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Thursday, 06 October 2005


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H.E. Biya

Mr. Clovis Atatah,
For the sake of the integrity of The Post newspaper, from which you make a living, why didn`t you double-check this information before circulating it?
Do you realise how much damage you might have caused the SDF leader and the party at large? This is not the time for mistakes.
I think a written apology from you will do the trick. You can just post it here. Others will passage on the message to him. What do you think?

H.E Biya

H.E. Biya

Mr. Clovis Atatah,
For the sake of the integrity of The Post newspaper, from which you make a living, why didn`t you double-check this information before circulating it?
Do you realise how much damage you might have caused the SDF leader and the party at large? This is not the time for mistakes.
I think a written apology from you will do the trick. You can just post it here. Others will pass on the message to him. What do you think?

H.E Biya


This is not a matter of thinking but one of investigation.There is no smoke without fire.
Who would not have belief that Clinton didn't have sex with Monika Lewinsky or that there was a WMD in sadams Backyard??.
All came to light after months of investigation,let Ni John come out and spill all his account access and cooperate with an investigation from his own party as well as from the Government.
How is this going to be don I don't know.Who knows?? since the person who is Alleged to have given "H.E Biya" and Ni John who took it will want to remain silent or bully the press respectively.
Its such allegation like this that exposed the Enron Scandal or Pamala Accounting fraud which took place for about 2 decades.
All what is important is a complete investigation and the truth of the matter comes to life.Who is with me???


Ultimately Africa Confidential has refuted this allegation!! Personally I'm highly griefed by the undue rapidity some Cameroonians acted over this story. No one should ever be hailed for being detrimental to people, neither should we bestowed complete trust on anybody! One thing that remains cleared by my opinion is that Fru deserves more than just the "mouth-running" exhibited by many Cameroonians. For many, it is easy to stand by and make noise. Fru Ndi has withstood a challenge in Cameroon quite worthy of appreciation. Secondly, rapid reaction over stories in western media or political circle would often reduce African intelligentsia into a sub category. When it comes to our citizens who are worth their weight in gold in "our midst", let us talk with caution, especially when it has to do with issues emanating from europe.

Dr A A Agbormbai

I am glad that this story has come to rest in favour of Mr Fru Ndi. I wish that all the other stories about his corruption could come to rest so neatly in his favour.

Would the Post please seek verification before publishing stories of such magnitude? This avoids the embarrassment that such stories cause to the supposed perpetrators.

Don't forget that even after the allegation is refuted there is always some smearing of the personalities concerned, and this serves no one.


There is much evidence of unprofessional practices in the way The Post handles information. This "I hear say" journalism exposes no maturity but scandalisation and even defarmation of people's character. It will take some of us long to believe many stories told by The Post. This is the second time I am reading such a mess here. The first was that of a child in Nkambe who allergely revealed wichtcraft practices of his grandmother and also the list of classmates who were to die. Many readers criticised that article. So the post is not mature enough to evaluate both the source and content of any information obtained.

I however appreciate your efforts in reparing the damage done, but remember that reparing still leaves a mark on the original object.

I think The Post needs to appologise to Fru Ndi, even if a possible smoke that might have caused the fire needs is still to be found.


No one nor profession is fee from mistakes but when we poorly or immaturely handle them, we give room for more. It was just common sense for the POST to have politely indicated their regret of any consequences that might have caused the person concerned in the story. That gives a sense of responsibility. Furthermore, Ni John Fru Ndi is not refutting the fact that he has money in bank account(s) out of Cameroon but his point of contention is the magnification of figures. So if the POST is interested in publishing his financial situation they can go, meet him and get all the information.


Rumors is common here in the west(germany where I am), as anywhere.
One point about it is that some people have raised their voice as a standard and expect others to follow.If we have a justice system in Cameroon isn't it her place to investigate and bring the culprits to book. Either Ni Fru or the Post responsible for the Scandal??.
Was the watergate Scandal didn't start up as Rumors and a host of others.The post maybe keeping its source for the sake of protection or playing politics with it.The only way with Can know is when an independen t investigation is carry out and the truth come to life.Not Half-belief and Half Disbelief.


From "Africa Confidential" Vol 46 Number 20, 7th October 2005.
Post haste
On 4 October the Post newspaper of Cameroon published a front-page story alleging corrupt links between Social Democratic Front leader Ni John Fru Ndi and President Paul Biya. The story, written by Post reporter Clovis Atatah, cites a forged document 'allegedly based on an investigation by Africa Confidential'. This is completely false and Atatah and Editor in Chief Charly Ndi Chia now accept that their newspaper was duped. AC is not investigating Mr Fru Ndi nor has it circulated any documents accusing him of corrupt links with President Biya.

Njei Moses Timah

The editor of 'The Post' newspaper should understand that certain news items are sensitive and weighty and must be thoroughly investigated before putting them on paper. Stories like these should come from sources like the type that announced (sometimes ago) the death of the president and not from a respected newspaper.
A journalist is supposed to be sensitive to information that is questionable (in this particular case, the amount of money mentioned should have rang a bell to Clovis Atatah).
Njei M. Timah (Freelance & Feature Writer)

H.E. Biya

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai,

thanks a lot for your comprehensive response to my inquiry.
I could not get back to you until now because I decided to shut down and take a break following the unexpected exit of the Lions from the World Cup race.

Wishing everyone in the house courage and better luck for us next time.

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