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Saturday, 01 October 2005


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Man this is a "Conspiracy Theory".whona chop wona adoro left we for Payee oh.Any Right thinking person who want change or to Liberate will not be sitting in USA and advocating for it.He will be here in Cameroon and fighting for it.
We all understand the HEAD wey whona di play for USA inoder to get asylum money.We also understand that Adoro don di trong since they have been string of messures to curb immigrants especially from Africa.
Don`t be building Castel in the Air men.Come and face reality.

Ma Mary

Africa, you could not be more mistaken. Citizens in the diaspora and non-citizen friends have always been a crucial component in any struggle for freedom. The American revolution would not have succeeded without important inputs from France. In our own times, the demise of apartheid was a consequence not just of the revolts in the townships, but because of the steady drum beat of sanctions, global demonstrations etcetera. The leadership of the ANC was in exile and led effectively. The Southern Cameroonian on the ground like his South Africa counterpart of the 80s is poor, deprived of resources and freedom. They needed the people in the diaspora to provide oxygen to the movement. Even East Timor and the Soviet Union depended on external forces to a significant degree in order for change to occur.

Mr or Ms Africa, it would help to read up on your African history and politics so that you could better deserve that mighty name.


Ma Mary you have said it all. I am sure Africa does not understand the facts well, otherwise he would not label truth as conspiracy theory. It would do us a great educative service if Africa could explain why he considers these facts as myths.

Africa, it is true that many people have exploited the political situation in Africa for personal gains, yet that does not make every person who speaks for the oppressed people a gombo man.The names in the signatures to this declaraion are all people who can bake their own bread without pleading for a space in Uncle Sam's oven. Consider Carlson Ayangwe, for instance. Before taking up the Anglophone struggle,he was a distinguished professor with a ranking equal to the Ngwasiris, Angwafors et al. But he had a vision for his people, a dream he was willing to fight for even if he had to give up his position at the University of yaounde, give up the prospects of one day becoming a minister, a pupet minister, in Biya's cabinet. He was ready for exile. And exile gives him the liberty to use that voice which would have long been stiffled or distorted like the Yangs are trying to do now with those crisscrossing Ambazonia stiring the people into consciousness.


This is no rhetoric, it`s the history we need to get in our blood. Else if you forget who you are, where you are coming from, you will hardly know where you are going.
All S.Cameroonians, who can`t master the facts,will do well,to print this important historical document,by the U.S based think tank and keep alongside other important docs.You`ll hardly get such clean facts in most textbooks.
One recommendation for the think tank; your submission should be engraved or patterned ``On behalf of SCNC in Cameroon and diaspora``
If we leave it at what you wrote, the mass of S.Cameroonians in S.America and Asia, notably in Brazil and China respectively will feel excluded.


This fight being advocated by some anglophone Cameroonians through the so-called SCNC may be legitimate but useless and of no substance in the eyes of the international community which they are all hoping on to intervene in one form or the other to call for some kind of attention. The international community and its organs of today looks at the world of today from a different perspective, with a different vision. Today it would be a good thing for the anglophones in Cameroon to stop whining unnecessarily and focus more on their economic development that will inevitably call for reasonable sympathy from the international community. The UN which most or all of the SCNC are basing their hopes on has always given you a minimal attention and will never commit itself in any way reasonable to that cause. So it is of no use running on the wrong road. All i know is that anglophone Cameroonians want to make their voices heard in the negative because that used to be the principal method of the past but today, that is hadly the case, especially today that the world knows Cameroon to their finger tips more than you Cameroonians, and they reasonably believe there is enough room for you to make your voices heard in the world through development, not lamenting of being marginalized. What kind of developments have you carried out or want to carry out and the govenrment says you shouldn't? Has Cameroon not had anglophone ministers since the reign of Late Ahidjo? What actually did they do and what are the present anglophone ministers actually doing to bring out development strategies to their people? Do not say the investment climate in Cameroon is not conducive, after all Cameroon hasn't even gotten the worst legal framework on earth. All we have to do is to start building a sense of honesty, trust and seriousness not sending out empty slogans as if we are still in the 19th century.


Mr Reader or whoever you may be, if you are one of the yang sponsored conspirators, i would advice you to get your sick brain treated or you back-off. Any way people like this with no mastery of facts, poor analytical skills, uninformed and the worst of all lack of the willingness to learn or read even when information is provided for free by learned people like Prof Anyangwe must reason the way you do. You must be a fruit seller at the food market in Bamenda i suppose. I regret it because people like you are too good to live but too bad to be the way you are. You are talking about people bring up projects, what happened to those that existed before this government came up which kept that economy better off than it is now or how well is the government encouraging investment. is it UNVDA, MEDINO,CDC or WADA to name a few. I know you'll say there's still medino or CDC, ha!ha! no analysis. I know you cann't even assess the impact of taxes and government spending on the investment level purchsing power of an economy. You have not tried finding out why foriegn investments are dropping or are you even aware that BIYA himself expressed worries about cameroon's ailing economy? how can the father express worries about the bad state of his house yet you[an outsider] say all is well. What you fail to realise is that we are not waiting for the UN to solve our problems for us but are fighting for what we know is ours. My brother it is taking greater risk by not taking risk. No one has to tell you that eating your cake and having it are mutually exclusive and if you cann't reason beyond your nose, then too bad. What is it were you doing at 04:36AM instead of sleeping. This site is for constructive thoughts not for morons. Stay off. ha!ha!ha!


Many thanks Mr ATS for taking your valuable time to expose your narrow and inferior brain as far as world affairs are concerned. Look the SCNC has no legitimate case any where. Talking of colonization is completely out of question. No body has colonized any body. The problem in Cameroon is gross mismanagement of its meager resources and not even the so much talk of marginalization which legally has no grounds, mark you if you don't know. These SCNC ADVOCATES are not different from Paul Biya, they are all killing time. Put them in the shoes fo Biya you get the same problems. They are neither better nor worse than Biya. You think you understand the Cameroon you are living in? Look, there better things to be done than SCNC nonsense.

Dr Grace Odine

Mbu B. and others have said it all. This is a seminal document. Mr. or Mrs. Reader is the victim of "Brasseries du Cameroun". The drunken verbiage by Reader is meaningless talk.

No one should underestimate the People of Southern Cameroons or her sons and daughters in the Diaspora. We are united by a common goal to drive off a black colonizer from our land by peaceful means.

If the Colonizer continues her exploitation and abuse of a defenseless nation under occupation, then the next phase of this "struggle" will involve an active, documented and factual campaign for international sanctions against La Republique du Cameroun the likes of which she has never known.

The lawless state called La Republique du Cameroon obeys no treaty and is herself a neo-colony of Gaullist Africa. These are the people who aided Genocide in Rwanda in the same year that the Leader of La Republique du Cameroun was Chairman of the now defunct Organization of African Unity. They tried to hide the truth but the BBC and other News Organizations found out.

Long live the Federal Democratic Republic of Southern Cameroons.

Dr Odine.


Poeple like reader and Africa are just some sponsored Noise makers who have been hired to make sabotage the journey to justice and freedom unleashed by Ambazonians against a mixture of black and white brigand thugs and ruthless toerags, who remained dogged to conduct pillage and plunder of their resources
and their country,colonial boys from Yaounde.
Yours opinoins have no leverage,and thus inponderable.Ambazonians are fully awair that,they have to act trenchantly to wean themselves from ruthless frogs domination.No way for you sirs.


If we are what you mean then Ndiks by all respect and defination you and the so call SCNC are Terrorist.They should be no way forward but to elimate you all.
The only way to Bring progress to the Country and the continent is through dialouge and Unity.Not by banishing people as colonizers and Ruthless frog Domination.


Unity my head.Since when did restorationist began to call for dialogue.If we are terrorist
,you will yield to us just as apartheid south Africa did to ANC.You are starved with facts.You may just be coming from the village and need to know more on what you say.Don't palpitate.Restoration is moving undeterred.

Ma Mary

Unity is a good thing; unity as Africans in the common things that all Africans share. However, we do not want your colonial governors governing us, we do not need your neocolonial president; we do not want your corrupt bribe-taking cops on our streets nor your dirty french money in our wallets.

We want unity, the same way there is unity between France and Germany. They are united as Europeans, but you do not have German police on the streets of Paris and you do not have a French government in Berlin.

Once things have stabilized, you could even live in the Southern Cameroons and apply for Southern Cameroons citizenship. This has nothing to do with families. Civilized countries do not prevent families from coming together to do the things that families do. Is la republique a civilized country? I leave you to answer that one for yourself, because I do not want to insult your country more than necessary. Is Southern Cameroons a civilized country---affirmative, just check our records the time we governed ourselves from 1954 till 1971.

I think that is easy enough for you to understand.


There is no point talking about UNITY with La Republique du Cameroun (LRC). The only deal is for LRC to pull out her military and agent administration from our land. Those who do not learn from history like Mr Africa end up repeating past mistakes.

LRC is culturally programmed to break rules a la maniere francaise. Who does not know the meaning of the idiom “to take a french leave”?

Victoria - Economic Capital
Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons


To the POST,
What's happening? This is day three after the most heralded and mobilized sensation to mark SCNC activities last October 1st and your readers must have been expecting to read the story by now but nothing as yet.

Ma Mary

celui qui lire, maybe l'armee d'occupation franco-camerounais is harrassing the post. wait and see. The post puts articles up twice a week, i think. you can always check up on the dimabolizer screed, cameroun tribune for the colonial version.


Ma mary thanks for telling him what to do and may be that's what he should do further to get some more facts into his raving brain. Mr Reader you've got work to do. I like calling such people morons.ha!ha!ha!

Adrian Collier

Yang gang is disloyal and untrustworthy. If you are thinking about hiring him, i am not saying not to hire him, what i am saying is be careful. he is very untrustworthy and very greedy. He likes to steal from his freinds and the people that care about him the most. He will lie to you to get what he wants he is a master munipulator and can seem charming and harmless but he has cost a freind of mine THOUSANDS! is what he was paid to code, but for some odd reason he decided that it was best that he not only keeps the money but also steal the code as well as the ideas of Micheal Murphy. I am posting these warnings so that the same mistake doesnt happen twice. yang Gang is a bad man and must learn from this, i only hope that he will learn loyalty most of all. thank you for taking the time to read this i iwsh you good luck. ( More information relating to this can be found at - Adrian Collier

Adrian Collier

Yang gang is disloyal and untrustworthy. If you are thinking about hiring him, i am not saying not to hire him, what i am saying is be careful. he is very untrustworthy and very greedy. He likes to steal from his freinds and the people that care about him the most. He will lie to you to get what he wants he is a master munipulator and can seem charming and harmless but he has cost a freind of mine THOUSANDS! is what he was paid to code, but for some odd reason he decided that it was best that he not only keeps the money but also steal the code as well as the ideas of Micheal Murphy. I am posting these warnings so that the same mistake doesnt happen twice. yang Gang is a bad man and must learn from this, i only hope that he will learn loyalty most of all. thank you for taking the time to read this i iwsh you good luck. ( More information relating to this can be found at - Adrian Collier

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