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Monday, 12 December 2005


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Cameroon Justice System is on the move to deep reforms.
I still believe the Biya's Government can correct most of the problems they have created hiring incompetent and corrupt people.




Dr A A Agbormbai

I like very much what I am reading from this article. This new face of President Biya is certainly praiseworthy, in spite of all my criticisms of him. Like I have said before, no one is too old to learn and it is good to see that President Biya has been learning.

It is also good to see that Jua is part of the council, and as such is playing his part to maintain the sanity of the country. This is all very good for a potential leader of the SDF party.

I have a real feeling that the President is serious about getting the country right. I also like this genuine spirit of democracy that I am seeing everywhere in the country. With everything looking so promising, it will hopefully not be long before we begin to see the effects on the masses.

Thanks Mr President for not increasing taxes in this year's budget. Hopefully, it will remain this way, or taxes will even be reduced, until the masses begin to report good times.

Charles Forkwa

Is this the case of "do as I say, not as I do?" Who is guarding the hen house? Who is the Presidency accountable to?
The only way this will work is if the presidency convinces citizens that it is devoid of similar injudiciousness. That will only happen with some degree of transparency. Barring that, it is all whitewashing.
Change has to start from the top and applied systematically, not in a haphazard manner – meaning that if you start with the judiciary, see it through to the end.
I am still a skeptic!

Glenn Wilson

Thirteen unnamed magistrates? Sounds familiar to the 500 unnamed ghost workers. Until matters like this become more transparent it appears to only be another exercise of leading the public astray with false promises of accountability. I am still waiting to be asked to supply evidence against one of Cameroons most notorious and corrupt magistrates. To date, Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob has shamed the whole Cameroon judicial system (and continues to do so) in front of the international community. The thirteen magistrates should be named, so that we the public can follow whether they are to be held accountable. I am still waiting patiently to supply to the Cameroon justice sytem, the evidence implicating Magistrates and Judges in shamefull criminal matters. But I guess that if I was contacted, that would make the matter transparent? Well, I don't ever see that happening.

Mr Biya, you cant expect anyone to take this seriously unless you name your ghosts. You know where I can be contacted if you are serious about removing some core corrupt members of your judiciary.
Glenn Wilson

Peter Nakere

Hello Dr A. A. Agbormbai,
I have been reading your comments about things happening in our beloved country. Your last postings about Biya/Co fighting corruption in the judiciary tells me you don't understand Cameroon. Infact, you are far off from the realities at home Doctor.

Let me give you a few examples.
In 1983 in Bamenda, Mr. Biya promised that "there will be no more chasing of files" in Cameroon. Are we still chasing files today?

That same year, he promised the North West people that he'll tar the ring road. At another event he said, he will personally execute the project. The ring road is still untarred my brother.

Biya promised us free and fair elections with a neutral body supervising elections. Is NEO an independent organ? The answer is no. He once siad that he'll decentralize his administration. What I am saying here is that if Biya says wait here, you should run away.
If he wants to sanction anybody, he starts with his rivals from the south)center such as Titus Ezoa anddesire Engo. Let him charged the guy that mismanaged funds in Feicom.

Christain M.

Le magistrat suprême est lui-même politiquement corrompu, financially wreckless and guess what - there should be pending litigation against him the moment he steps down.

Here are a few questions to him.

Who conspired in the assasination of the former first Lady? Who fired 3 automatic bullets into Jeanne Irene BIYA at Unity Palace ?

How and why did her cousin and aide de camp to the Supreme Magistrate himself, in the person of Officer Roger Motaze die?

Who sent a hit-squad to Djoum to assassinate two Reverend sisters, the last two outsiders to have spoken to Jeanne Irene alive at Unity Palace?

Qui a assassiné le Rev. Amougou des diocèses de Sagmelima après qu'il ait célébré la masse à l'enterrement de Jeanne Irene ?

La loi doit s'appliquer à tous les criminels dans les endroits élevés. Quelques Canerounais ont de longues mémoires et la JUSTICE sera servie sur terre.


Peter Mokube

Mr Paul Biya's own record stinks. Further to Christain's points, which are a severe criminal matter, Mr Paul Biya is responsible for the death of 4 Southern Cameroons citizens at the launching of the SDF Party in Bamenda. Like Saddam Hussein, Biya should one day be tried for this crime.

His gravest crime is treason against the Cameroon Federation based on his 1984 Law.

The Doctor Agbormbai is only too eager to endorse accusations aginst the Bamenda region and has no consistent advocacy against the sophisticated thieves in the barn. Such occasional back-pedalling is music to the hypocrites ruling this triangle. The doctor can be bought.

Mr. Biya is a classic demagogue. He does not mean what he says. No one needs a Ph.D. to understand the Biya character. Paul Biya speaks to excite good emotions and prays that people neither reason nor have memory.

Pierro Mokube
Victoria, Southern Cameroons



Dr A A Agbormbai

Peter Nakere,

When I read what I believe to be clearly a change in attitude in a gov't official, I feel the need to praise it (if only to let the person know that he or she is doing the right thing).

You cannot claim to have good people skills if all you can see in people are their shortcomings. I can criticise when it is due, but I can also praise when it is due. Clearly a change in attitude is the precursor to a change in action.

What worries me is that too many of you think that critiquing is about being negative, when it is about giving a true assessment of a person or event based on the evidence. This article clearly points to a change in attitude in Biya, with the hope that it will lead to a change in action. We have to wait and see whether this is the case.

Some people are so consumed with the SC issue that they cannot see anything else. This is a shame!


Dr A A Agbormbai,
I will first like to thank you for the information you share about the Cameroon Road plan you read for Cameroon Tribune.
Your assessment and remarks doesn't only goes to Peter Nakere but to the bulk of Africans and most especially those of us who use this forum.
The simple truth is that "critiquing is not only about being negative, but an assessment of a person or event based on the evidence and asumptions at a particular time". Sometimes these assessment,may not be true for that there are a lot of information garbage today,rather than facts that we need to compute, and our model is often limited to the spher of our Knowledge.
No body is perfect, and I sometimes belief that the shortcommings of every individual can be manage through concession.In this respect Time becomes an important instrument in measuring goals.
I will like to remark that this forum have been a great scholar, althought at it infancy.
Permit me to jump into Biya Communal liberalism wich have survive a quater of a century achieving peace to some extend at the very high price of corruption,tribalism,unemployement and social friction.IF really he was to setup Cameroon as approaching an Ideal Liberal state could he see that he have consumed much time than he hope for??.And investing all political power in his hand through degree have been little but ineffective.I know as you know that as long as you in Biya's Good book even some of the so call mention Magistrates will be spare the rod of justice through "appel pour d'autres fonctions" and re-emerge again after sometimes.
I don't need to write volumes of volumes here but what I belief is that if the Biya can split the 3 arms of the government so that they work in full Capacity,Good governance can be achieve to some extend.

Dr A A Agbormbai


You have made some valid points. However, as someone who has helped many students change their attitudes and behaviour to achieve successful grades, I can tell you that, for a government that has been steeped in bad governance for decades, making the change into good governance is not going to come overnight.

At best it will be a faltering step until it gets it right, and this is because of the learning curve involved. Remember when you had to learn something new, that was the complete opposite of what you had been used to. Remember how faltering it was to change such bad habits, and how little or humble you felt whenever you needed to master something new.

All these feelings are common to everyone who has to change bad habits into good ones, and these are the feelings that the government would be experiencing right now. All the more reason why it needs a little nudge here and there whenever it seems to be on course. At the same time we must keep our eyes open for any trickery, and bring it out into the open so that the Bretton Woods institutions are not fooled.

I particularly like the fact that the Judicial Council contained non-CPDM members, like Jua of the SDF. This gives it credibility in my eyes, and is why I am inclined to believe what I have read.

Tekum Mbeng

The problem may be that some debaters are unable to sustain virtuous advocacy and are gullible into believing politicians with a record of dubiousness. This phenomenon can be an outcome of immaturity or lacking hard principles.

The affairs of a country are far too important than orientating a group of students. Here we are talking about adults in high places who willingly indulge in egregious misconduct for personal gain at the expense of an entire country.

High offices are competitive positions and those who occupy these positions are not above the law of the land. In Cameroon, officers selectively break the law, sometimes heinously in the dark with impunity, say what they will not do and do what they will not admit.

The issue, suggested by Mr. Mokube is that many of our intellectuals have no hard principles. I mean a bottom line set of values that are non-negotiable, cannot and will not be traded away for political expediency. In the absence of such a bottom line, the politicians have a freehand to drop the country into a bottomless pit and still expect adulation.

It is not necessary to accommodate sinners that have not repented. Just forgiving such sinners because they are in high places only sets the scene for more sins. That has been the tragedy of Cameroon. As Mr. Mokube said, those in power don't mean what they say and do not deliver.

To turn the corner, there must be ZERO tolerance. This is not specifically about Southern Cameroons, Dr Agbormabi. Criminality and infidelity are not the monopoly of those on the street.

Paul Biya does not need to tell Cameroonians that he will fire corrupt judges. That is childish. For Heaven's sake, this guy is in power and should act. Actions speak louder than cheap words. Those who still praise Biya's words have been deceived before and have not learnt the deceptive doctrine of what others have severally described on this medium as "demagoguery".


Peter Nakere

Dr A. A. Agbormbai,
Honestly, you make some good points there.
I agree with you in terms of trying to be an objective critic. That is what I was taught in school too until I realized that those things do not work in Cameroon.
Honestly I believe you are far from realities. Infact, you are a new student of Biya. let me give you a few more examples.
Find a copy of Communal liberalism whish is one of the best books ever written. Compare what Biya says in that book vis-a-vis what he's been able to achieve all these years.
For example, he talks of national integration but sidelines the major ethnic groups and cultural groups in terms of appointments. What creterion does he use to choose 8 key ministers from his South province vis-a-vis 3 from the NW/SW provinces put together.

Doctor, you'll come to undertand with time.



Mr Nakere,

Communal liberalism = communal impoverishment.

"National Integration" was a Paul Biya political stratagem for the assimilation of Southern Cameroons, after 1984. It was preceded by "Peaceful Revolution" which was an Ahidjo stratagem to annex and occupy the Southern Cameroons in 1972.

Both stratagems met their Waterloo twice, firstly at Mount Mary Buea (1993) and secondly in Bamenda (1994) when the Southern Cameroons people were compelled to close ranks and resolutely demand a RESTORATION of sovereignty.

These conferences founded and mandated the Southern Cameroons National Council to fulfill certain sovereign obligations. There is no turning back.



Biya To Axe Corrupt Magistrates.
Governor General Biya has been axing corrupt public officials through his words.It ends there.He himself is somebody to be axed hell for leather.He has shown his nonfeasance after wisely signing LAW/84/001 of 4th FEBRUARY 1984.He should start by axing himself,or the victims of this Law will boot him and his troops out as catch as catch can.
He will only hoodwink credulous ones with his harlequin of axing corrupt magistrates.How comes he is the chair of the council?Note that the Governor General will axe those who work against him.That is the paradox!


Biya,should first of all start with the persons who have been reponsible for the rigging of the elections that has kept him in power for all this while.

Dr A A Agbormbai


I must say that you guys are really cheapening the SC struggle by relating every little dust to a SC/LRC divide. It becomes monotonous and dulls the senses. You ought to be a lot more subtle if you are going to pull this thing off!

You talk about attachment to hard principles, which according to you is seeing things in terms of SC/LRC. I find this very naive, considering the complexity of issues surrounding Cameroon. You also feel that:

"The affairs of a country are far too important than orientating a group of students."

The relative importance may be different, depending on how you view it, but the underlying principles are the same. They involve changing a mindset and then the associated behaviour. This is all that matters here.

Dr. Louis Mbua

"It is also good to see that Jua is part of the council, and as such is playing his part to maintain the sanity of the country. This is all very good for a potential leader of the SDF party. " (Dr. Agbormbai)

Well, Dr. Agbormbai, how can Jua, a "Nigerian", become President of Cameroon? Please, answer this question.

"I have a real feeling that the President is serious about getting the country right." Dr. AAA

It is not about feelings. It is about reality. The reality is that Paul Biya has blundered; carrying the country on the borders of moral limbo, political abyss and economic ruin. So, whether he is serious or not is not the question. A person may be serious about passing Further Maths at A Levels. But it does not follow that he is up to the challenge.

Evidence, therefore, suggests that President Paul Biya may be:

1. Serious but not up to the task of Nation building.

2 Not serious AND not up to the task -- a nigthmare scenario

3. Not serious but up to the task - A dangerous scenario

4. Totally hopeless

5. All of the above.

"I also like this genuine spirit of democracy that I am seeing everywhere in the country. With everything looking so promising, it will hopefully not be long before we begin to see the effects on the masses." Dr AAA

How long shall we wait? Another 25 years? A whole generation has been lost/bypassed because of dreadful ineptitude of the Biya regime. For a quarter of a century, Cameroonians were waiting for political and economic manner from heaven but all in vain. My advice is that Paul Biya should Leave Cameroon altogether for good.



check this out:


Tekum Mbeng

Dr Agbormbai,

My mail above is not about Southern Cameroons. I wrote about the strength of character, about the ability of the Supreme Magistrate to (a) see wrong doing and hold those responsible accountable in rain, thunder or lightning; and (b) to do what he says and say what he does.

I then challenged your ability as an advocate to stay the course on a high road without trading away your beliefs for political expediency or subverting the course of your own advocacy.

At stake is not a group of London students with many options but a whole African country with few options. Your students can censor you and have you removed from their course. Cameroonians have no control over the machinery. The impact is different, the societies are different and the mindsets are different. You are knowingly comparing apples with plantains!

The culprits in Cameroon are adults, indulged in premeditated acts. These people cannot be re-formed - they will laugh at you as inexperienced, permissive and weak. Strength is not measured by begging wrongdoers to repent. Wrongdoers are tried in a court of law, acquitted or sentenced to jail.

Clemency is only granted upon atonement and on discretion. That is how a society like yours in England is admirably described as one of “law and order”. An Englishman or woman will not trade away certain minimum principles on issues of wrong doing and justice. The due process of the law must prevail without subversion.


tita espoir

dear country people, this way that mr Biya wants to go about fighting corruption under closed doors,is it the right way?doesnt cameroon has a court of law to publicly trial corrupt civil servants?dont this people have a right to be innocent until proven guilty?does Biya have the right to pass judgement on matters of corruption?maybe mr Biya has the will, but has not got the know-how to fight corruption.isnt it time he seeks expertise from the international community on strategies to tackle this part of the world were i live there is a special force that targets corrupt government and high ranking members of society.their job is to investigate suspected corrupt individuals,put them to stand trial,and brought to justice.or is mr Biya scared of an approach like this?please Dr Agbormbai help me clarify my doubts.


Hello fellow readers,
It saddens me when intellectuals like the said Dr Agbormbai can still expect some positives from this dreadful regime. Maybe, his exposure is limited to events in la republique du cameroun and he sees nothing wrong with the suffering our whole generation has passed through as a result of their malpractices.


Very good Mr Biya,go ahead an axe all corrupt magistrates not leaving out the arm robbers in the name of police officers.

There are many things you have to do for the good of Cameroon.All stolen money abroad,France in particular should return to the country.Starting with you Mr President,I call this money stolen because you can not give account of,it belongs to all Cameroonians.That money has to be used to develop the country.

Elias Ngone

dr agbormbai may be one of those lucky ones who left cameroon after high school in the good old days past and has stayed overseas. he does not know the smoke and fire which now soffocates and burns us. in that case, i invite him to visit cameroon again and see for himself. to go from douala to buea, you pass through countless security checkpoints.

the police and gendarme have no work but to set up check points. sometimes, these check points are so many that some must be illegal. all these men in uniform want is money as bribe even if your books are correct. this is very annoying and people get frustrated.

Ma Mary

22 years of being a ruler/colonial governor? About as long as his predecessor colonial governor, if you have not been counting. The man has run out of chances. In a country with term limits, he would have outlasted 3 presidents serving their complete two terms. Do you for one moment believe that he has now become a reformer? People in their 70s are not known to change from being slackers into hard workers. They are set in their ways.

Do the words "Rigeur et moralization" ring a bell, anybody? I watch with bemusement as people place stock and hope in Paul Biya.

Ma Mary

The guy is just playing to the Bretton-Woods gallery, so that they may serve up another tray of goodies for he and his tribal compadres to squander, and for the children of those who chose to stay in la Republique to pay for.

Charles Forkwa

If the hope for reform is based on an "Anglophone" asuming the presidency then you an I know that will never happen in this Cameroun. This leaves us with only one choice. Re-create West Cameroon with all its institutions of "ACCOUNTABILITY". It was not perfect but it worked because there was a system of checks. The current system is a bottomless dark pit! Sinister, insidious and blightful.

Glenn Wilson

Thirteen unnamed Magistrates? Sounds familiar to the 500 unnamed ghost workers! Until matters like this become transparent, it appears to be only another exercise in deceiving the public with more false promises of accountability. I am still waiting (four years) to be asked to supply evidence against one of LRC's most notorious and corrupt Magistrates. To date, Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob has shamed the whole Cameroon Judicial system (and continues to do so) in front of the International community. The thirteen magistrates should be named, so that we the public, can follow whether they are to be held accountable. I am still waiting patiently to supply to the Cameroon judiciary, my evidence implicating magistrates and judges in shamefull criminal matters. But I guess that if I was contacted, it would make this matter transparent. Well, I don't see that happening yet.

Mr Biya, How can you expect anyone to take you seriously, unless you name your ghosts? You know where I can be contacted, if you are serious about removing some core corrupt members of your judiciary.
Glenn Wilson.

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I fear for my country.Being a young cameroonian forced to leave the country to further study in south Africa.I can say I would have prefered South Africa in the 80`s than cameroon of today ,becuase despite thier sufferings the people knew thier rights and the old did not lie to the young. That is why they are able to grow so fast with freedom.


Hon Jua,
I am not certain you represented us as we expected. Tell us your hands were tied. Your meeting was more of formality and I can imagine the sit-in allowance. All what you are saying is window dressing coz the 13 scapegoats will be toothless bulldogs. We all know the corrupt nature of our judiciary system. The difference between the executive, judiciary and parliament is in principle. You know the reality. How do you explain Fon Doh's bail?


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