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Monday, 12 December 2005


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Wonders shall never end.

When will something good ever be heard of in LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN.
The same story everyday.Always the first when it comes to negative issues.
The police topping the World of Corruption Chart is nothing strange.To be frank,if they were given any position order than first,I would have questioned the results.

What does Mr Biya and his government expect to hear....?,CONGRATULATIONS anyway for job well done.Oh Shame,shame.You are all a bunch of "take shame buy disgrace"

The 500frs-police should go aheard,defend your title of most World-Corrupt-group.
Good-for-nothing thieves,....SHAME!


I am happy that this Organization is putting pressure on the Cameroon Government to reform the Police and the Security Forces.

If we are not careful, our Country might turn into another Nigeria where corruption is part of their belief system.

God Bless the Good People of Nigeria.
God Bless Africa.



The government of Cameroon should send her police one day day to go to the outside world, and see how a police officer the way he works. And example is Brazil were i stay now. The police work for the people. No collection of money fpr any fault as the is case of cameroon. Shame to the so call Cameroon police.
After all, people are pick from the street to serve as police men and women. that is Cameroon. God bless CAM police.Amen ANYA FRED


Brother Anya,

You are right. We still have a long way to go to clean our Police Force of some "Bandits" that are not supposed to be there... It is so frustrating to see that those who are supposed "to protect and serve" are the ones putting our poor peoples lives in danger.
But brother, there are some True Patriots in that Force that are working very hard to change things.
The Government has to publish and lift these True Heroes Patriot Policemen who are doing their job to show and demonstrate that Good people are appreciated.

The Government has to publish in our Newspapers and TVs all the individual good actions of Heroic Police Officers.

If we keep focusing on good deeds, all these bad Officers will feel isolated and will be influenced to also do good.

I also agree with you that training is very important...
To have a peaceful democratic transformation of our Country, the Security Officers should be included in the House clean up.

Democracy is on the march in our Country and NO ONE (I SAY NO ONE) can stop it now...
Have faith brother... It will soon come...

May God Bless you in Brazil,

Vive la Republique du Cameroun,
God Bless a United,Democratic and Peaceful Cameroon.


King EL

This Corruption thing is really dragging our country behind. I was talking to a friend who hails from Ethiopia and he was very amazed that we have a corruption dillema. He told me that in Ethiopia-one of the poorest countries on the face of the earth-, police officers are decorated by the government, but confirmed by the people every year. If the people decide that a police officer is corrupt he/she is booted out.

The people who give bribe to the officers should also be held accountable.

Herr Gott! hoeren bitte unser Gebet!

dango tumma

ricardo alvari is an asshole,
you wrote, if we are not careful la republique du cameroun will turn to another nigerai where corruption is their belief system.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Apart from the transparency, accountability, and monitoring that are obviously needed to fight corruption, a fundamental strategy must be the reversal of the actions of past leaders.

Money never disappears altogether from the world; it simply moves from one account to another. Therefore, for instance, the £220 billion Sterling that Nigerian leaders have stolen is still residing in some bank somewhere in the West, or in assets. A fundamental strategy must be to openly investigate all these cases, with the co-operation of the Western countries concerned, and then to transfer all these amounts (including interests) and assets to their rightful owners: the countries concerned. This would go a big way towards alleviating poverty in the continent.

Other forms of corruption can be dealt with by employing specially-trained and continually-monitored plain-clothes corruption officers to go about monitoring officers (such as customs, police, gendarme, etc.) in disguise. Any officers caught should be dismissed immediately and prosecuted.

As I have suggested before, corrupt governments should be bypassed when offering aid to their country. The aid should be applied directly to the projects concerned, without government involvement. The US has shown the way by adopting this proposal and I hope that other developed countries will copy its example.

Corruption during the implementation of projects can be dealt with through regular monitoring of the project finances and execution. This should be done by the sponsors of the project, who should only release further funds based on the proper execution of current funds in achieving the project's objectives. Any guilty persons should be dismissed from the project and prosecuted. Attempts should also be made to recover lost funds.

Neba Funiba

One thing I find disturbing is that time after time, countries and institutions are classified as corrupt and you look through the list and Switzerland or the Swiss banking system is never classified as the Czar of corruption. How did Swiss bankers determine that Sani Abacha's 26-year old son earned $28 million to establish a Swiss Bank account when he was neither a businessman nor acting on behalf of a country? Isn't the Swiss banking system corrupt as well? Wonders shall never end.


He who knowingly embraces a thief is a thief


Dango Tumma,

Can you answer Mr Neba's questions? I am sure there is no anwer to it.

This is well known all over the world. Weither I say it or not. It is well known all over the world.
But let's be careful. Not all our brothers and sisters of Nigeria believe in corruption.

Sometimes, I wonder if our proximity to them has made us what we are today in corruption ? ....
Just a taught....
Progressive Cameroonians support all the Progressive Brother and Sisters Nigerians in the fight to clean corruption in their society...







Thanks for your comments Neba TI must extend their broom to the corrupt Western Banks keeping the looted funds from Africa.They must publish the data for people to see.Their transparency is still limited.We want to see an Unlimited transparency.There is nix like development aid.It simply translates loan.

Akoh John

What is new? In the good old days of West Cameroon those found to be defrauding the system were prosecuted. Property gotten illegally was confiscated. Higher ups and police officers were jailed. People were accountable for their actions. Is there any accountability in this government. There is much talk and no action because the higher ups are themselves corrupt. Most every one in the system wants a piece of the pie. What is that piece of the pie? Extorting money from those who do not have. For the seek of those who do not understand including myself
what is the purpose of check points at every conceivable location. In Hitler's Germany these check points were used tracking down Jews who were fleeing German oppression. Is that what these check points are for or they are used for harassing the innocent. Corruption if it must be addressed, should start with these check points disappearing. These are areas where the so called Police and gendarmes enrich themselves. Cab drivers cannot make a franc because these rogue officers are also there to makie a hole in their pockets. These are things that are not new to people like Inoni and others who are out to fight corruption. Corruption cannot be fought when a senior Police Officer says that a rogue officer will be transfered, lose seniority or will not be promoted. That is an aberration. Those at the top should be held accoutable before you start looking at the rank and file. If the purpose of donning the uniform at any level is to steal from the people then the whole idea of service to the people is defeated. Does upholding the constitution mean anything to these inept, corrupt individuals. Self enrichment at the expense or dignity of the country is all these fellows care about.


Riccardo I wonder your level of education. You sound like a school yard bully!

They have mentioned the corruption of the police force what of the Gerndamarie.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Akoh John,

Your point about check points is very valid, and has been raised by Martin before. I do not see the need of all these check points except to provide the police and gendarmes opportunities for extorting the people. How can a country at peace time have checkpoints after every few kilometers of travel? What are they checking, for God's sake?

President Biya must abolish these check points, as they do not increase the level of security in the country but instead obstruct the people's rights while frustrating tourism. Cameroon can seek help from Western countries, such as the UK and the US, on how to maintain a country's security without using checkpoints everywhere.



Thanks for being very civilized. It shows your level of education.


NjifenztB.Dohnji(United Kingdom)

More humiliation for our nation.Iam well aware of the impossibility of an absolute corrupt free society in the world.All we would clamour for is to reduce the sound of the alarm.Ours has been on-going for too long now.Quite alarming indeed!
Police corruption in Cameroon is not just alarming but a routine for some officers. It is fair to say that we do have some decent police officers.
My fervent wish is that some of our officers on the road must cease to be corrupt or be corrupted. It remains a huge responsibility to take appropriate action to do the right things in the lawful discharge of their duties.
Moreover, it is important that the police department in every province of Cameroon should be well equipped with mobile radio to record any incident that necessitates arrest ;so it can be used in court if necessary.These radio should not be used only when excorting the president,prime minister, ministers, governors e.t.c.I have never in my life in Cameroon seen a metroplitan police officer conducting an arrest in recording.Instead i have witnessed death threats.Disgusting!
Cameroon Police Commissioners, u have the responsibilty to act as the law prescribes without fear nor favour.Donot assume that you know, be an example to world policing and stop the complancency and uncecessary comparism with other corrupt offiers around the world, as an excuse.Your Fame and execellence lies in the correct practice according to the law.It will make such a difference in cameroon Policing.

tita espoir

my dear country men and women,if an institution like the police ranks the most corrupted in cameroon then cameroon is in a state of decay.police officials are the number 1 citizens to stand against corruption.if they are corrupted, then you cant blame any cameroonian for following like-wise.if the government of cameroon is serious of fighting corruption it should forget about the police force in cameroon and form a new anti corruption force thats responsible for public persecution.that is given the power to investigate public society for crimes on corruption including this police officers who are promoting corruption in cameroon.when the top is being kept clean,mechanisms would be in place to clean corruption right down to the grass-root level.those people up there most do something to eradicate this disease out of our society.there can be no effective development and nation building without the eradication of corruption.

Neba Fuh

'If we are not careful, our Country might turn into another Nigeria where corruption is part of their belief system.' -Riccardo

Why do we try to remove a speck in someone's eye, when we have a log in ours?

Riccardo is surely not a Cameroonian, or else he will not be so ignorant of the realities. Riccardo, 'Corruption is a belief pattern in Cameroon,spearheaded by its rulers' whether you believe it or not. The only panacea to this vice, is that the whole system should resign, starting with the President. 'Only confident people resign honorably; that is, people who have confidence in their abilities, even if they are not the best. Anybody who resigns knows himself. Somebody who resigns is choosy- he is not lukewarm.'
'...Without downplaying the positive connotation imbued in the human ability to try again, nature has bestowed a heroic option... to resign when one has tried so HARD without succeeding.'

Biya should behave honourably by resigning. The whole Cameroonian sytem is collapsing, and believe me, Southern Cameroonians are the worst victims. That is why they reserve the choice of their decisions Itis not God-ordained that they should remain in this union. On the otherside, it is not democratic for La Republique to force them to remain in the union. Therefore, why all this fear. Riccardo, do you postulate that the universe should become 'The Big Bang'?

The police don't only harrass them for bribe. They call them Nigerians, in the process. This is a fact. Therefore, when the bell of secession rings, don't be afraid, Riccardo,you will be welcome!
You won't be killed.
Afterall, in a gathering of elders, children can play. Remember, as time goes on, they can be distracted from their play and at least learn 'something' from their elders. Riccardo, with due respect to your person, I consider your comments in this forum a child's play; and I encourage you to continue. In the long run, you will learn. Keep creeping, just as the La Republique system is doing!

Below is an article published in reaction to the corruption situation in Cameroon,about five years ago, when Cameroon was classified the most corrupt nation in the Universe by TI. Till date, nothing has changed in Cameroon in this respect.

The "Injustice" In Justice

The Great Philosopher, Plato, in one of his classics, 'The Republic' wrote, "...the quality of good judgment is clearly a form of knowledge, as it is because of knowledge and not because of ignorance that we judge well"

The Cameroonian people are good judges. the abyss of injustice in their society is no secret to them. Cameroonians know deep in their minds, that the "First Class Honours" conferred on Cameroon as the most corrupt nation in the Universe is not unrealistic.

Cameroonians are not unaware of the fact that corruption has always been eating deep in the strata of their society.The highest echelon of this society has never identified the cause of this vice in our society. They fear to take the bull by the horns. The recent classification of Cameroon as the most corrupt nation in the world for the second time is enough reason for the rulers of this nation to bow out. They are the main causes which lead to these effects.

When the Prime Minister of this country reacted unconvincingly to the results presented by Transparency International on the corrupt nature of Cameroon, we saw in him, somebody who has ignored the substance and is chasing the shadow.

we could tolerate his being surprised but not the fact that the results were "unjust".

He should admit that his Boss and his Government have merely been making a charade of an anti-corruption campaign.

In order to redress the corruption debacle in Cameroon, the government should uproot the causes. And, this takes a lot of courage.

Cameroonians are so intelligent that the recent arrest of some top officials for allegedly misappropriating public funds has not driven them sensational.

This action has just helped to scintillate that perpetual ambition by the people to bring to book all those tyrants who have submerged this Great Triangle into the sea of fathomless agony.

It is not when a thief catches a thief that the former ceases to be a thief.

In as much as we expect justice to take its course, we haven't turned a blind eye to those at the top of the corruption ladder.

The last battle will not be a fight-they will surrender.

By Neba Fuh


Mr Neba,

Thanking for promising to keep me alive while you are playing your video game in your virtual nation.
I must confess that I am not a video game player. I know the XBOX is very hot in the market today.
I am looking forward to buying one for my son for his birthday.
Keep playing the game. Hold on to your virtual nation....
Keep me alive....
After the game, plese understand that the reality exists.

May God Bless the United, Democratic and Peaceful Cameroon...
God Bless All my people (Anglophones and Francophones)


andre Fokam

Hey you guys
do not blame Riccardo for his statement about Nigeria. i resided in nigeria for 6 years and i saw what is not even imaginable in Cameroon, believe me! that is not to exhonerate our police forces. right now they are a sore to our society. we have to keep on fighting and putting pressure on the goverment to step up with the fight of corruption and that is what TI is doing. 8 years ago, we were classified as the most corrupt nation in the world, but now we are not even in the top 10 any more. that is a sign a progress, no matter how minnimal it appears. Barrister MUNA who was the enemy of the state after his organization ranked Cameroon first in corruption is now a close collaborator of the state, he has been regularly organizing seminars in cameroon with the ministers and others on fighting corruption. he was in the board of cameroon lawyers that defended us on the bakassi issue, and against FIFA when we were banned. He is a true son of Cameroon. and the fruit of is efforts are being perceived. we should all emulate his example and make our country great.
the fight against corruption fall on all of us. there are no corrupted without corruptor, howmany of us have given bribe before? the same report say that up to 30 % of cameroon families have given bribe last year. so we are all corruptors and corrupted. let start the fight on ourself, then it will spread. do you know that if you refuse to give money to a police officer and you are innocent, the only thing you will probably loose is time? (that is my personal experience) or if you are not innocent, asked to pay the state and not the person. it may be more expensive but that will be your sacrifice to the fight against corruption.

the struggle for a better Cameroon, United and democratic goes on

Andre Fokam

Charles Forkwa

Curruption is all over the world, it is a matter of the degree and the consequences when descovered.
In western countries it is more supshisticated, this is not to excuse Cameroon or Nigeria. The problem I see with the Transparency International study is that it focuses more on developing counries because the disparity is overwhelming and can clearly be attributed to curruption. For example, if 2 Billion Dollars where to vanish from a 3 trillion economy the impact will be less significant than from a 10 billion dollar economy and the 10 bilion dollar economy needs every bit of it.
That said, curruption in any form is inexcusable and must be eradicated.

Ali  Buba

This is a plight to all Camerounians and we all carry this shame together. The Delegate General for Gendarms and the one for the police owes explanation to the all citzens of Cameroun how they are heading the most corrupts organisations in the whole world. They should either resign or come up with recommendations how to fight this practice. All those barriers they have on the roads should be lifted immediately those held in jails with no documentation on them be released.


Shame to all police people and friends


Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, LRC's Delegate General for National Security (as reported by The Post), Thursday, January 20, this year announced that a special squad to police the police would soon be put in place.

Please someone remind me whether this squad was ever created and how many corrupt officers have been sanctioned so far. Or was this just one of their trademark ploys to win favor in the eyes of the international community by bamboozling it into thinking that LRC is serious about fighting corruption?

The TI report only comes to confirm what all Cameroonians already know ...that corruption is deeply entrenched in all the facets of public life, and is even condoned in high places, giving the impression that it's a kind of life support neccessary to maintain the current system.

Eventhough public servants are remunerated monthly for their services, it's no secret that on a daily basis the common Cameroonian must bribe them in order to benefit from such services. By all indications, gov't, instead of tackling corruption head-on is rather more bent on portraying a squeaky clean image to the international community, I won't be surprised if in the near future some other gov't officials came up with such ideas as:

Creating a special customs squad to CUSTOMIZE the customs, a special squad of civil servants to CIVILIZE the civil servants, a special gendarme squad to "GENDARMIZE" THE GENDARMES, etc.

Until such a day when LRC gov't officials, including the police, gendarmes, and the soldiers shall be brought to justice, not only for their corrupt practices but for their gross violations of human rights especially in Southern Cameroons, then can Biya be considered as serious.


Cameroun is a dump and corruption is just one of the foul smells emanating from this toxic stew. I am truly sorry and sad for those Southern cameroonians who find themselves trapped in this hell on earth through no fault of their own. For those anglophones who dream of better days in this unholy union, expect more of the same and even worse. I know that some people think the main problem is MBiya. Well these people don't have to wait long to be disappointed since his reign is quickly coming to an end whether he likes it or not.
Dear anglophone brothers and sisters, we have to seriously think about the future of our people, it is time to put and end to this nightmare. If South Africans could kill and bury aparthied, I don't see why we cannot do the same with colonisation cum annexation.


What do yo think about PM Mr INONI?

I believe he is doing a great job.
Watch him out! He is our Future Leader if he keeps on that path.
He is a real Patriot and a True Son Cameroon.

May God Bless him.


dango tumma

ricardo, the man who says he has a phd


Dear Compatriots,

This is La Republique issue and has nothing to do with Our Dear Fatherland Ambazonia.

Long Live Ambazonia
God Bless Ambazonia.


It's nothing new for the Cameroon Police to top the world Coruption Chart.

These people are really a thone in the flesh!

Something has to be done to solve this problem of corruption.This corruption is a virus in the world,but thank God it can be eradicated.We all have to join PM Inoni to fight coruption in Cameroon.

Corruption must back and go!

The media,formal and informal sectors should be used to raised awareness.
Corruption is doing more harm than good,this is the greatest enemy to development and progress in the country.



When we look at the 'quality' of those who finally get admitted into the Police academy, then we are in otherwords staring at the root cause of the problem.A psychologist will accept with me that for a person to be accepted to take up any profession,he must be primordially driven by the desire to serve(motivation).And any credible institution that employs such professionals must ensure that such a would_be professional has that primordial motivation_to serve the people.As long as that is not ensured,the credibility of the professional is already put to question from day one.
What obtains on the ground is actually pathetic.Nothing good can be expected from a system where people join the police force or other state institutions because they are escaping poverty.Nothing good can be expected from a system whereby vices such as bribery,tribalism,nepotism,favouritism are used to gain entrance into state institutions.The police force is a noble instition(for example in Britain).There,the police share in the daily problems of people. For example it is common to find a PC(Police Constable) walking a blind man to a shop, showing the direction to tourists,bringing down the cat from the roof for grand ma etc.People have to feel secure and save at the sight of a PC.I think the police in Cameroon need a profound social orientation.
The influence of the French system has gone to worsen the situation.My grand father who was a Police Commissioner in the hey days of the Southern Cameroons used to narrate to us how a typical police officer had to dress and behave in their days.Clad in their khaki shorts,well polished boots and khaki shirts draped with epaulettes,they were admired and respected by the populace.It was common to see a police man doving his hat to ladies.Even in the apprehension of an offender(no matter how violent he became),he presented his warrant of arrest and accompanied by the legal phrase,"Mr/ are under arrest and all what you say will be used against you in a court of Law.You have the right to a lawyer..."And you were guilty until you proved yourself innocent.
What obtains now is the blatant 'rape'(excuse me for the word)of the English system of law.The 'quality'of those who get into the police force must be checked.Not only on entrance but even many years after they have completed from the Police academy.That is if they are still driven by the same motivation.They must be people of sound moral upbringing.The Police force shouldnot be seen as a last resort.Let's not give credence to the adage,"Garbage in garbage out".


Akoh John

Finally someone in the person of Dr. A. A. Agbormbai agreed with me on the issue of check points. There are people who can influence the removal of these obstacle from the highways and these are the parliamentarians. Write to your representatives and let them know that these check points do not serve any purpose on the highways but help enrich those who are meant to be enforcing the laws. These are points for bribe collection and harassment. In the days of West Cameroon(Sorry for constantly going back yesteryears) there existed two check points, one in Santa and the other in Kumba. These were there for a reason, to deter the entry of unwanted elements to West Cameroon. Now that the country is one, what good are they? BRING THEM DOWN.
Are the gendarmes any better or any worse than the police? The answer unequivocally is NO. There is no difference between the two band thieves. The gendarmes are even more corrupt than the police if asked. Most if not all the corruption came from them. Disband the gendarmes and have just the police force and there may be a somewhat guarantee that corruption maybe reduced. Can corruption be eradicated ? The answer to that is maybe, but it will be so unnoticeable that even under a radar gun it will not be seen. Wake up and cry foul to the national assembly for your representatives to hear your cries of anguish.

philip ndum

For most of us who have lived in Cameroon, it is no news that Cameroon is one of the most corrupt nations on earth.The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the government in power which continues to reward corrrupt civil servants. All Cameroonians are suffering because of gross mismanagement of our natural resources and public funds, creating an absence of oppurtunities and massive flight of the brains of the nation.
The first 4 nations in that index of curruption included Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and India. If you look closely at that list, except for Cameroon which is billingual, the rest are English speaking. That is why I cannot understand why most of those clamouring for independence of Anglophone Cameroon sometimes justify it because of the corruption of French culture. I still cannot understand why Afrocentrist Africans in this day and age will identify themselves using colonial standards. Why must we base our identity on that of our exploiters? Why do we continue to use the language of our oppressors to divide ourselves?
And then some use the argument of legality to justify the claim for a seperate Anglophone state.What was legal about the Berlin conference in ?1884 that created Cameroon, or the partition of Cameroon between the English snd French. Did we play any role in that process?
Whether fortunate or unfortunate, we are brothers brought together by destiny and we should all work together to find a common solution to the problems plaguing Cameroon.
The problems facing Cameroon are enormous. Anglophones and Francophones face the same problems and that is why Francophones now outnumber Anglophones in the diaspora, including the USA.
The problem in Cameroon today is the ineptitude of the gov,t in power. We badly need a regime change. I am calling on all Cameroonians of goodwill, both Francophone and Anglophone to bring together our resources and identify Cameroonians of intergrity who are willing to change the status quo, finance such individuals to replace the current gov,t. The destiny of our nation lies in the hands of Cameroonians in the diaspora who have tasted freedom and have seen how gov,ts in power can empower or disenfranchise their people, who understand what enormous responsibilities the gov,t must have for its people. We are the touchbearers of a lost generation and whatever we decide todo or not to do today will determine the destiny of our nation.
(This is the beginning of a series for the soul of our nation)


Mr Philip,you are oblivious of history.i presume.Why do you think a victim of colonialism should subdue and subjugate a fellow victim of colonialism with the fig leaf of unity?Well,that is your opinion,and you have a right for it.Ambazonians disagree with your opinion,and so remains dogged to de-colonize their country from the jackboot of
a ruthless black colonialist and toerags east of the international iron curtain.Alutta continuara.


Cameroon is actually one of the least corrupt countries when compared with most western/developed countries. In the developed countries, massive corruption occurs at a very level of gov't. No one seems to notice it because these countries are rich. In my opinion, Cameroon should not be placed at the rim of most corrupt countries just because a bunch of underpaid police officers are receiving bribes.

Charles Forkwa

We will be forever linked to colonialism. Curruption knows no boundaries. It is how you handle those currupt officials that is the difference between accountability and enforceability or complacensy and looking the other way. West Cameroon did business in english and had the "Commission of Inquiry" and would have done very well in the world stage in both communicating with her neighbors and dealing with internal crooks.
At this point in history and for the sake of international communications what other language than english or french? Foulbe? Douala? Beti? Bamilike? Tell me.
What is stifling progress is not language but conduct. It is not the past but the present. It is not the colonial masters but masters from amongst us.
Get real folks.

dango tumma

The anglophones gaves POLICE CONSTABLE


This putrid system will never be cleaned up because a new generation of bureaucrats have been well schooled in every aspect of public malfeasance.
I am beginning to wonder if inhabitants of this place called Cameroun have certain cultural pecularities that make corruption an acceptable part and parcel of daily life, inaddition to the demonstrable ineptitude in governance.
The level of corruption and public malfeasance have gone beyond greed and have become pathological. I think the worst offenders have lost their humanity inorder to steal and extort with impunity from the poorest people on earth.

regina ebot ( south Africa)

I love the job that TI is doing by trying to stop corruption. How can our police men not take bribe when all they study at school is only bribery and corruption? Most of our police men are uneducated, so they don't even know what to do. Or I should say they are lack of experience, they did'nt read books concerning their, so in that case their brain is shallow ans all they think is only to collect 500frs from our poor community.I think those police men whose collect bribe should be fire from their jobs so that, that will teach other a lesson and will be effective on the job they went in for ( police man).

Nevertheless there are some few good( transparency) once who are helping the community grow.

God bless the Republic of Cameroon, our fathers land peace.

regina ebot ( south Africa)

I love the job that TI is doing by trying to stop corruption. How can our police men not take bribe when all they study at school is only bribery and corruption? Most of our police men are uneducated, so they don't even know what to do. Or I should say they are lack of experience, they did'nt read books concerning their field , so in that case their brain is shallow ans all they think is only to collect 500frs from our poor community.I think those police men whose collect bribe should be fire from their jobs so that, that will teach other a lesson and will be effective on the job they went in for ( police man).

Nevertheless there are some few good( transparency) once who are helping the community grow.

God bless the Republic of Cameroon, our fathers land peace.


yes,this just conferms that we are still in thesame need to take a look at the embassy here in is a disgrace,the cameroon embassy is the dirtiest embassy in italy,mark my words.the corruption is not only in the police force,what is happenning at the embassy here is even worst.when shall we change


Brothers and Sisters of Africa. You can observe that, the further away a country in Africa is from independence, the greater the probability falling into crises of various forms, be it economic, corruption, wars, whatever. Some people would say we were not prepared to run our own countries, while others would say a country like Camroon is made up of two groups of people. In group one, we have Grassers and cultivers, while in group two, we have wonderers and hunters. These two groups have their parallel developments in the society, which are doing the same thing but in modern forms. Group one has evolved to be a business and industrial oriented group, while group two has evolved as state adminitrators and tax collectors. the difference between these two groups before independence was that group one added values to resources while group two never did, but collected through hunting and consumed resources. These two groups now exist as public and private sectors parallelly. Group two has politics in its hands, while group one commerce and the industry. Group one had no sense of added value markets, which means providing public service, like security, whatever, from tax collected tax revenues. Group two collects revenues and consumes without any investment. Group two (chop broke pot)is ruining the continent. There has to be some harmonisation of both groups through PPP (public private partnership). We, Africans have to work hard to clean the house. We quickly point at individuals without examining ourselves. Think this way! what could i have done as a president of a country like cameroon? What do i need for a good life? how do i define a good life? Who am i and where are my roots? Is my generation free from guilt?
The Private sector has the obligation to support State activities and vis versa.
work together and make a better Africa

Ma Mary


Akoh John

In every facet of the society it exist. Police and to a large extent the gendarmes are picked on because of its transperancy. The custom service should have been on the list. It is a shame to be a custom. All these fellows do is over access taxes for which no receipts are writen. A cameroonian returning to home after studies, is subjected to undue and unfair charges even on their household goods. People have had to abandon their things at the ports for months to seek for help from authorities which sometimes comes but too late. How is this possible when there is the cry that cameroonians should come back home after studies. With such abhorrent treatment at the hands of those who should be protecting the masses what incentive is there for anyone to come to cameroon to do business or even to reside. Having gone through some abysmal treatment at the hands of embassy staff I cannot but agree that they are corrupt as well. They are some of the highest paid rogues that are out there. They sell passports to the highest bidders or those who can pay the most. These individuals should be made to pay for all their crimes.


Having read through all these articles, more than 70% of contributors have criticised and suggested at least some sort of pathway foward.It is fair to say those who have done exactly this, still have a certain degree of patriotism.
I hope that those resistant to change and, who are 'pro-Biya' should consider this swing of opinion in preparation for their collapse in replacement with people who are ready to implement a real and impressively effective change.


Hello everyone im not sure how this works or what to do but i think i have been scamed from people from Doula Cameroon and i dont know how to handle it please if anyone should know how this works in Cameroon with law inforsment let me know for i am living in the US please help me they have took over 18,000$ from me please anyone help me thank you so much

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