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Thursday, 22 December 2005


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SDF again, the Sun is surely about to settle on this John.Fru.Ndi just as it did on John .Foncha Ngu.
Soon we will get another appology and beg for forgiveness for his political carelessnes and lack of leadership skill,egostim, tribalism etc.then a new Southern-Cameroon National Party SCNP will be Born.
I would sincerely not want to be party to this.


Above is the exist strategy for the Johns .F.N


My fellow brothers/sisters, are resolutions of a party fighting for democracy decided by the chairman or they are amde to be on the minute of the meeting so that the defendant can have his/her own time for a breif defence?. FRU NDI you have failed and if at all he said things against your person then he is right. If you do not like people to talk about/against your person then step down. A true demiocrate will also know thatnthings like that will come his way. Oh luckily enough that when we were behind you, you were not given the coutry i wonder where we would have been today

Vally  Tongeng

So who are distorting NEC resolutions?The sdf is now the laughing stock of our time.Fru Ndi seems to at the center in all the troubles now golfing the sdf.It is time for some serious members within the sdf to halt this decline else she will soon be the laughing nite mare.

Fru Ndi should think of moving on there is always time for all things i think his time with the sdf is numbered.
Vally Tongeng

Brunhilda Stevens B.

I am a foreigner who has lived in Cameroon for 5 years. I am equally a reader of postonline, a keen observer of the Cameroonian political scene. Honestly, if I were the Chairman of the SDF I would resign. Mr Martin Nkeumgu, I would not like to waer your shoes. I understand you perfectly and I believe you are an honest man. When a leader gets this petty, it is a clear indication that he has no more to offer. There is a lot of confusion between the SDF as a party and the Chairman of the party. Some one has commented that cameroon would have been into a worser mess than it is today if Fru Ndi had taken over power in 1992. I want to join my voice to say "this is the fundamental truth". I really feel sorry for a country which is blessed with everything, but is not given the opportunity by those who come out to lead to move forward, what a pity' Mr Nkemngu, do not give up. Truth always prevails. I only hope Fru Ndi does not force the party to apply that its very undemocratic 8.2 on you. Courage brother and you would not stumble"

Brunhilda, Germany

Emmauel ngang

its sad the sdf needs new blood pa John you did your best go home and rest .Your contributions to the demcratic process in camerooncan will never be forgotten.Please i beg on you not to distroy the respect honour which cameroonians have on you. go home you have left your feet on thwe sands of time.Its time to copy from want young boy in the university of Buea did.

Jude F Ndumu

I want to informed Ni John Fru Ndi that despite all the dosen of abuses he should not give up the fight.For Nelson Mandela fought for 27yrs and did not give up.Currently morgan Shagarai of the ZANUPI in Zimbabue is still fighting and has not given up.I know all those asking Fru Ndi to resign are poltical stooges of Biya but i want to tell them that 99 days for thief and one day for the owner.Fru Ndi you have called by god to liberate your people from captivity and one day you will succeed.


First of all, the level, quality and standard of English is deplorable on this forum. We are either coming up with new standards of "English" or sinking into a hole where returning to acceptable standards will become almost impossible. At that point, the Tower of Babel could pass for a better choice of place to be.

That said, if Sir John Fru Ndi publicly steps down, then what? Does that solve any problem? Does his stepping down create someone else who can be up to the task? What prevents anyone from standing out of the crowd like he did in 1992? It seems that no one wants to start from scratch like he did. Some people just want to 'ride his wave'. Well if you want to surf, make your own waves. If something truly belongs to you, no one under the sun can take it away from you.


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