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Thursday, 25 August 2005


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Dr A A Agbormbai

It is a welcome sign of maturity and humility from the government to see that, after five years, it can at last acknowledge that corruption in Cameroon is a real problem.

The analysis of the ill-effects and causes of corruption is good but there is no mention of what the government has been doing to curb the problem. All we find are claims, as illustrated in this excerpt:

"... despite the fierce battle government has launched against corruption, the cankerworm was on the upsurge ..."

As far as I can remember there has been no evidence of the government launching a fierce battle against corruption.

The has been evidence of a lot of talk or of 'hot air' from the government but certainly no evidence of any action taken.

We have not read any where of corrupt officials who have been arrested and tried. There have been reports of corruption perpetrated by big guns in the Cameroon government, but no reports of these persons being arrested and tried for their actions or of attempts to recover the stolen sums of money.

For me the real culprit in all of these is President Paul Biya, who treats corruption among his ministers and ambassadors as a joke to laugh at, while the people are suffering from these ills.

When a minister or ambassador embezzles money he treats him as though he has won a Nobel prize for his country - he promotes him to an even bigger job where he can embezzle even more money. Thus he creates an incentive system where criminal activities are best rewarded. What better way to turn a noble country into a criminal haven, run by mafia-like cartels!



Spare your passion for research, teaching and writing at London's prestigious academies. The corruption in Cameroon begins from the top and permeates to the bottom.

The people are living in a police state with the highest density of armed security check points on Earth in peace time. No other country lives that way.

Paul Biya ruined the country - a politically corrupt priest with a wizzard's grip on the people. Shallow in moral rectitude, shallow in intellectual capacity, demagogic in advocacy, undynamic in decision making and irresponsibly flirtatious in communal liberalism, the man Ahmadou Ahidjo once nailed as a "hypocrite" is working to attain the lowest grade of national indebtedness.

The simple-simon Paul cannot see that he will never qualify because of his expensive life style - a new presidential aeroplane every two years and a wife who dresses like Marie Antoinette at the cost of the national treasury, taken together exude VIP arrogance from a jungle.

Corruption in Cameroon is first and foremost intellectual and political. Financial corruption is small "njanga".


Njei Moses Timah

The admission that corruption is pervasive in Cameroon is no news. The news that we are expecting is how the problem will be solved.
Njei M.T.

Ma Mary

The people on top are always trying to outdo each other in ostentation; ostentation with the people's treasury! Theft no longer has a stigma if it is large enough. ON the contrary it is given a veneer of honour. No, Mukete and others, I am not coming back to consort in your mansions erected from the fruits of corruption. I shall stay in my shared apartment and continue to work the "bambeh" that in your warped and corrupted sensibilities you have described as "mean". Actually it is quite purifying. It builds character, and that is what three quarters of your corrupt and promiscuous elite require, some true hard labour or perhaps a vacation in the excrement perfumed air of Buea Production Prison.


People like Mukete and Reader have the time and energy to wage enough war against curruption in Cameroon rather than chassing winds(Bushfallers) and licking their wounds(Grave ingnorance to reconised the source of a problem).
I have promised Reader I will be back in my country to fight curruption by all means.I mean all means.But I need the neccessary educational resource and connections to make it.I cann't rely on the system of education which the Minister him has accepted as infected with curruption.I have no doubt that mukete and Reader are a byproduct of this system.
Take a leave out of the country and get the feelings what it meant to be a student in the West.Mukete this is the greatest challange i put on you.And I hope you will be able to change.
The whole Cameroon system of Government need a complete overhaul.


of course 'much' is being done to fight corruption,but wat about the growing ones who just get into it whithout knowing?I THINK ITS TIME THE COUNTRY HAS A REVIVAL CRUSADE WHERE THE HEAD OF STATE IS A PART OF?OH YES THAT IS POSSIBLE?NO MATTER WHAT EVER IS SAID

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