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Saturday, 04 June 2005


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The VC is right, and unless UB students stop acting like people with no education, there is no hope for the institution. What makes a university great is not its administration, but its faculty and students, whose coperation should lead to concepts that help advance society.


Very saddening to read this type of outburst from the "learned" Doctor. Whatever happened to tact? Dr. Njeuma's speech shows the type of arrogance and lack of tact very common with the ruling oligarchy in Cameroon. No doubt the type of atmosphere that reigns in UB. Chaos. Saying that the students killed in her speech shows the level of dishonesty ingrained in her soul. Madam, this is no the time for such utterances as you well know tempers are still high from your machinated slaying of those innocent youths.
If you have nothing to say, better keep quiet and let peace reign once more in Buea. We've had too much of your tactlessness.

A. Che Mofor

Madam Njeuma should realise that things are not the way they were when she became the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea.

Her efforts in taking UB to its present heights deserve honest appreciation, but her reaction to the recent upheavals by students of the university gives the impression that she does not realise that she has to change from dictatorship administration towards a more democratic one, where the voice of the students and the teaching staff plays an indispensible role in the continuous progress in academic, moral and social standards of the university.

Her statement still portrays that she would never have believed in 1993 that the students of this university would stand up one day and fight to this extent for their interest and for that of future students of this prestigeous university. In my opinion, it is so because our university leaders are appointed by the government and people like Njeuma and the rest owe their allegeance to the government that appointed them. The cartastrophy in this system of appointment that Biya very well enjoys is that the independence of the university is tremendously jeopadised. The discrimination within the student body and university staff, and post-hungry attitude of some staff members are consequences of this appointment method. The greatest error that Madam Njeuma did was not to open an opportunity for dialog with her own students. It is obvious that she might have been afraid of some vandals who mix up with the students. Unfortunately, on the side of the students, the leadership was not in tact. In any case, Mrs Njeuma would have told the striking students to send a delegation to dialog with her in the first days of the strike. This would have reduced the tension. Just as her boss did during the operation ghost towns in the early 90's, she kept quiet to let the situation relax on its own. May be she was waiting for order from above as it is usually the case. The consequence was the death of three students. This was failure from her as university administrator - refusing to dialog with her own students. This is the inherited colonial leadership.

These strikes were not the last. The misunderstandings she has with many members of staff shall not be resolved by her trying to polarise the university administration and the teaching staff (and the students). Not only her idea or that of her boss must be correct! The meaning of university (universitas) speaks for itself. It is a society where people should think freely and neither a primary school nor an army!. This difference has not been clear in our society. The people you govern should have a say in the affairs of the institution. It is difficult to directly transfer other systems to Cameroon, but it is worth while mentioning that the university needs to revisit its constitution. Rectors or chancellors could also be elected by the university staff + student representatives for a limited period. This would bring inovation, diversity and more transparency in the administration and will definitely accelerate the progress of the instituion in many domains. Such a method will prevent more deaths in future when striking students are abandoned by the administration and left in the hands of illitrate police men who do what they like on the students. In my terms, the action by the vice chancellor and the police including other administrators in Buea (excluding the mayor Mbello Charles who did not even get that much education like the chancellor) was an abuse to the same anglosaxon system in the university of Buea that Mrs. Njeuma claims to pursue in her speech.

We should be open for change!

R DeSouza

Madam VC has just thrown out the baby with the bath water. Primo, students are not even acknowledged in the beginning of the speech. Secundo, not even once did the VC say one kind word about her students. But she claims to have been successful as a VC. Is she VC of the science labs and the library? Or is she VC of an institution which should be training people? If the people she is supposed to have trained and is still training are so worthless as not to deserve her salutation in her pointless speech, and these students cannot even stand up to one nice word from Madam VC, then what is the point? It has been 13 long years. Why not throw in the towel!


I must confess that after spending over a month villifying Dr. Njeuma, I feel a pang of remorse after reading from her directly. Like someone said before, there's always two sides to a story, and her's is the story of a good intentioned person who seems to have taken her job too personally at the expense of the team spirit that she advocates in her mail. Hope things work out for her, for the students, and most of all, for UB


I have been to UB.
To a certain extend I feel UB is no longer at the competence of the present VC.
All she is doing is begging for sympathy and public sympathy a tactic that those on the loosing side always adopt when the going gets tough.
The present VC with her limitations has been successful in some areas in UB as well as failed in others. She has also failed seriously in her relationship with the most important people of that institution - the students.
Whom is she accusing when she complains of some individuals turning upside down the anglosaxon values intended for UB? I still want to know why she refused to let the students run an independent student Union?


the vc wthat sin had she committed?is it not the state money which you use for the construction of this things?that is how some top ranky officials like you claim state own property as you've done nothing.If you did alotwhy were the students on strike action don't be like mosquitoes that drill blood from people body and never grow fat.

Nkellefac Ernest

I hold the opinion that the VC certainly has contributed immensely to the successes of UB, but I'm rather surprised at the inconsistencies imbued in her reaction.
First of all, she clearly points it out in the first paragraph that all and sundry, students and lecturers, as well as other members of administration have contributed to successes of the University, but later at the end, she asserts that rather than being contributors, the staff through SYNES had contributed little or nothing? Did I get that well?
Secondly, in all Anglosaxon Universities which I came across, they have Student bodies, so why does UB, which she mothers and takes for an Anglosaxon University not have?
Thirdly, a leader, I suppose should have the capabilities of keeping alive team spirit, hence the VC should acknowledge that she has failed in that respect,no matter what the causes of such failure may be, so what next? The best bet in my view is to resign! If she does, another person who comes into her shoes will proof that she was right or make UB a real better place to be, and above all she will have some good rest off the stress!

Nuvala Nguket

I think the Vice Chancellor should resign. The mere fact that a very devastating strike took place under her stewardship leading to the loss of lives of the very people the Vice Chancellor's job is to train and mold is a failure of Cataclysmic proportion. The right thing to do for the Vice Chancellor will be to resign her post and concentrate on her political carreer as member of the Central Committee of the ruling party.

Boniface Ndemping Wewe-The Ngonyama(Lion) of Brooklyn

Iya Dorothy Njeuma Keka! Tie Heart!

Power is addictive! You have held it since the early seventies with Late Ahidjo and Biya as a deputy cabinet minister and for more than 10 years as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea.Whether we agree or disagree with you, a renowned professor of zoology trained in the anglosaxon tradition like your self has certainly distinguished herself!As there are two sides to a story, do not just brush aside the students , their plight and those of the future generation of Cameroonians with arrogance stemming from your duties of Vice Chancellor and member of the political bureau of Cameroon's ruling political party-dubbed Mangeoire National!Your attitude and barrage of invectives poured on students and berieved families is insensitive and bears the hallmarks of sadistic indifference! Mr. governor Edjake is your fellow culprit in arms as evidenced by his inflammatory reaction to the strikes and summoning elite paramilitary troopers from Yaounde and Douala respectively to wipe out the last vestiges of English speaking culture which in this case were striking students who had the bad luck of being second class citizens!Contrary to the Foumban Conference, you must admit that your section of the country is a silent minority manipulated and crushed by an arrogant majority of francophones.
I understand your contempt for the students-they booed you in the presence of your master-Jacques Fame Ndongo forcing you to retreat in disgrace!You probably wept at home which is reminiscent of your GCE reform fiasco under Rene Ze Nguele in 1983!
Concerning your allegations of post hungry professors on campus,I think every human being aspires to upward mobility.How about all of you who have occupied different posts from president to generals and ambassadors etc listen to you consciences and adopt term limits instead of clamoring for constitutional reform scrapping term limits? Wouldn't this pave the way for others and a more dynamic stock?
About anglosaxon traditions turned upside down in Buea,it seems you set the tone as there has never been probity or transparency in the finances of Buea University.Have you forgotten the fence that was constructed instead of a descent library and books that would have eductaed the students on everything from the respect for public property that includes taps to accountability?Did youand your cohorts not orchestrate, jail and put a price tag on the head of a German visiting professor who condemned the fence project as misguided and an opportunity for looting?
Do not envy those students! They paid a heavy price with their blood but are victorious! Their student union is recognized!The goernment that used the stick is now talking carrots!They forced Fame Ndongo to speak in English reclaiming our anglosaxon tradition albeit in a symbolic way!
Iya Njeuma-kindly treat all those students to a traditional dish like Kwa koko or Achu or even koki and make peace.May be it is time to retire and raise your grandchildren before you succumb to a sacking as the supreme lion in Yaounde can shake his head and heads including yours will roll! Take heed from Eteki Mboumua!
Keka! Tie heart!
God Bless You!
Ngonyama Ka Brooklyn


Ma Njeuma I will like to analyse briefly your declarations point by point.

(The University of Buea has no debts!!)
Remember that you still owe students' caution fees since 1986/87 acdemic year. This money since then can construct even a faculty of engineering which we need seriously but you embezelled it.

• (Water cooling fountains which were provided on campus were destroyed within three months by students)
Yes actually you have tried in this area but how can you pour pure water to a fish in the sea? Buea has a naturally cold weather so the water there need no cooling system. You would have used that to construct a hostel on campus and rent it for cheaper rents to our 'poor' brothers and sisters.

(• The so-called anglo-saxon values which we are supposed to cultivate at the University of Buea are being turned upside down)
Yes this is true and the person turning down this our beloved culture is you Njeuma. If you compare your arrogance it is really a photocopy of a francophone culture. Remember you wanted to reform our anglophone system of G.C.E to a francophone styled G.C.E in 1983. So what are you talking about? who is fooling who?

(• If I have committed a sin, it is that I have done too much for the University of Buea)
Yes you have committed not only a sin but sins. You have kill innocent three students and the Bible says "Thou shall not kill". Their spirits will hunt you.

•( There are some members of staff who are prepared to kill because they want posts)
This may be true but would have been avoided by you Njeuma if Head of departments were appointed by merits and each head has at most three years to function. But you only appoint your 'yes men and yes women' and allow them there for as long as you are the VC.

• (The rioting students and their instigators have done very serious wrong)
This is actually true there have done wrong by exposing your lact of competence in administration and this reminds those of us again the year you wanted to sell us the anglophones to the francophones by trying to destroy our humble and respected G.C.E.

• (The University of Buea should not be destroyed. Persons come and go, but institutions remain)
Thank you very much for this humble remark. Students shouldnt destroy their buildings during strikes for they belong to us. However you are destroying what you have achieved so far by your arrogance to the students and the society.
Also people come and go but you have been there for more that 12 years without going. In fact instead you want the university to go and you remain instead of you going and the university remains.

Lastly I was expecting you Mrs Njeuma to start by paying some respects for the souls of three of your students killed by your command to show that you have some human feelings but you are really one of those blood sucking human beings.

Not the least I will like to thank The Post for this important Ngumba house.

MY PROPOSAL to the Post is that they should select some of our good reactions and publish them so that some of these people like Njeuma will have the opportunity to read them or be told by those who read them.


njeuma is a wicked JANJAWEED
How comes u disregard the lives of students killed at your commands????????????????????????????????????????
Am terrified by her nonsensical speech.She is so addicted to the CPDM that she cannot differentiate a simple B from a Bull foot.Her speech was so weak and unconvincing.Interesting to know that she is an enemy to the staff and administration(revealed by herself) because of her sentimental political hooliganism.Why cannt she resign then?How do u lead a people who utterly reject u? It's surprising that she plays down the souls of those who lost their lives in the strike,because of her mediocre administration and autocracy.Well,the long and short of all this is that she is only playing time-she will be sacked sooner or later,and replaced by another rdpc central committee JANJAWEED.
She is past the retirement age,and that may be the reason why she cannot think better.


Dr L. Njeuma,

I am quite suprised at the content and the defiance attitude in the speach. But as you rightly put it in your own words its simply blunt and lacks substance, no tactfullness worthy of the administrator you puport to be!!! You however do raise some pertinent issues but i clearly doubt they can be resolved in the current atmosphere and your approach to things.

Njeuma, you agree with me that it would not solve all the problems at UB by saying Njeuma must go but you also agree with me that you have been around the block for so long. I have known you and only you all through my childhood...which to me means there are no alternatives? Anyway, as is customary to us in Cameroon, ON NE CHANGE PAS UNE EQUIPE QUI PERDS...

Lets see what the aftermath of the current crises holds for us....May we make UB a better place and the place to be..


Kumba pickin

Beautiful, just beautiful!

To all those who still had doubts about the megalomania, personality cult and self-conceited nature of the UBVC, your doubts have just been allayed.This is the person staff and students of UB do no longer want. And now we all understand why. Is this an impassioned and logical speech made by someone who wants dialogue and peace in UB? No. This is reminiscent of the propaganda sounded by the Nazi brain trust of Goebbels and Co.Is this an address made by a bona fide intellectual to a community of intellectuals, or self-praise singing by a Politburo member of party in a banana republic?

All those who have ceaselessly extolled the virtues of the UBVC now understand that she is everything but fit to be where she is. Where are the (paid and unpaid)Njeuma -worshippers?


Mrs Njeuma should note that the students who were shot dead during the UB crisis are important to their families as her own children are important to them (Njeumas). A normal human being could have started his/her speech by paying respect (observing a minute of silence) to these students. Someone posted web links on this forum to show her children's achievements. Good and fine. If they are that ‘intelligent’, why can't they persuade their mom to resign?. I personally will never allow my parents in such a shame. This woman is a disgrace to her family and trust me, any body who bears the name Njeuma will suffer some how some day in Cameroon. We are Cameroonians and know how our system operates.

John Munang

VC Dr. Njeuma revelation that the Biya Government allocated only 50m FCFA to startup UB is startling. The 6 universities had a tiny 300mFCFA allocation in 1993.

Just think about it. 50 million FCFA is a mere $100,000 per school or $600,000 for all 6 universities. Most American households earn well over $100,000 per year !

Mr Paul Biya's new private aircraft costs $200m from Boeing aircraft corporation, that is 100,000 million FCFA, enough to startup 2000 universities per Mr Biya's funding criterion. Now, do we see the catastrophic misplacement of priorities by the phantom president of La Republique du Cameroun ?

Cameroons should praise Dr Njeuma for being so revealing. Much is only possible with finance. May the Lord save us from the phantom.

J Munang

Dr A A Agbormbai


It is this financial mismanagement that is killing the country, corruption apart.

Ghogah Hosia

Mrs Njeuma,

I've never written a personal letter to you for any reason whatsoever but I'm condemned to react to you nonsensical rhetoric in the hope that you may repent before the cold winds sweep you out of UB.

You have rightly said that people come and go but you've not shown the example. From my childhood I learnt of your second feedle role of Vice minister of education under Ahidjo. 30years have ebbed away and you're still there championing in mediocrity, intransigence, indifference, arrogance and you name it. It's but normal that Biya's regime hails people of your calibre. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Parners in crime if I may put it. What is this longivity supposed to mean? That there are no other qualified Southern Cameroonians well schooled in the Anglo- saxon system to take over from you? Good Heavens!!! I have the impression that you are now suffering from loss of reasoning that comes with old age and the only face-saving thing you can do is honourably resign. No one undermines the fact that you have tried to set some standards but you haven't done so satisfactorily or there wouldn't have been this spillover leading to loss of life.

You showed comtempt for human life. You are there because the students are there. Why not have the courtesy of sending a comforting word to those bereaved families? What a heartless ''Leader'' you are! You even talked of sins. I doubt whether you are a Christian. If you purport to be then you are the unrepentant and unforgiving species. What a pity!!! The students have forgiven you for you know not what you are doing.

I must tell my brethren in passing that they shouldn't expect you to deliver any goods. Has Biya delivered any? Are you not his disciple? While we wait for natural law to do us justice, we will continue to fight for a united, democratic and prosperous Southern Cameroons. The time is not far.

If you resist, then start looking your refuge in Mvomeka. Fore warned Fore armed.


I am glad I finally read the VC's side of this saga. From the readings posted here, I seem to agree with her that there are those who are determined to osbtruct her efforts. The vitriolic comments directed at her by those who claim to be paragons of virtue portrays hypocrisy at its apex. It is unfortunate that today we hide behind computer screens and admire our own abilities at a foreign mother tongue by pouring acid at another person's endeavors. What I read from the comments here does not evoke the levelheadedness of Anglo-saxon deliberation; it betrays the bantu judgmentalism of the other, an attitude we seem to deplore in our very souls by claiming that we, a bantu people are interested in fostering an anglosaxon system. If anglosaxons are what we want to become then we should adopt more than the language; we should adopt the temperament as well. Sit in your room quietly, and examine your soul deeply before you put forth your opinions. Is what you are about to put in public for the good of society? Is hostility to the other person an act of a civilized person? Is your idea the best and only one suitable for a situation? Are you a better human being than the one you are publicly shaming? We have learnt english well, now let us learn to judge our own hearts before we judge other people.

R DeSouza

It is very easy to blame Biya. But what have you done for your country? I am sick and tired of getting the "Biya is the cause" dogma. Can anybody tell me what he/she has done for the Cameroon which they love so dearly? Don't give me crap about going abroad and earning $100,000 and sending money back to your families. Even the devil can take care of his own people! What have you done for the suffering masses? For those who don't know you? For the Cameroon children yet unborn?

If Biya is miraculously turned into a pig, alongside all the other politicians you consider to be useless, is that going to make any difference? I have friends who can give a sermon on "Bad Mr Biya", yet they take bribes to do their duty, they engage in sexually transmtted marks, they work for 2 hours and get paid for 10, etc.

What would help Cameroon is not people spending countless hours trying to take the piss out of Biya or any other person, nor people squabbling over politics, but if the masses (you and me) did their jobs, and sacrificed for posterity, there maybe be a way forward.

Throw the stones, but only if you have NEVER raped the country in any way!


R DeSouza

I have the impression that you missed the point entirely. When the head is sick the whole body is. Either we are in a state of law or we're in an autocracy. There is no iota of doubt that we're in the latter. So what do you want others to believe? That those living abroad are escapees? When you wear the shoes only you will feel where they pinch.

It would be most erroneous for you to throw invectives because if we were living in a society where we all had a fair share of the national cake, no one would want to leave a land where milk and honey flow. Or is it that you only wanted to write polemics so people could have cause to talk about? What you've written is like a child's play. I think you should be grown.

Far from purporting to be bushfallers' lawyer, I must say this vehemently that you can never and will never underestimate the enormous contributions made back at home by those living abroad. And you call this crap? God forbid. Tame your tongue my friend!!!

A lawless society where corruption is incarnated by Biya and ingrained in the system by his disciples? Do you know how much hard currency these guys have syphoned into private accounts abroad? Excuse me! I hope you'd wear your right head on your shoulders and stop being the devil's advocate.

I'm afraid you're a spy on this forum.


R DeSoum,

Please dont say Im overreacting to your comments.

I just want to give you a hint of what some of us here and some Germans wanted to help our country but was denied the opportunity.
See I and my friend also a Southern Cameroonian together with four Germans went to Yaounde in 2003 in order to open a new rubber factory that can produce Micheline motor tyres, Bello Buba the industrial minister asked where HQ will be, we said Abakwa(Bamenda)
Secondly he ask how many people are we expecting to employ at the start, we said we can start with 50 etc etc
The first thing he bello said was HE WILL BE HAVING A SHARE OF 40% TO AUTHORISE US THE GO AHEAD. Imagin!!!

DeSoum the Germans were really astonished and vexed.
That is La Republic for you.

This is just an example of many cases to tell you that citizens are not given the opportunity to contribute our own quota to the country.
Give the opportunity to other Cameroonians like employing them, levy law taxes to encourage Cameroonians to open up factories and see what they can do. You cant just tie a dog at home and claim the dog cant hunt

Biya and co. have been given their own opportunity by Ahidjo to contribute their own quota to develop La Republic but why can he(they) give others?

SO DeSoum your question is rather vague because it has no reason to comeup as a question


R DeSouza,

What have you done for the country?
Be honest because any misrepresentation of a material fact by you in this forum will be aggressively rebuttled. I know you very well and I like people who critisize in good faith.



It's very unfortunate that your good intention to your motherland was only blocked by the very people who are claiming to invite foreign investors and advocating the the creation of jobs. This is the kind of attitude that bothers me. Individuals like Bello Buba are the reason why we are labeled the most corrupt nation. I'm not surprise with the 40% he was demanding, what I am particularly worried about is the impression that your German partners now have of our country and how much potential investors they might negatively advise against any ventures in Cameroon. Its true that you cann't just tie a dog at home and claim it can't hunt.


Hey DeSouza (whatever that means) chill out with crap of what you've done to your country. Men, that's a very cheap one there. Don't know if u're abroad or at home, but let me tell you that there are thousands who'll gladly go back home to contribute their quotas towards the commonwealth of our nation if given the opportunity. I for one will go home tomorrow if the current dispensation were to change overnight, because, Men, we don't like it here one bit. Most Cameroonians out here work hard day and night just to make a decent living and don't tell me they won't have done same or even better in Cameroon if given the chance. I for one worked ten good years as a lab technician in a private clinic and guess what i earned a month. 300000fcfa.Is that no doing something for one's country? Tell me if the country reciprocated and equally tell me who on earth can cope with that type of chicken feed. You expected me to spend the rest of my live slaving for others because i wanted to do something for my country? No, Men, that's unfair. Please tell me some other crap. While you'd like us to tell you what we've done for that country (which many have done selflessly at their peril), can you please tell us what the country is equally doing to ensure the welfare of its citizens? Men this should be a two way traffic- a give and take game, not one side giving his/her all while shameless thieves and bloodhounds hang around waiting to pounce on your last ounce of blood.
DeSouza, you seem to be living completely out of reality. Please grow up and live in the present. Nothing personal, friend.

Emmanuel Wembenyui, Brisbane-Australia

I appreciate with a lot of thanks, the sincerity and objectivity of the Vice Chancellor following the ongoing stalemate at the University of Buea. Her speech is a direct invitation to her critics to come out clear and show where she has gone wrong rather than hide and play cowardice by making a lot of noise anonymously. Simply staying silent and only calling on her to resign is not a solution to the existing problems, but a clear showcase of biased perception of the current issues. The vice chancellor is not a vandal, so the current barbaric acts at the university that led to the death of two students cannot be linked to her. I challenge anyone to show me how the VC directly or indirectly contributed to the brutality that was exhibited by the students who are looking forward to becoming tomorrow's leaders. Do you become tomorrow's leaders by taking your governor hostage, burning vehicles, destroying buildings including even the ones where you sit and study, etc? I will advise the students of the University of Buea to adhere to the advice of the veteran Peter Essuka who called on the students to continue to give maximum respect to the authorities and administration of the their university in spite of the concensus arrived at with the Minister of Higher Education.

Dr A A Agbormbai


Well said!


I have the feeling the VC is trying to say the students have to be blamed for the death of their collegues.
Are there any investigations going on? Any statement from the chief of Police?How's responsble for this mess in UB?
To cut the story short. Dr. D. Njeuma and the Chief of Police all have to leave.


Another blatant exposure of the nature of the totalitarian regime we have goind on in Cameroon.

Madam has clearly defined her position thereby polarizing the whole problem and creating a breeding ground for future unrest.

Madam, we all want to work for the good of the Univerisity, it is neither your property nor mine, people will go ( you and SYNES) but the University will stay on. It is no less a crime to be overzealous in discharging ones duties ( especially posts of responsibility such as an 'appointed VC') than to be self righteous and dictatorial. You talk about Anglo-Saxon culture but yet no where since the outburst of the student unrest did you exhibit such culture. I want to believe as a leader you should be at the fore-front of everything that the institution represents, In a typical anglo-saxon manner you should have come down your highhorse and take the bull by its horns so to speak, even if it means humilliation which you so very much dread ! What do you say about the Mayor who went to the students as someone who understood their plight and wanted to bring solutions? The would have been your place!
God knows what someone of you would have done if you were placed in the shoes of Clinton when was faced impeachment. Some of you would have killed everyone to hide the truth!
A leader who fears for his life in the battle field is no leader. If there were individuals in the mob wishing to hurt you an invitation of the student representatives for a meeting would have prevented so many unwanted situations.
You mentioned that there were no destruction of property or casualties at the other universities,wasn't that because of dialogue which you and the inistration were avoiding by not wanting to meet the students on their ground? Think about it, from history and previous situations like this, people have been secretly taken away by agents of the administration when they were called for meetings, in other words, the students had everything to be afraid of not wanting to meet you on your ground but you had nothing to be afraid of! not even humilliation! you control the guns and the illetrates operating them!

I still believe that the anglo-saxon tag you keep atttaching to UB is just a name, come down to the real sense of the phrase, UB is far from being an anglo-saxon establishment.

You,the administration and students will still be commended for your efforts in making UB what it is today ( ie from nothing to something far from being an acceptable university) but your speech only goes to show the kind of totalitarian regime you are running. IT is time to put into practive true democracy in Cameroon. You are still bold enought to try to intimidate your colleagues who are only trying their best in the same messy regime but only they are on the other end of the table ( if you know what I mean)

Your speech clearly places the blame on the lecturers and somewhat less on students but you failed to identify other areas where the administration ( UB and the government) blundered. Using firearms with life ammunition against students is unconstitutional and a violation of human rights. This is a key issue which your speech should have addressed at your level!

You have made a clear link between the unrests and other grievances that existed between you and your staff, you have mentioned that your 'yes madams' have been ostracized for obeying you. These are clear indications that changes in the administration are needed, imminent and inevitable !

BIYA MUST GO !!!!!!!!!!!! This is what those placcards actually meant.
We are tired of opression , we want TRUE democracy, freedom to choose our leaders, we don't want appointed leaders, The people are better places to identitify hardworking people and make them their leaders! That way they people can bring them down without fear when things are not goind well. In 16000000 cameroonians, surely there are others who can do even more than what you have done so far!


Njeuma is very lucky she is in charge of this institution where her cheap and vulgar arrogance is accepted. If she where in a real university she will be shown up for what she is, a dictator's political appointee. People like her know nothing except keeping their master happy, that's what they've done all their lives.

One can only feel sorry for those young people whose lives and education are in the hands of megalomaniac politicians like Njeuma. They are truly unlucky for their future to be in the hands of people like Njeuma whose main aim in life is having their egos massaged rather than preparing the next generation of professionals the country needs.

Dr A A Agbormbai


I am sure that from some of the commentaries following yours you would have seen that a country that is highly corrupt and badly mismanaged does not inspire confidence in any one to contribute to its progress.

The issue here is motivation. Would you want to contribute to something when you know for certain that you are going to fail? The case of Massamoyo and his German colleagues is a good one in point. The very thought of giving away 40% of a startup business increases the risks of failure tremendously, apart from being morally unfair.

It is such risk assessment that determines whether a Cameroonian abroad or any Westerner, for that matter, would want to invest in the country. In all history no corrupt country has ever been known to be successful.

If Cameroon can reduce the risks of failure drastically by dealing aggressively with the corruption issue (from top to bottom of the country), by managing its finances better, and by re-organising the country to facilitate investment by both Cameroonians abroad and Westerners, then you will see them flocking in to invest in the country. The government should also build economic insfrastructures to support investments.

The only person who has the power to bring about these things is the President Paul Biya, but instead he sets such bad examples to his citizens that any criticism levelled at him is well-deserved. In fact, he has only himself to blame for compromising himself so much and for disgracing his powerful position.

Remember that people usually copy what their leader does, not what he tells them to do! This is only human. The analysis of Munang is an insightful view of one of many ways in which Biya has compromised his mighty position.

Another way is the fact that he simply does not give a damn about the corruption. He has not taken any real visible action to demonstrate to the country his stance against corrupt officials. Corruption is reported everywhere: at the Douala port, at the airports, at the many, yet unnecesary, intercity road blocks, at customs stops, etc.

All these issues must be addressed if external investment is to be attracted into the country. Tourism for one is hit extremely hard by these unexpected bad manners. A tourist need to experience such money-sapping corruption only once to decide never to return to the country.

Another thing, when you write a commentary that challenges people in this way always start by describing what you have done for the country yourself. This is what the idea of exemplification is all about, and it is a very powerful tactic.

Without such exemplification your commentary will lack credibility, and you will therefore be rated as not being different from the people that you are criticising. Such contradiction utterly and truly invalidates your challenge!

John Munang

If I earn $100,000 and send only 5% or $5,000 to Cameroon yearly, my remittance amounts to 2.5m FCFA in foreign currency. How else could the Cameroon treasury earn $5,000 ? By exporting either of

(a) 5000 kg of cocoa,
(b) 9000 kg of mild arabica coffee,
(c) 5000 kg of robusta coffee or
(d) 100 barrels of crude oil

The above do not consider the extra cost of transportation, marine insurance, wharehousing, spills and spoils.

My equivalent in Cameroon is a net consumer and comes no where close to producing a tonne of coffee or cocoa beans.

If anything, sending hard currency to Cameroon should be encouraged. De Souza's comments suggest he is another loud-mouthed economic Liliputian from a hole and has no clue about the sources.

When a President blows $200 million on personal luxury, he literally blows a hole in the treasury especially when compared to a higher education budget for six universities of a mere $0.6 million. Either Paul Biya is sick in the head or the Cameroonian is disastrously patient with him. The opportunity cost of $200 million is huge in a Third World Country.

John Munang


Please try and be considerate u don't condemn without giving suggestions.Most of those who write articles here don't give their opinions about the present situation atstake.Dorothy has done her best irrespective of her CPDM status.UB is and will still remain the most accredited U's in Cameroon.But to face reality something need to be to accomplish its goals.The students pleas were straight to the point and lucky enough the government reacted.I pay hommage for those martyrs who died for the just cause....peace to their souls...R.I.P


I had hoped that the VC would even make mention of the Slain Students by the ruthless Blood Thirsty Forces of Lawlessness in La Republique and offer to the minimun condolences to their Families.She is very arrogant and l personally think its time for her TO GO as the students and some members of staff have requested..
I thought she was a Mum but...

May God Bless us all.


If the VC were a man, would you expect him to be your parent or the VC? If the man VC were just as hard, would you have been as angry, as vituperative? This is a general question. Please, check out your 19th century attitudes about women at the gates of the 21st century, then you would be ready for discussion. Do I perceive umbrage that Mbamba is not acting like Mbamba, but like the hardest ass male general you could find around?

-----OOPS before you attack me, reflect---are you an old style male chauvinist swine, or an old style compliant female bovine, ever ready to be milked by the gallons? As long as women remain bovine duds, societies do not progress, it has been shown. As females begin to meet their potentials and as men mellow, societies tend to progress by leaps and bounds, birth rates drop to sustainable levels, hunger disappears, reality rises to meet and to exceed expectations. African traditional attitudes are a dodo slung around our necks drowning us in the bogs of underdevelopment. Children, nay young people,students are your ready to go all the way? Then dig deep! How many women in your union? If it is not 50% or reflective of the university population or better still the country's population mix, you need to go back to the drawing board and get real leaders, not mere tokens. Now you are free to pour on me, but the question remains. If there is no self examination, then this whole tragedy has not been worth the blood spilt nor the worldly goods smashed and burned. It would have been just a mere indulgence.

R DeSouza

Mr Munang,

This is not personal, just read:

The costs of brain drain

“In 25 years, Africa will be empty of brains.” That dire warning, from Dr Lalla Ben Barka of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), reflects the growing alarm over Africa’s increasing exodus of human capital. Data on brain drain in Africa is scarce and inconsistent; however, statistics show a continent losing the very people it needs most for economic, social, scientific, and technological progress.

The ECA estimates that between 1960 and 1989, some 127,000 highly qualified African professionals left the continent. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Africa has been losing 20,000 professionals each year since 1990. This trend has sparked claims that the continent is dying a slow death from brain drain, and belated recognition by the United Nations that “emigration of African professionals to the West is one of the greatest obstacles to Africa’s development.”

Brain drain in Africa has financial, institutional, and societal costs. African countries get little return from their investment in higher education, since too many graduates leave or fail to return home at the end of their studies.

In light of a dwindling professional sector, African institutions are increasingly dependent on foreign expertise. To fill the human resource gap created by brain drain, Africa employs up to 150,000 expatriate professionals at a cost of US$4 billion a year.

The departure of health professionals has eroded the ability of medical and social services in several sub-Saharan countries to deliver even basic health and social needs. Thirty-eight of the 47 sub-Saharan African countries fall short of the minimum World Health Organization (WHO) standard of 20 physicians per 100,000 people (let me add that the US has 1 physician for 20 people).

This continuous outflow of skilled labour contributes to a widening gap in science and technology between Africa and other continents. Africa’s share of global scientific output has fallen from 0.5 in the mid-1980s to 0.3% in the mid-1990s. There are more African scientists and engineers in the USA than in the entire continent.

The flight of professionals from Africa endangers the economic and political systems in several African countries. As its middle class crumbles and its contributions to the tax system, employment, and civil society disappear, Africa risks becoming home to even greater mass poverty.

Culled from:


R DeSouza

This is quite correct. So who do you blame for this brain drain in Africa? The professionals or the govts?
I think the answer here is the govts because after successful graduation, when one return home especially in La Republic there is no employment. Even when you are employed which is about one in every 70 graduates, your salary will be seen after a year or two. So what am I going to feed on Mr Desouza?
In some cases if one isnt a Chop People Dem Money party your guarantee of having a job is very mean.
Actually Sir who are you blaiming for the brain drain? Please kindly tell me.

Mr Desouza I and many of my friends like home. Home is sweet. But do you want me to go back and stay like that?

DeSouza you are making me abit nervous. Seems as someone mentioned it here you sound like an 'espion' because after many reactions from people in the Ngumba house, you still seem to be headstrong or dont want to reason.


The brain drain is not going to stop until those emigrating are convinced they are not going to sacrifice their dreams. Until those who cannot emigrate rid African countries of megalomaniacs like Njeuma and Biya, the smart ones will emigrate and leave the rest at the mercy of these megalomaniacs.

Tell me, if you were a lecturer in the University of Buea today, after being ticked off by Anomah Ngu, Njeuma and Fame Ndongo, and reading Njeuma's egoistic press release, would you really see the University of Buea as the place to fulfil your potential? Would you really turn down an offer abroad to put your future in the hands of these politicians?

Many decent people do not mind sacrificing for a worthy cause. What most people feel cheated by is sacrificing their life's dreams and ambitions because of the lust for power and baseless pride of the likes of Njeuma and Biya. These peoples' desire for power until they die means more to them than retaining the brightest and the best in the country. As a matter of fact, it suits them perfectly for the brightest and the best to leave, because that is the way to ensure they can be worshipped as "gods" by those left behind at their mercy.


Njeuma should resign and let peaace reign again in Buea. She tries simply to defend the wrongs of the occupying regime from la republique du Cameroun. See how she narrated the shooting of two students and compare it with stripping naked a gendarme woman who brutalize students. See how she value and sympathize with the Governor when taken hostage for atrocities committed on his people and show no respect for future leaders slain in cold blood. Is this someone to lead a university? Let Njeuma resign.

Dr A A Agbormbai


Brains don't usually leave a country unless there are problems with that country that connive to drive them out. It may be that the economic situation of that country are depressive or that the politics of the country has turned on its head (e.g. Nazi Germany).

In all cases the fault is always down to bad government. This has happened not just to Africa but to other parts of the world. How can you live in a country when you cannot see a future for you in the country? At present Cameroon is run for disaster not for success; therefore you cannot blame brainy people, who would spot this early and seek a way out.

As I mentioned in my last post, Cameroon has to work extremely hard at building investor confidence in order to attract investors into the country. One does not have to visit Cameroon to know that any attempt at investing in the country would lead to definite failure.

There are many indications of potential failure: extreme levels of corruption, large unproductive national debt (indicating that financial control in the country is diabolical), poor communication infrastructures, lack of government support for investors, human rights problems, Biya's grotesque expenditures that are financed by the treasury, etc.

All such bad publicity drives investors and brains away. Nobody wants to be associated with bad publicity!

John Munang


Concerning "brain drain", I refer you to the Motto of my adopted home State of New Hampshire: Live free or die.

Don't be fooled by the preaching of patriotism by Mr Paul Biya - the master thief and separatist in the land. Ahidjo said it before dying.

John Munang
Concord, N.H.

Emmanuel Wembenyui, Brisbane-Australia

I appreciate with a lot of thanks, the sincerity and objectivity of the Vice Chancellor following the ongoing stalemate at the University of Buea. Her speech is a direct invitation to her critics to come out clear and show where she has gone wrong rather than hide and play cowardice by making a lot of noise anonymously. Simply staying silent and only calling on her to resign is not a solution to the existing problems, but a clear showcase of biased perception of the current issues. The vice chancellor is not a vandal, so the current barbaric acts at the university that led to the death of two students cannot be linked to her. I challenge anyone to show me how the VC directly or indirectly contributed to the brutality that was exhibited by the students who are looking forward to becoming tomorrow's leaders. Do you become tomorrow's leaders by taking your governor hostage, burning vehicles, destroying buildings including even the ones where you sit and study, etc? I will advise the students of the University of Buea to adhere to the advice of the veteran Peter Essuka who called on the students to continue to give maximum respect to the authorities and administration of their university in spite of the concensus arrived at with the Minister of Higher Education. In order to show a difference, those criticising Njeuma should say exactly what she is expected to do rather just make useless noise because whoever comes in to replace her as VC will be expected to do certain things in order to put the place right.


The brain drain you describe is a systems problem, not one that could be blamed on professionals. There are two things that government can do.

One would to create an atmosphere that is favourable to private initiative and innovation. Cameroun has failed to do that. The disaster called the ports, the inertia of the civil service whose function is to grant permits and to regulate, the lack of credit, the pervasive corruption create an environment unsuitable for all entrepreneurs except those who are connected or who want to do dirty things. Their efforts are best used in other places in the planet.

The second thing that government could do is to provide meaningful employment. There are many professionals who after a protracted struggle, including paying the mandatory bribes, are given a desk and a title but no meaningful work that has anything to do with their years of study. That is deadening to the spirit. Many people who finally decided to leave and not to waste their lives, have been in this predicament for a long time.

Mr (or Ms) DeSouza, three questions for you. I know yours is probably a pseudonym like many here, so you could be honest without fear of being exposed:

1) Are you in Cameroun or any where else on the African Continent

2) Are you an employee of govt or parastatal or private corporation. If you are an employee, did you get the job completely on merits or did you have to use a "connection" to get the job? Did you pay a bribe or bribes to gate keepers to your job? Do you bribe people or take trips to Yande to keep your job or to get your salary or raises? Do you think that is tolerable? Do you have any motives to shoot the idiots who ask for bribes? If you do, you need to leave soon before you commit a crime and a sin. Many who have left were on the verge of doing that.

3)Are you an entrepreneur? A real one, I mean, not someone with fake government contracts, but someone who creates a service that the public buys or sponsors? Do you or do you not have artificial and unjustifiable constraints to your productivity?

At this point, it seems to be best that Africans migrate like the Irish did in the early 20th century and late 19th century and the Ghanaians did in the 1970s and the Lebanese as well and the Indians for much of the 20th century. When a rational order returns, they can now return like the Indians and the Irish and build an economy.

Tony Blair is now working on the defining mission of his premiership, the forgiving of African debt. It could be an opportunity for radically changing societies to make them hospitable to their bringers of positive change.

Ghogah Hosia

Emmanuel Wembenyui

Your comments about Njeuma's speech tantamount to the praise singing of one who is out of touch with reality and objectivity.

Say something else.



You are now talking!!


Mr Wembenyui,

You can't make a stupid argument compelling by posting it several times. You are posting this trash again to give the impression that you have a point but i find your contribution ludicrous. So you reckon that taking the governor hostage was worst than using life bullets on striking students. Try to reason objectively before you start ranting on how 'objective and sincere' the VC'S rant was. Look, the strike in UB escalated to such barbaric scale because the governor and the administration of UB failed to manage the situation properly. In their characteristic manner, Njuema and Ejake Mbonda, insolently refused to dialogue with the students and resorted to intimidation and use of force. It took the mayor of Buea and the the minister of higher education just a couple of hours to convince the students to call off the strike. Njeuma has glaringly reveal how callous and power drunk she is in this speech.

R DeSouza

Mr Chokwe,

You asked more than 3 questions. Let me try to answer them.

1) I am in Cameroon. I will be in the UK in July. But I will not be joining Bob Geldof's rally against poverty in Edinburgh during the G8 meeting. Africa needs the debt cancellation, but debt cancellation alone is not going to solve any problem. What ever funds derive from such an initiative will be rapidly brought back to the western economies by the western-controlled puppet rulers of Africa. So what is the point in giving us (the African people) false hopes. I admire the initiative by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. But I am not even sure they will see it through since their boss (George Bush) is not happy with their plans. Africa needs people like Fidel Castro, Lee Kwan Yew, etc; who can stand up as their own selves and develop their nations, irrespective of what the Western powers want. However, having oil resources alongside would not be a wise thing!

2) I am a PUBLIC SERVANT (sorry about the capitals). I work for the people of Cameroon and not for the government. I didn't bribe to get my job, and I am honest about this, and I will NEVER bribe to maintain it. (between us, I have refused to take a duty post because the weight of the corruption machinery that would bear on such a post would be unbearable). I would not kill any body, but I wish somebody would miraculously transform every corrupt, greedy and self-conceited individual (Mr Biya included) into a pig! The world would certainly become a cleaner place.

I am very happy I came back home and I am going to stay and fight the good fight. I might not win, but I know I would have fought the good fight. A rational order can not return on its own, we have to fight for it. Let me quote Dr kwame Nkrumah, "Africa needs a new type of citizen,a dedicated, modest, honest and informed man. A man who submerges self in service to his nation and mankind. A man who abhors greed and detests vanity. A new type of man whose humanity is his strength and whose integrity is his greatness".

3) I am not an entrepreneur.

My good friend, I hope I have answered your questions. May God guide us in our struggle.

k .  Julius

The brain drain you talk of is okay.Tell me how somebody will spend 10 or more years in the university to come out with a PhD,when he is employed he is paid 100.000frs.My friend for any well reasoning person is this equivocable? And yet the so call leaders have swollen bank accounts in western nations.They are the ones responslble.
I think Tony Blair commission could have made it a condition for these leaders to give details of their finances in western countries and how the money was acquired.That can help fight corruption.


K Julius,
Correct, I buy your point.

Emmanuel Wembenyui

Ghogah Hosia and Gerald,

It is unfortuante that both of you have simply decided to join an interactive team, albeit with nothing to say. The fact that Gerald is writing anonymously represents nothing but cowardice. It is never bad to criticize, but when criticisms come with specific instructions saying this and that is required, then situations can be changed. It is important for you to say exactly what the administration would have done rather just saying it failed. When the strike started, the VC was not in the country but the students refused to listen to the advice of Prof. Chia, Dr Endeley, Prof. Lambi, calling on them to return to class and channel their grievances by way of dialogue, Instead they decided to take to the streets where unfortuantely confrontaions between them and the police led to the death of two of their fellow mates. Show me how the UB adminstration failed. Were the students shot on campus or on the streets? The University administration has jurisdiction within the confines of the University and nowhere else. Tell me if Njeuma, Lambi, Endeley or Chia asked students to go to the streets and confront police officers. If you succeed to do so, then you will be praised for showing clearly how the UB administraion failed to solve its problems. The restaurant in which I also attended lectures was wantonly destroyed by rioting students. Tell me if university students do not know that they have to preserve existing structures before asking for more. By simply calling for the resignation of Njeuma or Paul Biya will in no way change the present situation unless the so called tomorrow's leaders that you claim to be come to reason. If we call a spade a spade, then we will get things right. I still heavily congratulate the VC for her frankness and objectivity in saying what she has just said and I see no iota of ill intentions in it. Guys come to reason, read the speech well and understand it. If decide to remain blind on this, then you will definitely remain in darkness.

Dr A A Agbormbai


There is an important inconsistency in Mrs Njeuma's speech. She claims she's a team leader who is working to build a collaborative spirit in the campus. Yet she talks of certain lecturers working against the UB administration, trying to kill for a position, etc.

This latter statement plus the fact that the students could go on strike, and become so vicious during the strike, are evidence that her claim of being a team leader is false.

A leader who genuinely and visibly works in a collaborative manner NEVER generates ill-feeling in any of his/her subordinates. Genuine collaboration is the tool for ironing out ill-feeling and concerns among subordinates!

Being a team leader, or working in a collaborative manner, means relying on dialogue to deal with subordinates and thus averting problems. This means giving a real ear to your subordinates and clients (the students), assimilating their concerns, and finally integrating these concerns with your own views to formulate university policy and practices (while, of course, taking constraints into account).

Mrs Njeuma couldn't claim to have done these when the evidence states otherwise: disgruntled lecturers, lecturers not willing to contribute towards repairing the damaged computer system, NW/SW divide, students union banished (when this is the voice of the student body, the instrument of student participation in running the university, the means of dialoguing with the students to proactively avert problems such as strikes, etc.).

In fact, not talking to and appeasing the students in the early stages of the strike was a cardinal sin and was responsible for the strike escalating.

All these seem to suggest that, contrary to her statement, she had been running the place in a dictatorial manner a la Biya (except perhaps without being corrupt). Moreover, the messages she was sending out during the strike, regardless of intentions, was not one of atonement. They seemed to be dictatorial and intimidating.

Fogu Edwin

Madam the VC I think in typical angli-saxon culture you are supposed to resign from your functions,therby reserving some pride for yourself.Please do just that and the environment is going to hale you for all what you did.Nevertheless you have done much for UB being its poineer Vice Chancellor.


Njeuma has demonstated several facets in which the so called anglo saxon values have been down played. Infact , I must reiterate that, in my capacity as a former student of that university, i know and i am very confident to say here that, the author of the abuse of anglo saxon culture,prima facie, is Dorothy Njeuma. What ever, statements she offers at this moment is immaterial in rebuilding confidence, in the minds of the students on the one hand and of the lecturers on the other. She is playing nothing other than the deceitful strategies of the system to which she serves. Her reign is impregnated with authoritarianism, wickedness, hatred, victimization especially those who stand out firmly to challenge policies widely considered unpopular.Njeuma is far from diplomatic, and she is by and large a bully.I must say that some people may think i am too hard or otherwise unreasonable, but if you think so then may be sample the opinion of more and more teachers and students who have been to the university and are no longer there. Why did Njeuma put an end to the student union which is one of the most outstanding feautures or values of an anglo saxon system. I can`t remember identifying any so called anglo saxon university without a student union. The answer obviously is because a strong student union was seen and considered by Herbert Endeley and Njeuma, who run the university like ther personal estates, as a threat to their egoistic ends. Njeuma has out lived her usefulness. It is time to go. How do we expect Njeuma to go when, their master, the head of state has taught them that death is the new measure of retirement in Cameroon. Why do lecturers come and go. I mean lecturers of international reputation. I do not want to call names here, but if Njeuma thinks that I am over stating her failures, then she can go to hell, because she is a step to it and must pay some day for all the lives that she has contributed to destroying. Lives she did not contribute in creating. Except she repents, she will surely pay for them. God is a patient and generious Being but rational too in reacting. I know the thoughts of man can not be tried even the devil himself knoweth not the thought of man, but I can tell with certainty that Njeuma knows she has faultered on several occasions. She is old, with stereotypical ideas. What`s more she has never been and will never be a good administrator. She knows within the confines of proper anglo saxon and university tradition, the vice chancellor status should be on the basis of elections and not on presidential appointments which kills the spirit of competence. It is a very undemocratic means of accession to the chancellery. In a nutshell Njeuma is overdue and should leave.

Solomon Ebakisse

fellow Country men/women,

l have read in its entirety and cool headedly the great speech of Mme Njeuma and wish to congratulate her for presenting such a frank X-ray of UB. l should hope that the merit of the post is not to promote a hate media but a forum for intellectual and mature exchange of ideas for our national development. In this context, l would like to suggest that those persons writing in anonimity who have nothing constructive to offer in this media except abuses and vile invectives be no longer allowed to air such incivility via the post. It is the propagation of such hate media that contributed to the debacle in Rwanda. if one cannot demonstrate democratic values then they should not be allowed to judge and villify others. There are absolutely no democratic grounds for "Massamoyo", "Kumba pikin" and others to assume that they have more rights to publish in the post than others and only to write insultive and inflammatory articles devoid of any convincing arguments on the issues. l believe in this context, that the very public support of professor Anoma Ngu for Mme Njeuma especialy after this speech has pulled the rug off the feet of those who attempted to make the UB crisis a North-West / South West issue.

Lets look at the facts objectively and learn to tolerate the truth. The level of destruction and violence of the UB strike is unprecedented in the history of student riots and has presented a disastrous face for our country which most be addressed swiftly and with utmost caution. It depicted a dangerous lack of respect for standards and constituted authority which no civil society should tolerate. It is much safer for the country to air on the side of civility than to air on the side of support for the violent nature instigated by the perpetrators of the UB strike which was directly accountable for the loss of life.

For those who have taken time to read the statement of the VC and the context, it was an address to a forum constituted by the Government represented by the Minister of Higher Education, members of the UB Administration and the Academic staff of UB. So the target was clearly defined and a good orator speaks to the target.

Having so eloquently shed the light on the genesis of UB and what happens there, l am tempted to say that creating an institution of higher learning with the renown of UB out of 50,000,000 CFA is nothing short of a miracle. l wish therefore to absolutely congratulate the UB administration headed by the VC and Pro.chancellor, staff and students as the Vice Chancellor herself said for all the sacrifices and hard work that have made this miracle possible. Now rather than destroy this miracle, all Cameroonians of good faith should rally around UB and the other universities to chart a way forward to conserve the very hard work that has made UB possible and even the place to be.

It is clear from the genesis of the university and what has gone on that if standards have to be maintained it has to be at the cost of a fee. Government can no longer pretend to be able to provide free quality education. Quality higher education is not tenable for free. Even in America, the richest country in the world , you pay a minium of 5,000 dollars a year for tuition alone in State owned universities and this amount is only paid by residents for out siders it is more. And this amount has been increasing with the economic congecture. To continue with this lie of free higher education is to destroy the standards of education in Cameroon and to make both students and their parents un-accountable for student conduct within these institutions. That is why students can afford to destroy hard earned university infrastructure such as restaurants, computers and photocopiers with impunity.

The way forward is to levy a fee for state universities with caution deposits which are refundable only upon clearance against destruction. The State should also encourage privitization of State owned universities in view of further excellence. l think that the university of Buea will stand to benefit most from such privitization as a result of the standards already in place there. Such privitization will also purge out those lecturers who are under performing.

Those who show irreverence for standards and principles should not be allowed to villify others like madam Njeuma who are working hard and serving the nation dedicatedly were others would not. The nation needs the few principled people we have left without which the Cameroon of great ambitions will always remain an illusive dream.

ln closing l think the action taken by the Minister of Higher education in scraping the 3,000 cfa which was meant for students health insurance is irresponsible and renders the UB situation tenous as the Minister has not come up with a viable solution for students healthcare. the isssue is not to placate the students at all cost but coming up with realistic propositions after studying the prevailing socio-economic climate and how it affects UB.

Solomon Ebakisse.

Nina, Belgium

Dr njeuma (mrs)

Is tired. She should simply resign and live ub alone. "people come and go and institutions remain" like she says. it is her turn to leave

Internet 200 frs an hour and she calls it "give away".

How much do students earn?

Struggling to blame the strike on the ghost "instigators" is pure mediocrity and sickeness of an aged mind that is unable to lead.

The things that really matter to the students have never been paid attention to.

The ills are so much one cannot express them on this very busy forum.

erny lemu

I am once more shocked by the VC's frivolous and vexatious speech.We all agree that she might have tried her best in ruling UB for all this long but she too has got her own short comings as every human being.It is these short comings which they students and staff are trying to point out and are seeking redress that has pushed her once more to open up the Umbrella of arrogance and lack of diplomacy.
We all know everyone has got fans and critics and when your critics out grossly number your fans it becomes a call for corncern.Your fans might be gaining from your present position and blunders and will refuse to be objective to you and will make you feel you are omniscient and omnipotent.Readers of this site should not to be pissed off by remarks made by other people on very sensitive issues.They got a right to their opinion.
1)The strike had nothing to do with Ub debts.That point might bave been brought up as a camoflash for other administrative lacunas.
2)When i was in Ub a few months back the alleged water points that the vc is stressing on never really existed.The only one which was not functional and more like a decoration never having had cups or switched on was very close to the delepedated toilet at the open commons.How do you put water points close to toilets.Even those in the student restau was usually not functional.How can she blatantly disseminate such a lie vociferously?
3)Anglo-saxon values have been damaged not by the students but by the university authorities.When lecturers award sexually transmitted marks,or when students monies are being pilfered by ub authorities
after social events such as UNIFAC or UNIGAMES or worst still when members of staff protray gross dispositions of tribalism,nepotism and discimination in handling student matters.Conduct a census in Ub and assess the ethnicity of the Administrative staff,you all shall be shocked to realise that is a mere tribal and provincial clique.I will prefer not release very sensitive issues here.With all these above negative dispositions staff has lost credibility and respect from students.The Anglo-saxon culture is a polite one but UB staff are very RUDE.they consider themselves as uncommanded commanders.The boss has failed to uphold these values amongst her staff who are to show examples and so how do u expect the students to toe the line???
4)The learned Vc says her sin is that she had done lots for UB.To an extend she has really contributed a great deal to the university image but even the worlds best leaders have suffered lots of criticisms no matter how efficent their regimes.The VC is over evaluating herself,there are lots of things which i think Ub is lacking which the lecturers and staff are seeking for to make it a better place.Why not talk it out with them rather can voice out such an arrogant remark which sounds very boostful and undiplomatic for an alleged senoir administrator as those who appointed her term her.This statement is very inflamatory.
5)Itis a very bad syndrome in cameroon that people accumalate post.Those who appoint them ought to know that this has got more drawbacks and disadvantages than any advantages.If cost minimisation is the prime reason then in cameroon any one who culminates positions gets the advantages from both positions so the cost minimisation concept is just a propaganda.When UB staff are complaining about post accumulation and inefficeny as a major result our VC looks at this as unquenching desire for post from Ub staff.She too has that inflinching love for post because at over 60 she should be a pensioneer and create space for the younger generation.How can u be Vice dean and HOD?UB ex-students all know how difficult it is to sign FORM B's?Apart from that you could be faced with conflicts of position and all that.Vc once more has failed to be realsitic on this point and since the CPDM dogma is post accumulation i see it through her policies.To prove that she is not a post monger too she should throw the towels and leave will give her more honor.
6)The students are simply exercising their fundamental Human Rights found under the universal declaration of UN economic and social rights.They are free to protest against what they feel is wrong and seek redress but when you term their strike illegal and ask them to sign undertakings this becomes an affront to international treaties cameroon has duely ratified and enacted into law.Those who are termed instigators are those who feel the students have got rights to Strike and are against Ub dictatorial policies.
6)VC attacks the SYNES memo and looks at it as an aid to the students.When people are objective the are considered as enemies.How can she say synes has contributed nothing to the beauty of Ub.A legally recongnised teaching syndicate for staff?That shows how arrogant and unrealistic vc is.students don't want to destroy UB but the adminsitraton wants.Those students who were kiled vc has never mentioned about them any longer and spends time talking about destroyed property.Life and property which is more important?
Having butressed through all vc allegations i realise that she seems to be more of stranger than an administrator to the university as some of her allegations shows she does not know so much about the realities happening in the univesity.
Chinua Achebe says"the voice of the people is the voice of God"when the people don't want you God too is against you as a true christian i think vc should..........


You have given an excellent profile of yourself. I hope you continue to have the opportunity to serve honestly. Not everyone has that opportunity, and the majority of emigrants have tried and encountered years of frustration. The majority of entrepreneurs have lost their capital to government-sponsored predators. I am not optimistic about a Lee Kwan Yew emerging at this time from the present mess, so the "brain drain" is bound to continue. As long as Cameroun is controlled by France, there is no initiative that would work for the benefit of the people. It is possible to still contribute to change from abroad, such as this collaboration with The Post, although some people have been abusing it by making infantile posts.


Solomon Ebakisse

Mr man for your information i am not anonymous in this ngumba house. If you want private talk or if you are an espion as we know many of you are here, just give me a mail or if you want my call number I will forward it to you


Having gone to more than three universities in Cameroon, l did not need to wit for Mme Speech to know that UB is clarly way ahead of the others. l therefore consider very unfair and evil intentioned all the vile criticism of the UB administration when they are far advanced and are doing much better than the others. l think there is a strong element of jealousy and vendictiveness in all of this because as a cameroonian, l would be ashamed to take visitors to the other univerisities. University of yaounde 1 is no better than my former high school which at least had toilets no matter how misused!! YET THE STUDENTS ARE NOT INSULTING THEIR RECTOR!!
lets call a spade a spade, Cameroonians do not like standards and those who try to maintain these standards are regarded as either irrelevant or anachronistic. little wonder the general delapidation of our public institutions and after that we want blame the economic crisis on Government? The people make government and the mentality of the people is just too low.
Now Mr. HANS Ngassa you are just one hell of an ugly Cameroonian both inside and outside from what you write and if you cannot take the heat please leave the kitchen.

Buea Man

Hey people,

Soon, that lady will say (if she has not already done so!) that even her gardeners and cooks are against her, that they have been paid by some person(s) to do her harm. Only two words describe this illness: persecution mania.

Aminde Nkem Atabong

I really don't blame madam Njeuma for her uncultured and immature speech which she believes is the best to be given to the post for publishing.What does she think she has written and given to be published in such an arrogant and selfish manner.I now believe things really have to change for the good of the students and stressed teachers which she has pressed down with her powers.How can she say many teachers are ready to kill for posts meanwhile there are several teachers who have hung on various posts and held it like they are in their own houses.I think when you have tried your best and you grow tired, you should leave for others to continue the good work.I believe with the current situation going on, Njeuma risks the good things she had done to the university in the past for the bad things done now.She is just like the president Biya who also have to leave because he has virtually done nothing to amaze the country.Once old, you should leave for better retirement with a good name and not with a bad name.Why does she thinks people give up old habits and pick up new ones?Madam please leave and go out in peace.


Njeuma, You certainly did not deserve to be the VC of UB. I am sure you are aware the UB statutes clearly spell out the minimum credentials of that post and you do not qualify. It's a pity Cameroonians have to put up with idiots like you and even bigger iodiots like Biya, but be reminded that every dog/bitch has his/day! There will come a day when we shall overcome.



My dear sister you have visited just three Universities in cameroon out of six and you think Buea is the best. You are also complaining that Ngoa 1 students dont insult their rector.
Look Stella what I will like you to enquire or do is about the administration in the University of Ngaoundere where an anglophone is also a rector. I have been there and I know how this rector is doing there and how both the lecturers and the students like thier rector. I bet you even the hausa people do not like their rector to be taken away from them while I was there in 2001.
Stella we critisise where criticisms are due and why not ask yourself why we are even throwing 'well-dones' to someone like the minister who is even a francophone and criticising our own mother. Its because it is nice to call a spade a spade as you just said so if Njeuma is doing wrong we have to say it.
If really you and the govt like Njeuma we will propose she be change to univeristy of Ngaoundere and bring Prof Nchawmbuw to the University of Buea and Stella I bet you you will see what is called administration and management and not this damagement.
Stella Njeuma for your information is a damager and not a manager.

Emmanuel Wembenyui, Briabane-Australia

Solomon Ebakisse

I wish to specifically thank Mr. Solomon Ebakisse for his soul searching and clear message. I must confess that this message is nicely and plainly written and remains the only informative one that has ever been posted on this website since the University of Buea crisis started and i wish to call on all who really wish to learn to take time to read it. It is full of knowledge and advice. I can't understand what people are after when they post insults on the net and write such things as Buea man, Kumba pikin, Ngumba, Massamoyo, etc as the authors.


l wish to praise the post for finally having the good sense of publishing the two sides of this university crisis, like che said, l have also felt a pang of remorse after reading Mrs Njeuma. l think UB needs support and not destruction. The self proclaimed leader of the student union is starting on a very weak limb characterised by destruction and disrespect. l remember the days of UBDEF when young UB students and old villagers having travelled from far came with their widows might to help construct the university. Today much of that effort has perished in the senseless strike. l want to ask the self proclaimed student president what he and his taem really have to contribute to the University of Buea other than bkackmail and destrution. No one in this forum has succeeded in convincing any one about the validity of this strike and it is time that the university picks up the broken pieces and moves on. Badfaith will not help!!! L WISH THE UNIVERSITY OF BUEA WELL.

Enanga Limunga Hannah

Weh This Old Woman Njeuma,
DO you think you are indispensable? You sang Ahidjo's praises as if he were Indispensable. He resigned, died and Cameroon is still alive. Now you are singing Biya's. What hypocrisy! I hope you will continue singing to the new president when Biya leaves the stage. Take it or leave it, if the University of Buea were managed by someother person with the qualifications spelt out in the law creating the university of Buea,( which qualifications you clearly lack) The university of Buea would have not been in the mess you have plunged it into. If you doudt, step down and let a qualidied free thinker be elected to manage it and you will see the scholarship that will emerge from this dungeon passing for a university.
Mammi, I beg go stay for house or you beg Biya make i send you ambassador for SA or Rwanda. We don tire you and massa paul. See how country de and wonna no di shame. Buub buub buub everyday , things de di rotten finnish. Them spoil wonna or na normal normal? This one pass politics and buk.
Buea boy


massamoyo please do not patronize me. you just seem to want to push blind tribalism and nothing elese once you mentioned chumbow l new the path you were on. gone are the west cameroon days when some peopl sought to use tribalism and politics to drive well meaning public servants out of offioce.please take a well needed rest now from your selfish activism. you have not convinced me .please let the students who want to study now pursue their classes in peace. You did no favour to professor chumbow by calling his name if l may advice. Such name -dropping discredits you entirely if you din't know and who told you l hadn't been to ngoundere?


Stella I was just trying to tell you that we also have some anglos who can administrate a univerisyt too and not only njema. I dont know wher Prof comes from and if you do think hes from somewhere where your thoughts are, then from your writings it shows that you are acting just like some few SWners who belive only someone from there can be a VC of Buea.
Dont go and prosecute Prof for me for he doesnt know I called his name in this Ngumba house.


Mrs Njuema is intelligent alright but intelligence is not the key to a successful and rewarding life when is coupled with no empathy for your fellow man. Most dangerous operations in this world have been carried out by very intelligent sociopaths. To be a VC in a university entails some understanding of how developing young minds act. I understand Dr. Dorothy Njuema is a scientist not an Educator. Her background speaks to the fact that she is unfit that is why she could not show empathy and understand, when young people revolt what to do and say. I wonder how she raised her own children. The cold words with no empathy she uses to write shows the mind of a sociopath. There are sociopaths in educational institutions who experience constant highs from their use of power and control.

If some of her professors do not trust her she should examine her management skills including her body language. Does she present herself as someone who is approachable or some cold academic vampire. Is her personality condescending to her staff. University professors are usually people who are loyal and conservative because by the time the PhD is conferred the individual has learned not to hurt the power that be in any way. If the professors join students in an operation like this the VC should think deep and examine her approach of problem solving.

Our society is so naive and corrupt to the point that people are not put through psychological evaluation before handing an institution that has the Countries young minds to manage. How do you become a VC in an institution none of your children did not attend? How can a VC be so cold when children are killed by the police and she blamed the children for it. How come she values property that has been destroyed to the lost lives of the students. If it were her child who got killed could she have dismissed it the way she did. She needs to be fired as soon as possible. she has nothing that no body has not got. There are PhDs all over the world who can do the job better than her. She needs to look for a laboratory to do her Biology experiments using specimens that don't talk back to her. she should be locked up in a lab or given tools to create nuclear bombs since she loves power so much. Jackass of a woman!


Dear All,
Looks like this has become an anglo/franco/biya/njeuma/bushfallers/...issue. Need some coherence here please. Some of us are more productive when they don't say anything at all. I hope they understand this, and quit posting irrelevant messages.

a nyenty

Enanga limunga Hannah cannot be a Buea boy.It is folks like you who create adresses in other peoples names, and tribes to present an outward image diffrent from who you really are!what a shame!Even if you disagree with the VC,the least you can do is to be polite.Bloody fool.

Enanga Limunga Hannah

a Nyenty is a bigger fool. Tell your mentor to free herself from insults by doing it the Anglosaxon way. Or she too is the biggest fool?
Buea Boy


Fool,fool,fool,n fool.

Somebody must have SENSE,another must have MORALITY,and still another must have RELIGION in this FORUM.This will earn more meaning to this site.



After going tover Njeumas points I was shock,actually i expected to read a comment about the students killed in the strike,I mean this concludes how heartless this woman is.
She thinks she is so perfect,yes, your positive points are wonderful,you´ve done a lot for UB which seems a sin as you puts it,total nonsense,
daughter of the soil,you are indeed lucky nothing ease,shame

Stop blaming the poor lecturers,if you were not power-hungry yourself you would have given up for a fresh working brain.

Take all those your useless points to Thomas E.M.,we are still waiting to hear from both of you why you killed two armless students in a strike,nothing more.

Nji Awah S. Asanji

What a shame, what a pity that the “learned” Vice Chancellor in the person of Doctor, Madam, Mrs. Lemonga Dorothy Njeuma can write five (5) pages of an empty speech like what she wrote. First of all, she failed to address the people who matter in the whole show (the students) and failed to observe even a minute of silence for those who died while fighting for a better Anglo-Saxon university (A better place to be) for the future generation. For those our brethrens who lost their lives in the battle, “may their souls rest in perfect peace”
Secondly, Njeuma says in her empty speech that she has up till today built the university of Buea alone “ It is common knowledge that the members of SYNES UB have contributed little or nothing to make the university of Buea beautiful”. This is Njeuma’s statement. I want Njeuma to understand very clearly that without her the university of Buea would have still existed. The creation of the university of Buea was not designed for Njeuma to be the V.C. of that institution for life. Yes, she has taken the institution to where it is today, with its successes or failures, but let her not think that some other person wouldn’t have done better than what she has done.
After the creation of the six (6) state universities in 1993, the rectors who were appointed with Njeuma in the other universities have gone and others have come and gone and all the universities are still waxing strongly. Why should Njeuma think that she is the Almighty of the university of Buea up till today (13 years) and that if she leaves, UB will cease to exist? She rightly says in her own speech that people come and go but the institution remains. What is she waiting for thirteen (13) good years? She should go and give room for others to also contribute their own quota in building the university.
Njeuma says she is only a team leader and cannot manage the university alone. You will all agree with me that Njeuma is a BAD team leader, reasons why she has fail to manage UB because she has been running the university as her personal property (She just ran short of changing the name to Njeuma Comprehensive High School). As a bad team leader, she failed to manage even the senior administrative members of UB (Madam should tell us if she was in good terms with Proff. Samuel Biban Chumbow who was Deputy V.C. under her and who has distinguished himself in the universities of Dschang, Ngaoudere, and presently in Yaounde I), she failed to manage the teaching and support staff, reason why they instigated the student, she failed to manage the students, reasons why they were out on the street and no doubt, she failed to manage even her own home.
My only advice to Njeuma is that she should resign since the entire university of Buea community doesn’t want her. She revealed in her speech that when she was out of the country the teaching staff instigated the students to riot, meaning that the teaching staff does not also want her. How then do you lead a people who do not want you? Madam should take note that university students are matured people, not toys who can just be manipulated like that. I think the real people who matter in the university community are the students and the teaching staff. If she is there, it’s because the students are there. So if this group of people don’t want her, then she should better resort to see how she can build up her own broken home.
Madam, you have overdue your stay in UB, I will not be surprised if the next thing you will ask for is to build your house on campus so that when you die, you will be buried there. But my advice to you is to leave before your master kicks you out, for you allow this matter to drag on too long for his liking. “Il faut quitter les chose avant que les chose te quitte”.



Your darling Prof. Chumbow is currently the Rector of Yaounde I. During his reign in Ngaoundere there were three students' strikes. In one of them he accused Chadian students of causing the problem. Masamoyo, this whole students imbroglio started at the University of Yaounde I where Chumbow is the Rector (no toilets, no water fountains, no students' union etc). Mark you, nothing was destroyed in Yaounde I. These same students left Yaounde and went to Buea, chased students and lecturers out of classroom, destroyed the staff canteen, students' restuarant and university and staff vehicles but curiously, they didn't touch the vehicles of two professors parked in thesame parking lot with the other vehicles who come from thesame province as Chumbow. My dear, the writing is as clear as you can read. They later on went to the streets and unfortunately two of them were gunned down. May their sould rest in perfect peace. Masamoyo, Njeuma was out of the country on official business when all these were happening. As a reminder, the studnets who started it all came from Chumbow's Yaounde I.

To quote you Masayoyo "If really you and the govt like Njeuma we will propose she be change to univeristy of Ngaoundere and bring Prof Nchawmbuw to the University of Buea and Stella I bet you you will see what is called administration and management and not this damagement. Stella Njeuma for your information is a damager and not a manager"(sic). Please, revisit your facts/thinking/ideas.

Dyna Ngoy
B.P. 4112
Bonanjo, Douala


I'm refering to Massamoyo. Please pseudonyms don't help if you are sure of yourself.

Dyna Ngoy
Bonanjo, Doula



Good you have made your points and counter points. If you can read from Asanji's writeup then you will know the achievements of Prof Nchumbow.

I am not here to inflate Prof Nchumbow and throw in the air like a baloon but just to remind many that there are many Southern Cameroonians including me who can do better than Njeuma. Dont laugh!!!!

Nonetheless from what you've just portrayed it shows Prof instigated the strike and sent some students from his province to cause havoc in Buea.

I now understand you are one of those divide and rule people in Southern Cameroon. You will not succeed.

I am not presently in the Country but I quoted Prof specifically in 2001 when I was in Ngaoundere and not in 2005 when I dont know his whereabout.

When Prof was in Dschang it was good there. When in Ngaoundere it was also good and many lecturers were awarded scholarships and research projects with no malice from the Rector unlike in Buea.

Infact there are many things I wont like to elaborate.

Lastly let me tell all of you that Massamoyo is my name. No hidden agenda.

ijang atanga

I have read all the rantings and ramblings from all these male chauvenist pigs. It is a shame that even in this day and time you all still have a problem with a woman in leadership position.

What a male dominated society we have, it sucks to the bone. Reading Dr. Njeuma's speech has really opened my eyes and I think she is vindicated and more so this is victory for all women.

Those students who destroyed and caused death and grievious bodily harm should be arrested and locked up.

Madam Njeuma is a treasure to our country. At a tender age of 28 she became vice minister of Education, she is the reason why Anglophones can bragg today of being learned. This woman has worked hard against odds with a government which pays little attention to the Anglophone struggles, she has been there to secure us a future and the future of our children.

Why are we calling on her to resign?
Wooooooooo Cameroonian men it is shameful and degrading that you all still hold this kind of 10th century mentality. Pleaaaaase oooooooooooooh this is disgraceful that a woman work is being trashed simply because of her gender.

Dr. Mrs Njeuma I wish you all the best, we are watching from the fringes, from within and from without, your reputation stands intact and you are the winner.

Let those babarians who call themselves students and those power hungry lecturers who are concerned with milking the system when they get higher positions be locked up and their citizenship stripped from them.

They are destroying the beautiful institution which has been our pride in Anglophone Cameroon.



Ijang Atanga,

Thanks for your commentary. I just want to inform you that we are not womans' emancipators as you think. Actually Njeuma was a minister yes and congrats to her but that was when she had the previlege of being one of the most educated ladies in Southern Cameroon. Ijang haven graduated from Ibadan I can count not less than 30 good graduated doctorate well-moraled ladies from Southern Cameroon who I bet you some are good lecturers in Buea.

Ijang may be you are just waking from slumber but if you were reading through many of our articles you will come to realise that this very Njeuma wasnt fighting for the odds of La Republic but for them.
Ijang, look Njeuma nearly sold our beloved GCE exams in 1983 so that you and I will take but a Baccauleuriated G.C.E but Southern Cameroonian students then in Ngoa Ekele faught it hard with her joined by students all over the Republic of S Cameroon. When we won her and her lass(misdeeds) were exposed not sooner or later she was 'sacked'(kept aside since she is for them) from the ministry.

This is just a tit-bit of your type of Njeuma fighting odds for us.

Ijang you can call her and ask what happened and get back to the Ngumba house.
Lets share ideas and build our own country.


Massamoyo, I know you can surely do better and when you were in Ngaoundere in 2001 Professor Chumbow was spelt Nchumbow. If you were a student, then you are a total failure. What a pity: the least you should know is your Rector's name!!

Dyna Ngoy



Thanks very much for your correction dear and I am very sorry to Prof to have spelt his name wrong. It was a typographical error which as a human being I am use to.

Dyna my tertiary career was never done in Southern Cameroon nor in La Republic. I did my career all in Nigeria and Europe.
Thanks and dear lets talk bizness about our future Southern Cameroon.
Thanks once more


Ijang ijang,

You started well but ended badly,please if you are fighting for women´right do so wisely and stop disgracing us.

If you continue reasoning in this way,then I see no need and no hopes for a female dominating society.If the few female (Njeuma) in authority can act this way,what will be the case of 2 or more.
No,no,lets be realistic,if Njeuma,a woman can be so heartless when her students were killed in a strike,it is a slap on the face of women,we really have to change and start seeing things not just like men but wiser.

No doubt Mrs Njeuma has done a lot for the country as a woman,she risk tanishing her good reputation before retiring home.


Massamoyo, typographical error consistently repeated as such becomes something else. I don't know that the synonym of tertiary education is "tertiary career". If that is what you were taught in Nigeria and Europe (may be Europe is a country and Nigeria a continent; we still have to find out) then I can understand why you are called massamoyo. It could have been different, I bet you, if your "tertiary career" was in Cameroon. Southern Cameroons or La Republic; that is your cup of tea.

By the way, I hear your hooligans in UB have started again. That they want an extended period of time to prepare for exams. The Minister of Higher should go and grant that also as he did the other requests and later on Lord Mayor Charles Mbella Moki can give 500,000F to buy drinks!!!

Have a productive day my dear friend.

Dyna Ngoy
Bonanjo, D'la



Madam english. We have primary, secondary and tertiary.We were talking about education and here I was talking about my educational career vis-a-vis tertiary or you want it as university career. Thats you bizness with the Queens language.

Please talk about whats happening. Look at you you are even in Douala and do not know whats happening some few km from you.Look your darling Njeuma has annouced in radio Buea that the minister has no right to interfer in her university and that she doesnt recognise any student union body in her university.

Maybe thats why the students want to react.
So thats your Njeuma who do not even respect her 'oga' minister but she expects her lecturers to hear from her.

Dr A A Agbormbai


If what you are saying is true then I think it is time for the President to do something about this. I think he should opt for a new VC while making sure that the new VC is one who is open to reason.

I cannot see how a trivial issue like the one at UB could be allowed to drag on so long because of the intransigience of its leader. This is an example of a leader who creates problems rather than solves them.

It is true that one cannot always listen to students' demands but building a harmonious working and studying environment for everyone does not mean yielding to everyone's demands. Sometimes it is just a matter of proper communication that is required.

All these seem to reveal the dicatorial nature of the VC, proving that her claim of promoting team work is utter nonsense.

Ambe Johnson

Readers may probably want to read this piece of info from UB before commenting on today's events in Buea. It was originally posted on the UB alumni forum:
>From: *~*Uche Eze*~*
>Subject: [UB_Alumni] UB Students went back to strike again
>Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 09:10:03 -0700 (PDT)

- UB students went on strike again today.

- Yesterday the examination timetable was put up and examination were suppose to start on the 15th of this month

- Today students were sent out of class by rioting students.

- There seem to be disagreement within the student union.

- The President spoke of Mt Cameroon Fm this morning saying that there won't be any strike, yet students were already striking in school. A strike led by some student union members.

_ On a personal note, I had two tests to serve as my CA's today and members of the union sent us out of class.

- Union members had two points on their placards. Extension of the examination date and recognition of the University of Buea student union by UB administration.

- Students claim that, the VC has refuse to recognise UBSU

Preponderence of opinion is that, this was not the best way to articulate such a point. We (the general student body) wonder why the student leaders will decide to go back to strike again rather than exploiting peaceful settlements.

Many people who used to support the Union have back off.

Will, keep you posted as events unfolds.
Fraternal Rgds

Uche Eze Nkatta Idika
Department of Political Science
Faculty of Social and Management Sciences
University of Buea
Cameroon, West Africa

Nji Awah S. Asanji

Ijang Atanga,
You just wake up from slumber as Massamoyo rightly pointed out. We are not talking about women here; we are talking about (Mrs.) Njeuma, V.C. of the university of Buea and the disaster she has caused to Southern Cameroonians.
Ijang, have you ever taken time to find out how the creation of the university of Buea came about? Do you know that parents, students of the then university of Yaounde and some students of secondary and high school in Southern Cameroon were beaten and molested because they dare went on the street to demand for an Anglo-Saxon university? If people like you, Dyna, Stella, Emmanuel Wembenyui etc… only knew what it took for devoted and diehard Southern Cameroonians to get that prestigious university, you would not allow your descendant and mistress to toy with it.
Ijang, I think something is actually wrong with your brains and needs a good doctor to examine them. You can’t even reason beyond your nostrils. You say Njeuma was made minister at a tender age of 28 years, very good, clap for her. She has since then accumulated all the posts in Cameroon and she is not tired. At the age of 150 she will still be fighting for posts with her own great grand children, even at the last hour when she will be entering her grave and you will be there clapping for her. It’s not your fault at all; people like you must exist in the society. You can say anything to please your mentors in order to lick the remains of what they live on. But know that posterity will judge all of you for all the damages caused.


Massamoyo,there is nothing like "tertiary career"; except you are referring to something else. It is tertiary education, please which may refer to Higher Education, University Education or Institution of Higher Learning. There is nothing like "tertiary career" I repeat!! There can be career in tertiary education, not tertiary career. The problem is with career, shit head!!


Stella, Dyna, etc,

Asanji dont mind them for they do not know what they are saying. I think they were just born to see Buea Uni already existing and dont know how and by what means the La Republic govt succumb to 'give' the uni buea with their left hand. I dont think these guys do know that it was the citizens of Southern Cameroon from Ako near the nigerian border of NW to Ndian, from WUm to Ekok who freely gave whatever ones hearts permit as contribution for the start and up keep of the Univeristy of Buea. I have no doubt that their grand parents didnt tell them that they also contributed their own quota voluntarily and with open heart for this Uni. If they did then considering your G. parents efforts, you wont allow any tyrant or twart to temper with the smooth running if this institution

I pity you all Dyna, Stella, Ijang Emmanu and co.

Nji Awah S. Asanji

Well let the disciples of Njeuma tell us where we are heading. Njeuma has been shouting that lecturers do not respect the hierarchy and administration of the university of Buea. Within a twinkle of an eye, she too has failed to respect the decision of her Boss (the minister of higher Education) to an extent that she says her Boss has no right to interfere in her university.This is the doctrine and the Anglo-Saxon tradition Njeuma is teaching in the university of Buea.
Dyna, I said something is actually wrong in the way you reason. How can you say the students are hooligans because they are asking that the semester should be extended in order for them and the lecturers to catch up with the work that was supposed to be covered? What do you want the students to be tested on when they have not covered the work for the semester? Do you expect students to write tests between today and the 15th June and start exams on that same day?
Dyna, if I were the minister of Higher Education, I will not only go down to grant the student’s demands but actually to congratulate them because they know what they are doing. What is the essence of exams when nothing has been taught? Anyway, I don’t want to write much, we will see in the days ahead, how natural forces will act on Njeuma in that university that she claims it’s her own. The Lord Mayor Mbella Moki Charles has proven himself more responsible than Njeuma, so stop crying.


From Uche Eze Nkatta posting from the UB alumni forum.

Madness and madness,what is really happening in UB,administration and students alike.
it is but normal that students need extract time to prepare for their end of semester exams.Is stike the best way to make this clear.Already I see a failure in the UBSU, division.
The administration is also another cause for concern,what a hell are they thinking of,is starting exam on the 15th really going to help the students in anyway,please lets be realistic,this is a deciding year for some of the students especially those in level 400.

Jackson Michelle

Njeuma who so ever gave you the job made a mistake. You look beautiful in find cloths, but your intelligent is like that of a baby sheep. In other words you are telling those students that they should have all gotten killed after all who cares? I have studied in many school and I think if I was ask live on any of my Television shows in America to list the worst university leader I will voice your name. Your words are full of hate and creepy thought. Those kids are there, and you are there because they are there. You got to realized that it is like a functionalist theory, but the truth like you say people come and go will happen first to you before you know it. These kids some of them come from very poor homes, if you put water and it was damage it is because you did not put any labels beside it. If the toilets got bad, it is because you did not put instructions and directions on how to use them. If they eat poor food it is because you don't care. Like you say people come and go. You have kids and grand kids, what you have done to these students will return to you. If it is evil, evil will return to you and if it is good so be it. I have never in my life time come across any university leader who tells the students “I have done enough for you”. Those are the words of a lazy leader. In California, we had to vote for a new governor, because the older one thought he done enough and today living in California is much better than two years ago. If you think you have done enough, why don't you go home and sleep have sex and drink and get drunk.
To be honest with you it's a shame you write that mail to Cameroon people. I have never in my life time head of a leader who done enough not even God because he keeps Working on each and every one of us. So Njeuma are you the devil who has come to make earth believes it’s working hard enough? Or are you a lost sheep looking for a hoe of things? What will you look for? Is not the car you got from their money enough? The giant home? How’s it? Don’t you ever get to accept things? Tell the world you have done enough and that your students can testify. I ain’t’ a Cameroonian but I think reading like an media person I find you very stupid and empty minded with a love for wealth. I have enough training in my profession to tell me more about you even without meeting you. Why is it that the university has no website? If you had done enough that school will have more than 500 computers and with internet connections and students could print their work at 5france per page. Just like with any standard school. If you had done enough why is there not more than half of the student body employed by the school? After all it is their school they should work there and get the experience needed for a job force. If you had done enough why is the school not having a good finical aid for very poor student?
If you had done enough why don’t they eat good food? Why don’t they have university transportation system so that student can spend less while they are at school? Why don’t they have camcorders in the communication department those things will cost less if you get them from Sony on bases that you are doing it for a school use because they will make more money giving you for less. You do not get these things because your enough means the other way round I do not care. Why do students have to do walk in registration? I mean as a communication student I don’t have time to go to school and enrolled for classes I get it from computer at home. Computers don’t even cost nothing school fees from 25 students should give you enough computers for biology lab and chemistry lab. Well you have done well feeding from their efforts and sending your own kids Sto School out Of Cameroon. I will just say remember the movie the good, the bad and the ugly. You might be a new version of that story
Again those two souls are dear to some old woman. I hope you know the punishment that came to jezebel and can so watch out how you treat people. They might not be important in the world but in God’s eyes they are perfect people.


Boniface Ndemping Wewe-The Ngonyama has analysed it all.I personally would have done the same so there is no need for repitition

Fon Chi-Bikom Mallo

I am a former journalist with "Le Messager" English edition. Today I am an artist and business man based in New York having stayed away from the press for so long.

I have read much about AIDS and seen many cases both good and bad in various countries in almost all the continents of the world. I have seen Goverments, Agencies and Organisations work relentlessly searching for the cure for this monstrous deadly virus.Yet it is believed that "there is no cure"

The truth is if a cure for AIDS is released for public consumption pharmacies and drug authorities around the world will not make money as they are making in just caressing the virus with just tretment today.This is not only the case with AIDS but also Cancer, Herpies, diabetes and other "untreatable illnesses"
It is for this reason that the drug authorities in various countries of the world are at war with altenative medicine practitioners. Yet in United state for example Alternative medicine is gaining ground and people are being treated and cured of the so called "incurable illnesses". Herbal treatment is being administerd to patients and they are getting well.

If that could hapen here in the United State it means Africans could do better because they know more about traditional or alterntive medicine. The point I am trying to make is this; there is war going on between releasing the cure for AIDS and other uncurable deseases and Authorities who are out to maximise profit out of the prvailing situation, as bad as it is and as long as it could remain.

Unfortunately Africans are the greatest victims of this evil because they cannot afford for treatment as Euoropeans and Americans do. The Average monthly treatment for AIDS in the US is an equivilent of 60.000frs. Americans could afford this amount of money for their monthly treatmen. This is not the case with Africans, even if the drugue is brought down to the price of 20.000frs per month an average African will not be able to afford it. That is why many people are dieing of AIDS.

An AIDS patient in the US lives his normal life just like someone with high blood presssure or diabetes. But patients in Africa with the same case similar to that of Americans will surely die. Unfortunately governments of most African countries Especially Cameroon do not care about the prevailence of the epidemic which is now spreading like wild fire.

My advice to Africans especially Camroonians is not to wait for any cure from the government or Agencies. Herbalists and traditional doctors should collaborate in finding a permanent solution to AIDS and other ailments that are being used to toast patients up and down.

I am ready to assist any traditional herbalist who comes up with adequate prove that he has a cure or close to a cure. Fon CHI-BIKOM Mallo

Fon Chi-Bikom Mallo

I am a former journalist with "Le Messager" English edition. Today I am an artist and business man based in New York having stayed away from the press for so long.

I have read much about AIDS and seen many cases both good and bad in various countries in almost all the continents of the world. I have seen Goverments, Agencies and Organisations work relentlessly searching for the cure for this monstrous deadly virus.Yet it is believed that "there is no cure"

The truth is if a cure for AIDS is released for public consumption pharmacies and drug authorities around the world will not make money as they are making in just caressing the virus with just tretment today.This is not only the case with AIDS but also Cancer, Herpies, diabetes and other "untreatable illnesses"
It is for this reason that the drug authorities in various countries of the world are at war with altenative medicine practitioners. Yet in United state for example Alternative medicine is gaining ground and people are being treated and cured of the so called "incurable illnesses". Herbal treatment is being administerd to patients and they are getting well.

If that could hapen here in the United State it means Africans could do better because they know more about traditional or alterntive medicine. The point I am trying to make is this; there is war going on between releasing the cure for AIDS and other uncurable deseases and Authorities who are out to maximise profit out of the prvailing situation, as bad as it is and as long as it could remain.

Unfortunately Africans are the greatest victims of this evil because they cannot afford for treatment as Euoropeans and Americans do. The Average monthly treatment for AIDS in the US is an equivilent of 60.000frs. Americans could afford this amount of money for their monthly treatmen. This is not the case with Africans, even if the drugue is brought down to the price of 20.000frs per month an average African will not be able to afford it. That is why many people are dieing of AIDS.

An AIDS patient in the US lives his normal life just like someone with high blood presssure or diabetes. But patients in Africa with the same case similar to that of Americans will surely die. Unfortunately governments of most African countries Especially Cameroon do not care about the prevailence of the epidemic which is now spreading like wild fire.

My advice to Africans especially Camroonians is not to wait for any cure from the government or Agencies. Herbalists and traditional doctors should collaborate in finding a permanent solution to AIDS and other ailments that are being used to toast patients up and down.

I am ready to assist any traditional herbalist who comes up with adequate prove that he has a cure or close to a cure. Fon CHI-BIKOM Mallo

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