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Tuesday, 30 August 2005


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Fon Kimbi of Sawi deplores the Cameroon's government neglect of the Lake Nyos disaster survivors and area.The question may very well be expanded and posed to all Cameroonians (insititutions such as churches too): what action did each cameroonian take to help their fellow brothers and sisters during and after the Lake Nyos disaster? Fon Kimbi may well have pondered the role of government in the lives of contempoary Cameroonians and he is miles ahead in his conclusion about self-reliant for community as well as personal development. Self reliance as we all know is always a positive attribute, but somehow (I am sure) when applied to the Cameroonian context it will turn out to be something else. First of all the meddling of the government in self-reliant projects is a given. As soon as people or communities begin to band together to improve themselves, they would usually have to reckon with the ever present taxation system, innumerable red tape and bribes to get permits and sometimes the actors own gullibilties and weaknesses. It is not uncommon for people to work to achieve a common project only to have one of the members abscond with the funds.

But greater questions that us Cameroonians should well begin to ask oureselves are how many more disasters would it take before we realize that the government would rather spend more money on presidential red carpet exits and entrances to and from the country, billion francs aircraft, champagne baths and breakfasts for high government officials and their consorts rather than school supplies, buildings, medicines and roads for ordinary Cameroonians.

As long as Cameroonians passively give up their rights to better living conditions for themselves and their children by not actively seeking to redress disparities in income and national resources, many more disasters(God forbid) may come to pass with the government only as an onlooker instead of a helper of ordinary people. But in a country where people have more that unite them but persist to regard each other based on the region or village of origin, it will take a long time to unite and empower ourselves for a better political and economic reality that we so desparately need.


If you can still recall.....
* The Israeli army first arrived on the spot even before our gendarmes.
* Several localities from the west province to the south west, will tell you they either chased some indescriptible things or people wanting to bury or dig some indescriptible thing.
* The case of lake Nyos natural,poisonous gas is unique the world over.
For how long shall the pipe buried in the lake stay there to prevent us from another explosion. mmmnnhh i`m too frightened to even think about it.
What`s morethan certain is that, lake Nyos is yet to emit all of its secrets and i`m sure we won`t be shocked when that day comes.

“… , trigger mechanism of the limnological catastrophes, who be happened in CAMEROON on lake "MONOUN" in 1984 and on lake "NYOS" in 1986 , was switched on by influence of the atmospheric precipitations in 1983.
Limnological catastrophes on lake "MONOUN" in 1984 and on lake "NYOS" in 1986, were caused by the instantaneous ejections of the gaseous carbon dioxide from the sediment stratums under the lake’s bottom.
The Degassing the waters of the lakes "NYOS" and "MONOUN" can not prevent from the repetition in lakes "NYOS" and "MONOUN" of the limnological catastrophes, similar to the catastrophes of 1984 and of 1986 , in which the trigger mechanism was switched on by the influence of the atmospheric precipitations.
Under influence of the atmospheric precipitation the trigger mechanism of the the limnological catastrophes in the lake "Nyos" and the "Monoun" , in any time may to be switched on and in a certain time hereon will happen of the limnological catastrophes.”



The Reduction into 20 metres of the water level in the lake "Nyos" significantly magnifies probability of the mortal catastrophe in contrast with probability of the catastrophe in the natural conditions. The strengthening the existing dam (without reduction of the water level) on the lake "Nyos" does not magnify probability of the catastrophe.


some years have passed by since the lake nyos incidence and cameroonians have grown matured intellectually i believe we have all come to the understanding that lake nyos was a natural cause,just like what happened in Haiti,Katrina and the Tsunami incidence.Gradually time has unveiled that nothing was buried there by the whiteman and with the assistance of Paul Biya.Our suspicion and shallow reasoning then was and had always been our greatest lack.Lets together pray for those who joined the heavenly choir because of that dangerous outpour of gas and pray for the wisdom to be in soundmind and good judgement always than to shift blames were it is not due while we get killed by our ignorance.


I watched the Natgeo show "Death Fog" and was moved by the piece..does anyone know how i can get in contact with Mercy Bihsam from the lake Monoun area, she was one of the peolpe that lost many members of her family.



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