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Tuesday, 28 June 2005


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when have fons started providing schools do fons have a budget for providing social aminities to the local people?
this may sound stupid on my side if i do not know about it but it will be scandalous that the fon is counting thesame things that the Cpdm govermnent is counting as it achievements
so who is providing the cpdm govermnent of the fon?
well let the SDO knows that the people feel the pinch of this so called fon who is working the cpdm way of doing things

Francis Nche

It takes a person as rich as Bill Gates to consider providing the educational and health Facilities as well as 14 houses as a "humble contribution" to a small clan as Kedjem Keku. This Paul Biya's contigeous disease of taking personal credit for government actions has gone right to the grass roots.
The SDO should respect the rights of the people. I understand that he need him for his oppressive rule. As he serves the hand that feeds him "Paul Biya" he should know that the fon has to serve but his people rather than the oppressive regime of Yaounde. No doubt other fons including Fon Angwafor of Mankon are supporting the SDO because they are afraid the next turn may be his and Paul Biya will not allow him to stay even in the Boy's quaters of his Mvomeka,s home.
What is the position of the fon of Balikumbat in this issue?


Fon Vugah is not the first fon tobe dethrone ithe north west province.while the others went unnoticed was because the dethroned fons accepted thier faith and sought out another means of living.
The palace is the ruling house of the people of a community.The kwifon,kingmakers and his quarter heads have all denounce him.So what else do you need as a base to keep him ruling.Mr SDO,you will realise that reinstating fon Vugah would be promoting lawlessness for in the village for nobody will ever respect him.Notorious as he is ,he will only resort to dictatorship and this may lead to further chaos in the village.Why the case of his colleague fon Doh is yet to be settled,you just be promoting another superman in the name of fon Vugah.
Fon Vugah is a reckless ruler despite his age,thats true,many bad things he did have been listed in the petitions forwarded to you.And all classes of people from women to animals have protested against him yet he would lack the tact to contain his opposition.
He siezed ppeoples wives,sell lands that do not even belong to him,the rich famous babanki patatoes farm he sold to the bororos,he syhoned money contributed to him for development of the village andhe isunderdeveloped oriented.The two babanki's which use to be famous in socio-political life have swung low in thier prestige because of him.He has contributed enormousely to the slow death of the kejom traditions and customs.
We know he is inlaws to fon Angwafor and Ngufor .The fon of Baba 11 was dethroned like him but reinstaed against the wish of the poeple by the government.He is a mad man.Prove me wrong.He stops taxis in commercial avenue when the sun is too hot.He can take me to court and the commissioner of public security will be my witness.I rescued him from the hands of taxi drivers when he climbed on two taxis and brandished his long knife to whoever comes his way in brought daylight.I took him to the police and pleaded to the drivers that he was mad.And the police boss wanted to jail him until i asked him to call FRU Ndi who is his subject.Yet he would also not want to see Fru Ndi.That is the man who whenever regaining senses will say he had banned SDF in BABA11
Dear sdo i pray that you allow the new fon engage on the heavy task ahead of him now.Babanki poeple can never accept the Vugah.Once beaten twicw shile.


Let the government come and take him off let us see. Let them even just dare to arrest him since it is their Fon and not ours! Rubbish! Democracy means Government by the people. We chose a new Fon because the first one committed several atrocities and abdicated. We were good enough not to make him "dissappear" as the tradition demands. So let him sit quietly and mourn over his stupidity.

If government wants to start quoting laws to us and......... Well.......Let them be ready for any outcome. Enough is Enough!


Democracy has got into the Northwest province and I am happy to hear Fon dethrowned.If they are subject to that the culture must be changing.Are Fons nolonger been an inherited position???
I hope it will go further to the Stage such that Settlers will be able to attain the position of Fondom.Thus Fon will nolonge be the deal of the Elite.

Lo'oh Kejom

I admire your courage in playing for time.l would also like that you should be courageous and wise enough to choose between persistent chaos and persistent peace.Mark you that you have as mandate to see into it that those under your jurisdiction enjoy peace.Remember that in Kejom Keku there are people who knows more that you the administration you claim to be at the head and the so-called decrees and laws you are quoting.The different age groups and social strata of K.Keku your called for consultations have spoken.There's no need for you to be beatting about the bushes for this matter for the people have spoken.Tell the Agwafors and the Chafas to stop crying over spilt milk.Mr SDO this is not an election that can be rigged. THE PEOPLE OF KEJOM KEKU HAVE SPOKEN AND THEY MEAN IT.SDO TRY TO REHABILITATE VUGAH ELSEWHERE.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


I guest you are an administrator and know what it means to have elements you you rule who really do no longer enjoy your ruling.
Let me make it clear to you that our stand is NO TO VUGAH.No matter all the gymnastic u intend to do we are not ready to compromise our decision with that idiot of a man(Vugah) who thought he had the nife and the cake to decide when and what to do at his convenience.
I think a ruler is like a team leader and not a boss.You do not impose or push your elements to the extremes for your for your benefit.Why should a Fon want people to pay him a fee for burial.Do we apply for death?
This is a ruler who levies a fee to external elites before you construct a house.
It is needless here to enumerate all the chaos he has done to us because that will be adding more wounds on an injury.
Well all we have to tell you Mr SDO is that FON Vubangsi did not apply for this position,the Notables of the Village together with Kwifon found him just the right personality to take us to the promise land that is why he was enthroned.
So whether the government recognises him or not,we recognise him so who is the government to dictate to us for who to rule us.
Let Vugah blame his naivity for writing a resignation letter and regretting later on.
This just goes forward to proof to you Mr SDO his cowardise approach in arresting situations.So how would you expect such a man to rule people who know their left from right.
Take it or leave it Fon Vubangsi is our choice and dare not to arrest him for you will be exciting sleeping lions.
Long Live Kedjom Keku

Kwifonyui Febwen

When former SDO of Mezam declared that Fon Benjamin Vutsiboung may be arrested as an impostor, he committed one of unforgiven administrative errors in his career.
I would think that when he publicly made this statement he only encouraged late dethroned Fon Vugah Simon to go and die on 19/01/2006.He deliberately kept the file of Kedjom Keku under his drawer for months. Where-ever he has been transfered,let him know that all the incidents which have taken place in Kedjom Keku, he is accountable for.He can never be free from this problem.
Unity is Strength

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