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Thursday, 29 September 2005


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King EL

This stuff is gradually gaining grounds in Africa. No matter what explanations people give for becoming gays and lesbians, I do not buy them. Testoterone, Estrogen, learned from parents or even the pastor's subconcious theory are just a bunch of "BS" Let any lesbian or gay answer the following questions: If their parents had gotten married to people of the same sex, how could they have been born? If everyone gets married to someone of the same sex, how do we ensure the continuation of the Human Specie?
Enough of all the flimpsy escuses, get your lives together before the wrath of nature descends on you all. Women, there are many men out there who can make you happy. Men there are many women out there who can make you happy. You just have to find the right one. Viel Gluek!

Ma Mary

Homosexuality has always existed in our society. It is not being introduced from outside. We just have a hard time owning up to that fact. As long as adults are not exploiting children, as was the case with the Catholic Priest scandals in the United States, we should be careful about how we impose our views and prejudices. Those who are not homosexual are never going to be that way. Those who are- it cannot be beaten out of them. Sorry, it has been tried before, King EL. Take care of your self.


"Those who are- it cannot be beaten out of them". Ma mary you opinion on this forum makes me feel that you are too Liberal.
I will like to ask you this questions.
1- Is Homosexuality morally wrong?
2- Is man Goal in this our little universe aim at survival?
3- Do the family Value which man has sustain since the begining of time be wipe out or completly enrased and replac by Homoseuality?.
4-If we have mad men in our society in the Name of Homosexuals should we throw out our arms in awed and let them consumed us?Or should we fight to correct,contain or even eliminate them?
Like cancer our generation is gradually been eaten up by selfish,aggrandisement for sexual pleasure.The goal for our survival is
being compromise by Human Right and freedom.The freedom and Human Right whoses defination today is oposite and and parrell to the Laws of Nature.
Mami Mary Keeps to this rules of your freedom and Human Rights and watch the end of Humanity.
I promise you,I will never be part of it, as far as Homoseuality is concern.

Ma Mary

Felix, you made an very valid choice, to have nothing to do with homosexuality. I am all for that. One thing is certain, our ability as humans to reproduce and to populate the earth has never been in danger. In fact, some would argue that we have taken that too far and overpopulated the world and are using up the natural world in a way that threatens our survival. Scientists are linking the devastating succession of hurricanes to global warming, which has everything to do with too many people chasing too few resources. But, let me not go too far outside the subject.

People who do not have homosexual tendencies will never be homosexuals. That has been proven with brainscan studies (PET scans). People who are homosexuals are simply wired that way and we know not why. As I earlier stated, homosexuality has always been with us, although it was hidden in the closet. Even when I was a child, and I am not that young, there were people who were known homosexuals (both male and female) in the community, and it was a matter of scandal and discussion in hushed tones.

The problem about clamping down on homosexuality using law and order methods is two fold: one is that this particular medicine is worse than the disease, if we can call it a disease. The second is that people who are most zealous about persecuting homosexuals are usually people with homosexual tendencies who are ashamed and trying to divert attention from their little gay selves. Just check out the most antigay voices in the US senate. They tend to be the most effeminate, loose wristed guys you ever saw, walking with a distinct sway.

Felix, are you a secret gay?


Probably Mami mary if I am one and proved to be a Gay by your courts or any law.I give myself to the stake for the sake of Humanity
There is a physical sciences and a Social Sciences we all know and the development of this two fields have taken man out of the Cage.We cann't aford to sell all of the formalto the world without some intangible reasons(morality) that it cann't explain.Let me call your attention to Gene mutation if you belief they happen,then you will agree with me that there are certain enviromental factor contributing to it that cann't be measure.Also in Brain physics there are alot of people with half brain,or Brain deffect but who instead perform excellently in life than the average human(A good example is Stephen Hawkins or John Nash both genius in the field of physics and Econmics/mathematics).What I am trying to prove is that Apples can fall on or off the earth without using Newton Law, and thus the Rules of the physical science vis-a-vis PET scans is not Absolute.
Also to say zealouts on antihomosexuals are usually pre homesexual themself is short of any science.No right thinking person will ever make a law that will presecute him first unless you want to tell us you will be the one Ma mary.
Homosexuallity is a socail illness that need be addressed,and the best way to do it is to stop it.If you find me practising it,make sure I am the first to be prosecuted.


I read your comments with intense interest and I wonder how far into the subject have you all gone to make such comments.

No explaination is due, no convincing is necessary. As much as the creator did not ask your permission to create the moon - he will never ask it to create and re-create homosexuality. And please, do not insult yourself by saying Homosexuality was created by the devil - THE DEVIL cannot create. All things were created by God - look up your ever-so-loved yet ever-so-ignored scripts for biblical confirmation. And no, I will not enter into that discussion as I do not know the mind of God...just as he said we all do not.

I am most fascinated by the proposition that homosexuality can be stopped. Thanks to Felix for that one. On behalf of anyone ("straight" and gay)who has attempted to stop homesexuality - I invite you to consider your ignorance and revisit your source that allows you to believe that sexual (by that I do not mean SEX) orientation can be prohibited.

You speak of the end of the human race and I say, if homosexuality threatned the human race, it would have ended long before you were born. It did not and it won't.

As far as homosexuality being a selfish,aggrandisement for sexual pleasure...Oh my...They say the more you speak, the more your ignorance is revealed. Yours screams. Homosexuality is not an orientation based on sexual intercourse. It's an orientation based on sexual identity and affiliation with so much more in between than the PLEASURE of sex.

To say that loving someone of the same sex is all about sexual pleasure. Is to say that loving someone of the opposite is the same.

I do not know what was on the mind of Jan Van Riebeck nor do I understand the cause, effect, and pain of Cancer - But I know what it is like to love and be loved by another woman.

And I tell you have NOTHING to worry about. 'lest of cause you belong to the previously mentioned "pre-homosexual". In which case...may peace be upon you!


A...Reading you is like talking to a Homo. bUt you hittin' it right when you say its MORe trhan just SEx...yes its Favours...Power...all that...and no i do NOT understand How...but i think you fill us in...on How it feels to be loved by a woman...especially as U R A WOMAN.
Peace in the middle east!


A...Reading you is like talking to a Homo. bUt you hittin' it right when you say its MORe trhan just SEx...yes its Favours...Power...all that...and no i do NOT understand How...but i think you fill us in...on How it feels to be loved by a woman...especially as U R A WOMAN.
Peace in the middle east!

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