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Monday, 19 December 2005


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Emmanuel Ngang

i feel sorry for these people who have been in prison for so long.they may have not been involve in the acts of 1997.On the other hand some people were killed its still a sad thing.I STRONGLY feel that governments attempt to deny the existances of an Anglophone problem may still force some English speacking people to be hard to the regime in place. so solve the issue at stake
if we feel that we belongall

Emmanuel Ngang

i feel sorry for these people who have been in prison for so long.they may nothave been involve in the acts of 1997.On the other hand some people were killed its still a sad thing.I STRONGLY feel that governments attempt to deny the existances of an Anglophone problem may still force some English speacking people to be hard to the regime in place. so solve the issue at stake
if want to show that we belong all to this nation

Morfaw L Rene

Mr Biya and La Republique are feeling the heat caused by the many SCNC petitions,demonstration and cries from the international community.

Jean Owono

Mr.Biya and his regime has done already enough damage to the English speaking Cameroonians. And so when I read again what he (they) still do to these people, I think of advising them. It is not late yet for them to make a change! They should remember what happened to some former African head of state and crew who did not use chances to make a change eg. Mbumutu Sese Seko, Samuel Doe,just to name these two. I am afraid Biya does not undertand what may happen if he and his terrors continue on this part.


If this regime is sincere, let her release the innoncent people, reducing their prison term is not enough.
Why should they even serve a one day term knowing they are not guilty of any crime ?.
"The evil that men do...."

simon N. L

We Cameroonians and scnc members are chasing shadow instead of our problem. Cameroonians like the whole of Africa have only one problem, which is poverty not the government. The only cause poverty is the white man (Develop nation). They destroy our economic, our social life and our political system. I for one salute Biya regime for giving us peace, which the white man want to take it away from us.
I suggest to all the readers of this paper that the only way forward for our country is to respect our government and fight poverty cause by pathetic, greedy white man.

Emmanuel Tange


First the corrupt legal system of cameroon which could not free innocent citizens simply because they want to be loyal to THE EVIL GRAND MASTER. But lets call a spade a spade, the SCNC should also be blamed for this, the SCNC is a senseless association without any organized leadership and plan of action, a people whose intentins are very egoistic. Look at the suffering peole, most of them dont even know that the cause they are dying for will never happen in the next 15 generations. If these individuals had not been misled by the Likes of ELAD, Fossung et al, they would have been sleeping in the comfort of their homes, violence will not solve our neither will separation help. We need to mount very powerful non violent social reforms to save the whole country, it takes courage and bravery to build a nation, we need social reformers like martin luther and not separatinist like chief Ayamba to free cameroon, Where was the SCNC for all this years when these guys were in jail. A non Violent march on Yaounde if well organize will force the government to free these folks.I mean a march by all cameroonians to demand social change now, that is the kind of reform we need. My heart goes out to the suffering people, but i must plead with my fellow English speaking brothers to denounce violence and SCNC

tita espoir

this people if trully were involved in terrorist activities in the name of scnc struggle, which i believe have been brain-washed by some people for selfish reasons, then u wouldnt blame the administration for being so hard on this alleged terrorist.we all know that our regime has poor marks when it comes to governance.but every cameroonian must know that credit must be given to mr.Biyas regime for keeping our country in peace.we all know that Biyas regime is tolerant.this is just a way to show that acts of instigating or promoting terrorism or war would not be taken with mercy.this should be a warning to all the so called scnc activist.peace must reign in our beloved country.treson is a serious offence.this so called scnc should stop using our people for their selfish reason.peace be on our fatherland CAMEROON.with love from a brother at this end.

Andre Fokam

i feel sorry for every innocent person who spend a single day in jail. but let not be so fast in making uninformed judgement ourself. i don't know if these people actually commited those crimes or not. Remember, this is a newspaper report, not a jury report. 80% of prisoners all over the world claim innocence. but crimes are going on. the problem here is that the justice system in cameroon is very poor. there is still torture going on and forced depositions. so it is difficult now to assess the validity of any side claims.
that is why we must continu to struggle for more democraty in cameroon which will give us a more reliable justice system.
i also fault the SCNC (as usual). they dragged this poor people into that mess and abandoned them and more importantly, they are trying to derail the real struggle of all cameroonian for democraty and economic progress that will be beneficial to all.

Andre Fokam

Edimo A.M

It is so demoralising these people from territory of Southern Cameroons were taking from their country to a Foreign country; mistried by an allien judge,legal system and language.
Why on earth should a person accused of committing a crime in Nkambe be taken to Yaounde and tried by a court there? Is that what the constitution states? How many times have people who commit crimes in Yaounde or Douala been brought to Buea or Bamenda for trial?
The annexation and colonialization of Southern Cameroons by LRC, as well as brainwashing and implanting of fear into the soul of the people of Southern Cameroons is a call for concern.
If we cannot stand up and free nation, LRC will drive us into the ocean and claim our territory.



I am from Kumba and Cameroon is my Country. I don't what foreign Country you are talking about.
I am from Kumba not from Nigeria.
Please watch the video from this link. go to CRTV

Let's join forces to fight the corrupt Regime in Cameroon.
All Progressive Cameroonians have a better future together.
Let's stop that daydream!

No one will stop Total Democracy in Cameroon.
It is more than ONE PERSON. it's about our Poor People and our children.



Emanuel Tangue writes..."i must plead with my fellow English speaking brothers to denounce violence and SCNC".

Emanu, if you do not learn from history then you will repeat past mistakes. The SCNC is a political organ formed by the All Anglophone Conferences, Buea (1993) and Bamenda (1994). Its doctrine is the force of argument. You have to read the conference declarations to have a level head. Until you understand what brought about those conferences you will not understand Cameroon.

The worst violence in Cameroon is economic deprivation, corruption and the argument of force. Yaounde has been fiscally reckless, politically corrupt and administratively militaristic and dictatorial since 1961. You cannot build a good house on a faked foundation.

Don't blame the SCNC. Your million man march to Yaounde is a pipe dream. There, you are regarded as an enemy within and a Nigerian in any case. Pick your fight with care and wisdom. Stop making a fool of yourself.


Terrorist is not something any government will want to play with.But punishing people for terror acts base on 'hearsay' is rediculous.Yes,we all accept that mistakes are inevitable but reducing jail terms is no correction Mr Judge.We demand for the release of innocent citizens and some sort of compensation accorded them.Ofcourse those found quilty of which i have the conviction you all know them,punish according to the gravity of their various crimes.Thanks


Mr simon N.L,
The whiteman would have had nothing to do with our economy or wealth if our leaders in Africa were not as corrupt as they are. No president has been beaten by the whiteman for not stealing state money. It remains that our problem in africa is bad leadership, people who work for their belly and not for their subjects. I know the whiteman is exploiting us but this is done in collaboration with the leaders and behind the counters. Stop blaming the whiteman for your plight, blame your bewitched leaders for their "langa". Even you Simon, if the whiteman comes around to sponsor you set up a rebel group, you won't reject the offer. Our problem is "langa" a foolish form of "langa" where someone gives away all our natural resources to France at no cost just because france agrees to give him the money secretely and for private use. Who's to blame here?


Innocent people suffering for no just cause,what a pity!
Biya and the government of LRC will one day give an account of their deeds.

All those blaming the whiteman for our African misfortune should swallow their words,we ought to be ashame of our stupidity and selfish interest.


Ricardo and LRC will soon be atonning for their vices in the links.Seek advice from Uganda.



Of late, one must have noticed a concerted campaign by implanted citizens of la Republique du Cameroun here on determined to put toothpaste back in the tube. They toil in vain, but we understand their fear.

Whether these Camerounese chaps are engaging in this campaign as a matter of personal initiative or as a concerted effort orchestrated and sponsored by France and their French banlieu Republique du Cameroun, it smacks of desperation. When an abused lover has finally mustered the courage to walk away, the victimizer tends to engage in the most irrational of behaviors.

But the crux of the arguments of the detractors of our ongoing march to freedom is very similar to what DeGaulle declared in Brazaville in 1944: In Greater Colonial France, there is no discrimination, no injustice, and no racism to be overcome, we are all equal citizens of the Greater France. We've seen how well that has worked for France and her blacks. These intellectual lepers who speak for the French colonial banlieu called la Republique du Cameroun seem to be following Papa De Gaulle's failed concept: even as colonized peoples, Southern Cameroonians have no discrimination or injustice to overcome, case closed! Reason is a stranger to these creatures, they have a fait accompli! "We are here in your land, make us leave," is their taunt to us.

Even more pitiful are the cowards who settled our land escaping the French genocide of la Republique du Cameroun. Instead for fighting for justice in LRC they cut and run for sanctity in the Southern Cameroons, and now they want us to endure with them the punishment of genocide they ran away from at the hands of the wicked French and their Camerounese agents. A special place in hell is waiting for these people.

Long Live a free Southern Cameroons



Your time of preaching Hate and Division uncontested has come to an end.
You better get use to it. It is going to be rough.
We believe in democracy. Your Separatist group believes in political appointments.
You are no Political Party.
You represent no Anglophone on this forum that is why you are very scared of democracy.
Your Group will end up like the "The Republic o Texas" in the United States.
Do your remember? You seem to follow their footsteps.... and the result will be the same.

May God gives you some wisdom to find peace within yourself...



Mr ricardo Alvaro,Fokam,Henriette,and people of your ilk,can you tell us why your LRC
Kangaroo court is reversing their parody rulings made against the innocent Citizens of Ambazonia?Will they make amends for passing politically manipulated rulings against this hapless slaves of annexation from your terrorist LRC state?Can you tell the motive behind the volte-face of the sequacious kangaroo court?Please your answers should match these questions.Answer them democratically as you are making a sponsored NOISE here of democracy being the only way forward.

Edimo A.M

I am from Meme division and I am not a coward, that is why I sign my real name.
How many time have the people of LRC called us enemies in the house, Biafras, anglofools etc.
Was Hon. P. Juea who an elected member of parliament not called a Nigerian on floor of the National Assembly of LRC and asked to sit down by a citizen of LRC?
I do not your level of the history of our union with LRC.
Ask yourself why the seaports in Victoria, Tiko were closed as well as the power station in yoke and the transfering of Marketing board head office to Douala.
If you love to start in bondage, good for you, for me I have join the bandwagon of freedom and will never look back until my people are freed.


Brother Edimo,

Believing in the democratic principles doesn't make me a member of Biya's Government.
I don't have any answer to your questions.
You will have to ask a member of the Biya's Government.
I believe, the Great mistake your Group makes is to label "Francophones or Evils" anyone who does not agree with your call to "Hate and Divide" other Cameroonians.
Do you really believe that Biya is loved by the Francophones???? You must be really out of touch of cameroonian realities.
That is your problem.
It is very easy to call for War and Destruction when you live in a peaceful and prosperous environment.
Your Group is deliberately fooling our poor people in Cameroon.
Progressive Cameroonians will never let that happen.
Do you get it?
Be real----> DIVISION will never happen
You should be fighting for a Democratic Cameroon that will favor Reconciliation, Justice and Prosperity.
If your Group is not targeting YOUR POLITICAL APPOINTMENTS....
Unfortunately, you are dreaming to be Ministers, Kings and Queens of a Banana Republic.
You want another Country. What can you do today to help a Poor Cameroonian in your Village? What have you done to help create jobs?
"Ask not what your Country can for you but what you can do for your Country" JFK once said it in the 1960s.
We still Africans have to start to think about asking that question. How deep behind compare to the rest of the world?
We always rush to Divide ourselves and fight for Titles, power and Positions.
That is all what matters.
That is all what we fight for...
That is all what counts in our life...

Germany became United after being separated by 3 or 4 super powers. Look at us??? We are chanting DEATH to our Brothers or sisters simply because they speak French.
How do you feel if you had a brother who was born in Douala and speak French? Would you hate him and call him a Foreigner???
What a shame!!!!!
It seems like we are descendants of the devils... or we are possessed by evils..
We use freedom to hate and divide...
We are intolerant and impatient...
We are bloodthirsty to go to war...
We talk about NWners as if they were foreigners in our Land in SW.
People, wake up...
We deserve to be punished by the Al mighty, but he loves and never punishes anyone...
Let's stop it before it stops us.


May God Bless you,


Free Southern Cameroons

We congratulate the Camerounese in London, who have identified the evil of their country and Africa as France, and are taking tangible steps to confront the devil of France, and their little devil apprentice, 72 year old boy-puppet-president, Biya'a Bi Mvondo wa Mvomeka'a Paul!

If the France of Jacques Chirac, of fascism and nazism in Africa and their petainiste junta in the Yaounde think by sending illiterates to this forum who can not fully understand the global language of commerce and freedom - English -
to debate us exclusive of facts and logic is the way to go, we thank them.

For every post they make against the superior intellect and just case of the Southern Cameroons expressed here, we'll come back with one like this piece below. The posts will be made in English, or the language of death, repression and poverty in Africa: French!

Le Code en action à Londres: " Il faut dénoncer le terrorisme d’Etat du régime de Yaoundé"

[ Londres - Royaume-Uni ] ( 15/12/2005) Tene Sop

Dans le cadre de la célébration de la 57ième Journée Internationale des Droits de l’Homme, les Organisations membres du CODE se sont rencontrées à Londres, en Angleterre, du 9 au 10 décembre 2005 à l’invitation de la CDC.Deux activités étaient au programme : une manifestation devant l’ambassade de France à Londres et une Assemblée des Organisations du CODE.150 manifestants déterminés se sont rassemblés devant l’ambassade de France à Londres pour: Protester contre le soutien de la France au régime dictatorial autoproclamé de M. Biya qui viole massivement les droits humains en assassine les étudiants. Le Code apporte son soutien appuyé aux revendications des étudiants de l’ADDEC et exhorte tous les Camerounais de la diaspora à accélérer la mobilisation des soutiens internes et externes, pour hâter le renversement du régime autoproclamé corrompu et propagateur de misère au Cameroun. Appelle les mouvements et les partis progressistes du pays à se rassembler sur la base d’une plate forme minimale pour préparer le changement politique dans notre pays.


[-] fermer la pub



Dans le cadre de la célébration de la 57ième Journée Internationale des Droits de l’Homme, les Organisations membres du CODE se sont rencontrées à Londres, en Angleterre, du 9 au 10 décembre 2005 à l’invitation de la Cameroon Diaspora Coalition (CDC).

Deux activités étaient au programme de cette rencontre historique : une manifestation devant l’ambassade de France à Londres et une Assemblée des Organisations du CODE.

Manifestation à l’ambassade de France le 09 décembre.

150 manifestants déterminés se sont rassemblés devant l’ambassade de France à Londres pour:

Protester contre le soutien de la France au régime dictatorial autoproclamé de Paul Biya qui viole massivement les droits humains en assassinant les étudiants qui revendiquent de meilleures conditions de travail ;

Demander la mise sur pied d’une Commission d’Enquête pour faire la lumière sur les assassinats de Um Nyobe, de Moumié, etc. par la France et sur les massacres de centaines de milliers de nationalistes camerounais, par l’armée française, en Sanaga Maritime et à l’Ouest, entre 1955 et 1970.

Appeler la France à assumer son Histoire et ses crimes coloniaux en renonçant à sa loi révisionniste et négationniste sur « la colonisation positive » Les organisations du CODE ont fermement rappelé que la colonisation en général et la colonisation française au Cameroun en particulier a été et est encore, un véritable génocide, un crime contre l’humanité, une idéologie de discrimination, d’oppression, de répression et d’exploitation, et ne saurait en aucun cas être perçue comme « positive » !!

B – l’Assemblée des organisations du CODE le samedi 10 décembre.

Outre la prorogation du mandat du Comité de Coordination pour une durée de 6 mois, l’Assemblée a procédé à une analyse de la situation sociopolitique nationale. Celle-ci reste marquée par l’absence de toute opposition énergique à la politique criminelle de Paul Biya, depuis l’élection présidentielle du 11 octobre 2004. Cette faillite de l’opposition politique place de fait, certaines forces sociales en première ligne dans la résistance contre la politique antipopulaire et antinationale du gouvernement illégitime au pouvoir.

C’est ainsi que doivent être comprises les manifestations et les grèves estudiantines actuelles, dans les universités camerounaises. Malgré la justesse des revendications étudiantes, le gouvernement fasciste en lieu et place de toute négociation, n’a pour seule réponse à la crise que le recours au terrorisme d’Etat qui se caractérise par des enlèvements, des arrestations, des exclusions, des tortures corporelles et d’emprisonnements arbitraires de leaders étudiants et de leurs militants. Cette politique de l’autruche à laquelle se livre le gouvernement illégitime depuis deux décennies a pour conséquence l’extrême délabrement des universités et la persistance de la contestation estudiantine au Cameroun.

C – Résolutions

Le Collectif des Organisations Démocratiques et Patriotiques de la Diaspora Camerounaise :

Apporte son soutien appuyé aux revendications des étudiants de l’ADDEC et des universités du Cameroun ; appelle à la gratuité totale de l’enseignement au Cameroun et exige du gouvernement illégitime au pouvoir, la libération de tous les étudiants emprisonnés et l’arrêt des poursuites judiciaires en cours contre Mouafo Djontu et ses camarades;

Presse le Comité de Coordination d’accélérer la mobilisation des soutiens internes et externes, pour hâter le renversement du régime autoproclamé corrompu et propagateur de misère au Cameroun

Appelle les mouvements et les partis progressistes du pays à se rassembler sur la base d’une plate forme minimale pour préparer le changement politique dans notre pays.

La lutte continue

Pour la Patrie et l’Afrique, nous vaincrons !

Fait à Londres le 11 décembre 2005

Pour le Comité de Coordination

Tene Sop

Secrétaire Exécutif du CODE



Now, you understand that we Progressive Cameroonians are at work.
We never call to hate other Cameroonians because they speak English or French.
We are very busy working to make Cameroon a Democratique and Peaceful Country.

Cameroon is indivisible!
You like or not...



Mr Ricardo, we wish you the best you are your colleagues for trying to make cameroon a better place. We too will make our Fatherland the southern Cameroons a place to be. We have never insulted you, or your moves but I have noticed your restless insults to throw at Southern Cameroonians for just trying to free themselves. Don't worry time will tell. SOUTHERN CAMEROONS MUST BE FREE.

JB Samba

Riccardo et al.

I know there are certain questions that you and you gang (like the Yang gang) will always run away from, but I will still ask them.
Can you guys tell us-?

- Why Fuel refined in Victoria costs cheaper in Douala than in Victoria?
- Why fuel refined in Limbe is stored in Douala?
- Why LRC wanted to put a pipeline from Victoria refinery to Doula?
- Why a Refinery in Victoria pays taxes to Douala CC?
- Why the Moungo Bridge was broken by a tanker transporting fuel (refined in Southern Cameroons) to Southern Cameroons?

If answers to these questions were anything to go by, then you will see for yourselves that Southern Cameroonians have gone for beyond the point at which you think they are. To put it simple in case you don’t understand, ALL your ranting has no effect on any right-thinking Southern Cameroonian as we have come of age and time. At the end of the tunnel you will only discover that you laboured in vain.

To hell with Union Nationalism.
To hell with the Union Nationalists.
To hell with Pan Kamerunism.
To hell with German Kamerun and its advocates.
To hell with La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be borne.

The Union between LRC and Southern Cameroons has failed because of the intrigues of citizenry of LRC.

It’s a matter of time. It may be sooner or later, but it will come to pass, In Jesus’ name.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Only an idiot will voluntarily submit themselves to slavery. I guess that is why the toads (frogs for a better word) call us Anglofools.

Refugees from La Republique du Cameroun and their descendants are duty bound as a matter of principled appreciation to support Southern Cameroons Independence because The Southern Cameroons is the only country they have got.

A Word To A Wise Is Enough!

A Bon Entendeur Salut!

Paa Ngembus.

dango tumma

212-491-1209, NEW YORK

Charles Forkwa

Prior to colonisation by the Portugese,Germans,French & English et al, West Africa -- including Southern Cameroons and LR Cameroon -- was a collection of kingdoms and chieftains. This fact is well documented.
The reference point for the current expressed disatisfaction is that point when Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroon were presented with the opportunity to determine thier future and this is the plebisites of 1960-61. After colonisation and before the plebisites, there is no evidence that these territories could opt for self-determination in any form.
At plebisite it was not possible to revert to pre-colonial arrangeements for obvious reasons, colonialism had distroyed the rich institutions and traditions that had existed prior.
We were left with a confused mix of cultures -- sustained and borrowed.
Our only choice was to move forward and even then Southern Cameroon (Northwest and Southwest) opted for a ten year trial relationship with La republique du Cameroon (LRC) at the end of which there would have been a ballot to determine a continued union or some other option. This ballot never took place because Ahidjo with his French advisers hastened their assimilation design. This is at the core of the problem.
SC never had a say in this forced union. It may well be that voters could have opted to merge with LRC after the trial period. We will never know. But looking at how the situation was manipulated and as is evident today I believe that LRC had the realisation that SC would have opted out of the union.
Let's go back and cast that ballot. I can live with the results! And don't tell me that those of SC origins cannot be identified, that would be a lame argument. I still have my national identity card!
LRC says it is a democracy. If it is, it should put this measure to a vote, that is what democracies do.

NJOYA Hilary

I salut the Judiciary of LRC for such a brave move. It is historic considering the influence of some hidden forces on our judges and advocates. I think the presiding judge was bold enough though working on the rightful side of the law. My regret is that these innocent poeple were not totally dismissed and acquitted.Thanks to the denfence attorney and his group.
Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) is not a bone in the flesh of LRc but is an adult in the house with whose vioce deserves to be heard.
Lets stop thinking about the idea of a single Cameroon bcos Anglophones are not treated as Cameroonian and would never be treated as one. they are like the gipsis in europe with no clear identity or privilidges. Please Mr Mbivondo allow these poeple to go back to where they rightly belong. Remember that Tyranies are not immotal. Even Your good friend Iyadema has played his role and gone. Fellow S.Cameroonians we are not part la francophonie and never shall we be.Be couragous and steadfast, Eritrea did same and got their freedom.

Epee Dipanda

My Friends,
Now that the Force of Arguments has resulted only in sanctimonious exhortations, can we now have the courage and indeed righteousness to DEMAND the Argument of Force?

The Eritreans didnt get independence by begging Ethiopia nor did the Libyans freedom by begging Khadaffi.

Oh! Ambazonia when shall you rise?

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