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Monday, 30 January 2006


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Mac Satan

Mr Tanyi,
Good laws. The problem here is how do we impliment and enforce them.
Has it ever crossed your mind why so many Cameroonians have lost faith in the Judicial Process in Cameroon? That is a big issue you guys in that field should be addressing. There is no trust in the instruments of delivering justice, its practitioners and the population.
I will like to read about proposals to reinstate trust in the system. This will prevent most of you being Paupers as is the case at present after putting in much in your training.That way they will stop referring to all as empty 'pocket' lawyers or '5 franc' lawyer.
Also can someone address the usage of the following titles in our judicial system:
Attorney, Lawyer, Barrister, Solicitor, Notary and Sheriff Bailiffs.
Atleast I know clearly who a magistrate is and what 'procureur'(they like this title)are.
Weird system and grandoise titles.
Chaaa! I fear dis Country. I de wait answer.


Dear Barrister Tanyi, i appreciate what you have done by educating us on the law. Most people fall in to trouble because they are ignorant about the law and ignorance of the law is no excuse.
I wish to state here and now that the only qualms i have with you and your colleagues in Cameroon is that your legal writing skills are far below standard. I say so because your citations are just like that of a kinder garden pupil in Basildon.
How can you call yourself an Attorney at law writing an article and you give a citation as ''Dogo v Police commmissioner'' This is ridiculous because it has no legal dressing.
All the citations you have made since you started the legal column are degrading for an Attorney.
I will advice that the Cameroon Bar Association should organise a seminar on legal writing and research to improve on the poor legal writing skills of Cameroonian lawyers. Legal writing doesnot only entails the use of ''big terms'',it comprises of techniques which most Cameroonian lawyers lack entirely.
I pity the ''postulants'' or better still ''Aspirants ''who have to learn from their principal due to the absence of a law school , they also grow-up with very poor legal writing skills which they inherit from their principal.
I am disappointed because i am a Cameroonian and a rising 3l (third year American law school student)


This is quite a gray area you have exposed quite clearly.A generous and elevated mind is distinguished by nothing more certainly than an eminent degree of curiousity.State institution as a whole has got enormous loopholes in Cameroon.
Our gov't is highly unitary, authocratic conservative,corrupt and intolerant to its same bulk of elite abroad who are prepared to improve the situation when given the opportunity unperturbed.
I always hold the conviction that the greatest gift of a statesman rests not in knowing what concessions to make, but recognising when to make them.
Political speech and good jounalistic write-ups from CRTV is largely the defense of the indefensible.
However, i an certain that, this regime in Cameroon is awaiting the sensation of a short sharp shock!

Barrister Tanyi joseph mbi

dear mr Eric

Thank you for your objective observations. However , this article , the previous and future onces are meant to help the local masses and not lazy law student like you.If you need the full citation for your legal research , kindly be polite to tell me so ratter than make silly remarks about the cameroon Bar.

Barrister Tanyi joseph mbi

dear Mr SATAN.
I have taken note of your worries.Continue reading this column and you will find the answers . why do you call yourself SATAN ?

Barrister Tanyi joseph mbi

dear Mr SATAN.
I have taken note of your worries.Continue reading this column and you will find the answers . why do you call yourself SATAN ?

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