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Thursday, 22 December 2005


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Charles Forkwa

Is Inoni the Prime Minister of SW only?
Give a man fish and he will eat for the day.
Provide a man with the means to fish and he will eat for ever.

Ebong Fidelis Sameh

What a prime minister we have? What will rice and cows do to the people of the southwest? Why all this kind of provocation all the time. Where is the mind of the PM? The people of the Southwest are not hungry as the PM thinks but they need what belongs to them.

JB Samba

Mr. Ephraim Inoni by this gesture of his-
-Has dragged himself into the mud.
-Has again exposed the negative mindset of Southern Cameroonian sellouts in the CPDM regime.

It's a BIG BIG SHAME. Two cows and bags of rice for a whole division.


neba funiba

Wow! Inoni is to distribute rice to all of the five divisions of SW when the psychotic Ashu Felix claims he has so much fertile soil in his 'backyard'. How long will the rice last? How will the rice get to Ndian and Mamfe? If the trucks carrying the rice run out of fuel in Mamfe what will happen since there are no petrol stations out there? Are these the benefits Dorothy Njeuma talked of when she campaigned for Biya in Muyuka last October and said that besides the PM coming from the SW other benefits are on their way? We should expect this from a man who openly declares that bushfallers are traitors even though his own children are bushfallers as well. Congratulations Mola you are doing a fantastic job.


There is absolutely nothing wrong for Inoni
to voluntarily offer a christmas gift to the people of the South West Province.
I think he has provided an errorneous wish-list.South West people are not stroke by famine nor hunger.
A well-equipped second-handed fire amoure-lorry would have been the ideal present for the victims of a recent fire carnage of Great Soppo Buea.Or better still an overhaul of the degrading job done by RAZEL (Road construction company)in the name good roads.
This is an exsmple of the right things to do.Our leaders are sick!


What does anyone expect from a political nonentity like Inoni? Why can't he send the cows and rice to his kids abroad? Who told him that Southern Cameroonians are hungry? What about our North West brothers and sisters?
Only idiots can accept such insults from a mediocrity like Inoni.
The day of reckoning is near!!

Magic Dee

dango tumma

wunna leavethe man alone, with yee
akua afon face, you didnt voted him in office, massa just call- am. say make yee
come chop. yee don chop.belly full. now
ye wan give wona the leftover.
naa two cow and two truck rice.

ah ah ha ha.

Njeck Howard

Mr.PM South West youth need your support. You should create jobs for the youths not to offer them rise and cow. Give the child a net and teach him how to fish than giving him fish. We are tired of those CPDM strategies of fooling South West people.



Ma Mary

This is a joke, right?

Ma Mary

Barrister Tanyi-mbi

Inoni is an an outright idoit to have even thougt of giving rice to divisons for x-mass, whaereas there very seroius issues plaguing the division such as road.Too bad for a PM


This is the best joke I have heard for a while. You just cannot make it up, could you? How he thinks 2 cows can feed a division is beyond reason. Some people say pigs can fly, now I believe them. For somebody in such a high and responsible position to make such a derisory and demeaning gesture is beyond believed. Inoni's stupidity is out of this world.
Pigs really can fly!
Pigs really can fly!
Now I know!


It this a drama or something serious.
PM Inoni must be the biggest clawn,I didn't expect that from him,it was better for him to make empty-development promises rather than rice and cow.


I lack words to express my anger.
The PM is a disgrace,it's said half a loaf is better than none,the reverse would be good for him.


neba funiba,
Are you here for me??.Then let me give you facts.
1)The Germans Came to Southern-Cameroon and Left,today the Germans are history.
2) After the Germans Came the British they too left.
3)Then Follows the Nigerians, they are leaving .
4) What do you expect next about you neba funiba???
If it never sounds anything to you then go back and Read your history again.
Its quite a joke for the PM to give 2 cows to S.W, and it should not be a suprise for him to feast with S.W ners. I hope he starts from there to and move forward to give Roads, good health services to all Cameroonians.
Those of you who are waiting for the Government to creat Jobs will wait for ever.No government creat jobs.The people(business men in particular) are responsible for Job creation,take your heads and hands and put them to work and stop blaiming your government.

N:B--neba funiba how many mistakes have you so far counted??.Keep counting when its 2000 send the result to me at and I will send you abag of Rice and 2 cows through western Union ok,I know you likes food soo much.

neba funiba

Felix, Merry Xmas. I will stop pointing out your errors. I know you may be in the UK somewhere. I am not in Cameroon either. When somebody criticizes me, he/she brings out the best from me. Sometime in 2006, I plan to say more about myself, what I do and can do. May be there is someone out there who can team with me to make a small dent in the situation back in Cameroon--to make it a better place. I have had some exchanges with folks here but such exchanges are based on differences of ideas and nothing personal--afterall this is what we lacked for a long time. Last year, I received personal greetings from JB Samba and Janvier Tchouteu--I am returning favor this year--Merry Xmas. Hey, Dr. Odine and Ma Mary, I enjoy your firebrand style of writing. Thanks to the Post for giving us this forum to (dis)agree and/or curse each other out. Merry Xmas to everybody excluding African dictators.


Dr A A Agbormbai


Stop promoting the NW/SW divide. We've been through this in the past, and the general feeling now is that such things belong to the past. How many commentaries do you read today that have tribalistic connotations?

Besides, any society today has a heterogeneous composition and it is more important for people to work to live together peacefully through mutual understanding and collaborative endeavours.

The North Westerner and South Westerner can learn a great deal from each other if they would only keep an open mind and have mutual respect for each other.

Akini Fred

Dr A A Agbormbai,
I must thank you for all your positive contributions. Honestly, we should try to bridge the gap between the NW/SW then all other Cameroonians. The man on the street anywhere in Cameroon is good.
Some politicians are the cause of all the problems we have in Cameroon.

I have disagreed with you on certain issues like the fact that I don't trust the Biya regime to deliver on promises because of my experiences with the regime. But, you have a point to recognize the positive change and move from there. Honestly, as Bismarck once remark, good speeches will not take us to the promise land. Positive actions aimed at solemnizing promises will.
Merry XMAS to everyone on this forum.

Jean Mark Akono

Prime minister Inoni is for all Cameroonians.
Southwesterners cannot take him hostage. Of course, the SW badly need roads from the government and not from Inoni that has been prime minister for only one year. Other provinces need roads too such as my native center.When we forced ministers to become tribalistic they end up destroying the aspirations of other young Cameroonians for their tribes. That is why I strongly condemn the present regime that gives the impression that they represent only the people of the South,Center,East and the North. Those who are in government represent themselves and their families. The common man everywhere in Cameroon that does not have uncles in government are suffering.

Peter AgborTabi transformed ENS/other institutions of higher learning to a Bayangi village thus reducing the chances of other students from other divisions of the SW/NW and other provinces in Cameroon to gain admission to these schools. Biya has done same with the appointment of ministers and directors thus destroying the country. Lets fight tribalism, nepotism and all forms of corruption.

Jean Mark Akono,
Dallas, U.S.A

Ambe Johnson

From Cameroon Tribune of 12/23/2005
South West : Bafaws Offered Two Cows At Christmas

Kumba (Meme)- A special envoy of the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Dr. Colonel Balimba Ashu, has presented two well nourished Cows to the Bafaw Community in Kumba, December 17.

In addition, the PM’S emissary delivered a message of warm greetings for Christmas and New Year to the Bafaws. He urged them to continue to be steadfast with State Institutions and President Paul Biya who incarnates them for the progress of Cameroon. The envoy spoke in the presence of paramount Chief Nfon Mukete and other clan heads in the Kumba Town Hall. The occasion was the General Assembly of the Bafaws"

Some of the current problems haunting the Bafaw community were highlighted to include the non-speaking of vernacular by Bafaw children, slow contribution to the Bafaw Development Fund and a rise in the number of Bafaw children dropping out from school. Cultural setbacks due to chieftaincy disputes notably in Mabanda were equally cited for correction.

Their elite urged them to strive to get their off-springs speak their vernacular as well as bear Bafaw names even if they were half Bafaws.

Nfon Victor E. Mukete had called the "Nbum Bafaws" to reconcile the sons and daughters of the tribe and turn them on the path of development.

The Bafaw General Assembly offered another opportunity for the tribe to show their cultural and human might as a people who were exposed to Western civilization far earlier than many others. Regrettably, many have come from behind to play a politics to their advantage. Deliberations were conducted from start to finish in Bafaw language as a cultural revival.


Welcome to the forum Jean Mark Akono,

I strongly encourage you to read about CAADIM in this forum and see if you like our mission.

Again welcome. You are True Son, Patriot of Cameroon.
May God Bless you,



Merry X-mass to every on this forum
Special greetings to neba funiba,Dr A A Agbormbai,and Ma Mary.I accepted the errors I make and I learn from them.Beside once in a while we must agree to disagree or disagree to agree.The Latter is usually most important since Progress and developement is gain from it.
We should stop short of underestimating the Contribution of everyBody in society.The Truck pusher is as important as the President.What is most important I belief is that we must contribute, profondly and honestly to assit each other in society("Game Theory" by John Nash) while we pursue our personal interest.



JB Samba

Chief Inoni has by this gesture told the likes of Fon Angwafo, Fon Chaffah, Achidi Achu, Philemon Yang and other such Fons and self-appointed elites of the North West Province that no matter their attempts to make him a "Mini Fon of Fons", his known kith and kin stretch from Fako to only Manyu Division. Did some one look forward to a Messiah? Here is one in Chief Inoni doing the mean thing the Europeans did to our forebears (deceive them with worthless items). Like the Europeans who did that to have the Africans sell their own into slavery, Chief Inoni is effecting the Master's divide and conquer approach.

One is yet to find a Division in the South West that can effectively be fed on ten elephants (how much less two cows). Those asking for big ideas like those of Abraham Lincoln now have something coming from Chief Inoni (Fed the Prefect, the Sub-Prefect, the CPDM Section Presidents and you will be guaranteed greater cooperation from them in the implementation of both the divide and conquer policy and the greater subjugation of the Southern Cameroons masses). A mile post would well have played this Messiah and the propagator of this great idea of fed the people. If the actors in the North West keep making the effort to crown "Fons of Fons", their North West may be included in the future cow and rice offer (now that the Inoni cows may be coming from Wum and his rice from Ndop, they may in better return get two elephants and sacks of "Calabar yams" from the South West for each North West Division). This will go in history as the Biya-Inoni equivalence of the "Marshall Plan".


That is real nonsense from the PM.he is a figure head who can`t use his position to achieve real development for the province.instead he prefer bags of rice and cows.that is real news.his people have proven themselves to him as gluttons.


Papa ah beck, sen me smoh beep for kritmot.


The pork barreling machine toward the 2007 so call local elections has been tacitly unleashed by the bootlicking PM.One Mr Inoni!Handing out two cows and bags of rice ostensibly to each of the division in southern Ambazonia purported to be for the entire populace in each of the counties is false.This is just a tip of the bribe to the chiefs and CPDM top brass in this de facto colonial province.The hoi polloi wouldn't see a grain of rice led a lone a bone of the cow.The chiefs and CPDM zealots will now ensure complete victory to the colonial boys in 2007.The vote buying and rigging bazaar has begun.Who is not awair?


When I read the News on what Prime Minister Inoni distributed to the Divisions in the South West province as christmas gift, I actually felt hot bile rushing into my brain. I actually felt my heart struggling to drop down, and my flesh fighting to jump out of my skin.

How can Inoni destroy my christmas in this way? Why should Inoni take the whole South Westerners as Fools? Why should Biya's servant go so low? Why should this man think of only two cows and a few bags of rice for a whole division, especially at this time of the year? And our cheap chiefs received the gifts as royal blessing.

This sad gesture of Inoni has only confirmed the fact that these quack CPMD politicians only think that the common man needs only food. Even then, how many of the common men in each Division will taste the cow meat and the rice? This is food for the chiefs and their accomplices. It is a poisoned gift!

I recall a French Prime Minister openly declaring that Africans need FOOD, and NOT Democracy. Inoni is merely applying this.

Inoni would have sent a single Christmas greeting card to the entire nation, rather than insulting the whole South West province the way he has done.

If Inoni continues to insult us the way he is doing, then the able contributors of The Post will use this forum to bring him down. It may take long, but it will happen.

May God bless us all.


Glenn Wilson

Just a thought!

Maybe Inoni has become delusional with christmas spirit and thinks he is the reincarnate of Jesus. Is he trying to replicate where Jesus fed the masses with some few fish and loaves of bread?


Riccardo you sound like Alibaba and the forty thieves. Why are you welcoming Akono to the forum and asking him to check CAADIM. I have been following comments on this forum and you sound like one of the thieves La Republic trained but did not school well to handle complex intellectual debates or discussions. You sound shallow and misinformed on sounthern Cameroon issues.You sound like a rougue who is ready to do any thing to belong to the Gang of La Republic.

Could you use your real identity, Riccardo sounds like a Mexican maffia or a con artist, or may be you are one. It is good to know gorrilas like you exist aka makizah.

Ephraim Fombo

One thing I still like to know. Is the food meant for SWesterners or for Cameroonians living in the SW Province. If it is for SWesterners, then I have a friend living in one of the inaccessible areas in Wum who should partake. I will send you her address so you can airlift her share. After that airborne delivery, it may dawn on you that you first need to link up Cameroonians by road in order to easily deliver your little tips to them .


yes so we have finally reached that level.the regime is now using rice and meat to trick the common man.well Mr PM if that is your trick then it will not work for a mere simple reason "your rice and cow will not reach the common man of south west.don't tell me that is not your aim"."he that wants to poison the neighbours kids will finally poison his".that food will end withing the LONG NECKS OF BETTER STILL LANGER PEOPLE that runs behind the regime.Mr PM and the entire regime will not succeed with your evil plans the Anglophone man is not a hungry man.



Na who tell this Inoni man say na chop be wa problem.

Rice and 2 cows,na who go chop lef who.You surely drink cassava-wata and wata for blackbeans b4 think that kind jagon.
Go gi rice and beef for that people them wa they di support you like sheep instead for use the name of S W.

Ma Mary

What about this for the SW Province?

H. RES. 503
Condemning the actions taken by the Government of Cameroon against Henry
Fossung and others, and for other purposes.

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