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Sunday, 18 December 2005


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Akini Fred

Hon Yoyo.
You make some good points there but I'll slightly disadgree with you on one fact.
The fact that we disagree at home should not automatically make us enemies abroad. I honestly hate the present CPDM gov't for the economic, social and political crisis that is currently rocking our country. However, I'll do anything positive with thesame regime to sell the image of our country abroad in order to lure foreign investors to come to our country. To the best of my knowledge, that is exactly what lawyer Akere Muna did when he travelled with the prime minister abroad. Of course, I disagree with the CPDM members only in terms of ideologies and implementation. The remain our brothers/sisters that we must eat with. It is therefore wrong to question Muna's travels abroad with the PM.

Ejike Mouluh

Hon Yoyo is making a smart point of principle which Akini Fred misses. There is a clear conflict of interest involved when Barrister Akere Muna while as the local TI President accepts travel jaunts with the PM. That gives the appearance of corruption which is itself discomforting.

This is like the dog befriending a fox around the barn. Hens have to worry. When suspects start dining with the police then we got a problem!

Barrister Akere MUNA knows better to avoid blurring the expectation of independence between TI and the ruling clique. To fail to appreciate Hon Yoyo's fine point is to be undeserving of TI's local presence.

Impressions can count as much as facts in public perceptions. It is up to TI to censor Akere Muna for such lapses of good judgment.

Akini Fred

Akere Muna is a patriotic Cameroonian. To the best of my knowledge, he travelled to the United States as a lawyer and not as president of IT-Cameroon. Don't get me wrong. I am a strong critique of this regime, but I'll do everything possible to joint them in luring foreign parters to invest in Cameroon. That is the point I am making. I don't want to disabuse some of the great points that Hon Yoyo advances here because of his own human weaknesses. For example, there is conflict of interest when Hon Yoyo use his office to give his son a contract at the national assembly.


Akini Fred should be aware that skyrocketing taxes levied on foreign investors makes an aweful lot of them to flee.Our so -called economic expert want to seek economic growth cynically.
Akini Fred should get on with the good job,but iam certain it be absolutely of no consequence as the entire hegemony is systematically corrupt.The one who thinks differently, is either sacked, replaced or seen as enemy of the country.Maybe
This is what i think the Hon.Parliamentarian means in brief and perhaps Muluh is just helping you not to waste your time.


Brother Akini,

You are a True Patriot. I personally disagree with the GOP in Cameroon. But I believe there are many people in that Government who sincerely want to have things change.
I admire you for your thinking. We are all fighting to peacefully change our Country into a Modern Democracy.
We have to keep fighting the good fight...
We have to be part of the solution not part of the problems.
Let's keep being Progressive...
Things will change for the better...

I salute you brother Progressist!
May God Bless you!



The internet is an opened eye to the entire world of today and as such, there is no shred of information that can be hidden from the international community's eye. The tarnished image of African nations to the outside world isn't something African nations can as before, go to flatter the world. If the image is better, the world will be the first to know and then informs Africans of their improvement. In fact, this is an issue that most people do not actually understand how it works. It is not gospel preaching but absolute practicality. Afircan governments may go to preach to the higher ups of developed worlds but they fail to understand that they are just there to endorse decisions taken by their citizens and these citizens are the real people that provide the bulk of information about what is happening on the African continent. They do come to the continent and move around observing what is actually going on, how things are being done and immediately communicate their real observations. That explains why government is always failing to woo potential foreign investments; because before they go to tell lies to the international community, they have the true facts already. Fighting corruption means putting in place a strong legal framework with emphasis on morals, otherwise we are running on the wrong road and are already loser.

Ejike Mouluh


Patriotism is the bastion of thieves. Do you think anthem-chanting high ranking officials deserve the money in their overseas accounts?

Akere Muna is blurring public expectations and should be rightly censored. If you have a point to make about Hon. Yoyo's son then make it on merit. Don't mix both issues.

Akere Muna cannot be a lawyer and the TI President at separate times. A budget director cannot be the boss and the thief at separate times. People expect a great deal of independence from the TI president.

It is not Muna's job to bring in overseas investment. An American investor will be very suspicious of a TI president in the PM's entourage.


Dear Anonymous reader, i totally agree with what you have written.Sound Opinion!
If you truely dedicate your time to read most of the critical material on this space, you gonna realise that all what you have said is very obvious.With no disrespect, i would have written the obvious too.
Being a loyal contributor, i hope that people will not stop drumming the same point over and over.Just like you and myself.

Charles Forkwa

Here is the catch 22: We disaprove of the goverment but would encourage investments in Cameroon. The same investments that will be adversely affected by the bad policies and curruption in government. Does that make sense to anybody? If the institutions that are favourable to business are not in place what will encouraging investment ventures acheive? Am I missing something? Are you saying that business and investment are not affected by government policies and currupt practices?
The ANC in South Africa had to propose investment buycot as a way of making the goernment capitulate. All these people who keep talking about the image of Cameroon and how they love Cameroon are missing the point. We all love Cameroon, but we all know what happens when you cling blindly to something you love. You become irrational and biased. You fail to see forest for the trees. When investments dry up there will be no more skimming ground for the currupt officials and they will crumble. By the way, the citizens of Cameroon that you all love so much are not benefiting from the current investment opportunities. So drying up investments will not hurt the undeprevileged one iota.


I think we can let potential investors know what lies ahead ,so they can decide what to do.It is a spittingly uncouth image to lobby for investors just because you want to reap them off their money.
Those who chose to do business are encourage to do so. However, we can benefit from lots of investors if veritable economic reforms are on the way to attract them.Being a bad gov't doesnot imply the discontinuity of this idea.
Loopholes must be emphasised.You donot stop taking your medicines just because your G.P has announced that you are terminally ill.When you die in the course of your treatment,lessons would have been learnt, as a new child would be bourn.This is the path our country is driving on.
I don't see the catch 22 here.

King EL

I totally agree with the MP. Fighting corruption in Cameroon is comparable to finding a cure for the HIV virus. Though achievable, the propensity of success is very slim. Those who are supposed to fight corruption are corrupt and rationality will teach us that no one will fight against himself/herself. Corruption is fast becoming a religion or a sub-culture in Cameroon.

Not to be very pessismistic, we will surely need more than prayers and time.

God hear our prayer!

King Elvis


For Cameroon to positively move forward she must anathematise and uproot corruption not suppressing it. The simple pill for that is just restoring morality in its entirety. It is a question of absolute practicality in the entire society, not ostensibly chasing shadows in Yaounde. The whole nation is rotten from top to bottom. corruption is not simply embezzling finances but dishonesty in all forms, envy, greed etc. The question is why and how are we corrupt?

Charles Forkwa

Letting potential investors know what lies ahead is telling the truth about the investment policies
in Cameroon, right? I did not quite understand the point you were trying to make here. Are you saying
that investing is devoid of government policies - official or not? The amount of money that potential investors
spend in bribes and frivolous taxation does two things. It increases operations costs which in turn increase
price of their services, secondly it eliminates any hope for charitable contributions if that company were so inclined,
which would help in improving the lives of the population..These two aspects do not bode well for any economy.
Being a bad government means bad policies which hurts business. Business does not operate in a governmentLESS vacuum. Government makes polices that can hurt or benefit a business.
The only loopholes I can see anyone emphasising is more bribery and curruption. That is what seems to grease the wheels at every turn. Are you saying that we continue to feed Cameroon the same curruption and backpedalling medicine until it dies? Then what lesson would we have learned? If you know the patient is going to die and you have a drastic new treatment won't you try that?
What Cameroon needs is a drastic new approach to solving its problems. I am tired of apeacement and pacification with no eveidenc of progress. Can you give me concrete examaples of :
(1) Infrastructure improvements- roads, power & water. Yaounde-Douala-Tiko-Limbe/Younde-Nknongsamba-Bafausam-Bamenda ---- do not count, they are the same ones that have been there for years and the majority of Camroonians live well outside of these mtros. I am talking about the wine tapper who is able to quickly get his mbu to market before it spoils. That is the person that needs a good road the most.
(2) Tax policies that encourage business. Current assessment and collection practices are left to the whims of the collectors. They walk into your business and can asses whatever they feel.
I am not the only one expressing this line of thought, so crusifying me will not stop it.
You have every right to continue advocating your position but that is just buying time.

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