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Monday, 05 September 2005


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Mukete has said it all! I've never read anything like this here. No wonder there are no reactions from our bushfallers! They all know the man called Mukete is damn right!
Most of the players in our national team are also bushfallers like myself, but they know that the battle ground is in Africa. For most of us bushfallers, our patriotism lies in the the use of high sounding words online. Biya and his boys know that we are cowards and that's why they can trample on the rights of Cameroonians with impunity. Let's prove to them that we are not cowards. Let's prove to them that we are highly educated, hence we know that action speaks louder than words.
Let's head home as the "Indomitable Lions of Cameroon in Diapora", and try to "fix" our beloved country before it is destroyed beyond repairs!

Magic Dee, China.


I am a Congolese national from DRC but MY TEAM in Africa is Canmeroun. Cameroun plays for Africa but other teams plays for themselves.
Don't ask me if I am patriotic or not. I am and love my dear Congo.
When it comes to international football I am for Cameroun because no one in the entire world will contradict me: Cameroun is THE MOST PRIDE OF AFRICA in football.
I watched the game Cameroun-Ivory Cost in Yaounde on satellite TV, I was not disapointed by the result: 2-0.
Last week-end I was 100% of the victory of the Lions in Abidjan malgre all the negative pronostics said about my Lions.
Here in Zambia where I am as an expatriate biology teacher, the game started at 18:00 and so many people were waitng for the game of the day. In many pubs people were tuned to Super Sport 3(south african channel) to watch that game and only very few were waiting for Drogba but many of us were waiting for Eto'o. It was the world cup itself played on the African continent to tell you the truth.
Personnaly Wome did bad to us by allowing the first goal for Cote d'Ivoire. I forgive him BUT may he NOT do it AGAIN.
Thanks to Webo and the entire team.
We want our team in the world cup.
I knew that Cameroun will create surprise because it is the only team which does not panic abroad and most beat other teams in their own lands.
Beside comments from Egyptians, The Lion will mange them at once. Let them not temper with Him. When he is resting do not show yourself or do not try to get the first place because if he hears you he will tear you into pieces.
Cameroun will beat Egypt easier and he is ALREADY qualified for Germany 2006.Many thanks to God and Mother Mary for this victory. I made a short prayer before the third goal and it came. Praise God.
Dear Eto'o thanks for the motivation to the team of Africa our mother land.
Alex kapanga
Livingstone, Zambia


With the understanding that the professional players don`t leave the first divisions in Europe,where they are sometimes scribed monkeys to come back home and play in our first division, like Milla did, Mukete and co haven`t completely missed the point. That`s to say the country temporarily hires their patriotism and it`s not a full time duty in our first division.
We`re all happy about what this group does for us, but if you ask these players to do same thing you`re asking bushfallers as a whole, it will mean leaving Europe to come and play in Mount Cameroon FC or whatsoever.Would you do that? ....i`m waiting.
Mukete, are you really blind not to understand that, so-called bush-fallers have a multitude of fields in which they manifest their patriotism? ....You don`t help their families or communities for them and will never teach anyone how to do it. Patriotism isn`t jingoism. Whoever abandons a comparatively good pay for nothing is an idiot not a patriot.
My simple point Mr Mukete and blind followers is this; stop putting everybody in one basket. You can use words like `some bushfallers` We would hardly refute a good load of what you vomit but you still don`t have to be crude. Your `meant to agitate minds` article is highly recommended for fun.
If i missed the point then i must echo `BRAVO LIONS`


Mukete is an idiot, a jungle loud mouth from the swamps. Let us look at the facts.

Firstly, the Inomitable Lions are a park of Europe based professional athletes of football who congregate in the name of their country of birth - Cameroon. Secondly, the Lions' coach is from abroad because the land is infested with scoundrels and Muketes. Thirdly, the Lions camp and train overseas because scoundrels and Muketes have mismanaged and mis-planned over the years leaving the country barren of modern sporting infrastructure. Even FECAFOOT had to bring in a foreigner to run Football in Cameroon because the land is infested with scoundrels and Muketes. Sir Mukete, when will Cameroon under the present grip of scoundrels be able to host an international sporting competition like the Cup of Nations to complement the earned fame of the Indomitable Lions?

Cameroonians abroad are proud of the Indomitable Lions but the pride does not end there or in a beer parlour. We have great expectations, including a requirement for all Muketes and scoundrels to disappear from the face of the earth.

Foul-mouthed Muketes and scoundrels advocate nationalism during the day and export the peoples' money during the night to banks overseas. These scoundrels are responsible for gross mismanagement, resulting in a huge foreign debt and an ongoing attemp to qualify Cameroon in the bottom league of nations - the most heavily indebted. That is a living legacy of Muketes and one of them musters a louse's courage to raise his head above the parapet.

These scoundrels and Muketes have made Cameroon a garrison police state with the highest density of security checkpoints per square km of all nations on Earth in peace time.

Eto'o weekly pay check can purchase all assets of the Muketes from the start of time. Sports is a domain of physical and mental performance - no jungle VIP politician in Cameroon can compete with these athletes.

Cameroonian professionals abroad are athleles in their vocations. What their compatriots in Football show is a taste of the Cameroonian talent overseas in all industries.

Mukete and your lack-lustre scoundrels also known as "politicians" at home should watch it. You are no match for one Cameroonian professional abroad except for your stupendous cradle-to-grave foul-mouthing, laziness, autocratic tendencies and love for French wines. Keep drinking to the Guiness Book of Records.

Mukete, open your mouth again. The debate has has not yet started but the hour of reckoning is not far away.


Ma Mary

Patriotism, nationalism per se is rubbish. People living in other countries should serve those societies. IF they care, they should also serve their lands of origin. No one should allow himself or herself to be taken by the Muketes on a guilt trip to destruction by bringing your resources heedlessly to a kleptocracy.

Che Sunday

Mr. Mukete,
Charity begins at home. Look into your own closet before you cast a stone. A few years back, a renegade youth organization going by the name "sons of Mukete" were harrasing non South Westerns, especially farmers claiming they had the right to harvest from their farms because the land was property of the Mukete's. You were nowhere to offer your rendition of christian mythodology and its goodness for human redemption. Christ came down to save the earth but I bet you he left the earth a more sinful place than he met it. What went wrong? How many bushfellers are corrupt police officers and politicians in Cameroon? The man at the presidency was a bushfeller. He came home. How much of a savior is he to the nation? If Samuel Eto'o had not become a bushfeller, would he have had the 20 million fcfa he gave to his fellow team mates as encouragement to put their best foot forward? Why do the likes of you always come forward with such hypocracy to belittle the aspirations of others? Is it because you find yourself at the short end of everything decent? Just before you forget, the entire eleven on the field were bushfellers. See the financial support they give to their communities. From Sam Eto'o Geremi Njitap, etc.,they invest back home and come home for holidays. Would you rather have them play for Canon, Tonnere or Union and never see a penny, or have them play overseas, get paid as should be expected? You have medical doctors in Cameroon earning less than a private in the police force, reserch scientists being laid off because they are over age 45,dianasures running instirutions of higher education as if they were prison camps and you will have someone who toiled day and night to earn their education to come of their own volution and join such establishments?
Get a life and be real. Why do you think Mr. Biya has always won every election he went in for? Because people like you vote with their stomachs, not their heads. So, before you rap yourself with the national flag and preach patrioticism with an air an of religious fanaticsm, put yourself in the shoes of those whom have extricated themselves from the fangs of economic dire straits and see if you would have done differently. Yes, Christ came, but mankind has choosen to remain sinful.Ironically, its those whom have received his teachingss that have opted to stay sinful than those who never did. Remember, at his death, Christ called, 'Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do." He could gorgive the non christian Roman authorities, but I doubt if he thought the same of Judas.
A great victory for the nation is now being cornered into exclusivity as sole property of resident Cameroonians. Its people like you who give impetus to some of the goons working at our airports to make comments such as one made to me several years back such as, "il n'y pas national." Yet, she had no prove inspite of the fact that she was holding my passport in her hands.

Ma Mary

Dr Che Sunday, I must take the part of Mukete here. You cannot paint all people called Mukete with the same brush. It is a common enough name, just like Che. I am certain you are not the son of Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara! In so lumping all Muketes, you make yourself guilty of ethnocentric collective thought. The rest of your statement is good IMHO.

Mr Mukete's derisive tone indicates something gnawing him in a personal way, such as an emigrant taking off with his woman. He places blame for brain drain on the backs of the emigrants instead of addressing the issues that causes people to leave and to stay outside.

Footballers have strong incentives to return. In its desperation the Camerounese government offers them tickets, hotels and smooth passage in and out. Most emigrants do not ask for such perks, but at the minimum, the Camerounese government needs to remove its business hostile taxes and harrassment, remove corrupt cops from the streets as well as corrupt civil servants. It also needs to clean up its ports and allow people who chose to return to bring back their property and money without persecution. Short of these, no responsible person should even contemplate returning, and Muketer may continue baying at the moon until he loses his mind. Mukete, you are barking at the wrong tree, and if the people remaining there are like you, I don't care. Enjoy your country.

FYI, the footballers are not returning permanently. After playing the match, they all return to their well paying jobs in Europe. Emigrants also return and spend lots of money building homes and other things that boost the economy. They spend thousands of millions every year, collectively.


Mukete writes with such arrogance of a Messiah come to safe us all. The best response is not to comment, let him be jubilant in his stupidity. He cries foul when bunched in with the "Muketes" yet sees no fault in bunching all bush fallers as good-for-nothings. It is amazing the amount of audacity, claiming to be competent in everything. When it suits him, all bush fallers are no good; then again he talks highly of the bush fallers doing their best for the country in the national team. May I ask what he has done for the country in the name of "patriotism"? I know you own an internet cafe with the ultimate aim of enriching yourself. Most bush fallers (intellectuals or not) have invested and are continuing to invest huge sums in the Cameroon economy. Most have done tenfold what Mukete has but do not go out blowing a trumpet to herald their achievements. Ma Mary rightly says Mukete is barking up the wrong tree. There are other important issues to address than remain obsessed with Cameroonians who live abroad but who still have all the good intentions for the country. Those of us living in Cameroon are not anymore patriotic than those out of the country.



Again, do not underestimate the contributions of Cameroonians abroad to the national economy. Many of them with the exception of those in business, institutions and corporations sacrifice enormously and contribute significantly to Cameroon's balance of trade.

The excepted group are bucaneers with a tremdous capacity to leverage our national economy. They are too smart to be deceived by the scoundrels in office at the moment. It is unforgiveable for a Government to part-take in destroying national banks like the Biya Government did in the 80s and 90s with impunity. This group knows that Cameroon is currently like a crocodile's mouth. You only stick your foot into its mouth to be bitten.

A wise Lady Muketa in New York city working as a nurse in a nursing home (job that Americans don't always like doing) possibly earns no less than $40,000 (20million FCFA) per year. She may send home no less than $5000 per year to support her family.

The $5000 ends up in the national treasury as hard currency. The treasury could also earn $5000 by exporting over 3 metric tones of cocoa (priced today in New York at $1800 per ton for Ghana grade 1 crop).

The question to ask is can Mr. Mukete produce 1 ton of cocoa per year? Probably not but he will readily produce 100 tons of noise-making from his desktop while blaming the Government and Cameroonians abroad that he dubs as "bush fallers".

That is the heart of the hypocrisy. It starts with educated Cameroonians who went abroad, earned paper certificates and quickly returned home without an ounce of experience to hold the Government to ransom. Paper certificates are sterile and invariably lead to "ngongo" for empty talk.

Mukete, you are no Muketa. Be more realistic in your stereotyping of Cameroonians abroad. You are playing with fire.




Stop talking about the death of Christ. You are no St. Paul. You cannot talk about the Christ better than your ability to analyze contemporary Cameroon.

The Cameroonians abroad you call "bush fallers" know about the fulfillment of prophecy surrounding Christ's death.


Dr A A Agbormbai

Dr Che Sunday,

The well-known rogue and virus 'Mukete' is not a Mukete but an impostor who accuses everyone of cowardice and non-patriotism while he is himself hiding behind the cover of a pseudonym to articulate a truly psychopathic personality.

From an analysis of the writings I am almost certain that this rogue Mukete is actually Bouddih Adams of the Post. You can see this from the 'Are we together?' closing of Bouddih Adams's articles. Only the idiot Mukete uses this sort of closing.

It shocks me that a guy who writes half-decent articles for the Post could possess internally such a cowardly personality and vile temper.

Che Sunday

My apologies to the Mukete's. If the one making this post does not belong to your clan, then its a great credit and a blessing not to have such a character within your midst. Again, I apologize.
The man has a monopoly over stupidity and I still can't farthom how he got such a stranglehold over the mother lode of mental retardation. Mr. Mukete, what makes you think your version of the coming and going of Christ is more truthworthy than that of trained and ordained clergies? I did not mentioned that without Judas, Christ would not have died. Sir, I know better than that. My inference to Judas was because, like you, he should have known better, but he fell flat on his face just like you have done with your post. If you are as educated as you think you are, and if your kind are what our educational institutions are putting out, it becomes a a scary thought as to the kind of leadership that awaits us. Not that we haven't had our share of the worst that can come anyone's way, but a repeat performance may just take the wind out of our sails. Yes, there are the likes of Fotso who are great success stories, but that is no reason to believe that everyone would be a success story if we all opted to stay home. Not everyone who leaves the country is a success story either, therefore, I will not urge everyone to leave the country. By the same token, I will not urge everyone to pack and return home.
You speak of your suspicion of the role bushfellers have played, or might continue to play in spreading sexually communicable diseases. You fail to realize that most western nations screen for these diseases before issuing resident permits. So, how can someone who is clean while returning home for a visit ends up being the one spreading diseases? Reading your rebutal to my post has convinced me that reasoning with you is tantamount to teaching a retarded child to debate with you, so, if it makes you feel any better, I will just sit and watch you try to learn from others. Hope you learn a thing or two.


Could I just point out that most of the people using this forum only pass comment on what has been written in the post (Mr Mukete and myself included). This is the essence of the forum, no one goes on it to list personal achievements or status, the sesnsible read comments with an open mind and do not go round insulting the knowledge and qualifications of others. Find below an interesting assessment of bushfalling form another angle. Suffice to say you may not agree with the writer's points of view, that would be your own personal jugement. I will like to point out that I am not the author of the article below.

This debate on Cameroonians at home and those abroad is passionate
indeed. Bush fallers or home grown millionaires? But I must admit that
I still have to grasp the full object of the debate. I will try to
make several paraphrases; (i) Home based entrepreneurs make more money
than those abroad (ii) Life is easier in Cameroon than abroad (iii)
Salaried workers abroad earn their money with tears, (iv) The western
world is a trap for all Cameroonians etc.. What really are we debating
on? Cameroonians in the diaspora versus those at home? How can we
compare oranges and eggs?

First, bush fallers and home grown millionaires. The other question to
answer would be whether those who travel abroad all do so because they
want to become millionaires. The answer will definitely not be in the
affirmative. Some travel to escape persecution, others are tired of
Anglophone francophone discrimination and others go for
school after which they search simply for a conducive environment that they can not enjoy in our local communities. If one's intention is to become rich, nobody has honestly become rich by working for some one else. So staying home or working for any one anywhere in the world would not make one a millionaire.

Next life is easier at home than abroad: Again we would need to define
what we mean by easier. Does easy mean indulging in corrupt activities
to become rich or working earnestly to be rich? Is it easy because we
have the extended family system to care for us when we are in dire
need instead of a social security system? Is it easy when we work and
some times would have to make long lines to get paid for our work if
we even get paid? Is it easier when we save our money and it becomes
sometimes impossible to get cash from our own savings account? Is it
easier when we have to bribe our way to hospitals when we are sick? Is
it easier when few hospitals own a pharmacy or catering services? Is
it easier when the gendarmes and police add more problems to our life
when they are expected to protect us? Is it easier when we have to
bribe the principals to get our children to Secondary schools? Is
it easier to live in big cities like Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda, Limbe
without a public transportation system? Is it easier to bring about
real change when elections are constantly being rigged by "sous
prefets"? What exactly are we talking about?

Third, imagine a European without legal papers in Cameroon.
International law requires that one gets all legal documentation
before venturing to the neighboring country. Without these papers, he
will be unwanted and certainly if any one finds himself in such a
situation, he will really be in a trap until he can regularize
his situation. The law is enforced in other countries. Illegal ailients
any where in the world will face the same situation, be they in
Europe, Japan, China or the United States except may be in Cameroon.
But when one's condition as a free citizen in one's home country is
worse than that of an illegal person abroad that is when osmosis
begins to take place. And do we have to blame the west when natives
escape from difficult conditions at home to illegality in other lands?
The choice is ours.

Louis Armstrong once said that "there is no heaven on earth" and I
completely agree with him on this point. One can make his life where
ever he chooses to but it all depends on what he sets for himself as a

Mr. Molua rightly explains how to become rich in his native Cameroon
using the MTN wireless business. But what a simplistic representation!
What happens when the mayor of Buea decides to confiscate all these
booths because he did not pay to keep them where they are? What
happens when bandits invade your shop because you do not have
enough police officers to protect the citizens? What happens when even the few officers on the streets stop every day to ask for "kola" from you? Theoretically, this should be a great deal but realistically it is not as rosy as he seems to portray it. This is the same for most
businesses in Cameroon that are generally governed by whether you are
a militant of the ruling party or not and whether you are friend to
commissioner X, Y or the Governor or sous prefet. "Tu sais a qui
tu a a faire?" is the law. You got all the written laws borne out of
endless seminars on this or that, but who enforces them to create that
enabling environment where several small businesses can thrive?
"Amene-moi les preuves", the top executive would say. One must be a
"lion-man" like Mr. Molua to be able do business. Is that a jungle or
a country? How can we build a civilization on the tough minded only?
Or may be this is what we call advanced democracy? Our great
grand parents and parents lived in highly regulated societies where people respected the law of the land and paid tribute to their leaders. So they built the pyramids and West Cameroon was where most East
Cameroonians escaped to. Do we have leaders or rulers today?
What happened between their generations and ours?

A bush faller with legal papers who wishes to be a millionaire would
do the same easy surveys where ever he finds himself to know where
there is gold under the rocks. Suppose he also wants to be an
independent businessman as opposed to the salaried worker whom we
know, no matter where he finds himself will never be a millionaire,
unless he steals as in Cameroon. He would need at most $300.00 (CFA
150.000) to attend a real estate course (This is just one of several
alternatives he has like opening his African restaurant,
African boutique, etc..) In three to four weeks, he will obtain a license as a real estate sales person. Given the present nature of the
sector, caused by low interest rates, easy credit facilities, etc..,
lets us suppose he lists and sells only two houses worth $250.000.00
each every month and he makes only 3% commission out of the sales
because the other 3% goes to his broker. This gives him $15.000.00
every month. In one year he would have earned $180.000.00. Even if he
pays 25% taxes on his profits he will still be left with $135.000.00
as profits. How does this compare with the home grown CFA millionaire
who needs to pay tribute to Dos and law officers on a daily basis? In
addition the taxation department here (IRS) overrides all business
expenses related to his initial investments like computers, phone
calls, travels, hotel bills, advertisement, etc.. These are
the policies we expect the authorities that be in Cameroon to put
in place so that it can stop youths and other "sauveteurs" from seeking
greener pastures elsewhere.

If the bush faller chooses to become a salaried worker like a security
officer working only 40 hours a week, he is at least sure of his net
weekly pay of $250.00 which is what an ENS graduate teacher would earn
in Cameroon for one month. So who is better off? The issue is not that
Bush fallers are weak or chicken-hearted as Mualimo Molua puts it, but
simply a matter of choice; the choice to stay with all the
administrative bottlenecks home or that of daring into the unknown
abroad. Remember that the Irish (Sick man of Europe) in a similar
situation, went out in their numbers, worked, saved and piled up
enough experiences that are being used today at the profit of
Ireland. Mr. Molua, like his Prime Minister, thinks bush fallers are
unpatriotic, but the real unpatriotic ones are those that create the
conditions that force educated and honest Cameroonians to flee their
home in search of greener pastures when they have the best potentials
at home.

The world is fast becoming a global village and any one who really
wants to make it, only needs to read his environment to see what lies
were or not for him. "As you make your bed so shall you lie on it!"

Ma Mary

Amen, Gerald. I worry if people like Molua or Mukete (are they the same) become leaders, because they do not respect people's intelligence and reason for making choices. They do not understand how to persuade and use crude tactics. It most assuredly true that they worship officials of the government in power in order to be able to conduct business. Such a state of affairs is just unbearable to those they describe as 'bushfallers'. I think that the term describes those who have emigrated aboard and then return home to do business or just to vacation and to show off. What do they call those people who have decided to leave for good, I wonder. The fact that some emigrants even get engaged in this discussion indicates that they care. It is very easy to become totally involved in the American experience.


Dr Agbormbai,

Mukete may actually be Bouddih Adams as you claim. But for you to arrive at such a conclusion based on the sole premise that the latter's conclusive signature 'Are we together?' is reminiscent of the 'notorious' Mukete is rather unfair.

Sir, from your write- ups in this column, you've come to earn the respect of many including my humble self, but it is becoming increasing clear that you are having a really hard time dealing with Mukete. In this current issue of The Post you have advised at least two people not to bother about Mukete but a good deal of your contributions so far suggest that you yourself need this advice the most.

We could do well to learn from such people as Uncle Oru, who with dignity and such plausible maturity, responded to Mukete without a single word of insult. If Mr Mukete's (or Bouddih's as you claim) contributions were nothing but empty bantering as some of us have incessantly tried to portray, then I'm convinced that learned minds with so much to do for the betterment of society, will have no time at all to respond to "inconsequentials" of Mukete's ilk.

I've come to accept Mukete for what he is. Surely it would be better for him to stop the personal insults and I think that his approach to certain issues is the diversification that adds to the very beauty of this forum. May I also underline here that our reaction to his approach matters because we are the very ones who have molded him into a phenomenon on this forum, a status which I think was never his intention to seek in the first place.

Lastly Sir, I suggest that if Mukete is such an important personality whose real ID needed to be exposed, then someone of your calibre would have done just a little bit more to give us convincing and concrete evidence that he is actually Mr Bouddih Adams. This paper(The Post) and all its staff needs to be commended for the wonderful job they are doing to keep Cameroonians within and abroad informed. They go to great lengths to keep us abreast with what's going on back at home. We need to be very grateful for this, and I think that it is very unkind for you to smear not only the quality of his work but his person without any convincing proof.


What we write says much about our intellect and content. There is a Cameroonian saying about "bad cocoyams". They are bad when raw and bad after cooking. Mukete is a rotten cocoyam. He is no Dr Agbormabi A.A.

Dr Agbormabi has an unimpeachable integrity built on first class performance, not good luck, at all levels of endeavour - a mark of hard work and dedication to himself and to mankind. Dr Agbormbai is a formidable academic athlete who restored pride to Cameroon and Africa in general when he became the first ever African to top a class of engineering graduates at Britain's prestigious academy - the Imperial College of Science and Technology, in the eighties. He went on to undertake fundamental research for the National Aeronautical and Space Administration on behalf of mankind’s quest to understand nature and harness its forces to progress civilization.

In that effort, Dr Agbormbai worked on “rarefied gas dynamics” – a branch of physics dealing with travel at ten to a thousand times the speed of sound also known as hypersonic travel. Dr. Agbormbai contributed in cracking the code governing the overheating of space vehicles on re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. A fast car on Cameroon roads probably travels at 150km/h. An object entering the earth’s atmosphere is spun by the earth’s gravity to speeds in excess of 300,000km/h and certain unexpected things start happening.

That is the science that underlies mankind’s mastery of space in the last twenty years. The mastery has resolved costly challenges in space travel and enabled engineers to reliably determine with precision which orbits should best run communication satellites. Success has led to a proliferation of communications satellites and cheaper access to all including the transmission of this web log. This is the outcome of a team of scientists and engineers, Dr Agbormbai’s contributions included. If in doubt, search for “Agbormbai” at

The above work is Greek to Mukete who wallows in self-righteousness and thinks everyone is at his level. Mukete is the real “bush fellow” like his fellow jungle VIPs who have the audacity to label Cameroonians overseas as “unpatriotic” while administering the worst garrison state on Earth with the highest known density of security check points on roads. Cameroonians on travel inside their own country in peace time face the worst humiliation and harassment that is unknown in free countries.

When the Post recently changed its web log format, many Cameroonians had problems with Microsoft Explorer. It was Dr Agbormbai who resolved the problem with intellectual rigour and found the time in his hectic schedule to share the solution with millions, including Mukete, for free. Mukete takes it for granted just like the dirty snails he picks from his backyard for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mukete who lives in the "Fence" district of Fiango, Kumba notorious for brazen prostitution and HIV/AIDS would like to drag Dr. Agbormbai to debate sex scandals. Now Mukete would like to stain the sons and daughters of Manyu with the dirty reputation of one Dr Agbor at UB.

Faced with a sustainable challenge against his ideology on the high road, Mukete would like to move the debate to "sex" and into the gutter. On this occasion however, we will flush him out of the gutter to a road most lit.

Mukete, if "sex" is your mainstay, go have a child with your wife's sister like your almighty god in Yaoundé did to the former First Lady, who according to the exiled aide-de camp Ebale Anougou in his book "Blood Hound", was murdered together with her cousin Roger Motaze and some Rev. Sisters. All scoundrels have their day of reckoning.

Morality and sense of fortitude mandate those you call "bush fallers" to require that you and your co-scoundrels be wiped from the face of the Earth for the good of Cameroon. The evil that men do lives after them – William Shakespeare.


Ma Mary

No be lie oh! The man na popo rocket scientist. If no be bushfella him be chose, na how de man for achieve him potential? Mukete, you would be surprised about how many Agbormbais there are abroad, world class at what they do, but who would have been frustrated by the world class Hobbesian society called Cameroun. Sometimes I wonder myself why I bother. It is not for the Muketer but for the potential Muketees that one responds.
Ma Mary

Dr A A Agbormbai


It is strange that you should stand up to defend Mukete or Bouddih Adams. Considering Mukete's reputation on this forum and the contrasting reputation that you claim Bouddih Adams has, I would have expected Bouddih Adams to stand up immediately to correct my 'claim' and to thus distance himself from Mukete. (In that case I would have apologised for the error)

Instead, I find a Randy standing up to defend Mukete as if he were an innocent child. Mukete's rambling response to my statement is typical of his reactions when someone has hit the nail on the head when making statements about him.

Your strange and unexpected reaction, along with Mukete's expected reaction, are proof in themselves that Mukete and Bouddih Adams are the same person. I suspect that you know this yourself. Are you his buddy?

Apart from Bouddih Adams using Mukete's closing in his articles, the writing styles and manner of argument are the same (except that the over-the-top tone of Mukete's commentaries are absent from - or perhaps, edited out of - Bouddih's articles).

The qualities you ascribe to Bouddih Adams indeed belong to Azore Opio, who writes the most insightful articles in the Post (and who has clearly been working on his writing style to make his articles more accessible to the public).

The latter statement about Azore Opio is typical of how intelligent people behave - they never know it all and they acknowledge that they can make mistakes. The same cannot be said of Mukete or Bouddih Adams.

Good day Randy.

Dr A A Agbormbai


It is strange that you should stand up to defend Mukete or Bouddih Adams. Considering Mukete's reputation on this forum and the contrasting reputation that you claim Bouddih Adams has, I would have expected Bouddih Adams to stand up immediately to correct my 'claim' and to thus distance himself from Mukete. (In that case I would have apologised for the error)

Instead, I find a Randy standing up to defend Mukete as if he were an innocent child. Mukete's rambling response to my statement is typical of his reactions when someone has hit the nail on the head when making statements about him.

Your strange and unexpected reaction, along with Mukete's expected reaction, are proof in themselves that Mukete and Bouddih Adams are the same person. I suspect that you know this yourself. Are you his buddy?

Apart from Bouddih Adams using Mukete's closing in his articles, the writing styles and manner of argument are the same (except that the over-the-top tone of Mukete's commentaries are absent from - or perhaps, edited out of - Bouddih's articles).

The qualities you ascribe to Bouddih Adams indeed belong to Azore Opio, who writes the most insightful articles in the Post (and who has clearly been working on his writing style to make his articles more accessible to the public).

The latter statement about Azore Opio is typical of how intelligent people behave - they never know it all and they acknowledge that they can make mistakes. The same cannot be said of Mukete or Bouddih Adams.

Good day Randy.


Mukete & Muketers:

Sexual innuendo is an easy challenge for UB authorities and you do not need advice from Dr Agbormbai. In developed countries, having an opportunistic and exploitative sexual relationship with a student at any education establishment is unethical and merits a sacking.

The rocket scientist Dr Agbormbai has made his point – mankind learns from history. However, there needs to be a preponderance on the right kind of history. The history of technology, how it can be harnessed for social and economic wellbeing should be the priority of a developing country with a visionary leadership.

The type of history taught in Cameroon universities is story telling about wars and accomplishments of African Kingdoms and foreign societies. The latter is easy and sterile.

What is needed is the history and practice of technology, how bread is made, how cloth is woven, how metal is refined and formed into widgets, how roads are built, how rubber is transformed into tire blends, how petroleum is refined and fractions transformed all the way into nylon fiber, how medicines are extracted and compressed into tablets, how air is separated into pure gases for industrial use, etc. The resulting enterprise provides jobs to make the things that people at home and abroad need. That is the kind of history taught in developed countries because the students' future and the welbeing of their societies depend on it.

In a nutshell, the entire history department at UB should be shut down. The department exists in the current form to provide jobs to the teachers. History graduates from UB have dim prospects.

Many of these graduates end up as corrupt gendarme and police officers on highways or custom officers at the seaport, serving the garrison state fashioned by Ahmadou Ahidjo and maintained by Paul Biya to the detriment of society.


JB Samba

Dr AA Agbormbai:
I don’t think as the learned gentleman you are supposed to be, it is fair on your part to link Mukete to Bouddih Adams. For reasons I have put below, if I were Bouddih Adams I will not respond to your request above (That he should come out and clear himself of your assertion) for I will just consider it as one of those rantings that detractors would normally make when they have lost a sense of direction.

There is a saying that goes "if you go running after a madman naked on the street because he took away your clothes while you were taking a bath, then you will be looked upon as the madman instead."

I don't understand why learned ladies and gentlemen on this forum cannot just ignore the MADMAN (Mukete) and his comments and let his madness take him to where he is destined to be. Because of Mukete and his trash he puts out here in the name of comments, I read comments starting from the bottom just to make sure that I rule out any trash posted by Mukete – and of course leave them for people of his ilk to read.

I wish my learned colleagues of the forum could do same. That way, the all-knowing Mukete will go on ranting to the dismay of himself and his fans.


Mukete & Muketers,

You come across like one of those hot-tempered Africans who went abroad, earned one or two paper certificates and ran back home to hold the Government for ransom and to exploit innocent young women.

You got no experience in your field, talk loud, drink beer (Brasseries do Cameroon) and over-estimate your capabilities. In the absence of rising pay, you are a bitter man with a heart of envy.

Envy against the integrated older civil servants, envy against those with PhDs and envy against your contemporaries who stayed abroad to transition their paper certificates into widgets (something that earns money) based on acquired knowledge to their full potentials.

May you continue to wear shoes without socks and gloat at your superiors? Dr Agbormbai is applying what he learnt and is recognized by his peers. He also enjoys good health, has a private doctor, lives in an air conditioned home, drives a clean car on clean streets in a law abiding country and does not need to carry an identity card. He is in a state of law and order and stress-free. Muketer and Muketers continue to wallow in self-righteousness living in a garrisoned state with more police, army, gendarme and gangster check-points per township than hospitals and doctors combined. Mukete, don't let ENVY burn your soul. Everyone can see it - you are an envious being.

Mukete, I make you one promise - you will commit suicide when the so-called "bush fallers" start converting their hard currency assets into "CFA billions" and bringing the assets and exhaulting capabilities to Cameroon to buy the badly run companies and set up new ones.
That day requires a change of government in Cameroon - essentially into the hands of a post-indepence generation with loyalty to none but the Cameroon People.

Mukete, spare the helpless snails. Take it easy.



By declaring that you're a Bafaw man from Kumba shows your tribalistic defaults. Who cares whether Mukete is a Bafaw, Bafanji or an nku-nyam in a fence at Metta Quarters?

Nku-nyam Mukete, since you are a Bafaw man, can you tell us about the cold-blooded, gruesome and horrific murder of your local Kumba MP the late Honourable Esseme few years ago? You did not open your mouth when the subject was on the Post. Can you now? You are unfit to clean the shoes of the Cameroon rocket scientist Dr. A. Agbormbai.

The substance in your head is what matters. Since when did a Bafaw man bear Mukete which is a Bakundu name?

Mukete, you remain dishonest and out of touch, loud-mouthing like an empty ngongo in Fiango living and consorting with murderers. Then you have the courage to cough !


Ma Mary

If you are not a "Bushfalling"prankster yourself, could you kindly explain to us all why your posts are always comming out of somewhere in Quebec, Canada? This time, Avenue Docteur Penfield in Montreal? Is there a secret? You must be some kind of computer genius!

His detailed knowledge of Canada and multiple Canadian references is another indicator.

The inordinate amount of time you spend of the computer indicates someone with a lot of time on his hands, in a place with free broadband. No, Dr Agbormbai, this is not Bouddih Adams. The internet connections in Buea are painfully slow, so The Post people post articles judiciously.

How many Cameroonian students are there at Concordia University? In less than 24 hours, your identity could be established and you unmasked, but I dont have time.

Ma Mary

Ma Mary

Or is it McGill University, which is in the same area and city? In which case, I would like to know your own original contributions to the world corpus of knowledge.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Ma Mary,

Mukete is Bouddih Adams. The source of his emails is inconsequential because hackers have been known to divert the source of their messages so that they appear to be coming from somewhere else.

Apart from my analysis, a Post commentator once stated on this forum (you may search the commentary archives if you have the time) that Mukete is indeed Bouddih Adams (at the time I didn't take much notice, as I didn't know that he was a Post journalist) and that he studied in Canada. This explains why he would be diverting the source of his messages to appear to come from Canada, and why he would be familiar with Canada.

A number of other commentators have also indicated that when Mukete first started commenting on this forum he was commenting from abroad (i.e. as a 'bush faller'). But when he returned to Cameroon he changed his tactics.

As for the speed of connection, if Mukete has an Internet cafe as he has been emphasising on this forum, then speed of connection would be no problem. An Internet cafe is supposed to serve many users at a time and would have a fast enough connection.

Furthermore, the Post has itself admitted that its staff access and comment on the forum. How many of them can you easily recognise from their commentaries? None, because they use false names. In spite of this, all the circumstantial evidence and analysses points to Bouddih Adams as Mukete.

You would have noticed that because of my allegation Bouddih Adams has omitted the 'Are we together?' closing in his latest front-page article on the SCNC. He has also tried to polish up his writing style to be less Mukete-like. He has done this by filling the article with quotations and providing much less of his own thinking.


The nku-nyam Mukete is not smart enough to be a computer hacker. If his messages are originating from Canada, then he is using an account he had created with one of the free ISPs (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) or is able to logon freely to his ex-university computer and communicate that way. In this case, the hypocrite is seeking to speak from both sides of his mouth - condeming Cameroonians abroad and seeking to enjoy facilities abroad simultaneously.

He has demonstrated an appetite for the foul word "sh*t" as seen in his emails. That is the mentality of a fenced "nku-nyam" seeking a snack most foul.

The nku-nyam consorts with the murderers of the late Hon. Martin Esuka Eseme - a great Member of Parliament from Kumba who was murdered in cold blood and gruesomely in Kumba not long ago.

The venerable Justice Tasi, in his summing on the case at the Kumba High Court, pointed the finger at the "muketes". The blame was placed on one Ayuk, who not surprisingly is from the same Manyu Division whose famous sons and daughters the "nku-nyam" Mukete has been trying to denigrade because of the misdemeanours of one Dr. Agbor at UB.

Nku-nyam Mukete never commented on Hon Eseme's murder and we know the reason now. Slowly, we will flush this nku-nyam out of the swamp.


Dr A A Agbormbai

Martin and Ma Mary,

One other thing I forgot to tell you about Mukete is that in some of his postings about me he reveals too much inside information about the Post that only a Post journalist would have.

He knows the details of my communications with the Post during the time when the commentary facility wasn't working. Apart from his normal hyperbolic style of presenting information, most of his account was true.

I tell you that Mukete is indeed Bouddih Adams. He surely is not a Mukete!

Ma Mary

How about this, keep your stinker of a country. I and others have voted with our feet. What are you going to do about it, other than to have childish tantrums? You may insult, call others names, but what can you do about something that they have the right to do as human beings? Your methods are worthless and actually counterproductive to your desired ends.


Mukete is indeed Bouddih Adams ? We challenge him to confess the Muketes' part in the gruesome murder of the late Hon. Barrister Martin Esuka Eseme in Kumba.

This is what Justice Tasi said at the Kumba High Court on 7 December 2004: "We have identified Johnson Ayuk as the perpetrator of Eseme’s murder by premeditation. He might have done so in concert with the Muketes, but the prosecution has failed to prove it". Why the Muketes?

Nkun-nyam Mukete, you are still in the dock. Everyone knows Johnson Ayuk, a naive young man, lacked the motive to commit the crime and had no criminal past - he was not and could not compete with the late Barrister in high politics or law.

The Muketes and Nnokos are still in the dock as Mr Nnoko himself found out in his rejection by US Officials during a visit to America early this year. The People demand authentic justice. Mukete, please confess your part. The evil that men do lives after them. WS.

Until justice prevails, all what you write is the spit of a garrisoned "nkun-nyam" and will be ignored.



Cameroonians are working hard overseas in all spheres of life and their children are doing even better in schools. In the last election in Canada, a Cameroonian born Canadian got elected to Parliament. There are many more coming from behind.

In the U.S., business is booming. A smart Cameroonian couple in Maryland recently set up a tomato seasoning business and were featured in Ebony Magazine. They are now approaching over 600m FCFA in turnover. What does Mukete know at Fence in Fiango?

Mukete's long noises also carefully avoid commenting about the gruesome murder of the late Hon Member of Parliament Barister Eseme in Kumba. The Muketes and Nnokos were implicated in the wicked plot. The gentleman is avoiding mention of the blood in his hands.


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