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Monday, 22 August 2005


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Dear Mr Jude Nji Foy,
It is a well presented article you have here.I very much respect peoples' oppinion even when I donot agree with them.
Most of the points you have raised here are just the consequences of Africans moving to the west.I will suggest you first of all ask why in the first place most africans are leaving.
There are a lot of aficans who want to come back home but do you expect them to come home when they are not sure of securing any employment or have any means of getting the necessary resources to be self employed? Africans just like any other group of people need to support themselves.
There are so many people(africans) who are very willing to contribute their share to getting our beloved continent out of the mess it is but how do they do it when there are some countries where those who are already of retirement age donot want to give way for the young and dynamic.
My brother,find out why Africans are travelling now more than ever before.They never did this when the economic situation was fine and most African countries had visa free aggreements with the west.
I will suggest that next time to make you article complete, also state the reasons for the zeal of africans to move to the west by all cost.

Kind regards.


Jude Nji Foy you have spoken.Sounds like the Clarion calls.But your voice is lost in the Sea of Africanlism.Do you remember that its those africans who were rejected by Africans sold as salves that are today reaping the Benefits of American freedom.This justisfied your saying That " but sacrifice should never be the limiting factor for any son of a slave"
So the africans today traped in the western world have the potential for a future.Let me tell you I am a student studying Biomedical Physics and I have nowhere to compete with the Local quacks and witch doctors adorned in Africa.Why do I study if I cann't practise ??. Same goes with the doctors,the economics,the historians and you name the rest.
Your Analogy of impressing the white Man is not only the cheapest journalism its dead Wrong.African here after studies are offer far more better conditions to work with salaries 1,000,000 times to those of their conterpart who returns home and they are farmore productive than some of the europeans.Even those who do mean jobs as you call them are able to lived a far more better life compare to their standard in Africa.This will give me the Chance to ask you what is really mean in a Job?? "Africanlism".I see Europeans compete with African here in europe on all types of jobs.
Its true that there is discrination or Racism in europe but you cannot match it with Tribalism in Africa.
What Posterity will hold you accountable is running away from the problems and blaming the very Africans you have rejected as the Cause of the continue plight thats plague africa.


Jude Nji Foy has a valiant point. He is referring to the dire conditions of Cameroonians and fellow black Africans living in France and possibly Germany.

My countrymen/women, embrace the English Language. That is the authentic future for Cameroon. The course is irreversible.



Before finally reacting to Mr. Jude Nji Foy's contribution, I am fully aware that some people may scream for my blood simply because I am letting the naked truth speak for itself. Some will, as usual, blast my contribution by saying that I am jealous of those living abroad. Others will want to make research on “Mukete” instead of addressing what he has written. Still, others will call me an illiterate, a fool, uneducated and a misfit. Yet I want to state that although ALL what Mr. Nji Foy has written is 100% correct, it is just a tip of the iceberg. There are many ugly sides of Bush Fallers and the act of falling bush. And I think by allowing free discussion on this topic, The Post will be preventing many other Cameroonians back home from falling into the nasty trap of Bush falling.

It is indeed sad to be, always, observing that when articles are published on people living abroad or on Bush Fallers, Cameroonians living abroad use all tactics to divert the attention of readers from the main points raised. Either they "intimidate" the person who writes something negative about bush falling and Bush Fallers, or they ask questions that have completely no connection with the issues raised. However, The Post should do the nation and Cameroonians good by allowing free information on the ugly sides of bush falling. Bush falling is a concept on which Cameroonians have been misinformed.

These same Bush Fallers or defenders of bush falling are the very people who would write volumes of research and suggestions when articles about issues originating from within Cameroon are published. When news on issues taking place in Cameroon is published, they are swift to react; with very lengthy suggestions and remedies that would never work. Not only that. They use such news items to tell the world how intelligent they are, what they have achieved, what they do out of Cameroon, where they have traveled and worked, and how they have helped in other countries. Some even sing how they send money to Cameroon as if to support the French leader who once stated, "Africans need bread and NOT democracy.” These Bush Fallers give the naive and false impression that because they are in the developed world, they, alone, hold the key to Cameroon's salvation. They pretend to be living in high places when they are actually enslaving themselves and disgracing their family, race and country.

Friends have become enemies just because of the idea of falling bush. Families have separated, parents have abandoned children, children have turned against their parents, pastors and priests have abandoned their congregations, people have joined jojo and secret societies, civil servants have abandoned their duties with continuous salaries, people have stolen and have killed, just because they want to fall bush by all means.All the young want to fall bush!

... and all this is as a result of the FALSE IMPRESSION that those living abroad (BUSH FALLERS) give. One can not be washing dishes or doing prostitution and at the same time be deceiving people back home that he or she is engineer or medical doctor. One cannot be attending basic computer evening classes and at the same time be deceiving people back home that he is attending a well-known university. One cannot be a cleaner in a factory and at the same time be deceiving people back home that he is director of that factory. People cannot be doing customer service and especially telemarketing, and be sending lies back home. People cannot be leaving one job to another or doing two different jobs per day and at the same time sending false propaganda back home. People cannot be doing customer service in banks, with big degrees in their pockets, and at the same time be telling lies that they are directors of big financial institutions. Girls cannot be doing prostitution abroad and at the same time be deceiving people that they make big money through cleaning and hairdressing.Enough of this false propaganda! They are causing destruction.

Most Cameroonians living abroad, say more than 95% do what I may call "MONKEY JOBS." These are jobs that even primary school dropouts can be trained within hours to perform. These jobs require working on well-arranged computer programs or software and to merely feed in basic information into well-defined spaces on computer, and to deliver the information that the computer gives out. Even monkeys can do this! Most Cameroonians, especially in North America, earn living by talking day and night through the phone, taking customers' inquiries, giving out information and advertising and selling. And most of them have big degrees in their pockets. Imagine university graduates doing jobs for which their degrees were never evaluated, requested, seen or even verified by the employers. And they call themselves professionals? When kicked out of work, they move from one mean job to another or settle home with the notion that, “I own my job”. Those do cleaning jobs in banks would tell us they are bankers. Those doing simple bilingual jobs and managing easy software programs would tell us they are professional translators. Those cleaning hospitals would tell us they are medical doctors, nurses or pharmacists. Those receiving and making phone calls in financial institutions would say they are bankers. Those picking up garbage in airports would say they are pilots. Those working as security agents in factories would say they are manufacturers. The list is long!

People have left Cameroon as "professionals" as they called themselves but end up in the West doing MONKEY JOBS in financial and insurance companies, earning a few dollars per hour. To make ends meet, they work many hours, even during Sundays and public holidays. And so the white man sees an African with a Master degree doing cleaning or a PhD holder receiving telephone calls or driving taxi. Despite the big degrees they claim to have, they are doing all the mean jobs for the White man. They pay the taxes and develop the West! They increase the White man’s population to secure the cheap labor the West needs. Unable to return home with no genuine certificates and money in their pockets, they end up marrying white women of their great grand mothers’ age just to get papers and a stay in the West. To successfully go through the “prison” they do everything the white women requests – from washing their pants to eating their shit – excuse me! Some, still, unable to get the white women, marry any black lady having a stay – even a floating mass of protoplasm, at times with huge sums of money!

Instead of staying quiet, these Cameroonian Bush Fallers make big and empty noise. They tell lies that they have membership in professional bodies (Engineers, translators, doctors, educators, pharmacists...) without recalling that the world is now a small village; that the internet with websites of these professional bodies are there to prove them wrong. They take cars on loans and mortgage houses but turn around to send us messages here in Cameroon that they have bought a house and a great car. Who is that Cameroonian who can actually buy a house in the West – cash down? How can you be making monthly payments for a house or car and you say you have bought it? For how long do they make the monthly payments? For more than 30 years? What happens if the payments cannot be made, for example when kicked out of work? People cannot be renting cars, shoes, and suits and then be sending us pictures of these as if they own them.

I will also make more points after reading from others. I thank all those Bush Fallers who have assisted me in bringing the truth to light. I invite Cameroonians living abroad to, sincerely, address the issues raised and not to beat about the bush. Even if they fell into the nasty trap of bush falling, they should use this forum to help their brothers and sisters still living in Cameroon. By doing this, they will, also be helping out race and country.



Thanks to Mr Jude N Foy for pointing out some of the downsides of the west. Very interesting article form Mukete as well. The West has it's downside and most of those who emigrate do not find things that easy as they would like to think. The trend before was usually that of Africans going out to further their education with the intention of going back to their countries of origin. This was always the case with a majority of Africans until the powers that be decided to take us so many steps back. Yes, there are a lot of cleaners who would ideally want to safe money, go home and invest in something that can help our various economies. Unfortunately, the situation on the ground does not encourage this. The bottlenecks in place back in Cameroon to start up a small cornershop are insummountable. Nobody wants to go into busibness just to survive, rather peopel want to be profitable in business. Our neighbour Ghana shows a shining example. A lot of Ghanians emigrated during their economic crisis. Rawlings turned things around and a lot of them have been going back to invest in their economies - main reason being the fact that Government policies are encouraging such investment. Rather than dwell on the failure of "bushfallers" to come back home, we should try to put into place policies that would encourage a majority of them to come back home. When you think of freedom and the joys of life, you always dream of home and home is where the heart is.


Your contribution is in no way off the mark. It is true that most Africans living abroad do jobs that are far lower than their qualifications. It is equally true that many have gone to extremes by marrying men/women they would never have fancied in other circumstances. And it is true that very few of us would ever admit to the reality on the spot in BUSH so that we can continually keep a semblance of affluence, so that at christmas time we can come back in second hand cars raising dust here and there.
But Mukete, sir, from your contribution and Jude Nji Foy's I have a few observations/questions to raise. Can you tell us what is bad in a PhD holder doing clerk service in Europe? If he did that same job in Cameroon would he be looked down upon?
If you are in Cameroon I would like you to look around and tell us how great that country would have been if we did not grow up with that mentality of ignoble/noble jobs.When I was a university student I used to join the CDC workers to cut grass in order to raise some money for myself during holidays. And guess what. People kept asking me why do you have to do this mean job? We create complexes for ourselves and then turn round to blame our mishap on others.
It is this same mentality of mean/noble jobs that has pushed many Africans to seek greener pastures abroad and when they can't find them they tend to couch the reality. We would never rise from the scum we continually wallow in as long as we fail to come to terms with the fact that an honorable job depends more on how fulfilling it is than on how noble or ignoble people think it is.

When people claim that bush fallers don't tell the truth about the situation abroad they are not being completely truthful.It is true that most bush fallers would never tell the truth about their jobs or the admostphere in the northern hermisphere. But how many cameroonians back home who are desirous to fall bush ever believe the few bushfallers who tell them the harsh reality? The problem is like the case of a girl who dies commiting abortion but just the next day her friends are out walking the same lethal path.
Jude Nji Foy's write-up and your contribution sound like an SOS for the Black race.Of course, it is the duty of every conscious Black person to think of the elevation of his race from the position of disadvantage they have found themselves over the ages. But calling on Blacks in Europe to stop doing the "mean" jobs or stopping those who want to go there is wrong. You made a good point by asking bush fallers to be true to their compatriots. In that case people are fully aware of the circumstances before going over there.

Besides, the salvation of the Black race will not come avoiding the Whiteman's world. The first thing would be for Africans to seek genuine problems to African problems.

Ma Mary

Dear Mr Mukete,
You tend to be unneccesarily harsh against the emigrants that you collectively call "bushfallers". I wonder if there is something personal. The consistent heat in your postings is bothersome. Did someone from abroad with pockets full of hard earned dollars or euros walk away with your fiancee? You are using blanket condemnation of people without being careful enough to use qualifying words like "some".

Your country people are only doing what others around the world have always done when their countries are badly run. They vote with their feet by going to greener pastures. Listen, people have their lives, and they must be free to do what they need to do.

Mbecha Ferd, I am glad to say stole my thunder to remind you that all labour that is not crime is OK. What is your problem if a Masters holder decides to drive taxis in New York or Chicago? If you are curious you might want to ask a perfectly rational person why he made the choice, but you had better be polite and genuine about the way you ask.

BTW, Cameroun ought to be happy that so many of the people whom you call bushfallers care to return from time to time to spray their millions of dollars and euros into the economy. Life would be so much worse otherwise.

Please, stop this, Mr Mukete. Jealousy (sour grapes) is very unbecoming for anybody.



Dear Mr Mukete,
Most of the things you have said are correct but I wish to draw your attention to the fact that even before Africans started doing these thiings you call monkey jobs,the westerners did and still does them.
I will like you to answer these questions for me:
1.Why is it that people are travelling now more than ever before?
2. What are our African governments doing to see that the dynamic and productive force (so-called leaders of tomorrow) donot leave their respective countries or to see that those who have left, return.
3. What is wrong in picking up papers(or taking off trash) at a park for example, to make it clean.Don't you know that there are a lot of diseases which people aquire in Africa because of lack of basic hygiene?

Well,if you did not know, the world is a free world( though some people think they are more of the world's citizens than others) and people are free to do whatever jobs they want to do irrespective of their qualifications.You sound like there is no African in the west who has an executive or a regular job .Wake up bro.

Your type of reasoning is what is making Africa which you claim to love so much, to be lagging behind.We have a lot of time and do not know what to do with it.There are many Africans living in Africa(Cameroon in particular ) who will refuse to work because they think the job is not of their level.

If we really love our continent and hope for a change,let's start by completely changing our mentality.I beleive a complete change of mentality will grately change things.

Kind regards


Ma Mary and Those who may doubt my analysis,

I want to assure you that with “Mukete”, if you knock at the door it will be opened onto you, if you seek you will find, and if you ask it will be given onto you. The God Lord had put his light into me, and I find it my Christian responsibility to place the light in me on a high table so that many other Cameroonians can use it. But before I do, I would like to tell you that my analyses of the empty noise and lies from Bash Fallers had been checked and rechecked to the extend that there is ZERO degree of error. You are heartily welcome to this informative and educative forum – THE POST ONLINE.

My analysis of bush falling and bush fallers is TRUE for more than 96% of Bush fallers. Only about 03% of Cameroonians living abroad may be exempted.


1) You want to tell the world that those Bush fallers having PhDs and Masters are HAPPY to be the
dishwashers and taxi drivers they are? Do you mean that they had the opportunities to exercise their true profession but decided to be doing these mean jobs? God forbid! What can they do with qualifications and degrees that will never be recognized by the white man? It is no secret that the white man considers our universities in Africa to be renovated primary schools. Just forget about our professional schools. ENS, CUSS, ENAM, the translation school in Buea, Polytechinc in Yaounde, ASTIC and the many other (un)professional schools in Cameroon are considered training grounds for thieves, embezzlers and corrupt people.

2) Hear you: "Listen, people have their lives, and they must be free to do what they need to do."
Look Ma Mary, I want to assure you that if you dare try to walk naked in Kumba, I, Mukete, will do everything possible to cover your nakedness, even if it means using force. Similarly if you take your personal decision to dive into the Mungo river and scatter your brains into pieces, I will do everything to protect you. I will be committing no crime!

3) Only those having something to hide will find nothing wrong with a PhD holder washing dishes,
selling pizza, doing cleaning and driving taxi or anyone with a university degree happily doing jobs reserved for primary school children. Have you cared to find out from these bush fallers if they love what they do or if they had any other better choices?

4) Hear you again: "Cameroon ought to be happy that so many of the people whom you call bush
fallers care to return from time to time to spray their millions of dollars and euros into the economy. Life would be so much worse otherwise.”

- How can you expect so many Bush Fallers to return to Cameroon when the majority has not got the right traveling papers? How can you expect so many bush fallers to return to Cameroon when most of them are in “waiting trial”, anxiously looking forward to the day when they will obtain their papers and stay from their “marriage of convenience” and to be free at last?
- Do you know the damage most of these bush fallers have done on the economy before leaving the country? Do you know the number of parents and family members who had to sell their houses, farms, cars and many other properties in order to raise the money that Bush Fallers carry to foreign economies? Do you know how much money was blocked and transferred before visas were granted to these Bush Fallers? Even if you left the country as “tourist’, I am sure you spent huge sums of money to get your visa. Know that by tarnishing the image of the country in order to be granted political asylum abroad, you are directly blocking foreign money from entering into our economy?
- You say Bush Fallers “care to return home from time to time”, without realizing that they have no other alternatives than using their visits to Cameroon as a form of reducing the daily stress they experience abroad. When they come home, they are as free as air. Only then do they have nice sleeps, without setting on “Alarm” clocks to them get up very early in the morning. Some use their visits to Cameroon as opportunities to “taste” our young little girls after having sold their bodies and souls to old white men and women. When they come home they eat pure, fine and natural food, and not the genetic garbage they eat abroad. Bush fallers do not return home because they care, but because they need freshness in all aspects!
- For God’s sake, how can bush fallers “spray their millions of dollars and euros into the economy” when they have not got enough to pay for their daily bills: Insurances, car loans, house mortgage, phone bills, etc.? Even though most bush fallers use food banks – with expired tin foods – and social services for survival, they still do many hours and jobs to make ends meet. Without credit cards most Bush Fallers will never survive, and when they return from Cameroon – the few who are blessed to come here – they look for extra jobs to pay their credit cards. Only brainless people would take pride in exhausting their credit cards just to show off. However, we strongly encouraged them to bring the money; they are originally from our cocoa, coffee, rubber, bananas and the slaves they are!
- You give the impression that without bush fallers life – in Cameroon – would be so much worse otherwise. Yet you fail to recall how bush fallers pollute our towns and villages with rejected cars, refrigerator, 15th century computers, radio-sized mobile phones, abandoned dresses and kitchen items. It is no secret that Bush Fallers are playing a very significant role in the spread of AIDS in the country. While men come and sexually pollute our young girls, women from abroad come and take away our wives’ husbands!

5. And this makes me laugh: You say I am jealous of Bush Fallers. I can only understand that you are
new to this forum. Those who have been using this forum on a regular basis would tell you that “MUKETE” is proud to be residing in Cameroon. Even from my latest write up, you would realize that I am too used to the life abroad. I started visiting the West when you were, still, surely, a baby. During that time, white men were actually begging us to apply for political asylum. It was easy for us to be granted refugee status with the United Nations passport at the Airport of most Western countries. White women were running after black men just like drunken bees. I turned down all these temptations. Besides, I am jealous of what? Of the artificial food people eat in the West? Of the credit cards and loans that only help enslave Bush Fallers? Of the nasty and mean jobs they do? Of the humiliation they receive? Of the sleepless nights they have? Of the old white men and women they have? I am jealous of what my sister? Tell me!

I have been to Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy and Britain where Bush fallers happily eat the legs of pigs, sleep ten in a tiny room and work in places having no air. I have visited the United States where Bush Fallers make empty noises and live at the mercy of credit cards, loans and at least two jobs. I have visited Canada where Bush Fallers make themselves so mean, do the meanness jobs the world over, dance over nothing, excited over tiny dollars they get, and want to build masons and business with their mouths.

Yet I find NOWHERE – I mean NOWHERE- as the paradise we all know: CAMEROON. Abandoning the fight back home to become slave elsewhere is complete failure. This is the indisputable fact!

My sister, Ma Mary, if you have further questions, do not, please, hesitate to ask me. If at all we are blessed, it is because of this country we live in – CAMEROON, of course, despite the fact that Paul Biya and his gang of thieves want to pull us into mud.



Your are now talking. You see, when you started commenting on some of these issues affecting the African continent in the Cameroon context, you were writing trash but i am glad you have mastered atleast how to address the reading public. That is why you are able to insightfully address this "bush falling" issue that is causing more harm than good to the African continent. Bush falling is not just a Cameroon or African phenomenon but something worldwide. The only big difference is that most Africans do not care to return home to help build their continent. Now if you ask them why they don't want to return home, the only reason they will give is that African countries have dictators, there is no conducive climate for investment and so on. But these are no meaningful reasons at all. The fact that Cameroon or other African countries have corrupt leaderships shouldn't deter patriotic citizens from returning to their countries. If they come home with their Ph.Ds, Masters, or whatever they call them, and set up examples of good governance in any small way they can, in big or small enterprises of their own, that will go millions of miles to educate the young ones that are not yet infected with corrupt viruses and might as well tranform the infected ones into good citizens. And you Mukete, you were at one time a famous bush faller probably more than the bush fallers of today and you returned home, what actually are your doing in practical terms to dissuade people not to fall bush and to encourage those already in the bush to come out and emulate the good example you are demonstrating? I can't really figure out your meaning of mean jobs because a kindergarten teacher has a Ph.D even a taxi driver, a cook, and so on. It is even preferable to have a Ph.D holder to do the dishes, to be guards and you may still be blind to this fact that sooner than later, that will be the world. The only suggestion is to reiterate what some commentators have just suggested that Africans should wipe out the idea of thinking "BIG" over nothing. The only big person in the world is that person doing what you call a mean job with his Ph.D in the pocket.

Divine Achu

Hi Mukeke , after reading your article about Bush Fallers, my guessed is you are addressing the issue more personally .The way you are reasoning as expressed in yor article is so acade.its because of that kind of thinking that makes it very difficult for us to grow-up (cameroon).I think you should be more polite in your way of writing if you want your message to go accross.


Mukete you still have a long way to go.Anybody like Reader who sees you progressing with +1 credit may have his own mind.Unless you learn the good manners and a better way to communicate,I am afraid you will never earn any Credit from me.
Mind you I will be there in Cameroon after my studies and I will work to improve my contry Cameroon to the best of my Knowledge never blaming anybody.Remember The BAD Workman always Complain of his tools.You sounds like a Bad preacher complaining of your Congegragion.
May the Lord Have mercy for you Mukete. Amen


Hey Mukete,
I can see from your write ups that you are a well travelled man.And i guess you are still travelling.That is your absolute right.
While for some reason you always return to Pays, some others seems not to come back.
Cool down a bit.Donot explode for i can sense the pressure inside you is building.
We live in a free world and all adults have the right to determine what they do with their lifes.And i donot understand what you mean by odd/mean jobs.Life is survival of the fittest and people will do all they can to survive, even you, depending on their circumstances.
In Cameroon, there are many people who do all sorts of jobs to survive. I will like you to address the predicament of those many 'qualified'taximen,pousseurs,porteurs,bend sikinneurs,smugglers,kotinbangers,fripperie sellers, you name them, who are doing all they can to get a living in their own country, before trying to cricify those bushfallers far away from home.If these jobs you refer to as mean, can be done in your beloveth Pays, then they can be done in any other place in the world.Its a shame for you to think that you can only do in life what you study in College for a living.
The fortunate thing is that these bushfallers, with their odd jobs are doing more to change the social situation of their families back home.They are overcoming a lot hurdles that are not of their making and proving that humility, determination and hardwork pays.
Everyone of us would have love to have the 'best'jobs but in life it doesnot always work like that.
And to you all the busfallers:Its true that some of you donot find things easy in Oyobiland but i commend all of you for the courage to do any job you can lay your hands on while thinking of better days ahead.The situation in Cameroon remains bleak and hope is fast fading away.


Lets not waste time discussing inconsequential subjects. this is not what will make cameroon a better place for those back home or for retired westerners. You cann't solve your problems by avoiding them. lets be rael. hurrible discussing things like this with people expressing the kind of views i've just read. Disgusting, isn't it. Criticise the bad policies and ill tretment of prisoners and many others so the post can help transmit them instead of talking junk.


Mukete I think they are giving you a run for your mouth in this forum.The fact that you keep on paraphrasing in all of your Argument brings out the ingnorance to the Highest Degree in you.Half Education is dangerous You need to get back to school to learn what education is meant for.Who tells you a PHD holder in History is supposed to teach history or write History books and nothing more.Why are some of them like Condoleezza Rice appointed an administrator.Physicist have been voted as President in a Country.The Greatest Economics Theory in our World today came from John Nash(a Mathematician)"The Game theory".What should stop a Biologist for inventing a Magnetic Resonance Scanner.
My Brother open your Head.The Internet is with you.This sort of reasoning is out dated.It was use by our fathers to send less bright children to technical schools and the others General Education.Here in the West children are guide to do what they like and the system is opposite that in Africa.With the Bright guys in Technical education and less intelligent in Gerneral education.


"In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." (Eric Hoffer)
"Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living." (John Dewey). Mr Mukete's write ups on this topic though true to some extent always get off the mark with these views that bushfallers' contribution to our society is inconsequential. He assumes the airs of someone who knows all there is to know about bushfallers and therefore has nothing to learn from anyone. The dogmatic creed about bushfallers do not reflect the truth today, it will not bring the change that he and all of us are yearning for. Without acknowledging each other's contributions and shortcomings, we cannot forge ahead with development. Interestingly, Mr Mukete states that he is the proprietor of an internet cafe in the South West. Permit me to ask whether ICT and/or Business Administration was/were your field(s) of study. If not?? The assumption that a fully integrated PhD holder teaching in a kindergarden earns a salary equal to his scale (cat. A2)may be true but then what about the other PhD holder driving a taxi? The taxi driver PhD holder earns far less than the fully integrated PhD holder inspite of the fact they may hold Phds in the same discipline. And guess what - the taxi driver PhD holder might be more knowledgeable. My point - all societies suffer from these inequalities. it is true that a majority of bushfallers end up doing jobs far below their expectation and away from their field of discipline. If Mr Mukete and others'attempts are to educate our brothers and sisters fortunate or unfortunate enough (depending on who) not to have "fall bush", and to give them a true picture of the hardship faced by most of their compatriots in the West, then I sincerely thank you for that. In passing opinions that most see as biased, we however risk drowning what ever few salient points we may have to make regarding this issue. To be candid, there are some home truths in what Mr Mukete says but on a whole, his judgement and statements are mostly biased.


"In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." (Eric Hoffer)
"Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living." (John Dewey). Mr Mukete's write ups on this topic though true to some extent always get off the mark with these views that bushfallers' contribution to our society is inconsequential. He assumes the airs of someone who knows all there is to know about bushfallers and therefore has nothing to learn from anyone. The dogmatic creed about bushfallers do not reflect the truth today, it will not bring the change that he and all of us are yearning for. Without acknowledging each other's contributions and shortcomings, we cannot forge ahead with development. Interestingly, Mr Mukete states that he is the proprietor of an internet cafe in the South West. Permit me to ask whether ICT and/or Business Administration was/were your field(s) of study. If not?? The assumption that a fully integrated PhD holder teaching in a kindergarden earns a salary equal to his scale (cat. A2)may be true but then what about the other PhD holder driving a taxi? The taxi driver PhD holder earns far less than the fully integrated PhD holder inspite of the fact they may hold Phds in the same discipline. And guess what - the taxi driver PhD holder might be more knowledgeable. My point - all societies suffer from these inequalities. it is true that a majority of bushfallers end up doing jobs far below their expectation and away from their field of discipline. If Mr Mukete and others'attempts are to educate our brothers and sisters fortunate or unfortunate enough (depending on who) not to have "fall bush", and to give them a true picture of the hardship faced by most of their compatriots in the West, then I sincerely thank you for that. In passing opinions that most see as biased, we however risk drowning what ever few salient points we may have to make regarding this issue. To be candid, there are some home truths in what Mr Mukete says but on a whole, his judgement and statements are mostly biased.

Ma Mary

It is arrogant to assume that most people leave the Cameroons for no good reason or because they are misinformed or because they have been deceived or misinformed. Most people do not want to struggle or to fight against an intractable system. They just want a fair shake at upward mobility, and they will vote with their feet. After living in the West for more than 2 and 1/2 decades, it is inconceivable to me that I would ever live in a place where one cannot move for more than 15 miles without being stopped and harassed by rude armed and drunk men in uniform swelling of days old sweat asking for papers and bribes. That will never end in Republique francais du Cameroun. I would either develop a stroke or be killed.

Long Live Southern Cameroons.


When Mukete writes, he is not writing for someone to give him points or credits as a commentator has wrongly asserted. On the contrary, he writes to awaken us, to stand up and squarely face this epidemic gnawing down our nation. The question is, has Mukete expressed an opinion that is worthwhile? If we answer in the affirmative, then how do we address the issue and not how to adress Mukete. I have been receiving emails from people and organizations abroad, ( some fake, some real) asking me to organize and "export" Cameroonians, but i have always drawn their attention to the fact that Cameroon and the African continent have more than enough brain to provide answers to the continent's ills. But sadly enough, more than half of these brain is abroad and i will only work with them if they come out with a viable scheme to repatriate these African intellectuals. You see, all these valuable and most-sought-after Africa's human resources is out there, being underused, doing what Mukete terms mean job, though mean jobs are not in any sense degrading. The only ugly side of it is that we do them out of our country, where we receive no honor for what we do, we receive no positive recognition. If we do them in our own countries, we will receive positive recognition and honor as we will be educating and training the young ones in like manners. Cameroon is a well educated society in center Africa but all its educated are abroad, advocating for a theoretical change from within but theories are only theories. We need practical examples because they work forcibly on the mind. Come home and set up practical examples of whatever you can do for others to emulate and get transformed, thereby changing the system into what we all want. Opposition political parties are failures in Cameroon because they preach theories with no positive practicals. Their only practical strategies are negative ones that are detrimental to the nation. Though it is our sincere wish for all bush fallers to come back home and participate in the development of their nation, the government has a big role to play to sincerely convince them back home and the victims themselves should revive their patriotism as well.

Dr A A Agbormbai


Patriotism and sacrifice does not mean taking actions that set you back many steps. This is simply stupidity. If a country is so set up to destroy progress or creativity then progressive and creative people are going to move elsewhere, where they can gain recognition for their abilities. While it is true that there are Cameroonians at the wrong end of Western society there are also Cameroonians at the right end of the society.

Cameroon is currently set up to drive away clever people. Even the entire Cameroonian society appears to have complete disdain for any progressive or creative attitudes. In Cameroon, politics rules, not intellect, whereas in developed countries politics is only the face (it is intellect that rules behind the scenes).

In Cameroon, brainy people are treated like excrement (while mediocrity liters the hierarchy). PhDs are ridiculed and insulted, instead of utilised. Even on this forum there has been a persistent denigration of the very people who must be assimilated into Cameroonian society to make it work. The West is proud of its PhDs while Africa doesn't know what to do with its PhDs. Just see how poorly they are paid in African society.

Idiotic commentators, with low intellectual capacity, who have no grasp of what is necessary to make a society work, spend their idle time on this forum spinning webs around real issues and detracting people from the real problems of the country. These commentators offer little of constructive value, but perpetuate the general climate of cynicism, apathy, and division, that prevents underdeveloped countries from seeing light.

Only a country of fools would alienate its gifted citizens. Unfortunately, this is too often the mark of an underdeveloped country.


When you love your country, you will devote your energy to that nation. When cowardly PH.D holders run away from their country; when they force themselves into exile under the pretext of being chased away by a nation of fools, it's like soldiers shying away from the battle ground. They are the real fools; the real idiots running away from where there is the action, to go to seek refuge and get drown in an ocean of intellectuals, without knowing that no matter what they do, how they do it in that ocean, they will never fart. Would someone more reasonable explain to me how mediocrity found its way in the hierarchy? Why were intellectuals or brainy people able to give way to fools? Why do we have to blunder all of the time calling someone as an intellectual when s/he can't even make an achievement in any field that could merit him that honorable title? If we won't take actions because we are afraid of taking actions that will set us back, then we are not intellectuals in any sense. When the American space shuttle "colombia" shattered in space two years ago, the Americans never gave up ambitions for space programmes, that's why they were able to succeed this time around. A game is plaid by players while spectators have to cheer up the players and you must cheer them up in a motivating manner.


Mukete and Readers I see the Statement that brings out the madness in you.
"Idiotic commentators, with low intellectual capacity, who have no grasp of what is necessary to make a society work, spend their idle time on this forum spinning webs around real issues and detracting people from the real problems of the country. These commentators offer little of constructive value, but perpetuate the general climate of cynicism, apathy, and division, that prevents underdeveloped countries from seeing light."
The Doctor must have touched the very core of the issue keeping developement away and you Mukete and Reader feels Responsible for it.I will first Urge U people to go back to school and study as you all know "Half Education is dangerous".I am not saying that you need a PHD to be call educated what I mean is that you people need to learn the way to communicate. Your methods of communication on this form is not convincing but rather Callous.You keep on firing Volleys at "Bush Fallers" without taking into account the real problems that exist in that country.Why do you feel more Cameroonian than than the "Bush Fallers" themselves?.
As I said in my earlier comment I am a student in Germany and I will encourage and assist all of my sisters and Brothers to study in the west because the education here speaks for themselves.Anybody who like to remain in the West is his personal choice.Its true that there is Racism in the West but the Trabialism and Politics in Cameroon farmore outweight it.Any Right thinking person will chose the west because time have prove that our forefathers have champion Democracy and Freedom in the West.Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr.In the West I see a Dream,nomater the present perdicament, there is a Futur.

Ma Mary

How about this:
Mr Mukete says Cameroun is a paradise. So many people do not care to remain in that paradise and have exercised a personal choice of racism. Mukete may keep the paradise to himself. If he is trying to induce people to return, he is a terrible ambassador for that point of view, because he talks down and yells and does not know about respect for others and when to quit badgering. These tirades will have the opposite result from what he is trying to promote.


Mukete and Reader are rightly addressed as mad people. Yes, we are mad and you're sane. By the time you will grow mad yourselves we will be mentally healthy. Morons will ask Mukete and Reader to go back to school albeit not knowing the definition of a school. Why would you go off topic to say someone feels more Cameroonian than others? Cameroonians have a civic responsibility to positively build up their nation and if you choose to do it in a negative way, but you wouldn't have the chance to do that, therefore you'll have to run away from that noble task. You go on to quote Martin Luther King to support your dream of a future, yes, there is always a future but what kind of future are you daydreaming? Mukete has raised up a genuine issue which needs to be addressed but you prefer to turn a blind eye to reality because the truth has been uncovered and to level unreasonable criticisms at the author. This is not uncommon because when the fathers of democracy were advocating democratic ideals, they were executed by ruthless orders of ancient rulers before every one started pondering on what they were advocating. Mukete is saying something which many of you are still to see. You call yourselves oversea students, students at home are far more reasonable than you. There is a simple question in my last but one posting and you can't even attempt to answer, yet you blindly go to address Reader. There are a good number of Cameroonians that furthered their education as far as to the west and have since returned home to help build their nation and they are doing a great and recognizable job. Have you ever cared to ask yourselves this very simple question, "where did the west go to get their own education and if they ever went somewhere, what did they do at the end of it?


Hello Mukete and Reader,
The world has truly become a global village.
Hence there is no hiding place. True to some extent. This is simply a forum for us to exchange ideas and be courtoeus. No need to be too personal and try to denigrate your fellow brothers and sisters.You cannot address people on a public forum as MORONS and Pseudo intellectuals. Attack the issues and spare the person. You can communicate effectively if you chose your words wisely.I studied in Cameroon and the West. There is no way you can compare the two systems.
Living out of Pays doesnot make us less passionate about our homeland. Just that some Countries and Instututions have realised our worth where Our Government failed. This is country that promotes Mediocrity. Let me give you an example.I passed my A'Levels in 1990.I wanted to get into CUSS as it was called. Passed the Written but failed the Orals because i didnot have 'Goddass'. Qualified in Ghana. Returned home but was told they donot need Doctors. What a pity for a country like Cameroon. I prefer to work and live where people recognise your worth and value your contribution to society. Until Cameroon can do such a Basic thing, we shall all continue to gnash our teeths in total agony and frustration. No amount of write ups will convince us to return. The Country has failed a lot of us. You can abuse us and call us all names, it will not change the situation. You are not forced to accept opinions on this forum. When the government creates a condusive atmosphere we shall all return with knowledge and capital to put the country back onto the Map of Africa.
Cameroon is a disgrace and the way forward is to share ideas and change our mentalities not to breed bad blood like you are trying to do. You write well but you are probable on the wrong forum.
I see you soon in Buea. Hope you people will not sell my Mini Cite because i donot live in 'Pays'.

Uncle Oru


Let me start by apologizing, that I have to use an alien language to communicate with you, sisters and brothers on this forum. We must find OUR OWN solution. I do not have any command of the English language and I’m not complaining it’s a good teacher.

Very serious indictment from Mr Jude Nji Foy! I partly share his opinion, as concerns the title of his posting. Well, everything has at least two sides: It all depends on the perspective of the person concerned. We have to be careful not to create a confusing atmosphere of “those at home” against “those abroad”. We have to work out a formula to communicate. It is also very essential, that we avoid developing a negative state of mind. For example, the foolish attitude of a couple of elements from West Cameroon in certain areas of Germany – reporting each other to German immigration and police officers and provoking their own deportation - has led to a couple of problems. If they understood, that they can only rely on their own kind for protection, they wouldn’t take their dispute to the enemy, who wouldn’t want it solved in the first place.

What a man or woman does at home or abroad to earn a living does not concern me but how he deals with himself. We all have more or less distorted minds. We accept only that want we want to hear. I have often found that people at home prefer to ignore advice from critical ones abroad. How often have I heard even family members remark after some serious advice, “i no want make I go Europe”. They would rather listen to flashy stories from those seeking-for-notice “Bushfallers”. It’s is common sense: an empty container makes the most noise, whilst ….This is why, generally speaking, the Cameroonian leaving for abroad is very unprepared and ignorant, because he or she does not want to deal with the hard facts of travelling and living abroad.

I always thought our distorted mindset stems from our constant study of something called “WESTERN CIVILISATIONS”, making us place certain foreign values and things above ours.

Mr. Jude Nji Foy’s article is a bit shallow! At least it is provocative. He could have given some depth to it by trying to point out the root of the problems. Besides, there are not just the “two main groups of Africans”. The Afrikan community abroad is very diverse.

To assert, that the Afrikan students easily forget the main reasons that brought them to the northern hemisphere after completing their studies, is not correct. Also stating, that “the students spend much energy trying to impress the white man, rather than thinking of how they can make Africa a better place with their acquired knowledge” is nonsense. It is clear to me that the author of the article either didn’t study at the university or never spoke to graduates.

Mr. Nji Foy goes on and on, talking about sacrifices and so on. All unqualified statements! And that they are the second generation to go to Europe to study is also not correct. A generation is 20 years. Africans were studying in Europe already at the beginning of the 20th century. Today is 2005. Besides, Afrikans went earlier to Europe not as students but as teachers and governors, who helped civilize Southern France and Spain. Ironically, it is this movement of Afrikans into the Iberian peninsula in the 8th century AD - introducing arts and sciences, pipe-born water, street lighting, public baths, public libraries, general education, a. o. - that gave the Europeans the knowledge and tools, that made it possible for them to invade other peoples including the Afrikans beginning with the end of the 15th century, but that’s another story entirely.

I will not delve further into the discussion about whether Africans should go back home physically to rebuild the continent or not. I just want to point out to you, that up to 1492 AD, the Western Europeans occupied just Western Europe, and these Europeans compared with Afrikans were very underdeveloped. They quickly worked out the formula to brutally rob foreign lands and expand their territories to compensate for internal problems and losses. These has been the tactics of the European up till date, the last of their victims being the Palestinians, who themselves invaded that territory (guess from who). Today these people occupy practically all of the Americas, Australia, the major part of Palestine and major parts of Africa after mercilessly invading these territories. This expansion has boosted the development of western Europe itself enormously. I hope this enlightens that argument. For detailed information on the invasion of Afrika read Chinweizu’s book “THE WEST and the rest of us”.

“It's time we worked towards developing Africa.” This is the second of the two points, which I share with Mr Jude Nji Foy, including the title of his article. So how do we go about it? Unfortunately, the author failed to propose solutions.

Sorry, “sacrifices”, he mentioned! But, which kind of sacrifices? Well my understanding of sacrifice is to forgo. Give up what for what?

Can we really develop our territories without first liberating them? Or do we want to deny the fact that our countries are controlled by Europe? The European knows he is the enemy of the Afrikan; only the foolish Afrikan continues to address him ”friend”.

We are trained to deal with Micro-issues and forget the Macro-. Even the IMF/World bank line-up, with the help of all these NGOs and other Agents are trying to divert our attention from major issues to the minor ones. The simple reason is to let them have control over our territories. And they tell us we need to fight corruption, in order to progress. But their countries progress, although they themselves are corrupt through and through. So where is the logic?

This is why the fight below is so intense, because we the REST have to share the few bits whilst they the WEST claim the bulk:

"Set up your own table Blackman and stop eating the crumbs from the whiteman's table, for if the crumbs seize to fall, ...." --Marcus Garvey

I have gotten tired of Afrikans persistently wanting to move ahead but refusing to find out where to. There are no short cuts to progress. Which direction should we then take? Imitate the European? Imitating someone who is trying to imitate us? Following someone who has no direction, someone who wants every thing, whose only life motto is to rule the world by all means necessary, even at the expense of its destruction? You surely do not know this.

Brother, to understand our present situation we have to deal with the circumstances surrounding it and this means we have to deal with the past events that led to it.

We have to get some education, not to be confused with literacy. Having a PhD without an Afrikan mind doesn’t make us educated. It makes us literate not necessarily educated. Literacy should serve as a powerful tool of education. In certain cases it has served as a tool for “mis-education”. You have a good number of these “ educated elites” at home and in the Diaspora.

So how do we define our relationship or commitment to our direct environment or people, otherwise learn to control our territory? How do we get an Afrikan mind? By being born black? It definitely takes more than that!

" has but one honorable purpose, one alone, everything else is a waste of time......that is to train the student to be a proper handler of power." -- Dr. John Henrik Clarke

When a person acts without thinking we say he is a fool, because he lacks the knowledge of his background, When a group of people act in a strange manner, like worshipping alien Gods and bearing the names of their oppressors, without the collective knowledge of their background, then we say they are a pack of fools, and they get treated that way.

If we understand this, and analyse the situation of other Afrikan peoples abroad, like Afrikan Americans, Afrikan Brazilians, and the Dravidians in India, it becomes clear, that not only is “The Western World As a Trap for Most Africans” but the whole world is a trap for all Afrikans. By Afrikans I mean every person of Afrikan descent (Black). This is the reason for the call for a PAN-AFRIKANIST solution to the Blackman’s problems, meaning to restructure that Afrikan family again.

A good number of us Afrikans lack this collective knowledge of our background. This can only be attained by STYUDYING OUR PAST or OUR HISTORY! This is the actual tragedy! We know so little about our past! Take the curriculum in “Cameroon”, for example, it is designed to make us the perfect slaves of the European.

You disagree? When in 14 or 13 years of primary and secondary “education” do we study any Afrikan who tried to organise Afrikan peoples, be it Pharaoh Tutmosis III, Queen and Field Marshall Nzinga of Angola, Nkrumah, Lumumba or the Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey? What about our historians like the late greats: Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Chancellor Williams; and others like Prof. Theophile Obenga, Dr. Ben, Prof. Kum’a Ndumbe III, a. m. o.? Do we study them in school? Have we ever bothered to find out who they were (are) and what their mission was (is)? “African history” taught in schools starts with the period from 1884 AD or at best from 1492 AD and that from the perspective of the European invader. Imagine! And we got the GCE board! Trying to trace our heritage from slavery! Only a sick man will start his heritage in bondage.

I received a shock of my life when I entered the campus of the University of Buea! There were and I think are still signboards carry all sorts of warnings like “Pidgin English makes you dull”, “Pidgin English is the root of all sexual impotence”, and so on. Please correct me if I’m wrong. And in the cab one student proudly noted that “The University of Buea is an Anglo-Saxon” University. Eh?! An Anglo-Saxon University today on Afrikan soil!? Did I miss anything in History and Geography lessons at Lycée Bilingue de Molyko?

Anyway as I entered an office and asked for one former schoolmate working at the University. A senior lecturer, who was present quickly scolded at me “We don’t speak pidgin here!” I begged for his pardon, of course in pidgin, and almost received a slap. At that point the kind clerk intervened and helped me out of this dangerous situation by opting to take me to that friend’s office. I didn’t even have the time to ask the Professor if we were in a Kindergarten or in a university.

But what brought me to this incident? Right, education or otherwise KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, which can only be attained through studying ones history. In Kemit or “Ancient Egypt”, every higher institution of learning carried the inscription “KNOW THYSELF” at the entrance; In the “place to be” (UB), it is “STOP SPEAKING PIDGIN, BE THE PERFECT ASS OF THE BRITISH” or so. Please excuse me again if I do not quote the exact words. In any case this is an insult! And I am so much ashamed of it that I do not tell other Afrikan brothers and Sisters to go and visit the UB. I just tell them we have a University on Mount Fako. Seeing these inscriptions could embarrass me and them too.

Nothing we humiliate ourselves to join is worth being a part of. Neither the British Empire (British Commonwealth) or French Empire (Francophonie) should be any of our business. We have to stop making apologies for ourselves about our present situation. We rigidly do not want to understand where we are today by finding out where we were in the past. If we want to find a solution to a problem then we must first understand the cause or root of it.

We have to find out what our goal should be. Our sole point of orientation for the future is our past and by that I mean as far back as we can remember, because consciousness knows no time limits. Something that happened yesterday or 20.000 years ago occupies the same space in one’s consciousness!

A good number of us badly need to go see the mental doctor, an Afrikan psychiatrist, an Afrikan HISTORIAN, someone who can explain to us where we are now, where we were and consequently where we should be in future!

Most of us are not aware of what contributions the Afrikan has made to the world culturally. The world has burrowed and stolen so much of our heritage, without us being aware, to the extent that the European can lie to the world, that “Philosophy originated in Greece” or, that “the Greek is the Father of Medicine”. Be it in the field of sciences or in the field of arts or in the field of culture, the Afrikan made major and fundamental contributions. All the sciences and the ”world” religions originated in Afrika. This is why Afrikan Studies are so crucial.

Most of us are not aware, that before 1680 BC there were no other people on the Afrikan continent but Afrikans and these Afrkans had full control of themselves. We are also not aware, that more than 6000 years ago Afrikans already had everything, which was necessary to be called civilization. We produced enduring societies and had a concept of NATION. We felt so secure, that we chose the female as a God.

What went wrong since then? When did we lose control the first time? What made us to lose that control then? Who were these first invaders? Where did they come from? What they seeking? What did we do about it? What lessons can we draw from these developments since 4000 BC?

We have not dealt with the constant assaults by foreigners on the African cultures since then. This is very critical. If we had dealt with these encroachments well we would not house the trouble and confusion we are now housing. We permitted and still permit strangers to live amongst us without any loyalty to our society. If a stranger comes into your house without any commitment to the protection of that house, then you have to send him out immediately! We have to learn that essential selfishness of survival: Checking the loyalty of the stranger, the non-Afrikan.

Anyone interested could contact me for details. I am working on a series of lectures dealing with this and other topics. I could go on writing for days. But I’ll have to end here although the issue has no conclusion. I just want to appeal to us Afrikans to carefully study our past, because the answers to all our questions on how to design our future lie here.

We must realize, that the struggles of any Afrikan people anywhere on the planet is our combined struggle. The situation of our people in Brazil and India, the crisis of Southern Sudan and the present humanitarian catastrophe in Niger are further arguments for an ALL-AFRIKAN approach to our problems. How can a huge number of sisters and brothers in Niger be dying of famine at this moment whilst we record another surplus in banana production for the WEST? Or are we waiting on the “Almighty” Europeans and Americans to intervene? What a tragedy!

It should be clear now, that 40 years after the so called independence, sustaining small territories like Cameroon or Togoland or Ghana (each using a foreign language) cannot guarantee our existence. We have to rebuild that multi-way communication bridge between Afrikan Peoples on the mother continent, in the Americas, in Europe, in Asia and in the Pacific (all Blacks). Coming up with a synthesis of Afrikan peoples on the planet should be our goal. This is very essential, because only this can strengthen us in our combined liberation struggles.

SLAVES abroad? If we recognize, that we Afrikan peoples are all part of a Western European economic system, them we will find out that we are SLAVES abroad and SLAVES at home (Of course the USA is part of this Western European system).

We can go back to Afrika, hoping to get away from that European, but he is also there. We can run but we can’t hide! We will have to confront him, where ever we are. We have to comprehend the nature of that being, who came into existence just some 50,000 t0 60,000 years ago, whose personality was formed by the last ice age. This is the origin of the cold and brutal nature of the European.

We have to know, who our oppressors are and the nature of their oppression, and our ultimate goal is to prepare for their destruction.

We have to understand basically, that people rise and fall within the context of institutions. The assaults on us in the past were assaults on our institutions. Thus, we have to learn how to rebuild and protect our own institutions. I am talking about Nation-building, which is a holy task, a sacred duty! As I earlier stated, development comes from the MIND and the right mindset requires the right education.

“There is nothing like real Education” -- Marcus Garvey

The historical conscience, through the feeling of cohesion that it creates, constitutes the safest and most solid shield of cultural security for a people. This is why every people seeks only to know and to live their true history well, to transmit its memory to their descendants. The essential thing, for people, is to rediscover the thread that connects them to their most remote ancestral past. In the face of cultural aggression of all sorts, in the face of all disintegrating factors of the outside world, the most efficient cultural weapon with which a people can arm itself is this feeling of historical continuity. The erasing, the destruction of the historical conscience also has been since time began part of the techniques of colonization, enslavement, and debasement of peoples. -- Cheikh Anta Diop

"History is a clock people use to tell their historical culture and political time of the day. It's a compass that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography. The history tells them where they have been, where they are and what they are. But most importantly history tells a people where they still must go and what they still must be" -- Prof. John Henrik Clarke

"We have come to reclaim the house of history. We are dedicated to the revision of the role of the African in the world's great civilizations, the contribution of Africa to the achievement of man in the arts and sciences. We shall emphasize what Africa has given to the world, not what it has lost."

“We shall follow the trail of the African in Europe, in Asia, and in every corner of the New World, seeking to set the record straight. This is no romantic exploration of antiquities. It is a search for roots.” -- Dr. Ivan van Sertima

“All of us are familiar with the slave trade but are not conscious of the dimension of explosion the African continent has experienced, that was worse than a dropping of 1000 atomic bombs. And this shattering has left pieces all over the place. Thus putting the pieces together becomes very important for us to once more have an integral sense of our whole self. This is what can redeem the African psyche: The sense of wholeness even in the midst of that terrifying fragmentation, that occurred over the past 5 centuries. Nothing else.

And only history can do this task because only history can pull all these strands together. This is why the reconstruction of our history becomes a psychological and spiritual enterprise. It is more than just an accumulation of facts. It becomes the development of a new vision of the world, a new way of feeling, a new way of sensing a wholeness within the psyche of the African. And it becomes a new way for other people to appreciate, what has happened in the past and what is happening now to the African, and what possibilities lie in the future of that "race".” -- Dr. Ivan van Sertima

Thank you

(Student of the School of Afrikan Thought)

Uncle Oru

Let me seize opportunity to pay tribute to Marcus Garvey; Whereas in his time there was a great need for Blacks to go back to Afrika in a physical sense, today the need is for Blacks to go back to Afrika in the deepest spiritual sense, and see Afrika as a source of their unity and strength.

Dear Mr. Mukete,

Taking into account your numerous postings with respect to this topic, I can see that the issue of “bush falling” is very personal to you.

Your style is unfriendly and insulting and portrays a certain lack of reasoning. The talk of “accepting defeat” is infant language. We should stop thinking like big babies and try to grasp our present situation as a group, in order to be able to find solutions to our problems. How can you dispute the fact, that fellow brothers and sisters leave “Cameroon” for abroad, because more opportunities are open to them outside? And why not see this movement abroad as an opportunity to create more possibilities for those back home? And how should that trouble you?

The head of state may be a brilliant example to you, with respect to going back home. There are also many positive examples of people who went the opposite direction. No need citing them, because you surely will not read and understand.

Maybe you lost a sweetheart to one flashy “bush-faller”. But take it easy, there are many others around.

I tried in my earlier posting to illustrate how important a people in the Diaspora can be to their countries of origin. Another case in point is Greece: A large percentage of the GNP of Greece comes from Greeks abroad. You can thus imagine, that the Greeks are not involved in such a stupid discussion of whether to leave their country for abroad or to return home or who is the bigger patriot or who has the bigger whatever.

A patriot is someone devoted to the advancement of his or her country. Do you mean to say an Afrikan living at home is automatically a patriot or is more patriotic than one abroad? I can tell you that the reverse is true. You will be surprised to find more patriots abroad than at home, for the simple reason that some of those abroad have been able to fully grasp our situation, looking at our society from another perspective. Ever heard that “Travelling is Education”?

I was complaining yesterday to a friend, that when you read articles from other Afrikans, you always find out they are very much informed about their societies and the world. This is not the case with the majority of our “educated” “Cameroonian” elite back home. When you read most of their articles you cannot escape having the feeling that they know too little about what is happening on the outside of “Cameroon”. No doubt Cameroon is losing so much ground on the international scale. And when they lack an argument, they simply cut in idiotically with “Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”!

We have to be careful when dealing with ourselves. That country Cameroon belongs to all who hail from it. The attitude of the ruling class has been so appalling, that many young people really have to leave. By the ruling class, I mean all who hold posts of responsibility from a school head to the top. This elite has not understood its basic responsibility towards the people. They are treating the limited financial resources of the country as their private affair and only feel committed to themselves. They have created and polluted all the main institutions with corrupt ideas, and have created a suffocating atmosphere for the vast majority of the inhabitants. We need not debate on whether our elite has a sense of NATION. What type of an Afrikan country is that, where non-Afrikans have more privileges than the indigenes? They are so arrogant, that they don’t even realize, that there is a serious competition with the outside world for their talented ones, be it in the field of education or in the field of sports. And you talk about progress and development?

In my previous posting I also stressed on the importance of knowledge of self. Remember that Cameroon is a colony. If you doubt it, go find out. To quote you in part, then “Cameroonians” at home should be “slaves” too. And indeed we are slaves! We use a currency borrowed form the French called the franc CFA meaning the franc of the “Colonies Francais de l’Afrique”, the country is run by the vampire IMF/World Bank line-up, our “official languages” are borrowed, our “education” systems are from the France and England, we call ourselves using alien names like John, Peter, Paul, Elizabeth, ….

If recognize this, then you shouldn’t waste your time waging a war against “bush-fallers”. If you understand this, then you must engage in the struggle to liberate that “country” (in your words) or that piece of Afrikan territory (in my understanding), mind-wise, military-wise, economy-wise, culture-wise and otherwise.

If you study the second European invasion of Afrika in the 19th century, you will figure out why almost all of the Afrikan peoples lost again militarily to the European invaders. One of the main reasons was the lack of foresight and the inability to understand what the European enslaver was up to. We didn’t understand the importance of informing ourselves about what was going on outside. Ethiopia on the contrary, used its close proximity to Europe to keep itself informed about the latest military developments. This is mainly the credit of Emperor Menelik II, who sent out some of his citizens to learn the weapon construction techniques from the Europeans, who had earlier learned it from the Arabs. And when the Italian army attacked Ethiopia, they ran into heavy fire-power from these Ethiopian brothers.

You may not understand, but those in the Diaspora can and should play a very strategic role towards the advancement and protection of the home country. You should be man enough to engage in strategic studies. Your role should be to build that communication bridge between those Afrikans in “Cameroon” and the others out of “Cameroon”. And before engaging in defending “Cameroon” you have to first define it. Is it a country because it has a football team that is more or less successful on the Afrikan continent but sports-wise almost meaningless out of Afrika, with a goat pasture called a National Stadium in the most dirty and most poorly planned capital city of Afrika, Yaounde? Oh I forgot, “Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”!

If you find yourself describing this piece of Afrika using anything like “Germany” or “England” or “France”, then I recommend you read volumes from and on the following people for some enlightenment:

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Nkwame Nkrumah, Cheikh Anta Diop, Chinweizu, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Ivan van Sertima, Professor George G. M. James, Chancellor Williams, Prof. Theophile Obenga, Dr. Ben, Prof., Runoko Rashidi, Joel Augustus Rogers, Walter Rodney, Franz Fannon, ….

You want some links? Here are some:

Marcus Garvey:

Dr. Clarke:

Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations:

Dr. Ben:

J.A. Rogers:


The last section of this report should interest you, as a patriot:

Please go do some studying.

Good day sir!


Uncle Oru

Hello Mr. Mukete,

What a spiteful posting! I sure touched an open nerve of yours. It is a pity you found my two postings boring. I on the contrary find your postings enlightening and entertaining.

I was only joking when I assumed you lost a loved one to a “bushfaller”, I didn’t know that really happened.

I apologize that my first article was too long for you. I wanted to remark on different points, which the other respected contributors made. I am not of your opinion that at least one of us is a fool. I believe both of us have been objective in our arguments. I equally believe that we both possess a deep sense of self-respect, which is illustrated by the way we politely address each other.

I am surprised you didn’t know, that Mandela and Martin Luther King are (were) of the School of Afrikan Thought. It is a great honour for me to be a student of that school. It is interesting to note that you mentioned Abiola and John Fru Ndi alongside with these two. Late Abiola, that corrupt fellow?! ….

If you are totally satisfied to live in Cameroon, where the main companies, businesses and most of the country’s resources are controlled and exploited by non-Afrikans, then it shows your level of awareness. How would you describe someone living in his or her own country, serving foreign masters?

Good you mentioned the criminal fire attack that just took place in France. So who should we go after, the criminals who set the house on fire or the victims of the act? Can both of us achieve that, when you seem to focus only the Refugee?

Glad you noticed the anger in my postings. This is the anger every Black person (Afrikan) with a mind harbours. And this should be the drive of every conscious Afrikan, seeking solutions to our present problems. The difference between my anger and your anger is that I direct my anger to the source of the main problem while you direct yours against your own self and kind. Of course I am aware that only the Afrikan can seek the solution to Afrikan problems. It is left to you to point out which attitude is healthier.

I asked you to define Cameroon for yourself and gave you a condition. If you understood it well, then it simply means that this country is a Western European creation. Psychologically speaking, these Europeans who still control Cameroon also control your mind. If that is what you accept, OK.

Now if you ever grow up to the task, you will have to redefine that piece of territory, otherwise help reshape it in an Afrikan way. If you are Cameronian, then in your language, sir, your ass is Afrikan!

Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State, was a refugee in the US. So being a refugee is not a human quality but a status of existence in a foreign country. In short, the political status of the person is not the main issue but the state of the person’s MIND.

I would be delighted to be the holder of passports from Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and any other Afrikan countries. But I will be most delighted to live anywhere in Afrika and to hold a passport from an ALL-Afrikan nation!

The fact that you realize that, Oru, is a Nigerian name further demonstrates how informed you are. I forgot to mention, that the late great Fela Anikulapo Kuti, is my favourite Afrikan musician. And, every time my mother calls me Oru, she invokes my whole ancestry! I then sense their voices urging “Go on Oru, PUSH ON”! This is the reason why we should bear Afrikan names.

The question for you Mr. Mukete is not who I am, nor what I can offer you. No! We of that School of Thought believe the question should be directed to ones self. For me it is: “Who am I and what can I offer my people?”. Please do likewise, sir.

It will be absurd to imagine, that I am the first person to explain to you the importance of history. Well let me put it in a short form that’s easy to grasp: History is the collective conscience of a people. A people need their history just as you need your conscience or mind. And I hope your mind is not a wasted one, sir.

Mr Mukete, we are ruled by the dead. We descended from ancestors, who are dead and we bear names of people who are dead. We use languages, pathways, houses and roads invented, designed and constructed by the dead. So therefore we are ruled by the PAST! This is why the study of the past / HISTORY / or otherwise the interpretation of past events is imperative! We study the past to plan the future, sir.

I am very honoured you are appealing to me to come and tell you about Cameroon’s history. You must have noticed, that I do not confine my thinking scope only within the boundaries of “Cameroon”, because it would be very limited. A healthy MIND is one, which knows its origin and travels totally free. Remember Cameroon was created by Western Europeans, around 1884-85, a period when we were practically living in captivity. I repeat: only a mad man will start his heritage in bondage!

I am aware that I am part of a people with the richest cultural heritage in the world, a heritage of which I am nobly proud. That is why I write this note as a proud person, who would be nothing else in God's creation but an Afrikan.

May the Almighty Amon forgive you, Mr. Mukete, for labelling your own history cheap, boring and senseless.


Dr A A Agbormbai

Uncle Oru,

Forget about Mukete (or Bouddih Adams, which is his real name). He is bad blood and an epitome of what is killing Cameroon at the moment.

Cameroon is dominated by shortsighted people like him, who do not understand the importance of learning from experience (i.e. from the past or, as it is usually formally expressed, from history!).

These people know it all and never make mistakes (the outlook of an ignoramus), so how can it mean a thing to them to learn from the past? A sense of history does not exist in these people.

These people do not realise that day-to-day living is a microcosmic process of creating history. They also do not realise that history is the foundation of all knowledge.

When we go to school or university to learn we are learning, or are being taught, the past achievements of great men of old. These guys and dames toiled to build the body of knowledge that we are being taught. It is the collective experiences and achievements of these people that are guiding modern civilisation. Their collection of works is their historical contribution to humanity.

Whether we study the sciences, engineering, or the arts we are learning from history. As we learn from these great ancestors of ours we also acknowledge that their ideas are not the be-it-and-end-all of knowledge, so we try to improve them and build upon them to create our own historical contributions for our descendants. The process in which we do this is often called 'research', and to be successful in this process we need to be creative.

It is this simple process of history making that has taken man from the stone age to modern times. It is man's survival instinct of wanting to conquer his environment to remain the dominant species.

Continents that do not recognise the importance of history, research, and creativity have been left behind in the stone age, and I do not need to give you a good example of such continents.

When you deal with Mukete just know that you are a modern, intelligent, and well educated man trying to talk sense into a stone age man. He has only two aims in life: (1) cut his stone tools and go out for the hunt (2) relax by throwing tantrums at noble contributors of the Post, whom he can never understand because they are far above his early-man stage of development.

Trying to teach him anything is like teaching a child calculus. The man lacks an open mind, if he has a brain at all.

I have read your commentaries and, although long, they are very enlightening on African history and its impact on the future of the continent. Some of the things you write I have followed on documentary TV programmes, and I was quite amazed when I first encountered them.

Charles F.

Life is full of compromises, the difference is the degree, and the opportunity cost. To be successful in Cameroon you have to have somewhere along your career have compromised your integrity and to some extent sold your soul. It is unavoidable. So do you want to be a slave in a climate that challenges your morality on a daily bases, inhibits your progress with bad policies, dismisses constructive criticisms, and with an administration that ignores its own mandate or be a slave in a society where you do not need to give bribe, where you can earn an honest living as a security guard – even though you have a masters degree, or a cab driver – with a PHD, or a nursing aid with a BS? You have made your choice and I have made mine. You must therefore not criticize me because you have no right to choose for me, unless you are “big brother”. If I were responsible for influencing others lives, as a head of state of a nation or the leader of a political party or in a position of public trust, then you have every right.
Mediocrity should be discouraged by all means but like Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” The world is full of limitations and, but for the privileged, the majority of people strive to break barriers every day. It may be easier to swallow ones pride and accept forced limitations in a foreign land than tolerate it in the land of their birth.
Yes there are people with mortgages but the other side of the coin is that owning real estate is a means to create wealth through tax deductions and appreciation, a fact conveniently ignored. If buying or renting a nice car makes someone feel good, fine with me as long as they used legitimate means to obtain their thrill. It is always informative and astute to address the pros and cons of any subject matter. Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes you cannot understand their reason. Those who have connections and have benefited from the system are quick to criticize others motives for leaving Cameroon or their motherland. Sure, opportunities have come the way of some and they have blown it, but that is the exception and maybe becoming a cab driver is a remedy.
When someone is willing to leave behind all that he has worked for and known all his life, for the benefit of an uncertain future albeit for “menial jobs” then I think that person has given his decision serious thought and a reasonable person will be hard pressed to question his motives even if you disagree. We should seek to mitigate the reasons for these flights rather than chastise those who have chosen that path. Blame the victim!
There are as many reasons for migrating as there are immigrants. If you are prosperous and comfortable in Cameroon: good for you. Like many others I have met, I would like to return to Cameroon and live. I do not want the government to give me a job or do me any favours. What I would like to see is a favourable climate that allows for fair competition, policies that promote development and growth. I do not see this happening any time soon. If anyone insists that conducive conditions exist in Cameroon then they are either being disingenuous, unwilling to face the truth, agents of disinformation or those benefiting from the system who will do all they can to maintain the status quo.
Does languishing in a system of oppression beat cleaning floors in a system where you are compensated by the shine of your floors? You be the judge!


Hey This topic has gone off the limit's. Mr. Mukete or whatever you call yourself, be very watchfull of what you say. who said bushfallers are not happy where they are or the jobs they have. There is no danm problem washing dishes or riding taxis if your degree cannot give you a penny back home. People with masters degrees back home are feeding from hand to mouth and you dare point a finger at a bushfaller taxi driver who has 4 meals a day? Then you must be crazy or insane. You guys want us to come back and join all the tribalism and witchcraft which you have made the order of the day back there? Hell No!!!. It is only a fool who will not understand that people feel comfortable abroad no matter thier job. There are alot of ambitious and talentes young people in Cameroon today, but it is all wasted by the incompitent and insane administration. You want us to stay there and get killed like the university students? Hell No!!!. I'll rather stay here where I know I have some Peace. I am so mad right now, but I'll keep it real. I want y'all to go ponder. It is frustration that has taken over your minds. Some of you talk like if you were given a free ticket to come abroad you wount. If you think you cant, then give way for those who will or else you will be tripped upon!!!!! Go and Ponder.


Hey! hey! Think about tribalism ones more agian. Access its origin. Is not tribalism the product of colonialism? Tribalism was unknown in pre-colonial africa. Remember, when the colonialist come to africa, they saw that Africans belong to one race, but with different languages. So, they used the language differences as the lines where "tribal" affiliations can be drawn. Tribalism was created by the colonialist in order to divide and rule. Tribalism is analogous to racism in the Western world.

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