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Sunday, 18 December 2005


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Charles Forkwa

There has never been legal lumber harvesting from Cameroon because the deal that are made have neither benefited the indigenes nor the Cameroonian economy.
The French do not care about Cameroon. When the lumber is depleted and forest becomes desert the French will relocate elsewhere to continue piliaging. This is a curse.



"The politics of the bush of la Republique du Cameroun, in line with the dictates of Francafrique, is one built on the instrumentalisation of tribalism. A few days ago, I dusted off my copy of Verschave's NOIR SILENCE and re-read the chapter that dealt with la Republique du Cameroun. In Verschave's analysis, he concluded that the Biya junta is basically run by a tribal clan: the Beti clan. He also reported that in February 1994, French Intelligence got wind of a plot at its last stages of planning, to overthrow the Biya regime, and in response charged the head of the equivalent of the French CIA, the DGSE, Jacques Dewatre to clean up la Republique du Cameroun's military command and control. One Jean Pierre Huchon, very instrumental in the Hutu set up in Rwanda supervised this clean up. And what did this mean? This meant bringing all vital military command and control under Biya's Beti tribesmen. It also meant, creating well armed and well paid tribal militias in the guise of private security firms. Hundreds of French officers were involved in this program, and the most well known of this "private security firms" is called Africa Security (AS). In addition to suppling guards to protect the barons of the regime, they are called in to assasinate those who threaten the regime and French business interests like ELF, and the other companies exploiting timber and other natural resources of la Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons. Verschave reports an incident were a Camerounese parliamentarian called Rene Bomoko Nkono, had gotten so fedup with the wanton destruction of life and environment in his area, that he mounted a blocade against 15 trucks belonging to one of these timber companies called SESAM. All he was asking was that they repair the bridges that their heavy loads had destroyed. He was found dead on the 27 May 1998, eight days later, while SESAM received a 12.6 million FF loan from the Caisse Francaise de Developpement (counted as official aid to LRC, eventhough it goes to a French company killing Camerounese nationals) shortly thereafter. Under the highest level of French supervision, Essingan, the Beti cult, had moved in and taken over the Camerounese millitary and intelligence set up. This is the system that informs the detractors and enemies of the Southern Cameroons."

Emmauel ngang

the story is only one among the many stories that show the french influence in cameroon and africa in general. We know from statistics that the french are one of the leading suppliers of timber in the world .without much forest, she depends on her colonies in africa.

french colonies are amongst the least develop in africa . i think the plan demonstration againt the french in D;la last week was a good sign. though it didnot take place since our forces are for the french ever cameroonian knows that our undrdevelopment is partly cause by this so called France.
We need leaders who can have a sense of belonging to thier nation rather thanpersonal interest. Biya and some of his clans men are determined to ruin this la republic before the 20years which he has to live.

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Only an idiot will voluntarily submit themselves to slavery. I guess that is why the toads (frogs for a better word) call us Anglofools.

Refugees from La Republique du Cameroun and their descendants are duty bound as a matter of principled appreciation to support Southern Cameroons Independence because The Southern Cameroons is the only country they have got.

A Word To A Wise Is Enough!

A Bon Entendeur Salut!

Paa Ngembus.

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