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Thursday, 16 June 2005


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Francis Nche

Dr Njeuma is still living in the University dark ages before the internet era. Due partly to shame and embarrasment to the outside world, she is not willing to allow a website for UB. Her fears is that she might enter the Guiness book of records to be the first Doctor who after 22 years of PhD has never even published an abstract and yet she is a VC of a University. What is remarkable is that there is no shotage of Professors since the DVCs are all professor.

She may also be afraid that in the website her CV might be exposed which might be stuffed with questionable credentials. I think it is time for UB to have even a poorly build and never upgraded websites as in the University of Yaounde.


You guys criticise Mme Njeuma as if she is the was Cameroonian who has ever lived,who is living or who will live.Why not spend some time to look at the good things she has done for UB and the entire country.

As for all those wishing her evil,how is that going to help you.Is digging her graveor wishing her soul to rest in peace while she is still living the solution to the crisis?
A politician once said,the devil you know is better than the angel you donĀ“t know,no one can tell the future,just pray for the best and donot return evil for evil.


U guys can talk about Ma Njuema but please leave Endely out of this.He is not the VC and who told you he has not published? You better check it again because I just read a publication of his about the CO2 accumulation in Lake Nyos.During the strike he tried to talk to the students but they would not listen to him.What do you really want him to do?

For those who think we are only thinking about the negative things that the VC has done,I don't see any problem with that.Where on earth have you heard that a person is criticised for doing good things? Yes,she has managed the resources of UB well,has realised some good projects which I think she will be remembered for.On the other hand, she has brought down the standard of education at UB.What happened to all the renoun UB professors? Where is prof Nyamjoh,Prof Njeuma (her husband) prof Jua etc.I think UB will be a better place if in addition to the infrastructures that She has developed we have all the profs around.

We are happy that she has succeeded in one area which is a rare accomplishment for a true Cameroonian but she has failed in another area and from every indication she lacks the ability to strive in that area.It is therefore logical to try somebody who has the potentials to succeed in the area that she failed.I think that is the only way UB can progress.


to all

Njeuma has done alot for you UB and deserve to be credited for that. If you compare UB and the other universities in Cameroon that sprang at the same, UB is miles away. Infact i want to say she is a good administrator but got some aspects that needs to overhauled. Like everybody, she has bad part. I want to caution all to be realistic in giving coments.


Well MYRA,
Even God at times returns evil for evil otherwise there would be no hell for those who choose to think away from His commandments. Anyway, I never return evil for evil but I think the paroxysm that spurts from many an angry voice in this forum is a sign that the actress has out-played her time and needs to walk out with the little honour left.

Shakespeare writes that when good trangresses it becomes patched with evil and when repentance is done the good patch rises and covers the filth that had been dorminating it. Madam the VC has done a lot of good for UB but I am afraid she is now covering all the glitters with the grey patches of greed and intransigence. We were still little toddlers when Paul Biya came up with the New Deal of Communal Liberalism. Musicians and griots sang his foresight. Women lulled their babies to sleep with lullabies invoking his vision. But today the same women console their hungry babes with the slogan that "one day sun go shine." Our primary school teachers composed Biya's speeches into songs and our innocent lips tuned them on February 11 and May 20. He gave us hope and inspiration with pictures of him tending succulent green pinapple fruits. But then, we have grown alongside communal liberalism and today we are full grown ass men and women but communal liberalism is still to rise from the womb of the abyss into which Biya's idiocy dumped her. Now all wish he had never walked on the face of Cameroonian politics.

When Njeuma took over as VC of UB 13 years(?) ago it was like she had Midas' golden touch. But She cannot claim to have changed everything alone. Even Midas depended on the geni. Yes, for the past 13 years, Madam the VC has tried her best to wash the linen of UB brighter than snow. But then, as the years have worn on the scum gathering at the bottom of the sceptic tank is finally overflowing. Unless it is flushed out, an infection would spread like a leprous spot through our very essence.

Every sun has its noon. The Paul Biyas, the Njeumas, and you name the rest of their cohorts have outlived their usefulness and should walk out.

As a poet says above, we'll sure weep for them when they fall.


Foolish Mr. Francis Nche, do you know how the University of Dschang, Douala and IUT Bandjoun rcently ended up with brand new websites? They were designed by their students in some cases, or by alumni. If, as you claim, the VC does not want to develop a website as you falsely claim, what stops members of all those UB alumni associations parading the streets from building one? Is it the expertise that they lack? the money? NO!!

Don't we just love handouts!!!!

What is a website compared to the digital connectivity that UB boasts of which is a great tool for learning and research for both teachers and students????

Let UB ex-students contribute their quota to the development of their school or simply SHUT the F* UP!!!!


Lamptey or whatever that means. Seems you are just writing from an abyss of ignorance. For your information, the UBAA(i.e. the UB Alumni Association) is a young association which has during its short lifespan done an admirable job like granting scholarships to deserving students and you name it. What is designing a website compared to these things. For your information any website must meet the aspiration of the people at the top and Dr. Njeuma's aloofness towards this group does nobody any good. I remember how we tried in vain at interceding during the hot days of the UB strike. So, Sir, it's not like this group is doing just nothing as you'll want to make believe. The earlier Dr. Njeuma comes down her high horse, the better for everyone and UB.



I happen to be a UB alumni and I witnessed first hand as the UB Ulumni associations both in Cameroon and the US could not even agree on a simple appeal for calm. Go and check the archives of the UB_Alumni forum at yahoogroups!. So please do not tell me about the association trying to "intercede in vain" in the crisis and being rejected by Njeuma. Dat one na lie! Njeuma has become every fool's doormat. I beg comot me dey!!

An alumni association does not need to be 100 years old in order to design a website for the mother institution .. or for itself for that matter. When do you think the Douala and Bandjoun alumni associations were created?? 1980???

Once again, we all want to eat where we did not plant. So let's assume that Njeuma, like most people of her generation in Cameroon are yet to grasp the full potential of the web (even the President of the Republic's website has been "under construction since 1997...) What have the UB alumni members, who have been exposed to this technology and know how to use it, done to bring the UB administration up to speed? Is there one document out there sent by the association to UB authorities that was ignored? NO!! Has the web issue ever come up in any discussion betweeen the association and UB authorities? NO!!

Man take responsibility and accept that we have generally failed our alma mata even if we might be individual success stories.

I.T. people use the term "turn key solution" whereby a complete product is presented to a client ready for use. All of you running your mouths about a website will get my respect only when you can deliver a complete website to UB. If the administration refuses it at that time, we can talk. But until then, let's just zip it!

And please, also stop that nonsense about the association giving "Scholarships". You and your kind are really getting on my last nerves!!!

Christotpher Ngosong

I can feel the pain of UB growing stronger than that of frontal headache, comments reserved !!!


If an alumni association in goodfaith effort designs a website, it may or may not be accepted by the University, but the university will have no power to stop it. It can continue living as an excellent"unofficial" website. You are proferring excuses instead of acting. Do something for your alma mater, and try to calm things down.


frank,there is something wrong with u.Whats the sense in creating an unofficial website for a university?How many unofficial university websites do u know?whats the meaning of a university by the way...?maybe u don't know the definition,so please go back to your books rather than talking nonsense,which just add pains to my swollen eyes...


I think that there is nothing wrong with madam vice chancellor of the university of Buea.The problem is with the LECTURERS who have decided to behave like sheep and dunkies.The lecturers do not believe that they are capable of effecting any meaningfull change at the university and within the country.Considering what i have said i will like to congratulate a few of them who have done everything to try to open the eyes of the sheepish ones.
How on Earth can the so call LECTURERS listen to the Minister, informing them on their faces that if they are not satisfied with the conditions at the university, they should leave and go abroad as others have done instead of staying around and faning students strikes.All these sheep remained silent without a word to the Minister.I wonder if actually these so call university LECTURERS,PROFESSORS,Ph.D Holders,do deserve the respect the population have been giving to them.
These so call Lecturers must seat up to correct the wrongs of the society.They must stand up as one force to help in the running of the NATION.
I think that in the future such attitudes from the Minister should be corrected,to let him realise that STAYING IN THE COUNTRY IS BECAUSE OF THE LOVE FOR ONES NATION AND NOT FRUSTRATION.


I found some ignorant people here. How can you attribute UB's infrastructure to Njeuma as a success and poor quality education as a failure. Infrastructure hould not be a success at all because quality if suppose to be a product of good infrastructure and not the other way round. I would prefer to sit in the open air and listen to the look-alikes of Fonlons than sit on cushions and listen to trash.
Call a spade a spade - Njeuma has been a disgrace to UB, period.

Ashu A

True Change can only be derived from the actions of the people and political leadership finds its truest moment when it acts upon the authentic will of the people. The students have taken the actions, let the political baboons act upon the will of the students.
Remember , NO RISK NO then lets try an angel we do not know than keep a devil we know. Njeuma should step down and give chances for other ideas ....or i gues she too is dreaming of greater achievements like her senior boss Biya?
God help US..
And Mbecha...thanks for reminding Myra that Evil can be return for Evil ..otherwise there will be no hell...Ignorance is purnishable by law remember.


Yes Peter and Ashu we must realise that RISK is an important component of development.Fru Ndi took some risk and today we are able to reason better than yesterday.Many had to pay a price for that development.
The students took Risk and lost TWO of their friends;their families will feel great pains,but i wish to say that they remain heros, for the great sacrifice that will help to shape our Universities.
Let the LECTURERS at the University of Buea come out of fear and face the tigers and lions that are out to distroy our University.EXAMINING OUR SOCIETY WITH HORNESTY PLEASE LET THE OLD FOXES GIVE WAY TO THE YOUNG AND DYNAMIC CAMEROONIANS.CHANGE BRINGS LOTS OF DEVELOPMENT.IT IS TIME .


I nearly remained silent, but felt compeled to make a statement. Let some of us not use this "njangi house" to fan separatist tendencies, neither should we dare try to point fingers at individuals. I am a true reader of conscience from an opinion point of view. I will like us to give ideas that could help us build a better environment for our children. You all know UB has its standards that are perculiar with our culture (Anglosaxon). These values can hardly be compared to the other state intitutions, say University of Yaounde or Doula etc. Those of us who passed through the then UNIYAO can testify with you that UB should be held in high esteem by any right thinking Anglophone. As for the activities of Njeume in UB, all there is to see in it is that, truely she made a nice start. As you must know, most of such appointments are political. She was thanked for something with that possition and as such her being there for up to thirteen years is not of her will. It is not because she is the best. All we have to do now is to stand up as one man and woman and say " she has outlived her usefullness". The only way to do this is to post inteligent articles to official press organs calling her off. I am sorry that at her age she does not know how to calm down children on strike. She leaves her itching back and goes to scratch another person's own. shame to her. How could she blame the strike on proffessors?. If there is one thing she will be most remembered for, it will be that she nearly distroyed the UB.


Ackerman wrote:

"Whats the sense in creating an unofficial website for a university? How many unofficial university websites do u know?"

FYI, the cameroonian state univesity system has one central / official website, with the domain name "". The original plan was that each State university would have an official website created by the Ministry of Higher Education, as a subdomain of uninet. However, because of too much centralization and plain ineptitude, only the university of Yaounde I has some semblance of a website under uninet. And other universities can do nothing about this.

As a result ALL other universities and university faculties that are on the web today have created unofficial websites; personal initiatives by teachers, students or alumni. While most of these websites are very amateurish, they at least serve the noble goal of introducing their institutions to a wider world.

Find below a sample of these sites, whose design is well within the compentence of UB students the world over.

1. University of Douala

2. University of Dschang

3. University Institute of Technology, Bandjoun

4. Department of Engllish University of Yaounde I

5.School of Journalism (ESSTIC)

6. School of management (ESSEC) University of Douala

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