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Tuesday, 27 December 2005


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Niba Michael

So the thousands of people who visit this site daily don't think this story warrants any comment? If na SDF or SCNC wuna for don write book!!! Even CRTV gave extensive coverage to the story.

And, this is something which is much more real for the Diaspora community than that chimera of a nation that you guys are building on the Internet. Talk about mixed priorities...

May Leon's soul rest in Peace


Racism and xenophobia in modern europe are on the rise. In recent years the western media has continued to down play the image of africa, always portaying us as a people torn apart by hunger, AIDS and civil wars. This has made every african seen on the streets of Europe to be consudered as a potential asylum seeker or refugee.

This image has further reaped us of our humanity. As a consequence we have become the first victims of this new wave of racism and xenophobia. It is time for us to re-assert our image. We are not fighting for racial identity or rcognition but for equality.It is time and above for us to cease being subsevient to racial pressures and discrimination. The killing of Leon is not going to be the last and until we are able to face these scared and frightened idiots arm for arm they will continue to molest us. They know that the African is supreme amongst all races and it is that knowledge that frightens them. Tell them that we are bracing up for the fight and for every one African student killed, two will shall rise for the challenge.


Dr Ben

People who have visited St Petersburg in particular say that the racial hatred as evidenced by peoples looks and the general hostility in the air is so intense that it could be cut with a knife. I suppose when you live in hell you soon become used to the heat. My reading of the situation is that it is not worthwhile going to Russia for any reason. Those who are contemplating moving there for studies should not go. Those who are there right now should be thinking of the next place to go apart from that lawless country. The conditions do not exist there for change in attitude or law. Putin does not care and the people of the Caucuses, who are darker than the white Russians are putting up a deadly fight so demonstrations are not going to help. It is politically favorable for politicians to support racism.


Massa wati wanna deh talk na true,,,,,,,,i just want to extend my sincere condolence to the family of Loen who passed away in an unfortunate incident.I myself have been racially abused by some Russian students who came to Norway to study,,from the same city that Loen was murdered(st.Peter ,,wati as they call it),can you imagine that these Russian students when ever i meeet them in the corridor of the student hostel they will shift close to the wall and when i sit close to them they get up.i quess if i was in Russia they will kill me but since we were in Norway,they regret having me as thier prey .Its not strange when things like this happen and even in Russia they call africans as "people dem weh them deh chop people ,,hahaha ,massa i sure say wanna go understand wati i mean.
Russians them weh their own no deh and came see how them deh huzzle for enter western europe ,na them too deh kill daki man weh deh even pay them school fees for their chain country .mass i donc finish my tory but wati i fit tell paysaan(cameroonians) them for Russia na say make them be careful and avoid over nite waka.

peter Ndongo

I saw the news about Leon on BBC NEWS on the sceen and i couldn't believe my eyes!. May his soul rest in perfect peace.


JB Samba

My sincere condolences to the bereaved family. It's rather unfortunate such a thing happen to one of us and will still happen if we are not careful how we move out here in the diaspora. Racism is a reality in the whiteman's world be it where. There will come a time when Africans (Black Africans in particular) will be left with no other option than to retaliate in the same manner. Until that happens someday, these whites (as the think and would prefer to be called) will never know the intricacies of racism.


Janvier Tchouteu

CC: Russian Embassy-Yaounde

My heartfelt sympathy for the kanhem Leon family over the loss of Leon in Russia.

It is necessary to declare war on racism in order to eradicate collective hatred. It is like cancer. Russia is a beautiful country. A minority-a lunatic fringe must not destroy the Russian soul.




My sincere sympathy to the bereaved family. May the soul of Leon rest in peace.
Racism has got no place in today's world.
Its is only in Russia where a president can describes Africans as CANNIBALS and go free.
Yes Putin made this statement a few months ago.
And has no regrets whatsoever.
Rise up African governments and make your Countries habitable to its citizens.

Ma Mary

Putin's statement discussedHERE and HERE and HERE. BTW I would like to cook and eat me some Putin barbecue. Janvier please tell that to the Russians in Russian. Unfortunately all that botsch makes them smelly (too many spices needed to mask odors) and permanent alcoholism with vodka makes russian meat pickled and poisonous.

On a serious note I have read many European books and articles about African cannibalism, but in all my many years and extensive travel I have never actually met an African cannibal. As chieftain of one the most cruel places on earth, the protostalinist dictator Vladimir is quite laughable. I am having a Putin barbecue on New Years eve. Anyone of you fellow cannibals care to join me for some cirrhosis liver pate?

Ma Mary


I condole with the departed's family and friends.

But my response is to Niba Michael. How extensive was the coverage given by CRTV and Cameroon Tribune to the deaths and rapes of students at the University of Buea?

We who comment on the Southern Cameroons matters must also recall that earlier this year in Buea, armed men, paid for by with the resources of both Southern Cameroonians and the Camerounese people shot and killed in cold-blood at least two students from the University of Buea. One of them shot at the back of the head (obviously fleeing). I bring this up because the lives of both of these kids were very valuable, especially to the friends and family members. No one has been held responsible, not the governor who boasted about ordering the crackdown, nor the "Chancellor" who never deigned to even offer a word of condolence to her student body, and was instead parachuted to another chair near the seat of CPDM power, where she serves on its politburo!

Niba Michael, are you one of those who think white on black savagery, colonialism and dehumanisation must be condemed but not so when blacks do same on each other; just as la Republique du Cameroun has been doing in the Southern Cameroons, and that has lead to the arrest, torture and death of thousands of our Southern Cameroonian nationals. Who has been held responsible for the death of the Univeristy of Buea students?

Were does the Camerounese Minister get the gall to summon the Russian emmisary? Who is this clown fooling? Does the regime he serves gives a s*** about the plight of their nationals, when their first insticnt is to lock them up and torture them as was recently seen at the University of Yaounde; or worse, shoot them to death if they are from a Southern Cameroons university?

If I were the Russian emmisary in Yaounde I will ask this French planted Camerounese junta minister why were armed tribal militias brought from the South and Central provinces to intimidate students at Universities. I will ask him, who has been held responsible for the death of the students at the University of Buea.

We can be sure that the white skin heads who are responsible for the murder of this African will be prosecuted, who will prosecute the "skin heads" that kill students and others in the Southern Cameroons?

We must be universal in accepting ALL of our human rights and values, as individuals and as people. We must be equally universal in condemning all those actions and policies like racism and colonialism that contravenes those universal rights and values. Those of us who you call the "SCNC" are in a battle to make sure that la Republique du Cameroun, ends their de-humanization of a people: the people of the Southern Cameroons. To us, the murder of a human being by skin heads in Russia, is not materially different from those by foot soldiers of a ethno-fascist junta planted in Yaounde. Mr. Niba Michael, what makes your injection of the politics of the Southern Cameroons to this tragedy is that it implies that it is okay for blacks to be savages to one another.

We will make sure to expose the primitive hypocrisy by any member of la Republique du Cameroun's French planted junta when they pretend to show care about human values that they have denied their own citizens, and especially those of the Southern Cameroons in thier crime against humanity in the continuous brutal colonial rule in the Southern Cameroons!

Niba Michael, Over! You asked for it.



Cameroonian youths have no future at all. At home, they are being tortured and killed when they asked for what rightfully belongs to them. They made a historic venture by trying to walk to Europe on foot. And even the ones that successfully escapes the misery like Leon in Russia, racism brings him down. What does God want us to do. Why has God given us leaders who care only about themselves. We were born into the same government and we live and die in the hands of the very government. The constitution is written and erased as a teacher on a chalkboard. A government that cares very little about the youths or the future of the Country.
A responsible and respectful parent raises responsible and respectful children with high self esteem. We are viewed outside as irresponsible and low class because of where we come from. We are viewed as street children in the international scene. Our government needs to be responsible to prevent this situation from degenerating. All I say is that no condition is permanent and anything that goes up will one day be down. The Cameroon resources that are being siphoned by a few people with impunity will one day be reinstated. May God bless Cameroon.

andre Fokam

Ma Mary
when you finish cooking some russian meat, send me some, i know that eru spices will tame their bad taste. every body i know who has ever been to russia testify of racism going on there. it is ironical for them because they are also immigrating to other countries and they are not treated as bad. they are the 3rd imigrant group to the US now.
For us African, too bad, we are the scorn of the world today and anybody think they are superior to us. somehow their belief can be justify, we are not doing anything to prove them wrong. as long as tribal war, genocide, poverty, hunger, dictatorship will be the only news they get from Africa, they will be justified to see us as prrimitives people.

Andre Fokam

Charles Forkwa

It is a shame that Leon had to die in such senseless foreigner bashing insident.
May he rest in peace.

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Is this the same Russia that was posturing during the hay days of the cold war as friend for Africa? Going as far as naming a university for an African hero, Patrice Lumumba? What has become of their reasoning per helping Africans? Skin heads, thugs, corruption make the head-lines in daily Russian life. I wonder what the Russian authorities will say should Cameroonians also start a random beating of its citizens in Cameroon.Hypocrites, thats what I call them.


It’s a pity and a very sad news to hear of the horrific murder in St. Petersburg. Well what you guys should realise is, this is not the first racial killing of a Cameroonian in Russia. For the past 15 years about 10 Cameroonians were killed by skin heads in Russia. The difference with this particular one is, the media coverage. Students have been burnt, stabbed, died in jailed, shot, assaulted, attacked in the metro, on the street and out of the many incidence just a few like this end up in a fatality. As a result no one hears of these numerous cases that occur on a daily bases in Russia. Diplomats have been attacked many times in Moscow and only one case was ever taken seriously and the perpetrators given just two years imprisonment because the victim was a black American marine working at then time in the US embassy in Moscow. Recent cases are two Peruvians who were killed in a town called varohezh in September, and a Cameroonian girl who died in December last year. The Russian authorities have always kept a low profile and will never talk of racism (skinheads) but will describe these as hooliganism. This makes the Russians feel they have no racism in their country, yet you find it on the street, on public transport, trains, university, shops, in fact every where in Russia. Why will the authorities be worried when they protect their own citizens and image to hide the reality of the present Russia?. A study and experience found out that the number of extremist and nationalistic movements have grown tremendously in Russia in the past decade. It is believed there are over 60,000 skin heads in Russia with about 10,000 in St. Petersburg and more than 25,000 in Moscow alone. If you ask a Russia if they have a problem in their Country, the answer is NO. The word “Negre” used to describe blacks is common and normal in Russia. It is used on the tele, in schools on the street and considered normal in daily spoken Russian. Slanted eyes, chuk chick, are all insults to described non whites. This implies not just blacks but, Asians, south Americans, Arabs, and many victims are people of the former USSR, these are Georgia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tartanstan, Chechens, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Let’s not forget that a large quantity of food product comes from these nations and many foreign students help in financing universities with the fees they pay, yet no one seems to realise the danger faced by all non whites in Russia. In April Hitler’s birthday is celebrated and most foreigners victimised by these extremists shielded by the state because they themselves are. It should not be of surprise that these groups are financed by some top political figures. The bottom line is, many Russians are racist and have adopted nationalistic ideology to a level where I can say for sure that it will take a very very long time for a change. The point I’m trying to make here is, No matter how much protest is made, and the comments made on this site, these things have been going for long but the Russian authorities will always play their game of giving a blind eye and call it hooliganism and argue that it is normal in any Country. My advice is if you want to pursue your studies in Russia then really think twice, I understand Russia has one of the best professors on the planet but their land has become as deadly as Iraq.


What a tragedy. Deep seated racism abroad, and tyranny and authoritariansim at home.

God help us.


Racism is found in most countries of the world but the degree of racism is no doubt higher especially on blacks from Africa. Some of the reasons for this are:
1. The entire world has a very bad picture of Africa especially sub-saharan Africa excluding South Africa (probably due to presence of white indigenes). All what the international media report about Africa is war, hunger, AIDS, Wildlife, corruption and some potray Africans as first degree omnivores (eating living thing). True we have all these things but there more countries in other continents with these very things and even worst vices. NB: A white lady once asked me: How come yu live on trees in Africa and yu don't have schools but yu are so intelligent? Friends yu can imagine this sort of question.
2.Because of the wrong perceptions they have on Africans, most of these whites especially the males become very jealous and annoyed when they find out that someone from a race they consider inferior is capable of doing things that some of them cannot do. They are therefore forced to provoke and attack you as a means to express their anger or express their superiority. NB: In one hotel, a white cleaner saw me with a laptop computer and was bold enough to ask me where i go that machine from?
Friends, it is not that i want to praise Africans because i am African but the truth is that, if yu find yurself in a community consisting of many races, many (whites included) will quickly tell yu that Africans are good,generous and willing to help or share their ideas.However, they will also tell yu that the blacks will boldly tell you if you are abusing their rights.
NB: If our leaders could think and provide conducive environment for Africans, many other races would be coming to live in Africa. We need higher intitutes for technical and engineering courses, we need biotechnological courses in the universities, we need good roads, we need an independent judicial system, leaders should stop embezzling/storing money into foreign banks.

Golden Arrow

How the cookie crumbles!!!!

Dear readers and people of Cameroon,

I 'm so impressed with the many reviews and reports about the issues that do matter hither and about us. You have said it all that there is to be said….

I will begin with a quotation from a famous German politician- Otto Von Bismarck who once said that, “the great question of the day shall not be determined and/or decided by speeches and resolutions of the majority but by blood and iron…”

Whenever I ponder about this speech, I come to terms with the following; Freedom is never given but taken; our country, Cameroon as Africa in miniature has to undergo mental, moral and spiritual revolutions. In other to forge ahead, we must cleanse ourselves of all the callousness, corruptible tendencies, back-biting, nepotism and hinger-handedness….

We have to stop pointing accusing fingers at one another but rather come up with ways and means of bringing our country out of her current socio-political and economic stalemate. Every one is to blame for the current mess in which we are. Just take the blame and you shall be able to fix your end…

Our leaders have no bearing of leadership as their sole aim of ruling is to amass wealth for themselves as much as for their families or those closer to them. We should think firmly as to how to get rid of this old generation of leaders. If there is anything that I should remember Mr. Biya for is that “He succeeded in ruining a once great nation called Cameroon. I should boldly describe him as “unfit to rule even the smallest court in Mbengwi, procrastinating nepotism, tribalism, rigor and moral rectitude (eating his own words); a hobble-bubble whose Hubble resembles the bubble of a Turkish pipe.
Agree with me or not, our leaders have failed and therefore have no cause of leading us… One thing remains with an African leader, unlike a European or American, they will never back down no matter what; they will hold on till the very last moment- Till death do us part.

To our SCNC brethren, what are we waiting for? Do we still have to keep on throwing punches at another? Do we still have to lay low and wait for almighty Jehovah to help us out? If we are true believers, and still acquainted with the scriptures, then we should know that even the great men of God walked through fire and on brimstone to free their people- Lord Jesus did not have it that easy freeing mankind, neither shall we. We can not expect our freedom to be served to us on a platter of gold; we have to go for it… Fight! Fight! Go Dirty!!

Just like I would say actions speak louder than words, please let’s take action. No body will fix things up for us but us. Every man has to decide his/her own destiny, ours is in our hands…

Last, to our beloved and departed brother Leon (May his soul rest in the Lord), I would like to extend my heart-felt condolence to his family. His death is just a reminder to all of us residing abroad- When are we going to go back home? Is there any home waiting to receive us?



When a Brazilian was shot dead in London(July 2005) for being a mistakened suicide bomber, the Brazilain Gov't was put into a huge challenge.Both Gov'ts were dragged into serious dialogue to look into the crisis.It even saw the prosecution of the police officer who pulled the trigger following a commission of enguiry that was set up.
In view of the murder of a Cameroonian Student at St Petersburg in Russia, we need to ask what role did our Gov't play in this 'crisis'.
We need to read a policy statement from both opposition and Gov't leaders of CAMEROON.Certainly a true test of our gov't's commitmnet to the safety of its citizens abroad.
Our leaders must face up to a multiplicity of resurfacing problems and provide the necessary framework to prevent further occurence.The dynamism of a new leader must possess a broader telescopic view of crucial problems of this nature.Its not just wiping corruption and organising fair elections.Attention to detail is a pre-requisite to butress the prowess of a real leader.
If we agree that the internet is the most powerful tool of knowledge, CRTV shoul be the first to Publish our gov't's policy statement folloing this incident.Far from it!Instead, more 'MIMBO-ADVERTS' and MORE DANCE and MUSIC as if there is no problem.


When a Brazilian was shot dead in London(July 2005) for being a mistakened suicide bomber, the Brazilain Gov't was put into a huge challenge.Both Gov'ts were dragged into serious dialogue to look into the crisis.It even saw the prosecution of the police officer who pulled the trigger following a commission of enguiry that was set up.
In view of the murder of a Cameroonian Student at St Petersburg in Russia, we need to ask what role did our Gov't play in this 'crisis'.
We need to read a policy statement from both opposition and Gov't leaders of CAMEROON.Certainly a true test of our gov't's commitmnet to the safety of its citizens abroad.
Our leaders must face up to a multiplicity of resurfacing problems and provide the necessary framework to prevent further occurence.The dynamism of a new leader must possess a broader telescopic view of crucial problems of this nature.Its not just wiping corruption and organising fair elections.Attention to detail is a pre-requisite to butress the prowess of a real leader.
If we agree that the internet is the most powerful tool of knowledge, CRTV shoul be the first to Publish our gov't's policy statement folloing this incident.Far from it!Instead, more 'MIMBO-ADVERTS' and MORE DANCE and MUSIC as if there is no problem.

Ambe Johnson

Another Cameroonian student attacked in Russia
A student from Cameroon was seriously beaten by several men on Tuesday night in St. Petersburg.

The 26-year-old student was hospitalized with a broken cheekbone and a damaged eye, Interfax said, citing police. The assailants fled.

Dozens of African students rallied last month in St. Petersburg to protest the killing of a student -- also from Cameroon -- after several apparently racially motivated attacks. (Reuters)


Where is Daniela?

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