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Thursday, 22 December 2005


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Charles Forkwa

It is all a smokescreen. I hope the 29 names include names in the presidency. As for the three months, it is bogus.
As usual this is a shame and a sham. The problem with all this exercise is that it gives the impression that something is being done. That has always been the modus operandi of these characters in government. As long as there is the perception that the situation is being taken care of, some in this news forum will sieze upon that to make thier case for a progressive Cameroon. I challenge anyone to give me evidence of a "successful" crack down accomplished by the government -- whether Ahidjo's or Biya's.
I say hogwash.

Ambe Johnson

I am surprised that Clovis did not mention that this list is already mired in controversy because it is not only inacurate, but persecutes innocent people.

There is the case, for example, of a former school principal on that list who had not received her pension since she retired form the public service in the 1990s. The money which she allegedly swindled was in fact her arrears, which she has, ironically, not even received!!

There is also the case of a retired diplomat from the Cameroon embassy in DC who recently received 10 million FCFA as his retirement arrears. He too is on the list of crooks!!!

The whole operation has become so discredited that the Minister took the unprecendented step a few days ago of issuing a press release advising the public that "no one has been accused" of any crime, and that the individuals listed are innocent until the public service disciplinary council decides otherwise.

The minister also complained that this issue had gotten out of hand due the the "sensationalism and irresponsibility" of the Cameroonian press...

The million-dollar question is why the Minister originally found it necessary to publish a list without first verifying why and how the individuals listed received huge lump sums of money from the Gvt.

I think that these people should sue, especially those retirees who have had to wait for close to a decade to receive their pension, only for them to be called thieves

There is no story here at all, apart from the usual government incompetence -- and the fact that The Post did not find it necessary to investigate this issue properly, as the French language newspapers have done...


The Head of state and his entire team is a huge road-block to Cameroon's socio-political and econiomic progress.Complete failure!
Dissolution of parliament, reformation of constitution, and territorial restructuring.
We can have a fresh star from here and hope for the best.

Dr A A Agbormbai

That the government was able to publish a list at all was a kind of breakthrough, albeit one based on lies. Bad habits are not changed overnight and that is what is happening here.

A government that believes in corruption is now being forced to fight corruption. What do you expect? We shouldn't be too negative though, as it represents some sort of progress.

The next step is for the government to try and publish a genuine list. It shouldn't be too hard to do this, considering the levels of corruption in the country.

It all sounded too good to be true, but it is not yet time to lose hope. In fact, knowing now that its foolhardiness has been exposed the government may be more inclined to take matters more seriously if it really wants to achieve the completion point. It cannot hope to do so if it bases its tactics on lies.

Charles Forkwa

We all know where the list must start - at the Presidency. We also know that is not going to happen. And as long as the list starts from another department of government it will not be credible.
Then we are back to square one. This is a cycle that will never break until a new dynamics is introduced to disrupt it.
Small steps taking the process to nowhere but back to the start.
Not acceptable!

Jean Mark Akono

Charles Forkwa,
I agree with you. The list should start with the president himself.

He should resign after organizing a peacefull and transparent election.

Ngwana Mbiseh

This is another scam Mr Biya is putting forward to try to realize his fraudulent agenda in the international community. Charles Forkwa is very right that the post is unwise to not investigate the issue before publishing this story. There are many innocent people on this list and it’s ridiculous that civil servants who have worked all their lives to serve this corrupt government end up in jail for crimes committed by Biya himself and his entourage. He has been a fruitless and selfish president. Mr. Biya has done nothing good to the Cameroonian people and he tries to get a good name by arresting a few people and putting them in jail without a fair trial. This is futile because his tricks are coming out gradually.
Mr Biya should apprehend that if he is to fight corruption he needs to start with himself and his cabinet and go from there. Mr Biyas days are numbered and if he doesn't change his politics, he will end up like deposed kings in the Bible.
a word to a wise is sufficient.


why go as far as the Bible? Like burned kings in Babanki is an immediate example. Babanki episode is like sign. Those who have ears let them hear and those who have eyes let them see but those who are about to be destroyed lose their senses and continue in heedless abandon until they fall off a cliff onto the rocks below.

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