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Friday, 08 July 2005


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Kudos Reverend,Infact if everybody should reason the way you did,then there would have been no stupid articles written by people who have thrown their reason to the dogs.
I magine people fighting for a just course with no roitings and somebody calls it vandalism.Such people dont know the use of a dictionary,maybe they need one and badly too.
Thanks again very much father for that stuff.


That was good talking but do you say Unless they are Convict they are free to be of a party.Fr pray for us convicts so that Like Mandela(ex convict) we will not be able to hold any position.I read you well and was happy at the begining only to discover that you condem the very people you are trying to free.Forgive us our trespasses,
as we Forgive those who trespass against us.Amen
Felix A


Rf when going through this beautiful and articulate write up, tears shower down my grin. Not that I really want to but that those who have eyes should read and try to understand it.
Also when I think of the times when there was no university of buea, dschang etc, and when there is a vandal at the Yaounde University and ENS Bambili, no graffi man curse a SAWA man.
When there was no University of Buea and a SAWA man was a director of ENS Bambili, no graffi man could question why?
The graffi people offered their rooms at times free of charge to the SAWA students in Bambili.
My tears goes with all such questions.
With all our hospitality, open minds, flexibility why cant our brothers rethink their ways and behave like we are doing.
Just recently at the Palace of MP it was a gfraffi honourable questioning why the money from the oil rich Ndian is ahred through out the Republic while that of timbers is shared just among the three provinces.
When we fight for a common good some of our SAWA
bros and sis think we want to head them.
I over tire all this kind things dem na why way my eyes wet when I read your writeup
I like the piece.

Che Sunday (Dr.)

I wonder what name is given to someone who occupies a public office but provides no services to the public,yet gets paid with public funds? A patriotic vandal, or just a thief?


On reading what Fr. Foleng has written, fresh memories of my repeated warnings in this forum came to my mind. I have always stated that we, Anglophones, are our main poroblem. I still maintain that unless we judge things and people objectively, then Anglophones labour in vain as they struggle to liberate the anglophone community from the bondage that Paul Biya has chained them into. If Anglophones continue to be suspicious of their brothers and sisters of the other province, then we should know that we still have bitter days to come. ... that we have not seen anything yet.

Right during the early days when the frustrated doctor from M'vomeka hurriedly created the elaborated High school known as the University of Buea, South Westerners were very suspicious of any contributions and suggestions coming from the North West province or from North Westerners. I even heard some South Westerners saying that, "These come-no-go graffi people have taken CDC hostage and now they want to take our Anglo-saxon university".

What our man of God is saying is no secret. Even in this very forum, we have been, unfortunately, experiencing this cold war between the North West and the South West provinces. People are blackmailed, insulted, threatened, intimidated, taught how to write in English, simply because they come from a particular province. We look at people's names before reacting, just to see if their names can tell us WHERE they come from.

... North Westerners, too, listen to genuine suggestions from South Westerners with suspicion and fear. We are all in the same soup!

If simple Cameroonians are vandals, then Paul Biya should be the NUMBER ONE VANDAL in Cameroon. His army of occupation continues its war of intimidation all over the country. Afterall, when Cameroonians excel well in sports, Paul Biya is presented as number one sportsman.

But what is VANDALISM?

When one of God's speaker on Earth, an Archbishop, was asked while he supported and encouraged violence in the streets of South Africa, this man of God had this to say: "WE HAVE BEEN PRAYING AND PRAYING, BUT OUR PEOPLE ARE DYING AND DYING. WHEN SHALL WE STOP WIPPING TEARS OUT OF OUR PEOPLE'S EYES?"

If someone should enter into my bedroom and spread feces and urine into my pot of soup- the way Paul Biya is doing in the Anglophone provinces- I will get a big iron rod and break his head. If skeptics would see with me, they would only be contented to suffer in silence.

Look, when Jesus Christ, the son of God found people playing JAMBO (Gambling) right inside his father's house (the temple), he used all his strength and energy to overturn tables and the gamblers. What this vandalism?


Monik Awasum

Thank you so much Rev. I wish that many people like you could see and analyse as you have done. I would really love to attend one of you sermons.

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