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Thursday, 29 September 2005


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Yes, the SDF needs a change as the party`s slogan puts it.Fru Ndi and all his executive staff have done a lot and need to take a rest.It is better to leave the stage at a point where you still a star than at a point where you are unpopular.Fru Ndi still commands a lot of respect from Cameroonians today and i believe he should step down and maintain his status as a figure in Cameroon`s politics.With the resignation of his SG, the rumours about Mbah Ndam,Founding fathers` problems and the disputes btw his parliamentarians, i think a new person should come up and reconcile all the factions we have in the SDF today.Also all national Bureau members who are serving a second term of office and all parliamentarians/mayors serving a second term should know they should be serving their last tenure in office.The SDF constitution should state that all office holders should hold such offices for a maximum of two terms.This will force CPDM and all parliamentarians to make the Cameroon constitution copy the SDF standard.If Fru Ndi steps down honourably, then Biya will also certainly step down and there will be good grounds for true democracy in Cameroon.And the next president of Cameroon, be it from the CPDM or SDF will think of Fru Ndi and honour him because he would have been the man behind Cameroon`s democracy.



Since the death of madame Rose Fru Ndi, there has been heralded dispute between Prof. Asonganyi and chairman Fru Ndi. Readers of the Post would agree with me that we have read articles insinuating hate and distrust between these two SDF party big wigs since this incident of the death of late Rose Fru Ndi. Accusing fingers have been pointed in both directions; this leaves us with the unanswered question of was it the late madame Fru Ndi, who held the bond and seemingly unseparating tie between these two big shots? what ever the answer is, only them can tell. The dispute between these two, has only gone a long way to emphasize on the fact that politicians in Cameroon are more proned to "politics of the belly" and would waste no time to go ranting out when satisfaction of the belly is compromised or denied. It is very anoying to learn today that after being Secretary General of the "Suffer Don Finish" party bureaucracy in which the people placed their trust and aspirations for a better Cameroonian society which would be free from the "Chop People Dem Money", we, the Cameroonian public then discover this was a mere camouflage. Our dreams had simply been placed on a satilite party of the regime in power to accomplish its selfish goals, or so it seems. The fact that the learned secretary General stayed silent all these years, making the people believe in the SDF and then speaks out only when "his" interest and self grandisment is threatened shows that he has, together with the heirachy of the SDF betrayed the people of Cameroon who hope for a better Cameroonian society.This of course in my humble opinion is a blow to the democratization process in Cameroon. Politics of the "Belly" has proven to be the riding factor of Cameroonian Politics. Thes shows that Cameroonian politicians have not desisted from eating from the floor instead from the bowl set on the table. What ever course the SDF plans on taking come Febuary 2006, should be one in which a new era is set, and a course that will spark off a new generation of leaders and politicians who would echo the will of the masses to take presedent over the echos of manipulation,self-interests,and a leadership free of corruption and self grandisment. It should be a turning point which would resparkle the hope and aspirations of Cameroonians for a democratic society that shows or has respect for the fundamental law of the land.

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