. for slowly but surely your are inviting Goerge Bush. you have to account for the souls banised. remember there are children to other parents like you!! your days of glory are coming shorter each day for no empire will last for ever. where is surumanguro today?
catch you and have fun!!

Manu Tayong

RIOTS HAVE ENDED IN BUEA!! (What lessons were learnt?)

Cameroonians, in general, were equally pleased to hear that agreements have been reached by the Minister of Higher Education and the striking students of the University of Buea. Before we start celebrating the good news, let’s not forget that the crisis at the University of Buea did not just happened over-night. It had been brewing for years. Cameroon, I believe, has all the natural resources and manpower needed to have averted this crisis but chose to ignore it.
The Government, given the grievances put forward by the students and the response by the administration, did not have any long term plans to accommodate the future growth of the University system in Cameroon. Little or no attention, in my opinion, was given to any strategic planning: i.e. making provisions for additional infrastructures, student accommodation, employment opportunities etc. I have a feeling that strategic long term plans or planning of any sort is not a common practice in Cameroon. Accepting the fact that our national priorities are heavily skewed towards empty grandstanding, it is little wonder that our disdain for any form of constructive engagement or rational understanding of our problems, be it political or social, are never taken seriously until there is a crisis.

The unproductive use of loaned money in the construction of unprofitable and senseless projects, such as the cellulose factory CELLUCAM, the numerous airports all over country (to name but a few projects), is beginning to catch up with us. Built with Austrian money, Cellucam, was to make paper out of domestic wood, the factory closed without ever running at full capacity. Cameroon is still paying the debt. There is an International airport in Bafoussam and another in Bamenda. (two “villages” less than 200km apart). And you wonder why there is no money to fund higher education in Cameroon? Those who have attempted to put forward proposals for any long term planning often wonder why they wasted their time and energy, since the plans often end up in drawers in the ministries.

Cameroon, like most individual, does not PLAN to fail, they just fail to PLAN. Let’s start doing some long term planning from now on. I do have some background in Planning and Conflict Resolution, I’ll be more than happy to share it.
Manu Tayong

P/s "No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings." – Peter Drucker

Che Sunday (Dr.)

It is nice to hear that peace has finally returned to the campus of the University of Buea. This in itself is no indication that such conflicts could be forestalled in future. I still hold that her majesty Mrs. Vice Chancellor be relieved of her duties. The governor of the SouthWest Province should also be demoted and removed from office.After these two changes, a commission of inquiry be set up to look into the problems facing higher education in Cameroon as a whole.
The students are not without blame. They had grieviances, but was violence the best available alternative in resolving issue? Some of their demands are laughable. Some of the educational perks that were built into our educational system were to serve as incentive to help train the much needed manpower needs of the country. That era has since passed. To continue to ask for a tuition free higher educational system in Cameroon is share nonsense. Charging a 50,000 francs fee, (about a hundred dollars) per year is as cheap as you can get anywhere in the world. Yes, we do have a corrupt government, but we should also realize that the student population in Cameroon has increased, therefore the government can no longer pick up the educational bill for every student seeking a university education. To resolve this problem, the government should establish a student loan system where one could borrow at very low or interest free to finance their education and pay installmentally once they are out working. There is enough blame to go around. Let all parties involve have a self examination and ask themselves the question, given the same crisis, would they behave differently? If yes, how and why? If no, why?

Irene Makuna

The students deceive themselves if they think free education is all they need. They need JOBS after graduation in the Cameroon economy. And there are no JOBS ! ! !

Paul Biya has wasted the chance and should be held to account for budget deficits. Between 1960 and 1982, Ahmadou Ahidjo incurred an overseas debt of 2.5 billion dollars, that is a modest $100m per year. Between 1982 and 1990, the Paul Biya Government spent it all. Mr. Biya incurred overseas debt at the rate of $1000m (1 billion USD) per year, taking the toll to a burgeoning 10 billion USD in 1990. Now, petro-dolloars are funneled towards debt payments and there is little towards domestic programs.

The destruction of the economy is devastating. The economy cannot be resurrected by a government with a neo-colonial posture run by a lack lustre demagogue with a psychological complex.

The entire system needs a bloody surgery, starting with the elimination of provincial governors, amalgamation of some ministries and reduction of foreign embassies. Governors are but top intelligence officers and serve an irrelevantly pumpous purpose over democratically elected officials.

Irene Makuna



ras moks

some of us in the States have been following up the babarism of the Biya government,now turned against the students of Buea.We feel your pain and are solidly behind you.
its a terrible disgrace such careless slaughter of people fighting for a geniune course is going on and nobody is saying anything about it.
why can't people stand forthe rights and be istened to in Cameroon? Why the panic each time people ask for geniune reforms?
while we pray for those sacrificed so far lets remember that it takes revolutions tomake solutions, and we the youth have to start it. its our future at stake. the mountain top is not far as well as the end of the tyrant. lets not despair. lets keep on.

Ambe Johnson


1. UBSU officially recognized as the sole representative of UB students;

2. Total immunity granted to strike leaders;

3. Registration fees reduced from 53,000FCFA to 50,0000;

4. Four students in detention liberated immediately;

5. Cost of restaurant meals reduced from 100 to 150;

6. All courses will be available for resit exams, and will no longer be subject to a one-year delay;

7. University Toilets to be rehabilitated and water fountain constructed;

8. Security forces to vacate the UB campus as a prelude to the resumption of classes.

J Edwards

While reading these posts I saw the one from David Rizzotto above. How wonderful that there are those here in the US that can take a financial stand against those in power. I pray that their charity has learned of UB's reopening and will continue their support. I do call on anyone reading these posts to add your efforts to theirs. What a great thing to do for humanity's future.

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