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Thursday, 29 September 2005


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Ma Mary

Sango Mbella, quit talking sentimental junk
May your horse run wild in your own garden
Maybe you took too much fumes of cannabis sativa in Paris.
We are tired of all this. If you want to join the Yangists go ahead.


Ma Mary, you certainly missed it
If you are encouraging Sango Mbella
To join the Yangist.
Read again and you'll get it
There's a subtle irony in the lines:
"Everybody uses the United Nations; America particularly does.
And Ouattara too.
So why shouldn't Ayamba, my fellow bearded one, sell propaganda laced with lies?"

Link the afore quoted lins to the ones below and you'll agree with me that Mbella is not totally castigating the SCNC. Rather my understanding tells me he is aware of the plight of Anglophones.

"Even though we all sing the same anthem
Of the land of promise
That for some is being kept
While for others the promise has been forgotten
Like those folk-tales that are gone"

Though one must admit that Sango Mbella's post Ahidjo poetry lacks much of the fire and brimstone of his earlier musings. As an aspiring poet, I met Sango in 1996 and was instantly disappointed to find him far removed from his poems that had so much inspired me. He was no longer the prophet foreseeing the flight of the cats on begged wings. He felt no more the tremor of the "seismic night" and the tides washing low the hills, nor saw the studpid insects hovering still around streetlamps. He paid baseless tributes to Biya for ushering in freedom of speech. But what his muse has failed to squeeze into his plume is the fact that Biya was only riding with the tides of time. He had no choice. Even Ahidjo would have given in to people power, like his friends H. Boigny, Eyadema, et al even if in the end the freedom of speech has only proven to be, in Lucky Dube's words, a "Mickey Mouse Freedom."

Ma Mary

I must confess that I am quite dumb at interpreting poetry. Direct talk is more my style and the times seem to call for that, and poetry and song ought in my view be used to rouse the hearts of the people. Padded words were the tool of the Ahidjo era of absolute terror, that was only broken by John Fru Ndi, who was subsequently invited to the pig's trough and transformed into Jean Fru Ndi.I am going to let Sango be from now on and not even try to decipher poetry.

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