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Monday, 26 September 2005


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If Prof Asonganyi won't stand as SDF scribe, it is because the challenge is above his capacity. Politics is for the strong and stayers. These two most vital qualities as far as politics is concerned are completely lacking in anglophones. There are capable francophones in the SDF that can lead the party to a viable victory right now. Let's give them a try.


I am utterly shocked and bewildered to read that Cameroon's oppostion leaders, whose example we ought to emulate for the very good of the country, would rather find time to throw a series of invectives on one another. That is what they call "nation building", something I beleive they are definitely playing their own role using a very negative approach.

I do not need to remind anyone on this forum or any Cameroonian of good conscience that there no longer exist any opposition party in Cameroon. There are merely pressure groups formed under Biya's auspices to prove to the world that Cameroon is among the democratic countries of our time. With all due respect, the SDF, that started on a good foot had been announced dead and buried ever since its Chairman moved to Yaounde. Just like the neo- colonial leader he saw the benefits of power and ever since ceased being that "voice of the people". In this case, our once honoured John Fru Ndi has become a mere footpath between the Biya government and Anglophone Cameroon as a recipe to ease the tides since he (Fru Ndi) has the vast majority of English speaking oppositionists under his canopy. But by so doing stupidly forgets he owes his SDF troop a duty since he feeds from the spoils of the left overs of Etoudi.

The corruption Cameroon breeds cuts across every sector of the society and we all know that the politics of today is that of the stomach. Yes once your stomach is full you do not care about who has not eaten. The SDF has misled Cameroonians throughout the years inspite of the sacrifices of blood made during the introduction of multi partism. I was barely a boy then and if fifteen years later they still do not have a plan of action, then it is time they started considering a plan B. Infact, I am flattered and sickened when people still hope this opposition party ( SDF) and its leaders would lead Cameroon out of its present predicament. We are fed up with the catalogue of lies you have inflicted on to us all these years. From your Chairman, to your MPs (so called Honourables)you have deceived Cameroonians to the peak while dancing in the CPDM bandwagon behind the scenes.

Let me seize this opportunity to ask all of your leaders how many of their sons and daughters are involved along side them in this struggle. How mnay of them are you preparing to follow in your steps like the Bushes in America when you eventually "pass on?". How many of them tasted the sweetness of teargas during the struggle years? None that I know of! Yes none of them because they are all busy studying in European and American universities while you stay at home and meddle with the lives of the poor masses who you beleive would dance to your tune.

But enough is enough!!! You should stop deceving us!!!

I am not blind and like most Cameroonians Professor Asonganyi is not blind either. I do hope that he has finally come to see the storm in the horizon and is prepared to make the distress call long before the ship hits the iceberg.


Shit with SDF, better na SCNC now. I can see everybody is just a gold digger, once found they turn their backs to those who stood by them. To hell with all of u. Very soon they'll start holding meetings too like some ministers of la republic are doing.

Frank Garriba


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