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Saturday, 28 January 2006


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emmmanuel Ngang

Hilary, i agree with you.A good product needs no advertisment.Prof. Kale is a fine brain,we need such people and also to use them for the development of cameroon.

Ndangoh Kevin.


Professor Ndiva Koffele Kale who has written extensively on corruption in Cameroon and who is the Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of N.E.C should also be in a better position to diagnose this cankerworm which has eaten deep into the fabric of the S.D.F party.As a political analyst and freelance writer,I have succinctly and methodically observed all the historically events that have taken place within the party from its launching at Ntarinkon in 1990 to the dismissals of its longest serving Secretary General,Prof.Tazoacha Asonganyi and Prof.Clement Ngwasiri who until now was Chairman of the National Advisory Council and Parliamentarian from Mendankwe(Mezam).When N.E.C transformed itself into a disciplinary committee at Presbyterian Church Centre,Ntamulung under the Chairmanship of Sonkin Etiennne(Mayor of Dschang Urban Council),it was without doubt that the dreaded article 8.2 of the party's constitution will be applied on Prof.Asonganyi.Many had predicted this and he was found guilty on all 6 charges preferred against him.
N.E.C acted following accusations levied on him for granting a press conference on 27th September 2005 in Yaoundé,where he put to question the policies,ideals,hierarchy and fundamental options of the party.He also questioned the use of discipline as an effective instrument for promoting democracy in the party.N.E.C reminded Asonganyi that he shared part of the responsibility for the weaknesses of the party and that this was tantamount to arrogating to himself the functions of the Convention whereas he knows that only the Convention can overturn the decisions of N.E.C.He was found culpable following sections 15(iv) and 16 of the S.D.F constitution.The height of accusations came when Asonganyi was accused of degrading the party's leadership by insinuating that the party's hierarchy had secret dealings with the C.P.D.M,thus benefitting financially from the latter.Worst still,he was found guilty of having between 2004 and 2005 entered into negotiations with 3rd parties,received funds for and on behalf of the party and spent them without the consent or even the knowledge of N.E.C.N.E.C considered this as anti party activities as provided for and punishable under section 8.2 of the party's constitution.N.E.C members finally voted overwhelmingly for his dismissal as Secretary General and as a militant of the party.Thus ending more than a decade of leadership tussle and wranglings between Asonganyi and John Fru Ndi.Notwithstanding,the antagonism between the two men are time honoured.The very first indication of a 'Cold War'between them began when Asonganyi became Secretary General on Sunday 19th June 1994.Since then he had never taken up office at the Secretariat of the party in Bamenda(headquarters of the party),preferring to work from Yaoundé where he lives.Ofcourse,the frictitious relations between these men has had negative repercussions on the manner in which the party has been managed.The disorganisatiion that reigns at the Secretariat office cannot escape the eye of any observer.Many doubt why the Secretary General doesnot sign membership cards, instead we find the signatures of the National chairman and the Treasurer.Again,ambiguity and irony are the best words that characterised S.D.F party officials.It is not uncommon to hear party officials upholding a principal and practising the opposite.Thus it can be said that words and actions in the S.D.F are parallel lines that never meet.During the 20th Congress of the Socialist International held at the United Nations(U.N) in New York in September 1996,Ni John Fru Ndi while opening his speech said,"I stand before you today in my capacity as the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front(S.D.F),the first and only social democratic party in Cameroon and perhaps the youngest within the world fraternity of social democratic parties".Reading between the lines the phrase 'world fraternity'makes allusion to the SI which is an association or fraternity of political parties and organisations which seek to establish democratic socialism.And ofcourse,the fact that the chairman addressed the assembly of the SI confirmed the party's adherance to the organisation.Later declarations made by the Chairman confirmed the speech.Meanwhile,Asonganyi has gone on his own trail contradicting the Chairman.However,from 1998 membership cards (though a small quantity),started coming out bearing the logo of the SI.Officially,the Secretariat was supposed to start the issuing of these cards as from 2000,to honour the 10th anniversary of the party.This state of confused ideologies has characterised the SDF for the past years.
Prof.Asonganyi has been cited as the mentor of the antagonism between Northwesterners and Southwesterners in the SDF of recent.Most Southwesterners believe that the party has become a 'Bamenda Affaire'with the majority of N.E.C members hailing from the Northwest.Erstwhile Lydia Effimba recently left the party and joined the C.P.D.M party for the same reason.He has not also escaped critics who think that he was the cause of the antagonism between Northwest élites in the party such as Mr.Akonteh,Nyoh Wakai,Clement Ngwasiri against John Fru Ndi.Whether these accusations are founded or not cannot be ascertained but when one looks at the pre_electoral atmosphere in the wards of Atuakum,Akefu,Nkwen,Santa etc prior to the twin elections of June 2002,there is a tendency to believe that there was a move from within the party to distabilise these basic organs.
The question is was there a move to weaken these wards so as to give the C.P.D.M an edge over the SDF?At the preliminaries in Santa,there were accusations and counter_accusations of candidates using witchcraft to out smart their opponents.While in Akefu,parallel ward structures sprouted like mushrooms with Martin Ngafor,Fontem Jerome,Nchugong Joseph and others each arrogating to themselves the executive duties of the ward.The dismissal by N.E.C of the parliamentarian who hails from Mendankwe for anti party activities is a clear indication of the shadowy deals that have rocked the party.Nkwen,Atuakum and other wards where funds which were allocated for the elections were either misappropriated or unaccounted for.
A few days after arriving in the country from the U.S.A,where I was doing my Ph.D thesis on 'Multipartism In Cameroon',I carried out research within opposition parties such as the SDF and CDU as to why there was gross disorganisation within these parties a few months to elections.Was this state of affairs a manipulation from the C.P.D.M or were there militants in the SDF with 'vested interests'?However,all the anonymous sources I interviewed in the SDF(Northwest),seem to think that Prof.Asonganyi had a hand in these divisive tendencies within the wards.
When one takes an indepth analysis of the SDF,the party has failed in its role to educate its militants,Cameroonians and the international community on its ideologies despite having a panoply of intellectuals such as Barrister Mbah Ndam,Justice Nyoh Wakai,Prof.Kale etc.It is a truism to say that only the élites in the party are well versed with the party's constitution,by_laws and international ideologies which the party adheres to.More than 90% of SDF militants come from the grassroots and are largely literate or semi_literate.Many well educated militants who are occupying positions in the different structures of the party are virtually ignorant of the fundamental ideologies of the party.The education of militants particularly at the ward level has totally been ignored.
Those who follow up the activities of the party from abroad know fully well the trips of party leaders abroad,their activities and the declarations they make abroad.These leaders make their electorates to believe that they are travelling abroad for party business but meanwhile they go on these trips for personal reasons or to 'polish their 'political images'abraod in western countries.What of those in the U.S.A who claim that Asonganyi helped many Lebialem people(where he comes from)to seek political assylum in the U.S on spurious charges of political persecution.Many Cameroonians in the U.S claim that Asonganyi had exchanged favours with assylum seekers by supporting their claims of political persecution for financial benefits.However,for twelve years the antagonism between these two men has affected the credibility of the SDF to such an extent that it is very difficult to differentiate between fact and idealism in the party.When we remember the death of Ni John's wife last year in Switzerland,Asonganyi who at the time was in London never sent any condolences.Some within the party hierarchy say that they see Asonganyi's hand when the Chairman of SDF_U.K,Mr Nintcheu came to Switzerland wearing dark glasses with the intention to spy on the Chairman because the Cameroon government had opted to give about 5million fcfa to assist the Chairman in the funeral arrangements of his wife.Thereafter,Mr Nintcheu travelled back to London without even meeting him.This is the extent to which relations between the two men had degraded.But just like Mr Michael Ndobegang had said,N.E.C would have provided for a political and not a disciplinary solution to the stalemate.With the upcoming Convention in May,it will be an occasion to lay bare the 'hidden skulls'in the party.Let's hope that this is an indication that the political compass has changed and that the 'Old Order'has outlived its usefulness and has to go thereby opening the way for a young,dynamic and visionary leadership in the SDF.My Point of View:Politicking in the party along tribal lines and the concentration of too much powers in the hands of the Chairman would eventually lead to the defeat of the socialist ideals which the SDF is supposed to be persuing.


Hilary Ebong

I think Dr Ndangoh has said it all, considering that corruption and victimisation is not only an attribute of the ruling CPDM party but a reality in the main opposition party,SDF.Stalwarts like Prof.Clement Ngwasiri who are now pointing accusing fingers at Ni John Fru Ndi must remember that when you point an accusing finger at somebody,the other four fingers are pointing back at you.An example,what happened to the millions of FCFA's that the Fondation Jean Jaurès put at his disposal to organise a seminar for Mayors in Douala in 1997.Not a word has ever been heard about it and other funds we know he has received.Ngwasiri and his group went ahead to sign the infamous "Peace Agreement in June 2002"knowing fully well that any negotiations with the CPDM is seen by the masses as treachery.He accuses Ni John of being a dictator when in Mendankwe where he comes from many militants who have voiced out against his pro_government stance are either victimised or left to fend for themselves in the event of harrassments by the police.It seems that these intellectuals in the party who are on Biya's pay roll and who live in Yaoundé are actually playing very dubious games.Why are they the only ones who are secretly working for the S.D.F to join government,Asonganyi,Muna,Ngwasiri etc.Because they want ministerial positions but they dare not voice it out for their electorate will reject them outrightly.The SDF couldnot even win a sit in Lebialem division,Asonganyi's area of origin while the people of Bamendakwe(Mezam)voted for the SDF not because of Ngwasiri but because the SDF is the only party which they can identify themselves with.And this phenomenon is characteristic of many divisions in the Northwest and Southwest provinces.The SDF party will come out stronger in the forthcoming Convention come 26th May in Bamenda.


Lemnue Jacob

The cameroonian judiciary has scored a point with the recent inculpation of Fon Doh Gwanyin 111.But is it not right for the punishment to be commensurate with the crime?15 years does not describe the heinous crime that the Fon and his stooges committedmore so when he is accused of intimidation of witnesses and trying to thwart the course of justice.However,cudo's to our judiciary.Therefore we must now turn to corruption and also try to score more points.

Lemnue Jacob,

kids supra

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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