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Tuesday, 31 January 2006


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Dr. Dorothy Djeuma is 100% wrong

Madam Rector, you are wrong to drag these students to court. How can you have the courage or stupidity to say that a student who has not paid his school fees is not a student? Are you familiar with University affairs or not?

Don,t you know that all institutions have a period in which school fees should be paid? If a student is sick or has financial problem and is unable to pay his/her fees for a particular period, does not mean that that particular individual is authomatically not a student.

So, there are no students who are owing fees at your university? Or that all students owing fees are illegal students?

What a nonsense reason you are giving for dragging these young guys to court? Your action is incorrect and intimidating.

A teacher/professor who comes late to class should not be considered a teacher? There is a reason for a delay in paying fees and/or many other dues.

Any student who fails to pay his school fees in time normally has a penalty. That penalty is normally (in a civilised world) is that of paying about 1 or say 2 per cent more to the original fees. Can the unrespected Njeuma tell us where it is written in the University code that any student who does not pay his/her school fees is not considered a student?

Madam, you are joking with the children of others and you should remember that these very guys will lead Cameroon tomorrow.

There have been people who were better placed than you in different societies and have had it hot at the end of their career.

Biya,s ass is not perfume, so you should not be kissing it. Kontchu Komeni (fmr Min of Inf) kissed the ass well and in the end he is eating shit (uncomfortable where he is today)


Dorothy Njeuma is nothing but a BIG TROUBLE Maker because everywhere she goes, Problems starts arising immediately upon her arrival. I can now understand what a trouble woman this Mrs Njeuma is that her husband Professor Njeuma while during her term in Buea,Left her for and was openly dating and the whole UB Students made a mockery of her
situation with her husband ..What a Big Disgrace to Mrs Njeuma....A Man can only carry such an act only on women who are headaches and wick like mrs.njeuma
I her daughters are highly paying the price of their mum's action-- reason why no body wants to date them yet they prefer flying from continent to continent chasing men to settle down with.....

Joshi  Mobs

Hi Dear Brothers and Sisters
Dorothy Njeuma Is a Falacy of Misplace Authority. The case will be thrown out of court For all the actions took place in the University Campus durring rioting. There is nothing to worry about. She is ignorant about the law.Instead the students should file a counter law suit demanding her removal from office for administerative incompetence,Using all the strikes in Buea university during her term as rector to support their claim.


Dorothy Limunga Njuema is traumatized. She has been stressed up for a long time now added to old age. Her husband abandoned her and openly humiliated her, her children though very smart acedemically are social failures, they smoke marijuana, consume excess alcohol, sleep around with men any how, force men to marry them. Dorothy Njeuma herself has dated some U.B. lecturers but their wives discovered and threatened her to leave their husbands alone which she had to do with pains because she love the dick alot.
All these issues cumulate to make her behave weird. She is not acting normally like a human being of her Mamba age should. Mamba's are very caring and loving, they love children very much, they are not stupid but wise unlike Njeuma who acts very stupidly and unreasonably.
If the Cameroon government was composed of reasonable people they could have requested Njeuma to consult with a psychiatrist in order to cure her mental deffects but since the entire government is composed of mentaly ill people nobody can see the abnormalities in her behaviour. A government where everybody is a smoker, alcoholic,'blackmailer',Thief,killer, liar,adultarer,witch and wizard is always very blind to justice and the truth.
All what i can tell Njeuma and her entourage is that they should remember judgement day. For now i know for sure that their corpses will be transported by Lucifer Airlines to Hell Junction and kept there till judgement day thereafter it will be transfered to Nebucaneze Express which is the only authorise express bus running to hell Road.


Do yo hate other people's children because yours are a failure? How can you with all your years and learning say one is not a student if he has not paid his fees. You have failed and need to go home and rest. For now, know that all your actions will come back to haunt you. When you were in Buea, the role was that a student who went out of the University for one year and returned, paid for the previous year when he was absent before paying for the year he was starting. This meant that even when he was absent , he was still a student though he had not paid the fees. So how can you claim now that one who has not paid fees is not a student? Have you lost your memory? The parents of these children you have forced to their graves in Buea and the ones whose future you are strangling fought for the creation of the University of Buea. Dorothy, you are nothing but a Medusa.

emmamuel mungo

i will like to come in contact with mr kini nsom.i am a youngcameroonian who lives in belgium and i am interested in his reports

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