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Sunday, 18 December 2005


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What"s the matter with the postnews paper? I wonder the type of journalist working at this newspaper and their education. Why must they shamelessly sent out information based on romour. We the readers need realistic information. This is in reaction to the accusation of the mayor of Buea which they have quoted source as romour.
The earlier the journalists of the post go out for facts finding the better for all the Cameroonians consuming the information published. I am a very busy person out here in Europe and when I devote some minutes to know events occuring in my fatherland, I expect some iota of truth in what I read.
This commment of mine has been raised several times to this same newspaper and nothing has been done.I urge the postnewspaper to shut their downs if the lack information to sent to the net.
All nonse

dango tumma

the french cameroounese gov didnt elect the mayor, he is elected by the people and its only the people who can suspend him, by the way mbiya, the thief, created a
mafia club calle feicom, to steal moneys from the buea council and others, what
did he expect to be in the coffers?
he dont allocate any thing to the people.
he dont allow the people to elect their won governor, collect their taxes , run their police and fire depts. what do the french slave want us to do for gods sake.
we are on our home. this our buea, bamenda and victoria. let them french dogs take the hell to their own lands

Ma Mary

Payback for brilliant performance at the Buea University riots?

Payback for lecturing the new colonial governor of Buea about the needs of his people?

Ejike Mouluh

Mayor Charles Mbella Moki is a marked man.

Dictatorships can be vicious. The Mayor is now a Daniel. If the annexationist regime cannot get him, they can change the ordinance to make Moki's passtime illegal. It may soon be illegal for Mayor Moki to pray, something that ordinary people take for granted.

Also the Post should cease and desist from publishing rumours!!


Che Mofor

More efficient auditing can be done by those who are within the jurisdiction of the council because they can truly follow up what is going on. Anything short of that must be looked upon with suspicion. This is not an aspect of the so called discentralisation preached by the Yaounde gov't.

Jokwi Jude Lenjo

To those who indict The Post of publishing Rumours.
Prudence and CO.,
You can appreciate the strenght of information aptly only when it reaches you and who the bearer is and may be the angle from which he views the information. Your proximity to the source of the rumour too is a factor.
I live in Buea and it is no secret that this rumour has been making rounds in Buea and beyond. How do you as an organ of information clear the air to put things in proper perspective? My guess if you may permit is to talk to the victim of the rumour to get his position if the victim is accessible.
This to me is exactly what The Post did. The Mayor now puts his own side of the story for the public to appreciate. The Post is a 'market place' of ideas, but people should not abuse the freedom accorded us by this interactive forum. It is better you stop reading The Post online, but I am happy you have not stopped because you are addicted to it. This is just because there is no other forum that is better.
You are still to know the power of rumour. Remember the commotion caused by the Lion Man's puported death last year? If so, then you should be congratulating this journalist for clearing the air. You should be challenging or corroborating the mayor's utterances and not taking on the poor journalist struggling to clear the rumour filled air of Buea. Please respect and encourage these journalists. If you were better, you would have been here at home struggling like these journalists to clear the mess in this country. Remember going abroad alone is not an achievement. The record of the Post is there for all who have eyes to see. Be positive and constructive in your criticism. Only then can we move forward. Please!!


Pengue Manga should realise how discrediting it is to write stories interspersed with doubts.
Please avoid rumours! write on facts.This is not a page based on 'hearsay'.There is no reason d'etre for this article to have been published in the first place.

Aaron Agien Nyangkwe

If those who helped the CPDM rig the elections in Buea can decide to take away the signature from Mbella Moki and reward another lackey, why worry? Cameroonians are behaving as if they have never heard nor read a bit on Al Capone and the MAFIA.
Did some one get that one?

Pegue Manga

Dear Njifenzt & Co.,
It is the duty of a morally upright, professional conscious journalist to investigate even rumours because rumours also, are a source of news. You might like to know the relief this story has brought to the Buea people.
You would like to discover the wrinkles of the journalism profession from wherever you are. The knowledge might put your perturbed heart to rest.

Christiane Manyanye

That's good Pegue Manga.Please do keep us inform because without all your efforts back there we are just empty this way when it comes to infos from home.Do nothing but your work and you will be rewarded for that.
KUDOS.Merry Chritsmas to the POST and to the entire Buea population.
Christiane Manyanye

Christiana  Enanga

Mr Le Maire the population of Buea and us in the diaspora are proud of the work you are doing back there.Do not listen to those who are out to spoil your work,we know you have a lot to give to that town so please do not relent in your efforts for you've been put there by The Power of God and He alone will decide of your faith not those hungry so- called "politicians" we have in Buea.
We are proud of you so keep on the good work.
Thank you for all what you have done for the Buea Municipality.
God is your Helper.
A child of Buea

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