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Monday, 12 September 2005


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Che Sunday

Where has he been for the past twenty odd years? He just found out we an ailing economy? Wonders shall never end.


If it's only now he is feeling cameroon's economy is ailing, then we eait for the worst then. probably due to tax evasion, customs fraud, and fall in private and foreign investments has greatly readuced the inflow of gombo, so he is feeling the touch. And asking cameroonian to sacrifice what they don't have is trying to ask more than Oliver Twist did. Go get the reserves wherever you might have been keeping them to make up for your management problems. God will not forgive you all.


Paul Biya as Chief Executive has an expedient political tactic. He panders to demagogy, appealing to peoples’ emotion rather than reason. Paul Biya says things to please people and is awfully misleading. At the end of 2004, Paul Biya said

“In the immediate, it will be necessary to redress the slippages noted in public finances, to speed up our structural reforms and the rate of consumption of funds made available to us. As such, salaries and pensions will be paid regularly, the domestic debt will, be progressively settled and the Post Office Savings Bank will be resourced. At the same time, negotiation with the Bretton Woods institutions will be actively pursued to enable us to reach the completion point of the HIPC initiative as soon as possible”.

Cameroonians should hold him to show (a) by how much public finances improved, (b) the amount of domestic debt settled, (c) valid reasons for not reaching the HIPC completion point. “As soon as possible” from the President’s mouth is vague and disingenuous.

In the same speech Paul Biya said “Without delay, we need to clearly define the content of the major agricultural, industrial, energy and tourist policies that I have already addressed on several occasions. Similarly, we need to formulate a vast infrastructure development programme to be executed during this seven-year term”.

Nine months have past and Mr. President is yet to clarify his programme with specific, time bound and measurable goals.

This is Paul Biya’s problem. He is awfully demagogic, making promises that he or his administration-driven prime ministers cannot deliver. Not long ago, he was after a new presidential jetliner from Boeing costing ($250million) which is 125 billion FCFA. He also spends too much time abroad with his family leaving ship adrift.

Don't get me wrong. Keep Biya as President to politik with visiting diplomats but PM should ideally not be accountable to the Head of State. PM should be elected to have an effective programme and be able to censor the excesses of the presidency.


Njei Moses Timah

I am not an economic expert but I can clearly see the direction of Cameroon's economy. I will be pleasantly surprised if at the end of this year, the economy has not contracted. When foreigners and Cameroonians alike are now thinking of going to invest in neighbouring countries, we should know that something is seriously wrong with the way this country is run.
Njei M.T

Dr A A Agbormbai

"Biya worried over Cameroon ailing economy" should read "Biya worried over his weakness in the face of corruption".

Although I am no historian myself it seems clear that Biya never studied any history in his educational make-up, as a result of which he exhibits a complete inability to learn from history.

No corrupt country has ever been successful (and Cameroon won't be the first) unless it deals with the cause of its failure (i.e. the corruption).

Similarly, no enterprise that employs thieves at its highest levels is ever successful.

Since it seems that, a la Mukete, Biya still does not appreciate the link between corruption and the downfall of Cameroon I shall try to clarify this for him.

Mr Biya, please take a bucket and pierce it with a knife several times so that its sides are filled with holes all around it. Then take another bucket and fill it with water. Pour this bucket of water into the bucket that has holes. Wait 10 mins and then tell me how much water is left in the bucket full of holes.

That amount of water is what is left for Cameroon after the thieves you carefully selected and appointed into the hierarchy have had their fill of the country's finances.

Everyone of some thinking capacity has diagnosed Cameroon's problems and pointed out corruption as the scourge of the nation. Yet President Biya ignores this crime which his ministers and ambassadors commit unashamedly and in broad daylight, and instead insists on chasing shaddows. He thinks he can fool the people and international community with simulations and 'hot air'.

Everything else is being done apart from attacking the real issue. And the President is dreaming that the country will reach the completion point of the HIPC initiative! What a joke!

What I like about this initiative is its insistence on the country dealing with the corruption issue. It seems that the IMF has now realised that letting Cameroon off the hook without dealing with corruption is a complete waste of time.

It now knows that if you cancel debt, with a corrupt government in charge, this will simply give the government impetus for embezzling even more money until we return to square one!

With its track record in corruption, the government has no will to deal with the curse from among its ranks. And since taking this action is a pre-condition to attaining the completion point of the HIPC initiative, it follows that the Biya government can NEVER attain the HIPC completion point.

With this conclusion we are left with the only option that, for Cameroon to move forward, President Biya and his government must serve the best interests of their country (being the selfless patriots that they are) by resigning from power and calling an election, or better still initiating a debate on the political future and re-organisation of the country.

Failure to do this will only demonstrate to everyone the lack of patriotism of Biya and his government, their lack of commitment to the best interests of their country, their betrayal of their country, and their general cowardice to stand up to the challenges of their country.

Che Sunday

Right from the word go, I was very aprehensive about Cameroon being let off the hook by cancelling it debt obligations. God heard my prayers on that score. I thank him for that. Now, I come calling again. Give Biya some fear and wake him up from his illusionary state of being so he can retire. He already has enough stored away in France to keep him well past a century. Stop dreaming of hanging around to groom Frank into your replacement. That will never happen. Now that you know just how bad your job performance has been over the years, please, step down. Thats how Ahidjo left. Go the same way.
No election will ever be fair in Cameroon, knowing just how much the system is fraught with deception. You have too many disciples around to fool anyone into believing in elections anymore. Go! We will find a caretaker government to put in office to allow us a period of five years to recover and start our rebuilding process. You mortgaged our oil at thirteen dollars a barrel, while oil is now selling at close to seventy dollars a barrel. Cameroon is getting non of this mana from heaven, yet, you have the guts of speaking of slumping economy? Under your watch, the telephone company was arrogant, corrupt, and inept. It took ages for customers to subscribe and receive phones services in their residences. The cell phone industry came along and made your phone company a dinaseur. Have ever thought of reducing charges for phone services to see if you could get some of your customers back? All you think of are taxes and more taxes. Citizens pay and pay and at times do not even know what they are paying for. Lo and behold, you come crying of hunger. Mr. President, give Cameroon the best gift you can this Christmas. Take your entire cabinet to your residence in the South France, and when you arrive, resign. Its not too much to ask. Its fair enough and not difficult to accomplish. You have a jet, a pilot, a residence and the means to support a comfortable lifestyle. Please, give us a break. Its the least we can hope for.


Don't worry my brother. Let him not leave in peace. He'll end up leaving in pieces. He's lucky that Cameroonians are the peace loving people that they are. I want to remind Biya and his gang of thieves that Cameroonians have been very patient with them, but patience has a limit!!
Cameroonians will end up parading him naked in the streets of Yaounde like Liberians did to Samuel Doe many years ago.
Enough is enough!



Same old news. We have the government we deserve. Cameroonians are not peace-loving. We sing the same song year after year, decades after decades. We want everything handed down to us for free. No sweat, no blood. I NOH GO HAPPEN! It can NEVER happen. Stand up and fight back and hard too, like the Iraqis and the Palestinians are doing. We condone a bunch of thieves and looters passing for leaders and turn around and complain as if we are looking for someone from somewhere to save us. What a people! Everything is falling apart. Bridges are collapsing, roads are impassable. People are treated like shit. And all they do is hold their hands out and complain. God bless Cameroon.

Ekale E E.

There is a terrible chasm separating what is writen, said and done by Cameroonian politicians. HIPIC cannot save us, God should save us from greedy Cameroonian leaders.

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