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Thursday, 30 June 2005


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I was lucky to be marking not far away from my scool. When I hurried back to do the cences, I was the fifth person to do the cencus after 4 colleagues, one teaching English in South Corea, Another doing Ph.D in Germany, the who won a green card last year and went to US and the 4th died in a rood accident during the chistmas season.
It apprears that the more a teacher is elusive, the easier is for him to do the census.

Neba Funiba

Ngwese, which examination papers were you marking? (First School Leaving, GCE O'Level or A'Level? RSA? CAP?) At what level of the Education System in Cameroon do you teach? I am pretty sure that English language is not one of the subjects that you teach; ipso facto, you still need to teach in English. Your grammar (sentences and mis-spellings) is terrible. When officials of foreign universities access websites such as postnewsline and read the type of English that some of you write, they are made to believe that all Cameroonians who seek admission into their schools ought to take preliminary courses in English as second language before taking formal college (university) courses. You constructed two sentences in six short lines full of mistakes. You could have typed your comment in Microsoft Word, spellchecked and then cut and paste in the dialoque box herein.

What do these words or phrases mean?

scool, cences, cencus, "...the who won a green card...", Corea, "...rood accident...", "It apprears that the more a teacher is elusive, the easier is for him to do the census."


Yes Mr Ngwese has made so many mistakes to be a ghost marker but Mr Neba Funiba sounds like one of these Ghost teachers protected by the principal.
It very questionable why the government would want to do census during holidays when teachers are on holidays.
There is actually an agenda behind this issue. I don't see any good will on this




Mr. Neba Funiba has made a very strong and touching point. We have always encouraged everyone to cultivate the habit of writing in good English. Most of us seem to overlook the importance of good and decent English. There is a linguistic as well as a moral crisis in us, though we are ideologically furnished. The question is how do we get out of this moral mess that our so-called politicians have plunged us into? Our politicians have within the past decade, imparted unmoral dogmas onto us, that have made us victims of ridicules to each other. They have taught us to be insulting and contemptuous. That explains why we cannot learn the right thing, we can't listen to each other, we cannot constructively put our ideas and opinions across. There is no reasoning in us any longer. All we can do is to criticize personalities and not looking into the ideas others have put across, to see how we can benefit from them or make them better for others, because we have unfortunately copied from our politicians the bad habit of criticizing people and not the ideas they put forward. To begin with, we must regain our true moral standards and be vigilantly attentive not to be swayed away from them by anybody who doesn't seem to uphold those standards. If we begin from this step, we will be embracing reasoning and insight, then shall we be able to fashion out a successful path to getting out of our present miseries.

lionel mofor

Hello to all readers.i want to tell the author of the first comment whoes name i do not even want to see to get back to primary education as a pupil and not a teacher for his/her english is really sleeping.I doubt how he/she became a teacher.


Hi everyone using this site .It is true that nobody is perfect. People are bound to making mistakes in one way or the other but Ngwese's case is different. I still don't want to believe that the above is a teacher .It's really a disgrace writing such horrible grammar with a lot of spelling mistakes especially on such a site that is being read world wide. Well, maybe he or she is a Francophone but that's isn't an excuse to writing jargons . I also buy the ideas of Neba Funwi and Felix.


Surprising how Cameroonians can be wasting time on the English Langauage rather than the idea put forward. Mr Neba should know that Cameroon on paper is considered Francophone country so that if you want to study in US for example, you will need the waiver of Toefl.
In American Universities and Colleges for instance, most freshmen do not contruct grammar-free sentences in English although English is considered their mother tongue. As a teacher or any ethical person should not fail a student say in Geography because he/he has not used the right conjugation of a particular verb.
I am afrain, Mr Neba, Felix, Lionel Mofor and the others in this forum who are very quick to questions one proficiency in English should stop "mourning more than the beriefed". Even British, Australian, Canadians, American etc that use varieties of English as their respective mother tongue do not claim to be speaking error-free not to say writing error-free. The only difference may be that they may called it " a slip of the tongue" while some of you like Mr Neba and Felix think it is a way to make yourself appear learned. Unfortunately critizing somebody's English without any other logical argument doesn't make you smart. Please Let every person contribute his or his own idea without fear of prosecution by this English Advocates.


How could census be conducted during the holiday even when teachers have moved to their making centers in other provinces ? There must be something hidden .Our country is spoiled as far as teaching field is concerned . Ghost teachers both home and abraod including headmasters and some top officials working with the Ministry of Education has greatly contributed to this mess.

I don't want to quote names but believe me . I know a hand full of teachers who abandoned their jobs and travelled abroad but their salaries are collected monthly . A good example is my Aunty who has been in the U.S now for three years . Her younger sister collects her salary and part goes to the Principal.I know the principal well. I also have a close friend who was posted in a village in Ebolowa but she went and resumed duty. She lives in yaounde and teaches in most of the private schools around.Also, i know a village guy of mine who was posted to Maga in the far north Province . He has been to his station just twice and is presently teaching part times in Mervick , oxford and College Ebanda y'de . He collects his salary every month . There is a lady i know whom i never knew was a teacher . This lady does petite business at the Bamenda food market . I was shocked when my mum told me that she graudated from ECOLE NORMAL about five years ago, was posted to Njikwa but she lives and does her business permanently in Bamenda .I know them in number. I'm not jealous but speaking the Gospel truth .My dear Cameroonians , what do you think of this ?

Teachers are the first to go on strike asking for an increase in salary . What then should we say about Nurses and Doctors who work and even have night duties , short leaves etc yet their salary is lower than those of our teachers who have three good holidays in a year ?

To the organizers of the Census , why not take the teachers unaware ? Please, the government should do something very serious on this issue concerning ghost teachers .


Please help the government to eradicate all these corrupt practices. Put all their names on this forum, we will proceed from there. Many thanks for acting.

mbangha Christian, Tennessee

I've laughed out my lungs today! it seems an English Deficiency Syndrome (EDS) has attacked almost everybody on this forum today. The first guy certainly had a very virulent strain of the disease that almost everyone caught it (hope I don't have symptoms too).
I think the management of the post online service should device a means of editing the comments posted on this site. The poor english really discredits us, believe it or not. I also wish to plead against indescent language on this site. Eventhough it is an open forum and people most often don't give their correct names ( Which is cawordice anywhere!), we should portray some moral values!

Francis Nche

Mr. Felix, you seem completely cut from the reality in Cameroon. The government is the sole culprit in the mess today. I can name a million cases but for the sake of not embarrasing many people in US, Europe, Asia and South Africa who are still in public service payroll, I will preferably name just a few cases I know personally who are now of blessed memory and yet still in the payroll of the public service.
From 1987-1991, we were in Natural Sciences in UNIYAO and in our batch there was Nana Jenet from Babumgo who entered ENS in 1993 and was posted in 1997 to GHS Kumba, she unfortunately passed away in 2000 but up till today, her salary is still being collected. Another coleague, Nestor Selamor joined Kilung Mt Project and passed away in in late 1992 and yet his name appeared as succesful candidates in the ENS in 1994 and was posted in 1998 in Kousherie and his paycheck is collected even today. Mary Diyen, a Kom Lady graduated in 2000 and died before even her first pay check but since then her 'Gros Lo" and her aslary has been collected regularly. It is rather unfortunate that I have to cite this unfortunate cases but for most Cameroonian teacher today, it appears teaching in your school is a waste of time because majority are abroad, in their business, some only in the ministries chasing documents for other for a commision and so soing making a lot of money.
This mentallity can be traced back to Dr. Agbor Tabi who after his appointment as the minister of higher education connived with Nobert Ndong, the then director of ENS that so long as he sells entry into ENS which at the time was priced at 700,000 FCFA, he will put all Bayangi's. This made it in such a way that ENS list were establied in Bayingi meeting houses. These led to the influx of people to the teaching field who by nature do not like teaching. This has produce teachers who are not willing to teach and those from othert tribes that paid 700,000 FCFA are doing everything to recover their money.e.g Emmanuel Nkuo, a kom guy who work as an agent of Ndong to collect the money for admission was shot dead in his house in EtougEbe Yde in 1996 after he collected some money from other Kom people and refuse to forward the money to Ndong and therefore their names never appeared in the ENS list.
I am with the opinion that Dr. Agbor Tabi should stand trial for his deeds. He made even some very brilliant Bayangis to cut their education short by putting them into ENS. As the minister of higher education, and if he liked Bayangi's why could he not have offered them scholarships to study and become doctor like himself. These Agbor Tabi's products from ENS take bribes from students before they can be allowed to pass an exam. This act has made bribery grow with mentality of the present day students.

Any cameroonian abroad who is still in the payroll as a teacher in Cameroon should ask his conscience if it is not yet time to be honest. Let us not be like Mobutu's Abacha, Ahidjo etc who died like rat moles after stealing money and not enjoying it. Any person at least the teachers level can afford his food and shelter, then happiness is not far from us. If we wish to vbe rich, riches cannot be got from classroom, turn to business and you will be rich. But riches and confort alone do not automatically translate to happiness. The happiest man is a teacher when his students come out successful in the exams like GCE. A teacher should be proud of his profession and the happiest person because his products are as diversed as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineer, Professors and even presidents.

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