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Sunday, 30 October 2005


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Tambe Tiku u say "La République represents exploitation and outright corruption, and SCNC the interest of work. " SCNC is as corrupt as la Republique. Everyday, they give SCNC cards to people who know nothing and make up stories so people can get assylum. Even anglophone newspapers who are supposed to be fair help to make these stories. SCNC lawyers, who are supposed to help tell the truth say these stories. It happens everyday, I'm sure there's no day in this world that passes without and SCNC lie and corruption taking place. I don't have to be a ngwa or a bate to get this lies, I could be an Akono and at the right price, I'll claim Cameroon wants me dead. This is plain corruption. SCNC is equally guilty of corruption and justice of the well fed. Its lawyers will take money to make false stories.

Dr Grace Odine

Nanga Mokake,

You seem confused and narrow-minded. Cool down and think for a minute. It is not the SCNC’s fault that the country’s economic base has not shifted from agriculture. It is not the SCNC’s fault that college and university graduates cannot find work in their country of birth.

The Southern Cameroons citizen finds himself (includes herself) being discriminated against in public employment, university entrance and appointments. What fraction of the employees at SONARA is Anglophone?
In this vacuum created by neocolonialism, we should applaud SCNC Missions abroad for assisting Southern Cameroons citizens to gain employment rights in the Diaspora.

Of the 61 countries overseas with missions, only 2, namely Equatorial Guinea and Italy have Anglophones as Ambassadors. These are Paul Biya's appointments and a factual manifestation of his regional nationalism.

It is only fair that Southern Cameroons citizens, taking account of a 44 year failed partnership, have resolved through AAC I & II to exercise their right to self-determination. That right is protected by UN Resolution 1514 (XV) guaranteeing the principle of self-determination of all peoples. Tambe Tiku is barely attesting to this legitimacy because La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Camerouns are two entities. The attempt to annex Southern Cameroons has failed.

Dr Odine Epie

JB Samba

I can see Mukete coming back this time as Mokake.
Welcome back.
I will be back.

H.E. Biya

I agree with you. That write-up by Mokake bears Mukete`s fingerprints.
The Cameleon can change its colour easily but can`t change its movement with the same ease.
"Mokake" I hope you realise the importance of the discussion on the floor and please, help with constructive contributions. Not your usual sermons of disaffection for your brethrens in diaspora.


H.E. Biya

I agree with you. That write-up by Mokake bears Mukete`s fingerprints.
I hope "Mokake" realises the importance of the discussion on the floor and help us with constructive contributions. Not his usual sermons of disaffection for his brethrens in diaspora.


H.E. Biya

I agree with you. That write-up bears Mukete`s fingerprints.


You can call me mukete or whatever, thats not the issue. None of you guys address the issue I raised i.e. SCNC is corrupt. SCNC is corrupt and full of lies. The Cameroonian gov't is corrupt and anglophones have a problem I don't disagree. But what I don't understand is that if it is SCNC corruption, "southern Cameroonians" are ready to turn a blind eye and accept it, afterall it is for the personal gain for a few of them and just like true corrupt Southern Cameroonians, no one addressed the issue I raised. Instead, u all result to personal attack, even the Dr Odine who is supposed to be enlightened. Tell me anyone, do you think Southern Cameroon is not corrupt?
nanga mokake

Ma Mary

HE Biya and Mokake are one and the same person, and he is an operative for the Cameroun government.

Charles F.

One would hope that this forum is used for its intended purpose and less for personal attacks, which is a waste of time and effort. I am hoping that these postings shed more light to the subject matters and generate meaningful discussions. I always learn something from another person’s perspective. Messengers of disinformation and confusion will be apparent and their comments will be ignored.
That said, there are always those who are going to take advantage of any situation for their own benefit. The difference between good governance and corrupt governance is that whereas a corrupt body seeks, and indeed encourages, dishonesty in its ranks, an entity with integrity on the other hand will want to address and correct nefarious acts as they occur. That is the difference.
Any organization that dismisses allegations without addressing them, deflects criticisms with weak arguments loses credibility. Whatever happened to “We will look in to these matters and if wrong doing is determined, we will correct it.” – and actually make the effort to follow through? Why would anyone expend the energy to fight for a cause just to let it be hijacked by detractors? Every organization faces critics and misinformants, that is why there is a communications department. The job of this department is to forcefully disseminate the message of the body and address, ASAP, any issues that seek to derail its agenda. In most cases a simple official statement deploring an alleged act shows that the party does not subscribe to such motives, be it real or imagined. Transparency is the key to acceptance and accomplishment. This is the motto that is alien to all political parties in Cameroon. We must continue to hold their feet to the fire and hope that they change, if they truly want to work in the interest of the country.

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