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Wednesday, 28 December 2005


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andre Fokam

why kill for a woman? there are plenty out there. now he will probably spend the rest of his life in jail while the woman will cry for a few weeks at most and continue with her life!! Stupid Man!!
it is so bad that we cameroonian can do such things here. we have not finished mourning our brother who was killed by racist in russia. what a shame for us. for a woman who doesn't love you!!!
a beg brothers, things seem to have changed. make u na no touch another person wife again.

Andre Fokam

Ma Mary

Certain men situate their honor between the legs of their womenfolk. It is dangerous illogic. Honor killings enjoy no protection in the US, so Mr Eno is in serious jeopardy.

Andre Fokam, I never knew we would agree about something so fundamental namely: Do not hold on to a partner who does not love you! And do not kill in her name. Let her go and you go start a new life. It does not have to be a life or death matter.


The name Eno I believe is from Mamfe or the Bayangi ethnic group. This is surprising, I thought the Bayangis or Mamfe people were more tolerant with wife swapping or prostitution. Bayangi women use their bodies for making money where did Mr Eno grow up? If he is bayangi he should know the fact that a woman is a money making commodity and he should have just asked Mr Agbor for a bottle of whisky each time Agbor wants his wife.

Why kill over a woman? If a woman does not want you move on brother. God made the female organ to be secret that is why if a women has screwed you cannot tell who she did what with. Mr Eno you are in for the ride of your life. Your ass will be raped in jail. If you were man enough to find a gun spot your wife in a van on I85, you should have asked the prostitute you called your wife to leave. That is what decent people do. Where did you learn your bad manners/ I thought is graffis and Bamis who pay a lot to marry a woman would kill in similar situation, I did not know Bayangis with loose morals would kill. May be there are no Bayangi quarters any more so the the value for the women have increased.


This is a senseless act. I pray that the State of Georgia presses for DEATH PENALTY in an electric chair.

Rachel Eno, will seeking multiple sex partners without first divorcing the intemperate Edmund Eno is partly responsible for this murder. In this country, divorce is cheaper than rents.


All "these" bush fallas killing themselves and getting killed, its time for your to realise that "small no be sick, cameroon na we country." Come back home and try to make it better.


This is a disgrace to Cameroonian folks living in this country. What in the world was he thinking? Well he should have known better, that crimes of passion don’t go unpunished in the US. So he better gets himself a good lawyer out there because he is in some deep trouble right now. As for the lady, you are a disgrace to Cameroonian girls and women in this country. I wish you are charged too.

Mbu B

How quick we learn to use the whiteman`s weapon.That kind of acculturation is not good for us.It`s really a pity both names have manyu origin, but here we`ve a clue , the ones easily inclined to flirting seem to be the most jealous.
Brother, the simplest and best you should have done was, trying to get over that mess of woman - walk away and surely you`d have met that soul sister.
This RACHEL thing must have an insatiable thirst for sex or simply thinks herself smart. Surely many mad men will clamour for her, knowing that she`s got a shining medal for conjugal infidelity.


This has nothing to do with Bayangi people so please refrain from making such comments about bayangi women being prostitutes.
If someone makes their stupid mistakes don't blame it on the tribe.
No bayangi person I know does wife swapping and none of them use their bodies to make money so please stop such comments!!!
Yes he made a mistake and unfortunately he's a bayangi man that doesn't mean you should make such comments

Desire Atem, Ohio USA

I do not think cameroonian has gone that far. There is much in life beyond women and sex. I hope we should always think before we act. Think what will happen when we go on sleeping like Dogs, then think what life gonna be after terminating one's life. Do not go for a woman that does not belong to you, why border about a woman when there is no chemistry between you.Little mind think little

Glenn Wilson


Janvier Tchouteu

It is a pity.


Oh my God,what a pity!

The evil has already been done,may his soul rest in peace.
I hope we all learn from the error.It's really shameful.

Please dear bushfallers,you are our ambassadors out there,do represent us well.


Sex Stress in AMERICA and EUROPE.My bros its time you realised that there is nothing like love or passion in this countries.I have been in those two continent and saw feel and touch like Thomas.
The value of love have been reduced to the price of the cheapest commodities, women are just for sexualfun and no more.You have to tame your emotions to suit the sex market.
Family have little or no value here since any child born is taken care by the state dirrectly and indirrectly through you.
Taking a woman from Africa to USA or Europe is net lost in trade.What you will hope for is and will be the opposite.This is just a note for those who thinks they have left their hearts at home.Remember Markets gots no Heart.


It's really a sad story.
What a world,where are we heading to.
Just as poverty and coruption retards development,infidelity is the backbone of HIV/AIDS and all STDs and family problems.
The earlier people learn to stick to one partner the better.
I mean even if we don't respect one another lets show God some respect.
The 6th commandment has been living with us from generation to generation,if we had respect for this commandment most of these sad stories of murder and AIDS would have been unheard of.
Each and everyone has to help fight this AIDS and infidelity.
Today it is Agbor,tomorrow it may be you.

paolo menchang

Why chase another person`s wife?There are so many women on earth than men.Please learn to keep away from married women.Of course, Eno may serve life imprisonment but Agbor is no more.
A word to the wise is sufficient.

neba funiba

As I have written in many cases on this website about generalizations, we should not make generalized statements about Bayangi women especially when judgment is based on casual observations and not on social scientific research findings. Therefore, we should not use a tragedy of this magnitude for stereotyping and denigration of any group. I pray that people never allow situations to degenarate to the level of violence. When it is not working, let it go. Peace!


Hey ! Watch your language, UNFAITHFULNESS and PROSTITUTION is everywhere.It is not a bayang syndrome. I regret that fact that Mr Enow like any other little minds never thought wisely.


May the Soul of Oscar Agbor rest in peace.
This a moral lesson to all of us.
I hope people should learn to marry women who genuinely love them. Those who suddenly leave America and Europe for girls back home you donot know for marriage should think twice.
Few girls will refuse such proposals from the so called 'Bushfallers'.
Generalising all Bayangis will not do you any good, Nene. Maybe you should declare that men and women from your area are all Monogamous and ultra faithful in marriage and sexual relationships. Donot capitalise on the ill luck and misfortunes of others.
My condolences to the Agbor's family.
Let the Law take its course. You have to control your temperament and degree of jealousy. Sorry Edmund Eno, but you will have to sing the song.

felix Mailiy

It is indeed sad to have learnt of that bid of news coming from the US.What a shame!Am sure, quite sure the bloody Enow of a bloc should be biting his teeth in police care.No pity for a fool that could not spot he had no love in Rachael.I think he thought he will escape police camaras.Idiot!! He will only remember what he thought he had from Rachael in dreams that will hadly ever see day light.

I agree absolutely with every line of felix above on issues of man and woman plus sex and love with marriage as experienced in the Europe and America. However, there are a minority few who make it through. God save our brothers who often are the victims.


I believe it high time for some of this young boys to stop having love affair with marriedwomen. I know most of the guys go to extract money .This is what has caused Oscar to Die.We are all Cameroonians and i think we should try to avoid married women inoder not to put our married brothers into trouble.There are alot of unmarried cameroonian girls and boys, those are the one we should go after. It is a pity to the Oscar family in Atlanta and Mamfe(Cameroon).Young Guys, learn to stay away from married women please. America is a country where there are so many beautiful single girls


Mr Eno ,was just trying to test his new weapon and because of pride.He may have a good reason in mind because Agbor stole something so precious to him.We cannot forget our tradition back home.My father always tell me that i can sleep with every woman but not a married woman,,because that can cause my obituary.My bro and sis beware of Married women ,who sometimes claim or lie that they are unmarried because they want to dick through your wallet.its very unfortunate for Mr Agbor`s family in US and back home and it will teach many people a lesson.


We Cameroonians cannot reverse what had ahappened but we can learn some lessons.
1) stay away from married women
2) If you sense your wife doesn't love you, you don't need to be with her...there is always someone out there who loves you.
3) just because you are married to somebody doesn't mean you that person loves you.
4) DO NOT carry wapons...because you may use.

Lets all behanve ourselves in this country so that our kids can still be welcomed in the future.


Charles Forkwa

Never get involved with any transaction you are not prepared to back out of -- that includes a marriage transaction. If you do, you will get to the point of "diminishing returns" which invariably leads to unintended consequences.
Like the gambler said, "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run".
It was time for the man to run!


Hey folks, I am so upset about what had just happened. I am especially ashamed because we Cameroonians are not responsible enough to make peace amongs our selves. For Oscar, men you would be talking today had you get yourself a unmarried woman. For Eno you would have been out of trouble had you control your temper and go get you another wife. For Racheal you are the person most responsible for this incedent. Had you not play the middle men position, Agbor be alife today and Eno and you be alife and living happily. Shame on you for making Agbor to die. Shame on you for chitting on your husband. Now that you have loose both of them I guess you can now enjoy America for yourself. What you have done to this two family will come to haunt you and your family too.


All of u stupid paysans, who the hell said eno is a Bayangi name? Baminda people bear eno and to the best of my knowledge, bayangi eno is spelled with either enow or enoh.

fred ayamba

I agree with you, Eno is a Baminda name, not Bayangi.

Charles Forkwa

What difference does it make from which part of Cameroon Eno hails? In the old days these scores will be settled in a duel. The man was born in the wrong century and must pay for his actions.
Leave married women alone, there are many fish in the proverbial sea.


Thank you Manyi for clarifying the difference in names. Mukete, you better shut up if you don't have anything to say. Talk is cheap. My condolence to the Agbor's family.


Papa, you know what? Women like Rachael will never live to enjoy by themselves. The next thing she is waiting to do after the trial is to go after somebody else’s husband or boy friend. Please those of you who know her personally should keep us posted if she is not jailed or deported, so that we can keep her far away from our love ones, So that they don’t become her prey. She is probably a sex mania and will do anything to seduce a man into what she wants.


Nene, its like you have a personal score to settle with bayangi women. Is it because your man left you for some beautiful bayangi girl. If you don't have anything sensible to say,you better shut up.

Che Sunday (Dr.)

As usual, we jump to conclusions. Two people emerging from a motel automatically means both have been having an affair. Even if an affair has taken place, its no reason to kill for. At least, the woman had the courtesy of trying to hide it. This is pre- meditated murder and Eno deserves nothing but the electric chair. There is something called divorce and if Eno is so certain that his wife is having an affair, he should use the evidence to file for divorce, not commit murder. He has no defence, and has allowed his balls to do his reasoning. From now until his execution, he might only dream of a woman. His wife is not his property! She is just another human being. Love is a two-way street. If it has failed coming from the other direction, then its time to move on. This is why we must reconsider the marriage vows, "for better or for worse." It seems must of the time, its only for better.


Where have we left those morals of yesteryears were Cameroonians called themselves 'brothers' when in a foreign land like this. I am forced to assume the false belief that Argbor just gave his brother’s wife a ride. Otherwise how on earth will a man go after his brother's wife knowing what it takes to bring one from home? How did he shut that Rachel who was sitting with Agbor was not injured? This sad episode is bringing a lot of shame on us all in the USA. I regret the lost of one of us in disgraceful manner like this.
The two families will know the painful absence of the dollar from now onward. What a dishonor to our Cameroonian family in the U.S?
Let us give Christ the chance to illuminate the "eyes of our hearts" so that this kind of tragedy will be avoided in the future. There are still more Cameroonians jumping behind married women over here. Let us shun this evil that is trying to ensnare some of us.
Once again, let us avoid generalizations at moments like this. We do not have only Banyangi or Meta Quarters but we have other quarters that are not named. Women from so many other tribes are also known to flirt. Some do not only flirt but add wickedness to it.We have good men and women who pay a lot of respect for the marriage instittion in every tribe. It’s really a shame that men in the likes of Agbor and Eno have to subject themselves to such degrading circumstances.
Condolence to the Agbor family.


Readers are invited to (a liberal forum) for a detail analysis of this story and manyn others.

jimmy Ate

Mukete, please, don't let the door hit you as you leave for icicemac. Good riddance!!!


Lost but found. hmmm Hope the New coming year will pave the way for you to turn over a new leave. Well you know what I mean.
To some commentators,
Please watch your language as you make you comments. No offence.
Killing for the sake of a woman or a man should be the last thing to do cause we are not automatons but humans who can think. If they decide to go the other way then, so be it. It is not just the other person who is responsible. As someone said earlier when you bring the forbidden fruits from home abroad then, be prepared for the consequences. Think twice when choosing your future.


Country people.
My new year resolution na for limmit my interaction with paysans them here for Etas.
I swear, if you no di live for Etas, u no fit understand wetin di happen for cameroonians for here.
Jealousy and palaver for here pass African witchcraft. U don't know what must have driven that guy to react that way. Man go take you woman, for keep he fucken mouth shot. No...he go di go around di ridicle you like say he be king kong. He no strange me because if I no be commot na for Christian family, I for don kill man for this America. I swear.


Stupid generalisations of Bayangi women as flirts because of the foolish actions of one or more individuals is insane.this is no different from a white person saying that african americans or blacks are all criminals just because they are a majority in the prisons in this country.Please address the real problem and avoid degrading generalisations.


Jimmy Ate!

The sad events with Cameroonians abroad come only from us, Anglophones. From Kumba with fake documents, through the fake fabrication of Newspaper articles, to the Mubang case in the USA, and now this love killing in Atlanta. While we get encouraging news about our Francophone brothers living abroad, ours is a collection of sham. Competition, fighting, talking big, expression of cowardice, cheating, destabilization of marriages and families, betrayal, black legs, sell outs, jealousy, telling lies, lack of cooperation, blackmailing, and running after people's wives and husbands are some of the many vices of Anglophones - the Muketes included. We are very mean!

We may not want "to wash our dirty linens in public", but it is clear that we, Anglophones, are not straight.The francophones may be a problem here in Cameroon, but internationally, especially from the reliable information we get from abroad, we, Anglophones, remain at the center of the most disturbing scandals. We are so cheap!

I think we can learn from the Nigerian Government that set up special bodies and provided funds to help clean the image of the country abroad. I think we should be looking for ways to wash our image abroad. When it comes to "wrong and fake doings', believe me, our Anglophone brothers and sisters living abroad dominate their francophone counterparts. It is Anglophones who openly fight because of women, disrupt gatherings, get drunk, run after married men and women, report their brothers to the police, expose their struggling brothers, cheat their fellow Anglophones, kill and are killed, steal, make "childish" fake documents, tell unbelievable lies, etc.

Look Jimmy, even Jesus Christ was hated and humiliated for standing for the truth. He finally assured the world that when next he comes, he will bring a sword, and not peace. If people want to condemn Jesus for promising war on evil, then it is their problem.

Do not be surprise to see me by this same "window" and when people do, they should not run. I am here and there. In 1990, if Ni John Fru had left the country, Paul Biya would have been living in peace. Biya wanted Ni John Fru Ndi to leave the country not because it was a good thing for Cameroon, but because he considered Ni John Fru the door through which Cameroonians may see the LIGHT.

The truth is bitter but must be spoken. The holy bible tells us that "You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free". I would have expected The Post management to post a photograph of Mrs. Eno with the above article. The fact that the USA security has confirmed that it is her husband who shot Mr. Agbor, was enough evidence to allow The Post to bring us her photograph.

The article on Mrs Theresia Mubang had her photograph. Why not that of Mrs R. Eno? This is the type of hypocrasy I condemn. This is the type of two-side cutlass we need to resist as we place all our troubles into the hands of our francophone brothers and sisters. Trying to hide our "Anglophone" disease and trying to stop people like Riccado and others who expose our collective weaknesses will not help us in anyway.While I reccommend The Post Management for the excellent job it is doing, I would like it to clear off all future shocks that may result from some of our Anglophone stagnations.

For the truth to come to light, no one person, channel or medium is indispensable. Everyone is contributing in its own small way. And this world is a stage where all of us are mere actors. We have only one audience - GOD

However, I am bitterly proud to have been born by Anglophone parents.

Come visit my NGO to see how I address the issues I have raised. It is my experience from this forum that remains the motivating force behind the creation of this NGO. This is why I remain thankful to The Post.

Rest assured, with my NGO, whenever we write on the urgly sides of some Cameroonians - Francophones or Anglophones, bush fallers or those living here - we are going to post their photographs. We can not be warning people about a "certain" snake without letting them know the characteristics (all aspects) of that snake.

... and may the Good Lord open AN Anglophone EYE as we enter the year 2006.



Che Sunday(Dr), I do not think you know what you are talking about. It is not a matter of assumption, it is a matter of whether it is right for both of them to be in the motel or not. If you know the purpose of a motel then you will know what I mean. Also talking about divorce, it is not the place of Eno to divorce the wife because his action shows he loves the wife. If the wife feels she is no longer interested about their marriage, she is the one who was surposed to file for a divorce and get out of it. All indications Eno was not ready for a divorce. I am pretty sure Racheal should be an Akata or...... Payians are not like that you know!!!

Ejike Mouluh

Dr. Che Sunday disagrees with the observation that "two people emerging from a motel automatically means both have been having an affair"?

Sir Doc, why do you think Eno bought a hand gun about 5 hours before the crime, according to today's report? Eno must have known that Oscar Agbor was dating his wife and was in town!

As an experienced man, Eno knew exactly where to look for Agbor and Rachel - at the motel (sex parlour). He got them.

If you tolerate or have engaged in bedding another man's wife yourself then this is a personal warning. You crossed a red line on every ocassion.

Some men get caught and are punished, sadly on this ocassion fatally. Sometimes it is a biological bullet (AIDS VIRUS) that gets passed unwittingly to the unspecting partner.

We all can easily say DIVORCE is the solution. That is a rational thing to say.
But bedding another man's wife in his own city is not rational.

When Eno saw Agbor and Rachel emerge from the motel, I argue that rage took over Eno. Rage is a legitimate and well-documented human instinct. Agbor reduced himself to a beast, totally devoid of respect. Rage is worse than the calculated dehumanizing of the enemy before sending in soldiers to shoot-to-kill and stage a shock-and-awe.


it is childish making such ignorant claims.For the record not because people assume bayangi women sell their bodies for money will mean only bayangi women sell their bodies.As a matter of fact bayangi women bear the name but the real players and experts in the game are no where close to bayangi.So let us all be reasonable and stop making careless,ignorant and childish alligations.

Ejike Mouluh

In addition to Mukete, one can deduce that Mr. Eno did not even know how to load the damn gun. That is why he asked the army officer to load the newly purchased weapon for him.

We wish he had spoken to somebody instead to release the tension.

The incorruptible army officer rightly declined, noted details of Eno's vehicle and called the State Emergency Services. This army officer is so incorruptible, exemplary in conduct and up-standing that he cannot be Cameroonian. He demostrates civic responsibility in the most glaring fashion.

Given report that Eno spotted the illicit lovers around 7PM suggest the pair was waiting for the cover of darkness before emerging from motel. Mr Eno simply waited patiently, perhaps motivated by the confidence of spotting Agbor's car or a tip.

In a jury trial, the most Eno faces is reasonable jail time for homicide. A death sentence is remote because Eno's attorney has enough to play against the prosecution. The biting charge would be the posession of a weapon at a crime scene (criminal offence). Agbor's death would fall as a sacrifice in a love triangle. NEVER GET BETWEEN A MAN AND HIS WIFE IN SUCH A MANNER.


You are a freaking box of rocks. How ignorant can one person be? You better be quiet than put out a lengthy piece of gabbage. Your comment gives a good insight into your state of mind - SCHIZOPHRENIC!!!! Go get help psychopath. I am a pychiatrist and I can recommend some colleagues if you are interested. Hope to hear from you pretty soon. help me help you brother!

Esembe Titus

Certain things happen for a reason. May be this is to help us learn how to behave. If we do not change our ways I am very sure we still have a lot of trouble a head of us. I do not know Agbor, but the other "Agbors" out there and those still thiniking to be Agbors should watch out. I know for sure that some will think that Agbor did not play his game wel;l and that they would do better. Please the ony way out is to give-up. You can never be too careful


Both Eno and Agbor are bayangi folks and honestly eno was pushed to the edge and I totally agree with the option of divorce but put yourself in his position, you would've reacted the same before thinking.
Agbor and Eno have been fighting over this for a while now and Eno has warned him several times up untill this past weekend of Dec. 24th at a party in Atlanta where he got upset and left his wife at the party after exchanging words with Agbor but Agbor didn't let it go and instead gave Rachel a ride home which is about 2 hrs from where the party was and Eno saw them. This was the final straw when he saw him again in Columbus shopping with his wife and at the motel.
Agbor deserves what happened to him as he was very stubborn and would do stuff with Rachel infront of her husband which is not right. It was very disrespectful. I pray God forgives Eno for what he did and that the jury find it in their heart to give him a lesser sentence than what we all predict as he was tempted for so long and not everyone have the strong heart to bear certain things especially emotional stress
How far can you push someone?? People you don't understand how painful it is till it hits you.


Well you have been reacting to this unfortunate incident involving two cameroonians in the diaspora, but most of you have obviously blamed the guy who fired the shot. But won't we think for a moment? Why couldn't this girl opt out of this relationship with her husband before selling her ass to other men sice she is free for all? A woman in her category is classified as << jump and pass>>.

Jean Mark Akono

I think it is wrong to generalize on Bayangis, women and men. All the parties were wrong. We should pray for each of them.



We need to rise above the issue of tribalism.
This tragedy has nothing to do with tribe. Anyone could have been the victim or criminal. And they happen everywhere, in all societies.

Some people are just more likely to break in the face of stress than others. While others derive a sense of self by claiming what belongs to others or bringing down others.

Sources say the deceased had a history of chasing married women. Too bad!

Either way, there are no winners. We should stop focusing on tribes and stereotypes and focus on fundamentals of character and personality that provide more depth. I find remarks like those from MaMary and co. simply unenlightened, and unfortunate coming from a women.


I Agree with you 4kilo .Paysans all over are very jealose,like gossiping and envy their own bro and sis. I stand by you 4kilo with the same new year resolution to be far from paysans in US or Europe because is the same situation .Happy new year to you my fellow Country men out there and keep your secrets from paysans because they will use it to make you fall in a pit.
my tory end na here


Please hold on....
Let me take the time to thank you all for acknowledging the affair.
However, I have some things to address...
- Agbor Oscar happens to be my cousin (here in Atlanta) and I learnt of his murder on my way from work
- Indeed he was at loggerhaeds with the said Eno edmund (yes, from mamfe Ossing) and actually had a fight with said edmund at a "Sasse" party here in Atlanta a few days earlier * witnessed by over 30 people*
-words cannot explain the pain and grief we are going though right now (as we buried his older sister a few years back) and his death was particularly painful due to its abrupt nature
-true, this is a lesson to be learnt by many for oscar was a handsome, single, smart and employed individual. With all of the single women running around atlanta why he chose to hang around a married woman (rachel is bayangi) is beyond explanation and comprehension
-I still feel shame, anger and sorrow coupled with a bevy of other untold emotions but time will heal all
- I agree - no one is perfect and all parties are to blame for this debacle as our whole family has been thrown into chaos...

SO I thank all of you who expressed their deep regret and condolences on this site... may god bless you all. Till we meet again.
Peace and god speed.


Given the circumstances, I don't think now is the time for such stigmatisms and generalisations, someone has died above all and was slain by the hand of his own countryman who was once a family friend. So nene please, such comments are not encouraged at this time.


We should not be giving comments here without knowing what will be the reactions from the two families back at home(Eno and the Agbor),i think we should instead come out with what problems may arise back home with these two families.Consider this situation that Agbor was killed and may be he is the only bread winner in thier family back home,,his dead now will cut the flow of dollars back home and his family can be starving .We know that a hungry man is an angry man so may be there can be revenge from either families what do you people think??I will like the postnewslines to update us if there is any reaction back home and also information about Rachel because she is the sole cause of this whole shit,according to my tradition ,Rachel will be excluded from the village and family meetings.
Okay Mr tory donc go yi

Felix Mailiy

Boy a agree withi you popo.You dong talk true papaa!If man no lukot he fi do bad here oh!That palaver too much.

Mbombo a beg make we lukot,This sara ko dey so i bad!!talk talk pass power.You join nam with wahala too i go dey like say na thunder pass for your middle head. weti we do no mbombo?

Make we remain for we quart nayo nayo.

That mbut man-Enow, paddy men them go pepper he arse for gatter, na so he di cry so te no man no go hellep he.

Papa, i donc nak pass me!!

Ejike Mouluh

Manyi, Fred Ayamba, Marshall and Enow Mag, now it is confirmed by more than one person that Rachel, Agbor and Eno are all from Mamfe. They are all Bayangi! Now, can you say agan that they are from "Baminda".

According to Maya "Eno had warned Agbor" presumably to stay away from his wife, Rachel. Then, Agbor would not heed to the warning. Given the well-celebrated sexual promiscuity of the Bayangi, do Manyu Cultural Groups in the United States have elders' councils to resolve these problems at the earliest?

Agbor was a chop-die. What was Agbor doing in Columbus, Ohio 1022 km north of his home city of Atlanta, Georgia? Many Americans (men and women) will shoot Agbor for lesser crimes than being spotted with their partner emerging from the lair of a motel under the cover of darkness.

Given the tensions in the American society, Agbor's loss is tragic but the sympathy goes to Eno because his deadly reaction was in self-defence. In this country, crime gets its match (punishment, sometimes deadly). Agbor technically initiated emotional agression on Eno by sleeping with the latter's wife. Agbor seemingly took Eno for granted.

He who starts a war cannot determine the mode of fire-back - that is up to the opponent. Take nothing for granted. What is at stake is your life. Your opponent can use deadly force. Try dating a minister's wife in Cameroon and see what will happen to you. In America, it is no different.

Those men sleeping with the wives of others risk AIDS, break God's Commandment and break the laws of man. The tragedy of Agbor is a warning to you all. The wages of SIN is early DEATH.


Life has no duplicate,people should be careful the way they go about their daily affairs.

May the New year 2006 be free of all such sad tales.

Happy New Year to all


Na waa bi this ooh!.

Aa hope say all that nga and guy them wa they no fit hold one partner tide go learn small lesson from di one.

Wo side da Rachael-nga go bury ye head,as for Eno,ee bi surely take banga and afoufou b4 ye act
na which can wahala be this no'o.
If Agbor for know say na die di cam,ee for surely stay far and run Rachael, sorry wo sid, ee da now,as grammer put'am THERE IS NO REPENTANCE IN THE GRAVE,if a fo know na the last tori.

Abi,aa hope say we all go learn from this wahala and try for see how for march front front.


What Rachel did was not right but, honestly, who wants to cast the first stone? Who wants to say infidelity is not Cameroonian? Men or women, Cameroonians take to cheating like the proverbial duck to water. This whole sordid, messy affair would have gone completely unnocticed but for the reaction of the cuckolded. Suddenly, we all want to be saints and we talk about Rachel like she is from the land of the cursed. Remember, she is not the one who pulled the trigger..As for the victim , based on the article placed on this website, we don't if he knew that Rachel was married or not. Sure, they must have been communicating but we don't know how much he knew of Rachel's status. Finally, this Oscar is truly a plonker.You don't go shooting people b/c your relationship has gone sour. That smacks of jungle law. And, by the way, stalking is illegal too. He knew their marriage was falling apart, he should have taken the moral route and opted OUT. Well, well, well, see what the cat trick found...

Ma Mary

Someone appears to have misquoted me. Let me say it again. In America there is no tolerance for wife beaters and for crimes of passion. You cannot kill your spouse on grounds of being unfaithful and expect mercy from the courts. Sometime in the last 24 hours the spouse of some reader of this story has cheated. If you are the wronged person, violence of any sort is not an option, but you have grounds for a divorce. By all means be angry, but do not do a foolish thing that would end your life. Culturally some of us might think this kind of murder has some justification, but I can see where the American authorities are coming from. You do not own anybody. If someone fails a contract (marriage vows), terminate the contract not the person. In some Arab countries,such as Jordan or Iraq a brother would kill his sister or a father would kill his daughter because she was raped or had a premarital affair. The murderer usually gets away with it. That culture thinks it is OK, but I am sure many readers here would react differently.

From what people are saying here, the faithless wife flaunted her lover(s) openly infront of her husband, and this particular lover was also provocative, taking this wife to community social functions. This may or may not work in the killer's favor, because it means that he had foreknowledge and planned this killing, purchasing a weapon and stalking down the cheating couple.

As a society of humans, people are still going to cheat despite this shocking story and despite traditions from the home country where people still cheat a lot especially the men. So cheaters be discreet and cheatees your options do not include shooting or beating people. Talk to a friend. Consult a lawyer. Gather evidence. That is the real lesson here and not what the folks in a village in Africa think. BTW adulterers are of every tribal group and race.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Good words, Maya.


Eno may have been in serious pains seeing Agbor flirting with his wife,it's sad but killing him is no excuse.

Eliminating Agbor doesn't solve his problem,Rachel flirting with Agbor shows she had no love for him.The solution would have been a divorce,simple, counting himself one of the unfortunate guys loving a woman who has no love for him.He should be prepared to buy more guns,because Rachel will go for more lovers.
While simpatising with his sad love affair,he should be ready to face his action.

On the other hand,it gives no room for prostitution.Married woman are warned,singles should stay away from married couples

Ebot Pk

Eno or whatsoever the name is evidently acted stupidly and irrationally.Rachel must be hot panted with an unquechable sex appetite and sure Eno must have discovered this is her cos they have been together,thus Eno should then look for a solution to satisfy RAC high sexual desire,either by being a sex maniac or better say goodbye to RACHEL and secure good health while preserving his manhood and intergrity.Killing Agbor cos of RAC,s pussy is an abormination and an insult to the entire manyu community and i recommend serious judicial measures to face Eno,
Also RAC.if you see infidelity and sex as a new way of life or money fetching firm,why not assume an official license to commercialise ur goods and services,You are warned,Such disgusting act is worth taking away our manyu citizenship from you.







Beltus Etchu

It is so so bad and disgraceful for us proud cameroonians. Gun culture has never been our way of resolving problems. There are many women out there. This actually shows that our brother lack the realisation of his own potential and self-confidence in his ability to bring his wife under control. This should be a lesson for all of us. What a mayhem and shame!

Beltus Etchu Scotland

Charles Forkwa

Humans are forced into monogamous relationships against all natural instincts.
That said, the law and cultural norms cultivates monogamous habits from the time we are born and this learned behaviour is instilled in us hopefully lasting throughout our lives.
However, it takes enormous efforts to continually suppress those primitive instincs and periodically they surface both in our sexuality and violent behaviours.
Hey we are all human, and no one knows what may push thier provebial button to make them snap. Unless you had walked in Eno's shoes you will never know for sure.
Yes, it was wrong to kill Agbor but somewhere inside all of us there is the cave man lurking! The only question is how much of that is left in each of us ready to rear its ugly head at the opportuned moment?


Hey people,it is painful reading through the writeups because some people have taken upon themselves to insult others or a society.It doesn't matter where the parties involve hail from but about the fact that a live is lost,another in jail and Racheal will still open her laps for this insatiable quest for sex.
May I say here that Enow did not do the right thing but given that fact that he brought his said wife from home just to recieve this public disgrace.Secondly, child support palava in the U.S is unpardonable and usaually favours the woman.Maybe Enow was not ready to divorce his wife to avoid paying child support. Who know? Let the judicial system here have mercy on Enow.I wish Racheal never see the light of day as a payback for her actions.
Somebody had to be bury by vultures in "The gods are not to blame" and Racheal should not be different.What a DISGRACE to us Cameroonians.As for AGBOR, I have no remorse.


Hey people,it is painful reading through the writeups because some people have taken upon themselves to insult others or a society.It doesn't matter where the parties involve hail from but about the fact that a live is lost,another in jail and Racheal will still open her laps for this insatiable quest for sex.
May I say here that Enow did not do the right thing but given that fact that he brought his said wife from home just to recieve this public disgrace.Secondly, child support palava in the U.S is unpardonable and usaually favours the woman.Maybe Enow was not ready to divorce his wife to avoid paying child support. Who know? Let the judicial system here have mercy on Enow.I wish Racheal never see the light of day as a payback for her actions.
Somebody had to be bury by vultures in "The gods are not to blame" and Racheal should not be different.What a DISGRACE to us Cameroonians.As for AGBOR, I have no remorse.

ebot richard

WEll, I can see that maya, ejike moulouh and Agbormbai have never sinned before.

Maya, for you to say Oscar deserved to die I have a little question for you: how would you feel if this happened to one of your brothers, close relatives or even you (or are you above temptation)? There is no way you can sit infront of your computer and tell me or anyone of the readers of this forum that you have never looked at another man/woman with lustful eyes - married or not! It is human nature and if you read the bible it says "you have already commited adultery with that person in your heart." Given certain circumstances and depending on your resistance to temptation you will or will not cheat with that person. Should you be killed for that? I am not calling you a whore nor am I justifying any of these acts but be understanding: these things happen all the time - they just got caught by an extremely angry, irate and hellbent spouse. Somewhere in your family (extended or nuclear) someone has cheated on their spouse in someway or another. Maybe they were caught and maybe not - but should they die? As you said yourself and I quote "People you don't understand how painful it is till it hits you."

Agbormbai, for someone with a title of "Dr." you should be more reasonable and know that as ma mary and the more enlightened readers said, "you cannot expect to kill someone and expect any mercy from the court." True - he had a short temper but this was no way to go about it. After shooting Agbor, eno went home, threw the gun away and called his friends crying "I don shoot agbor." When the police came calling, he told them where he ditched the murder weapon and gave himself up peacefully. A Captain (a manyu cameroonian - name with held) tried to see him while in detention but he had already been transfered to a maximum security prison.

Ejike, please revise your judicial procedures/criminal law as "murder in self defence" is defined as: "a violent physical reaction to an assailant when threatened with bodily harm resulting in the assailant's death." This was by no means self defence but premeditated aggravated aggression. Okay, so Bayangi people have killed each other and the women are lecherous - what is your point?! We anglosaxons are so quick to point the finger at other tribes and villages but cry blood when the french put us down. You tell me: are Bayangi men the only ones that go after bayangi "prostitues" (as you put it)? I don't think so. Every tribe has them - making every man that sleeps with these women (bayangi or not) equally lewd and promiscuous. Finally Ejike, please revise your stories before posting: The last I recalled, Oscar never drove 1022 miles to columbus, Ohio to be with Rachel but went to COLOMBUS, GEORGIA - ONE HOUR THIRTY MINUTES AWAY. The less informed we are, the worse the story becomes.

Don't get me wrong... what Agbor did was unpardonable but wouldn't any of you be angry with the person who killed your brother if they did the same thing? Or are YOUR families too righteous to fall into temptation? We all know the saying "We di know tiff man only when dem catch he."

I live in atlanta and knew all three parties personally as they were all frequent at the manyu meetings. When stories jump from mouth to mouth they gain more flavour... No, They did not flirt openly and the issue came to light only after they actually came to blows at a recent party. Look people, Eno and Agbor's family are so close that they HAVE LIVED IN THE SAME HOUSE... I repeat: Edmund and Agbor's Elder sister (who is now crying her lungs out) ONCE LIVED IN THE SAME HOUSE here in America, ate the same food and shared the same sorrows and joys. Don't we call elders anymore to solve problems within a family?
Maya, people say things to sweeten a story all the time: they did not flirt infront of the husband. Infact, Edmund's Senior brother (also in Atlanta) knew nothing of the affair until they fought - and he is one of the most versed members of manyu.
None the less, I pray he be given a lighter sentence at least to repent and think about what he did. What is done is done [sadly] - we cannot condem anyone nor judge them lest we be judged. We can only learn from matters like these.
Now we must go and bury a fellow countryman while another has thrown his life away.

- R.I.P -
1972 - 2005








It was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Guys, don't go to Cameroon and marry these women whom you barely know. They see you solely as one way ticket out of Cameroon. They marry you for the wrong reasons. Once here, they need to find love elsewhere. It happens over and over in our community. As for Rachael, I know her in Buea. She is not even worth the trouble...if you know what I mean. I mean in every sense of the word. She has been all over the place since she was 13 years old.


ha ha ha good one massamoyo!!!!
Blow jobs...
Tito, tell me something... since 13?!!!!
wandafoool! Real Akpara!
Truly, that girl must now become a nun or kill herself!
If I were in Eno's position, seriously - I would have done away with Rachel instead, called it a day and packed for cameroon... She was not raped and she was not forced. All she had to say was "no, I'm a married woman"
But "Mblakos" for man di sweet even if die dey for backside di wait. Nobi so?


Massamoyo, sorry for your loss and I hope God gives you the strength to pull through this. Agbor didn't deserve to die. Eno probably snapped which he didn't have to.(easy to say but what will I do in his position....I can guarantee). But when you play, you pay. This was not only playing, it was playing in someone else's playground and we all know how dangerous that is. 5 out of 10 men in this world will snap too. Watch out women, one of those five men may be your husband. Keep your pants on!!!!!! Preserving your dignity is the first step towards the emancipation of women.


Tabe, I know the name speaks for itself. This is not a personal attack on you and I guess this is my personal opinion and I equally agree with you on some issues.

Agbor does not deserve to die but unfortunately he had to pay the price of what had become a settled disposition with him in the past couple of years. He has fucked other married women and done so very proudly and as an achiever. Would I make that kind of a move to kill? Absolutely not. Instead I would hire a hit man and rather have Rachel on a wheelchair for the rest of her life if I ever snap to that extend. Unfortunately Agbor was messing with a short tempered Mbutuku like Enow who had no control over himself and his dump ass.

I mean this incident should serve as a wake up call for all the Men Gold Diggers who just want to explore and fuck married women. These married women only tend to look better when their married husbands are taking care of their sorry asses.

Everything being equal, Agbor might not want to keep Rachel in a day if a divorce ever ensued. The good thing is that Agbor has had his cake and ate it amongst Cameroonian married women. He tried to be a sugar daddy and that's the price of what he had to pay. The truth in the matter is that if he had messed around an Acata's girl he'd be gone a long time ago.

But you know, I must pray for the parted soul to have eternal peace.


Wona Leffam so Country people....
Bayangi, balondo, bakossi, Haousa, Bafut, Evondo.....inshort paysans dem....we get die for cry.
Jomse bo ebofo (wetin happen don happen)...
Cryin over spilt milk now no go 2 help we...Ma advice now na say, make we all learn from this, put we'ar heads 2 gether atleast for once, and then see how we fit pay one last respect for we'ar brother Agbor....
one last thing!!!! how we di do for move emanu from ngata....?
wunna see, i no know this 2 people personally, but my deepest regrets and warmest sympathy goes to both families and the cameroonian society in out bad-mop people " this can happen to anybody " becos me 2 i dong look some man e ngah with blood for ma eye...
Peace....4 quaters


Ebot, Butan and Maya. Thanks for helping some of us to understand clearly how long the dispute had been going on. Guys the damage has been done and there is nothing we can do now to bring Agbor back to life. When I first read the story, I blame Enor for everything but after these explanations, I feel bad for him because any human in his position after receiving such humiliations from someone you know and trusted,would have react with some anger. But unfortunately he over reacted. Ebot, Butan and Maya, please help the defends lawyer to testify so that his sentence can be reduced. As for Racheal, You guys in Atlanta should isolate her from all your gatherings. I really wish she was a stay home mum. Then now she will know what it means to work for 8 hours with a thirty minutes break and then come home and take care of the kids. Maya and other close relatives accept my dippiest sympathy.

Boyz Frankie



The only winner in all this this is the "devil who comes to kill, steal and destroy" John 10:10. Do you consider yourself to be a good person? Have you ever lied, stolen? Jesus said if you look a woman with lust in your heart, you are guilty of adultery and if you hate your brother, you are guilty of murder. Have you always honored your parents? The American Dream is fatal succes. It clashes with God's Command of putting Him first and loving HIM with all your mind, soul strength and heart. Instead we choose to chase the dollar with all our strength and mind. If you die today and God judges you based on the 10 Commandments, would you be guilty or innocent? Would you end up in hell or in heaven. Many think that their good deeds will land them in heaven. It simply is not so. Heaven is for repented sinners who have put all their eggs in One Basket-Jesus Christ, His atoning death and Resurrection. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God-Hebrews 10:31.
Instead of talking about what has happened here, asked yourself a simple question, "Where will I spend eternity?" Is your house, car, job and status worth eternal damnation and separation from God? The devil promised Jesus the world if He would worship him. He denied as God alone is to be worshiped. The devil uses the same trick to lure us away from God with houses in the suburbs, cars, etc. because if he can keep us busy here and in Cameroon, he has us for eternity when we die. The devil is the only one guranteed to spend eternity in hell. The rest of us elect hell by Choice. Even God cannot alter our choice when we fail to obey His Commandments. But God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
May God be with you as you choose Heaven or hell.
We as a nation have turned away from God.


I think that Eno guy even shot the wrong person if it was me I shot the bitch Ass (Rachel) or might as well shot both of them. Or just walk away rather than shoting.

I agree with you mukete the problem is all these fake Anglophones here, full of gossiping, liars, hypocrites, cheats, tribalistic, empty pride people.
They are here claiming about school, say good morning to somebody he/she starts by “Massa na bolo and ecole wholam”
I wonder what they even do in school.
Poor parents have struggled to send them here, to better themselves and go help their country.
See them in little drinking spots running their mouths saying nonsense, its all about trying to be popular making names, I call all that “empty pride” I wonder where these people kept their minds.
What kind of southern Cameroon are Anglophones trying to build? Even if there was to be a southern Cameroon today, believe it or not tribalism will be worst than what we experience in the present Cameroon.
I don’t see any environment that can harbor a north westerner and a south westerner.
This is a clear example with the comments made on this site. From the fist 4 comments the story already digress into tribalism.
I don’t support biya (his name don’t even worth starting it with a capital letter) or our so called francophone brothers, but the path I see these two English provinces of Cameroon are taking, I rather continue the suffering I’m having with those francophone.

People are in here talking about “Bayangi, Baminda (Bamenda)”…. Cameroonians what has that gat to do with the tragedy we are having in Georgia?
I expected these Anglophones with all the big book they claim to have to make reasonable comments to help protect the Cameroonian image.
I don't even blame you what kind of reasonable comments you expect from nurses,cus thats all they know, nursiing.
My brothers and sisters this is the internet people are reading your comments, people are laughing at us.
I am sick tired of this north west and south west thing even in times of situation when we are suppose to put our dump heads together.

Yaaaaaaaackkkkk les Anglos !!!!!

Anyway I don’t blame you guys, you are making your American dreams.

Robert Kwi

I am not condoning Oscar Agbor’s “banging” of Eno’s wife, but a DRIVE-BY???? Common men, that’s just too American right there!!! Edmund Eno….You’ve been watching just too much T.V.

Robert kwi
Kansas city, USA


I couldn't have said it better myself...
With all that is going on we still find the time to insult one another and point the finger.
Nurses? What nurses?!! You make me laugh!!! They are not even nurses but nursing aids/assistants and when they come home they tell people that they are about to become doctors and Lawyers. Like you said: that is all they know.
These things make me wonder what would happen if southern Cameroons became a reality and the time came to elect a president - outright war! Read what ebot, beri and albert have written above and you will see that they have made the most sense here. Like you said: "they are making the American dream."
And please you bushfallers don't try and tell me about American life because I have already been there and back.

Andre Fokam

all comments from this forum show that we come from a Men dominant society.
no one has even tried to understand Rachel or give her the benefit of doubt. if she was with another man, she most likely wasn't happy with her man. it might not be due to sexual appetite, it might be that she was poorly treated by her man whose actions depict his character (jealous, possessive, dominant, brutal etc...) she was probably very miserable with that man to defy his threat and continu to see Agbor. no one know if she was planning to file for divorce etc..
there are many things that can push a woman to cheat. who knows, was Eno faithfull himself?
it is good to condemn the habit of going home to pick wives that we barely know, but i also add that many men go home to pick wives without letting them know the truth about their condition here, and we give them false expectations. i know a man who has never been to college here, has been working 2 group home jobs for 9 years, who when to buea to pick a girl who just got her master degree!! i don't know what he told the girl but i am pretty sure the girl is not aware she is marrying someone much less educated than her. the girl has barely been here for 6 months and everyone is sensing trouble already.

Andre fokam

Robert Kwi

Edmund, Lemme show you how to do it right. You creep up on that nigga and your bitch ass wife (Rachel) in the dark of the night, and wait for your green light. Then you empty a couple of slugs in him while she watches, before turning the gun on her. Be sure you have a solid alibi and do it like a Pro. Don’t go ask an office duty cop how to cock your piece. Now that’s how its being done……….AT THE MOVIES & ON T.V, you punk-azz shit mudf**kr. One sec of misjudgment and you’ve taken a life and ruin that of a whole family. Hope Georgia got a death penalty. I’ll even push the button.

Robert Kwi
Kansas city,. USA


Papou, I'm not sure who the hell you think you are. But I must admit that you tried making a very salient point in redefining the Cameroonian image abroad or on-line. Instead you went off target and talked of the Anglophone/Francophone dichotomy. You seem to be the most ingnorant Cameroonian, I must say. Make your point and maybe some of us will understand your dump ass instead of thinking that Francophones are way better off than the Anglophones overseas.

The fact is you Francophones have your own troubles (the fraudulent business) in parts of Europe/Asia. You cannot strive in the US because you'll be intercepted. Please brother the next time you make a point here try to revisit your opinion and hit it hard so that our image will not be contradicted by your comments.

Simply because you are not making the American dream should not put you in a defensive position. Wake up and go do CNA or LPN and maybe you can start making the American at the epitome of your ignorance.

Lady Kate


The cold Winter Days and the freezing cold nights in Georgia
gets more chilling with the sad news
of Murder of one of our own, by one of our own.

A son of the soil lies lifeless and cold
A son once vibrant and kicking,
A sister cries out for a miracle, Lord
A mother is speechless from shock
little nephews, nieces, so weary and wondering why and what?
about the murder of one of our own by one of our own!!!!

Cameroonians, brothers sisters alike line up
in condolence, in sympathy, in shock
We try to make sense
What sense does it make?????
A Cameroonian is dead......

The questions continue..........
why you no shoot the leg,
why you no shoot the hand
why you no give am warning
why you go kill your own????

Just when the news came in we all asked
Na true say this kind thing happen?
Na akata shoot am?
Cameroonian no fit oh na lie.....
a murder has been committed, a Cameroonian is murdered by another.

Prayer is the key, prayer is the Master's key
we can only pray for Oscar's soul to find rest and peace
We can only Pray for Edmond who lives and lives with a conscience
that God will forgive him for killing a brother.

It is hard when you know everyone involved,
we pray for our community to wake up and denounce murder.

May I wish you all a Happy New Year
Lady Kate Atabong Njeuma
Atlanta, Georgia


Brothers and sisters, the damage has already been done. However, if I were Mr. Eno, I could have taken a different approach to let the prostitute-Rachael learn a lesson. Remember that Agbor did not force her to bed. I am, by no means saying that Agbor was right but this was an affair between two consenting adults. It surficed for Eno to either divorce Rachael or "repatiate" her. He could have pretended not to be aware of the affair; plan a trip with her to cameroon as soon as possible and abandone "the thing" there - after collecting all her travel documents. Although the last option is not very feasible, it is still the best, relative to what he has done and the consequencies that will follow. It is not a must to get married to a girl from your country. There are women everywhere in the world; and the fact that love can never be forced remains. So, guys lets not be so narrow-minded and act before reasoning like women.


What can be the instant remedy to avert such crazy acts in the society.well,well,well.

SELF CONTROL .No exemption

Robert Kwi

Albert, or whateva da f**k yo name is. You got gutts bro, you know that. To come into an Anglophone forum, hosted by an Anglophone Newspaper a pride of a people, and say all that crap you said. First of all you wouldn’t be in this forum if you didn’t think Yo “le quotidien” , “Le messager”, “Camnet Actualite”(should I continue?), were no good. All what you said is just an expression of your ignorance. So shhhhh!! And learn.

Robert kwi

Molaka Manfred

Why are we acting as if Cameroonians killing Cameroonians abroad is a novelty? Rembember the case from Canada last year? If not, read on:
Man laughed when telling police of killing
Dec. 3, 2005. 09:38 AM

A murder trial has seen a video of a man laughing as he told police how he beat and strangled an older woman who let him stay in her Etobicoke apartment as a favour to his mother.

"This is all like a bad movie," Arthur Balla-Mekongo chuckled near the end of a two-hour video interview with homicide detectives.

"Like it wasn't quick," he said. "She wouldn't die. That's when I realized I had to cut her circulation."

The tape was played for jurors yesterday and Thursday.

Balla-Mekongo, 30, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder but guilty to manslaughter in the Halloween 2003 killing of Theresa Efimba in her apartment near Martin Grove Rd. and Eglinton Ave. W.

After he killed her, he covered her body, watched TV and stayed in the apartment for almost two days before calling 911 because, he told police, he had no money and no place to stay.

"I can't say I felt guilty," he said.

"I feel like that was mission accomplished," he laughed.

Balla-Mekongo told Det-Sgt. Ken Taylor and Det. Mark Saunders that Efimba, known to friends as Mother Theresa, put him up because she knew his mother.

But after a while the 57-year-old woman "looked like an enemy," he told police, and he got such bad vibes from her that he felt he had to sleep with one eye open. "I'm probably a bit mentally unstable."

Frequently laughing but sometimes grave, the 6-foot-6 man detailed how he entered the 4-foot-11 woman's bedroom around midnight and attacked her as she lay in bed.

"I told her you will not understand why I am doing this right now," Balla-Mekongo said.

He punched her, strangled her with one hand, but she scratched and bit, he said. "At one point it was almost as if she was going to overpower me."

She landed on the floor and he hit her with a lamp then held her nose and mouth, he said. "It's not that easy," he said. "She's a tough old cookie. That's what surprised me."

He told police that he feared she might be a computer, a cyber virus or a witch. "Back home that's how we deal with witches," said the Canadian citizen originally from Cameroon. She didn't seem real, he said.

"So you think she's a computer and you just sort of shut the computer off?" asked Taylor. "In my mind, yes," he replied.

Dr. Michael Pollanen, a forensic pathologist, testified that Efimba died of "mechanical asphyxia." She had multiple injuries on the head, face, neck and upper back, he said.

Her nightdress was pulled tight and wedged in a fold of her neck, consistent with it being used in neck compression, Pollanen told Crown prosecutor Tom Schneider.

Yesterday the Crown finished calling evidence. The trial continues Monday.

Zanda Luc

All those prostituting marry women in DC and Maryland. All those little girls in the above cities----hahahahahahahahahah.


Francis yuh

Eh-eh-eh,this issue involves Cameroonians n so it involes all of us.It isn`t a Bayangi matter alone simply b/c those concern are from that tribe.Well,some of us blame Eno claiming he acted stupidly by killing for the sake of a mere woman `n` that he could`ve simply filed for divorce.Remember,Eno brought this girl all the way from home,they have a baby together.So,you wanted Eno to file for divorce `n` start paying the damn stessful child support.No way.Moreover, he might have committed this act not b/c he loved Rachel so well but b/c he found his personality being robed in mud by Agbor whose open actions with Rachel were like saying who is that poor ugly man,what can he do to a rich handsome gentleman like me.If it were back home Eno would`ve probably use herbs to do away with Agbor but since it`s not easy possessing that here Eno went the akata way.Let`s stop forcing people to do what they`ve never dreamed of in their lives.

pep-si cola

What is a KISS?

It's an upper PREPARATION for a lower INVASION that will lead to further PENETRATION with fast ACCELERATION that will build next GENERATION.
Thing way nobi your own na he di sweat.when you start with kiss you go one day ask for go down.


Rachel is in deep sorrow and regret but it's too late now. It just occurred to her now that she has killed 2 people. They have a son together and it's now that she recalls all the good things that Eno did for her and her family like building a home for her parents (poor) in Tiko and stupidly said that she told him he was the one she loved.
This woman is probably confused and insane and let's pray for her for the sake of the poor little boy who will grow up without his dad and with such a story about his parents.
Do we ever think of the impact our actions have on our kids, family, friends and well wishers??
I am not blaming anyone but brothers and sisters please let's stop fighting as it's very common with us fighting over men/women, gossiping and all the rest. These things will never stop and we don't have control over them but we do have control of our actions.
Oneday a mere gossip will lead to a deadly and tragic event like this if we don't stop and act like we are bigger than all this.We all came to this country from different background and with different goals and this all gets derailed when we start trying to copy from akata people, it's unlike us we weren't brought up this way.
Our competition should be on something positive that will benefit the community not destroy it.


Please this should not be an opportunity for us to pour out all the dirty words in us. This should be a respectable forum which non Cameroonians can reliably consult for information on our beloved country.

I have nothing to say to those who relish in mocking "bush fallers". Mukete, 4Kilo, Dango Tumma etc. take note. Instead of seeing them as victims of a cruel system they chose to ridicule them. Coming to "bush" is a sort of forced migration because they are practically no opportunities back home. I am proud of all these children I see, some as young as 17, struggling hard and all alone to fend for themselves and help their families back home. the door to good jobs if practically closed to them (I can tell you my experience of trying to work in investment banking in London). The whiteman wants them to remain porters, shop attendants, kitchen assistants (washing dishes), cleaners etc. But we should never let ourselves be defeated. Slavery is in the mind. Once someone realises their human dignity, you can imprisone their body but never their soul. When Europe was suffering in the late 18th century, millions of Irish, Italians, Polish fled for America using all kinds of crooked means. Today these very people mock at Africans and say they are trying to "swamp" Europe.

I am sorry for all the parties involved in this incident. What we should do now is pray that this event does not permanently damage the good relationship between the families. After the initial hard words, may God give them a new heart to love again.

A last request to all contributors. Please endeavour to go over your contribution at least once before posting it, and no pidgin English or obscenities please.

The Bull

First and foremost:
May the soul of Mr. Oscar Agbor rest in peace. Even though one of the Ten Commandments bans wife-stealing, it is not an act punishable by death. Secondly, I hope Mr. Edmund Eno pays for his crime by spending a long time behind bars, because I think the death penalty would be a second wrong to make a right.
Thirdly, while it's always best to fully know who one plans to get married to, I bet the majority of husbands who procure their wives from Cameroon are happy with their choice.
And lastly, let's not as Cameroonians get too hypocritical (and hysterical) in our reactions to this dastardly episode. Were it not for the people involved ("bushfallers") and the weapon of choice (gun), this would be just another crime of passion which occurs on a regular basis in Cameron, where the preferred weapon is poison, machete, spear, witchcraft etc. There is absolutely no need for the tribal and political connotations that have poisoned our discussions on this matter.
The Bull

Ejike Mouluh

Francis, you said it all. All gigolos and akpara should watch out and stay away from married couples. That is a good new year RESOLUTION.

A younger man who thinks he can be sleeping with an elder person's wife because of his better looks makes a deadly mistake. Agbor did not pay Rachel's rents, feed her or care for her baby with Eno.

GOD's Law: The wages of SIN is DEATH.
MAN's Law: The wages of SIN is early DEATH.

Sorry, there is less reason to have sympathy for Agbor.

In these times of AIDS/HIV, there should be ZERO tolerance for gigolos. People like Agbor are capable of insering the AIDS/HIV virus into a family and wiping out a family unit. May God take him home. The fact that we are Cameroonians does not mean that we tolerate nonesense.


While the details of this unfortunate incident are yet to be made public
we must not rush into hasty deductions. Despicable as the two acts may
appear i.e killing a fellow human being and screwing another person,s
spouse; lets look at this tragedy from a non religious but social angle.

I remember in one of Ephraim Ngwafor,s Ngoa Ekelle Law lectures saying
that for adultery to be proven in court, you must demonstrate that...
"there was" full pene...." Simple suspicion that you found your spouse
"necking" with a supposed "njumba" isn,t enough ground to suspect or
accuse them of foul play.

Two individuals coming out of a Motel or"Hotel de Passe" does not
automatically translate into a sexual escapade. They could simply
have been discussing "serious business".

Jealousy, they say is a sign of love but pushing it to physical confrontation
sounds barbaric and shameful. Human beings fall in love and out of love.
We should learn to Move On if we discover we don,t love our partner anymore.
The argument that, " I am hanging in there because of the kids is not only
counter productive but a lame approach that might be one of the factors
engineering most extra marital adulterous "affairs" in our community.

Any adult can easily detect red flags when a relationship is nose diving
into doldrums...Coming home late, answering cell phones in locked
rooms or in the toilets, speaking in very low tones over the phone, faking
orgasms, when marital sex becomes a boorish routine, aggressive outbursts,
too many njangi or other meetings, refusing to be identified in public with
your partner,lies about finances, preferring the job environment to the home
environment, having friends cover your lies (alibi), erectile dysfunction, No
worry me ah don tire, ma belle dee hot me,U no dee rest, I beg no try
touch me, etc etc.

The Georgia incident is a wake up call to all of us and instead of rushing
to any judgment as to the Why,s,...Lets all come together and forge a
better tomorrow for our community.
Kind regards to all
God Bless Us For We have Sinned.



Fon, you just made plenty of judgments boy. Are you seeking the monopoly to make judgments?

The United States is a Christian country. Remember "In God We Trust" in the Oath of Allegiance. You cannot separate religious views from peoples' opinions. Opinions are derived from personal ethics and Christianity is one of the most powerful ethics on earth. Your Ngoa experience pales to insignificance.

No people can jump stages of advancement. There is a lesson in this tragedy for us all. The weapon of choice (handguns) may well do what anti-AIDS/HIV brochures have failed to accomplish. Avoid having multiple sex partners. Defaulters risk the virus and now molten lead.

In this land, Africans fear the acata community because they shoot to kill for minor infringements.

I go with Ejike in calling for zero tolerance. That means the socalled gigolos should be publicly humiliated. All these young men with jobs should get married. It is no use having a job and eating from another person’s table.


Folks, I know Oscar personally as he has been a close friend of mine while in the University of Yaounde II in Soa.To say that he has a history of chasing married women is completely false.Oscar has been a very calm guy and God-fearing and have in several occasions discussed the dangers involving in dating married women and its really sad to realise that Oscar could not have resisted the temptations of Mrs. Eno.Mr.Eno should have looked for a wife of his age instead of going to Cameroon to get married to lady twenty years younger than him.This ofcourse is not an excuse for her to get the young and promising Oscar fatal problems.The so-called Mr.Eno is a native of Osing village in Manyu Division and should be a disgrace to his family and friends back home.Its sad that OSCAR failed to heed to advice from friends and warnings from Mr.Eno and run away from from this deveil of a women.There are many Cameroonian single ladies and brothers in diaspora should learn to work with the devils they know here and get married to them rather than running home to get married to girls they know nothing about who are just eager to travel abroad and meet their former boy friends.This is a painful death to the Agbor's family in Etemetek and friends around.May his soul rest in peace and lets his death be a reminder to many more still living- NEVER, NEVER CHASE A MARRIED WOMAN.PLEASE BROTHERS DO YOUR BEST TO RESIST THEIR TEMTATIONS!


Lady Kate Atabong concludes "we pray for our community to wake up and denounce murder".

That is not enough, Kate.

To end this kind of murder, our community must rise and denounce such causes of murder.

Our community should seek to understand the minds of gigolos and identify ways of disrupting their desire for sex with married women.

We need counselling and encouragement for those affected to seek help within their own communities.

We need to understand the minds of married women and tell them, especially the IJCs, that vibrators exist, cost less and have no HIV/AIDS hazard.

We need modern solutions to old problems.

You cannot wipe out the effects without resolving the causes. History can repeat itself unless the so-called gigolos keep away from other men's wives.

Eno could have been thinking of his losses and his son. At that point, Mr Agbor was nothing but a dead man alive.

Ma Mary

Kumbaboy, it is encouraging that you are thinking about modern solutions to old problems. There seem to be rather old fashioned sympathy/understanding of a man or men who react violently to betrayal. I can say without fear of contradiction that married men in our traditional societies often openly cheat with unmarried women and girls frequently making them pregnant. It is tolerated and to a degree encouraged. All kinds of silly and primitive excuses are rendered about the nature of men to excuse this behavior. Do you know how many people would be dead if women regarded men as property in the same way and committed similar acts of violence? Just look back at the language of previous posts. Women are regarded by a lot of these men as property- that they go home to buy, transport and control. That is an ancient attitude that needs complete reexamination. Meanwhile, the death penalty tone in your post is quite telling. Perhaps by reexamining these attitudes and becoming more honest about sexuality and gender, we might make some progress.



This is really a tragedy for the three families involved. My sympathy goes out to these families. They are in need of moral and spiritual support.

The actions of the victims deserves condemnation. Let justice takes it course. What ever the out come of the courts, all three victims will have to deal with the bad decisions they made. While Edmund and Rachel will have to deal with it here on earth, late Oscar is now full of regrets in the Realms on High.

As regards the excuses that certain infidelity attitude of men can be tolerated, we got to wake up from our slumber. This is the Dawn of a New Day with a new World Order. One of the old Order;the Dominition of Men is been replaced by Equality of Sexes.
The world like a bird with two wings; one female the other male. Both wings have to be strong enough for the bird to fly. Likewise the world of humanity. For us to carry forward an-ever advancing civilization, both wings have to be srong. Their roles should be viewed as complimentary, collaborators and not rivals or superiority and the other inferior.

Lets us all stop bashing one another over this tragedy. Lets included the families in our prayers and also recite a prayer for the departed for Oscar and a prayer for forgiveness on behalf of rachel and Edmund. Rest assured that Oscar is begging for their forgiveness if only we can comprehend.

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