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Monday, 12 December 2005


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Thanks a lot Mr. Aloysius TEBO! I may not completely agree with you but I have learnt something from you.

Neba Fuh

An opposition party like the SDF, that has not ascended to power, ought to use unity and tolerance as common denominators to achieve this objective.

I strongly believe that the intent of the so called Article 8.2 is being sidelined, and instead used to intimidate frank debates on issues in the SDF,stagnating democracy in the party. Personal caprices are being highlighted and lifted by the crane of egoism, to mar the initial good intentions of the originators of this so important Article 8.2

His Emminence Christian Cardinal Tumi had reflected on this when he said: "...leaders of the opposition parties have a vexing tendency to head their parties forever. To renew their interest in politics, voters must realize that the parties that hope to take over power practise democracy. Let everybody speak and accept criticisms". ( Jeune Afrique Economie October 02-15, 2000)

A government without true opposition is like a horse without a bridle. The strings connecting SDF's bridle is continually becoming weak. The perpetual in-house fighting is a sign of extreme vulnerability.
Normally, in other democracies, the leader of SDF ought to tender his resignation even if some people still think he is ok. The enormous sacrifice the SDF leader has done this far in the party, cannot be minimised.But, to say no militant of the party can take over the command baton from him , is a subtle way of advocating dictatorship. Since resignation is more of a personal decision than a democratic outcome, the ballot box remains the lone weapon of the militants.
The comforting fact about power is that only the UNSEEN holds power eternally.

In this country where everything seems to be falling apart-the government in agony, the opposition in disarray; everyone reserves the right to choose to be part of this mess or not. If this trend continues, don't be surprise that this country will readily welcome its turn of violent revolution. Quote me any great nation that escaped this route! Afterall, all power is buried in the hearts of the populace.



'A government without true opposition is like a horse without a bridle' as mentioned in your write up. But do understand in the SDF likewise in any normal society good crititism is required and not opposition and is self centered. Asonganyi and co are working against the party, would you consider that constructive crititism? No No at all. The truth is out let him hand over everything in his keep and stay low. For those who never do want to see Fru Ndi, I challenge them to convinced the electorate on where Fru Ndi betrayed them only then shall they perhaps succeed in unsitting him. Real Democracy is by Ballots.

Emmanuel Tange

Mr Aloysius Tebo

If ever you visit this forum i will love to have you anwer these questions.I say this because i can see you have been writing a lot of pro Fru Ndi articles since the emergence of the SDF crisis.

1) What is the function of Founding fathers committee or whatever

2)Are you Fru Ndi's private secretary

3)What is the reason behind your constant writings, is it to brief us or pass a political message

4) Can you explain to me exactly what you or Fru will do if you were ever elected leaders in cameroon

5) What do you think is wrong with Fru Ndi's leadership of the party since creation

6) Can you tell me why the SDF has the tendency of dismissing SGs

Sir, i ask these questions because from all your writings i gathered just one point. You are struggling to boast the Popularity of Fru Ndi amidst his questionable leadership.We the cameroonian youths are tired of your manipulations. Since you have decided to be the mouth piece of Fru or better still an adamant disciple to a falling Hero, please go tell Ndi that his time is up. Let him take a break. Please you could dismiss every other thing i say but not this, the so called founding fathers committee should be abolished immediately. That is the most undemocratic body i have ever heard or seen. What do you guys mean, where do you derive your authority because certainly it is not from the people. You all were never voted and can therefore not talk for the people. What about those who faught and died in the independence struggle for cameroons, what about those youths who died in Bamenda during the Launching of SDF. The fact that you had the opportunity be present during the formation of the party can certainly not just your undemocratic structure. Please you all were Heroes and could still be Heroes if you do the right thing, dissolve that so call founding father council and instill true democracy in the Party. Tell Fru that when i was growing up he was my hero, i attended his rally when i was just 10, i love the way he turned things around and do appreciate his dedication for social change in cameroon, but please it is time to take a break and give democracy a chance. I am almost tempted to believe what whites are saying about us, my white school mate was saying last week that Africa would have been better under colonial rule than it is today. This is almost true, when you look at the government all you see is grust mismagement of public funds, turn around to the opposition you can'nt even see hope. I believe the time has come when the youths have to heal cameroon. Mr Tebo and co, stop fanning separation within our only national opposition party. A lot of us saw hope in the SDF but all we see now is "hopelessnes'

john smith

Thanks Emmanuel. Those questions demand answers. I may be wrong but let me ask the question; doesn't the SDF constitution states that in order to run for the post of president for the republic, the chairman has to resign from his capacity as chairman of the party?

I have not read the SDF constitution and I will he happy to read one if it is available online.

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