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Sunday, 18 December 2005


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Emmanuel Ngang

Chalie has come up with the true picture of the situation between the sw and nw man. i respect him for his high sense mertaphor and the use of peotic lang.
I have train with chalie in many councils in the nw and sw (jakiri,belo fundong,Tombel,manfe, eyumujockect the guy is good.


Charlie Mbonteh Praise singers,Well wishers
and Motion of Support activist
This piece of so call Metaphor is rather another form of "Came NO GO" ideology that was breed sometimes ago which created a hole between the sw and nw.
Again I see the invisible hands of the evil one at work.Who tells you that the Bamenda People were born to lead the sw people??.Probably because time have given them the ablity to cheat politically meant that they are the gods of the Anglophones????.How can you be so naive and feel leftover in a society.??


That is a software for trouble you are installing in this forum. Things are getting rough and we are trying to forget the wicked "divide and conquer" tactics placed between the NW and the SW, but you find it so confortable writing poems on such a bad wind. Please Bro. choose another topic, maybe you could write about "twinkle twinkle little star" and save our peace.



What a GOSPLE!

I will support anyone who lets the plain naked truth speak for itself. I know that on reading your write up, some of our brothers and sisters in the South West province will scream for your blood. Do not be intimidated. Continue to let the plain naked truth speak for itself and if skeptics wouldn't listen, then it is their fault and they may be contented to suffer for it. Congratulations Charlie!

Because of North Westerners, Biya was forced into creating the University of Buea. Biya couldn't create it in the North West province because the majority of North Westerners had voted against him and his CPDM. This explains why he is flattering South Westerners with the post of Prime Minister. And Chief Endeley seems to be the greatest among Anglophones!

True Charlie, Muna and Foncha may have taken us the wrong way, and we, South Westerners merely followed like sheep. However, these great men finally realized their wrong. They did not only apologize to the Anglophone community, but they took the plight of Anglophones to the International community. They entered the gates of heaven clean and clear!

Egbe, Mbile, Nwalipenja, and some South Westerners left this world without any regrets. Chief Endeley was busy drinking wine while Anglophones in the University of Buea were being extarminated like guinea pigs on his land. The only good thing Egbe Tabi did for Many people was to convert manyu intellectuals into sales men and women in our post offices. This was the origin of prostitution among the Banyangi women.

I recall back during the GCE Board crisis. South Westerners and teachers in the South West province were merely waiting for orders and instructions from the North West province. Also during the political crisis of 1990, South Westerners had their ears clued to their radio sets to get news from Bamenda. This explains why during the launching of the SDF, South West was sleeping while students of the University of Yaounde were putting in their support.

The Bakossi man, the Bafaw man, and the Banyangi man are known for making empty noise, beating their chests and talking long long grammer. They sit on small stools before clearing the small grass infront of their houses. They go to their farms in suits. We think we can build houses with words. They ignore their villages and would only prefer to identify themselves with the major towns in the South West province. Everyone from Manyu is from the tiny village of Mamfe; everyone from Meme is from nasty and dusty Kumba, and every one from Fako is either from the old-fasdhion Buea or the Bassa-dominated Limbe.

There is no culture in the South West province. Our traditional rulers are mere play boys. Our fathers have sold all our lands to strangers. Entering the whiteman's plane for the very first time, Chief Endeley was so excited to the point that he gave all the Bakweri land as royal gift to the British for CDC.

If the South West province is gaining some favours from Biya today, this is just the result of the North West province refusing to eat his shit. And as if we have lost our reasoning faculty, we render continuous praises and thanks to Biya.

There is a leadership vacuum in the South West province. All the SWELAS failed in their mission. We, South Westerners, are looking on the North West province for the salvation of the Anglophone community.

May the North West province bring that salvation fast!



Brother Mukete,

We are all One People. Every Community has its own flaws and strenght.
Let's stand together and fight the Corrupt Regime.
No Government will stay for ever!


God Bless Cameroon!


This was food for thought for Mukete, it would have suprise me if the clown didnot take this for granted.
Littel wonder he is an avocate of scnc, turely and surely mukete and cohorts are a handful of individuals who have lost their ego,I have seen the unity and peace they are avocating for a Dreamed Utopia SouthernCameroon.
They are just giving an excuse to the present government malpractices.


Mbonteh, i think you have a willfull intent to stir up trouble.
Your knowledge of tolerance, Change and progress is undoubtedly parochial.If you have run out of constructive ideas, you are better of zipping your mouth and stop abusing this decent space for people who are willing to generate good ideas to help an evil and corrupt country like ours and not propagate evil and conflict.
ORIGIN must never be an issue.Good result is all we embrace and not origin.We dont want history to repeat itself.You already contradict yourself when you claim that we belong together.History already holds you on record for this article as 'problematician'.You already pose a visible danger to the change and progress we envisage. Hypocrite!


Mbonteh, i think you have a willful intent and contempt to stir up trouble.
Your knowledge of tolerance, Change and progress is undoubtedly parochial.If you have run out of constructive ideas, you are better of zipping your mouth and stop abusing this decent space for people who are willing to generate good ideas to help an evil and corrupt country like ours and not propagate evil and conflict.
ORIGIN must never be an issue.Good result is all we embrace and not origin.We dont want history to repeat itself.You already contradict yourself when you claim that we belong together.History already holds you on record for this article as a'problematician'.You already pose a visible danger to the change and progress we envisage. Hypocrite!


We are in this together. Charlie conveniently forgot to mention the pioneering work of SWners in founding the SCNC.

Please, never forget the sacrifices of Dr Martin N. Luma! There was also Dr Monzu - a smart thinker and accomplished speaker in the run up to, during and after the All Anglophone Conferences. No one could articulate the plight of Anglophones better than Dr Monzu. Monzu's articulation must have sent fire down Biya's spine.

It is easier to remember the bad works. The treachery and innate tribalism of ET Egbe for example. Watch Dione Ngute - a fast copycat of ET Egbe.

Charles Forkwa

Mukete, well spoken. I don't think anyone could have put it much better. I understand because I am a child of pre and post "independent" Cameroon from NW.
Those who do not acknowledge past mistakes cannot capitalize on future opportunities. I hope many in the SW reflect on your piece and realise the shortsightedness and compromises these action have resulted to.
Some see this exposure as negative, they would want to bury it and pretend all is ok. Forget the past and move forward, they say. This is the same reason why NOTHING is moving forward because these issues have to be recognized and addressed.
If we do not remember history what evidence can we state for improving the future?
Lets put all past hurt in the fore, only then will the healing begin!



You understand that your call to hate other Cameroonians simply because they speak French is immoral.
If you want to divide, we can also divide from Families and Tribes.
That way, every family will form his little Nation.....
Mine will be called RICCARZONIA.
I will be the President. My brother the Prime Minister, my Sister Minister of Social Affairs, My Uncle will be the Minister of Economy etc....
We all in our family will have some political appointments...


That is so stupid.... Africans will never learn... Let's stop our non-sense of living in the past. Let's face the future.
May be that is why our Continent is still consider the CONTINENT OF DARKNESS!



The Truth is bitter.

The massage has gone throught,let those who have ears hear.

Bro Charlie,go ahead!


Hello Mr Mbonteh

In as much as you have the right to your own opinion it goes without saying that you have simply dropped bubbles of cyanide in an already troubled calabash of water. I pray you not to be the devil's advocate.

Oben Ashu is gone for good ,we know only one community now,THE ANGLOPHONES. Dont lick up old wounds neither beat the drums of hatred anymore.Fonch or Endeley, Muna or Mbile is not the question now.

The question now is : You as an anglophone what have you done to better the lot of your people?
God bless you as you rethink.


Using kerosine to quench fire!

Charlie,we all make mistakes,what matters most is what we do with the mistakes,if we can't learn from the past then the problem over rides us.Those are by-gones,we are struggling for the good of all Southern Cameroonians.


Hi Riccardo, i can understand your frustration about our regression as a continent, and our deepening backwardness as a Country.
I urge you to be abit optimistic as you contribute good ideals to lighten up an already 'dark continent' as you put it in your own words.Its senseless to inflict more injury on a bleeding wound.Remember that history will always relate you as part of that darkness even when you naturalise, nationalise, or pass away.So Its better to suggest remedies sometimes, rather than cursing.You are not the author of your fate but you can alter your destiny but not your origin.



It is pitiful that people should go on such a forum which has gained a high reputation to invoke the "old devil" which is nothing else but a call to fratricide.I wonder whether these people know that the Postnewsline is a window through which foreigners take a view of what is going on in the 'house'.Lest I forget,our anglosaxon traditions do not permit us to lay bear our differences in the open.Let us behave like true gentlemen PLEASE.
Moreso,whether we are from the NW or SW province,it should not be forgotten that our rivals come from the other side of the Mungo.
Instead of thinking out ways to revive our much cherished anglosaxon educational system which is in a state of cataclysm or our judicial system(the Common Law System),which is suffering from "judicial rape"(excuse me for the phrase)from the French legal system,we are here exposing our fangs like monkeys on heat.
Has french manipulation and intrigues brought us to the state where we can't even look at one another in the face?Its a pity.Let no anglophone be fooled,until we overthrow french rule just as the Algerians did,we shall never,never,never eat a fair share of the 'National cake'.The french have been driven away everywhere in the world.Even here in Belgium,the Flemish are seeking secession from the Wallons(French) because they have realised that they are gaining little or nothing from associating with the french.
Let's unite our forces and our might will be invisible.Time is now,now is the time.
There is nothing like an idea whose time has come.



Brother Adolph,

Cameroonians who speak French are no French. The French People careless about them as England careless about you and me.
Let's stop that mistake of calling our brothers and sisters who speak French (French). They are Cameroonians period.
Now, do we have a problem? Yes, sir.
A lot of problems.
Before the Treaty of Versailles was signed by the Colonial powers, we were one people.
Our problem is fighting a Corrupt Regime in Yaounde.
Whether a Corrupt Regime is headed by an Anglophone or Francophone, it is no good for any Cameroonian.
Any fellow Cameroonian who really wants to be a Politician (who will make a difference) in our people's lives in Cameroon has to be a Democrat.
Someone who believes in Democracy. Not someone who is enjoying peace, tranquility in a modern Country and calling poor people to take arms and kill his own brothers and sisters back home.
That is what Progressive Cameroonians will never accept.
Let's fight the good fight.
Let's use peaceful ways to restore real democracy, justice and progress in our Country.
Biya's Regime will never negotiate with anyone who is not part of the Political System. Our brothers and Sisters in the Opposition are the True Heroes.
They should sit on the negotiation table.
If we are united, we will win that fight easily. But if we are individually looking for our political appointments.... Guess what? We are doomed to fail.
Cameroon is already moving to the right path of democracy... Let's keep the good fight... It just a matter of time.
We are winning!

Long live a Democratic and Peaceful Cameroon.

God Bless you,

Mola a` lute Bobe

We all are able to say from the clouds when it will soon rain. If Quebec cannot be with the rest of Canada, the Flemish with the Wallonias in Belgium, Erithrea with Ethiopia or Somali, no amount of preaching of hate among angl;ophones will stop the wind of change from blowing across Cameroon.
The marriage was not intended for evil, it has simply not worked.
Charlie mbonteh should not be the devil's advocate. Democracy entails freedom of speech, no doubt. Charlie your Pan-African Institute for Development will soon be moved to Nigeria, because of poor attention from your masters, while the francophone section is Douala fluorishes. You are an intellectual but i do not see you able to do any work on the other side of the country because you are anglophone, not because you are not from the North West. You are free to fan the flames of hate among anglophones, but remember that your own children will judge you tomorrow.
If you really want to follow us, do, and silently at that if you have nothing else to offer.
"Are you one of the tares sown by the devil after the sower has sown good seed and retired?"
I will also advise those who truly have contributions in this forum to keep up and not be distracted by the likes of Ricardo. they will get tired when their rattlings find no rebuff.
God is in the frontline of this peaceful battle and the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and nearer.
God save your marginalised and cheated people!

Pastor Mola a lute Bobe

Charles Forkwa

All it boils down to is a question of trust. Can you trust the person next to you whether they be from NW, SW, CS, N, S, W, E etc. etc.? Will they be there when the going gets tough? Not stab you in the back for selfish gain? Work in the interest of all not for the benefit of one?
If someone has shown this pattern of reliability in the past then future associations are smoothened.
When you do not feel confortable working with someone you hesitate and the results are eviden -- poor.
But for all their differences and stereotyping each other the NW and SW made their relation ship work in the past within the confines of the constitution and the law. When all else fails all a country can rely on saving it are its laws. This worked very well in the former West Cameroon. That should be an example.


It is my maxim to let the plain naked truth speak for itself. Not only that. It is my maxim to give credit to those who deserve it. The God Lord has put some light into the North West province and the North Westerners. It is my responsibility to make sure that this NORTH WEST LIGHT is placed on a high table so that others, too, can benefit from it. There is no denying of the fact that the South West province and the entire country has been gaining from this NORTH WEST LIGHT.

In 1983 it was, still, another Anglophone Vice Minister of National Education, a South Westerner, Dr. Dorothy Mjeuma, who in collaboration with a Francophone Minister of National Education, Renee Ze Nguelle, wanted to FRANCOPHONIZE the General Certificate of Education.God forbid!

And as if the North West was created to die for the sake of the Anglophone community, ONLY schools and students in the North West province publicly demonstrated against this devilishly plan. Students of CCAST Bambili, SCVC Bambui, CPC Bali and other schools in the North West province, matched miles, on foot, under sun and inside rain, to Bamenda to tell the then North West Governor, John Adela, that Anglophone students will never accept the francophonization of their GCE examination. Parents and teachers in the North West province stood solidly behind the students, cheering them, giving them food, soft drinks, water, advice, and even paying the transport fares to take some of the students back to their long long destinations.I was reliable informed that students in Nkambe and Ndop had already started matching to Bamenda on foot. Poor students! The sacrificial lambs!

That was not all. Students matched to the radio station in Bamenda and the North West provincial delegation of National Education to send through the same message. They forced the governor to address them and took the provincial radio station in Bamenda hostage. In doing this, they carried placards having a female Anglophone Minister kissing, naked, with a male Francophone Minister: Dr. Dorothy Njeuma and Renee Ze Nguelle. They sang songs completely different from the "Dimabola" that Ebong Ngole, the Endeleys, Chief Mukete and the thousands of chiefs in Manyu Division are used to singing in the South West province.

Hear our North West students on that historic and fateful day:

"We are Anglophones, fighting for our rights. In the name of justice, we shall conquer." And as the singing went on, two groups were created. As one group was either saying "Dorothy Njuema or Renee Ze Nguelle", and the other group was responding by "Resign".

Unfortunately, I was in Buea by that time. The entire South West province and Buea in particular, was doing business as usual, with schools and bars opened. Black legs!

Sadly, as all this was happenning in the North West province, our students in the South West province were busy eating Fufu and eru and other wild species of vegetables, while their teachers were busy drinking palm wine and making loud noise. We, the parents of south west province were busy swearing over nothing: "They can not change our GCE. It will happen over our dead bodies." Cowards!

During these sad events in the North West province, some classes were burnt down in CCAST Bambili, examinations were disrupted and schools closed in the whole of the North West province. At the end, the confused New Deal government was forced, by little and armless Students in the North West province (My God, North West again!), to suspend the Dorothy Njuema-Renee Ze Nguelle initiated anti-Anglophone plan. The Zambo commission that was set up by President Paul Biya to investigate the issue is since dead.

Consequently, I wouldn't be wrong in stating, clearly, that it is thanks to the North West province that Anglophones have their GCE examination today. Who says the contrary?

And we should note that of all the Anglophone Prime Ministers who have existed, ONLY one has done something to preserve one of our identifying Anglo-Saxon heritages. Prime Minister Achidi Achu has gone down in history as the one who fought hard to ensure the creation of the GCE Board. After many opposition from the then Minister of National Education, Robert Mbella Mbappe, Prime Minister Achidi Achu surmounted all obstacles and INSTRUCTED Mbella Mbappe to go down to Buea and install the GCE Board. Those who heard the speech made by the Minister understood that the government was forced into creating the GCE Board. This has, forever, remained a historic victory for the Anglophone community. After preserving the GCE, the creation of the GCE Board was another historic victory for the Anglophone community. This also, was a result of the fighting spirit of the North West province and a North West Prime Minister.

For many years, the North West province had been clamouring for ENS Bambili to be transformed into a full University. Frankly, the creation of a University in the Anglophone region was one of the few BOILING spots that Paul Biya had under his seat. The North Westerners were pressing hard for an Anglophone University in Bambili by all means. Unfortunately for the North West province, Paul Biya was finally forced into creating an Anglo-Saxon University only when the North West province had voted against him and his CPDM, and when another North Westerner, Ni John Fru Ndi and his SDF had brought "Confusion" into the country. Biya, therefore, had to teach the entire North West province a bitter lesson. This is how the Anglo-Saxon University went to Buea. This is how the post of Prime Minister went to the South West province. These are facts that can not be demonstrated in a science lab! They are as clear as day light.

After the GCE, one important Anglo-Saxon heritage to be restored is our LEGAL system. Musonge came and did nothing. Instead he helped polished the image of a corrupt government. If Anglophones are not careful, then one of their sons from the South West province- Inoni- will be the prime minister to crucify our Anglophone legal system. Let us wait and see.

Who can, for God's sake, dispute the fact that the entire Anglophone community is indebted to the North West province and the North Westerners? Who can dispute the fact that the Anglophone salvation will only come from the North West and the North West province? What have our South West Prime Ministers done to ensure the continuity of our Anglophone heritage? What did the then Bakossi Minister (Ngome Kome)of Transport Ministry do to help the transport network in his Division and province? What have Musonge and Inoni do to save the Anglophone Judiciary system? What did Egbe Tabi do for the Banyagi people? How about our people from the OIL division of Ndian?

Go and see what Bamileke Ministers have done in their province. Go and see the roads created by the Kwayebs and other Bamilekes when they were in control of the Ministry of Equipment. It is only in the Western province that ALL villages have tarred roads, electricity and portable water, and this is through the initiatives of their sons who have passed through the government. Go and see the places where our South West Justices, Parliamentaririans, Directors, sub-Directors and other high ranking government officials from the South West province are buried. Most of them do not have even pit latrines in their villages, and local people are forced into clearing thick bushes in order for their corpses to reach their villages. How many of them even step foot into their villages?

It was not for nothing that Ahmadou Ahidjo gave this very important advice to President Paul Biya: "You have to be careful with the North Westerners. They can do real politics." (I am not told)

(South Westerner by Blood and Birth)

P Ngani

It was very surprising that SW Elites allowed Paul Biya to change the name of Victoria to Limbe.

As someone else wrote recently, the people of Victoria do not eat nationalism. The name Victoria has significance to Anglo Saxon culture and consequently to business and to possible new jobs.

Then these same Elites allowed SONARA to pay local taxes in Douala ! Such nonesense cannot happen is daylight cheating.




Mr Okolle,

Mr Okolle,

Do you really mean that the Francophone devils did not stop you from investing in your village?
Let's sit and blame BIYA and the Francophones for anything that happened to us in 44 years.
It is time to work together with other Cameroonians to develop our Country.

Merry Christmas!

john smith

Democracy, democrats, negotiation…you do not preach these and stay abroad. Get involved if you want to change the way you advocate.

Mr. Riccardo, we all due respect;

Since you left, your inherited home Kumba, from your parents, what have you done to better the lives of the community.

What is your investment in Kumba or any other part of LRC?

Why not leave Texas and go back to LRC, get involved with a puppet party of your choice to in order to sit on the negotiating table to encourage dialogue and enhance democracy and promote “Rigor and moralization”?

Charlie your write up though your opinion, it does not help the NW nor SW people who are trying to unite for common cause. Anyone can come with a paper about the negative side of politicians and/or people of the NW. Bear in mind that apology after three decades in a government the purportedly was for national unity, enslaved, tortured, neocolonised a segment of its population, regarded them as Biafrans, destroyed symbols of their culture and history, institutions, continues to treat them as second class citizens, etc is inexcusable. Apology when you have sold your people for your selfish desire and when you are no longer relevant in the political spectrum of your master is a betrayal of trust entrusted to you by your people.

Ni Charlie & Co ought to have known that there others like Mengot and S.A. George who have fore sights. Little John and Muna should have known right from the Foubam Conference that the constitution was hijacked and what we have in the name of constitution before 1961 and there after belonged to LRC. A constitution that finally told you and your fathers of unification that you don not belong; from Federal Republics to United Republic and back to La Republique.

Charlie bear in mind that before the SW chiefs supported Biya for their pockets, top fons of the NW were right hand men of Biya and continue till today. They made him Fon of fons. That did not happen in the SW. Some of the fons torture and kill their subjects for not voting CPDM which they created in Bamenda. Your Pa Achidi preached, “crash my back I crash your back”. You still hail him as a hero.

Look here, Charlie, this is not the time to divide us. We have a common enemy. Do not dissipate our energy; it is required to achieve our ultimate goal from LRC, since the citizens and the leadership of LRC have refused to dialogue with us even when advised by the UN Secretary-General.


Hello Mr Mukete

True as your article sounds but I would ask you one question. Would you like to cheer up one of your sons who seems not motivated like others or rather damn him to fail for good?

I might not be a militant of the SCNC but I admire the courage of the likes of Chief Ayamba ,Echontang Elad, Ambassador Henry Fossung ,Justice Ebong ,Mola Njoh Litumbe etc who are all from the south West and have fought in their own way to cry foul to the demises of the anglophones in Cameroon.What do you say to that?

Come on brother! Cheer up your fellow brothers. Dont let history wear them down.
Rather pray that by the grace of God this anglophone problem will be solved one day by what ever regime that comes up and there will no more be a Bamenda man or Banyangi man but simply an anglophone.

God bless you you


Let me help to Stair the Madness in you.You makes cheap journalism here.
History have proven that the Northwestern Has been all muscles ,and a careless radical political activist, who only thinks after taking action. Case of Unification of John. N.Forcha against E.M Endely and the recent Case of John N Ndi who ran away from tripatite Talks and fall back into Biya s Trap after important decisions have been taken.
NorthWesterners have paid the price of all their ill plan political Investure with blood and other sacrfies while we the southwesterners reap all the benefits,The GCE Board Head Quaters,The University of Buea you name the rest mukete.
There are a lot of reasons the Northwesterner need to go the extra mile,lack of Natural resources within their provinces,and the uncontrol population growth.Littel wonder there are more than half the population of NW.ners in Southwest than any SW.ners in Cameroon.Equiped with hunger,the NW.ner initiates into ventures that will only fill his stomach and forgets about the future,little wonders his political initiatives only puts resources into where they are supposed to BE (UB)or SouthWest. What then do you expect us to do, join the labourers to cultivate the plantations or build our towns and city.We cannot aford to be LandLords and Land Owners and labourers at thesame time-Division of Labour must takes palce,or this will amount to some sort of genocide by depriving NW.ners to work.
On the other hand SW takes time to put all resources avaiable and make a positive forcast of the future and any time this is done we find ourselves the winners.If there is going to be a massive construction today in Cameroon,the port of Limbe will be looked at and may other industries will follow.This is based on profitable and strategic resoaning and no politics can change it.While then should we sacrifies when we got all what we want.SW.ners educate thier children not based on politics but on technology- we fill in the positions of managers e.g cdc ,Delmonte and Creat Our own industries (stell Cam).If politics was the key and rule as you pointed out then NW.ners politicians would have moved away the Buea moutain, SONARA or drain Lake barombi or more still transfer the Atlantic ocean and keep it somewhere in Bamenda.
But again despite all the ugliness and damaging effects of their political carelessness we the SW.ners have shown restrain, and love and keeps unity as the conner stone to all success.
Humanity is not a Sign of Weakness.


There they go,those who want to separate from Cameroon and create an independent country,by their fruits we shall know them.
This is just the start,the wind will continue to blow to uncover you all.

Go ahead and tell us more about the have and have-not in the south west and north west provinces of Cameroon.

Instead of coming together with cool heads with plans and objectives to better the situation of the country some of us think the solution is division.
We all have to work as one,Cameroonians from North to South,East to West to build our country Cameroon,tribalism,favouritism,godfathers aside,honour to whom honour is due.Division will do us no goood.
Today you are talking of Southern Cameroon,you will soon start talking of South-Western-Cameroon and North-Western-Cameroon hahaha!!.
Wonders shall never end,ahead,ahead forward match!!Keep on day dreaming.

Cameroon remains one an indivisible!

Merry Xmas to all


Felix,accept or not,just stop shying away from the truth.Mukete is correct,all the points he made are very right.We the south westerners are cowards,just stop bosting of all the natural resources,what good have you done with the ocean,oil,mountain,forest,etc.How many south westerners are employed in SONARA,how many in top post in UB,how many in the GCE board,it's a pity.
Matango drunkers,we sit and fold our hands waiting for the north westerners to fight for all anglophones.When will you(us) ever come up and fight for the common good of all anglophones.

It is said "when man pass you carry ye bag"

We must accept reality.We have a lot to learn from north westerners.



Did you get out of bed on the wrong side today? I suggest that you write in pidgin next time, so that nobody will have a headache like I did today trying to understand the jumble you wrote.

Emmauel ngang

the short and long of it is that nw&sw need to work as one if we need to articulate our probs and peoeple can listern

neba funiba


You make it sound as if political coolness has helped SW--really?

Where is our beloved PowerCam?

Where is Mukonje Rubber Factory?

What happened to the sofiscated Ekona research that is now a garden?

How come for the longest time timber used to be exploited exclusively from the SW but the roads are in such a terrible mess?

What happened to the road between Mile 17 and Muea?

Do you know that to get to a part of Lebialem that was affected by mudslides the former governor of SW had to go through Dschang in the West Province? Are the results of political coolness really desirable?

Did you ever hear anybody from NW claim ownership of ENS Bambili when it was our sole institution of higher learning?

Did you ever hear anyone say CCAST Bambili belonged to the Bamenda man when it was the pride of the Anglophones?

Did you ever hear anyone say Sasse was only for Buea and CPC was only for Bali people?

Compare the former Marketing Board Office at Nkwen, B'da to the one at Fiango, Kumba and you will see what political coolness does.

Compare your rantings to the speech that the brilliant Mayor of Buea gave not too long ago and you will see that you are out of touch with reality--what we call in psychiatry psychosis.

Mr. Felix, what has SW, Manyu, Lebialem, Ndian, etc gained from SONARA? How many SW'ners work at SONARA? Where does SONARA pay its taxes?

Mr. Felix, apart from being used as a source of drinking water what has kumba gained from Barombi Lake? The area around the Lake remains bushy and not fit for tourism--what are you talking about?

Alas, thank you very much for letting the world know that the Southwest Province of Cameroon has benefitted from the country's political imbroglio and economic snafu as a result of being politically cool.


Deal Mr Mbonteh,
You can see for yourself that your poem is giving negative publicity to the English Speaking Cameroonians who are in a crossroad in their history and development.
Free speech goes with responsibility. Donot allow your writings to incite tribal hatred as it is now doing.
"For in much wisdom is much vexation,and those who increase knowledge increase sorrow" (Ecclesiates 1:18)
Please this is not the time for being negative. Donot allow your writings to haunt you or your family.
It is a fact that some people are more gifted than others but once used to oppress or redicule the other it breeds tension.
Emotions are high. Let peace reign.
Thank you


Mr Mbonteh,you have created

1)A forum for demagogues to mix facts and errors

2)An open agenda for the devil to add his own item

3)An occasion for illitrates to shamelessly lay bear their nudity

4)An uncceptable deviation from the issues that bother the anglophone community

5)An game for bedeviled NW/SW separatists to unperceptively play their tricks

6)And finally a chance for SW and NW drones and dreamers to make claims of their God given wisdom or courage or wealth or whatever yet a piece of bread they cannot buy for the hungry little ones.

May I call on Mr Charlie Ndi Chia editor in chief of the Post newspaper to take away this piece of nonsense from the net.



whats your point here, do you want us to drive away these bamenda who occupy more than 40% of the population of South-West and some other Cameroonians and replaced them because we are not short of man power, we have the technicians and people of all works of life not bad and selfish politicians ?. You will agree with me that even a big country like usa needs foreigners to work (that’s why they created the DV lottery Visa ) and so you will not blame an Americans as being lazy simply because an african is working as a director in one of NASA division.
I have warned that our humanity and good gesture should not be taken for granted. I pray for an autonomous regional state where individuals in every state will have more than half the right to every assert. Ah perhaps we will be able to control our borders, and institute a regulated immigration policy even build fence as the Israeli are doing or the Americans are doing along the Mexico borders. We will be able to bargain our share of our resources like SNARA and CDC with the government and use them profoundly through regional development and trade with other regions. This will even show us the real Reason of their destructive and unanalytic and selfish politics which they have been doing. To prove the case as I pointed out above, Foncha took us into a Union without thinking or heeding to the advice of E.M Endeley, today all what Endeley said is true and the foolish J.N Forcha was not ashamed to Run out for a divorced or create a secessionist group SCNS. Who do they want to fool again with bad politics, see the price they are paying in Kondengui. Are you not awe of John Nfru Ndi bamendalizing the SDF and pocketing huges sum of monies?. Even a blind will tell the difference. Perhaps Lapiro say over Don na Mbut, Sure our forefather and our Love for peace,good Relationship and tolerance is now being over stretch. Its time we make a check.
What has neba funiba got to do with our dilapidated resources, Mukonje Rubber Factory, PowerCam et la.Could you Please try and stick to Bamenda asserts- Ndop rice factory the Ring Road, and Ndu Airport etc.


Why is there an absence of intellectuals in this forum but idiots who are on the rampage to weep up sentiments ?


hope you realise that there are many people who know the history and civics of Cameroon more than you do.
Don't be carried away by what you assume others donot know.They may know but are wise enough to keep the peace and address points not details.
If you were Nelson Mandela of South Africa, iam certain you would have formed a National council for ELIMINATION rather than RECONCILIATION;so as to eradicate the white population
If you wanna secceed thats fine.But remember that the facts you relay is exteemly provocative and seemingly discriminative.Its very likely we share a common culture. The destiny of Anglophones was already predestinated as such.We would have picked up the same bits and pieces if this union was orchestrated by a fellow South-Westerner.You would be better of talking about SCNC than heating up division among Anglopnones.Make useful suggestions on how to deal with the problems we face back home.I am Cameroonian now.Will join you to become an Anglophone(Ambazonian) if you strike a positive difference from our La Republique.
I suspect you!



What is your conclusion,Foncha has become a foolish man, Endeley the Mr Right,Fru Ndi bamendalising SDF,etc.

No wahala,it will not cancel the fact that we(S.W'ners) have to learn from the N.W'ners

No amount of talking will change the fact that they have done a lot for anglophones in Cameroon.

Fighting for the good of all does not mean preaching hatred and enemity but that we copy their examples.If you can not learn to appreciate,positive advancement is far at hand.

Please be careful because you are not just provokating the N.W'ers but disgracing S.W'ners


Hello Cdes in battle,i've followed the comments under this article with interest.I wish we just keep the NW/SW conundrum aside.There is a more mortal lethal foe tearing us apart.The problems raised in here are internal matters,i asked that we suspend it and focus on our restoration of our rights.
There is a foreign Occupier in our Territory looting,plundering,pillaging,and removing our resources using an unparrarel brute force encompassing,sex,rape abductions,etc of this times.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Level-headed Strategic Thinking and Political Activism

These are two effective tools for achieving success in a society. However, each tool has its place, and often problems arise when they are misapplied.

Level-headed strategic thinking provides the vision and the direction to guide action, while action or implementation may involve political activism as an effective tactic.

It is a fact of life that if you do not fight visibly for your rights you will be taken for a ride, and political activism is the ultimate peace-time tool for fighting for your rights.

However, activism must be calculated, targeted, focused, monitored, analysed, and reworked, to be effective. Trouble-making (just for the sake of it) without thought is a complete waste of time and serves no one; instead, it can cause longstanding problems and stigmata that defeat its purpose.

It is very clear from tradition that the North Westerner is a better activist than a South Westerner. This has had both advantages and disadvantages for the NW. Whether such activism has been strategically conceived is doubtful. The SW, on the other hand, has suffered abuse as well as gained from its political inactivism. I also doubt whether this action of South Westerners has been strategically planned.

It is somewhat obvious that South Westerners are lazier than North Westerners, preferring to talk too much and to act too little. The South Westerner has a tendency to think too much of himself and is far less hospitable than the North Westerner. Another tendency of South Westerners is calling people names, such as 'come no go', 'slaves', etc. Both the South Westerner and the North Westerner can learn from each other.

In the end what is really needed is level-headed strategic planning combined with a considered measure of political activism. However, do not expect these qualities to reside in the same person.

Some people are better at strategic thinking (and should be the leaders) while others are better at political activism (and should be the practitioners).

For a win-win situation you need a collaborative team that combines strategic, visionary leadership with competent practitioners who can employ activism as one of many tactics.



What is happening is what we all predicted will happen if these people were to have their own Kingdom as they wished.
People who preach hate and division of Francophones and Anglophones will end up preaching hate and division amongst their own Tribes.
Thank God, they do not speak for me. They do not represent the mainstream politics in Cameroon.
Progressive Cameroonians don't label anyone ANGLOPHONE OR FRANCOPHONE.
Imagine if one of these Guys were Nelson Mandela.
They would have wiped out all the White Africans on the face of this earth with genocide.
These Separatists are really dangerous.

How can someone say that NWners were foreigners in SW? This is crazy.... It was unacceptable before and will never be accepted today...
In this forum, someone said even the United States has to import workers to fill up some positions in the job market. I can not believe this.
We are talking about a Country... A citizen in his own Country has to be imported ??????
to work in another part of his Country???
This is a pity. I believe that we can do and think better than that.
NWners or SWners are CAMEROONIANS period.
They have the birth right to work in any city of Cameroon.


Remember, the forces of evils are always doomed to fail...
Forget about Biya, Cameroonians are not defending him. But We are defending our Country.
Your call to hate and commit genocide on other fellow Cameroonians will hunt you for ever...
We are for Democracy, peace and progress.
We are for Justice and the rule of Laws.

The time is coming were ALL CAMEROONIANS from North, South, East and West will rise up and work together hands in hands in a Modern, Democratic an prosperous Country.

Let's follow the footsteps of people like Nelson Mandela. We want peace, reconciliation and justice.
We all know what our problems are.... You know... I do not have to elaborate it here.




neba funiba


I am convinced that you may be from Malabo in Equatorial G. Your English is so terrible that I begin to conclude that you may not even be aware of what you are writing. You are a fake SW'ner. Check your English--extracts from your last write-up

"will not blame an Americans"

"the right to every assert"

"even build fence"

"our resources like SNARA and CDC"

"to Run out for a divorced"

"create a secessionist group SCNS"

"pocketing huges sum of monies"

"Sure our forefather"

"tolerance is now being over stretch"

"PowerCam et la"

It is not worth it debating with you.

Charles Forkwa

The SW like any other region is enriched by the influx of immigrants who are hard working and law abiding citizens. If there are more Norhwesteners in SW than the other way around it is pure and simple due to need. You are not going to tell me that the SW indegenes were placed in this region because they are superior beings, are you? Because that is what your writing seems to portray. If you think that then you are not unlike any other group that believes in superiority over another just to make a point.
You would agree that left on its own SW would not have been able to provide the knowhow necessary to develop the region in the plantation days and even then all I saw were white people running those plantations not indegenes. When I say running the plantation I mean those with the power to make lasting decisions.
Are you saying that the total delapidatiion of the once thriving towns of SW is the result NW influx?
Those born in Cameroon pre-independence know who the hardworkers have always been. Whether you define various contributions as of "muscle" or "intellect" is a matter of clasification for convenience.
NW and SW have their differences and stereotypes like any other humans. Inspite of what NW and SW thought of each others ideosychrises , the West Cameroon government worked out a arrangement that was based on the LAW , the respect for that law and the accountability of those charged with upholding that law. It was not perfect but was close! These three elements will go a long way in bridging even the most hardened differences.
That is what we are missing in the current state of affairs. The reason being that SW and NW let these mistrusts get in the way of reason when a third party (LRC) capitalized on this weakness and has continues to distroy the hopes and aspirations of all leaving little scraps to be fought over. As this happens we resort to stabing each other in the back and destroying ourseleves and that is just what LRC wants to see.
These postings are an ackowledgement that these feeliings do exist and it is for us to go beyond that and continue to work for a better future.


neba funiba,
I accept my mistake and welther you like it or not it was because I was read in the face about what you write.My message is passed.That does not makes me comes from Malabo in Equatorial G.
My names if you need it. Ashu felix it tells where I am camming from.Beside no Soth.Westerner is born a neba not even a funiba is one


I accept my mistake and welther you like it or not it was because I was red in the face about what you write.My message is passed.That does not makes me comes from Malabo in Equatorial G.
My names if you need it. Ashu felix it tells where I am camming from.Beside no South-Westerner is born a neba not even a funiba is one


neba funiba,
I accept my mistake and welther you like it or not it was because I was red about what you wrote.My message is passed.That does not makes me comes from Malabo in Equatorial G.
My names if you need it. Ashu felix it tells where I am camming from.Beside no South.Westerner is born a neba not even a funiba one

neba funiba


Understand that people of goodwill, some of them not necessarily Cameroonians, surf this website to familiarize themselves with the problems in Cameroon. Please, stop disgracing us. It is becoming depressing to read your write-ups. Do not even smear SW'ners with your foolishness. Read your write-ups and compare them with those of other contributors who hail from Manyu. The difference is tremendous. I still hold my grounds that your English is disastrously terrible and that you may be from Malabo or somewhere else, and your write-ups prove me right.

"He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a....." Felix, complete it!


neba funiba,
how many mistakes have you picked so far.My friend you better go to TOLE and learn how to pick Tea than mistakes because when the time shall come it might be too late for you and you may have lost you talents.
You can take you SCNC along or John Fur Ndi Politics.I heard that they have discovered Gold recently in your city, don not think I will play politics on that.Black Diamond and rich soil is enough for me, I will develope it with labourers from somewhere else.Its time we use the recent population Census
If the Germans, and british can go why not you neba?????.

Ma Mary


Ethnicity will remain an issue in any country, bigger or smaller. You might pretend it does not exist by hiding it under slogans like your patron france, until it bursts open in banlieu infernos. You might use it as a divisive issue while pretending that it does not exist. That is how it was used in the genocide of Bassas and Bamilikes, whose nationalistic aspirations were tribalized. La Republique is a very tribalistic nation in which power is like a ping pong match between the Ewondos and the Northern compadres while the rest of you all stand on the side with your heads moving back and forth and cheering. The NANS of la Republique receive little tokens for putting the Bamis who want to join the game in line. Southern Cameroonians are not playing.

Does Southern Cameroons have ethnic issues? Yes, we do, but we shall solve it in creative ways and not by hiding our heads up our asses talking nonsensical things about UNITY without tackling the issue head on. Pretending it does not exist will not prevent anything. There is a very high degree of intermarriage in the Southern Cameroons which will take care of this issue longterm. A marriage between any two ethnicities in la republique is like the marriage of a deer and a lion. It don't happen.


Now, let me go back to my work.



This is madness, the post need to stop this forum right now!!! Do some of you even realize that any body can sign in to this forum with a fake name and claim to be from NW or SW. This is not secured and you’ll know that.
Pleasssssseeee stop!!!!
CAMPOST improve on you tech!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you know me???????????? Check the sign in name for f-ers

Ma Mary

When faced with such issues as diversity, racism, tribalism:


instead of analysis, pragmatism and just solutions, they talk about fraternite when there is no brotherhood, egalite when there is no equality and liberte when they do not really mean it. They talk of UNITY, when they really mean, assimilate or die. No sir, No! We have had it with being your banlieu.

JB Samba

Mr. Felix,
What Neba Funeba has said about your use of the English Language leaves much to be desired. Your articulation is horrible. Even after he made this clear to you, you decided to counter him and wrote the following:

"neba funiba,
I accept my mistake and welther you like it or not it was because I was read in the face about what you write.My message is passed.That does not makes me comes from Malabo in Equatorial G.
My names if you need it. Ashu felix it tells where I am camming from.Beside no Soth.Westerner is born a neba not even a funiba is one

Posted by: felix | December 21, 2005 at 11:53 AM

I accept my mistake and welther you like it or not it was because I was red in the face about what you write.My message is passed.That does not makes me comes from Malabo in Equatorial G.
My names if you need it. Ashu felix it tells where I am camming from.Beside no South-Westerner is born a neba not even a funiba is one

Posted by: felix | December 21, 2005 at 11:56 AM

neba funiba,
I accept my mistake and welther you like it or not it was because I was red about what you wrote.My message is passed.That does not makes me comes from Malabo in Equatorial G.
My names if you need it. Ashu felix it tells where I am camming from.Beside no South.Westerner is born a neba not even a funiba one

Posted by: felix | December 21, 2005 at 12:03 PM"


Njoh Njume

To the Post,
I must congratulate the designers of such a wonderful forum,"The Postnewsline".Whenever I read what contributors write,I wonder whether the ideals exposed are to build a solid foundation for the liberation of Southern Cameroons,or orchestrate the NW/SW xenophobia.
Please I crave the indulgences of the providers of these wesbsites to creat an editorial board that would edit & refine the write-ups of contributors before making it public.On the contrary contributors should make necessary corrections before sending their messages accross.
Thanks for your understanding.

Janvier Tchouteu

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in advance, my dear compatriots.

I had wished not to write until 2006, but I could not overcome my temptation to comment on this issue.

During my years in the cause for the future new kamerun, the strength of dividers finally dawned on me. It is short-lived and destructive. We saw that in the former Yugoslavia, in the former Soviet Union etc and today, historians consider their cases, especially that of the former Soviet Union as the biggest tragedy or accident in history. The second greatest nation with the most potential decided to tear itself apart instead of pursuing the path of correcting its flaws to become the greatest nation. The unionist and levelheaded Gorbachev with capabilities of being a great president for any nation on earth could not stop divisive local leaders who stirred the ugly pot of ethnic divisions to tear the country apart. Today there are 15 countries whose standards are still below the 1991 level when the Soviet Union collapsed. Ethnic tension is a problem in all of those states 14 yrs after.

I understand the NW/SW misunderstanding equally as I understand the Anglo/Franco misunderstanding. It is all politically instigated and it does not serve the collective interest. Strangely enough, I see people moving from Anglophone chauvinists to either NW or chauvinists. It is sad. Jingoism does not help. Great leaders and great people are those who harness their differences to make a better future.

I said earlier that this system has bred collaborators from all the ethnic groups and linguistic entities and it is a fact. What is important is to judge people from their intentions. I respect Foncha for his path of reunification and consider him as one of the heroes of our history, but I fault him for failing to confront Ahidjo the defaulter. He was weak and failed to ally with the genuine union nationalists to make a better kamerun. I attended an occasion where Endeley harangued at the Victoria stadium in the mid 1980s and respected his integrity. He did not succumb to the evil system even though he stood for union with Nigeria. Yes, Endeley’s concerns were justified against reunification with a system in French kamerun that was not the choice of the people and that was controlled by France. Had the UPC not been banned and allowed to lead that part of kamerun (with its support from the majority of Francophone Kamerunians), Endeley would have been comfortable with reunification. In addition, there were areas in the Northwest that voted against reunification, as well as the fact that most of the voters in what is today the Southwest voted for reunification.

The people of both provinces are against the system like the rest of their compatriots in the other provinces. What we have are individuals collaborating with the system. Progressive-minded people should not collectivize. The system has failed us all, and flourishing enterprises from all corners of the country are in ruins because of the system.

Charlie Mbonteh’s article is disgraceful. Perhaps it did help to unveil the biased, stereotyping and intrinsically divisive (tribalistic, ethno-centric, nepotistic and selfish) mind frame of some people who claim to be friends of the people(in their limited sense).



Welcome back to the forum. We missed you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Brother.




Welcome back to the forum. We missed you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Brother.



neba funiba , not to forget the Nigerians left just a few days ago.Sure you didn't read it.


Brother Mukete,

I do not always agree with all what you say but I must confess I LOVE READING what you write.
Keep on doing what you are doing!
The Greatest CAMEROON needs you brother!
You are a True Son of our Country!

I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006.
May God protects you and give happiness and prosperity.....

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the Division of our Motherland)

JB Samba

Riccardo et al.

I know there are certain questions that you and you gang (like the Yang gang) will always run away from, but I will still ask them.
Can you guys tell us-?

- Why Fuel refined in Victoria costs cheaper in Douala than in Victoria?
- Why fuel refined in Limbe is stored in Douala?
- Why LRC wanted to put a pipeline from Victoria refinery to Doula?
- Why a Refinery in Victoria pays taxes to Douala CC?
- Why the Moungo Bridge was broken by a tanker transporting fuel (refined in Southern Cameroons) to Southern Cameroons?

If answers to these questions were anything to go by, then you will see for yourselves that Southern Cameroonians have gone for beyond the point at which you think they are. To put it simple in case you don’t understand, ALL your ranting has no effect on any right-thinking Southern Cameroonian as we have come of age and time. At the end of the tunnel you will only discover that you laboured in vain.

To hell with Union Nationalism.
To hell with the Union Nationalists.
To hell with Pan Kamerunism.
To hell with German Kamerun and its advocates.
To hell with La Republique du Cameroun (LRC).

Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) shall be borne.

The Union between LRC and Southern Cameroons has failed because of the intrigues of citizenry of LRC.

It’s a matter of time. It may be sooner or later, but it will come to pass, In Jesus’ name.


It is great news to have this space.Because world shall never end,evil people are bound to coexist with the good ones.
Let the good ideas keep flowing while we point out the mistakes of our leaders.
Nobody has the right to threaten the eradication of this much needed space.Let people write what they think.whenever you disagree there is always room to reply.Correct people who go astray.Remember! This world is not a perfect one but we are trying to make it better.

New U.S.A. Paddy

Njoh Njume,
thank you for that advice to the post.Felix is the cause of this trouble.
Men, I don't wana use bad language to that guy you call Felix,else he will never feel as belonging to this world and not to talk of coming to this forum.
What a Damn fool that can not admit his mistakes:

New U.S.A. Paddy

JB Samba,
I was about to appreciate your last contribution to this issue before Felix caught my attention.
Samba, be amongst those to support me when I come back. We will succeed in Jesus name.Amen.

Edimo A.E

It is high time those of us from the coastal region of Southern Cameroons stand up and stop demeaning ourselves when it concerns leadership.
You posting gave all credit to our grassland brother as if no person in coastal region has ever led.
Dr. S.M.L Endeley led Southern Cameroons out of the house of bondage in Nigeria, in 1953 and be came the head of government in 1954. Even whem Foncha won the election of 1958, Endeley had won in Nkambe and Foncha in Mamfe. The had equal seats in parliament of Southern Cameroons (13:13)as such no one could form a government. It was George Framboh of Manfe division who cross the carpet to give Foncha a lead.
Why should we always try to relegate ourselves to the bottomline as if we are naturally born to be led?
From 1916 to 19766, the people of coastal region and those of Grassland region lived and worked together and prospered better that today.
There was a tarred road linking Kumba and Mbonge, Kumba and Tombel and today those roads have been washed away.
There was Cameroon Timber Company in Kumba, where our people were employed; today our timbers are transported to LRC in logs. there was the rule of law and no one was above it, unlike today those who have money are above the law.
Can any one tell me why the people of Ndian division where crude oil is rigged since 1964( From 1975 - 1980, the daily production from this area was 158000 barreles) cannot have a mile of tarred road, although 70% the total production of crude oil comes from there?
Why are we fanning the diabolic plan of divid and rule instituted by our colonizers so as to despoil the natural resources in our land, while of people are wretched.
For those who think the unholy marriage between LRC and Southern Cameroons is ordained to last forver, I enjoin to ask your parents and grandparents to compare the entity known as Southern Cameroon yesterday and today.

Charles Forkwa

When someone hear you talk about a Southern (West) Cameroon that was based on fairnes and the rule of law, they think it is just nostalgia, i.e. the yerning for the good old days. But the fact is that those who have lived in both eras can can make a comparism to determine that the Ahidjo and Biya eras has not been pretty, indeed we are worse than the colonial days.
As I said before, NW and SW had their idosychrises but the institution was based on the solid foundation and respect of the law.
I mentioned the "Commission of Inquiry" that took care of investigating allegations and recommending procecution of criminal acts. The mere mention of that commission alone sent chills down civil servants spines.
Some posters here keep saying that Cameroon is making progress. I am at a loss as to where they are getting thier information to arrive at such a conclusion. Are we talking about the same Cameroon?
What we need now is a new tactic to fight this disgrace and blatant distruction of a population.


Chers freres et soeurs du Cameroun,
Dear sisters and brothers proud citizens of la Republique du Cameroun,

I have been away for a while. I am enjoying my vacation in the south of Spain and I am sure you Progressive Cameroonians are doing the same. Because you believe in enjoying life and you are people with positive minds.

May I wish you Andre, Tita,janvier, Henriette, MC etc...and the Patriots from all over the world








To our "Want to be Runaway Brothers and Sisters" of Cameroon, we love you all ...
We understand your pain,
We are with you,
We know it is very frustrating,
We understand that lost sense of identity,
We have suffered and we are all suffering from evil forces and corruption,
Let's work together and make our Country a better place...
Let's do it for our children...
Let's not preach hate and division...
We were ONE FAMILY before,
We are still now,
and we will be for ever...


I love you all...
See you back to the States soon.

CAADIM (Cameroonians Against the Division of our Motherland)

Ngembus Fonlon Mbock


Now that you have gone back to using your old name, I want you to stick to it.

I used a sophisticated language analysis program that we use to catch cheats when grading college term papers.

Riccardo you have posted under multiple names (12 and counting) and I will expose all those names if you dare use one of them again.
Riccardo, I also know from your own friends in Texas that you were not in Spain. You must think all of us are idiots BOZO.
I hate deceptive and dishonest cheats like you Riccardo. That is why your effort to keep the Cameroons united will FAIL. No one will trust you because you are a fraud, Camerounese Secret Agent. I am your worst nightmare. I will make sure there is no way you can justify your paycheck from the government of La Republique Francaise du Cameroon.
You said in one posting that you were coming to get me. I am waiting. Send as many of your idiots as you can. Their heads will be sent as trophies to Chirac and his paupet Paupol.

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Bonne Annee Riccardo le Malhonnete.

Paa Ngembus.


Amen Bro. The fellow who so call himself Ricardo uses this medium as a means to send new year wishes to his frog brothers and blind minded brothers. WE SHALL BE FREE NOMATTER WHAT!!!

Bamenda Guy

Dear Cameroonians 2 days ago i decidfed to start working on the post wedsite i was terrified by the messages found on the site i think there is a problem in Cameroon and we anglophone we have suffered so much.
But in my opinion separtion is not the best answer to our problem there is a link between us and we can cut that.
What remains to us is hope i'm sure after mr Biya things will change
Nobody benefit from war lets think about about children mothers and wifes

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