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Tuesday, 28 June 2005


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I am a Cameroonian who leaves in London and have no knowledge about the so called protest demonstration.

I still doubt the origin of that story.


A few days ago, had a handful of pictures, including that of the Police loading the coffins into a van. The demonstration did happen. Those within "militant" Cameroonian circles in Britain knew about this demonstration well in advance.


Nebs ,Shame!!! you are an uninform citizens .While we were fighting the battle you were sleeping to get up and write rubbish that you doubt the origin of the story .Check your words before writting .

Janvier Tchouteu

Each time a concerted and unifying action is taken against this system, we always have detractors coming in to classify it divisively.

What is the problem if patriotic Kamerunians pursue a nationalist cause and the majority happen to come from one ethnic group, region or linguistic entity.

Yesterday(1950s-1960s) Kamerunians rejected France and its puppet Ahidjo and were forced into the bush. 4 years later only the West and Litoral were still resisting and in 1962, it was virtually the West province alone. We Kamerunians were contented to buy the lies and propaganda that Bamileke homicidal lunatics were the ones fighting to take over power and control the country's political life on top of their economic and other dominations.

I know some of the demonstrators and they have been genuine and unwavering for years, not basing their militancy against the system on ethnic,regional or linguistic bias.That is the way forward for the new Kamerun.


If citizens of la Republique want to be free, that is a good thing. Power to you. Southern Cameroons also wants to be free, and we hope you will support us, Monsieur Janvier.


The country of Southern Cameroons is not a linguistic entity, tribe or region of la Republique du Cameroun.


The biya Gov't is fond of spending hudge sums of money to pay stupid people to act as detractors and all those who wrote contrarily that there was no action are just making a fool out of themselves because the pictures are clear evidence which speak for themselves.
Biya must go this time around. We are carrying finishing touches to that effect.i am in seoul.


Roy, shame!!!!!!!!!! Your English is horrible. "You are an uninform citizens". What would prompt and English-speaking Cameroonian who presumably lives in England to write such disastrous Grammar. Apparently you have problems in every sector of the language. In your place, I would refrain from such a forum, take English language lessons, get my act together and emerge a proud bloke with a flair in oral and written English.


A beg wena this place na for get infos and matters,then check sense on weti for do,no be for di laugh peopo thier English,so.... make wena take time cuz no be English go change that country ooh.
Man for torry.

Sama Anthony




Francis Nche

Mr. Neba and Sam Anthony,

You should be in the better position to know that some of funny demonstrations are seen in local evening news or tabloid newspapers. Last night I heard in the local news that rubbers attacked my neigbourhood and kill 5 people and yet I was there without any information. For you to say that because you never heard of anything means that it never happened makes it seems the world for you ends with your eye sight. You people should stop being "Thomas".
Labelling Cameroonians protesting against the violations of Human rights by Biya's regime in Killing UB students as ASSYLUM SEEKERS FABRICATING STORIES without hesitating to let us know that you "LIVE" instead of "STAY" in london is a disgrace of your origin in the face of a british.


Yes, Mukete, you have made your point. I think the message is clear enough.I don't think making them work naked is a solution they will want to adopt. This may happen in cameroon, but maybe not where they live and work.
And one thing you must understand, most of these guys don't have the right papers to live in these countries.They are illegal and can't stand the police. So a majority is technically knocked out of any legal assembly or demonstration.
Just to make these points clear but sincerely, your article was good though the tone was a little too harsh.


Mr., Sir, Chief, Mukete and Ateba.

I can see the anger, and frustration in your writing, and I know what you are talking about because I used to be in your shoe. Please try to be a little polite when trying to make a good point like the one you introduced in your script. You do not need to insult others before making your point otherwise people will not take you serious. On the other hand, concerns are not only expressed through demonstrations, or marching in the streets naked. Marching naked in the streets may violate certain laws of the land.
I have said it time and again that “our brothers and sisters back home depend very strongly upon Cameroonians who are in Diaspora to born them from Biya’s uncomfortable womb”.
It is very unrealistic and immature for Mr. Ateba to suggest other wise about the legal status quo of the Cameroonians living in America. I suggest that sometimes when you write, take some time to read over what you have written, because some people will not cherish and condone such behaviors. Do not give people reason to run you down like motor batteries when you have good intentions and simply lack the way to put it.
We Cameroonians have a very serious problem when it comes to organizing that is why Biya can successfully get away with anything including murder.
One of the very effective tools we used to organize demonstrations while in Nigeria was NUCS. (National Union of Cameroon Students) but conventions nowadays especially in the US is a place to go party and fish for a Wife/ Husband.
If any of you, people out there wish to hassle with me on this point “BRING IT ON” and make sure you are well insulated with facts. I can give Mr. Mukete a bicycle salute at least for looking at the influential implication, capability of Cameroonians in the US, Whether through demonstrations or by petition. We must grow pass our selfish interest and think about our lovely Country which is in the greatest depression we ever experienced.


We all live at home and out of the country in one way or the other. A person who has physically and or intellectually lived at home and abroad especially in this modern age, should be able to have some common sense as to carrying out an act on behalf of a nation or an act that identifies him or her with a common voice of a people. There is an adage which says, "hit the iron when it is hot," which i guess is a common sense saying and its interpretation shouldn't be elusive to a right thinking mind. There might have been demonstrations and or confrontations in Britain by "honest and patriotic" Cameroonians for a cause which they thought was justified or not, but the questions we should be asking is, was the timing right? Was that the right procedure to have done what they did? Now when a genuine national ambition is wrongly internationalized, it shades into a based form and we stultify ourselves and compromise the sympathy we would have had from our sympathizers and admirers, and instead turborcharge our enemy. This was a good but ill-timed "war" that was never positively victorious, because our enemy won and we are now being ridiculed.


I have come to realise one thing, Africans be they cameroonians, Nigerians or what ever are always prone to argue and fighter over petty things and even issues that are intended for their well being. That in a way explains the state of things on the African continent!

I am amazed how people in this forum have reacted to the above issue. It seems like everyone has spent time throwing canon balls at each other, calling each other names in a dismal attempt to show their flair in the english language, ethnic superiority etc.. No has highlighted the importance of what the demonstrators stood for. Two students were brutally murdered by a recalcitrant cameroon police force.That is the bond of contention here. Those students were not even Francophones. So where is the francophone anglophone thing coming from. The issue we should be discussing here is how to put an end to such ruthless killings of innocent people!

Because you live in England doesn't mean you are well informed. If you don't seek for information, information will not find you. There are things that happen just behind our gardens that i am sure we have no clue about.

We have a tendency of bringing up inconsequential issues during serious discussions and thereby deviating attention from the problem at stake. Whether someone writes or speaks bad english, it is not in our control in this forum to go lashing out at the culprit. We are humans and we're all prone to errors.

I strongly believe that the attitude we portray here is the same attitude we are ardently clamouring against from our leaders!! We lack unity, we lack a common voice, we like fighting and there can never be any progress if we are disunited. I guess someone will spend time trying to pick loopholes in my english rather than trying to understand my intentions and concerns!!


A couple of comments

Nice points but needlessly lengthy and harsh post.
So you are verbose and have plenty of computer time.
You also live in North America, Canada to be more precise.
So, how are you different from those you have described in such negative terms, those computer screen warriors?


I have read a few of the contributions. My main concern was to find out the main objective of the contributions and how they could be of help to students of the University of Buea in particular and Cameroonians as a whole. Unfortunately non of the contributions made a recommendation in the latter respect. Personally, I do not think frivolous accusations against the President or against fellow Cameroonians will be of any help. I think that what we should be doing now is lobbying for those who killed the innocent students to be tried and sentensed for murder or at least manslaughter and for the concerns of all the students to be realised. If every pressure group including Cameroonian living abroad wrote and pursued petitions in the latter ragard, I am confident that justice would be done. To the best of my knowledge Cameroon is not a lawless State and Paul Biya will not hesitate to react to genuine petitions.


The lingua franca presently practised in Southern Cameroons is fast spoiling the beloved Queens language and we should work faster for our proper independence where our rare values would once more be shown to the FROGS.
Bravo to our citizenry in Britain for their remarkable demonstration. Together we shall succeed. The end of our struggles is not too long from today.


I just hope the Cameroonians protesting in London with "coffins" of Slain UB students were doing so for the good of the university of Buea and the entire country Cameroon and not just using the sad event in UB to find their way out.If the first is true,then power to your elbow.


Reading through the comments reacting to this story typifies our atitude towards one another. Instead of us reading the story and congratulating the people who are demonstrably highlighting our plight back home, we have resulted to throwing daggers at one another regarding trivia issues such as ones ethnicity, lauguage ability ect ect. We have a serious problem in cameroon and only by uniting our thoughts and focusing our energy on the underlying bottleneck then can we start solving this endemic misappropriation that have engulfed our motherland.
The major problem in cameroon is not the anglophone/francophone divide. The contentious issues
are more deep rooted and complex than some of understand. Judging from the comments on this forum only goes to proof the difficulties that needs to be overcome before we can start solving our problems.
I am edging my fellow cameroonians to refrain from insulting one another but to concentrate instead on what unites us rather than what divides us. Doing this will make us come to the realisation that, we are more similar than we thought.
Peace !!!!!



You have made some good points this time not just attacking all bush fallers but those from North America.I totally agree with you especially when it come to those bush fallers in US.They are all toothless bull dogs,making a lot of noise with no action.By action I don´t mean they should go out naked as you said but they never contribute anything reasonable for the good of the country apart from their criticism.
I mean bush fallers in US have to proof otherwise,they are there just for the name US-bushfallers,its time for you guys to start acting.


Actually if the protest in LOndon was for the good the universities and the entire country Cameroon, fine and fair enough.But if some few individauls,"asylum seekers" used this sad event to make their way out too bad then.

It is more interesting reading reaction to the present article and not just spending time critising some group of people or introducing another topic.
As for those guys who are so mad when it comes to langauge,this is no English Langauge class,just give people the chance to express themselves, not all have the same mastering of the English langauge,we have francophones and even anglophones with different level of education.


Mr. Mukete,For your information , Canada is a place to be o.k ? Many Cameroonians don't go to the Canadian Embassy because most of them have not discovered lines getting to Canada .Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you can make life a hundred times easy than in the U.S if you don't know . You claim to know much . You better do alot of research if you don't know something rather than giving naive coclusions.

Onatario .


Mr. Mukete,For your information , Canada is a place to be o.k ? Many Cameroonians don't go to the Canadian Embassy because most of them have not discovered lines getting to Canada .Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you can make life a hundred times easier than in the U.S if you don't know . You claim to know much . You better do alot of research if you don't know something rather than giving naive coclusions.

Onatario .


in short i do not understand while some people goes crazy when mukete express his own ideas. why are some people interested about his origin, family connection or even where he stays. this man has proved many times that he understands cameroonian living abroad. i live in Canada and i want to say that all what mukete is saying about cameroonians living in the usa and canada is true. instead of accepting the facts some of us are pushing him to the wall. this will make mukete to take a defensive position. when this happens we the bush fallers are the people to suffer. cameroonians living back home are now getting the urgly sides of bush fallers because we are making mukete to expose everything.
mukete is always mukete and despite all the attacks he has not change his name. some of us realize that people know who we are and so we have changed the names we were using. at the begining some of us used our true names but when we discovered that it was a mistake we start to use different names. frank is a good example of this shamefull metamorphosis (i hope he understands this elementary school terminology).
in short it is not true what peterson is saying here. that "canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you can make life a hundred times easier than in the U.S if you don't know ". the reality in canada is not what cameroonians there claim. most of us come here with "big degrees" from Africa and we end up working for ... in short i do not want to release things here. some of us claim that we have settled in life with less than $17 per hour. some of us claim to come here as professionals when we are no thing like this here. some of us say we are ingeneers but are name is nowhere. some of us claim that we are professionals in a field failing to understood that we have the names of professionals in the internet. we fight during cameroonian meetings, gossip, enter into peoplese pants, we abandone our husbands and run after men from the usa. in short i do not want to talk.


Francis Nche

Mr Peterkin,

Worry not about Mukete. Within the bounderies of US as he is although pretending to be in Cameroon, you see and hear nothing about Canada in the media. He believes like others in the US that they are in heaven because they show them only failed Mexicans in Arizona desert trying to cross to US without showing the world the suffering in the US. Those in Cameroon complaining of media control should be in US to experience what media control is. You hear and see only what the governmnet wants you to see.
Mr. Mukete, internet will never tell you what is in the streets of any country. You have to be a part of that society, not as a business traveller as you claim. A visitor in the streets of Cameroon will not know for instance that there are some people who considers 50 million FCFA as petrol money or in the streets of US towns will not know that although people drive good looking cars, these very people are so endebted that they are afraid to pick an unidentified call because of fear of creditors. Mr Muktete, if you are like many in these forum that have been out of Cameroon for more than 20 years and think that people don't travel, came and pick me up in Douala airport on Tuesday the 9th of August at 7.20 pm with SWISS international if you are really in Cameroon.
Normally when I am out of Cameroon, I tend to be bothering myself on such issues that things will change. My brothers and sisters, even if they change, not any person can enjoy. When in Cameroon, we hardly have time to watch the news, nor read newspapers not to talk of internet and live is lighter, happier and more enjoyable.
For our bothers and sister's in diaspora thinking they can initiate a change like Mbianda in your US home, I say no. Mandela has shown that you must be there to do it. Jews and Zionic movement initiated massive return to Palestine to succeed. In the US, Black who are even called African Americans cannot even locate Africa in the world map, not to talk of fighting for it. Cameroonians in the US especially are struggling to intregrate in the society by building a good credit score, "buying home and cars" and never having anything positive to tell their American born children about thier home country.
It is high time most of those in Diaspora climb down the fence and either concentrate about their lives and forget about the situation back home or be a part of the solution rather than add worries by always pointing out what is wrong and doing nothing to make it right. Let no one fall the trap of my friend in Atlantic who at the age of 65 after spending 35 years in US has discovered that US was not for him and yet not having anything even a friend or familiy member in Cameroon to fall back to.
May God put us in the right footing

Dr A A Agbormbai


You can show the way by walking naked, taking pictures of yourself and sending to Cameroonians abroad. This graphic example will show them that you mean business. Otherwise, you are only making an empty call.

It is not enough to challenge people without exemplifying the actions you recommend! You sound like someone who would ask your kids to walk from Douala to Mamfe while you travel by air.

Fritzane Kiki....Hongkong

We should not beat about the bush when it comes to pressing issues like human rights abuse;murder,ambushing and manslaughter are very serious crimes that needs to be redressed even at the International Court of Justice.The poor students lost thier lives for a just course and we should adore them as martyrs."may their soul rest in perfect peace".

Looking at the strike or demonstration in London it was a clear proof of nationalism and partriotism.Little doubt why they were victorious with this peaceful strike.It has gone in the annals of UK history that it happened.We can't be talking here of Anglophone/Francophone relationship as many commentators; Yallow,Felix,Denis,Ateba,Frank and a host of others stated.What our focus should be is to make sure this doesn't repeat itself and while not punish the what so called "public security",who are now public enemies.These foolish police officers who after nine months of smoking Indian herm in Mutengene comes out without a mere knowledge of civil laws and rights,how can they guarantee our safety and welbeing?Look at the case of the Kumba commisioner who burnt a poor boy under detention for investigation?

I am very upset why we the "freedom fighters" who should stand as one to cogitate,put our heads together and anticipate and be optismistic about our futures,should be at loggerheads and disunited against the harsh regime in power.As Mr Mukete stated we should look for means to instigate this what so-called New Deal Mbiya government for a change of attitudes towards human rights abuse like this one.Our compatriots in the UK have given us a go-ahead why not take the challenge than to come here and correct our English language.There are those who claim to know English Language whose mother-tongue they can't even write not to talk of speaking and reading it.English and French are not our languages.In linguistics I read there are more than 280 languages in Cameroon who can boost to read and write his or her dialets without scores of errors and jagons?

Dear youths and leaders of tomorrow,some of us see the leadership as something very easy.We need to get ready now or never to prepare some one amongst us to be the future president.We all know this is Mbiya's last term in office.We don't want this to repeat itself.I oncemore ask all the youths to come out for their rights.All eyes are on us and if at this stage we can't be ready for the post then another Mbiya is going to take it again.Please it is never too late,action speaks louder than words.,a stitch in time safes nine.....hey wake up ....boyz take note that the world is reading our contributions so try and be straight to the point and hit the harder side....
Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Dear brothers and sisters,
While Cameroonians are fighting for their homeland in London, back home the fight between Fru Ndi and Prof Asonganyi has reached a point that Fru Ndi has offered a price Tag for the Head of Prof Asonganyi.
The full coverage is in Le messager accessible in the following link:

Fritzane Kiki....Hongkong

Mr Ernest look this is not a pplace for public announcement what has Fru ndi and Asonganyi got to do with the probelm atstake? Please if u don't have something to do u can surf the net or play computer games.
You should be thinking of what to contribute here.
Please lets pray for a brigther future and happiness after 23 years of suppression,poverty,hardship and dictatorship....time will tell....Please don't correct my English.....

Halle Berry

Please can you stop generalising statements in regards to Standard of living in Canada...If things are hard for you in Canada,,is not hard for me and may be another person...If you are earning wages below $17/hourly,,,not everyone is within that range...We have BIG SHOTS IN TOWN...Take it or leave it..I live and work in Canada and i bet you,,,CANADA IS A PLACE TO BE....Gone are those days where Cameroonians where using Canada as a stepping stone into the U.S..Today,,Cameroonians in Canada have come to stay because there are alot of opportunities out here..Believe me or not.You have some lazy sisters like Ester/vivian who don't wonna work hard ,,,,so all what they do is to Complain about Canada...Trust me,,,Today we have Cameroonians leaving the U.S to move into Canada to search for green pastures...Peterkins is my witness..Check out your books,,,Canada was proclaimed last year as the best country to live by UN Statistics..SO NEVER BRING DOWN CANADA ON THIS FORUM.However,Ester,,if you have any serious issues in regards to this ,,,hola me on my Toll Free 1-800-267-2070...And to any Cameroonian,who is interested in Coming to Canada as a Landed immigrant(Permanent Resident),log on to for Application and Information.May God Bless Us All..
Halle Berry
Down Town


Well, Mukete you have made your point in any form and order. That is understood, but one point raised by Dr AAA still remains; set the example. I remember the late Albert W Mukong walked the streets of Bamenda in rags to fulfill the call he made to Southern Cameroonians(1994) to express their mourning at the annexation of their territory by La Republique. So you can take the cue. Then talking about English; if you want to contribute to this forum, it is better to use either good English or pidgin that most people will understand. The writer from China puts together a bunch of words in his first sentence and expects people to understand. Vivian comes in to say what she had in her mind in the language she knows best. Sister, did somebody run away with your husband to the US? Why are you this angry about moving into the US and gossiping? Anyway i am not in the US. Peterkins, remember that one other place in Cameroon used to and is still called the place to be until people started demonstrating there until their brothers started doing same in another far away land, the UK.


Please,those who think this story is false should think well before writing it in a forum because those who put up this story have facts about it.
If you are living in London or inside the embassy,its your problem if you are not informed.I am not living in London but I heard about it immediately it happened.And there are people who knew it was planned eventhough I accept that it was not publicly made probably because the organiser didn´t want Police to stop them from reaching the Embassy.
So please before you say something is a lie,think well before saying it especially in public because it will be scruitinised by many well informed people


Mr.Fritzane Kiki,
You pray for a brighter future after 23 years of suppression,poverty and dictorship and yet you say something involving SDF which is the hope of many people maybe including you having no place.
Just the revelation by the former sec. general at the presidency Titus Edzoa in the said article of the large sums which were tranfered from presidency to Bamenda at the eve of all elections and the endepth evaluation of the situation including yoyo' constitutional maneurvers is enough concern for Cameroonians.
Young Cameroonians cannot continue to suffer while Fru Ndi and Paul Biya shares money

Francis Nche

"When the wind blows you can see the anus of a fowl" Thank you hundred times Mr Ernest for letting me know the truth about the so called SDF debacle. Let thus who were defending SDF blindly come after reading the article and talk. The greatest, dictator, embezzler ... in Cameroon is Mr Fru Ndi who has been selling our votes to Paul Biya for money.

Itoe  Gumba

Well said Mukete. Most Cameroonians living in North America do not see Cameroon; they objectively see La Republique du Cameroun (a Francophone State) and British Southern Cameroons (an Anglosaxon State with much in common with Nigeria). The big picture is to reverse the colonization of British Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun. That is our focus, right now.

Francophones can march in London if they want to. One view is that the Francophones who cannot speak English like Paul Biya be deported to France, tout de suite.

Itoe Gumba

Fritzane Kiki....Hongkong

Chris and Ernest,
You should not keep talking of lives in UK and Canada and so on.I hope if you are still mentioning bushfuller issue here we can talk for the whole day without a clear-cut response or solution.What has that got to do with what happened in London.The Cameroonians did a good job for showing their disgruntleness of the killing of the UB students by sending trying to send the coffins to Biya.I appreciate their own way of passing through a message to the world about the plight of Cameroonian back home.

I tell you once and for all,and I strongly believe that none of those political parties will liberate us.The Cameroonians are the ones themselves.We can't achieve this goal without coming together.If for the past 15 years you people never knew Fru Ndi and the rest had been taking tips from the presidency then you people are less informed about the political statusquo in Cameroon.We are sick and tired of elections and voting and thesame story of rigging every year.Whether Fru Ndi or Paul Biya they are all thesame, 23 years is the brother of 15 years,without any reform.We are need another political movie or DVD.

Mr Itoe
From your name you are from Meme or Ndian division of South West,one of the most backward provinces in Cameroon yet contributing 60% to the Cameroon revenue.So you should not sit and be talking of French and English language or Francophones being sent to France.Why not talk of human rights and other issues.It is crystal clear that Anglophones are marginalised but they are the cause of their fate.So if the leaders are not united the youths can't be together.Talking of segregating from the French is a talk of a civil war.I have the conviction that Cameroon needs just a good leader than someone like Biya.I prefare the Bamilekes and the Northest for their hard work and endurance,to the power hungry Ewondos and lazy Doualas and Basas.

That's is why the march in London was driven by a mixed spirit of patriotism of Cameroonians of all works of life.Some who don't know the role of this 'coffin' issue says it happened at the wrong time.NO,it follows the strike at UB but not elections.If we can have demonstrations like this one time an again both at home and abroad then this will be a good example for others to copy.

What an old man can see while sitting a young man cannot see even on a skycrapper.So it is high time we stand up for our rights as the legend Bob said.


Bravo to Mukete!!
Can somebody tell me what is wrong with what Mukete said? If at all there is any shortcoming in his arguement, it will be the fat that his criticism was limited only to the guys in the US.I think Cameroonians as a whole (bush fallers or not) especially anglophones have one weakness.It is true that we have been marginalised and are a disadvantaged group but that is no reason for us to use our energy against each other.

We have become addicted to fighting that we just want to fight anything that comes our way.First, it is the north west south west issue,next it is the anglophone francophone issue.Why on earth should the rest of the world not doubt everything that we stand for.It is a shame that francophones should be the ones demonstrating for anglophones students who were slained in an anglophone university.Instead to applaud their effort, we spend our time questioning their motive.Whether they had a hidden agenda or not,their message was clear "Biya is a killer,and we are protesting the deaths of two students killed at the university of Buea"

This is just one of the many occasions that francophones have openly supported anglophones, yet each time that we go public we are quick to denounce them.We pretend as if the streets of Yaounde,Bertoua,Ngoundere etc are better tarred than those of Bamenda and Limbe.

Our intentions explain why Popo and his clique are reluctant to go.The truth is that if Cameroon should end up in the hands of anglophones with the mentality that we have,the rest of the world will regret why they stood by and allowed such a tranisiton to take place.
I completely agree with you Mukete.


i think what makes a good leader is his ability to manage finances well for that is the only way out for a good economy.i have just read the and did not read any think like john messing round with money.if he is dictating it could be a proplem but not as some poeple are tring to make it look like.
dictatorship that brings develomernt has never been selfish.great leaders have always been dictating we all know that.


If the comments in this forum were really a hint to the public opinion of Cameroon, then we we really need another Moses to come and remove us from slavery and take us to the promise land.
It is very easy to notice that we radiate to all directions of opinion with no common ground. Starting from an articles which appears as a nobel course for the welbeing of Cameroon, Some people start by complet denials, attribute to militants and extremies, divided tactics (SCNC (Southern Cameroon versus La Republique du Cameroon: NW/SW; CPDM/SDF; Good English/Pegin; Asylum seekers/ Legalised citizens; Chiefs/Fons. Some even divert the whole issue to hyperlinks on other issues.
What I can notice is that Cameroonians are gifted with a lot of negative creative thinking. What is difficult is to make a direction in the reasoning.
IF everybody in this forum were to be advisers for our policy makers, do we really think that they might be different from the onces we have now?. We should better always try to see the positive potential in a situation than to let the devil use the potentials we have against the progress of our beloved nation. If you are a Cameroonians, count blessed you from the womb. Not every person on earth is as blessed.

mbonde ivo

speaking with an angry tongue against those recidin' in the states won't and will never remedy any situation in cameroon. you got important facts no doubt, but your manner of presentation is too poor to be credible. how could you be so naive and mean to say people are hiddin' in america and worst still tell people to move naked on the streets?? i really wonder at times if you're retarded or not. if you love your stay in cameroon as you've earlier declared good and fine for you. so why press hard tryin' to intimidate others about their domiciles? you're just like another empty freak who wants to play a dirty game. what a waste of time indeed readin' those scums..

mbonde ivo,
seattle, washington,
united states.


look mr. mbonde ivo, you should not stupidify yourself here. who is forcing you to read "scums"? we are not using our time and energy here to debate on "scums". you better go and look for work. As mukete once written you either read what he has writted or you leave it and stay silence. when you go to bookshop to make research you select some books and you reject some. you do not need to tell the world why you rejected some books. keep your troublesome mouths closest. you mean that tahkebergs women who surrounded the president of sdf were stupid to show their private outside? what is wrong in people seeing our private? what do you want to hide that people has not seened?
Stop this empty noises.


Dr. Dolittle

Looking at this forum one can see exactly what is wrong with Cameroon and Africa as a whole. Lack of unity and focus on anything.Africa as a whole is a train wreck, Cameroon is no exception.Change might come maybe 200yrs from now or even more. But one thing is clear the mentality of an African is deplorable, that is what is wrong with us. I do not care whether u live abroad or not, u cannot change the situation as it is now. Blaming people for living the country does not solve the problem either. Solving the problems that Africa (Cameroon) in particular faces requires a concerted effort on the part of everybody as well as on the part of the international community especially America. If A modern Marshall aid could be started to help the African continent maybe there could be hope. Also this will require Africa to be controlled by the international community just like Germany and Japan were constructed after being destroyed by America and the Allies in World War 2.This is because African leaders have proven that they cannot rule their own countries through the embezzlement and corruption that is going on nowadays.No opposition party can change the situation overnight. The opposition is just as corrupt as the rulling party or maybe even worse.Today's opposition is tommorrows dictator. None of these things listed above which are just a few of the things that need to be done immediately are even on the agenda of the most powerful and riches countries of the world.While we worry about our beloved country Cameroon, the US is worried about a quagmire in Iraq, that is just one example. One thing I can say about Africa FOR NOW is, EVERY ONE FOR HIMSELF AND GOD/ALLAH ETC FOR US ALL.

Nche Francis

Dr. Dolittle,
You saw it right but missed the main point. America is never a place to fall back to for assistance. America used Mobutu to remove the newly elected President of democratiuc Rep. of Congo (Patrick Limumba) in 1963 and use kabilla in 1997 to remove Mobutu since the cold war was over and there was no need for him any longer. These events have put 'Zaire" in the messe it is today although it is the largest and one of the riches African countries in natural resources. America used Augusto Pinochet through a military Cour to remove the president of Chile in 1973 to stope leftish movement in South America. America is using Mosharaf today to fight for the "Liberation of Iraq". Because of this puppet American and Western protected governments and because they burrow money from paris club and Briton Wood Institutes and embezzlle and promote corruption in their societies, the African governments are never accountable for their people but for the west or Paris clubs and it is in the interest of the west and especially America and France not for African governments to be accountable for their people let alone be able to be changed through democatic means..

When you talk of Marshall Plan, it was aimed at a different objective entirely. There was first no good will of American to bomb and level German towns to dust killing children and pregnant women and used Atomic Bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima to kill inocent people in these towns although these were not military targets. Remember many countries had atomic bomb but only America actually had ever used it in history.
The Marshall plan was initially put forward as free money to creat an avenue for embezzlement and corruption within the German and Japanese societies but unfortunately the superpower nature of these societies before the second world war had mad them not to simply fall in love with money but to exploit the ready availability of the technical know-how, human resources and the patriotism established in long history of Germany and Japan pre-way developement. United States congress of 1945 voted for the Marshall plan to transform Germany and Japan for agricultural economies although it ended up otherwise


I personally see nothing wrong for asylum seekers, cameroonian or non-cameroonians to stand together and fight for the benefit of our nation. We better stop thinking about Aglo/Franco. I speek poor french,poor German, weak english and excelent pigin (mother language) that is why I am cameroonain


Hi Vivian and Ester, shame to you that you complain about how Canada is turf but you don't want to return to Cameroon. If there was a better place than Canada, you Vivian who seeked political assylum and afraid of the fact that you will be refused re-entry in to Canada, you had to visit Cameroon recently through a third Country. Shame onto you. Shame, you donot know that certain professions are regulated in every country. Tell me, have you seen any Cameroonian doctor trained in Nigeria who works in a public hospital in Cameroon ? Canada gives people like you the opportunity to update your bougous certificates which you got from saturated universities. The standards are high in Canada and if you have struggled to no avail to level in the system then stay quite ok. For Mukete, you are just like a shadow that has no impact, empty, ignorant fellow who has no idea of how society functions. Check you facts before you compare Canada with any other country. I bet, you can never obtain a legal visa to enter Canada because of your poor academic background. Stay quite Yam !


are you a canadian or a cameroonian?
well as a cameroonian, i wish i could sell cameroon as much as you are tring to sell canada.


My fellow educated Cameroonians, we all are very grateful for the Postnewsline for making it possible for us all to get news and be updated about happenings in our beloved country. I guess we can politely share our different views on any topic without using abusive words on this website which is read internationally. when a foreign international reads some of the of abusive words exchanged on this website, it gives a dirty impression about Cameroonians. Lets us avoid hurting others. Lets be polite and give The postnewsline a value it deserves.





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