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Monday, 23 January 2006


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dango tumma

these are french men camoufalge
in belgian coat. their intentios are to enlarge the colony to southern cameroons.
you know of the soo called alliance francaise in buea?
soo, wacth out from who, you accept gifts,
white man doesnt give , but plant seed to harvest tommorrow. that sooner turns to interests.

Fritzane Kiki Hongkong

What seed are can they plant in kumba?Kumba needs aid from every one;look at the roads,the markets,the buildings and other infrastructure,then you will know that Kumba leaves much to be desired.Virginie did a good gesture to bring her beloved husband to Cameroon.Most so-called bushefallers will not bring their wives and husbands back home for this!!

Even if they do they will concentrate only in their family realms.So if she decided to give a help then i think she is very welcome.If many others can do same then Kumba can have a change in the near future.
Fritzane Kiki


Sounding negative and pessimistic overtones on a practically accomplished mission is unecessary.Belgian money has been invested for a good reason in Cameroon soil.
Cultural activities whether (Kumba based)Cameroon /Belgian, is helpful to preoccupy and entertain local population.Alliance-Franco Cameroounaise(Buea) is fantastic in keeping with this tradition.Having a French connection in kumba is a huge benefactor to promote bilingualism in Cameroon.British people have learnt to respect and appreciate French culture(eventhough they have a love-hate relationship) and many other European countries; thanks to European Union and vice versa.Upholding diversity is great path to human understanding and co-existence.This is what the world needs.

Patrick Engelbrecht

I know those people.
You can be assured they don' have a hidden agenda. What could they benefit from helping a school. What could they possibly harvest ?
They putted a lot of time and efforts in raising tehe money here. The insinuation is slanderous and to crazy to behold. The expansion of the french culture ? I think the teaching in the school will be in englisch, maybe there could be lessons of french. I don't know, but as we say here in belgium, the more languages one know's the better. By the way english to is a language of the british (ex)-colonialists. Don't you use englisch because it's promoting a hidden agenda.
You have the unique situation that in your country you have two official international languages, englisch and french, alongside a huge number of local languages who are also important on another level. Teach them both to the children of Cameroon so they can understand each othter and can communicate with and in the rest of the world.



Cool it Dango. Belgium is not France nor part of the franceafrique agenda even if some of them speak the same language. So do not attack Virginie and Muls for no reason. Belgium has changed a lot since the bad days of the Belgian Congo. If France had done the same perhaps this conversation would be different.

And to Patrick, FYI while there is a French control agenda in our country, there is no longer a British control agenda. Read and educate yourself. Patrick. It is nice to protect your fellow Flemish, but that means you should understand the situation that makes a person like Dango suspicious. The tension between the Walloons and the flemish in Belgium was never settled by Wallons trying to dominate the Flemish but by leaving them alone to be themselves. When people are suspicious of French in our country it is not because they want to be British or English. This space is too small to talk much about this.

Patrick Engelbrecht

I am aware that "french" culture is promoted for political reasons by the french in Africa and around the world.
I also know that the "english" part of Cameroon feels or is discriminated by a "french" majority. Roads, education, health care etc....
So I understand the reaction.
But the only point I wanted to make is this.
I find it crazy to "accuse" people who made great efforts and raised a lot of money to give it to a shool where ENGLISH is the teaching language, of being some hidden promotors of a kind of FRENCH cultural imperialism.
If they had given it to a FRENCH shool in the "english" part of Cameroon. I could understand. But this isn't the case.
Let's try to be logic.


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