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Monday, 18 July 2005


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French born my lass. So we don,t have Cameroonian that can do the job. Cameroon is no more under colonial rule. goat

akwese valery

It's really a shame that the government of la republic du ameroun an't manage they own federation.Do u guys mean the that post can't manage by a ameroonain?Mr pual piya don't let ur future to be like sadam husine.Frenh born my lass.

akwese valery

It's really a shame that the government of la republic du cameroun can't manage they own federation.Do u guys mean the that post can't manage by a cameroonain?Mr pual piya don't let ur future to be like sadam husine.French born my lass.


We should not express any surprise at this juncture. The way Cameroonians especially leaders have handled their responsibilities have proven beyond doubts that we could instead achieve better development through our former colonial masters.What an irony? This means that colonial masters loved Cameroon better Cameroonians did. If not which patriotic citizen will want to divert public funds into foreign banks and watch her/his country rot the way Cameroon is doing? Oil is being depleted on a daily basis, timber is being rushed to be shipped to Europe on a daily basis, the list can continue but no major development is being done in the country in return for these. We prefer foreigners(french born as proudly noted above) to manage our resources. What a shame?
Our situation may be better today because we still see the old infrastructure that the Germans and our god father(France if at all France did anything) left behind. By the time of our grand children, everything must have degraded beyond recognition and nothing will be available( oil, timber etc) to start everything from scratch. What a curse to be a citizen of a country where the leaders see the world only around themselves, not even a neigbour and not to talk of the future generations. Narrow roads are constructed to last as long as the minister monitoring the construction can still be in office. Town planning exists on papers but actual constructions are in total contradiction through the help of the very officials keeping the papers. The list is so long and will just be redondant to Cameroonians who know everything so well about our corrupt practices. Our leaders are wolves and I wonder what crime we committed in the face of God to deserve such leaders.

Corruption being the sole cause of this malaise, is taking the government forever to move a step against it. An effort of the government to take a step has always taken them ten steps behind where they started. The main problem is that the highest corrupt practices are perpetuated by the so called untouchables. If God truely ordained them to use us the way they are doing and drain a rich country like Cameroon, then we should only thank God for that as the bible says.
However, no condition is permanent here on earth. Lets watch and see.

Ras, USA

here we come again. One day we will bring the french to run our kitchens. After ROBERT CORFU has done nothing better than impregnate female national football team players, here we come again with more French men while Cameroonians go unemployed.

Francis Nche

Our experience with our so-called leaders have shown that foreigner are the better of the two evils. They will at least do their jobs as professionals. If the Kumba Manfe road was given even to a French official rather than Tabong Kima, we would have been using the road for 19 years already and if the ring road was given to be supervised by the British and not Nkwain and Achidi Achu, we would have been having a ring road now for 14 years.
Given that there was development and the lives of the people better under colonial powers than under their agents like the present government, I therefore prefer a better evil which in this case are foreigners


It is so rediculous to realize that we cannot manage ourselves. This is a big blow on the face of Cameroonians who could equally handle the post. How comes a foreigner is more trust worthy to manage our resourses than what we can do. What hurts my feelings is how much the salary and allowances of such a person can be. That may pay up to 10 equally qualified Cameroonians. But we have proven beyond doubts that the best way is to embezzle and not to manage. I wish we finally import ministers, directors to help develop this country. Shame on Cameroonian leaders. May God curse you all.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Whilst I would normally oppose the idea of foreigners taking up top posts in Cameroon, in this case I can understand the frustration with previous Cameroonians who have been given the job of running Fecafoot.

These people have shown themselves to be tribal warriors who cannot think beyond tribal boundaries, or to lack any sort of personality that can handle differences in opinion or wider diversity issues.

The root cause of all the problems though is the example (or misexample) that the Head of State and his entourage have set for Cameroonian people.

Government actions and decisions do not transcend tribal divisions. Instead tribalism is at the forefront of all their thoughts. They sleep tribalism, drink tribalism, and eat tribalism, and then expect the people to do differently.

Cameroonian bosses and managers simply relive the very examples that their government sets for them. In Cameroon everything is politically oriented. Managers employ the political tools of lying, lose-talking, false promises, false accusations, divide and conquer, corruption and embezzlement, opaque management, dark forces, etc. and then hope that somehow God will make the organisations they run succeed.

Most of the time one wonders whether these people ever received education, or perhaps they did their education in the days when just having a pass (instead of going for first-class honours) was the defining line of (low-mentality) African educational achievement.

It is therefore not surprising that top jobs in Cameroon are often given to mere-pass or third-class honours people (who compensate for their average or sub-average intelligence by mastering the dark powers of society - bribing and corrupting their way through the echelons of society) instead of to first-class honours people (whose noble intellect and upright nature preclude them from practising dark power).

The Cameroonian and African society is a topsy-turvy (up-side-down) society in which first-class people are at the bottom and average/sub-average people are at the top. It is a case of the blind leading the competent. How can we then expect the society to succeed?

And the more incompetent people are, at the top, the more they lack ideas, the more dark power they execute, and, because of their position, the more contempt they show to the first-class people at the bottom (whose ideas they never want to know about). To these buffoons management is 'chop a chop', and the greatest 'chopper' is the leader of the land, the President of the country.

While in the West people push themselves in their jobs seeking to prove themselves, by demonstrating their ability and aspiring towards high achievement so that they may be rewarded with a high salary, promotion, and bonuses (and as such contribute their part towards nation building), in Cameroon and Africa people occupy themselves with mastering the dark powers of society so that they can buy their way to the top (i.e. take the easy way out, like headless chicken) where they can continue their excellent job of executing dark power and thereby contributing to national destruction.

The continuous practice of executing dark power in Cameroon has been so effective that the task of national destruction is almost complete! It only remains to stick the knife into the heart.

The appointment of a Frenchman into the top job at Fecafoot because of the need for neutrality suggests that we need to do something on a country-wide scale to nurture such neutrality in our own citizens. We can do so through the following measures:

1) Put a ban on all tribal and divisive or destructive tendencies in the country. We can even enact a law against tribalism and other forms of divisions.

2) Educate people against tribalism and other divisive or destructive tendencies. Make people appreciate other tribes and their contributions to society. Lessen the tension between tribes and promote a spirit of co-operation, understanding, and trust between tribes.

3) Stop the government practice of appointing people on a tribal basis and thus encouraging tribalism in the country. People should be appointed on merit and on the basis of their achievements and education.

4) Require that people should only be appointed to higher jobs (and especially top-jobs) if, among other things, they have demonstrated an ability to transcend tribal thinking in their previous decision making.

5) People caught promoting tribalism and other destructive behaviour should be dismissed from their jobs.

6) Appoint only ministers, state officials, etc. who have demonstrated a transcendency of tribal thinking in all their previous deliberations.

7) Above all, the President should bring to an end his tendency to exemplify tribalism to the nation through paying too much emphasis on his own tribes-people and tribes-land at the expense of all other tribes of the country. For instance, the President should end the practice of appointing only people from his tribe to the highest positions in the land and of concentrating almost all economic development to his tribes-land. Economic development should occur first in the most promising areas of the land, which can generate funds for developing the less promising areas. This does not mean that the President should abandon his own area and tribes people, as he will never be forgiven by his people. Common sense is what is called for!

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