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Sunday, 18 December 2005


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Ma Mary

Do you think fellows like Mr Riccardo and his ilk will read this and reflect on the truth? No! They will just throw around meaningless words like UNITY and Yangangisms like INDIVISIBLE BEFORE GOD, that have nothing to do with facts, law, truth and the freedom of the Southern Cameroons. These are the real warmongers and terrorists, who spurn dialogue and for the longest while have treated Southern Cameroonians like occupiers.

The use of these phrases over and over again, at all hours of the day and night convince me that Riccardo is a payed agent of la republique, whose entire job is to muffle our free speech with meaningless murmurings.

Ma Mary


Riccardo is a side distraction. He does not even understand the history of the failed Cameroon Federation.

Paul Biya understands that his endeavours break the law but with impunity for now.
That explains Biya's preference for rented agents like Yang. Dr Dione Ngute is worse than Judas Iscariot. He had defended Yaounde in Banjul. He claimed that there is no such case!

Southern Cameroons shall be FREE. Paul Biya is yet to pull back his troops to the borders of LRC in concert with the post World Court decision agreement with President Obasanjo.

There is a massive human rights lawsuit awaiting Paul Biya's retirement. The murder of his 1st wife, Rev. sisters of Djoum, 6 Southern Cameroons citizens in Bamenda at the SDF launching and the Bepanda youths are issues he will have to resolve in a tribunal.

Emmanuel Tange



I do not know exactly what you are trying to say, but if you are suggesting that cameroon be divided forget it. We know from history that our parents did not make a mistake to unite cameroon. Foncha and the KNDP made a great decision, cameroon had been one nation before the first world war and will forever remain one. Dont give me that clumsy pre-colonial history that before the Germans came we were independent villages, the validity of that assertion is not very clear because history traces migratory patterns of some tribes in north west province with others in the north province, this is evidence that these people had a relationship even before the days of the Germans. I know most of those using this forum will jeer at me, maybe because they have their SCNC asylums and are stuggling to keep a cause which should not have ever started and will never succeed alive. We are in the modern world where nations are seeking integration beyond national barriers and you guys are talking about division.I look at this as one great madness, cameroon is a blessed nation with peace loving people, keep your ambituos separationist feelings and challenge the real problems facing our fatherland. All cameroonians have a common problem, poverty runs from Maroua to Ekok, unemployment very high across the nation and wide scale human rights abuses everywhere. Let Mola Njoh et al enjoy the last days of thier lifes peacefully and stop promoting causes that could lead to wide scale violence.What we need in cameroon is social change, we need a liberator to demand civil rights for all cameroonians regardless of tribe. If we have a leader who is dtermine and willing to sacrifce, we shall overcome corruption, tribalism, SCNC, Poverty and finally the Sons and daughters of cameroon will be able to have dreams and see them come true. Many young cameroonians have live to see their childhood dreams fail, and alot of them are presently doing dirty jobs in Europe and America to survive. The problem is simple and clear, our social system is failling. We dont have all these problems because cameroon is united, besides many of the corrupt officials in Yaounde are anglophones, these guys are busy collecting bribes from fellow anglophones who go to Yaounde to get things done. Our social system is rotten , we need real change and we can do this without separating the country. We can also do this without violence, i challenge all those SCNC militants abroad who say violence is the only solution, this is not true. Because some European States had violent revolutions to acheive freedom does not imply that violence is the road to freedom. We all know that the campaign against slavery was faught and won without killing the slave masters, we know that Martin Luther acquired civil rights for African Americans without Violence, so why dont we emulate this guy, Cameroon needs another Dr King and not SCNC to solve her problems. Division is bad, and that is even why the SCNC can not stay together, where are those who started this stupid SCNC, where is ELAD, the are some where in the western world enjoying money they got from the corrupt government back home. Look, i pray that all southern cameroonians listen to the voice of reason and quit SCNC.We need another organization to pressure for social change and civil rights for all cameroonians. The SCNC will certainly not liberate that grand pa in Mundemba. How can we place our destiny in the hands of people who can not maintain order in an association with less than 1000 active members, how can these guys handle the problems of over six million anglophones when they can even designate a common leader, i tell you guys if we give this SCNC guys a chance they are going to ruin our future and that of our unborn babies, SCNC is bad news every day every time. What if these guys succeeed, though i know the will never succeed, they will form a government of 500 parliamentarians, 200 ministers and perhaps 12 vice Presidents. Ipray this never happens and i am sure if Foncha was alive today and all those who were present in the first AAC, the meeting which gave birth to SCNC they would not have been happy with the present SCNC, I acknowledge that participants at that meeting had a just cause, but what the failled to realize was the fact that the problems were not perculiar to anglophones, they had issues which they could have pressed for a National Union For Social Change (NUSC) and liberate cameroonian. Right now the SCNC has more than 300 factions who knows how many factions will be created in the years to come. Please God save Cameroon from the hands of Separationist like Mola Njoh, Chief Ayamba and their assistants abroad like Ma Mary. Riccardo please help me in this struggle to keep our fatherland united.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr Molah Njoh,

I use to think you are wise man. You are the dangerous wise man.

You are calling to war. You want suicide bomber. This is dangerous.

This is not what our country need.

Mr Mola Njoh tell Anglophone to be flexible.

We need to discuss solution and consensus.

Mr Molah Njoh, I support SDF 4-State Federation with Canada Model. What do you think?

Let us open dialogue between Anglophone and Francophone to solve our present country problem.

Secession and Civile war is not solution.

Thank you.



By seeking to validate illegalities, Mr Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN) and his followers deserve neither freedom nor liberty for themselves.

The truth hurts and must be spoken. There is no legal basis for La Republique du Cameroun to claim a maritime boundary with Nigeria. This is blatant expansionism by France Afrique in a dire infatuation with minerals.

The root cause of most wars is GREED. The manifestation of greed by LRC as evidenced by the annexation of Southern Cameroons and the resurrection of an ill-founded Kamerunia ideology in Yaounde is dangerous to sub-saharan Africa. This movement must be stopped and will be stopped.

Mola Njoh is speaking the truth which outlasts the fragile essence of man. NAN, you should apologise to Mola Njoh. Speak the truth.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr. Kumbaboy,

Please let me know what to apologize for.

I point to Mr. Molah Njoh that war is not good.

I point to Mr. Molah Njoh that suicide bomber is not good.

I point to Mr. Molah Njoh that I support SDF 4-State federation with Canada model.

I know Mr. Molah Njoh for long time now and he disappoint me with his support of civile war.

What is wrong with what I say.

Please let me know.

Thanks you.



NAN, this is where you are badly mistaken and unrealistic:

(a) War is not good but every people have a legitimate right to fight back in self defense. This right is enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights and in UN Resolutions. Those who want peace are always prepared for war because bullies exist to take advantage of cowards.

With your argument, NAN, Saddam Hussein will be in power and in possession of Kuwait. NAN, your Sadamite tone is wrong. To tolerate an illegality for the sake of peace is to embolden a monster.

(b) Civilians and innocent people are always caught in the cross-fire of war. Suicide bombers are what they are for lack of alternatives. In any case, the SCNC preaches legal facts and seeks a peaceful de-annexation. You of the land of fire and blood only think of war. That is your problem and your war mentality is an insult to decency and civilization.

(c) The SDF 4-state federation still amounts to 75% francophone domination since you willfully do not see issues from a legal standpoint. Yours is war, the argument of force, presidential decrees and intimidation. That is the lesson from 44 years.

By mentioning Canada/Quebec, you show yourself as a dishonest trickster because you had written in a previous debate that Southern Cameroons should not have a Referendum on Sovereignty. But in the past 25 years, it was pointed out that Quebec has enjoyed two of such votes and voted to stay with Anglo Saxon Canada. Therefore, you just want a captive people to satisfy your greedy quest for expansionism under the lure of minerals, regardless of legality and human rights.

NAN, your permissive ideology is dangerous to Africa, must be stopped and will be stopped by the FORCE of argument.

Mola Njoh is an honest man and is speaking the truth. The honour of the truth is the beginning of wisdom.

Ma Mary

NAN & Tange: You are dissembling and evading. Mr. Litumbe is a teller of truths and you are playing with words without addressing the issues. Let us tackle a few of the ghosts that you raised:
There are few live links in this communication.


This is classical francocamerounese practice of the evil Foccart-Ahidjo-Fochive school. According to historical sources, one of the first acts of the French occupier against the UPC, a genuine national liberation movement was to stigmatize the UPC, an open peaceful movement, drive it underground, tribalize it and then destroy it by violence and genocide. SCNC has been in existence for over a decade and has been true to its dictum of The Force of Argument and Not The Argument of Force. Who has been guilty of the use of force against peaceful activists? La Republique du Cameroun. If you are looking for the practitioners of the Martin Luther King School, you do not need to look far if you are honest. Nfor, Elad, Ayamba, Luma are names that come to mind, all of them SCNC.

The Southern Cameroons People began to express their discontent in an organized fashion since the AAC Conferences. Where were Tange and NAN? Drinking Mutzig and enjoying their triumph? After innumerable ignored communications with la Republique, SCNC is merely completing its mandate from AAC2 ie to separate from la Republique if Southern Cameroonians grievances are ignored.


These very smart grandfathers, including Mola Njoh, Late Martin Luma, Late ST Luma and Late John Ngu Foncha (who have nothing personal to gain) came to the conclusion that there was nothing in this failed union for their descendants. Do not misquote Foncha, Monsieur Tange. There are records about how they felt by the time of their deaths. A huge miscarriage of justice had been done; that was their thinking and that injustice had to be corrected. What I would advise is that the grandparents should follow the arguments and thinking of these wise people, who had nothing to gain from speaking the truth. Surely you do not expect me to expound on the specifics here. The story has been told and retold, except that you were drinking Special or is it Salzenbrau?


You are shamelessly misrepresenting what Mola Njoh is saying. Mola Njoh has never advocated war. He is merely saying that when you ignore, imprison and torture peaceful advocates of freedom, the inevitable result is that you provoke the more radical elements in that society into violence. Go and read it again NAN, and correct your mistatement. It is your people who are looking for war. It would be so much easier for you and your colonial master to steal resources and land.

btw: Such an occurence would not be civil war. LRC is not our country.

ABOUT UNITY It is evident, Emmanuel Tange that you have not thought much about the whole notion of unity and how it manifests around the world. Europe learned the hard way over centuries about how to effect unity. The way to unity is not through force and occupation like Hitler or Stalin or Napoleon tried to do or which la Republique and France tried to do in Southern Cameroons using very crude tricks and ignoring the law. The way to unity is by consensus and cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect. German storm troopers or police goose stepping through Paris is not the way; neither are your Camerounese Gendarmes and colonial governors in Buea the way. By peacefully coexisting, your people could move freely and trade freely like they do in Europe. Seek your own solutions to poverty and oppression in la Republique. We are not interested. And if some of our kids have learned shameless corruption from your people, it is OK. Let them come home, we will take care of them.


Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Ma Mary and Mr. Kumbaboy,

My English is no good, but I read english well.

Agree or not, Mr. Molah Njoh support SCNC Secession and war in what he write.

That is why I call him dangerous wise man.

Read what he write with care and you see he support secession of SCNC.

He is smart cunning man.

Many people believe him when they read him.

That is why he is dangerous.

If people believe Mr. Molah Njoh they will fight secession war.

Mr. Molah Njoh know Mr. Paul Biya will not talk with SCNC, so he invent that as excuse for secession war.

And people believe him.

Then if Mr. Paul Biya refuse to talk to SCNC then that is excuse for secession war.

So you see his cunning.

He is dangerous man.

We need dialogue and consensus, not civile war.

I support SDF 4-State Federation with Canada model but Anglophone State can not have secession power like Quebec. We need national unity.

Thank you.




The first impression you gave us when you joined this forum was that you were here to learn. In such a short time, it looks as if you have already graduated and now you have the audacity to call the respected Njoh Litumbe a DANGEROUS wise man.

You have contantly labeled those advocating for the total independence of SC as unflexible because according to you, your SDF-style 4-state federation is the most ideal. Like the little animal with a deadly grip we call BUSH BABY in the Cameroons, you have not moved 1 inch from this your ideal model. I'm convinced that you have conveniently disregarded the historical and legal arguments raised here to lecture you on the fact the union between LRC/SC has failed because instead of treating us as equals for more than 4 decades, the SC and its citizens were treated by your successive gov'ts as second class citizens or some kind of POWs.

Your countryman Riccardo has become ( in)famous for his repetitive ONE AND INDIVISIBLE CAMEROON slogan. You will soon follow suit with your 4-state SDF federation and your arrogant contempt for our history and the rule of law.

I mean you have a right to air your opinions, but I think it will only be fair if I call you a hypocrite because you are quick to point out our lack of flexibility when we demand what is ours but you conveniently fail to see your own lack of flexibility as you hold on tight to your SDF-style 4-state crap.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr. Randy,

I am flexible.

We can not discuss solution if you have one solution only, SECESSION.

What is dialgue about then? How to divorce?

No, I do not want broken country.

Propose other solution from secession and civile war.

We will dialogue. We will find consensus.

Thank you.


Ejike Mouluh

Monsieur NAN,

Tandis que la Republique du Cameroun réaffirmait son identité en 1984, vous arguez du fait que le Southern Cameroons reste en tant qu'élément de la Republique du Cameroun.

C'est une approbation alarmante d'annexation. Les peuples du Southern Cameroons ont rejeté votre argument en Buea (1993) et en Bamenda (1994) pendants les “All Anglophone Conferences”.

Votre argument ne sera jamais accepté en Southern Cameroons parce qu'il est à l'opposé de ce qui a été voté pour en 1961. If faut lire le "London Communique" de JN Foncha et ST Muna on their way back from the United Nations.

Comme Saddam Hussein, La République du Cameroun sous l'attrait des minerais, a puisque 1972 s’est engagée dans une expansion dangereuse de son territoire.

This will not stand. Paul Biya ne peut pas discuter parce qu'il n'a aucun argument.

Edimo A.M

How long is Southern Cameroons going to be beging for a dialog with LRC. From AACI& II to date, over forty eight memoranda have sent to the presidency of LRC by a committee voted by conference attendees to represent SC, asking for a dialog and no answer has ever come from LRC.
The union of LRC and SC is a marriage that never was.
The people of Southern Cameroons do not pray for war, but for over two decades they have been terrorised by armed occupied forces of LRC, economic and human right abuse wars have been waged against the natural peace loving people SC by the occupying forces of LRC.
If they take the people of SC for fools, they will be suprise when fools will not be ready to take the abuses any more and they use whatever they to fight back.
For those think Kamerun was one before the Germans colonisation, you are wrong.

The town known as Tiko is SC, became a trade by bartar center by default. The Bakweri hunters who hunted to Tiko beach and discover Douala fishermen there and they started a trade with those they never knew. The place was called Tikowa and since the germans could only pronounce it Tiko.



Whether you get it or not, extricating our nation, the SC from the stranglehold of your country, the annexationist LRC is not SECESSION strictly speaking.

The federal union of 1961, as required, was never registered with the UN. According to international law, that union has no legal basis and when the the 2 states came together, each reserved the right to leave if things didn't move right. Why are you shedding crocodile tears now that we want to leave?

LRC had seceeded from the union long time ago and we didn't cry like you? When Ahidjo violated the terms of the union with his scam of a referendum in 1972, where were you? When your chief crook Biya finally seceeded from the union in 1984 with his infamous decree, where were you? Since you are not so bad at reading English as you stated above, why not read the decree to your gov't and help explain to them in French that they are the SECESSIONISTS?

You are flexible uh? I recommend to add just a little dose of honesty to it. Ask your gov't to organise a referendum in SC to gauge the feelings of the citizenry whether they want to continue in this purgatory of a union.

You recommend a 4-state federation like the Canada model, but you do not want to give the anglophones the right to seceed if they so desire. All this for the sake of national unity eh? You must be such a great expert in the field of NATIONAL UNITY and I recommend that the Canadians who gave Quebec the option to seceed should come learn from you.

Frankly my brother, you have absolutely nothing to offer, you are a wolf in sheep's clothing who with a typical french mentality and for the sake of so called national unity is determined to enslave us in a nation to which we don't belong.

dango tumma

ahmadu ahidjo anjitam (nan)
please read the posying of hon tumma donga


Mr Randy,

Frankly, what do you have to offer to peacefully solve this problem we have in Cameroun? DIVIDE THE COUNTRY.
Then it will be divided into NORTH WEST AMBAZONIA AND SOUTHWEST AMBAZONIA when ou will disagree with the Northwesteners...
"Came no Go" You remember how Southwesteners used to call Northwesterners?
Progressists Cameroon believe that CAMEROON IS FOR ALL CAMEROONIANS.... (Anglophones and Francophones).
The Canadian model can only be choosen in a democratic environment...BY THE PEOPLE OF CAMEROON... Not by a Group of "out of Touch, Disenchanted and Frustrated Foreigners who were once Cameroonians"
Not using the threat of violence or terrorism...

We know, we have serious problems in our Country. I believe, you are not aware of many Forums where Francophones debate Cameroon issue rejecting Biya's Government.
Progressive Cameroonians have been on the forefront fighting injustice and antidemocratic government in Cameroon before the Country became independent.
We know how hard it is. You said for 44 years you have been waiting.. . How about 55 years of fight to make Cameroon Fully Democratic? Martin Luther King did not live to see the changes he fought for.... You are now enjoying his labor.
You want instant gratifications.... No Cameroon will not be divided to make you Guys happy! No, No.....

To all Separatists check out this:
go to CRTV

Please learn how Cameroon came into existence. Our Country did not exist when the British came to enslave you and me.

May I respectfully ask you a question?


Only in a Democratic Cameroon you could solve this problem.
You will have to campaign and debate your issue. You can not speak for the people. Because you have no mandate from any Cameroonian to divide our Country.
If you call for violence and terrorism, you be left out the political process of taking the Modern Cameroon into the 21st Cemtury.
And you will be giving Cameroon Government to use all its military power to crush you.
You will turn into Bin Laden and the Talibans.
Political dialogue and peace drive us "the Progressive Cameroonians" to keep fighting our Corrupt Government.
In doing so, we think of a better future for our children. Not our Political appointments....
We are Non Violent.
We are inclusive.
We care for our people.


God bless a Democratic and Peaceful Cameroon!



Ma Mary,
Buy your gun here and go fight you war yourself.
When was the last time you have been in Cameroon?

To all these warmongers,

Cameroon is not intimidated by any of your threat.






Spare us the gibberish! I had long come to the wise conclusion that it is worthless debating with you so long as you keep undermining the history of SC.

You have great contempt for logical reasoning, the rule of law, your mind is too crowded with cheap slogans and you keep coming up short.



History of your so called SC is just part of Cameroon history.
It is history of my people. You and your Group will not hijack that history for your political ambitions.
If you are so wise as you say, you will be fighting to change Cameroon peacefully and democratically... You will not endorse any call for bloodbath. But you will choose the voice of freedom and democracy.
You Guys know well that none of you can qualify as a Politician.
You have no strategy, no tact and vision for a future but fooling our poor people back home to go into the Lions jaws.
You know well that you can't win any war against the Cameroonian people.
If you want to end up like the Biafra in Nigeria, it's up to you.
But don't fool our poor people. I am an Anglophone and my family and I will be the first to take arm and fight any Taliban like Organization in Cameroon.
We have no rooms for Fanatics and Hate mongers. It is foreign to our Culture.
Cameroonians love peace but make no mistake we will not move an inch in our Territory(included Bakassi). We Cameroonians are patient but resolute.
Your hate for other fellow Cameroonians is despicable and immoral.

Look at Germany, after many years of foreign divisions, they craved of being together. Today, they form One Democratic Nation with common future...

We Africans, are very selfish and are our worst enemies. Forget about the Colonialists! We are even worst to ourselves...
Progressists Cameroonians are the voices of the People. The real People....
Peace, Democracy, Justice and Progress.
We are the voices of National Reconciliation.
We are the voices of Democracy...
We are more than 5 million people.. You better believe it... From all social status... Poor, rich, young, old, females, males, bilinguals,Farmers, monolinguals,educated, Teachers, Politicians from Bamenda to Kribi
from Yokadouma to Maroua; from Bafoussam to Ngaoundere.
In our Group, there is no Anglophone or Francophone. WE ARE PATRIOTIC CAMEROONIANS...
So, look at what you are facing..... Be realistic...



Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Forchive Ahmadou Njitam,

You effing SOB.
I know you and know your ilk.
How dare you insult Mola Njoh Litumbe. How dare you.
You secret agent bloke. Why are you hiding yourself you sewer rat.

I have been sitting on the sidelines until this idiot really ticked me off.
NAN I am your worst nightmare.
You are here pretending to want peace. Where were you when Ahidjo and your father Forchive killed my grandfather in Bassaland in the mid 1950s, and cut his head to display as a trophee for the French. Where were you, you sewer rat. You think we don't know you?

Guys stop wasting your time with this idiot. He is Forchive's son.
Njitam, why are you hiding from your past? Why are you not using your real name Forchive? What are you afraid of you filty rhinozerous fizzle. Who made you Nji? Is this a way to gain some respect now, you murderer.
You and your father killed thousands and you are here pretending to talk peace and preaching flexibility and consensus. Go to hell, you donkey frog shit.
You fear war. You haven't seen anything yet. When that war comes it is not your people that will die. You will die. You, your father Forchive and Ahidjo killed my grandfather and cut his head off. When war starts, do not be surprised that many will hunt you down.
So you you have now sneaked out of Europe to America. We will track you down and get the US authorities to arrest you.
A warning to you Njitam. All those Bassa and Bamilike people that your father forced into exile in the Southern Cameroons will be your worst nightmare. Southern Cameroons is our country now and we shall fight to liberate it from you thugs.
Without Southern Cameroons we will not be here today. You and the French razed my father's village in Bassaland. My father and his siblings were rescued by their uncle who had settled in the Southern Cameroons. They were raised and they grew up as Southern Cameroonians.

I was norn a Southern Cameroonian, I will remain a Southern Cameroonian and I will defend the Southern Cameroons.
To all those refugees who were rescued by the Southern Cameroons like my father and who are now biting the finger that fed them, I have a warning for you. I am your worst nightmare. YOU UNGRATEFUL BRATS. Henriette, Ricardo, Andre, Janvier, Emmanuel, etc, you have met your match. I will match you insult for insult on this forum and I will debate every stupidity you display.
You ingrats. Without the Southern Cameroons the French would have butchered your parents and grandparents and you dare to stand here to defend nonsensical national unity my foot.
You have an identity crisis you morons.
Learn from today that Souhern Cameroons is your country and start identifying with it or I will throw you out to the dungeons of La Republique, including my own father who thinks like you idiots.

I wish you all sleepless nights. Idiots

Paa Ngembus.

PS: I do not need assylum to stay in the US so save your insults you morons.

Ejike Mouluh

Riccardo and Andre Fokam reminds me of young Serb soldiers 10 years ago when the notorious Mr. Slobodan Milosevic was Head of State of Yugoslavia! They all believed in Greater Serbia.

When Yugoslavia collapsed under the impetus of over-arching dictatorship from Serbs, Serbian leaders and nationalists resisted with guns.

To cut matter short, comrade Milosevic has been in the dock now for almost 4 years for war crimes and gross human rights violations. The only thing saving Milo from the gallows is high blood pressure. The court is giving Milo time to recover. This is the mercy that Milo never considered for the Croatians or Slovenes.

The "Greater LRC" ideology of Kameruniks like NAN, Riccardo, Andre Fokam, Henriette, however disguised is a grave danger to peace in the central African region. LRC now claims a maritime border with Nigeria, having attempted to swallow Southern Cameroons.

Southern Cameroons shall be free under the force of argument because the sons and daughters of the territory resist the annexation with the full might of international law.


My pityful Ngembus Fonlon Mbock,



you will have your sun set here without being in Cameroon to see your poor parents who have rejected you.
Sorry .....

By the way,
Have your blood pressure checked by a Doctor ASAP...
Hope you are doing fine in your misery....

May God Bless you!



Andre Fokam

you seperatists
talk talk talk, bark bark bark, we are moving on in cameroon. go join the unpo(unrepresented nation and people organisation). Cameroon and all its people belong to UN. recognized as one and indivisible by the entire world. no matter how bad we feel about our country, it is still seen internationally as an island of peace, an example for Africa and we the sons of Cameroon will DO EVERYTHING TO KEEP IT PEACEFUL AND UNITED. no inch of our territory will be tempered with , Go ask Nigeria about bakassi. we matched them military and won them on the international court by the FORCE OF ARGUMENTS despite their size and population 10 times higher. so we are not afraid of the infinitessimal minority of warmongers and dividers in our mist. we can deal with them at any level they want to take us, be it the force of argument or the argument of force. the only problem is that it is a waste of energy that could have been used for better purposes. it is your business if you choose to start the history of cameroon from the mid 1900s. we choose to start from the original Kamerun of the Germans and the world can not be deceived by your weak arguments. No major nations in the world can advocate division. All the 50 states in US joined the union voluntarily, but remember the war of seccession, and the republic of texas. the unionist always win. No states in US can leave the union now. read the US constitution if you have time. Germany was united, then divided and now united. same for Cameroon.(if you choose to be blind by starting our history from the time we were divided. it is your problem).
they say the AAC or SCNC call for negociation with the government. negociate with them as what? who did they get their mandate from? the government has negociated with many political parties before (UPC, NUDP, MDR) and has even attempted to negociate with the SDF. that because they have proven their worth by submitting themselves to the litmus test of popularity and people mandate which are ELECTIONS. why are the divisionists afraid of testing their popularity? (in quebec, there is an official political party advocating secession and they have been tested in elections many time. although they lost, they are respected and listened to because they have a people mandate.) if the SCNC had only 2 MPs and few Mayors, they would have achieved 100 times more than the trash they are doing now, and they would have been respected nationally and internationally. how many of the so called Anglophone elites who participated at the AAC 1 and 2 are MPs or hold any elective position. the first question that any respectful nation or organization will ask you is WHO DO YOU REPRESENT AND PROVE IT.

the forces of union are very determined. we know our problems in Cameroon and we want to concentrate and solve them. and the results are showing. the struggle for a peaceful, democratic, prosperous and united cameroon is on and we shall succeed.

Peace to all

Andre Fokam.

Ps: do not bother to insult me if you don't like the truth. it will not change me nor change the truth.

Dr A A Agbormbai

SC protagonists,

It is good to see that you lot have toned down so much, have become a lot more tolerant, and are more willing to debate without insults and name calling.


All those cowards enjoying peace and harmony in Europe and US should come out of their hinding corners,teach with examples,buy your guns and arms and go ahead,hypocrates,stop fooling innocent Cameroonians who are thinking of how to continue building their nation with your dangerous and devilish doctrine.We love the peace and stability in our beloved country,go away with your frustated idea of war.
Cameroon will remain one and indivisible,like it or not.Sorry for you,stay alone with your stress and frustration,ashia!

just stop polluting the minds of young future prosperous Cameroonians with your bad idealogy!

God Bless our country Cameroon!


Dear All,
Merry Christmas to all of you on this forum who observe this day/event.
I have read the contributions on this weblog for a while and think is time to join the party.We live in a crazy world where anything goes with the proper bottons,support, pressure and power.No idea is too abstract for man to comprehend and devise ways to act on.
But mankind is essentially cunning and dubious.
We pretend when real issues are are stake, allow emotion to control and cloud our thinking, thereby dodging the real issues and hide under conspiracy theories and big grammar.
After reading various contributions for and against the Southern Cameroon issue which seems to attract more comments,I sometimes get lost. But one thing is clear : DIALOGUE.
The ruling government should initiate dialogue. This is what any government worth its salt should do when things go 'pear shape'and part of its citizens or all go bonkers. No political dispensation is permanent. A Country can either divide or become stronger in unity if its people are happy and feel part of the system. If they feel alienated like the English Speaking Population are feeling at the moment, it spells doom if the ruling government doesnot act wisely to appease and pacify them.
Donot allow a disenchanted people to be hijacked. Opppression breeds hardship and this leads to danger. Danger is a ticking time bomb that can explode at any time.


1- Government should initiate dialogue with the disaffected English Speaking Cameroonians.
2- Donot underate the Level of anger and suffering of these people.Create jobs and oppurtunities for the under previleged
3-Curb the excesses of Gendarmes and the Police.Encourage rule of law and respect of humanrights.
4- The president, Paul Biya should attempt to address the nation in both French and English and be a team player.

This is a beautiful and blessed Country that should not go down the route of Violence and Anarchy. This is Avoidale but inevitable if things donot change.
These are my humble opinions. Even if they donot add up, please donot 'teargas me'
I hope you will all welcome me onto the forum.
Thanks to the POST NEWSPAPER for giving us this chance to voice our opinion, stupidity,inteliigence, creativity and also vent our anger and frustration.
Cheers Folks.


Now, I we are waiting for INSULTS....

They are just TALK, TALK, TALK (empty Talks)

That is the best preferred method of Separatists "stress relief".

Cameroon Government can only negotiate with Political Parties. Because they represent the people of CAMEROON-CAMEROUN.

We are a Democracy. Even though the system is not perfect. We will get there....

Please don't distract us...
Progressive Cameroonians are very busy opposing the current Government in ideas, proposing solutions, participating to help build a Modern and Democratic Cameroon for ALL our people.

This is not a ONE MAN BUSINESS as your Group thinks.


We are for the Just Cause People...
We are for Real Democracy, Peace and Justice...
We are for A Nation of Manu Dibango ...
We are a Nation of Pierre Nico Mbarga...
We are a Nation of Roger Milla....
We are a Nation of Makossa, bensikin , bikutsi etc...
We are a Nation of Um Nyobe,Charles Atangana, ...
We are a Nation of John Gu Foncha...


You either join us or you will miss the opportunity to be part of history...

Long live a Democratic and Peaceful Cameroon!
Long live peace loving Cameroonians!




Your proposal is nothing new to the government of Biya and LRC.Biya addressing the nation in french,english or even ewondo'o is no solution.

We are fade up with all the preaching on dialogue,unity,democracy and the rest from Ricarrdo,MC,Andre and co who have delibrately decided to keep deaf ears to the truth.

Ma Mary

Foncha upon return from UN, 1961. Jua and PM Kale in picture. Who are the others?

Ma Mary

First Premier of Southern Cameroons and some members of government. From L to R: Dr Endeley, NN Mbile, Motomby Woleta and Rev Andoseh. SEE THE PICTURE HERE

Why on earth would total colonial domination by la republique be better than Southern Cameroons self government? Eh? Riccardo? Proud winner of the CFA that you are. When are you coming to collect your award?


Here is a video about our beautiful country:

Watch Video: Cameroon Historical Footage


Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr. Ngembus Fonlon Mbock,

Your post make me sad.

I will not do insult battle with you. I preach against insult.

You dishonor name of great Cameroon patriot Professor Fonlon. He want Cameroon unity. He bring the federation idea with Canada as example. He was great man. Please do not dishonor him.

You see my name Njitam and claim Forchive my father becase you see I am from Bamoun. You are same like those who see my name Ahmadou in Yaounde and call me wajax because I am small build.

I do not want war. I have not made war against anyone. I never kill anybody. You can go tell America to come arrest me if you have proof.

My Nji is family issue. I will not debate that here.

You claim Bamilike and Bassa Anglophone. You do not represent them. You are minority view with Bamilike and Bassa Angophone. Bassa and Bamilike Anglophone all want unity. Listen to Janvier, Ricardo, Andre. They want united Cameroon.

I am sorry your granfather die in UPC war. That was French colonial war. Our country is free now. We rule our country now. It is not perfect but Cameroonian is incharge.

Please join fight for all Cameroon.

We will NEVER allow your division.

Thank you.



Dear Mola Njoh,
Thanks for the new year wishes and all the same to you and entire family.
First of all, i think the intergration or union between the two cultures as you know has been on for so long, too deep and intimate a relationship.At the moment, it is clear that our Francophone brothers are not being fair in many respects.This is the time for our Anglophone brothers in government to highlight the profound problems we truely facing as a minority and encourage their counterparts to engage in meaningful and effective dialogue.
My worry is that if this does not ensue,tension will be inevitable, and seperation will therefore be emminent as a natural consequence of this tension, and not as direct consequence of your case for 'divorce' or seperation.
What we need is dialogue with the Francophones.I hope they are willing to engage in order to avoid future catastrophy.
I cheerish a united Cameroon dedicated to persuing the rule of Law(Its constitution)with impunity, and respect for democratic principles.This is what is not impressively effective in system now.
God Help Cameroon!


Sister Henriette,

We love you Sis. Keep on the good fight for peace,democracy and progress.
You are a prototype of my late mother.
She would have been fighting just like you if she were here with us!
You make me proud SIS.


P Ngani

Natural justice mandates Restoration of sovereignty to Southern Cameroons because La Republique du Cameroun has already quit the Federation!

Decree No 1 of 1984 saw the re-emregence of La Republique du Cameroun - an entity that gained independence on 1 January 1960.

The only issue is that La Republique du Cameroun maintains an army of occupation beyond her internationally recognized border with Southern Cameroons.

To resolve this problem, the SCNC has chosen the rightful approach based on international law.

The colonizer is already sweating and frightening us with the spectre of war and blood. There shall be no greater La Republique du Cameroun beyond her internationally recognized borders of 1 January 1960.

Victoria, Southern Cameroons

Andre Fokam

Mr NjifenztB

i like your approach to the issue. I am a Francophone by birth and when i read your recommendations, i see what i already know, WE WANT THE SAME THING. no honest francophones will deny the fact that there is an Anglophone problem in Cameroon. i studied for a while in Nigeria and occasionally i went home by road. the states of the roads in SW and NW were Pitiful. i don't know if they should call that roads. but also once i went to bertoua, i spent 24 hours on the road! and on the way, i cannot count the number of timber trucks i met comming from that area. our common problem is mismanagement, insufficient democracy, lacklusters leaders etc... the francophones you are talking about have little say in the affairs of the country. working together to achieve a better democratic society and economic growth to me the most reasonable thing to do. that will set the foundation for fairness, justice and growth for all.
we will commonly and democratically decide what is best for us.

Andre Fokam


NAN, Andre, Henriette and Riccardo,

Longlive greater Serbia in central Africa! The force of argument and international law are mightier than misguided nationalism and greed in La Republique.

Your arguments confirm the illegal driving force for annexation of Southern Cameroons. Yours is not about developing the region and its inhabitants.

You are overwhelmed by the allure of mineral wealth which you will mortgage to France in exchange for french wines today.

As we speak, Greenpeace is reporting a ship load of hardwood timber illegally stolen from Cameroun and shipped to France. No wonder France is the largest exporter of hard woods in Europe.

Your actions speak louder than cheap platitudes.

See you in court.


Ma Mary,

Send me an invitation and I will be there. I promise. I am a man of my words.
I have faced people worst than members of your Group in my life...

You are still stocked on old pictures and you selectively choose your facts.
Mary, historical facts can not be selected to suit your call for division and hatery.
One Question:

Do you accept the fact that when Cameroon was divided by the Colonial Britain and France, many Cameroonians did not want it?
There was an appeal to either leave Cameroon with England or France.


Have you watched the video? What do you think?




This hirelings of pan-camerounism seems to be determined to defend Annexation this day.It is good to know that Annexation invariable crumbles when it faces mass resistance.The resistance by Ambazonians will always be there
until the monster LRC is trounced.The recycled
rigmaroles and poppycock from bonkers elements like Ricardo,fokam and people of their ilk shows of desperation of an oppressor who knows before hand that she will be trounced in the end,resorts to write rubbish and incomprehensible language to defend their colonial government's bloody stained acts in Ambazonia.Who is and Anglophone Mr Ricardo .Tell us the similarity of Ambazonian(Southern Cameroons)and an Anglophone.Is ther any Difference?


Riccardo, you have some doctored documents to claim Kamerun had a legitimate voice in 1918? Show the reference sir! Did Ahmadou Ahidjo present that document in Foumban or at the UN? Has Paul Biya ever used it?

Mindful of your claim, why did Ahmadou Ahidjo proclaim to the UN and in the pre-Referendum "note verbale" to Her Majesty's Government (Great Britain) that La Republique du Cameroun does not intend to "integrate" Southern Cameroons by virtue of her numerical superiority? Why did Ahmadou Ahidjo reach agreement with JN Foncha for a Federation of Equals.

Riccardo, even Serbia also tried such dirty tricks against the Croats and Slovenes.

See you in Court.

Andre Fokam

Ma Mary
if you like those people so much as to paste their pictures in your walls, why are you advocating the destruction of what they built? the best homage you can render them is to work for the improvement of what they left: UNITY
that is the best way to honor their memories.

Andre Fokam


Kumbaboy, Ndicks and co,

In my opinion, the Government of Cameroon does not have any obligation to prove anything to your Group. For, you do not represent anybody in Cameroon but a Group of warmongers, disenchanted former Cameroonians.

They were crushed and sent to jail for ever.
Biya's Government has the right to do the same with dangerous Groups like yours.
You better be grateful that they are very tolerant and believe in democracy. Even though we Progressists Cameroonians feel that there is still a lot to improve.
We want corruption weeded out of our Country and those found guilty of embezzlement of public funds judged and sent to jail.
We want a Free, Democratic and Peaceful Cameroon for all.
We want Progress and the rule of laws to be institutionalized in Cameroon.
We want the Justice System to be independent.




Long live CMAEROUN!


Ma Mary

By the time they died, Foncha and Muna came to the conclusion that they did not build. Instead they had started something that could destroy their people. Since you like the pictures so much,as soon as I can, I shall put a picture of the London Communique done by Foncha and Muna and other wise Southern Cameroonian leaders. They COMPLETELY repudiated what they had done before. About the late Endeley, he predicted that we were about to enter hell on earth if we messed with French Cameroons. That was his opinion until he died. The late Fon of Bafut predicted the same thing.

Our job is to correct the mistakes that they made. We do not hate your system, Riccardo. Actually, what we feel is a lot worse. It is called CONTEMPT. You personally, we love. Some of you are our family members, but we do not trust you to rule us.

Ma Mary

Sorry, the above was meant for Fonkam. Riccardo just happens to be my favorite frog.


Ricardo,you are a desperate man.Ambazonians know who they are and what they want.All this your rubbish here wouldn't help a ends just here.The war on colonisation is not fought online.Your rubbish hovers just here.But the struggle to enfranchise Ambazonia
is at the UN,and all other world these links and read. the same fate awaits you and your robberbarons LRC colonial thugs and toerags.God be with you.


The so-called "Kameruniks" of LRC with a dangerous annexationist ideology bred by the allure of mineral wealth are starting to write with the arrogance reserved for Kings and Potentates.

Kameruniks like Riccardo clearly celebrate unprincipled unionism as a subterfuge for annexing the Southern Cameroons (SC) in contravention of the 1961 Plebiscite and Federal Constitution. He is lawless and deserves no rule of law in his own country.

The People of SC have historically opposed the annexation, starting with Fon Gorji Dinka and the Ambazonia Movement, the All Anglophone Conferences leading to the mandate of the SCNC, the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO), the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL), to various other movements. The objective has been as static as the nothern star - de-annexation.

Riccardo, be realistic. SC will NEVER accept an illegal status quo. Now, show the evidence that Kamerun opposed the partitioning of Kamerun in 1918 or shut up!

tita espoir

thank u Andre. let this so called scnc stop undermining and insulting our leaders of yester-years becauuse what they since acheive for cameroonians we have not been able match them.this people were better visionaries than us.please lets follow in their footsteps.this scnc propaganda might bring more sufferings on our people especially anglophones.we got better things to be doing to better our lifes rather than drawing us backwards with this unnessary ideologies promoting dis-unity.any-one who feels that we as cameroonians would fall for this marketing speech of Lithumbe and his group,is living in a dream world.cameroonians got different needs.seperation is not one of them.believe me we love our country so much dispite the problems we are facing.i love douala.bamenda baffoussam.peace be on our fatherland.scnc is a selfish organisation.this people must be stop,not for fear of suceeding in their selfish desires,which they cant, but for fear of disuniting our loving and peaceful nation.merry christmas to u all.its a matter of time our people would enjoy the fruits of building our nation.not the fruits of war and terrorism.we are not and peace.

Mola a lute Bobe

Mola Njoh,
Merry Xmas. Happy that we remember our Lord and saviour even in tormented times like this. We would be most grateful if our defenders of so-called unity came up with the kind of argument with proofs that we are getting from you. Could you please encourage the other elder statement of Southern Cameroon to come up with more of these proofs for us.
We look forward to having you always on the forum. Not long ago was an explicit outlay of what passed on in and around Victoria and the surrounding villages. Your touch of things is special. Only People like Ricardo and Fokam are help[ing us to get this information dug out from the archives. We have to listen to you guys in our Anglo-saxon manner after all they say, even a clock that has stopped workoing is correct twice a day, but may also misinform its reader, if reference is not made from a correct working clock.
May the power-drunken guys in Yaounde see the truth!

God save our tormented and cheated people.

Pastor Mola a-lute Bobe


Ma Mary,

You keep going on and on with your rhetoric.
You have no right to hijack Cameroonian history. It belongs to the people of Cameroon.
You are a Former Cameroonian...
Why are you still interested in Cameroon?
You still love our Country? Come on and reintegrate in our society.

We are peace loving people. We know there are lot of problems in Cameroon. But your DIVISION is surely not going to help us solve them but will create hate, chaos and will completely destroy human life.
The Progressive Cameroonians:
* value life in our society.
* love democracy.
* are non-violent.
* are inclusive.
* respect the rules of laws
* stand for Justice for all.
* One man one vote.

That is why the People of Cameroon rejects that idea.

May God Bless you!

Your favorite frog,


Ndicks, Kumbaboy and co.,

At this point, your group is so entrenched into the DIVISION that you only listen to yourselves.
No one is right until they join your KKK like Organization way of thinking.

Up 'til now your Group cannot define who is Ambazonian, SCians,etc...
Let me tell what I think a Separatist is.


Who is a Separatist?

A Separatist has never been able to invest in his host Country nor Cameroon.
He is a person who is over 50 years of age.
He is tormented and finds himself with an Identity Crisis.
Now to solve his problem, he will begin to think about the motherland... But wait a minute... He has nothing there... His or her parents have dishonored him or her... He or she has never showed interest on them but she or he has just focused on himself or herself. But he or she looks around in his or her environment where he or she is and he or she begins to realize that he or she has not accomplished anything.
He or she has a good paying job... But lacks that element to make it a successful carrier. Yes. But he or she works long hours... He or she is under constant pressure to perform... He or she is unhappy.. Very unhappy specially when he or she thinks about his or her dear Country Cameroon. He or she watches and adores Cameroon Soccer Team "The Indomitable Lions"... He or she dances makossa and bensikin, bikutsi etc... whenever he or she has a party but deep in him or her... He or she doenn't feel accepted by his or her Country.
He or she eats ndole and miondo, he or she eats eruu, he or she loves cameroonian foods.... but deep in him or her ... He or she has a problem to happily swallow it...
He or she would love to retire in Cameroon, sometimes he or she dreams about our beaches in Limbe, Kribi but he or she still has lost that sense of belonging.
After his or her high pressure demanding work day, he or she wishes to live in one of Cameroon beautiful city enjoying that peace and tranquility that he or she has realized he or she has missed since he or she left the Beautiful Country (CAMEROUN-CAMEROON). He or she feels LOST, VERY LOST...

This is my message to you:
There's still hope. Our arms are open to reintegrate you. We still love you.
We will do everything possible to help you regain your normal life.
Progressive Cameroonians are fighting for all of us!
In our type of Nation, there is no Anglophone nor Francophone.
Are you ready? It is coming!

May God bless you,




Stop speaking in verses like Saddam in the dock. The annexation of SC is opposed and shall be defeated.

I watched your recommended documentary on the Camerounese Parliament. The narrator is a rented journalist. The documentary is CPDM propaganda. It says nothing about the hot issues at stake.

Jean Marie

POLITIQUE Mardi 20 Decembre 2005

UPC Calls For Greater Social Dialogue

The Secretary General of the UPC party, Augustin Fredéric Kodock granted a press conference in Yaounde last Thursday.

The officials of the Union des Population du Cameroon (UPC) last December 15 during a press conference presented a balance sheet of the country’s and UPC evolution for 2005 and recommended reinforcement of social dialogue, building a positive image of the country and commitment to general interest and development. The UPC Secretary General, Augustin Fredéric Kodock while granting the press conference stated that it was in respect of the party’s tradition to examine the country’s political evolution at the end of each year so as to make proposals for the way forward.

Evaluating the country’s political situation in 2005, the UPC chief scribe said there has been persistent stagnation, little progress in social dialogue despite efforts put in place and general poverty and misery. The UPC he stated, is in full support of President Paul Biya’s "greater ambitions’" programme for the country whose implementation calls for the strengthened national solidarity, transparency in management, patriotism, leaders preaching virtues by examples, relentless efforts in building a positive image of the country both within and abroad, and commitment to national as well as general interest. In this way, he said, Cameroon will be a country of reference in Africa. Mr Kodock however regretted that all efforts to ensure peace and development in the country are being jeopardised by demonic groups and networks of people who want to use all unorthodox means to get to the helm of power and external groups whose aim is to create confusion, poison the minds of the international community about the country, henceforth blocking development.

He used the occasion to call on the press to help build a positive image of the country so as to attract foreign investors and development partners rather than contribute in tarnishing the country’s image. According to the UPC chief scribe, journalists have to orientate, educate and inform the population on the way forward in strengthening peace and development. He called on the government to open more avenues of social dialogue with all socio-professional groups so as to avoid uprisings, and groups on their part should be organised in readiness for dialogue. The UPC Secretary General advised that there should be special policies for each sector of the society and youths in particular should be given opportunities to create wealth through adequate training and must be moulded for leadership positions. While this is being done, the youths, he insisted must be humble and patriotic.

The UPC management, Kodock said has invited militants of the different factions to join the main stream UPC but will not tolerate people whose intensions are to shatter the party. He said the training of militants on the values of patriotism, peace, civic education and the texts of the party will continue.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr. Ricardo,

You make a very big mistake.

Many secesionist are 20/30 year old from University of Buea.

That is the danger. Those who shout here are old. The leader they show outside like Chef Ayamba are old.

The majority supporter who cause trouble are young. They are call SCYL.

Those are the dangerous brainwash not the old people like Mr. Molah Njoh.

This will be the people fighting war. They are the danger.

Know your danger brother.

Thank you.



Brother Nan,

I disagree with you. Although you might have some out of frustration chanting some political slogans.
These are angry students fighting for their rights. So Mr Nan, the students protesting in Yaounde are they also SCYL ?



Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr. Ricardo,

Disagree with me or not.

SCYL is danger. They are drop out or graduate from Buea University with no work.

If yo do not believe, go to Mamfe, Kumba, Bamenda, Kumbo and check SCNC. They are young people brainwash by old people like Chef Ayamba.

To fight evil, you need to know evil.

You think SCNC is only on computer my brother, think again.

Know the danger or it kill you.

Thank you.


Ma Mary

Nji, did you say Cameroun is free? You must be kidding, right? That is one of the biggest scams sold to Southern Cameroons by the UN. We became annexed to a country that is itself a de facto colony of France. READ THIS and the comments. Sure, you know these things. You are a smart guy!

Riccardo, I do not recall inviting you to anything, so what gave you the idea that anyone wants to intimidate you? I recall that you invited me to Paris for a debate?? and I told you that there is nothing personal. If you want a debate, there is nothing personal - we shall get our best debaters and you get yours and a neutral arbiter to make sure that no one goes out of bounds. We also have to agree on the terms of the debate, and we cannot accept to debate you if you insult us with the title of Camerounese or Camerounians. We are Southern Cameroonians. I would also cease and desist from the term frogs, which is a perjorative that I choose to exercise as long as you use such terms. You did not respond, and now you are imagining that I invited you to something. You are intimidated by one thing: the truth. That is why you keep dancing about it instead of tackling it . That is why it is such a pleasure to take you frogs to court. You have to stick to the matters at hand in court. A debate with you has to be as rigorous as a court, because you guys are so fickle.


Jean Pierre A

NAN is correct. The Anglophone young people are very radical. They must be the ones behind the SCNC radio station.

Anyone in doubt can check the web site below.

This Youth League wants the total and unconditional independence of Southern Cameroons.


Jean Pierre A.:
Well, that little group of noisemakers is in for a disapointing miserable failure.

They are wasting their energy being counterproductive. Cameroon will never be divided: this is easy to understand, It will probably take them a lifetime to get it, that's the sad part...

You can stir hate by importing euro stereotypes which are meaningless to the average cameroonian, you can ferment the dirtiest slurs and throw them at peaceloving cameroonians. Cameroon stands, against hatemongers and enemies of her peace.


Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Forchive Njitam,

You SOB. The more you write the more you tick me off.
Don't you dare call me Mister. Are you trying to be a gentleman now. You snitch.
I signed my mail as Paa Ngembus. Call me Paa Ngembus. Why are you running away from that name. Does it give you nightmares, Mr. Slimeball? Yes your father Forchive killed Paa Ngembus. I am his reincarnation and your worst nightmare. Those of your father's ilk who razed his village will one day pay for it. You gulag master. I have been to my father's village Ndock Nyep in Bassa land. The signs are still there 50 years later. I know what I am talking about. The French used your fathers to kill and plunder in Bassa and Bamilike villages and you can never escape that truth. Remember the Nuremberg trials? "I was just following orders" is not an acceptable defence anymore. You will pay for your crimes individually.

You did not deny that Forchive was your father. Now that you confirm that you were the wajax of Yaounde, I now know your are the person I thought you were. You are Forchive's son. You secret service snitch. You were paid to spy on your fellow students.
"I never kill anybody." Ya right. Who are you kidding you jerk. You have the blood of all those students who died in the Ahidjo/Biya dungeons in your hands. You are part of the killer gang and we will put the US authorities on your trail.
The same applies to all of your friends and frog brothers committing atrocities in the Southern Cameroons in the name of La Republique du Cameroun goons. We will track them to the ends of the earth and we will bring them to Justice. We will use the Jewish model for tracking Nazi war criminals. You will not hide from us. You shall answer for all you crimes bozo.

Yes, my middle name is Fonlon. I was so named after the great Professor Fonlon. My mother is from his village. For your information Professor Fonlon was for Southern Cameroons independence before he died in 1986. Professor Fonlon was the Architect of the Cameroon Federation with Foncha and Co. They naively believed Ahidjo and his cabal were negotiating in good faith. After Ahidjo betrayed the federation with his 1972 coup d'etat, Fonlon lost faith. So you see Forchive Njitam, you are the liar here. You are the one dishonoring Fonlon. Go read your Fonlon history again bloke.

I ask you again, who made you Nji? We will detrone all of you killers who are now intimidating our people to make you their traditional leaders. Forchive snitch, who made you Nji? My mother also has Bamoun ancestry so I know what Nji means. We will dethrone you, for murderers like you do not deserve to be our Njis.

I am a leader of Bamilike/Bassa Anglos. A majority of them will follow me when they realize Southern Cameroons is their only country. It will be hard to reign in brats like Andre, Emmmanuel, Ricardo, Janvier and Henriette, but I guarantee you they will all be singing the Southern Cameroons National Anthem with me at the end of the day. They don't have a choice. Southern Cameroons is the only country that welcomes them.

As for your "We will NEVER allow your division", all I can say is keep on dreaming froggie. Just pray to be alive when Southern Cameroons is liberated. I will borrow land from my "Nji" and build you a nice retirement jail in Kouta Matapit. I will invite all Bassa and Bamilike descendants who lost their forefathers to come see their killer face to face.

Wishing you a long life so we can prosecute and jail you after we gain our independence.

Paa Ngembus.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock


Go get your head checked you bastard.
Your parents and grand parents escaped murder and plunder from La Republique and sort refuge in the Southern Cameroons. They succeeded and thrived. They raised you and sent you to the best schools like Sasse and Bali and Sacred Heart and Saker and Lourdes.
How dare you ungrateful brats turn against the country that saved you from extermination. You morons are well advised to follow the example of the Jews. The Jews have always been grateful to all those who saved them from German extermination. You should be grateful to those who saved you from French extermination in La Republique.
My grandpa Ngembus must be rattling in his grave when cowards like you speak. This is not the Kamerun he fought and died for. He will definitely support the Southern Cameroons of today because he knows there will at least be somewhere where his own can run to when the French genocidiares return.
You Bamilike and Bassa Anglophones should support the Southern Cameroons. It is the only country you have got, you idiots. Keep dreaming of your Bamilike and Bassa frog brothers. They will keep you out of their cabal because you are Anglos.
I have a Bassa Anglo friend of mine whose names I will withhold. When he finished his MBA in the US, he went looking for a job in Cameroon against our advice. His father went to his Bassa frog brothers who were running SONARA in Victoria (yes it is Victoria not Limbe you fools). He thought being Bassa they would accept him and employ his son. Oh, how wrong he was. He was not Bassa enough. He was Anglo. Only frog Bassas were welcome into the Bassa kleptocracy in SONARA. My friend had to get back to the US and flip burgers for a while before getting himself a real job.
So stop dreaming you Anglo Bami and Bassa. The frogs will never accept you. You are outcasts. You are not welcome back.
Southern Cameroons is the only country you have got and you better believe it suckers.

Wishing you the BEST brother Bami Boy.

Paa Ngembus.

Andre Fokam

Mr. Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

you face the risk of being a sad story. with a life full of anger, frustration, jealousy. i don't know how old you are so i don't know if any thing can be saved about your case. i think your frustration comes from the fact that you are lost in confusion about your origines. you don't belong to no where, no one accept you. but that is your fault because any wise person would have turned your confused origines into a great advantage you just have to be positive. we the unity forces are optimistic about the future, we have reason to be happy and we are happy and proud of ourself. cameroon is our land and we feel free and happy all over our land. we work on buiding our country and making it prousperous and we shall succeed. if you choose to be left over, it is your buisness. all your talks have not and will not change any thing and we will continue to celebrate our country.

no matter how old you are, you can still change and died in peace and happiness.
embrace the progressive forces.
be happy

Andre fokam

Ma Mary


I wish to commend you about a remarkable development on your part. You wrote a whole posting or comment without slogans shouting at one in CAPITAL LETTERS! Intelligent people have no use for slogans because they imply an underlying assumption that the recepient of the slogan could be manipulated through mind numbing repetition. Sloganeering is something worse than torture that we Southern Cameroonians endured under the COG (Camerounese Occupation Government)especially since 1972.

Some smart person once said that Victors write the history. So, when you say I am hijacking Camerounese history, what are you talking about? Is it your doctored government version, which is little more than propaganda? Have you read Cameroon Tribune? BORING! I am interested in Southern Cameroons history, and in your history as far as it concerns Southern Cameroons. Our facts are correct, and well documented. Our interpretations are ours, but they are based on the facts.

One thing you have never done has been to challenge our well documented facts. You have nothing. NOTHING! Just dogma. Just propaganda. You lose in any free and open debate. But you guys do not like free and open do you? You use the COF (Camerounese Occupation Forces) to cover the gap in your logic and your dearth of facts.

Henriette. Your one liners do not suffice at all. You had better back up your aspersions and stay away from sentimentality. Your time is fast approaching to be properly spanked with argument. No longer will you be allowed to hide behind the frog boys to croak.

Ma Mary


Mr Ngembus,

I just feel so sorry for you. Do you really want to be a Politician with that language and attitude? Politics is not made for you.

Please have your blood pressure checked ASAP. You must be stressed out to the max...

You are a pathological case. You do not deserve my time...

I wish God helps you to find peace within yourself. Merry Christmax!

I still love you,

Vive la Democratie au Cameroun!
God Bless a Democratic, Peaceful and prosperous Cameroon!


Ma Marie,

Thanks for your compliment. At this point, no document will be accepted by you and your Group (unless it suits you).
There is really no point....
Your Group has no credibility and you have to be part of the political process in Cameroon.
Your Group knows that your idea will not be welcome by the majority of Cameroonians.

It surely does not make sense what you are advocating.
Let me give you one example that is just similar to your case.
In Texas, 5 years ago, a Group like yours stood up and demanded that Texas should be independent. Just like your Group, they wanted out of the Union due to historical facts....
The United States is one of the Greatest Democracy on earth.
What happen to that Group?
They were all slammed in Jail and the Group was made illegal.
Ok. That is how your Group will end up in Cameroon.
Cameroon will not be divided to please you Guys... Period.
You have no mandate from anybody to speak for English speaking Cameroonians.
You have no Political Party...
You call for Crime and Division...
You are completely out of touch with Cameroon realities...

Division is not an option Mary, I am sorry.


Peace and love.

God Bless a Democratic, peaceful and prosperous Cameroon.




You are a big disgrace to the honourable name Fonlon.

You need to be tamed and cultured.

Is that the approach you will use in governing your banana repubic.
I can see your degree of frustration.
Ashia for you.


It does n't hurt to try again.The Gov't should organise a grand political concensus with all the opposition parties, in which they would be bent on addressing the main problems we face,for subsequent solution.
This must be a top priority.Pressure groups like SCNC,CAM,e.t.c stand a clear chance to achieve a smooth seperation and independence. If the gov't needs to stay united and dedicated to effective reforms, this dialogue must ensue now.It is the best option for everlasting peace in Cameroon
I cheerish a united, progressive and peaceful Cameroon dedicated to democratic practice and respect for its constitution.
The unity is strained and tense at the moment.Meanwhile, progress is too slow, and constitutional violation is common place, accountability is 'opaque'.Respect for human right is a nightmare.
When the gov't fails to achieve this grand objective, then the SCNC will thrive inevitable; no doubt about that!.I will be poised to affiliate with them.I feel a strong sense of belonging to people ready to effect change the correct way with good results.Dear Ms' President, Prime Minister,Ministers, urban Delegates,Governors, Senior Divisional Officers, Mayors ,e.t.c. of Cameroon, we hope you are reading and listening to our opinion.

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Mr. Ngembus Fonlon Mbock,

Please insult me as you like. Again I say to you, I will not do insult battle with you.

I will not discuss my family issue here.

I say again that you dishonor great Professor Fonlon. He was great Cameroonian Patriot.

I know Professor Fonlon like a young man know an old friend. I saw him before he die in Canada in 1986. Professor Fonlon was for UNITED CAMEROON. Professor Fonlon NEVER NEVER support secession.

This is very bad for you. You try to destroy reputation of great Cameroon patriot with slander and bad propaganda. Professor Fonlon NEVER NEVER support secession.

Also you dishonor your gandfather Paa Ngembus. He fight for Cameroon liberation. As UPC fighter, he fight for UNITED CAMEROON. He never support secession. Never.

Again, UPC war was colonial war. French paratrooper from foreign legion kill Cameroonian in Bassa and Bamilike land. French paratrooper cause genocide not Forchive.

Please learn and know history of Cameroon colony.

Thank you.



Where are the Separatists???



Ma Mary

Unlike people who are paid by la republique to cause disruption, Southern Cameroonians have to make an actual living. You shall be getting your responses soon enough. Quit bouncing off the walls like a frog......

Nji Ahmadou Njitam (NAN)

Hello Everybody,

I will go on vaction for three week.

I will not participate in discussion always during the period.

I wish everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks you.



Brother Nan,

Please accept my Best wishes for you and your family.
May the all mighty protects you, gives you good health, happiness and prosperity.

[email protected]


Brother Nan,

Please accept my Best wishes for you and your family.
May the all mighty protects you, gives you good health, happiness and prosperity.

[email protected]


Ma Mary,

Your Brother Riccardo loves you.

May all the Separatists accept my Best wishes from the bottom of my heart.

May the Almighty helps everyone here to live to see a DEMOCRATIC, PEACEFUL AND PROSPEROUS CAMEROON....

To you Ma Mary and Henriette,
We Love you Sisters .. .
All my Best wishes and Merry Christmas.

Last but not least. My Brother Progressive Forces,
I have faith in you.
Our cause is the just cause.
Keep that faith... Things will change peacefully.
Lets stand together and debate these Separatists.
Victory is near.... Our Country will be strong and peaceful... Democracy is the only way to correct injustices and corruption.
We are winning....
May the Lord protect all of you wherever you are.
Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!

PS: You will soon be contacted by CAADIM (Cameroonians Against the Division of our Motherland)Organization.
Lets keep our activism strong to say no to corruption, injustice and Division.

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the Division of our Mother Land)

Ejike Mouluh


Now, you're fast jumping ship from a greater Kamerunik crusader to an unprincipled unionist to a CAADIM.

Sir, you have no motherland unless you are prepared to submit to the rule of law at all times and uphold past agreements. The People of Southern Cameroons oppose the annexation of their territory contrary to the basis of federation in 1961 by La Republique du Cameroun.

Those who underlook illegality for whatever reason, including unfair advantages, deserve the rule of anarchy and dictatorship. Such people would have learnt no lesson from the errors of Serbia.

Your sloganizing, lawlessness, demagoguery and intimidations by conjuring violence by the state will be opposed on this medium and elsewhere at all times.

CLPD (Citizens for Legality, Peace and Democracy).

Ma Mary

Ejike Mouluh:

What we are describing are fascist tactics: employment of fear, slogans, meaningless slogans and jingoism to suppress the people's freedom. Forming front organizations to cover their quest for raw power.


Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Forchive Njikam,

You can deny that your father Forchive killed Bassa and Bamilike villagers as much as you want. The facts are there. You cannot erase history. When the UPC rebellion started the French used an army of native Camerounese soldiers. The French were the senior officers. They had junior Camerounese officers and your father Forchive was one of them. He was known as "Chef" then. In Bassa land the battles were hard, ask any survivor currently in his 70s, 80s or 90s and he or she will bear me out. Your father and his fellow genocidiares killed many people but the freedom fighters kept on coming. They then came to the conclusion that the Bassa people were using witchcraft to revive dead freedom fighters at night and send them to the war front in the morning. That is when Forchive and his goons came up with the idea to cut off the heads of the dead freedom fighters so they could not be revived with Bassa witchcraft. They took the severed heads as trophies to their French commanders. In Ndock Nyep the old villagers know the dreadful legend of your father Forchive (Chef) so you cannot deny it, you murderer. I should be the one telling you to go and learn the history of Cameroun decolonization from the survivors, you moron.

Paa Gembus was not fighting for Cameroun unity. He was fighting to liberate Cameroun from the clutches of the French. Get that into your thick wooded head Bozo. Know your history. What I am doing is honoring him. I am continuing the fight to decolonize my country. Paa Gembus is very proud of me. He hates cowards like you. You are not even aware that your country is still a French colony. France is using your country La Republique du Cameroun as a proxy to colonize my country the Southern Cameroons. I will liberate the Southern Cameroons, build it into one of the pillars of Africa and then use it to extricate you hapless cowards from the clutches of the French. You should be grateful to me you coward.

Killer Forchive Njitam. What were you doing with Professor Fonlon in Canada before he died in 1986? Did Paul Biya send you to poison him like your father poisoned Felix Moumie on Ahidjo’s behalf? So, we now know how Fonlon died. You murdering secret agent snitch. We will get you. You just incriminated yourself jerk. Unfortunately for you all your spying did not work. All you could do was kill Fonlon. You did not get Fonlon's true feelings. Before he died he had re-initiated the struggle for Southern Cameroons independence and given instructions to Fongum Gorji Dinka to lead the fight. So you see, once again you failed. Professor Fonlon supported Southern Cameroons independence and we shall pursue his cause until we are victorious.

NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING can stop Southern Cameroons independence.

Secret Agent Njitam. So you are now spying on SCYL and educating your froggie wanabes like Ricardo and Jean Pierre. Continue wasting your time. With SCYL foot soldiers our victory is assured and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Even send your brats to infiltrate SCYL. We will detect all those traitors and reward them each with a bullet through the skull. Bastards. The days for your tactics are finished Forchive. You are done. Sit where you are and wait for us to judge you and send you to jail.

Happy New Year Filthy Snitch.

Paa Ngembus.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock


You slimy retarded confused lost soul.
Where are you running to.
Before I started writing on this blog you were insulting everyone with impunity. Now that you have met your superior you are running away. You do not want to argue. You are going nowhere bozo. Stay there and let us trade the insults moron. I thought that was what you know how to do best slimeball.
Look at who is saying his time is too precious for me. Filthy sewer rat. Do you know what we call "ngong dog" in Kumba market? The cowardly dog that disappears with his tail between his legs when his superior arrives on the scene. You are a ngong dog Ricardo. A coward. Stay and fight with insults. I thought that was your stock in trade bastard.
You heaped all types of insults on everyone who stood for Southern Cameroons independence. You now have your superior in the insult industry in the house ready to give you your share of the insults, and all of a sudden you want to put your long bushy tail between your froggie legs and disappear from the scene. Stay and fight you skimpy froggie wanabe.

Who told you I wanted to play politics? You think what you are doing here is playing politics? I am a foot soldier for the Southern Cameroons. I am not interested in any politics. My role is to fight brainwashing propaganda from paid agents of La Republique like you. I will puncture your every move pauper. I am your nightmare. You once threatened to betray Southern Cameroons freedom fighters to La Republique goons so they can be captured and killed. You are no different from Mayi Matip who betrayed Um Nyobe and the UPC struggle. We have a solution for you slimeball. A bullet for your skull. Oh yes, that is what any traitors of the struggle will get. So tell all those your lost outcast refugees snitches in the Southern Cameroons, who are currently waiting to betray their brothers and sisters in the struggle that we will threat them as traitors are treated eveywhere on earth where there is a similar struggle for freedom. A bullet to the head.
You cry democracy. What democracy do you know bozo?. The French type where they appoint everything from Prime Minister to Governor to DO to Mayor? The French type where they rigg all elections? What democracy are you talking about scoundrel? Southern Cameroons knew democracy long before La Republique satrted wearing underwear. Southern Cameroons needs no lessons in democracy from nincompoops like you. Go preach your democracy to brainwashed frogs in La Republique you froggie wanabe.

Anglofool Bamiboy, Southern Cameroons is the only country you have got. I will keep repeating that until in sinks into your numb skull.

Take Care And Have A Very Merry Christmas Brother.

Paa Ngembus.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Andre Fokam,

You poor confused Bami orphan. I pity you. You don't know where you belong.
Go pray on your grandfather's grave for some guidance boy.

If you think I am angry you are mistaken. Don't forget that like you I have some frog blood in me and that I enjoy insulting matches. I am just not a coward like the rest of you guys, so I am enjoying this. You were having fun alone when I was not around. You insulted everyone who dared to support Southern Cameroons independence. Now that your superior is around you are running scared like long-tailed, froggy-legged ngong dogs. Let us insult on morons and see who shall be left standing. After the insulting is complete we may then discuss the Southern Cameroons - La Republique du Cameroun DIVORCE like grown ups.

Between you and I who is more lost. I think the answer is you, bastard. Do you know where your village is in Bami land? I know where mine is in Bassa land. I visit there all the time. Do you know where your grandparents, greatgrandparents and greatgreatgrandparents are buried in Bami land? I know where mine are buried. I visit their graves all the time. Do you know your extended family and where they live in Bami land? I know mine. I have very good family links and I visit them all the time. Do you own a hut in your so-called Bami village? I own a home in my Bassa village. I visit there on holiday from the Southern Cameroons. I will continue visiting there after Southern Cameroons gains independence, in the same way Cameroonian Americans visit their villages from America when they are on vacation.

So you see brother, the lost soul is you. You are the one who has lost touch with your family and that is why you are confused. When we talk of the management and governance of a modern 21st century country, all you can think of is tribe, because that is what the French have brainwashed you to think. Wake up and open your eyes Bozo. The fact that I am fighting for Southern Cameroons independence does not mean I want to severe links with my family in La Republique. I have a huge extended family. On my father's side, we have people who are citizens of Equitorial Guinea, France and the United States of America. On my mother's side we have people who are citizens of Britain, Nigeria, France and the United States of America. Do you get the picture now Mr. Numbskull? I want to create a stable paradise so that if French butchers come again at least my family in Ndock Nyep will know where to run to. They will run to the Southern Cameroons like my parents did before them, and they would be welcomed into a country that will nurture them and give them the opportunity to thrive like the Southern Cameroons did to my father and his siblings. GOT IT NOW BOY?

Read the story of Dibongue. He was a citizen of La Republique Francaise du Cameroun who was initially for unification. He realized that it was a mistake and before he died he was fighting for two options. His first option was full independence for the Southern Cameroons. He knew the French so well that in his second option he would rather lead the Southern Cameroons into union with Nigeria than into the present slavery as a colony of the French colony of La Republique du Cameroun. Didongue and Endeley lost to Foncha and Ahidjo and we are where we are today. We will rekindle the independent Southern Cameroons as these great Southern Cameroonians wished before they died.

Anglofool Bamiboy, Southern Cameroons is the only country you have got. I will keep repeating that until in sinks into your numb skull.

Merry Christmas Brother.

Paa Ngembus.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Forchive Njitam,

Man no run.
Where are you running to secret service snitch.
You just reacted like I thought you would.
All spies do that.
When they are uncovered they escape.
We will find you Njitam. You can run to the ends of the earth, we will find you and bring you to justice.


Paa Ngembus.


Riccardo probably feels power because he is in Houston, Texas. He promised state-ochestrated violence by LRC against any pro-independence Southern Cameroons citizen.

He probably breathes power in the home state of the most powerful man on earth! Boy, the US President is a democrat and a promoter of liberty, freedom and justice.

Forced by events, the President has risked his presidency to liberate a far flung people from tyrany. His father freed Kuwait from an annexationist who like Ahmadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya was captivated by the allure of minerals.

If Riccardo cannot learn the tenets of law and order in Texas where the death penalty against lawlessness means certain death then this Camerounese truly cannot learn.

Long live the Southern Cameroons National Council and the People of Southern Cameroons.


Mr Ngembus,

Son, I will be enjoying my vacation in the South of Spain in few days. I will be enjoying some wine and some good spanish foods. I will try to meet with Samuel Eto'o
(True son of Cameroon)
Some Patriots have promised to offer me a party where Makossa, bikutsi, bensiking will rock the house.
Brother, I forgot about the typical Cameroonian food (ndole, miondo, eru and Koki) mmmmmmmmhhh Yummmmyummm!

Talking to you is very low on my priority
list now.

Hope you don't die before I get back to STATES due to your stress and your misery.

I will pray for you. Don't die on me! We need to settle some score.


I will be back soon!

Merry Christmas brother. Keep yourself alive.

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the Division of our Mother Land)

Jean Pierre

Deux actions anti-françaises que je trouve fortes, l'une est de faire partir le pouvoir en place qui est au service de la France plus tôt que des camerounais, ensuite envisager de se trouver d'autres partenaires économiques, notamment avec certains pays émergents qui ont connu quasiment les mêmes réalités que l'Afrique, dont le Cameroun notamment. La Chine par exemple fait peur même aux américains, nul n'est sensé ignoré que d'ici une dizaine d'années, la Chine sera la première puissance mondiale économique. Pourquoi toujours penser que la France et certains pays de l'Europe élargie sont indispensables pour l'éclosion et l'épanouissement des économies africaines? Il est temps pour nos dirigents de comprendre que les français ont échoué dans leurs relations avec les pays d'Afrique. Elle a eu maille à se défaire de son rôle de "patron colonisteur" contrairement à l'angleterre. Toutes nos ressources naturelles sont exploitées pour ne pas dire "volées" comme le disent certains par des français. Ils se sont enrichis sur le dos des africains et nous traiter ouvertement de "misère du monde" est inadmissible. Elle rappatrie des africains vers leur pays d'origine, tient pour bouc émissaire, les africains vivant sur leur sol. On les accuse de tous les maux. Il est vraiment temps que nous nous tournons vers d'autres partenaires en Asie. Même si les occidentaux ont voulu fragiliser l'Asie en "inventant" un nouveau virus H3..H5N1...H5 lié à la grippe aviaire après avoir inoculé le SIDA aux africains parce que l'Afrique du Sud était jusque là considérée comme pays émergent. Voilà comment les occidentaux essaient d'enfoncer d'autres pays à rester toujours sous leur dépendance. Notre monde est devenu une véritable jungle où les principes moraux n'ont plus leur place. On tue, pourvu qu'on gagne. L'Afrique continue d'être retardée parce que nous avons au sommet de nos Etats des dirigents au service de l'Occident. Tant que ça ne changera pas, on peut continuer à se leurrer. Rien n'avancera, même pas une marche de protestation.



Ma Mary, Nguembus:

Did you know that the largest frog in the world is native to Cameroon? It is called the Goliath Frog it lives in rivers of coastal areas of my beautiful country, it's a very impressive creature able to make 3 meter jumps...

Cameroonians are amused by your gauche self-assured ignorance that leads you in a naive mimetism to call peace loving citizens of our country "frogs"

You can also us call Chimps, but beware, from a eurocentric perspective, this stereotype could also apply to your negro-african self.

I wish a lovely Holiday season to all Cameroonians reading this blog.


Andre Fokam

To My Dear friends on this forum
Riccardo, Dr. Agbormai, Ma Mary, Henriette, Felix, Dango Tumma(yes, You!!!), NAN, JSamba, Janvier tchouteu, Jean Pierre, Felix, Kumba Boy, Mukete, Ngembus Fonlon (Yes you too), Ejike Moluh, Okolle, Njifenztb, Molah A lute Bote, Tita Espoir, MC, Ndiks, Emmanuel Tange, Kabuin, Emmanuel Ngang, Jean Owono, Morfaw rene, Simon N. L, Edimo, Eya, SJ and to the entire team of The Post newsline,

I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR. may God give us wisdom, health and joy for the year to come.
"happiness is making bouquets with flowers within your reach"

Love you all brothers and sisters

A frog in Wonderland

Andre Fokam


It is established that,Ricardo and his ilk may be suffering from molloscum contangiosum of the brain.This guys just don't get a thing on what Ambazonians ars saying.if you go to the article where this comments are coming after,you will see that these nuctambulist don't get it,let a lone willing to understand.This clearly shows that,this picaroons has a policy pre destined to object our quest to restore our rights,right backed with facts and law.Also,you will note with me that,all the rantings of the agents of the conquistador colonial gov't in Y'de prepensely leave out law and justice.Hope the New will take some to reason,especially simpletons like Ricardo,Fokam,Henriette. Go to US state Dep't and ask which is Cameroun's official Language,and in other western Countries.They know of Cameroun as a french Country.Go check.
NB:AMBAZONIA bound to be with Cameroun in African context,but as Unitary State and One and Indivisible,NO NO NO.


Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

Do the spies of the La Republique think that use funny names on this forum think that they can by some magic reverse the arm of the clock? If they have a genuine course to defend, why then hide behind fake names?
Mola Njoh Litumbe spoke the truth and that is why he did not need to use any pseudonym for that purpose.
Can the so called Ricardo, Ma Mary, Janvier, Henriette unmask themselves so that a clean debate can begin?
I will advise bloggers to desist from replying from these individuals or else we participate in ligitmating their pay.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all the bloggers on the The Postnewsline.


I have checked with the State Department and the official language of Cameroon is French/English.
You forget that there is a United States Embassy in Cameroon.
Come on, do you want to tell me that the American Government is so ignorant?
Please stop it.
So, if Cameroonians speak English or Cameroon adopts English as the official language will it solve your problem?
FYI, according to statistics from the Ministry of Education, as well as 79% of students in Cameroon speak and write English fairly well in French speaking Cameroon. 60% of kids in High school are completely bilingual, 40% more of French Speaking Cameroonians are attending schools where English is 80% used as the primarily language. 99.9% of young Cameroonians will prefer to immigrate to America compare to Europe. 79.6% will prefer to study in Great Britain. 20.4% only will want to study in France.
Now does that tell you something?
Things are changing and the dynamics of the world are forcing many Africans to look at their interest and their future more objectively.
So brother, let's get real... How can you seperate my family and I for the sake of English????
You will be seperating my family...CAN YOU GET IT?

Please brother think... I understand you Guys want to be Ministers and Head of States.
But remember, there will only be One Head of State and few Ministerial Jobs... What would you Guys do next???? Start fighting amongst yourselves??
Be real, use common sense brother. Common sense, please. Don't be a fool.
We know our real problems... Let's face them and get rid of them for a better future of the next generation...
Don't perish in vain for a lost cause.... Because we love you.

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland).

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock


You are a real Ngong Dog -:)

You coward. So now that you have escaped to the safety of your France (continue to lie that you are in Spain bastard), you can now afford to taunt me with ndole, miondo, eru and Koki.
Poor you, Bozo. I don't have to travel that far. I have mbongo chobi, foufou corn, kati-kati, PDG, soya and ekwang in addition to all you listed above right here. I don't need to travel to France to feel at "home". You see, I succeeded in escaping the brainwashing my dear frenchified froggie wannabe.
I have assiko agogo, njang, bottle dance and even mbolo mbolo in addition to all you have there. So, guess who is missing out Frenchie?

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Only an idiot will voluntarily submit themselves to slavery. I guess that is why the toads (frogs for a better word) call us Anglofools.

Refugees from La Republique du Cameroun and their descendants are duty bound as a matter of principled appreciation to support Southern Cameroons Independence because The Southern Cameroons is the only country they have got.

A Word To A Wise Is Enough!

A Bon Entendeur Salut!

Paa Ngembus.

Edimo A.E

Hi Richardo and co,
Please, Kindly take time to read and digest all the quotes below and try to understand where Southern Cameroons in coming from and how our yesterday leaders forsaw the unholy marriage that the United Nation force SC into, which has no legal stand. Perhaps you can understand that, the liberation bandwagon of SC was not started by this generation.

“If you vote for Cameroun Republic, you will invite a new system under which everyone lives in fear of the Police and the Army. You will not be free to move about; you cannot lecture freely or discuss your political views in public; you must carry your tax receipt [and an identity] round your neck like a dog; and you can be arrested and flogged by the Police and even imprisoned without a fair trial. ... Anyone accused of an offence in the Cameroun Republic is man-handled and flogged and is generally treated as a guilty criminal. Even the most junior policeman there seems to have the power of ‘life and death’ over the common people! ... Cameroun Republic is still a colony of France. ... A vote to join French Cameroun will mean a complete change in our language, system of government and way of life. Progress will be stopped. ... In French Cameroun political differences are settled by guns and poison. ... Who amongst you will like your children to grow up in servitude? Surely non of you.” (Dr Endeley, Plebiscite Message. Note: A Daniel-like prophesy!).

Mr. Ahmadou Ahidjo, President of la Republique du Cameroun:
 “I have said and repeated, in the name of the government, that we do not have any annexationist design; the unification must be carried out with the consent of our compatriots over the Mungo.” (Agence Camerounaise de Presse of 17 June, 1960, p.3.).
“In order that the people of the Southern Cameroons may achieve independence by joining the Republic of Cameroun it is necessary that the Federation should come into existence at mid-night of 1st October, 1961. At one and the same moment there will be born the independent State of The Southern Cameroons and the Federation of the United Kamerun Republic. The Federation would be a free association of independent and equal sovereign states. ... It is submitted that ... the Republic of Cameroun has contracted to receive the Southern Cameroons as an equal sovereign state and at one and the same time to form with it a Federation of two equal sovereign states.” (Legal Opinion of Mr B.G. Smith, Attorney General of the Southern Cameroons, in a Confidential Memo of 19 June, 1961, to the Premier of the Southern Cameroons.).

 “For us, there can be no question of annexation of the Southern Cameroons. We have envisaged a flexible form of union, a federal form.” (Agence Camerounaise de Presse of 22 July, 1960, p.3.).
“Most people in the Southern Cameroons do not want to be administered by the Republic, they do not want to have anything to do with a French trained army or police (which they fear), they do not want a French system of law, they do not want the French language, they do not want to risk being pushed around by Republic officials and they do not want policy dictated to them by Republic politicians. Least of all, do they want the British connection to be completely severed or to be cut off from British help. ... They fear being pushed into Nigeria as much as they fear being pushed into the Republic.” (His Honour J.O. Field, Commissioner of the Southern Cameroons, in a Secret Despatch of 29 August, 1960, to Mr. Iain Macleod, British Colonial Secretary.).

“Frenchmen are reliably understood to be planning to take over the CDC plantations in Victoria and Kumba Divisions.” (Hon. Dr. EML Endeley, MHA, Leader of the Opposition, in Plebiscite Message to the People of the Southern Cameroons, January 1961.).
“French imperialism in cultural and economic matters is of an exclusive and jealous kind. ... I am afraid that the French will try to subvert our national enterprise and bring into play their overwhelming predominance in order to Frenchify us right to the last person.” (Dr B.N. Fonlon, in ‘Shall We Make or Mar’ (1964).).

Let us not lose sight of the fact that seeds of discontent exist in our Federation. There is, also, seething frustration in the Federation. ... We must have moral courage enough to accept one fact ... that unless the causes of this discontent and frustration are honestly examined and remedied our Federation will, in the long run, become a golden apple rotten at the heart. It may become too rotten for our comfort and our touch. ... History has a lesson for us. ... Discontent and frustration arising from similar causes have proved the bane of other countries and have led to unhealthy and disturbed situations in them, -- even to splits. ... Our Constitution was worked out in a rush. It did not receive the attention, thought and technical skill and consideration which a constitution must, of necessity, receive. ... Two states form our Federation. Two foreign cultures and languages play a dominant part in it. Before unification each of the two states enjoyed certain practices and had established institutions and those organs of government necessary for running a modern state. The fact that the Southern Cameroons was not then a Sovereign State cannot desrtroy this. ... We invite the U.C. to have a dialogue with us on these matters and come to specific agreements and understanding.” (From a Memo written in 1964 by Dr Fonlon highlighting the deep disappointment and frustration of the people of the Southern Cameroons with the functioning of the Federation. It was signed by Mr J.N. Foncha as KNDP President and was submitted to President Ahmadou Ahidjo and his UC political party. Ahidjo and Moussa Yaya spurned the Memo and refused to consider the very pertinent points raised therein.)

Ma Mary

Respond to Edimo's post point by point.

There is no such thing as an 11th Province. It is a temptation, from a tribalistic state (La Republique) to disenfranchize certain Southern Cameroonians. Southern Cameroons is not/was not an ethnic-based state. Pay attention to what Paa Ngembus is saying. Do not allow la Republique to confuse you.

Ma Mary

Ma Mary

Respond to the FACTS to the POINTS raised by Edimo and others. The fact that you assert something from you belly does not make it true. We do not give a damn about your sentimentality. You are an annexationist puppy. Congratulations for having the largest natural amphibian FROG on earth in la Republique du Cameroun. You also have the silliest black AFrican human frogs. You believe that by croaking wildly and illogically as you are doing here, appealing to sentiment and not to fact, you can legitimize annexation of Southern Cameroons by your Foccartist state.
Ma Mary



Thanks for the above post. This is just what we need to keep exposing the lies of LRC. To all those Southern Cameroonians still sitting on the fence, please wake up from your slumber.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

Ma Mary,

NAN has escaped.
The filthy snitch is gone.
All spies do that after they are unmasked.
Very soon we will unmask Ricardo and Henriette and the cowards shall disappear too with their bushy tails between their froggie legs.

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Only an idiot will voluntarily submit themselves to slavery.

Refugees from La Republique du Cameroun and their descendants are duty bound as a matter of principled appreciation to support Southern Cameroons Independence because The Southern Cameroons is the only country they have got.

Paa Ngembus.


Thank you for your comment. In the world of academia, this is well done pamphlet.
In the real world brother, pamphlets do not really help the people you honestly intend to.
I have no answer to your questions.

I believe, your Gang thinks that I'm here to defend the Biya's regime... WRONG...
Your Gang believes that BIYA's incompetent Government does not harm Francophones.
You have a lot of Francophones opposing that Government.

I am here to defend the integrity of my Country.

I am here to defend my people who could be exterminated with guns and war machinery that are produced by the West.

I am here to defend my poor people who want nothing more than getting out of poverty.

I am here to defend those who will suffer if they fall into your traps of your call for Violence, Hatry and Division.

Your Gang could learn a lot from the Canadian Separatist Movement how to advance your cause.
Don't you think so?
The Canadian Model may be very attractive in Cameroon.
Any change, will be done with the Real Political Parties.... You will not be there... They have MPs you don't...

To the Separatists,

You do have great Historians and some Lawyers but you lack Strategic Thinkers.

Let me give you one idea:

* You would have registered your Gang as a Political Party at the beginning.
* Then change your strategy telling the people that the solution is Separation and campaign for these ideas.
*Biya's government will be fighting an Organized and legal Political Party.
* International Organizations,Donors, the world community will pressure Biya as a Non Democratic Leader and you will have a leverage to sit on the negotiation Table with the current Government.
* Your ideas will be nationally debated.
* You could get many Cameroonians finding your ideas attractive.
* You will be influencing the decision making process in Cameroon
* You could form alliances and achieve some of your goals...
But now
* Your approach of going to Court, facts blablabla!!!!! only strengthens Biya's image of being the "Leader who could hold Cameroon in Peace".
* Any Moderate Leader who tends to listen to your grievances will be judged very weak and will not be supported by the political and the military apparatus...
* This is what you forget... There are fanatics of Unity in Cameroon (the military) that could overthrow BIYA himself if he becomes flexible to negotiate with your Gang. They will find him weak...
Do you get it??? This is reality...

* Your actions are also hampering our progress towards democracy

Will this strategy usable now??
Timing is what you have missed
You are in Court...
Because you are very noisy and you are not in touch with Africans (Cameroon) realities....
There are more 200 Political Parties in Cameroon today.
Why should Biya negotiate with you? There is no pressure...
Why should he leave aside the SDF, UNDP, UDC, UPC etc and negotiate with you????
Separatists or those who contemplate the idea of division are kicked out of those Parties... (including your FOR NGALA FOR, actual Vice President of your Organization)
There is a lot of resistance.

Think about it...

Now, what is the solution to your problems???


I will sound repetitive but it is not...


Fighting from within the system, you know your "enemy" a lot better. You know the terrain and the people... their mind set and can predict their next moves and their reactions to your actions....That is what you are missing. You need some MPs.. Yes, MPs. You need to be credible....
You need to be part of the process..
If you want to succeed...

Progressive Cameroonians are peacefully involved, participating, discussing, influencing and actively voicing their opinion in the decision making process in our Country today.
It's working...
*We are not a Political Party...
*We are an NGO activists a Think Thank Organization who seek no Political Appointments as you do.
*We are a Watch Dog Organization whose mission is to make Cameroon a Great Democracy in Africa.
*We want Justice, freedom, Peace and real Progress to eliminate poverty in Cameroon.
*We do not promote any political ideology.
*We promote reconciliation and Justice in the Cameroonian society.

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the Division of our Motherland)


Dear Patriots,

In other to meet our tremendous growth all over the world, (especially in China, Honkong, India and South East Asia) CAADIM
(CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland) is looking for Representatives.

Details will be confidentially sent to you after we have established contacts.

Please contact me ASAP if you are interested.
This is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our people in our Country. Get Involved for the just cause of transforming Cameroon a truly democratic County in Africa.
Get involved to foster peace, reconciliation in our Motherland.
Get involved in fighting the warmongers, KuKluxKlan like Organizations in our Country.

CAADIM needs you now more than ever.

Please contact:

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland)
[email protected]


Simpletons like Ricardo and people of his ilk,
should be answering questions and not running away from it.It is undemocratic.if you think and believes in your delusion that Cameroun is one and indivisible,say exactly in clear terms why stick to your delusion,and try to back it with facts and law.Your rigmaroles are nothing
but a whip to advance the war on Colonisation.
Nota bene this point.One should not be too worried with your oneliners,cause it will not sway AMBAZONIANS.Your conquistador ,gerontocratist,criminal colonial government in yaounde have done morethan what you and other chumps are doing here.We laugh at your rantings.When thieves are awair that they will loose their spoils,they are the first to yelp.If you are pissed off,hit your head with your key board.All you spites and snitchers will be booted from Ambazonia as catch as catch can.We still reserves the right on lex talionis.THE CHOICE IS THAT OF YOU AND YOUR CAMEROUN COLONIAL BOYS,AND THE TERRITORY IS AMBAZONIA'S.Your opinion has little to offer.Victory for AMBAZONIA is surefire.You can go kiss the ceiling.



The world wants Cameroon to be one Country. Your Gang is unqualified, incompetent, too radical, too divisive, too much on the far right. An example, One of your Leader's name is HITLER (I am sure he shose that name on purpose) because he admires the German Hitler's ideas of making a Country that will be populated with Arian men.
Just like AMBAS MEN??? Who are those????
Africa does not condone such an attitude. We have suffered from the hands of Foreigners and People who have some diabolic ideas like yours for a long time.
Now, Africa wants to go forward.... Not live in the PAST as you keep taking our people with your so called historical facts...
Just like the Republic of Texas wanted to be out of the Union for historical facts...
They were crushed and sent to jail in the United States (Country of a Great Democracy).
We want reconciliation, Justice and Peace in our society.
Do not use poverty to trap people into dying for your selfish political ambitions.
AMBAZONIA (ugly name)
We are CAMEROONIANS! (French and English speaking)
We are proud of our heritage.
We have problems, but hatry and Division will never solve them.
Your receipe is for destruction, hatry and division. We reject it.
The people of Cameroon rejects your idea!

A bon entendeur salut!

May God Bless you,

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland)


I truly feel sorry for you Ndiks,
at the same time next year, you will still enjoy your fantasy.

Cameroon will never be divided

You can continue to indulge in your fantasy kingdom, one day you will get back to reality...hopefully


Ngembus Fonlon Mbock


Is the Republic of Texas the only example of failed separatists that you know? We have Biafra, Casamance, Sirinaika, etc., etc.,etc. Go and find out why they failed Bozo. They lacked what we have in the Southern Cameroons. They were never a seperate self-governing nation before. The Southern Cameroons was recognized as a separate entity as far back as 1916. We gained self representation in 1946 when La Republique du Cameroun was still a "shit no wipe lass". Southern Cameroons representatives declared separation from Nigeria in 1953 and the Southern Cameroons became a self governing Stae in 1954.
So you see froggie, we are not trying to do something we haven't done before . We played this game as far back as 1953 and beat the Nigerians hands down. You are small fish compared to Nigeria wimp.
The Southern Cameroons had the first peaceful transfer of power in Africa from one Prime Minister Endeley to anyther Foncha in 1959. All this while in La Republique the French were killing your parents and grandparents. So you see Frenchie wannabe we have nothing to learn from you. Look at Eritrea, Benin, Namibia, Isreal, Czeck Republic, Croatia, Azabaijan, Estonia, Slovakia, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.
The Southern cameroons will succeed as an idndependent state. I guarantee it.

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Only an idiot will voluntarily submit themselves to slavery.

Refugees from La Republique du Cameroun and their descendants are duty bound as a matter of principled appreciation to support Southern Cameroons Independence because The Southern Cameroons is the only country they have got.

A Word To A Wise Is Enough!

A Bon Entendeur Salut!

Paa Ngembus.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock


Before I say what I have to say to you, I have a nagging question I really want you to answer.

Are you one of those HIV infected prostitutes that I hear La Reublique has sent to Washington DC to distribute AIDS to Southern Cameroonians?

Sorry if you are not. I just need a simple answer.

Paa Ngembus.

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