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Monday, 19 September 2005


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Mr Bate Besong you are just fundermental to african cowardice.Where were you when Njeuma was perpertuating her acts in UB???.
You fold your tail between your legs and makes noises in beer palor.
Its just a shame to read this article of yours when Njeuma is gone.
It takes a man to stand up to chalanges at the right time.


The assertion "you took a doctoral degree in zoology close to four decades ago, you do not boast of a single, referenced, article to your credit!" is probably not true.

Although quite dated see below:

1: Njeuma DL.
Non-reciprocal density-dependent mitotic inhibition in mixed cultures of
embryonic chick and mouse fibroblasts.
Exp Cell Res. 1971 May;66(1):244-50. No abstract available.
PMID: 5104195 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

2: Njeuma DL.
Mitosis and population density in cultures of embryonic chick and mouse
Exp Cell Res. 1971 May;66(1):237-43. No abstract available.
PMID: 5104194 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

This of course raises questions about the accuracy of the rest of the article.

James Wenong

Professor Bate Besong,

In a Developed Country, this article will ruin you in a defamation law suit, specifically looking at your claim that Dr. Njeuma has never published.

Her attorneys would clean you out. It would also be presumed that your piece cast public aspersions on the Experimental Cell Research Journal (ECRJ).

The ECRJ is a coveted scientific publication, now owned by the Elsevier publishing house. The young Dr. Njeuma back in 1970 was already working on cell research and penetrating key publishing houses.

Her politics may be stained but she deserves credit for her early publications. Her recent submission about anaemic funding for UB was no music to Yaounde either. It showed that the Lady has a sharp intellect.

James Wenong

JB Samba

Mr. Strongman (What ever that means) and Mr. James Wenong:- Mark you that BB talked of 'referenced' articles. He did not say that Njeuma has not published. A scientific article is weighted by the number of times it is referenced by other authors. For example, do a search for V.P.K. Titanji and SMN Efange and you will see the number of referenced articles these two University Dons can boast of. As BB said in his article, Njeuma has no referenced article to her credit. She might have published the two one of you cited above, it doesn't have any impact on science as no other author has referenced those two articles.

Take note that BB has always been a pain in the ass for Njeuma.


BB a coward? Then you definitely don't know what you're talking about or know very little about BB. I will advise you to read more about the "obasinjom warrior" at


I say he is a coward with a Capital C++.His Obasinjom powers is limted to his village and his stomach not beyound that not even beyound mamfe.He is one of the best professional in the accademic field but he seems to be playing a payback game here since Njeuma uses her office to block his chances of getting a job in Elon University in North Carolina USA.He can imprese you with his use of resounding phrases and frowning polysyllables in his writings.But when it comes to substance,"facing the bull by its horn".I bet you my brother even the most magnificent telescope will find no iota of "obasinjom warrior" in him.If "obasinjom warrior" means courage to you.He has been in Njuma boat for years what did he do??
Unlike Wole Soyinka who wrestled against the gun in Nigeria single handed.BB is far off being called a paper tiger.Cameroon needs action and not alot of Aftermath writings.I am sure he is preparing Volumes to write after the futur departure of the current president of cameroon.(if and only if the constitution is not change)

James Wenong

JB Samba,

Academic circles tend to be close-nitched because researchers check past work. It is pretty certain that the cell mitosis work has gone beyond the time of the young Dr Njeuma. Her work would be referenced !

In a jury trial, Professor Besong's stature as an academic will be taken into account to magnify the defamation as premeditated and professional. Elsevier would also make a representation on their editorial policy to proof the exacting level of peer review.

That would leave BB exposed to punitive sanctions. Dr Njeuma may not sue on this ocassion but our leading intellectuals need to be careful and avoid direct exposure.

James Wenong


All is just good standard English with absolutely no substance in that literature.

JB Samba

James Wenong:
While I agree with you that Academic circles tend to be close-nitched, I will like to point out to you that each era in science development has it's own peculiarities. There are people in Njeuma's era who have referenced articles to their credit even in the field area of cell mitosis that Njeuma worked on.

Why do you think Njeuma's articles are not referenced anywhere even in her own era (nitch)? The answer is simple and as Treader puts it above "JUST GOOD STANDARD ENGLISH WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTANCE IN IT."

I understand that when you don't know much about somebody, you can't comment fairly on that person. You definitely don't know who BB is.

Ma Mary

It is practically impossible to be a minister and to simultaneously do research. Dr Njeuma was brought into the Ahidjo juju house very shortly after she attained her PhD, which was in the early 70s. Since then she has been more of an administrator than an academic. I think dwelling on her academics is pointless given that reality. The question should be, was she a competent and capable administrator. To a large degree, she was, otherwise whe would not have been able to raise the University to a fairly high standard. On the other hand, there is still that Ahidjo minister touch that is non communicative with some heavy handedness.

but Bate besong's article is too heavy and it leads one to conclude that there was some very bad blood between teh two of them. He needs to tone down.

T Ndang

Mr Bate Besong, you taught me in high school, and I used to applaud whenever we had you in class especially when you used your big words. I have always thought you are a good person. For you to come out here and totally maligne another good person who has done nothing personal to you is very disappointing. Some of the language used by you is patently unworthy of a person of your intellectual standing. Infact I find it painfully disgusting.
You should have enough sense to even think that Dr. Njeuma would stoop to making Elon University to cancel your Fulbright scholarship. She is an educationist to the core. Why don't you come out plain to say you want to lash out at somebody for your misfortune. Enquire from Elon University why they took the decision they did. I am resident in North Carolina and would very much like to make Prof Digre and Karen Watts of DC see the kind of character you are, publicly insulting someone who has done you no wrong in such degrading language. It is a shame BB.
I happen to know Dr Njeuma. She has many many publications in her maiden name and married name. Books I have been priviledged to read and which have aided me in my own PhD research. Please do thorough research about someone before you come out to err your evil intentions and insinuations. She has to be warned for people like you can attack her person for your own angry ends.
It baffles me that people want heroes but do not recognise them. Anglophones, how can we progress??? If this lady - Dr Njeuma has committed a crime, it is her selfless work and devotion she has put in thr University of Buea. Give her credit, she deserves it; instead of saying "her long and 12 year ruinous stay in UB" What are you even doing teaching there in UB for the past 6 years if that is what you perceived the place to be and it is only now you can come out and say it? BB, I do not know that this is how you achieve your own publicity. Well, know God always rewards good people.


Yes BB,
Iya Mbamba Dorothée should be praised even for killing the two innocent students.What puzzles me is the fact that persons like T Ndang and James Wenong can be so blind to see the ills Iya Mbamba Dorothée did to UB.Two Thumbs up BB.


you don`t need a family feud to lampoon a heavy handed public figure, imbued with archaic germanic philosophy of administration - Forced labour, transcribed the Njeuma style to mean; no dialogue is possible with the lesser class, the boss is always right or the subordinates take the `wrongs` to be `rights`, consiliation means defeat to the Njeuma style. I`m talking with focus to her management of the imbroglio that conducted some students to the grave,the immediate aftermath and a host of others, that you all know better.
A boat that`s supposed to transport people from Kribi to Limbe but sinks two miles away from Limbe drowning many hasn`t done the service it was intended for.Had it been one of the students was a close relative of yours,i bet, you`ll be saying something else.
BB, thanks for the debate, the eyes and hearts that you`ve opened here.Be it as it may, that you`re selling after the market.
Students at UNIYAO 1 didn`t need to read BB`s defamatory article to hold that, Njeuma is a danger to university freedom before her installation. This is a culture and philosophy which is completely missing in the heroine or success story that you see in Njeuma.Cognizant of how people are appointed in Cameroon,how do you call a lengthy stay in one post success.Just any Tom and Jerry from a high professional training school in Cameroon will be a good VC.By the way, how many bad rectors do you know in Cameroon and think well if she doesn`t start or seal the list. Tell Prof`s Digre and co that BB is doing fine in Cameroon and whenever he get`s to DC, he`ll readjust.

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